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  • What does the Bible have to say about the Heart?
  • What does the Bible have to say about the Blood?
  • What does the Bible have to say about the Body?

​by Luis B. Vega

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‘But for you who Fear My Name, the Sun of Righteousness shall Rise with Healing in its Wings. You shall go out Leaping like Calves from the Stall’.
-Malachi 4:2 

How can one Resist or Stand-Up against the Present Luciferian Agenda and their coming New World Order? One way, is by living a Healthy Lifestyle, by taking care of one’s Body. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. Ultimately, this Resistance and Steadfastness against Lucifer, Sin and the World is only secured and accomplished in the Finished Work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. Jesus is the Good Physician come to Mend the Broken Hearted, Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead, etc. And by ‘His Strips is one Healed’. In this case, Spiritually, Jesus Healed what is most important, one’s Spirit, Soul and Body.  

Jesus Died so that a Sinful and Rejecting Humanity could obtain a restored Relationship that encompasses all 3 Dimensions of what constitutes a Human Being. This Creation is Special, not unlike all others known to Mankind. Human are created with the ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH, the Creator. And what is at the core or ‘Heart of the matter, with Humanity? The Heart. The issue of how one will overcome the God of this World, Lucifer and his Murderous Agenda will have to do with one’s Heart. The ultimate matter is whom will you give your Heart to? Why is on making the issue of having a Healthy Physical Heart one likened to the Spiritual Condition of the Heart, in Spiritual Terms.  

It is because 1 of the major Themes that runs through the Bible is the Heart. It is the Essence of a Human Being’s Affections, Attractions, Devotion, Worship and Service, etc. This is what YHVH wants. YHVH could have created a Human Being and just pre-Programmed it like a Robot to ‘Love’ YHVH. But that would not be Freedom nor Sovereignty. That is why YHVH waged on giving Humanity Free Will and by that, seeking all those that would eagerly choose to Love GOD or YHVH. But where does Love comes from the Heart? It is a matter of ‘Falling in Love’.  

One has to ‘Let Go’ and for the Love one might show to another person, it may not be reciprocated. There is Love between a Parent and Children, A Brother to Brother, A Man with a Woman, and then GOD and His Creation, etc. Love is not based on Pure Emotion. Love is a Commitment despite the Emotions or lack thereof when a Relationship ‘Falls Out’ of Love. As with Parents, Brethren, Lovers, Wives, Husbands, Children and Followers of Jesus, it will happen. In fact that is the 1st Heart Condition Jesus address in His Church, the Bride.

Wellness Goals

In the Book of Revelation, it was the 1st Church, Ephesus that was Diagnosed by Jesus, as having ‘Lost its 1st Love’. How can this be? The Aim, is as Bill Gates stated, ‘Normalcy can only return when the Majority of the World is Vaccinated’….’And you do not get to say’. The following are just 3 Tips in monitoring one’s Heath for practical purposes and ensuring a Strong Natural Immune System, that will ward-off the COVID Bio-Engineered Viruses that have been released and still will be. The Health Factors have to do with one’s Body Mass Index BMI, Blood Sugar levels and Blood Pressure.  

When one was in one’s 20s and 30s, one would have never thought to going the Extra Mile to Monitor one’s Heath Numbers. Sure, one got regular Health Check-Ups and it all seemed Normal and nothing really to worry about. But with the Aging Process and now one reaching over the Mid-50s, such Heath Monitory and Vital Stats have become more important. And this is especially as one suffered Total Organ Failure. One is lucky to be alive.  

Here is a Website that can determine one’s Body Mass Index, BMI to see if one is within the Average or Normal or Ideal Weight based on Age and Weight. For example, my Index is 28, which is considered ‘Overweight’. It is based on National Averages, so one’s Body Type may not be reflected accurately, but one can get a sense of the Ranges. And also consider that just because one may be deemed, Overweight, does not mean one is not healthy, necessarily. Depends 

Source: https://www.rush.edu/how-much-should-i-weigh   

Why is Health and one’s Body Important? Consider the Leading Causes of Deaths in the USA, according to the CDC per Year, not including COVID. It is an Issue of the Heart. 

Heart Disease:                                               696,962 

Cancer:                                                           602,350 

Accidents (Unintentional Injuries):                  200,955 

Stroke (Cerebrovascular Diseases):           160,264 

Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases:            152,657 

Alzheimer’s Disease:                                      134,242 

Diabetes:                                                       102,188 

Influenza and Pneumonia:                             53,544

Nephritis, Nephrotic, Nephrosis:                    52,547 

Source: Center for Disease Control 
Mortality in the United States, 2020, Data Table for Figure 4. 

As to one’s own Wellness Goal of going down in Weight from 194 lbs / 87 kg to around 165 lbs / 74 kg for one’s Height and Age, one has not achieved it as one has reached a Plateau in Exercising. But going to the Gym regularly has toned what Muscles one does have. That has dramatically reduced one’s Glucose Levels to Normal Ranges now which one is glad and helps a lot. Clear Heart, Clears the Mind.  

