2024 Beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week?

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One was asked to Reply to a Video by CJ Lovik wherein, he discusses an ‘Impasse’ of how he states, ‘Why we are stuck on the 70th Year Prophecy discovered in Ezekiel 4’? His YouTube Channel, RockIslandBooks, he made a startling Projection that 2023 is the Year of when Daniel’s 70tt Week is to begin. That Video has now over 2.6 Million Views. Problem? His Presupposition, being based on the Crucifixion being in 30 AD has technically, come-and-gone. And as 2023? The New Jewish Year in the Fall is how he is determining the Year Count. He is basing it on the Shemitahs or Sabbath Years. However, CJ is realizing his 30 AD Formula or Math does not add-up.


Lovick has contributed much to the Debate of the possible 7-Year Tribulation Timing as Interpretated of when Daniels’ 70th Week is to begin. His Illustrations are Superb. But one is comparing this Research with one’s as ‘Iron Sharpening Iron’ and in a Spirit of Fellowship. This is not a critiquing of his Research other than to point-out the Discrepancies one sees that differs from one’s own Year Count. One just believes that the initial Year Count will determine the Trajectory and Outcome.

And that his Starting Years are off, in that the initial Anon Mundi or Year 1 of Adam is not 4005 BC. And that the Crucifixion Year is not 30 AD. He has now had to Recalibrate it, as that is the purpose of the Video in Question. One is rather saying that 32 AD is the most ‘Correct’ Year to consider and even that, is only one’s Best Educated Calculation. Nonetheless, one is welcome to Download a whole Book one has compiled that provides Circumstantial Evidence for why 32 AD is the Crucifixion Year.
Circumstantial Evidence why it was in 32 AD

As to CJ Lovik’s Ezekiel Year Prophecy, he contends that Ezekiel provides a ‘Clue’ of a 7 x 7 x 40 Prophetic Factor. However, he has now labeled this Finding as the ‘Double Jubilee Miracle’. This is fine and worth considering. But realize that any ‘Span of Time’ can be subject to a Jubilee Year Count. A Jubilee Year Count is just a Segment of 49 Years plus the 50th Year. CJ is a Dispensationalist as one is also, so one does appreciate the 7-Day Timeline he provides to consider.

And based on these ‘7 Days’ as Millennia, he surmises that there are 857 Sabbatical Cycles or 5999 Years. OK. This Timeline would then encompass the last Millennia of the 7000th Year to correlate to the 7th Day of the Prophetic Week, etc. Now, he places Year 1 of Adam’s Creation in the Year 4005 BC. That is ‘OK’ but realize that others see a 3971-72 BC Creation Year instead. The Discrepancy is 37 Years, no small difference.

What is the Start True Start Year?
According to Lovick’s Interpretation, Creation was in 4005 BC, but the 7-Prophetic Years correlating to Millenia years did not start until 3971-3970 BC in his Timeline. There, he is already ‘Off’ by 1 Year in one’s Estimation And? His Calculation based on this Timeline is forcing the Year 30 AD to flush-out and Discrepancy on his Part. This does not work and one senses that CJ has come to realize that, as ‘Impossible’, as that now dismisses his ‘Air-Tight’ Timeline of 2023 being the Year that Daniel’s 70th Week is to begin.

Daniel’s 70th Week will not occur in 2023, as he has now come to realize that. Again, if he only comes to the Year 32 AD, will he realize that the Timeline based on that Assertion will yield a more Accurate Year the 70th Week of Daniel is to begin. And in one’s Research up to now, that Year is 2025. To CJ’s Credit, he now surmises that his 2023 Projection is incorrect. He now uses the following Mathematical Formula.

3971-70 BC + 4000 Year Pattern = 3031 AD – 7 Year Tribulation = 2024

Based on one’s Timeline, it is 2024 that is more likely, the Year of the Rapture as one believes the 70th Year of Daniel starts in the Year 2025. This is based on the 32 AD Crucifixion Year. He rightly concludes that 2023 and 2030 are Sabbatical Years. But one has presented a Gap of Time Theory to strongly suggest that from Passover of 2022 to Fall Feasts of 2025, the Church Age is overlapping in the Transition back to the Biblical Economy of Israel. This will then be initiated by Daniel’s Last Week of Years.

