Phi Ratio of Time and Testimony of Christ’s Body

  • Is the Shroud of Turin the Authentic Burial Covering of Jesus?
  • Is the Impression of the Image 'Painted' into the Fibers?
  • Is a 3D Model of Face/Dody consistent with Wounds of Jesus?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘After the Sabbath, at dawn on the 1st Day of the Week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the Tomb. Suddenly there was a Great Earthquake, for an Angel of the LORD descended from Heaven, rolled away the Stone, and sat on it. His Appearance was like Lightning, and his Clothing white as Snow...’ -Matthew 28: 1-3

The purpose of this study is to suggest that there appears to be some Mathematical Relationships incorporated in the famous Shroud of Turin that may not have been considered up to now. This Shroud is believed by many to be the Authentic Relic of the Impression of the Crucified Body of Jesus Christ. This Piece of Evidence is probably one of the most studied Artifacts in History. that specifically has been subjected to the Scientific Method and Investigation as no other. Although there have been 1000s of Hours of Study, Research and Analysis by Professional Scientists, this study proposes only to add what is already a Mountain of Evidence and Conjecture. One such Observation has to do with the location of the Puncture Wound to the side of Jesus’ Body as impressed on the Shroud of Turin, which one believes is the Body of Jesus.

The Side Wound appears to be astonishingly in Phi Ratio to the entire Body of the Tortured and Crucified Man. This study suggests that an approximate Phi Ratio Proportion also has a direct correlation to the Blood Stain on the Ark of the Covenant. In an Anthropomorphic Sense, the supposed discovery of the Ark of the Covenant by the late Ron Wyatt had the Blood splattered from the Cross in the same area Mathematically; that is in approximate Phi Ratio also. It is believed by Ron Wyatt that the Crucifixion Site was between the Skull Façade and the Garden Tomb. Thus, 40 Feet below was a Cave in which the main Temple Furnishings were hidden away just before the Babylonian Destruction of the 1st Temple and the Captivity of the Jews.

It is conjectured that the Earthquake that ensued during the Crucifixion of Jesus, split the Bedrock and created a Crevasse in which the Blood of Jesus Christ flowed down to an Exposed Encasing or Lid that secured the Ark of the Covenant. The Earthquake apparently removed enough of the Stone Lid to expose the Mercy Seat. This amazing sequence would follow the Protocol in which the Blood of Christ was physically applied as it would have been when the High Priest would enter through the Curtain and apply the Blood, once a year on Yom Kippur. This ‘Picture’ is consistent with the Theological Notion of the current Prophetic Office that Jesus is ministering. Jesus was at that Time and in His 1st Coming, that of Messiah-ben-Joseph, as a Prophet. After the Resurrection, Jesus is currently in Heaven, alive Interceding for His Bride before the true Ark of the Convent. It is where He presented His own Blood for the Atonement.

Phi Ratio Template
Jesus is to return as promised in the Upper Room Discourse, that He would not Drink of the Fruit of the Vine until the Kingdom. It is Theologically understood that Jesus, at His return, will fulfill the 3rd Prophetic Office, that of Messiah-ben-David. Jesus will return, not as a ‘Lamb’ slaughtered and Crowned with Thorns and Pierced through, but as the Conquering ‘Lion of Judah’ that defeated Sin, Satan and Death. Jesus at that Time will restore Adam’s Dominion over the Earth and Humanity in Holiness and Righteousness. It was then at the Spot of the Crucifixion Site of the Messiah that the Personages were replaced, that is Isaac. It could have, perhaps, been the very spot in which Abraham, as the Father was put to the Test, in sacrificing his only Son, Isaac. If true, this incredible Piece of Evidence, the Shroud of Turin may have depicted the literal fulfillment of the Crucifixion, Burial Place and Resurrection. And that all have an apparent Mathematical Element of the Phi Ratio incorporated to them.

Why the Phi Ratio? This Phi Ratio appears to be a Divine Template of not only Creation as seen in many aspects, physically such as in Flowers, and Eclipse Cycles but in Mathematics and perhaps Prophetic Time and Events. Thus, this study suggests that perhaps the very Wounds of Christ Jesus, as impressed in the Shroud of Turin are in approximate Phi Ratio also. This study suggests that there appears to be a Phi Ratio Relationship at play as in the case, of even where the Blood of Christ was applied to the area of the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant and where He was Pierced with the Roan Spear. The other Phi Ratio Correlation has to do where the body of Christ was but to rest in the Garden Tomb. The Garden Tomb has a corresponding Phi Ratio Proportion inside. The phi ratio will be illustrated in the charts by the same name using the Spiral depiction for a more visual effect. The Phi Ratio can also extend into other Dimensions, possibly and not only limited to a 2 and 3 Dimensional Construct.

