Prophetic Timeline 29 AD - 2029 Return of Jesus?

  • How long was the Ministry of Jesus, 1 Year or about 3.5 Years?
  • What Year was it when Jesus Proclaimed the Year of Jubilee?
  • Can the Return of Jesus be determined by knowing this Year?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And by that same Word, the present Heavens and Earth are reserved for Fire, being kept for the Day of Judgment and Destruction of Ungodly Men. Beloved, do not let this one thing escape your notice: With the LORD 1 day is like a 1000 Years, and 1000 Years are like 1 Day. The LORD is not slow in keeping His Promise as some understand Slowness, but is Patient with you, not wanting Anyone to Perish but Everyone to come to Repentance’. -2 Peter 3:7-9 

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the possible timeline of the last 3.5 years of Jesus Christ’s Ministry. It will present an alternative view of the Timing historical held. leading up to the Crucifixion. The Crucifixion of Jesus is presented in that this study argues that the Day Jesus Died corresponded to a Total Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon on Passover, near Midnight, Local Time. The Blood Moon parallels the one that occurred during the Exodus as that was a type of Jubilee in how the ‘Captives were set Free’. One suggests that a similar Prophetic Parallel will occur at the End of the Church Age that will conclude with the Rapture Event. That in itself will also be as an ‘Exodus’ from the ‘Egypt’ for this World.

But that specifically from 29 AD, which one will argue was the year Jesus proclaimed the Jubilee to 2029, when one has shown the Timeline, Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 will fulfill Peter’s Pattern of ‘1 Day is as 1000 Years’. One holds to the calculation that Jesus’ fulfillment of the 1st 3 Feasts was to the Day on April 10, 32 AD. This is when He entered Jerusalem, on a Sabbath. Then to be examined for 4 Days and Crucified on the on the 14th, being a Full Moon and Eclipse. Based on this Timeline and Model, one also contends that an Extraordinary Solar Eclipse also occurred on this Passover, April 14, 32 AD.  The Holy Spirit is presently fulfilling the Middle Feast of Pentecost, which is a late-Summer fulfillment, if one subscribes to a Double-Count theory of Leviticus 23:16.

This is the 49 Day Count, initially numbering the 7 Sabbaths. But then there is to be an additional 50-Day Count thereafter. This would be a total of 99 Days. And this Day Count would occur in the Month of Tamuz, the 5th Month. The Prophetic 2-Day allotment of the Church Age has been an ‘Intermission, 2000 Year exactly if one pegged it to the initial Jubilee Year of 28 AD. Why? It is the in 28 AD that the Year of Jubilee is proclaimed on Yom Kippur, but it is that subsequent Year, 29 AD that is considered the Jubilee Year. And that then, it will be at His 2nd Coming that Jesus will fulfill the Fall Feasts, starting with Feast of Trumpets, to the Day. In this case, September 11, 2029 as one has calculated and shared. One has previously calculated a 28 AD start of Jesus’ Ministry only because if Jesus was born in -3 BC, then would have been 30 Years Old in 28 AD as the timeline of Jesus’ Life would suggest.

Year of Proclamation
Given this Timeline, one suggests that it was 28 AD that the Jubilee was pronounced on Yom Kippur of that same Year. This Date then would have been 10 Days later from the sighting of the Sliver of the New Moon. According to the Torah Calendar, that was on October 8, 28 AD. One’s supposition is that if Jesus was Baptized late-Summer on Elul 1, that would have started the 40 Days of Testing in the Wilderness. Based on this Timeline then, it could have corresponded to Jesus’ Birth Day of September 11. The 40 Days would then conclude around Yom Kippur where Jesus was given the Scroll of Isaiah. He read the 1st part of Chapter 61. Then if one then counts exactly 1260 Days, having concluded with Simchat Torah on November 1, 28 AD, when  Jesus thereafter started His Public Ministry would conclude on April 14, 32 AD, Passover Crucifixion..

1, March 20, 28 AD (Spring Equinox) + 49 Months = April 14, 32 AD
2. Elul 1 = ~September 11? + 40 Days = October 18, 28 AD Yom Kippur Jubilee
3. November 1, AD (1-1-1) (AfterSimchat Torah) + 1260 Days = April 14, 32 AD

Note that November 1 is the Day of the Dead. One suggested that in that year, 28 AD, October 9 on the Gregorian Calendar corresponded to Tishrei 1. That is, the start of the Civil Year. Then 10 Days later, on Yom Kippur, the Holiest Day to the Jews, Jesus made a Proclamation, Thus, when Jesus was at the River Jordan to be Baptized, that is what ‘Qualified’ Him in place of or on behalf of Adam’ Fallen Race. He was Commissioned. Consider the following Calculus. Starting from Jesus’ Baptism, presumed by one’s calculation to have been in 28 AD, if one then counts 49 Months (a Sabbath Coefficient), the End Date will be April, 32 AD.