Or meaning that the Last Sabbath of Years, will be called in as a Debt owed by Israel, not the Church that is not tied to the literal Promised Land. However, the 70th Week will NOT synchronize with the beginning of a Sabbath Cycle. Rather, it will be in the Middle of one. This is the Overlap of the present 3.5 Year Time Gap Theory one is suggesting.

Passover 2022 + 3.5 Year Transition to 70th Week beginning = End of Fall Feasts 2025

Now, how CJ Lovik is attempting to Reconcile this Discrepancy that one also has wrestled with, is that he surmises that there must be a Jubilee in the Equation. He uses 2023-2024 as a Jubilee Year. OK. No Problem. But he then correlates that to the 2030-31 Jubilee Year. At this Point, it is where he comes-up with the Notion of the ’Mystery of the Double Jubilee’. But again, it is based on the Creation Date being 4005 BC, which one disagrees. Nonetheless, one continues with his Line of Reason. He surmises that 2023-24 is the 123rd Jubilee Year. Noted. What this means is the following.

4005 + 2022 = 2023 AD
4005 + 2022 = 6027/49 = 123 Jubilee Years
2023 AD is the End of the 49 Year Sabbatical Cycle

So, the Year following 2024 is to be then declared the Jubilee Year. In this regard, one would agree, so far as to suggest that it is, again, the calculation for the Rapture and the End of the Church Age, not the start of Daniel’s 70th Week. As one can see that the Rapture Event itself will be an Exodus of ‘Egyptian Proportions’ and for the Hebrews of Old, that was a Jubilee to them. Will it be the same with the Bride of Christ?

Crossing the Jordan and the Start of the Shemitahs are Different Counts
Consider that in 2024, that 3rd Great American Solar Eclipse will have its ‘Intersection’ or ‘X’ in a place called Little Egypt. So, in this 1 Point, one is in Agreement, but as to the Rapture Year, not the start of Daniels’ 70th Week. One will present one’s Timeline below, that will demonstrate the Year and Count to the Day.

At this point in CJ’s Video Teaching, he re-emphasizes his 2024 Theory by interjecting another Year Count based on when the Israelites crossed the River Jordan into the Promised Land. Again, the Start Year is crucial as it determines the Year Outcome. But in this case again, one has a Discrepancy of Years to consider. Based on Lovick’s Calculation, it is from 1408 BC.

1408 BC + 2022 Years (Jubilee Presumed) = 2023 AD = 3430 Years/49 = 70

Thus, to Lovick’s satisfaction, the 70th Jubilee is to start the Year after 2023, in the Fall of 2024. It would appear and seem Plausible and Probable but not likely in one’s Humble Opinion. One does believe in a 70th Jubilee that is in place will ‘dovetail’ into Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. That is Exciting because regardless of one’s ‘Math’, the Rapture Window is within 1 Year Difference.

Consider the Alternate Year of when other Biblical Scholars determined when Israel crossed the Jordan River. It is rather to have occurred in the Year 1437 BC. This is when the Sabbatical Cycles or Shemitahs started to be counted. Contrasted to Lovick’s Timeline, there is a 30 Year Discrepancy. One is again, just pointing that out.

The Zero-Clock start (Epoch) for the reckoning of Sabbatical Years and Jubilees was Spring (Nisan 1), 1443 BC. From Floyd Nolen Jones: The Year Moses died, and Joshua entered the Land was long ago determined by Ussher, Bishop Lloyd, Monsignor Toinard, William Whiston and now independently confirmed by this Author as BC 1451.

However, the conditions concerning the Year of Jubilee did not have to do with merely being in the Land but with its actual Possession and Cultivation (Lev.25). As documented heretofore, the Tribes divided the Land in 1444 BC after 7 Years of war with its Pagan Inhabitants. They would have planted that Fall; thus, the Jubilee and Sabbatical Count would have begun in the Spring of the following year (1443) with the Harvest of the 1st Crops (Lev.25:3, '6 years thou shalt … gather in the Fruit thereof'). 


