Threshold of America's Spiritual Authority Lost

  • Was there a message in the 13 Crystal Skulls back in 2011?
  • Is the possible implications tied to the division of the USA?
  • Has the rituals disarmed the Spiritual Authority of the USA?

by Luis B. Vega

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November 2011 re-posted July 2020

‘For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an Angel of Light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works’. -2 Corinthians 11:13-15

The purpose of this study is to ascertain for America the spiritual significance and consequences of the13 Crystal Skull journey across its land. America, once a bastion of righteousness, despite its short-comings and sins as a nation has now tuned a spiritual corner in this Last Generation. A spiritual evil and dark curtain have come down on the nation. America is in a spiritual vacuum and has reached critical mass to the point of no return. America, as a whole is now void of any national moral fiber and righteous sustenance to ward off this national spiritual assault by the demonic entities pretending to be ‘ministers of righteousness’ or ‘Angels of Light’. In essence, these Spiritualists’ endeavor is to muster-up the final and concluding chapter of America’s spiritual sovereignty over its very land.

These Spiritualists high priest of the 13 Skulls were on a quest to activate by evoking and awakening the ‘ancestral’ spirits-demons of America. They sought the return of their ‘Wise Ones’ and are set to aid them in the birth of their Shining Ones through gateways/portals at these various energy points across America. The 13 Crystal Skulls will act as the conduit as quartz is known to convert electrical current, transmit energy, convey and stored information. The culminating Crystal Skull Ceremony occurred on 11-11-11 or November 11, 2011 in the city dedicated and named after the Queen of the ‘Angels’ ISIS in Los Angeles.

This ceremony had not been performed in 26,000 years according to their own spiritual elders. This conspiracy of the Crystal Skulls across America was just part in a series of the spiritual take-over of America that the U.S. has witnessed in this last generation and has allowed it to happen. To America’s shame, this is spiritual takeover is now occurring due to deceit, in part and a lack of spiritual discernment and vigilance of the part of the Christian Church in America. This is but a preparation to the eventual moral, political and economic collapse designed for America to usher in the Luciferian New World Order. First, the political institutions had to be compromised; it doesn’t really matter who gets chosen to be U.S. President, it’s the ’shadow government’ that Grant Jeffrey alludes to that really run things from ’behind the curtain’ if you will.

Occult Undertones
Then the other systems and institutions that have been compromised as well are education, the military and the economy; all according to the Protocols of Zion. The journey of the 13 Crystal Skulls across the States is just now finally eclipsing America’s national spirituality and authority. The work and aim of these Spiritualists occurred right before America’s very own eyes. Such conspired to summon up those demonic spirit forces that have been long kept at bay by the overwhelming Judeo-Christian observant population since Plymouth Rock. Much like the Indiana Jones movie, the Kingdom of the Skulls portrayed is at war with the Kingdom of the true God, YHVH. The ‘Places of the Skull’ were awakened to set the final stage to present their long awaited winged-serpent god false Messiah AntiChrist. According to their own prophecies, this Dark Lord of the Underworld promised to return to establish their New World Order through ‘love, peace and security’. The movie was set underneath Antarctica’s pyramids.

It is not that the Judeo-Christian LORD, God Almighty is not powerful enough to stop this or that the anointing of the Holy Spirit indwelling in Christ-centered Believer is not enough to stop their works of darkness. This study suggests that the LORD is allowing this to happen to be used for the national judgment that is setting upon America. Two key criteria, pride and greed have always been the measure of how much sin a people or nation has accrued and what is the spiritual state between YHVH and the People. In America, both variables are now at a tipping point. The cup of America’s sin of pride and greed is now full. The 13 Crystal Skull High Priests proclaimed that their efforts were of the best intentions to ‘heal the land.’ These centers of energy occurred on the sacred ley-lines of former pyramid complexes that ends-up in a chamber of 13 crystal ‘Aliens’.

Sadly the Christian witness in America has not been humble enough to come collectively to be before YHVH in prayer so that the Land could be healed. Instead now occultists fill this spiritual vacuum by performing Satanic rituals that invoke the ancestral spirits at certain key geographical hot-spots across America; much like a national acupuncture treatment down the spine of the nation. Who would not be for this ‘peace, love and healing’ as America surely needs it today? However, to the discerning Christian and Bible Believer, it is quite the opposite intention from what the Holy Spirit teaches in the Word of GOD. America does need healing, love and an invocation but it can only come from its true Creator.

