Church Age Mirroring the Time of Jacob's Trouble

  • Is the Comet 67p tied in some prophetic way to 1967?
  • Is it coincidence that this comet accents the Revelation 12 Sign?
  • What are the odds that this comet is one in which a probe is landed.

by Luis B. Vega
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This study suggests that the pattern of the current 7-Church Age will possibly mirror or cast its ‘shadow’ on the Tribulation period that will also be a time frame of a 7 numerical coefficient. If the Church Age is likened to a Menorah pattern, then it can be considered not also having the prophetic properties of 1 Prophetic Week but an overlap of 1 ‘Hour’ or 12 hours in a day. In part the coming Tribulation period can thus be seen as also 1 hour in duration, prophetically. Why this is important is that the promise of Jesus Christ to have the Philadelphian Church escape the coming ‘Hour of Trail’ upon the inhabitants of the world perhaps will synchronizes such a time to the coming of the Tribulation period. Some very interesting insights into the prophetic words of Jesus as He stipulated how the growing birth pangs would be leading-up to the Tribulation period was that earthquakes would occur ‘in diverse places’ and that the world would be like the days of Noah.

In the Greek, the connotation is that the time leading up to this last prophetic Week of Years will see earthquakes occur in places that normally would not have any or not known to occur is such places. This phenomenon is occurring now as also the frequency of active volcanoes; there are now an average of 40 at any given time. These geothermal signs are to be taken seriously since recording of such activities have increased exponentially since such data was begun to be recorded. At this point one has to take prophetic inventory as to the words uttered by Jesus concerning the other signs. Such signs stipulated by Jesus are to be taken as either being fictional, allegorical or sound. Many ascribe the person of Jesus to have been just a ‘good teacher’ or prophet or even ‘ascended master’ of sorts. This is even stipulating that He even existed as many even deny Jesus’ existence despite clear extra-Biblical eye-witness accounts.

If Jesus was just allegorizing such End Time signs leading up to the Tribulation period, one has to negate all the others He reference in His teachings. Jesus surmised that this coming ‘Hour of Trial’ upon human history will be the worst ever. Thus the world, society, its norms, values and morality will not be getting better but worse, day by day. One has to equally take as true such coming sign as being just as valid with respect to His other references to prior signs given in the Old Testament. For example, why did He validate and confirm the actual and literal inferences to there being an Adam and Eve as clearly not constituting a same-sex marriage? Jesus addressed the Last Days circumstance concerning marriage as it was in the days of Noah. Jesus stated that there would be people getting married but then that they ‘were given into marriage’.

In the original, this context speaks that aside from traditional heterosexual marriage, there would be other types of marriage granted, as in same-sex ones, which the world has now realized also. The point is that Jesus in His teaching and warnings validated the Flood of Noah and actually used that same sign as a recurring one that would characterize the Tribulation Template. Why did He stipulate that this coming time would be so dire for the survival of Humanity that if He did not return to intervene and stop it, all of Humanity would be killed-off? Thus, the signs of Jesus alerting His Disciples, His People primarily and those that would have ‘ears to listen’ are to be taken serious and trust-worthy. Such signs as the Resurrection and the Rapture which are another sign will come to pass. The prophetic events of the book of Revelation will also come to pass.

Now if the Rapture of the Bride of Christ will be corresponding to pre, mid or post Tribulation, that remains to be seen. This study strongly suggests however that such a Tribulation Template could be bases on prophetic patterns of 7s such as is the Menorah of YHVH’s Temple. Now whether there will be an intermission between the end of the Church Age and the beginning of the Tribulation Period also remains to be seen. There could be weeks, months or even years perhaps regarding this sign. This study is only presenting a perspective that the initial Resurrection of the Dead in Christ and the Rapture of the Bride are a singular event, sequentially as taught by the Apostle Paul. As presented in prior studies on Revelation, it is argued that as there are 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Bowls, there are 7 Raptures. These 7 Raptures commence with the Rapture of the Bride of Christ and are thereafter dispersed in the whole of the book of Revelation narrative.