Continuing in Lovick’s Timeline. CJ then surmises that 2030 begins the 40th Jubilee Year and ends in the Fall of 2031. This is when Jesus is to then returns, etc. One again disagrees. He then correlates this Year to the 70 AD Siege of Jerusalem. So, based on this Math, he surmises the following.

40th Jubilee x 49 Year Factor + 70 AD Siege = 2030 AD

Daniel’s Last Week of Years

And? He then concludes that the Jubilee Year begins in the Fall of 2030 AD and concludes in the Fall of 2031 AD. In one’s Opinion, he uses the Calculus to stretch the Failed 2030 Timeline by having a razor-thin ‘Life Line’ to excuse 2023 for the Year 2024 instead. It buys him just enough Time to see if 2024 will then start Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, etc. So, in Conclusion to his Theory, as he states, ‘The Fall Season of 2031, we can expect the LORD to usher in the 1000 Year Millennial Reign of Messiah’. Perhaps, but one will not ‘Expect’ that, respectfully. Why not? It does not add-up.

In one’s Estimation, based on Lovick’s Timeline, it means that both the Rapture and the start of Daniel’s 70th Week MUST occur in the Fall of 2024. It could very well occur, but in one’s Timeline, again, one interjects a Gap Time Theory, wherein the AntiChrist, to be revealed after the Rapture, must have an allotted Time. It will not be much be enough to then ‘Conquer the World’ through ‘Peace and Safety’, etc. Then the 3rd Temple must be erected and the Daily Sacrifices must commence. This takes Time. One therefore does not see a 2024-2031 Timeline.

You then have to factor-in the Ashes of the Red Heifer and realize that there is a Waiting Period of Months before all of Israel is then considered ‘Kosher’ to present the Daily Offerings in the New Temple. One is not diminishing CJ Lovick’s attempts at asserting when the 70th Week of Daniel is to occur. But one suspects that he is disregarding the Rapture Timing all together and he has not stated publicly this Interpretation of when the Rapture Event will occur to close-out the Church Age.

Based on one’s Evaluation of this Rationale, from his Video Teachings, one does not believe CJ holds to a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario. Unless one has missed that or someone can collaborate that for the Record. However, to Lovick’s Credit again, he does explain that these Calculations are not to ‘determine’ the Rapture’s Timing. But that his Audience is clearly, not the Christians but the Jews that are Blind to Jesus’ Salvation in hopes they will Repent and come to the Saving Knowledge of their True Messiah, etc.

But again, one disagrees in his Year Calculations by 1 Year, based on what he has presented. That is all. CJ spells-out clearly that the Jubilee Year comes to an ‘End’ in the Fall of 2024. And thus, that is when the 70th Week of Daniel is to begin that will ‘End’ in the Fall of 2031 AD. But ‘No Dice’, as they say. One Disagrees. It is 2032 AD based on the 32 AD Crucifixion Year. Although he is getting ‘Warmer’, hopefully the Math will catch-up with him to ‘see’ that it is 32 AD after all. It is, as he is now seeing now that 2023 cannot be the Start of the 70th Week of Daniel, much less the Rapture.

One can be ‘Wrong’ just the same. So, to reiterate, based on his Math, the Year 2024 in the Fall, is the start of the 70th Jubilee and 70th Week of Daniel. If so, that would be more so the Year the Rapture is to occur beforehand, as one Contend. And then in 2025 would be the start of the 7-Year Tribulation. Again, it depends on the Crucifixion Year. At this point, it seems he is now clearly moving away from the 30AD Year Theory, which has technically already passed and he is looking at 31 AD without saying it.

Process of Elimination

Nonetheless, End Time Students of Eschatology can only go by the ‘Process of Prophetic Elimination’. But as mentioned, the Tolerance is within a 1 to 2 Year Window, in one’s Opinion, as of Critique. And that is Exciting to realize just how close the Rapture Event is. But, by the Time his 31 AD and 2031 AD Timeline comes-and-goes, he will get to a 32 AD Count. And as he adds the Dispensational Theory of the 2000 Year Church Age, it will be as one ‘sees’ it as one sees it. And that Timeline is Amazing as presented here before several Times. But the Church has seen ‘Perfect Math’ come-and-go also. The following is one’s Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Timeline as mentioned.

