Where the World is at Now?

  • Is there Scientific evidence of the dangers to COVID Injections?
  • Why are the 'Hesitant' waiting on the Science concerning COVID?
  • What is now known since the Outbreak was first released?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘It is easier to fool People than to try and convince them that they have been fooled.’ -Attributed to Mark Twain

The purpose of this report is to reflect on where one is at in the research accumulated since the plandemic was released. One has all this research in the form of Articles, 4 books and a free COVID-19 Resource Page. One has been learning ‘on the fly’ as it is said and so have Scientists and Doctors. But what has been known about COVID-19, with every Scientific Paper and even U.S. Congressional Hearing is one of a worsening outcome for People. This is not in terms of the virus itself but the Injections supposedly against it that is touted as, ‘Safe and Effective’. From the research, interviews by Scientists, the cases of Adverse Side Effects reporting, and Scientific Papers, the COVID-19 Injection is not ‘Safe and Effective’. It was never meant to be. 

As to one’s academic background for doing such in-dept research and publications? One is only sharing one’s findings as that is what University Academicians do. One has only demonstrated that such outcomes based solely on research are not ‘Conspiracy’ nor on the fringe of Pseudo-Science. As an Academic working at a State University, one seeks to interject reason and logic in formulating such findings. But one has come across is that logic and reason, the 2 most necessary traits needed at this time are not of anyone’s interest when it comes to negative and/or unfavorable research concerning the dangers of taking the Experimental mRNA Injections. As one can attest, working with University Students, this generation are taking the Injections as a ‘fad’, a Fashion Statement and a ‘Badge of Honor’. One would rather say, a ‘Badge of Dishonor’ and of a coming horror.

And those not wanting to take the COVID-19 Injection for lack of accountability, nor information and long-term results? These are the ‘Hesitant’ that now are deemed the ‘Harmful’ to Society. One is Persona-Non-Grata for even asking questions about the effects of the Injection. The ‘Hesitant’ are in the ‘not cool People’ column. In the course of seeing University Students now for several generations one can also attest that with each generation, they have gotten got less ‘smart’, reasonable, coherent, logical, and godless. As one told some of one’s Colleagues, ‘this Nation is doomed.’ It is only a matter of time and a crisis. Enter COVID-19. Is it any wonder why during this plandemic, People have lost jobs, businesses and livelihood, yet millions are allowed to cross the border? Most are either Adolescents and/or Young Adults? Why? The way one has assessed it, all those young Immigrants are to replace all these University Students that are/will be dying off from the side effects and sterilization of the COVID-19 Injections.

Replacement Theology

Realize that a ‘Browner’ mix and/or race is easier to control, manipulate, etc. Newly Immigrants will do all that they are told. Oh, and they will vote Democrat. As this is coming from an Academician that is ‘Brown’ and an ‘Immigrant’. It is one that has, for the most part taken the research from the Scientific Papers themselves about this new type of mRNA technology to see just what is in it. The research is really mostly about what the alternative Scientific Narrative has been saying. But all those that one has referenced are now ‘discredited’ as the ‘Dirty Dozen’, of Scientists and Doctors that have publicly spoken-out about the dangers of the COVID-19 Injections. One finds it suspect that such alternative voices, Scientific mind you, are not being allowed to be heard. It is rather peculiar and alarming that such alternative voices, Scientific are being censored. This has never happened before. Why? It is as if a Spell has been cast.

A Spell has been cast. One is also of the opinion that this worldwide endeavor has an element, primarily one that is spiritual in nature. Due to research, one would agree wholeheartedly that this released COVID-10 plandemic is a Pharmakeía Sorcery that has been cast and why People are in a trance, a Spell. It is because such are. This is why when witnessing and or discussing such an issue with People, as one who believes in Jesus and how this COVID-19 plandemic is leading to the Mark of the Beast, one has to be prayed-up. And especially to pray over such a person to ‘break this Pharmakeía Spell’ in the Name of Jesus, so a line of contact, direct to the soul and mind can be had. In one’s experience so far, no amount of data, evidence, proof or books, flyers have convened any person already made-up their mind to take the Injections.

This came up regarding Colleagues in how they rather trust what they hear in the News and from the Government Officials. They asked, why one did not? One told them that first of all, one does not have a Cell Phone nor a TV, on purpose. And one can understand if one hears day-in and day-out the constant barrage of ‘Take the Shot’ for Grandma! All appealing to emotion and no Science, yet using or misusing Science to kill Grandma, and that they are next. It is unbelievable. But as to one’s research background? One has a Bachelor’s in Political Science, a Masters in Psychological Counseling and another one in Organization. One has spent 30 years in Higher Ed and with specialty in Research. One did not finish a PhD due to issues but as a Statistician who had run the Testing Center at a State University, one is familiar with numbers or how to manipulate them for a plandemic.