7 Raptures
Translation      Chapter
1. Church        4:1
2. Martyrs        7:9
3. Witnesses   11:12
4. Manchild      12:5
5. 144,000       14:1
6. Harvest        14:16
7. Beheaded    20:4

The 7-fold Raptures starts with the ‘Call to come up here’ of the Apostle John in chapter 4. This prophetic translation of John is seen to many as an allegory and/or euphemism to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that initiates the Tribulation eventually. The Gap Theory thereafter could coincide during this time that the Bride is presented first before the Bema Seat of Christ for evaluation unto rewards. This is the first possible sequence of events; the 2nd then has to do with the ‘Adjudication of the Bride’. The Bride has to face her Accuser, Lucifer in the Administrative Court of Heaven where the Accuser of the Brethren has access still to condemn the Bride. This possible sequence is the famous court scene where after the Bema Seat evaluation, the 24 Elders take their seat and the Heavenly Court will be in session. It will at this time that the Judge, the Lamb of YHVH Himself will read His ‘Last Will and Testament’ as it were. This is the breaking of the Seals that adjudicates the Bride and absolves her of all accusation.

The Bride of Christ is absolved because of the Lamb of YHVH. It is the Lion of Judah, Jesus who had bought the Bride with His Blood and washed her throughout the 7-fold Church Age in preparation for the next sequence, the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. After the Adjudication of the Bride, this study suggests that it is when Lucifer is forever cast out of Heaven never to return but not without one last celestial war campaign. The 2nd argument that this study presents is that this coming Tribulation Template that is initiated by the ‘Great Escape’ or evacuation is likewise patterned after other similar themed ‘escapes’ documented in the Bible. The Apostles also included such references to prior prophetic patterns as signs in the New Testament as object lessons to instruct the Church concerning the types and economy of what constitutes a ‘salvation’ and deliverance. In the case of the deliverance of YHVH’s People, it occurred when the LORD decreed judgment to befall the society within a context of warfare even.

Escape or ‘Rapture’ Patterns
The ‘Saved’ and covered        The Judged thereafter
Noah and family                      The Old World (reversed)
Hebrews of Exodus                Egypt, Pharaoh and land
Daniel’s friends Furnace         Nebuchadnezzar humbled
Elijah                                       Ahab and Jezebel - land of Israel
Isaiah’s Chamber                    The coming Tribulation upon the world
Rahab’s Chord                        The city of Jericho - only Rahab’s portion of wall stood!
Lot in Sodom & Gomorrah      The perverse regions of the cities – Israel will be called such
Philadelphia Church               The Tribulation Template - last prophetic Week of Years

On an aside note, it is very interesting that in the Last Days, the moral state of Israel will be such that the Scriptures alluded to it as ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’. Evidently, Israel, in this modern age has been so liberalized that it whole-heartedly supports and celebrates homosexuality. It is said that the gay capital of the world is not San Francisco, but Tel Aviv. The largest conglomeration of such people is amassed in the Middle East in Israel as it was in the days of the Kings of Israel. It is for this reason, at least one of them that the Time of Jacob’s Trouble or Tribulation must complete the judgement of Daniel’s prophecy during the coming 7-fold Week of Years. It will be an intense fiery trial in a ‘furnace’ as it was for the 3 Hebrews in the fiery furnace. Note that Daniel was absence…called out as the Ambassador of the King gone to a distant land perhaps.

As with the 7-fold Church Age, the Tribulation allowed with respect to the Body of Christ has been for her refinement and chastisement of the Bride as she has been ironing out all the ‘wrinkles’ from her dress, metaphorically as there is much ‘sin in the camp’. This is why Christians since the 1st Pentecost have suffered unspeakable Tribulations, death, martyrdom, etc., yet it continues and allowed by the LORD. Case in point, the Christian Genocide of the Middle East. Yet the LORD has not seen fit to ‘take out’ the Saints to spare them of such atrocities. Why? It is because the Church Age is not complete, and the Wrath of the Lamb is not yet to commence. Before the LORD can execute and begin the Tribulation upon the world or its judgment as in the ‘Hour of Trial’, Jesus has to make good on His word to spare the prophetic ‘Philadelphian’ Church, or else it would be double-jeopardy and Jesus Christ will be found a liar and deceiver at best.