As to the 2025-2032 Timeline, if one then surmises a Fall 2025 Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah Start Date to then have the Daily Sacrifices ceased 1260 Days later, it will land on Passover, March 31, 2029, which is the 90th Day of the Year. It overlaps April 1, ‘Fool’s Day’. Then 1260 Days later is September 11, 2032. And this is on a ‘Sabbath of Return’, the Saturday of that Yom Teruah Week. This has profound Prophetic Echoes of His Triumphal Entry, that one strongly contends, occurred on a Saturday, not a Sunday. That Day is when He came into Jerusalem as the Messiah and will again.

2032 – 7 Year will yield = 2025

The Passage starts with the Account of meeting-up at Lazarus’ Home ‘6 Days before Passover’. It is a Proof Text in one’s Opinion as to the Correct Timeline. It is why one believes the Triumphal Entry was on the Sabbath, the Saturday and not based on the Traditional ‘Palm Sunday’. Just one’s Observation. It is based on the Year 32 AD Hypothesis. So, it is a biased Account as it ‘Fits’ for that Year only, in comparison to the other Year Contenders for Jesus’ Crucifixion Year, 30 AD, 31 AD and 33 AD, etc.

Consider that in 32 AD, Nisan 14, being the ‘Midst’ of the Week, per Daniel was a Wednesday. If one then Reverse Engineers the Day Counts 6 Days Prior, then the Entry to Jerusalem occurred on Nisan 10, a Saturday. Jesus is the LORD of this Day. What better Day to be Pronounced 'King of Israel', who came in the Name of the LORD.

And just as Important, on the very Day, it was revealed to Daniel. So, just it was from that Day, that 4 Days had to be determined to have the High Priest Examine the Passover Lamb. It was to make sure it was Pure and had no Blemishes, etc. Of course, the Sabbath Triumphal Entry is Circumstantial Evidence, but in one’s Book, very Compelling. Why the Detail? It lends to when Jesus was truly Crucified and when He Arose. That in Turn, determines when the Church Age Started and when it will End.

Day 1: Nisan 8
Day 2: Nisan 9

Day 3: Nisan 10 -1st Day Saturday (Triumphal Entry) of Lamb needing to be ‘Examined'.
Day 4: Nisan 11 -2nd Day Sunday
Day 5: Nisan 12 -3rd Day Monday
Day 6: Nisan 13 -4th Day Tuesday
Day 7: Nisan 14 Wednesday Passover Slaughtered

Notice that this Day Count is a 7-Day Span of Time that Echoes Prophetically the Creation Week of 7 Days and how 7 is the Biblical Number Signifying, ‘Completeness’ and 'Perfection', etc. So, as many have asked, ‘Was Christ Crucified on Wednesday or Friday?’ Well, Based on these ‘Menorah’ 7-Day Data Points, it is clearly on a Wednesday. This is despite the Calendars that put Wednesday on a different Day. One believes they are Inaccurate. See the following Article for more Details.

Mathematical Calculation of the Triumphal Entry​

And as they say, you Historians out there know that ‘History Repeats’ itself and ‘Prophecy is Pattern’. And as one correlates the Birth-Day of Jesus with His 1st Visitation on September 11, -3 BC, how appropriate to for Jesus to Return at His 2nd Appearance, in the Flesh, as in His Birth-Day on that precise Day.

Of course, all this is pure Conjecture and Wishful Thinking on one’s part. Until then, The Bride of Christ is to Keep the Watch for her ‘Blessed Hope’. It is not necessarily the Resurrection-Rapture Event itself, but He who brings that with Him at that Time.

Consider the following Book.

Coming Tribulation Period
The purpose of this Book is to provide a Comprehensive Study of the Political, Social, Religious and Biblical Factors demonstrating just how close the End of the Church Age is and ready to Transition into Daniel’s 70th Week of Years to include a time of ‘Great’ Tribulation for the World and Israel where Faith will be under Fire. The Last Sabbatical Cycle of 7-Years will be the most intense time in Human History. For details and the way to ‘Depart’ or escape from such a Time, refer to the Book of Revelation. His Name is Jesus. 

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