If 28 AD was Jubilee Proclamation, it then it makes 29 AD the Jubilee Year
29 AD + 2000 Years (1 Day = 1000 Years) = 2029
Year Jesus could be returning on 9-11 as noted in prior studies.

This would have then a possible confirmation of exactly 2000 Years, to the Year of how long that 2-Day to a Year correlation would workout per the Apostle Peter’s 1 Day is as 1000 years, etc. Realize that the Jewish Year straddles the Gregorian. So, for example many believed that the Year of Jubilee should have been in the Year 5776 in the Jewish reckoning of Time, which was then equal to 2015-16. Back then, one had argued that it was a veiled inference to Year of Lucifer, as it was even deemed as the ‘Year of Light’ by the UN and in the Vatican.

One interpreted the Year as having been the start of the current 7-Year or Sabbath Cycle Countdown to the Rapture and then Tribulation Period. May it be so, because if one is off in this Sabbath Cycle Theory, then the Watchers of the End Time are blind and know nothing. It was and is. But realize that there was indeed a Jubilee fulfilled already. It was achieved or reached in 2017. That Year was the 50th Anniversary or Jubilee of Jerusalem, thus the Revelation 12 Sign. This Celestial Sign, being no coincidence was a ‘Wake-Up’ Call for the Body of Christ in so much as to put her on Alert of the pending Rapture to come. And now then in 2017, the USA recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.

Sabbath Cycles
Prophecy is being unfolded in these Last Years or is it Year, at last? But in fact, 2 Decrees to Rebuild Jerusalem have occurred already. The 1st was after Israel’s War of Independence in 1949 and then the 1970 one. Notice the Prophetic Pattern of this Divine Restoration. One has written also about this of how in the Olivet Discourse, if one re-reads it carefully, one will hear Jesus’ Decree for their Destruction. The Temple 1st, then the City 2nd, and last, the Nation 3rd, off to the Nations in Exile.

But one contends that Prophetically, Jesus is/has been Reconstituting their Reinstatements, but in Reverse Order. The Pattern was that the Nation Returned back in 1948, 1st. Then the City of Jerusalem was Recaptured in 1967, 2nd. What is left is the Reconstitution of the 3rd Temple, which will be the 3rd and final ‘Reconstitution’. And why the Abraham Family House Initiative is very important. The Watchers of End Times need to jump on the Sabbath Cycle Count, as that is how YHVH is keeping Prophetic Time. That is why 2022 is exciting to possibly say or confirm that it is the Year of the Rapture and End of the Church Age, perhaps. May it be so.

The following is the Timeline to Daniel’s 70th The Timeline shows the Gregorian Years staggered. And realize that the Sabbath Cycle of Years start in the Fall with Rosh HaShanah, a Fall-to-Fall Count. And this is why the Abraham Family House Initiative is very important. The Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 Sabbath Cycle is only the 4th in the subsequent Series since 1994. Thus, it cannot be a Jubilee Year. Being that it has a ‘4’ Coefficient, it does however signify a ‘Door’ as in the Letter, Dalet. The following Timeline starts on the 1st Sabbath Cycle after Israel’s Independence.

2 1959-60
3 1966-67
4 1973-74
5 1980-81
6 1987-88
7 1994-95
8 2001-02 (Jubilee Count of 49 Years) + 9-11 Muslim Attack
9 2008-09
10 2015-16 (Jubilee Count of 49 Years) + Tetrad Blood Moon
2022-23 (Thus, Fall 2022 to Fall 2029? Could this be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years?)

This could be a Prophetic Echo of the Promise to the Church of Philadelphia Type of providing a ‘Door’ of Escape. And they this Abraham Family House business is very important. The Meaning of Numbers 11 is important in that it can symbolize Disorder, Chaos and Judgment. Coming after 10 (which represents Law and Responsibility), the Number 11 represents the Opposite, which is the Irresponsibility of Breaking the Law, which brings Disorder and Judgment. In Genesis 11, Mankind rebelled against YHVH and built the Tower of Babel. He judged them by confusing their Language, resulting in Chaos. Jehoiakim, one of the Last Kings over Judah, ruled for 11 Years. His Successor, King Jehoiachin, ruled for only 3 Months before the Babylonians take control of Jerusalem.

Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem
But to reiterate, one must stick to the Sabbath Cycles, which again is how one thinks is the Key in how YHVH counts Time, Prophetic Time. He gave Humanity the Blueprint since the Creation Account of Genesis with the 7-Day Week, etc. This is why all the Brethren that have insisted on counting from 1948 and adding that 80 Years and subtracting 7 Years are off.