Such national and individual healing can only come from Jesus. He is the author of righteousness, of life, liberty, prosperity. Jesus provides true freedom through His salvation plan. This was accomplished through the Cross of Calvary. Jesus admonished Humanity to come to him for healing and rest. In Matthew 11: 28-30 it states. ‘Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.’ It was at Calvary that the Messiah of Israel, King of the Universe became the sacrifice for sin. This truth was once the prevalent paradigm and moral standard in America since its founding by the Puritans. However, this has not been the case now spiritually for America.

A Spiritual Betrayal
America has turned its back on its Judeo-Christian values and morality as it has legislatively expelled the LORD from almost every facet of its founding institutions and social consciousness. Moreover, in general the collective Christians in America have been so blessed with wealth and prosperity that it has been lulled asleep by it. An antithesis to Christianity now seeks to fill this national spiritual void that has naturally been a consequence as a direct result. Many in America now realizes it is in trouble, on all fronts, politically, militarily, economically, morally, and now spiritually, but it refuses to turn and be healed. Much like Israel and Judah the both eventually refused YHVH’s standards. They were found in the same scenario as America is now.

To reiterate, the Christian community, in general as a unified spiritual nation within a nation, has not collectively turned to pray to the LORD so He would hearken and heal the land. America allowed the former Satanic strong-holds of Lucifer much like the ’serpent’ sweep and descend through its States down the very core of its heart-land. These false ‘ministers of righteousness’ Spiritualists are called upon their Father Sun (Ra), their Mother Moon (Isis), their Mother Earth (Gaia) etc. Their Satanic trek started out in Merida, Yucatan as the skulls ‘flew’ by air to New York City. It is interesting as to the typology in that metaphorically the Feathered Serpent had taken flight. It landed in NYC and a ceremony was given in Manhattan Island.

This island is the Illuminati capital and the 1st capital of the USA. It is the center of world banking and commerce of all the Luciferian Money Changers. It is here really that those in power rule the USA and the world. Many are in the service of the ‘Father of Lies’ that is the ‘Murderer from the beginning’ and the 1st Rebel currently ruling the Nations. He is the ‘God of Mammon, Lucifer. He is the ‘Shining One’ who gives power and authority to his workers of iniquity. Such ministers and minions will soon follow their master to the Lake of Fire as their false Messiah and false High Priest will be the first to be thrown there, alive according to Revelation 19:19. It has been this Luciferian conspiracy to ’kill, steal and destroy’. They continually conspire against Humanity and those that follow the Lamb of God, Christ Jesus as they make war with the Saints and the Remnant.

For example, the following segment illustrates how the current conspiracy of power by the hands of the same financial ‘High Priests’ of today affects the nations such as America, and in turn the world. Such world capitols like New York are where the ‘Money Changers’ set policy that affects the livelihood of billions around the world through their financial usury and theft. As they also have usurped the Military Industrial Complex of the U.S., such Luciferians conspire to use the best and brightest of America’s sons and daughters as sacrifices for a mercenary military that the US military has become to fight in wars in countries that have not attacked America but are misused to protect their poppy fields, trafficking of guns, drugs and children. These Edomite Luciferians control the food, water, communication and media outlets. In all the countries they have so called ‘liberated with democracy’ there is no Christian churches left standing nor are permitted to be built as a result of ‘American Democracy’. Instead, mass murder of Christian minority communities is occurring. This will one day come to America.

Manhattan Orion Star Map
These international Luciferian rulers are guilty of war crimes, genocide, child sex rings, drug trade, murder and rape but instead they reward each other with million-dollar bonuses for record profits earned. At some breaking point, the USA will only experience a breakdown of civil society, law and order from this point forward as they implode the Euro and then the Dollar soon after. What is to follow next will be heartbreaking to contemplate for what is happening and will happen to America shortly. The American citizenry has not been prepared for such dark times that are ahead. America instead has been conditioned through a false war on ‘terror’ that it has propagated with. It has given the illegitimate government the conditioning needed as an excuse to erode the constitutional rights of its citizens.