Perhaps such a Mathematical Template produces a Vortex or Portal that could serve as a Key to unlocking such Dimensions. What this study suggests is that for example, the place where the Body of Jesus Christ was laid to rest was at the approximated Vortex of the Phi Ratio Spiral, given the layout of the entire Garden Tomb. It was from that Point of Origin that Jesus resurrected from, physically. This is assuming the layout of the Garden Tomb was and is the actual place of the Burial of Jesus Christ after the Crucifixion, which one believes. The other Phi Ratio Correlation has to do with the very Chambers of the Garden Tomb itself. What this study suggests is that the Garden Tomb approximates the dimensional sections of the Tabernacle and Temples of YHVH.

The Garden Tomb has 2 Main Chambers, much like the Divine Template of a Holies and a Holy of Holies. The place where Jesus was laid, corresponds to the Holy of Holies and as if He was the Architype of the very Ark of the Covenant, which theologically is the case. The debate, however, still remains as to whether this Male Body impressed on the Shroud of Turin is that of the crucified Jesus Christ. Many Scientists that had direct access to it are convinced that it is. The Impressions of the Shroud do, nonetheless, fit all the criteria of the Gospel Accounts. The Blood on the Head appears Consistent of having a Round Crown of Thorns as the Blood suggests such a pattern. The Shroud does appear to match all of the 5 Puncture Wounds of Jesus.

Stripes of Christ – Afikomen
In essence, it was a Tortured Body full of Flagellations that for the most part, most Men would not have survived due to the Shock on the Body, loss of Consciousness and Blood. The Face, the Eyes, Forehead, Cheeks of the Crucified and Tortured Man of the Shroud of Turin are all swollen from the Torture of the Beatings and the Flogging that the Shroud records from the Body. The whole Body is Lacerated in Stripes by the Flogging that is consistent with the 3 Pronged Flagellum of the Ancient Romans. These Literal and Physical Markings Prophetically fulfilled the act of Christ’s Body, being the Afikomen. This is a Piece of Un-Leavened Bread that is ‘Striped’. It is wrapped in a ‘Shroud’ or Napkin and Hidden or ‘Buried’ during Passover. The Jews then have to ‘find’ it and there is much rejoicing when it is discovered.

He was and is the ‘Afikomen’, whose Body was lacerated by the stripes of the Torture received at the Hands of the Gentile Romans that Mocked Him as the ‘King of the Jews’. Yet, no Bone was broken as the 2 other Men on the Crosses had their Legs broken to speed-up their death due to the Passover being the Preparation Day where no man could be left to Die on ‘Trees’. Jesus, like the Afikomen was wrapped in the Shroud, the Shroud of Turin? He was then ‘Hidden’ or Buried in the Garden Tomb. Due to the National Rejection of Israel as their Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, there is, in part, a Blindness come upon the Jews as a Judgment. However, the Gospel has resonated from the Light given to the Gentiles to even have the Jews be provoked to Jealousy.

And whenever a YHVH-Fearing Jew looks to Jesus, lifted-up as the Bronze Serpent that Moses made, the ‘Scales’ fall off and they are ‘Healed’, as they search and find the Afikomen, Jesus. There is much rejoicing when a true Jew finds Jesus as the Messiah that was buried in the Earth. Interestingly also is the notion that as the Blood of Christ flowed down the Crevasse, it also thus Healed the Earth of the same Curse. Jesus was the Lamb of YHVH, slaughtered as in the Afikomen of the Passover. Such verses in Isaiah 53:5 foretold that the Messiah would be so composed of ‘Stripes’ that He would no longer be recognized as a Human. It was His Physical Body that would ‘Heal’ those that would put their Faith in the Finished Work of the Substitutionary Sacrifice of the Last Adam as promised to Abraham. Jesus was that Lamb led to the Slaughter that took the place of Isaac, literally on the ‘Altar’ of the Cross of Calvary to atone for Sin.

The Wound on Jesus’ Side that went through the Heart produced the greatest amount of Blood. And the Water mixed with Blood matches the account of how a Roman Spear was used to ensure Jesus was ‘Dead’. Then, the Nailing of Jesus’ Hands was not through the Palms of the Hands as that would have torn the Flesh and the Body would have fallen-off the Cross. The Blood-Flow, down the Arms suggest a ‘V’ type of Nailing of the Arms and Hands on the Cross and not in a traditional rendering as paintings do with a ‘T’ extension of the Arms, etc. There are also the Foot Wounds of the Nailed Feet. It is not sure if it was a single nail going through the 2 feet or if each foot had a separated nailing. So why was the Body of Jesus so unique? Jesus has a Hypostatic Union, meaning that in 1 Body, in 1 Person there were 2 Natures, that of the Son of GOD or GOD the Son fully intact, yet encased in a Body of Earthly Flesh and 100% fully Human, the Last Adam.