As it has also been noted in a prior Study #600, another Prophetic Key as to when the Church Age is to conclude can be seen in the Prophetic Parallel of an Extra-Biblical Confirmation based on a Prophetic Parody of Solomon. It was Suleiman that made a Decree to Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem, much like ArtaXerxes I. According to Research, that Decree was made in 1537. And the work on the Walls concluded in 1541. One suggests that the Year 1539 was the Prophetic one from when the countdown was and is to be made. Here is part of what one had written about 1539 and Sulieman’ Decree.

If this conjecture is valid and true, then it is proof that the Daniel 70th Week of Years has at least a Prophetic Double Entendre in that it signified the Coming of both the True and False Messiahs. And in both cases, they will be ‘Cut-Off’ in the ‘Midst’ or Middle of that Time Marker. With respect to the coming AntiChrist, the Bible states that this False Messiah will receive a ‘Mortal Wound’. Lucifer will in some Sorcery and Power be able to Resurrect his AntiChrist from the Dead, just like Jesus, etc. Well, it so happens that the Middle Year from 1537 to 1541 when the Walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt was 1539. Thus, the following equation.’

1. 1537 + 1541 = 3078 /2 = 1539 ‘Midst of Years’.
2. 1539 Year + 483 Year Coefficient =

So, one can then also apply Daniel’s Prophetic Template of 483 Years. One can also use this Time Benchmark to determine then the 483 Year Count based on Sulieman’s Decree from 1539. If so, then one suggests that the end Year, 2022 will be when the Bride of Christ, as a Prophetic Type of ‘Jerusalem’ would be fulfilled or correspond to.

So, overall, there appears to be several key Prophetic Correspondences to the Year 2022. One has suggested that if the Year 28 AD was the Proclamation the Jubilee by Jesus, then 29 AD was the Jubilee Year making 2029 the possible year in which Jesus Returns based on the 1 Day = 1000 Year Prophetic Pattern. And that if one applies the Sabbath Cycle Pattern since 1952, just after Israel’s Independence of 1948, the 11th Sabbath Cycle will be from Fall 2022 to Fall of 2029. Thus, there appears to be an amazing synchronization occurring.

According to Torah Calendar, in 28 AD, the Fall Equinox occurred on September 24th. It is one’s argument that the Fall Feast, like the Spring Feasts, have to occur on the 1st New Moon after the Equinoxes. This would, for example have the March 20th Spring Equinox correspond to the Full Moon in April and start of the Religious New Year, etc. Likewise, the Fall Equinox would be the ‘benchmark’ for then determining when the Civil New Year would begin, after the Fall Equinox on a New Moon.

So, to reiterate, based on Torah Calendar, it was then on October 8, 28 AD, in the Gregorian Calendar that the ‘Sliver’ of the New Moon was determined. This would be the 1st Day of the Month of Tishrei, October 9, 28 AD. Then from this 1st day, being Rosh HaShanah or Feast of Trumpets, 10 Days later, would be Yom Kippur. This would be October 18, 28 AD, and a Sabbath. This would be the Day Jesus Read from Isaiah to Proclaim the Year of Jubilee. The following are the Fall Feasts, corresponding to their speculated Dates, in the Gregorian Calendar.

October 09, 28 AD      = Tishrei 1 New Civil Year on Rosh HaShanah
October 18, 28 AD     = Yom Kippur - 10th Day (Jesus reads Isaiah - Jubilee Proclaimed.)
October 23, 28 AD      = Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles - 15th Day
October 30, 28 AD      = Shemini Atzerets - ‘The 8th Day Assembly’ 16th Day
October 31, 28 AD      = Simchat Torah - Reading of Torah 17th Day

How long was Jesus’ Ministry on Earth? Some believe that Jesus only had a 1 Year Ministry. Others believe it was a 3.5 Year Ministry or 1260 Days. This would match the Prophetic Pattern of how the Sabbath Year Cycle is divided into 2 Halves of 42 Months, or 1260 Days or 3.5 Years. There is evidence to corroborate in the Gospels that Jesus celebrated subsequent Passovers, not just 1. Note the following Calculus in that if one counts from the End of the Fall Feast, completely, that of Simchat Torah and count 1260 Days forward, the End Date is the Date of Jesus’ Crucifixion. Thus, based on this Prophetic Model, it is presumed that Jesus started His Public Ministry at the end of the Fall Feasts, having Proclaimed the Year of Jubilee.

November 1, 28 AD = Day of Dead + 1260 Days (Ministry of Jesus) = April 14, 32 AD

Now as to the Jubilee Connection with the Rapture, as noted the recapturing of Jerusalem in 1967 will be 55 Years now in June 7, 2022. Regardless, one likes to think that in parallel fashion, when the Hebrews left Egypt, that was a Jubilee. And the Bride of Christ’s Blessed Hope, as Promised will be of the same sorts as we ‘Exodus’ out of here, a Jubilee. May it be 2022 or Bust. 






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