As Americans are patted-down by the TSA, the borders are wide open. As Americans are forced to publically disrobe and be radiated with scanners with hands up, the government conspires to spy on its citizens through the NSA and CIA. One of their Luciferian capitals is New York City. This is where the 13 Crystal Skull conspiracy started from as so many others have. The following is a study on one of their motif and fortresses of financial power reside, Ground Zero. This complex appears to correlate to the Orion’s Belt Star cluster. The previous Twin Towers stood where currently there is only the outline of the former buildings that were taken down in a ‘Kabbalistic’ sacrificial rite. Thus if the Ground Zero complex is mirrored to Orion, then a motif representing the Silver Gate should be present., which is the case. To the east of the complex is a black monolith-looking skyscraper.

This study suggests that it is a monolith that suggests a Stargate. The Twin Towers that were taken down by the Luciferian Money Changers ‘morphed’ into the 1 tower. This new so-called Freedom Tower is 1776 feet tall with the spiral extension. It is now making up the 3 spots that correspond to Orion’s belt. In essence this modern day ‘Tower of Babel’ is an encrypted pattern of the Great Pyramid of Giza. These 3 pyramids are also corresponding to the 3 stars of Orion’s Belt. The Freedom Tower thus corresponds to the year 5776 as the Great Pyramid is 5776 inches with the capstone. Ironically, is 5776, which is 2016 primarily the year America loses its Freedom? The Freedom Tower is in essence an elongated tetrahedron. This design has incorporated the Luciferian mantra of ‘As Above, So Below.’ 

At the center position the new Tower incorporates a Masonic ‘double square’ formation. This is the Masonic signature of a ‘double cross’ or not ‘being square’ in terms of honesty. The 2 remaining outlines of the Twin Towers have now become the signatures of the Luciferian Snake Eyes. The term derives its connotation from the 'snake' that is associated with its treachery and betrayal. The Luciferians are publically but occultically broadcasting openly that they are the ones that have conspired and betrayed the nation and its people. It is for these and many more crimes against Humanity that Jesus will come back to whip the ‘Money changers’ out of His House of Prayer. Jesus at His return will execute judgment on this Cabal that has conspired to be in league with Lucifer’s plan to destroy and/or distort the human race.

Luciferian Conspiracy
In Nazi Germany, wasn’t YHVH’s People by Blood Covenant promise to Abraham ordered to put their hands up, disrobe, rounded up, tattooed with a number (mark) on an arm and eventually exterminated?
The next big politically correct move is to ban all guns to disarm the population so it cannot fight back when such are to be led to the slaughter houses or FEMA Camps just like in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China and Cambodia, etc. No doubt, protesters and non-conformists will be ’off to the detention centers for your safety’ to be quarantined as they will be force-vaccinated once martial law has to be declared. The next major False-Flag attack on America’s own soil like 9-11 will come. It will either by biological or nuclear in nature. America will end up in a ‘1984’ police state of existence.

It will be no better than what Hitler’s 3rd Reich did to the Jewish people. From NYC, no less than from Edgar Casey’s Institute, the spiritual journey of the 13 Skulls ventures off into 7 key ancient spiritual hot-spots. The ceremonies and rituals are zigzagging across America in a geographical descending serpentine route. The pattern is exactly like that of the Mayan Pyramid serpent coming down the stairs. At the end of the 13 Crystal Skull trek was Isis. This place was called Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles ‘Guadalupe’. This is Spanish for ‘Our Lady, Queen of the Angels or better known as Los Angeles. The journey culminated in the final Satanic invocation ceremony for the ‘Fallen Shining Angelic ones’ to birth through their gates or mouth of the Serpent on 11-11-11 which was November 11, 2011.

