The Impregnation of the Virgin

  • Is the Conception Comet a parody of the Biblical narrative?
  • The C/2017 E1 configured to the typology of being a 'sperm cell'.
  • This is a case of facts mirroring the fiction of a 'Beauty and the Beast'.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘How can this be, Mary asked the Angel, since I am a virgin? The Angel replied, The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the Power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the Holy One to be born will be called the Son of God. Look, even Elizabeth your relative has conceived a son in her old age, and she who was called barren is in her 6th month.’ -Luke 1: 34-36

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the trajectory of the Borisov comet, C/2017 E1 with reference to a stunning ‘visual significance’ related to the Great Sign of Revelation 12 phenomenon. The path of this comet’s trajectory appears to originate in the constellation of Cancer and has an apparent profound imagery as it traversed through Leo and Virgo in 2016. What is unique about this trajectory is where and when it occurs with respect to the Revelation 12 Sign depiction. This comet will be referenced as the ‘Conception Comet’ for various astronomical and anthropomorphic attributes that will be brought-out in the correlation to a typology of an ‘insemination’ of Virgo by this comet.

The main point of the illustration will strongly suggest that the point of ‘insemination’ occurred on November 17, 2016 by this comet. The comet can be likened to a metaphor of a single sperm cell that coincided with the movement of Jupiter into the ‘womb’ of Virgo 3 days later. Although the notion would seem absurd to some, the prophetic implications is highly suggested to be a contributing piece of the Revelation 12 Great Sign of Virgo ‘picture’. The comet was first discovered by Gennadii Vladimirovich Borisov of Nauchnij, Crimea on March 1, 2017. The comet was designated C/2017 E1 (Borisov). It was publically announced by CBET on March 4, 2017. CBET is the central bureau for astronomical cataloging of transient astronomical events. The discovery was made using 3 unfiltered 120-s exposures at 1.10 UT with a 0.4-m f/2.3 astrograph.

This astronomical observation was performed at the Mobil Astronomical Robotics Genon Observatory (MARGO). The discovery of the comet took place when it was positioned in the Galactic Center just above Sagittarius and unapparent to the naked-eye observation. What the illustration will bring-out is that the comet’s trajectory that originated in Cancer portrays an amazing see-saw patterns of increasing retrogrades that culminates in the ‘conception’ of Jupiter in the ‘womb’ region of Virgo. This apparent and metaphorical ‘insemination’ by the comet as a single ‘sperm cell’ occurred on November 17, 2016 precisely at 0 hour UT. This was the time that the comet crossed the ‘threshold’ of Virgo’s ‘womb’. If this was the case, then it lends credence to the disputed dates within the Revelation 12 Sign community of when Jupiter actually crossed into the ‘womb’ region of Virgo and was ‘impregnated’ as it were, etc.

Typology of the Trajectory
The direct correlation of the timing of Comet C/2017 E1’s appearance in 2017 adds to the various prophetic pieces of the Revelation 12 Sign that reinforces the typology given in the vision to the Apostle John of how a woman is pregnant and gives birth as a ‘Sign’ in the Heavens. This added element of the comet C/2017 E1 could thus be inferred as the ‘Conception Comet’ that impregnated Virgo with Jupiter, the type of the ‘Manchild’ as described in Revelation 12. The ongoing debate as to whether the astronomical alignment that occurs on September 23, 2017 is only inferring Revelation 12 remains to be seen. However, the variables of what constitutes the Sign appears to be confirming that the September 23, 2017 alignment is a Sign.

This astronomical association and connection to a possible ‘conception’ picture was first observed by a gentleman going by the handle name of World Breaker. He came across this observation of the apparent astronomical typology of the ‘insemination’ of Virgo and posted his assessment on YouTube on April 23, 2017. With permission to illustrate such a possible motif based off his observations, the illustration enriches the ‘picture’ or the Great Sign. It lends credibility that in fact, such an astronomical depiction is part of the divine orchestration of the Great Sign of Heaven that is perhaps going down in history as being the greatest ‘Sign’ at least astronomically of the Church Age. The first observation of the illustrated trajectory of Comet C/2017 E1 is that it originates in the constellation of Cancer. The following are some of the technical particulars of the comet’s observable variables.

Comet C/2017 E1 (Borisov)
Magnitude of brightness:        24.08
Argument of perihelion:           152.47334692965°
Perihelion distance:                0.90066264 AU or 134,737,213 km
Orbit inclination:                      14.55412228°
Closest Earth approach:         March 18, 2017 in Capricorn
Distance of approach:            1.32266303 AU or 197,867,573 km
Perihelion:                               April 10, 2017 at
Maximum of Perihelion:          at 22h42m
Perihelion coordinates:           -03°32'39.4°, 45.0°

The prophetic significance of the Cancer constellation will be briefly presented to give the reader the foundation for the subsequent correlations, Biblically speaking of the apparent ‘insemination’ of Virgo by this comet type. It would stand to reason that if the Revelation 12 Sign is one of a pregnancy, a woman and a subsequent birth, what would the typology of such a cause look like or be? The comet comes from Cancer and has been in perpetual retrograde there even before Christ’s birth. It stayed there until about the year 2000 when it reached the Solar System and was at that the point in time also that it started to approach Leo. According to the research of E.W. Bullinger, The Witness of the Stars, the constellation of Cancer has a Biblical theme. It is part of the theory of how the Plan of Redemption of YHVH for Humanity found in Jesus Christ is encoded in the Signs of the Stars of the Heavenlies. It is theorized that this Plan is etched as a ‘storyline’ of the Mazzaroth. Specifically, Cancer speaks of the Messiah's ‘Redeemed Possessions’.