Divine Receipt
This amazing and Singular Union is believed to be the only of its kind and not a Hybridization, as with Fallen Angels like in Enoch’s Time of Genesis. Theologically, it would appear that the Shroud of Turin, if it is the actual Supernatural Impression of the Body of Jesus Christ, is thus, a form of a Divine ‘Receipt’. It is as though the Shroud is a ‘Physical Printout’ of the Crucifixion Event as Physical Evidence to be had. It serves as a Sign and Credential that He was the Messiah, the Christ as He foretold would happen based on the Sign of Jonah. This study also suggests that in keeping with the Phi Ratio Template of the various Variables surrounding the Shroud of Turin which are the Crucifixion Site, the Burial in the Garden Tomb, the Ark of the Covenant, so is the Great Tetragrammaton Name of Y-H-V-H proportioned in Phi Ratio as well.

If one places the 4 Hebrew Letters Y-H-V-H vertically, the Proportion appears to outline the Proportions of the Human Body, as if it were Anthropomorphic. As to Jesus’ Crucifixion, a wording was also placed to denote the Capital Offense of the crucified one. In this case it was ‘Jesus, the King of the Jews’. In regard to Jesus’ Capital Offense, being the ‘King of the Jews’, the Pharisees protested that it should have read, ‘He claims to be’...etc. The Religious Leaders of the Jews knew and know the Secret Luciferian Magic Arts of the Kabbalah. They easily Deciphered the first 4 Hebrew Letters of the Sign over Jesus’ Head. They objected because it was the Acronym of the Tetragrammaton, the Sacred Name, Y-H-V-H; the ‘Unspoken Name’ of the Creator.

י ה ו ה = YHVH

Behold Nail Behold Hand
Tav – Alef on the Cross, Adonai
ישועה         הנצרה           והמלך       היהודים
 The Jews               And King                The Nazarene              Yeshua
HaYehudim       V'Melech                  HaNotsri             Yeshua

These 4 Hebrew Letters that make-up this word are said to encompass the essence and attribute of the Creator, YHVH. Thus this study suggests that the Pictorial Rendition, when incorporated in an Anthropomorphic Depiction shows that YHVH concerns the aspect of the ‘Unspoken Name’ of the Creator as noted above Jesus, indicating His ‘Offence’. In fact, it was for this Reason, that Jesus basically said that He was YHVH that the Religious Jews condemned Him to Death.  

So, the very Coded Lettering of the Crucifixion Sign of Jesus was also like the Shroud a type of Prophetic ‘Receipt’ to Humanity and for Humanity. In the Ancient Paleo-Hebrew, the Letters of Y-H-V-H stood for ‘Behold, Nail, Behold Hand’. Many Theologians argue that the Pictorial Significance foreshadowed the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ as the LORD Crucified; that of GOD the Son in the Flesh as a Human. The Shroud made its way to the Church in Turin, Italy from Israel. Interestingly, particular Pollens found on the Shroud are consistent with those in Israel that only blossom during the Passover.

Blood of the Covenant
The Shroud at one point was almost destroyed as a Fire broke out in 1532 and in 1997. The Burn-Marks are very Prominent and some Scientists that Carbon Dated the Shroud erroneously used an Interwoven Corner Portion of a re-threading. Although the Shroud was supposedly Carbon-Dated, it was assumed to be not of the 1st century. Critics of the Dating Method, argue that the corner of the Shroud from where the pieces were rendered were in fact an Interwoven Repair-Work of the Middle Ages. One could have used the Carbon of the portion of the Shroud that was burned just as much.

The Error of the Scientific Team was later corroborated by the subsequent Testing of the Official Carbon Dater, before he passed away. He in fact, had access to the Original Pieces obtained and what was used to re-sampled. Scientists, to this day also cannot explain the Properties of the Blood and cannot explain other Anomalies associated with the Shroud. What is astonishing is the Anomaly, when one takes into consideration the correlation of the Blood from the Body of the Man of the Shroud of Turin, with that of the Blood on the Mercy Seat, of the purported discovered Ark of the Covenant as allegedly Ron Wyatt. In His Extraordinary Claim, Wyatt touched the Ark of the Covenant and took a sample of the Blood from the Top Left Corner of the Mercy Seat.

Ron Wyatt had the Blood he retrieved sampled in Israel by Jewish Scientists and the Blood sample of the ‘constructed’ Ark of the Covenant was determined to be that of a ‘Virgin Birth’. This means that the Blood Type had only 23 XX Female Chromosomes and only 1 Y Male Chromosome. Moreover, Jesus often spoke about Himself in Metaphorical Terms, of how His Body was likened to the Temple and a Kernel of Wheat that had to Die and be Buried in the Ground to bring forth Life, Eternal Life. Theologically, the Ark of the Covenant is likened to Jesus’ mission, ministry and attributes. Jesus kept the Law. Jesus is the Manna. Jesus is the Staff that Budded.