It was in essence a rehearsal for the birthing of their Dark Lord, their Anointed ‘Christ’ Cherub Fallen Angel Lucifer to pierce the thin veil of the spiritual and usher in his New World Order, their new Phoenix. This time and place was where the Fallen Angels conspired and demonic spirits were commissioned, if at least in the spiritual realm. It is interesting that the route could almost be traveled by the rivers that traverse America. Rivers flow downward to the path of least resistance metaphorically alluding to the movement and snaking of its descent down the spin of the nation’s core or chakras. This mirrors exactly the 7 indentations of the spine of the Serpent that appears only on the Equinoxes at the Temple, El Castillo pyramid in Chichen-Itza. A shadow is cast off the stairs to make the allusion of the Serpent.

This is Kukulkan, the ‘Winged Snake God’. It is a monument to Lucifer descending from the Cosmos to the top of the pyramid to touchdown on Earth at the bottom of the pyramid. It is a rehearsal every year of the expectant reality to occur at some point. Every 72 years the Pleiades is at the apex of the pyramid and on May 20, 2012 it was accompanied by a solar eclipse. It is said that the entities these Crystal Skull Spiritualist communed with commanded them to go to these precise places publically in America. In the past, due to its occultic practices, they would have had to be clandestine. Now Satanism is practiced openly. These Satanic high priests conspired in the open to perform ‘righteous’ acts in America. America has arrived at a moral consciousness by choice now were evil is called good and good is considered evil. It is a testament of just how far from the LORD’s standard of righteousness the USA has deviated from.

Spiritual Apathy
To reiterate, this study suggests that the USA has crossed a spirituality threshold because of this journey of the 13 Crystal Skulls. Sadly, America appears to be following the pattern of a rise and fall of Israel and Judah just like in the Old Testament, etc. There is nothing left in America and the world for that matter but the Rapture to take place before it will be dealt by YHVH directly. Were there 50 righteous in Sodom that could have prevented the total obliteration of that city-state; 40, 30, 20, 10, 5 righteous people? No. Yet YHVH is faithful to His People. He could not execute His righteous indignation until He evacuated His own. Lot and his family were forcibly snatched away by the Holy Angels, or ‘raptured’ out before this ‘sudden destruction’ came down upon the cities. What is stored up for the USA and the world at large will be the same pattern repeating itself as foretold by the Bible.

Spiritually speaking, there is just about no resistance to evil left in the USA but not before nations go to war, they recall their Ambassadors. For Believers in Jesus Christ, it is just now a matter of being found worthy of the Escape. YHVH provided a way out of the judgment. He did this with Noah, Lot, and Daniel as he was absent while his co-laborers were thrown into the fiery furnace. This was a type of having the Bride of Christ removed as Israel is protected through the refining fire of the Tribulation Period to come. Why? It is because the Tribulation deals with the 1 Hour of Indignation or Wrath to come that Jesus promised His Followers that they would be spared if found worthy. This study suggests that likewise YHVH is about to do the same with the Bride of Christ. He will evacuate His People before His Indignation falls. Will those that constitute the Bride be called to witness the breaking and unveiling of the Seal Judgments Wrath from Heaven?

Many believe the Rapture will happen as ‘Sudden Destruction’ will come upon the world or soon thereafter. In a generalization, the moral fiber, let alone the spiritual pulse now in America is reflected with an abnormal level of violence, murder, love of self, boastfulness, pride, arrogance, greed, disrespectful and running wild youth, love growing cold, etc. It is surely as in the Days of Noah. The population is so mesmerized with entertainment, distracted, in debt, addicted and in economic despair now that it has crossed the spiritual protective threshold. Sadly, this last stage of the Christian Church witness of Laodicea has come to characterize America.

A lot of People of YHVH have been too preoccupied, blindsided, and sidetracked by the preaching of false gospels of attaining material prosperity as a priority and having a friendly-seeker congregation that is only set on not going beyond entertainment. The end result is that now in America, open-air preachers that come to a university campus to witness for Jesus are challenged by those that call themselves Christian. Maybe not every Believer may agree on this type of tactics or approach, but it is Biblical. Sadly, today many Christians would also oppose the direct confrontational tactics of the Apostle Paul. Didn’t the Jewish open-air preacher, Yahya bin Zakariya or better known as John the Baptist stand in public places and call people ‘sinners’ and some of the ruling Jewish Religious Counsel ‘snakes and vipers’?