One has to discern the fact that the 7-fold Church Age has been the ‘Tribulation period’ prophetically for the Church, the Body of Christ. Presently the world is not being ‘judged’ as Jesus stipulated its ‘Hour of Trial’ or Tribulation will come after He is through with the ‘Tribulation’ of the Church Age. The Apostles made it clear that ‘the judgment of the LORD starts in the House of the LORD’. The other reason for the coming Tribulation Template is that the judgment concerning Israel or Jacob is not complete still. If one subscribes to the prophecy of Daniel, then the last Week of Years will perhaps synchronize with this 7-fold Week of Years as some interpret Daniel. Many would argue, how could a loving ‘teddy-bear’ Jesus ever execute such a dire judgment on innocent people during the coming Tribulation? This is a valid point many bring up as to an objection as to why many don’t or refuse to ‘give their heart to Christ Jesus and be saved’ during this age of Grace and ‘Peace Accord’ with the Lamb.

As the Lion of Judah, Jesus begins the Tribulation by the breaking of the Seal judgments. The point being is that this study suggests a delineation between the saved now and those to be saved during the Tribulation. There will be no ‘Church’ or ‘Body of Christ’ during the Tribulation period. This is assuming a pre-Trial Rapture of the Bride of Christ. One of the singularities and amazing peculiarities of the privilege of living and being saved now during this Church Age is that one can make ‘peace’ with the Creator YHVH. It is based on unconditional love and acceptance on the part of Jesus’ work of atonement and restoration. This special time enables a Believer to be eternally sealed by the Holy Spirit and indwelled. All that is required is confession and repentance.

These ‘perks’ will not be operating after the conclusion of the Church Commission. The spiritual economy will revert back to YHVH dealing directly with Israel under the Mosaic Covenant and it stipulations and conditions. This is why the word ‘Church’ is never read after chapter 4 of the book of Revelation. Why? Because the Church is not present. The spiritual economy thereafter will be translated to Israel as it was during the times of the Kings and Prophets. Why? Because at this time, Israel will have a King and Prophets once again…and the 3rd Temple, mind you. The ‘King’ will be the AntiChrist. Realize that this coming ‘Price, will be hailed as the long awaited ‘King of the Jews’. Likewise as it was during the evil and perverse days of Ahab and Jezebel, the LORD will dispatch Elijah and perhaps Enoch to confront such a rebellious people again because Israel will need to be brought to the Valley of Decision once and for all to deal with the Synagogue of Satan and purge it from its being.

The literal fulfilment of the Seal Judgments will occur during this time of Jacob’s Trouble. Prior to this Tribulation Template, such patterns were but shadows cast from eternity. Also, contrary to many other teachings, the world is not currently in the Tribulation period. Why is there judgement coming upon the world? Consider the following comparison to 9-11. On this Luciferian orchestrated day, although the majority of money firms were housed in those 2 Towers, and were primarily Jewish, interestingly no Jew showed up for work that day on 9-11 or was killed. Is this coincidence? Or perhaps the providence of YHVH to protect the Jews as the unconditional Covenant to Abraham? Or was it known or became known that ‘the fix was in’? This day over 3000 innocent people were murdered by the Luciferians in power.

To them it was a necessary human mass sacrifice needed to implement their next stage of their Master’s objective. As horrific as that day was, there is a silent 9-11 tragedy occurring in America each day since then. Every day over 3000 unborn human beings are murdered in the womb. In a day where Americans are now more divided than when Obama took office, and by design, where the debt skyrockets to 20 Trillion, where the banks still get bailed-out and no remedy was implemented to avert another 2008 collapse of the economy, what is America most pressing issue? There are over 90 million Americans out of work. There are another 50 million on some sort of federal government assistance, as in food stamps. The majority that are working live paycheck to pay check and earn an average of $30,000 USD a year. Are these vital signs of any significance to cause alarm? Yet one of the main objectives that the federal government is championing the trans-gender right to access bathrooms.

It is the ‘Days of Noah’ now as then, there is ‘given into marriage’ same-sex marriage that is now lawful and is exactly one of the stipulations of what would characterize the last generation before Jesus returns. The world is full of violence, murder, a rise in evil, thievery, and lawlessness. Whole nations like Venezuela that was once a rich nation are descending into chaos and anarchy. It is a day where evil is called good and good is called evil. Thus, the righteous and holy Creator cannot continue to allow His creation, of Humanity, made in His image and likeness to be defaced anymore nor the murder of the innocence that cannot defend themselves.