Metaphorically but also literally, the Ark of the Covenant is the depiction of this ‘Kernel’ in one sense just as Jesus’ literal Body was also buried in the Earth as the ‘Kernel’ of Wheat. What is very unique about the scene, after the Resurrection of Jesus, according to the Gospels is that various Angels were involved. A Pair manifested themselves in the Garden Tomb as the women came to prepare the Body after Passover that Sunday after the Weekly Sabbath. Passover, in the Midst of the Week was on a Wednesday and thus a High-Day Sabbath. In haste, the Body was ‘Buried’ without Preparations.

Theologically, the Pair of Angels Flanked the Body of Jesus. as they are depicted on either Side of the Ark of the Covenant. The 2 Angels holding the Mercy Seat are Facsimiles of the Throne Chair of Heaven. When did Jesus rise from the Dead? It was Saturday and the Day of Rest, the Sabbath that Jesus arose. It was exactly 3 Days of 24 Hours Times from the midst of the Week, Wednesday. The Angels proclaimed the Finished Work of Jesus, and that Jesus would return one Day. Jesus is currently functioning as the High Priest. Another Anomaly is the 3-Dimensional aspect that the Shroud Impression produces. With new Modern Technology, the Topography of the Shroud of Turin has been mapped-out, extensively with State-of-The-Art Software. It has been found that amazingly, the Image on the Shroud is a 3-Dimensional Depiction.

Face of GOD

There is no other Image like the one found in the Shroud of Turin known to History or Science. What has been shown from a Frontal View, given the Pictures of the Shroud Façade itself, is that many have attempted to reconstruct the Visual Appearance of the Man’s Face. Some have rendered it, more towards the Classic Depiction of famous Paintings that show a more ‘Effeminate’ Jesus. In 2003, a remarkable Young Girl named Akiane Kramarik, with an obvious Gift for Painting depicted Jesus in the now famous Painting, ‘The Prince of Peace’ Portrait. Based on her Testimony, the depictions have been what has been revealed to her by this presumed ‘Jesus’ of the Bible.

Since then, many have superimposed her Visage of Jesus onto the Face of the Man of the Shroud of Turin and it does have a striking similarity, more so than any other to Date and/or Attempt. What this study also suggests is that the same Artist, Akiane painted a subsequent Portrait, the following Year in 2004 of Jesus, entitled Father Forgive Them. This Painting has the Side Profile of Jesus, according to the revelation of what Jesus looked like to this Gifted Girl. Then, there exists the Modern Topographical Software that can rotate the Axis in any Degree of Rotation, of any 3-Dimensional Image.

Then the Aspect of the Man of the Shroud has been digitized as it is a 3-Dimensional Holograph itself. With such Technologies now, the Computers are able to 3-Dimensionalize the entire Man on the Shroud of Turin. Such Renditions where acquired in which the Side Profile of the Man on the Shroud have been procured by Scientists, etc. Astonishingly, the Side View of the Artwork by Akiane Kramarik has a sticking correspondence to the 3-Dimensional Portrait of the Man impressed on the Shroud of Turin. This study strongly suggests that although circumstantially, the matching of the Face Contours, the Brow, the Nose Bridge, and the Forehead, Eyes, Cheek and Mouth formation appear to match 100%.

 Another Anomaly has to do with the ‘Negative’ Photographic aspect of the Shroud of Turin. Based on all the Evidence analyzed and scrutinized thus far, it appears that the Photographic Effect of the Image imprinted on the Shroud is a Reverse Negative. Another Anomaly is that the Image is said to only be Impressed on the Top Layers of the Shroud Fibers and conclusively not Painted all the way through the Fabric as so many alleged throughout the Centuries. Moreover, what is also an Anomaly is that the Exposure has been determined to only have been possible with a Light Source coming from inside of the Body, in the Spectrum of the Visible Light at an Intense Frequency.

Some have calculated that the Impression left on the Shroud and in Negative Aspects would and could have required a ’Flash’ of Light so powerful that it can only be matched by a ‘Flash’ of an Atomic Blast going off. It is estimated that it would have required 34 Trillion Watts of Light emitted in a Split-Second, from the Body inside of the Shroud. What is amazing is that the Light Exposure is a uniform Exposure, Front and Back -at the same Time. It means that the Body had to be Suspended. Has the Shroud of Turin recorded the moment the LORD Jesus Christ resurrected, and His Body transformed into Pure Light and Energy? Will this also happen at the point of the Resurrection and the Rapture when the Bodies of the Believers will be Metamorphosized? 

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