Did not Jonah for 40 days preach open-air across the city of Nineveh? Didn’t Jesus stand in the Temple Mount and rebuke the political and spiritual leaders of Israel and cleansed the Temple with a chord to drive out the Money Changers that conspired to kill him and robe the People through financial usury? Didn’t the Apostle Paul cause a riot in Ephesus and also in the Temple Mount for his open-air preaching and teachings against idols and false religion? It is sad when the campus Christian clubs come out against Preacher and stand with the mockers and haters of Christ’s truth as King David in Psalm 1 warned the People of YHVH not to be found among them. David admonishes YHVH’s People not to sit with the mockers of YHVH. Some Christians even apologize to the crowds for the Preacher’s style and message.

Some Christians held up the very signs that the antagonistic students had made against the Preachers of the Gospel. Is it any wonder why a Righteous GOD will not allow this spiritual status-quo to continue? As Jesus Himself said, ‘not all who will say, ‘LORD, LORD’ will enter the Kingdom.’ Will such be part of the Bride that will be raptured? It is one thing if the secular world conspires against the LORD and His Anointed but if supposedly YHVH’s own People are doing this as well, what is the difference? Mind you, public universities are supposed to be where they champion diversity and tolerance and where dissenting views of other’s opinions or beliefs are permitted or at best ‘tolerated’. Everything in America is tolerated, it seems except Christians that preach the True Gospel or Staff and Faculty that present a Christian world view or research.

America will not have it. This is the spiritual threshold America has crossed where true righteousness has been exchanged for evil; what is good has now become evil, what is evil has now become good. The main reason why the last Church Age that is characteristic of America is that many Pastors have conspired to not ‘lift up’ Jesus. Jesus said of Himself, ‘If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself’. This means that the only formula and pattern to have change and transform the soul, a nation and the world is to preach Jesus. In general, the American Church has failed to do its job. Such have also conspired to replace the Gospel vacuum and the boredom with just feel-good sermons and entertainment to keep the people from leaving. One reason why the American Church in general does not ‘lift up’ Jesus is that in doing so, it is like a mirror effect.

One in comparison sees the Holiness of Jesus and the sinfulness of Humanity, it does not want to talk and address ‘sin in the camp’. The average American Christian is so bogged down in sin, prosperity, comfort and luxury that in comparison to other Christians in the 3rd World, such cannot come to grips that they can be just as needy and sinful as those that really need to hear and see ‘Jesus lifted up.’ They have an ‘I have arrived’ attitude where the Bible is rarely opened or used and is not the ultimate authority in the Church. With such a mind-set, it is thus easy for Lucifer to conspire with the Doctrines of Demons and vain philosophies and heresies to creep them into the Churches because the Shepherds are taking the flocks to other pastures and sidetracking congregations through other paths than the one set before by the LORD.

Prophetic Impact
In some cases, it has been by mere ignorance and wanting to fit in and be like the world, sadly other have been by design and stealth infiltration by those that oppose the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Others have allowed and ventured off into a hybrid mix of ‘strange fire’ being offered up to the LORD. Sadly, many within the Church cannot tell the difference enough to realize the deception because they do not know the WORD on one hand, or such have totally abandoned the protocol of YHVH as being irrelevant in today’s age. Luciferians in America have done a great job in instilling political correctness in the minds and psyche of its people. America has been led to group think now that the true Gospel of Christ Jesus is now ‘hate speech’ and an intolerant form of religion. All the while, Muslims are being brought in in droves and has become a sacred cow where one cannot criticize or speak out against for the terror they are inflicting abroad and now in America, by design.

For example, at some public universities, Faculty, staff, students and the public are complaining and demanding any reference to Christ be taken down, yet they extol Islam, Hindu and Buddhist seminars at taxpayer’s expense. There is much spiritual warfare on this front as the clock is ticking to the spiritual climax and Evacuation of the Bride of Christ. The point is that the Laodicean Church witness is now reaping the seeds of its demise as it has lost spiritual authority over America because of the fear of rejection and being ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus. This last American generation has been guilty of a Christ-less Christianity as Christ is knocking trying to come in, figuratively speaking. The 13 Crystal Skulls itinerary in 2011 had the following spiritual time and place markers.