As to ‘Conspiracy’ Theories and not trusting the Government? One was born in a 3rd World Nation whose Governments are set up to lie, manipulate and kill its People. One used to be a young idealistic Communist. So, one knows how these People/Globalist think. One went to their Soviet Union ‘Paradise’ to see firsthand what it was really all about. They lied to the People. Later on, one interviewed with the U.S. State Department and the CIA. One was basically going to be a Spy. It was from that limited glimpse of what actually goes on behind the ‘Curtain’ that was shocking. One knows and recognizes such tactics and psychology they had taught then, is what is being used now with COVID. But what can one do? Well, just report, be a Witness, pray for those within one’s Sphere of Influence and let Jesus have it. It is a burden one cannot bear.

Burden of Proof

As it is, delving into the Darkness and Evil has had an impact on one’s body. But what is going on now in the World? It is a classic case of a Psyop Operation, wholesale on the Global level now. This is it. One is of the opinion that the World has gotten to the ‘Point of no Return’ as one knew it. And one would say, ‘good’, because People have needed or are needing to make a Life-and-Death decision now. Although one does not represent one’s University, one would surely be ‘fired’ or found a way to be let go if one even suggested any associations and the assertions made about the dangers of the COVID-19 Injections based solely on research. This is ironic in that one’s University is supposed to be a University where ‘Academic Freedom’ and ‘Research’ for the ‘Truth’ is encouraged and fostered. Lie. It has become now all about Identity Politics.

But during the course of the COVID plandemic, the amount of Research has now been compiled in 4 books on the subject of the dangers of taking the Experimental Injection against COVOD-19. The books are all free to download and share. These are self-published as no Publisher will touch them. One realizes that in this generation; the attention span is only a Tik-Tok 8 seconds. So, a 300-page book is out of the question. But as to one’s attempt at alerting Colleagues, Friends, Family and the General Public, it is really an effort to just ‘Document the Collapse’, to be a ‘Witness’ against this ‘Genetic Genocide’ that it is. It is really too late, in general. The decades of programming, conditioning, education and the leaving of Christ Jesus really are the reasons why this plandemic has been so effective. Such a vacuum is never void. It has been just replaced with a new ‘Science’ Religion, Science Pope, and Cardinals.

One is not against Science as it comes from the Creator but one is living in a Scientific Dictatorship. And it is the way to now be used to circumvent any personal Civil Liberties and Constitution, if one has them at all. So, how can they not trust such a ‘God’? For such, they have been told to ‘Believe‘. It is their ‘only hope and salvation’. But in reality, it is to Cull, Contaminate and Control those that survive the effects of the Injections. These are the ones that will be going into their Reset COVID World Order. And this is also what one’s Colleagues say. ‘It’s too late’. One cannot do anything about it and you are just 1 and not even a known Name. Even those that have reached the national audience are silenced, maligned, and censored. Some have been threatened and other killed. They say the excuse is to ‘return to normal’ and keep their jobs…but they fail to see that it has been an incremental step in tightening the noose around their neck.

What they, the Luciferian Powers-That-Be have done at this stage is to have one’s self tighten that noose for them. But if most Americans or in the world would be like those brave Nurses in the Texas Hospital that lost their jobs for not taking an unknown Solution into their Bodies whose side effects might range from a sore shoulder to death would also walk out, this façade could all stop. Most will be ‘injected’ and only the minimal and marginal ‘Hesitant’ ones will be dealt with later. It would be one thing if this ‘Injection’ was like any prior…as a Flu Shot perhaps but it is not. It has been a clear, ‘Bait and Switch’. And as a Historian, the world is mirroring pre-World War 2 Nazi Germany. There had to be a ‘virus’, which became the ‘People’…those associated with YHVH and to be then isolated, tagged/ID’ed, quarantined, then eliminated/exterminated.

It was a time of Making Germany Great Again. One is all for Nationalism and Populism. But it was used to foment conflict to take control of everything as it is being done now. They first went after the helpless, the Elderly, then the ‘retarded’ Children and then they confiscated all guns, and off to war. One could go on and on, but suffice to say, do the Research. It is there. But that is what is not being done. And then those that do, are seen as the ‘Vaccine Hesitant’ with nothing but ‘Conspiracy’. And then when such start to die in significant amounts, it is never the COVID-19 Injections but the blame will be explained due to the new stronger ‘Variants’, which are Scientifically impossible. And the blame will be on those Hesitant Ones. It is a perfect plan.




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