Islamic Monogram of Allah on Iran's Flag

  • Does Iran's national flag have an encrypted Baphomet emblem?
  • What does the Islamic Quran say about Allah's character?
  • Is the religion of Islam a counterfeit opposed to YHVH's true one?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘So that by 2 unchangeable things in which it is impossible for YHVH to lie, we who have taken refuge would have strong encouragement to take hold of the hope set before us.’ - Hebrews 6:18

The purpose of this study is to examine if the Islamic Monogram of Iran’s Islamic Flag that depicts a rendition of the Muslim God Allah is in fact an encrypted Baphomet. A graphic illustration of a Baphomet will be superimposed onto the Monogram to see if there are any possible Correlating Points of interests. Based on some obvious associations, it would appear that to some extent, the Monogram on the Flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran does bear a striking resemblance to the Satanic Baphomet.

This study will examine the origins of the Monogram and Baphomet for context. In fact, the Monogram of Allah on the Flag is a Hidden Encrypted Imagery of Baphomet, it would be in keeping with a disturbing insight. It would be how the Muslim God, Allah espouses deception as one of his prime characteristics of his being. In this case an Encrypted Baphomet posing as ‘Allah’ written in Calligraphic FORM would be another validation of how in Surah 3:54 and in other ones, Allah ‘Deceives’.

This Islamic God allows his Followers to Deceive and portrays an Alternate ‘Gospel’ from the Atoning Work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. In Surah 3:54 it states that the Muslim God Allah calls himself the ‘Greatest Deceiver’ as Allah Khayrul Makeree. The Muslims Apologists say it means the ‘Great Planner’, but many Muslim Scholars verify that the context is without exception. Other Surahs have this same word to Deceive not ‘Plan’.

There are many other Surahs that also use this Root Word of Makr in which Allah instructs his Followers to Lie, if necessary and for example, that he Deceived the World into thinking that Jesus was actually Crucified, Buried and Resurrected. On the contrary, the Bible emphatically states that YHVH does not Lie nor is any Lie found in Him. In fact, it is Jesus that exposed that Lucifer, Baphomet is the Father of Lies. Jesus Himself said that ‘He is the Way, the Truth and the Life’. For all the threats coming from the Islamic Republic of Iran against Israel to destroy it because of its Zionist inclination to want to Rule the World, Iran seeks no different.

The Theocracy of Iran is predicated on an Apocalyptic World View of the Quran that demands the Annihilation of Israel. The rush to acquire Nuclear Weapons at some Point in Time, thanks to the Liberal Leaders of the USA. Iran seeks to speed-up the Process of the return of their Interpretation of who the Messiah will be. According to Shi’ite Eschatology, it will not be Jesus Christ but a Muslim Liberator, the Mahdi that will be the True ‘Messiah’ that will conquer the West and the World and subjugate it to the Iron Rule of Islam. To Islam, Jesus Christ was not Crucified, Buried nor was Resurrected.

Political Jihadism Ala Zionism
It was Allah that Deceived these Followers into believing such a Scenario. The Islamic Jesus Christ will also Return only to ‘Help’ the Islamic Mahdi with the Vengeance of completing the Slaughter of Christians and Jews for not submitting to the will of Allah. Although the Iranian Islamists complain about Zionist Israel, burn their Flag, and call it the ‘Little Satan’, Iran’s Flag is actually just the same rendition in terms of its Symbology. Iran’s Flag actually also has the same ‘Zionist’ Components such as the Star of David or in actuality the Star of Remphan. This Hexagram within a Circle is the most powerful Occultic and Luciferian Symbol that is actually a ‘Key’ that opens Doors, Portal into the Spirit Dimensions.

Star of Remphan

60° + 60° + 60° = 180 x 2 = 360
6 Points        
6 Sub-Triangles      
6 Sided Polygon

Within the Mathematics and Sacred Geometry of the Hexagram is the infamous 666 Numerology. In the Islamic Culture, 666 is seen as Good and not as the Christians ascribe it to the coming AntiChrist and his Trademark. The Iranian Islamic Flag has the Allah Monogram.

نشان رسمی ایران

It is flanked by color bars just as the Modern Israeli Flag with the Star of Remphan in the middle and flanked by color bars. The Iranian Islamic Allah Monogram has the following Design. Their Monogram is in keeping with the elaborate and intricate Islamic Arabic Calligraphic Style. t the center of the Allah Monogram is a prominent center stake or Protrusion with an Apex having a Horned Crown. It is considered to be a ‘Sword’ but actually it is a Phallus. It is flanked by 2 Symmetrical Concave Wings going up that correspond to the Arms of the ‘Beast’. What is amazing is that at the intersection of these 3 Vectors, a ‘Star of David’ or rather a Hexagram is configured.