The journey of the 13 Crystal Skulls started from El Castillo at the 9-Step Pyramid in Yucatan, Mexico ascending up to start the continental descent on America from New York City. NYC became the motif of the truncated pyramid apex All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer. The 13 Crystal Skull journey encompassed 7 key geographical occultic points that have been ancient and current occult spiritual strongholds in America. The number 7 signifies a completeness or a fullness of an event or time, thus in this context, it can be attributed to the completing of a spiritual manifestation and takeover of the national spiritual authority in America.

The 7 geographical stages across America could allude to the possible prophetic 7-year span that AntiChrist is to have allotted, specifically 42 months or 3.5 years of total control and authority over the Earth. For America, the timeline could be as follows. The serpentine pattern on the USA map geographically correlated to the imagery of the Feathered Serpent ascending and descending on the Pyramid in the Yucatan. Every Spring Equinox, the shadow of the Pyramid wall casts an imagery of a Serpent descending down the Pyramid. As noted, every 72 years, the Pleiades are at the apex of the Pyramid. On May 20, 2012, 2 months 60 days after the Spring Equinox, there was a Solar Eclipse and the Pleiades was directly at the top of the Pyramid as the “Rattler” for the snake image, The Pyramid is an astrological clock as it has (4 stairs x 91 steps each) for a total of 365 steps; 91 days are in-between Equinoxes.

Dark Spiritual Vacuum
America’s spiritual authority as a nation has been poisoned and taken over by a conspiracy of spiritual dark forces of Lucifer through his minions in government and in the various churches and on-down the list. Jesus Himself warned of this conspiracy to affect the Church. In Matthew 7:15-16 He stated the following. ‘Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.’ This 13 Crystal Skull journey across America is but one consequence.

Here is the protocol off the webpage of the high priests of the 13 Crystal Skull. As to some of their practices of conjuring up the spirits from their medicine wheels that the spiritualists were performing...’The Medicine Wheel is a physical manifestation of spiritual energy, an outward expression of an internal dialogue.’ The Medicine Wheel guides them to what center to help them integrate the elemental forces. Who are they dialoging with? Whose energy are they tapping into? Who is guiding them with such spiritual forces? In this last generation, the world is currently witnessing the prelude to the arrival of their ‘Feathered Serpent god’ Quetzalcoatl, the winged god that like Jesus Christ is also ascribed a ‘virgin birth.’

Their Luciferian prophecies promise a return of this ‘teacher’, a ‘Man’ that promises to save the world from destruction? He will be the False Messiah. Did not the Prophet Daniel describe from his revelation of who this ‘God of Forces’ really was/is? It is none other than Lucifer. His ministers and ‘Builders’ are heralding and preparing the way for the next Luciferian New Age now ready to be birthed. Why? Because spiritually, in America now they can; the spiritual tipping point and spiritual threshold has been crossed in America that is the present ruling World Order.

How much more so will this false utopia advance when the great ‘Evacuation’ occurs, i.e., the Rapture of Jesus’ Holy Ones? Perhaps the event will coincide with the exchange Lucifer’s unholy ones? When will this ‘man’ the AntiChrist arrive on the scene on Earth? Many believe that his Earthly vessel or body, in a man is already here and waiting to be revealed i.e., the AntiChrist. As to the timeline if there is a gap or not between the Rapture and this revealing will remain to be seen.

The 13 Crystal Skull trek across the America by the Mayan and American Spiritualists aimed at ‘healing’ the land at 7 key ancient spiritual energy points of the continent. It was like that of a Hindu chakra down the center spine of a human. This openly Satanic event was nothing more than their victory lap around the US. They conspired with the timespans of the Pleiades astronomical clockwork and staked-out the nation by summonsing the bound minions of demonic entities that have been ready to be unleashed on the USA. This was much like those that are bound at the Euphrates River according to the book of Revelation. Nonetheless, the Holy Spirit will not be set aside until it is set aside at the time of the ‘Evacuation’ or Rapture of the Bride of Christ that is restraining the adversary. Soon thereafter at some point according to the Bible, Lucifer and his 1/3 Fallen Angels winged-serpent gods will follow him down to Earth having been expelled permanently from Heaven and from having access to the very Throne Room of YHVH to never ever again to be the Accuser the Brethren.

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