One would think that during this time of intense cataclysmic catastrophes, Humanity would repent and perhaps see the errors of their ways and see the cunning and deception of the coming King of Israel or the current agendas of the Luciferians. On the contrary, the book of Revelation stipulates that like Pharaoh of Egypt, the whole world will harden their hearts against Jesus. The AntiChrist and on the whole, most if not all of those ‘worshipping’ the AntiChrist, the False Prophet and the ultimately Lucifer as the ‘Dragon’ will likewise harden their hearts and curse Jesus and those in Heaven. Both the AntiChrist will do this and the people that took the Mark of the Beast. This is foretold in the book of Revelation. What is very interesting and perhaps insightful is that there are 2 bodies of Believers mentioned in the same context and setting. One is that the Antichrist curses the Creator for the Tribulation period; that is to be expected.

The other group of Believers in YHVH is the Saints. How can this be? If one subscribes to the interpretation that there is still that last Week of Years prophecy of Daniel, then these ‘Saints’ are the Remnants of the Jewish nation, in particular those observing and believing in Messiah but also those Christians that for one or more reasons were ‘left behind’. Some believe such will not be holy enough to make them worthy of the preparation and holiness the parable of the 10 Virgins stipulated the People of Jesus needed to be at the time of the ‘midnight call’ to come into that celestial chamber or Tabernacle of YHVH. However, the AntiChrist also curses ‘those who dwell in Heaven’ within the protection and covering of the Tabernacle or Chuppah. This is the very same scenario described by Isaiah in which YHVH summons this Bride to go into the chambers while until the time (Hour of Trial) of the indignation passes.

The People
‘And the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness, and men began to gnaw their tongues in anguish 11and curse the God of heaven for their pains and sores; yet they did not repent of their deeds.’

The AntiChrist
The beast was given a mouth to speak arrogant and blasphemous words, and authority to act for forty-two months. And it opened its mouth to blaspheme before God, to blaspheme The Name and the dwelling of those who dwell in Heaven.7Then the beast was permitted to wage war against the saints and conquer them, and it was given authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.

Thus it can be argued that what is seen in this delineation is that there is a pre-Tribulation Rapture sequence that accounts for those being summoned and protected in the very Throne Room of the Lamb of YHVH and those ‘Saints’ that unfortunately will be going through the fire of the Tribulation period along with Israel. The following is the passage from Isaiah 26:19-20 that specifies the possible sequence of the pre-Tribulation Resurrection and Rapture event, the Seal Judgments and the 2nd Coming of Jesus at the end.

The Resurrection
Your dead will live; Their corpses will rise. You who lie in the dust, awake and shout for joy, For your dew is as the dew of the dawn,

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture
And the earth will give birth to the departed spirits. Come, my people, enter into your rooms And close your doors behind you; Hide for a little while Until indignation runs its course.

The 2nd Coming of Jesus
For behold, the LORD is about to come out from His place To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; And the earth will reveal her bloodshed And will no longer cover her slain.

The below template is a parallel of how each ‘Branch’ of the vine of Jesus as the Messiah to both the Jews and Gentiles is subject to the same principle of a ‘Week of Years’ prophetic time of ‘Tribulation’. As it is many verses are being misappropriated between the 2 Branches that is the Church Age presently and culminating with that of the Sons of Jacob that will initiate the return of Jesus.

Church Age            Reflection             Jacob’s Trouble
BRIDE                                                    ISRAEL
Ephesus                  DAY 1                     YEAR 1          Reuben  Simeon 
Smyrna                   DAY 2                     YEAR 2           Levi  Judah
Pergamum              DAY 3                     YEAR 3           Dan Naphtali
Thyatira                  DAY 4                      YEAR 4           Gad  Asher
Sardis                     DAY 5                      YEAR 5           Issachar Zebulun
Philadelphia            DAY 6                      YEAR 6          Joseph  Benjamin
Laodicea                 DAY 7                      YEAR 7          Ephraim Manasseh


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