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The purpose of this Post is to Revisit a prior Article written in 2018 about the ‘Taurus Tribulation’. One was sent a link to Jarrett’s YouTube Channel called, Supernational By Design Video Teaching. He does have the same Tribulation Timeline of 2025-2032. He actually also talks about some Years overlapping or there being a Discrepancy starting in 2022 with the Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle Counting. He just came about it using Astronomy and is what one also uses and relies on more than just Conventional Wisdom or Church Tradition.

The Pergamum Eclipse - The March To The Restoration of Jerusalem! (Luke 2:38)
Supernatural By Design

The only issue one had was that he said that the Hybrid Eclipse of 4-20 or March 20, 2023 Eclipse was the ‘Greatest Sign’ given to the Church. Perhaps, but that Honor goes to the Revelation 12 Sign, in one’s Opinion. So, as to the Video Teaching? It stipulated how the Planet Uranus is a possible Key to the End Times. To that end, one has some possible Confirming Data Points, that suggest or ‘Confirm’ when the Tribulation Period is to start.

So, one wanted to draw Attention in how, that the Planet Uranus will be traversing the Sign of Taurus, the Bull, starting around when? 2025. And? And if the 2025-2032 Tribulation Period Timeline is correct, which Jarrett has also Calculated, then the up-coming Tribulation, Astronomically will have taken place during this Time, Uranus will be in the Sign of Taurus. For how long? For 7 Years. As he often rightly say, ‘Isn’t that Amazing!’ Back in 2018 one Predicted this same Circumstance the World is in today, that is possibly Tied to the 7-Year Tribulation and Taurus.

And again, this Stipulation is based on the amount of Retrogrades Uranus has in Taurus. See what you all think? One is not a Prophet, but My Goodness. The Things revealed back then in 2018, have all come True. And note the Ancient Account with the ‘Bull from Heaven’. It is how its Judgment from the Sky Gods, lasted 7 Years. One is glad to see other Brethren Work and Handle the study of the Eclipses, Planets and Prophecy so well. The Church has, to an extent Reclaimed the Story of the Stars in this Last Generation. One can sense his Joy, as one has also expressed. Why?

Because if all this is what is being Signals to the Church, at this Time is a ‘For Sure’, the Blessed Hope is that close. The Bride of Christ may have, but 1 more Year to go on Earth. This is assuming, of course the Rapture Event occurs prior, mostly likely in 2024 then. Based on one’s Assessment, that Year is one’s Personal Target Year, in July during a Summer New Wine Acts 2 Pentecost. But from now, to the Fall of 2025 is the Highest Rapture Window one has ever seen. It is that close. Following is the Link to that ‘Taurus Tribulation’ Article written in 2018.

Trajectory of the Giant Gas Planet Uranus in Taurus

Based on Retrogrades of Uranus in Taurus 2025-2032

This is the Reply Message one sent to the Person that referred the Video. It is basically a General Reaction to Jarrett’s Video Teaching. They are only Observations made. So, just sharing a possible Confirmation of Insights being given, at this point.

1-One does see a Gap of Time from now to Fall 2025. In one’s Research, it is a 3.5 Year Overlap of the Shemitah’s.

2-One does also see how, based on one’s Phi Ratio Mathematical Projection, WW 3 would start this in 2023. I already has in one sense, or rather it will be its Flash Point or sorts. 

3-The other one is how, possibly, Harry of England could be the AntiChrist? I do not see it. But if one looks into Kate M’s Family and Bloodline, they are Jews. What most People do not realize is that William and Kate’s Son, Louis is not only in Line for the Throne, but he is Technically Jewish, by Definition of the Bloodline coming through the Mother, etc.

Just to point out that the AntiChrist has to come from the ‘People of the Prince’. In the case of 70 AD, that was Titus, a Roman Prince, etc. Note that King David had other Lines, other than Solomon. And? One firmly believe, whomever will be the AntiChrist, has to claim Davidic Bloodline, but come from the Stock of what are the ‘Latins’, in this Prophetic Case. It does not mean, necessarily that he will have to be Italian, but perhaps from the Domain that was the Roman Empire still, etc.

4-One does agree that the 4th Industrial Revolution is really the 4th Reich, masked by a Son of a Nazi, Klaus Schwab, etc.

As noted, one also appreciates Jarrett’s Encouragement and Joy because, if the Timeline of 2925-2032 is Accurate, the Bride of Christ has now until the Timeline starts the Tribulation just after all the Fall Feasts in 2025, in October. The following is 3 Data Points that one wishes to highlight about the Speculation of when the 7-Year Tribulation Period is to Begin. They are 2 Start Days and Countdowns. The 1st Year Marker is 2018. It is the Year Israel reached its 70 Year Marker since 1948. Note that the Year 1948 will be Key.

1-Realize that from 70 AD, it was exactly 1,948 Years to 2018, when Reconstitute Israel reached 70 Years. One Conjectures that from that time, a 7-Year or Sabbath Cycle Countdown started and is In-Play. That Countdown Ends/Starts in 2025. This to presume that possibly, this is when the last Week of Daniel will then conclude Israel’s Discipline, etc.

70th Year Anniversary ------------- 7 Year Countdown ------------------- Star of 7 Year Tribulation?
  2018                                                                                                      2025?

-The 2nd Data Point also has to do with 1948 as the Year Israel was ‘Reborn’. This next Date Marker comes from a Commenter, named Jenne H., who commented on the Video about the Uranus Connection and the various Timelines all Converging, present.

To set the Backdrop, contextually and Prophetically, realize that at the Time Jesus was Presented at the Temple, it appeared that 2 Jews, Watchers for the Messiah’s Arrival were Watching and Waiting. And they were at the Temple, as that is where one will receive Revelation, in the House of YHVH, etc.

Israel Reborn                   (Israel as Widow during Church Age)       Israel shall See First-Born
     1948 ------------------------ + 84 Year Prophetic Widow Factor ---------------------- 2032

Well, both Anna and Simeon were Old and it does seem that in the Watcher Community, it is the Older ones that are more inclined to be, ‘On the Look-Out’. Nonetheless what Jenne noted is the Number of Years Anna was a Widow. She can be considered as a Type of Israel’s Spiritual Condition before YHVH, during the Church Age.

But it will only be at the End of the 7-Year Tribulation, when the Widowed Remnant of the Observant Jews will look-up and Call Upon the Name of the LORD. It is at that time that Jesus will Reveal Himself and his Full Glory at the 2nnd Coming, i.e., Armageddon. It will be exactly 84 Year from 1948 that, like Anna at the Temple, they will see the Messiah with their own Eyes.

3-The 3rd Data Point is an Astronomically one, but tied Prophetically to the Number of Years, 84, that Anna was a Widow in Israel and representing Israel, in her ‘Window’ Spiritual Condition. Realize that as one has presented, that possibly, the Tribulation Period is pegged to the Number of Retrogrades the Planet Uranus is going to have as it passes through the Constellation of Taurus, 7 Years. Uranus takes 84 Years to complete 1 Trip around our Sun.

Here are some links to one’s Article that have said the same thing, Years ago.  Take note, especially of the one about when does WW3 start. It is not to instill Fear but to Draw Near to Him who gives His True Church, ‘No Fear’. In Time of Fear that have descended upon the World and the Church, in general, in this Last Hour of the Last Days, it will be the Scriptural Promises, found in Jesus that are exactly how one  Overcomes and Confronts Fear.


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