The Conception of the Congregation
The symbol for Cancer is that of a crab although it is understood that it is not the original motif. For example in the ancient Denderah Zodiac of Egypt, it is represented as a Scarabaeus, or sacred beetle, which speaks of resurrection. The main auxiliary constellations of Cancer are the following. Ursa Minor, the Lesser Bear or the lesser ‘sheepfold’. Then there is Ursa Major, the Great Bear or the ‘fold’ and the ‘flock’. Lastly, there is Argo the Ship, signifying the ‘redeemed Pilgrims taken safely to their home’. The overall theme of this Sign is that the Messiah is the one who holds, multiplies and binds together His People, which is His ‘possession’, etc. In the center of Cancer, there is a remarkably bright cluster of Stars, so bright that they can be sometimes seen with the naked eye. It looks like a comet and is made up of a great nebula. Modern astronomers have called it the ‘Beehive’.

The ancient name for this nebula was Preaesepe, which means ‘a multitude’ as in a church congregation. In other depictions, the idea is that of offspring or a sheepfold. The brightest Star in Cancer is called Tegmine that means ‘to hold’. The Star in the lower large claw is called Acubene. In Hebrew and Arabic, it means the ‘sheltering’ or ‘hiding-place’. Another Star is named Ma'alaph, which means ‘assembled thousands’. Then there is the Star named; Al Himarein, which means ‘the kids or lambs’. Biblically speaking, the constellation also has 2 distinct Stars called Asellus and Asellus Boreas. They are the northern and southern Stars just north and south of the Crab Nebula, Preaesepe. They depict asses or 2 donkeys. This has a prophetic inference and association to the standard of the Tribe of Issachar as their ensign depicted 2 asses.

What is astonishing pertaining to the trajectory of Comet C/2017 E1 is that its perihelion coincides with the year, 2017 in which the Great Sign of Revelation 12 occurs, astronomically. Also based on the orbit of the comet, the observation is that it is a once-in-a-lifetime comet. The main argument is that the coincidence or chance of having a retrograde of Jupiter in Virgo during the time of the yearly fall Revelation 12 depiction is also a one-in-a-lifetime occurrence. What is further amazing is that the comet crossing the ‘birthing’ canal as if to ‘impregnate’ Virgo happened to coincide with the start of Jupiter’s ‘gestation’. Jupiter is in the ‘womb’ of Virgo for approximately 42 weeks from that time. This comet ‘impregnation’ occurred astronomically on November 17, 2016 and 3 days later, Jupiter entered the ‘womb’ area of Virgo. What is also telling is that the comet started its path of perihelion or revolution around the Sun from that point forward.

This means that the direction of the comet was facing forward and due to its tail generated by the solar winds, appeared to be as it were a single ‘sperm cell’ that entered the ‘womb’ as to ‘inseminate’ Virgo. Thus, the resulting cause of Virgo’s apparent ‘conception’ was the timing of when Jupiter was then introduced to the womb area. It is understood that this topology maybe highly suggestive. However, what is striking is that the components of a sperm cell and a comet are very similar in the way they are defined. Consider that the main facet of why this Virgo ‘rehearsal’ of having the Sun at the head and the Moon at the feet of Virgo, which occurs yearly is distinctive from all others in history is the ‘gestation’ of Jupiter. Thus, this necessitates an ‘insemination’ of some type. Could such a trajectory of this comet suggest this? Yes.

Prophetic Pictorials
It has been confirmed that the retrograde of Jupiter in Virgo in 2017, which is the key factor that mirrors a 42-week pregnancy has not occurred in any other astronomical alignment combinations in Virgo although many are rather ‘close’. Likewise, the comet that also has been confirmed by World Breaker to be a once-in-a-lifetime comet adds an important piece to the prophetic picture pertaining to the Great Sign in the Heavens of Revelation 12. Then the factoring in of another comet, that of Comet 67p as the Jubilee Comet that occurred last in Virgo in 1967 is also rather amazing. In fact, when Comet C/2017 E1 was at the delineation of the ‘womb’ of Virgo on November 17, 2016, so too was Comet 67p in Virgo near the Star Vir 79.

In essence, there were actually 2 comets in Virgo at that same time of the ‘impregnation’ of the Virgin occurred. Could this have been a prophetic innuendo that Virgo was ‘carrying’ twins? Will it be the case that such a depiction is signaling the coming of not the true Christ initially but His nemesis, the AntiChrist as a false ‘equal’ that the world will first accept? In an aside note, many may not be aware but there is a lesser-known debate as to the conception of Eve in the Genesis account. If one studies the root words, the meaning of the Hebrew, it denotes that Eve ‘conceived once but bore twice’. This means that Eve bore twins and that in fact Cain and Abel were twins much like Esau and Jacob were, etc.