The Life is in the Blood

And the Mind is the Key in Combatting the Lie of Lucifer regarding ‘Everything’ COVID and New World Order. In fact, the New Testament command that those who say they Love Jesus to be of a Sober Mind, and not be Drunk or carried-away by the Cares of this World. Thus, Thinking Straight by having a Clear Mind comes from having a Healthy Body.  

One also Highly Recommends Regular Blood Tests, which one does about 2/Year. The Blood Tests examine Glucose, Liver, Kidney, White Cell Count, Red Blood Cell Count and other Factors aside from Urine and Stool Tests, that can detect Early Symptoms. One Highly Recommends it, if at least once a Year. Here are what ‘Normal Blood Sugar Levels’ should be for Non-Diabetic Adults. 

TIME                                       RECOMMENDED BLOOD SUGAR RANGE 

Fasting (before eating)           99 mg/dL or below 

1–2 hours after a meal          140 mg/dL or below 

Source: Healthline 

Why High Blood Sugar can be Dangerous is that too much Sugar basically eats-away at the Organs and Living Tissue. And for example, this is why some Parts of the Body then need to be Amputated…or how one loses Sight, etc. One has also bought a Doctor Recommend Blood Pressure Apparatus that one uses at Home to Monitor one’s Blood Pressure and Heart Pulse, in the Mornings. Here is the Device, something like this and not that I am plugging for such Purchases. One can do an Internet Search using this Title. 

‘Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Large LED Backlit Screen 1000 Sets Memory Automatic Digital BP Machine Adjustable BP Cuff.’ 

One can track if one is verging-off into a Hypertension Range so as to then concentrate on Meditating more, De-Compressing and monitoring Stress at Work more carefully and what I eat. It all makes a difference. Here is the breakdown of the Blood Pressure Statistics. Why monitoring Stress is Important is that Stress has been liked to Weaken the Natural Immune System.  

What Systolic, Diastolic Blood Pressure Numbers Mean 

When you get your blood pressure numbers, there are 2 of them. The first, or ‘Top’ one, is the Systolic Blood Pressure. The 2nd Number, or the ‘Bottom’ one is Diastolic Blood Pressure. Knowing both is important and could save one’s Life. 

Systolic Blood Pressure Number 

When the Heart Beats, it squeezes and pushes the Blood through the Arteries to the rest of the Body. This Force creates Pressure on the Blood Vessels. This Measure of the Resistance is called the Systolic Blood Pressure. Here is how to understand the Systolic Blood Pressure Number. 

Normal:           120< 

Elevated:         120-129 

Stage 1:          130-139 High Blood Pressure  

Stage 2”          140+ is called Hypertension 

Crisis:              180+ is called Hypertensive Call 911 

Diastolic Blood Pressure Number 

This Bottom Number is the Pressure in the Arteries when the Heart is at Rest, in-between the Beats. This is the Time when the Heart fills with Blood that then gets Oxygenated from the Lungs, Breathing-In. Breathing-Out is what Toxins are extracted from the Blood and Exhaled. This is why wearing a Face Mask for Prolonged Times is not Recommended. Here’s how to understand the Systolic Blood Pressure Number. 

Normal:           80< 

Stage 1:          80-89 is considered Hypertension 

Stage 2:          90+ is considered Hypertension 

Crisis:            120+ is considered Hypertensive Call 911 

Source: WebMD 

It is because Love is a Commitment, despite Feelings, or Emotions that come and go. A Relationship has to be maintained, Monitored like how a Doctor does with a Patient. What is the 1st thing a Doctors performs on a Patient? The Vital signs, and that begins with listening to the Heart. And that is how Jesus is currently preparing His Bride, to not Loose Heart. The day of the Physical Union is at hand as nearly 2000 Years or 2 Days have lapsed since Jesus promised to go away but only to Prepare the Bridal Chamber. He said that He would Return for that are ‘In Love’ with Jesus.  

For one is convinced, those are the ones that are Waiting, Enduring and Anticipating His Appearing, i.e., the Rapture Event. So, one wanted to overlay the Spiritual Connotation of the Heart’s Condition with that of a Physical one. Why? In the Here and Now, in the Mortal Flesh, the issue is also, ‘How is your Heart’? 

In light of the continued Orchestrated Narrative of a Permanent COVID Cotangent being Perpetrated against Humanity, taking care of one’s Health and Body are a Key Factor in combatting the Official Psychological Warfare and Mis-Information. Slowly but Surely, the Proof is coming out that what many Doctors, Scientists and Nurses had said all along from the Beginning of this Luciferian Mass Contamination, Culling and Control Agenda was just that. However, Censorship is still being imposed on all those that dare to contradict the Official State and/or Government COVID Narratives. 



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