This is just like the one in the Israeli flag. Also, at a Symmetrical Spacing are the outer Wings that appear to protrude down on the outside of the Central Stem or Body of the Monogram. If one superimposes the Baphomet Graphic over the Islamic Monogram for Allah, it is striking how the Baphomet also has the same characteristics with the Center Shaft as a Phallic Symbol. The Main Body is referred by most as being the Goat of Mendes which alludes to Pan which is Lucifer in Ancient Mythology.

The current graphic depiction of the Baphomet is attributed to a Kabbalistic Occult Crypto Jew of France, Alphonse Louis Constant. He took on the Alternate Name of Eliphas Levi after supposedly studying to be a Roman Catholic Priest. Within the Phallus, there is the Caduceus of Mercury, which is another Encrypted Depiction of Lucifer that seeks to alter the DNA composition of Humanity and ‘Transform’, ‘Transgender’ it to his ‘Image and Likeness’.

The Baphomet has Horns and is crowned by a Lantern that has the Blazing Torch at the Apex of its Head. The current rendition of the Flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran was construed after the Islamic Ayatollah Revolution in 1979 that toppled the CIA backed Shah of Iran. The Iranian Islamic Nation did have a Reign of Terror thereafter as it too suppressed any dissention no different than the Shah.

A Divine Deception
Iran later on took on and went to war with Iraq as it was attacked by Saddam Hussein at the bequest of the CIA and State Department. The War lasted for over 8 Years. Since then, the Religious Leaders of Iran, like in all Nations seek to maintain a sense of Fear and Repression by having an Alternative ‘Enemy’. This Enemy is the Great Satan, the USA and Israel, the Little Satan. Since 1979, the USA and World banks-imposed sanctions on Iran for the U.S. Embassy debacle and for expelling Central Bankers and Nationalizing the Oil Revenues.

Contrary to Popular Belief, the Iranians are not Arab but Persian and speak Farsi, not Arabic. Although they too were conquered by the Ottomans, Islam naturally infiltrated the Society through War, Commerce and Assimilation. However, the Brand of Islam that the Persians adhere to is called Shi’ite Islam as opposed to Sunni Islam. This can be compared to the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Brands of Christianity. Although on the onset there might be some common similarities, the ‘Devil is in the Details’ literally.

The Shi’ite Version of Islam believes in the Hereditary Succession of Mohammed while the Sunnis do not. Nonetheless the Eschatology of the End Times is more dramatic in Shia Islam and it is seen as a Counter Weight to Saudi Arabia whom Iran eyes to take over the Leadership and Stewardship of ‘True Islam’, by all means possible; even by Deception. As to the Baphomet Imagery, it has connotations of how Lucifer as a Type of Prometheus stole the Fire, the Torch from the Gods to give to Mankind.

He was banished from Heaven for giving it to Humanity as a Type of ‘Enlightenment’. The Baphomet has Wings like an Angel. The Bible does also state that Lucifer as a Fallen Angel in Rebellion was cast out of Heaven and was instrumental in introducing Sin, Murder and Death to the 1st Humans, Adam and Eve. It was precisely through the Surah 3:54 Tenets of Deception that the Fall of the Human Race occurred. Having a Fallen Angel and/or ‘Beast’ in a National Flag or Ensign is not that uncommon.

Some Nations have a Unicorn for example in the U.K.’s Coat of Arms. Other Nations have Gargoyles, Griffins, and Thailand has the Garuda, or Bird Man as in Horus. This Fallen Angel is part of what the Bible defines as the Principalities and Powers over the Nations. In the case of Persia where the Aryans migrated to from India after the Flood of Noah, this particular Fallen Angel is called The Prince of Persia.

It had an encounter with the Prophet Daniel that was in Susa, in Elam or Persia at the time that YHVH was answering Daniel’s Prayer about the timing of Messiah’s first coming. This Satanic Prince of Persia was so powerful it took the summonsing of the Arch Angel Michael by Gabriel to subdue him and allow for the Answered Prayer to be delivered to Daniel. The Prayer was delayed for 21 Days, a 7-7-7 Encryption in itself. Thus, to have an ‘Aryan Baphomet’ in the Iranian Islamic Flag is not that of the ordinary to consider especially if it is an actual Encryption.

This Encryption, if intentional or not, would be consistent with Surah 3:54 in how deception is prevalent throughout the Quran and in the dealing of its Followers and Nations even. This is well engraved in the Ancient Peoples of the Middle East as that is how they conduct themselves in Politics, Economic Trade, War and Trafficking. For example, Israel’s MOSSAD’s motto is ‘By Deception, Thou Shalt Wage War’, etc. What is further revealed in the Bible is that particularly in Iran, or Ancient Persia, there is a very strong and ominous Fallen Angel that has Spiritual Influence on the affairs of its Government and Peoples even. Thus, the rise of the Spirit of Baphomet.

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