Other astronomical observations pertinent to the trajectory of the comet having gone through Leo and Virgo is that the angle of its path is parallel to not only the Ecliptic but also the Virgo alignment of the Stars Vir 79 and Vir 43. As noted, thereafter there are no other retrogrades of the comet until it reaches Orion in the fall of 2017. Also astonishing is the fact that the frequencies of the retrogrades take about a year to complete. When the Virgo Sign occurs on September 23, 2017, comet C/2017 E1 will have started its waning or descending frequencies of retrogrades near Orion as it heads out from the Solar System. Thus, is this comet also signaling that Orion is somehow tied to the trajectory or ‘picture’ of the comet’s path in association with the Revelation 12 Sign?

Is the Comet C/2017 E1 part of a Biblical and/or prophetic implication that corresponds to the Revelation 12 Sign that at is to be fulfilled astronomically on September 23, 2017? If the ‘impregnation’ date of November 17, 2016 is of any coincidence numerically? Well, if one counts from that date to when Jupiter is to be astronomically ‘birthed’ as it also crosses this same ‘womb’ delineation, the resulting date of September 9, 2017 will result in 296 days. If one factors out the 296 days is 9 months and 23 days. Does this allude to the day the Virgo Sign occurs on 9-23 or September 23, 2017? It would be exactly 42 weeks that corresponds to a human gestation period.

Nov 17, 2016                               9 months 23 days (9/23)                                   Sep 9, 2017
‘Impregnation’                                         42 weeks                                                           ‘birth’
     9/23 is when the Great Sign occurs
                                                        September 23, 2017

Also from the point that the comet conjoins with the first Stars in Leo, Leo 30 to when it starts to enter the constellation of Virgo and to the point and place of the ‘insemination’ delineation on November 17, 2016 is in approximate phi ratio. So too are all the comet’s retrogrades as their frequencies produce a ‘coiled-up’ configuration coming out of Cancer as if it is released in Virgo in 2016. As noted, thereafter, as the comet leaves the Solar System the retrogrades start back up in Orion. It is rather astonishing that there are approximately 7 retrogrades of the comet in-between Cancer and Leo. There are only 2 comet retrogrades in Leo before the comet trajectory appears to ‘clear its path’ towards Virgo. Is the timing and place in 2016 of comet C/2017 E1’s apparent ‘insemination’ of Virgo a mere coincidence? The comet appears to be ‘coiled-up’ and then ‘released’ from Leo into Virgo.

The comet shoots towards Virgo in a straight line from the reproductive organ area of Leo’s Star 52 if one considers the relative anatomical proportion of the Sign even. This study is in no way insinuating the depiction of a bestiality act but that in terms of prophetic name association it does have anthropomorphic attributes. Leo in this case signifies a clear understanding that it represents the King, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and more precisely the Messiah. This context is revealed in the Gospels of how a similar notion of the Immaculate Conception was explained as the Arch Angel Gabriel. He announced to Mary about how the ‘insemination’ of a virgin likewise was to take place as stated in Luke 1: 34-36. Moreover, the depiction suggests that by 1 ‘Seed’, that of Jesus Christ the Bible speaks about the Messiah being like a single seed; fell to the ground, died but is producing an abundant crop and harvest.

This prophetically attests to Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection in that by His single act of love died on the Cross of Calvary for the ‘flock’ as the Great Shepherd of the Sheep. He in turn has multiplied countless souls, saved from damnation and will bring a multitude of the Redeemed from every tribe, language and race to be part of the ‘heavenly congregation’ someday, etc. Nonetheless, the conjunction place and timing of Comet C/2017 E1 to apparently correlate to the ‘insemination’ of Jupiter within the ‘womb’ of Virgo is amazing. The comet retrograde pattern or frequency increases as it leaves Cancer but the amazing observation is that the comet has retrograded since before Christ’s birth for nearly 2000 years within Cancer. It is only as the retrograde frequencies increase when the comet reaches the façade of Leo around the year 2000.

According to World Breaker’s observation of the 3D software use to track the comet’s trajectory, the comet approximately entered the Solar System around this same year of 2000. As noted, he researched the path of the comet and concluded that its appearance only occurs once in all of time and space; much like the debated Revelation 12 Sign that does not occur in 7000 years, etc. Thereafter the retrograde frequencies increase exponentially to the point that from the comet leaving Cancer and traversing through the breathe of the constellation of Leo only takes approximately 16 years. Thereafter, the astonishing depiction is that from the core of Leo, the final retrograde of the Borisov comet only takes approximately 1 year to shoot through the breathe of the constellation Virgo. The quandary is why does this comet only pass by in one’s current generation and is pegged to the Revelation 12 Sign? Is there an apparent ‘insemination’ of Virgo as this comet has its perihelion and brightest magnitude in the same year as the Great Sign of 2017? What are the odds?

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