Rise of the Beast System

  • Why a need for a 'Vaccine' Passport and not other diseases?
  • Is the pandemic not about the virus but obtaining total control?
  • What is this 'Platform' that the vaccines will be enabling?

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‘The People who have this Data [from COVID-19 Vaccine Passports], are going to run the World.’ -Naomi Wolf, CEO of Daily Clout Tech Company

The following is a transcript from a video Naomi Wolf, CEO of Daily Clout Tech Company posted that was then banned on her Twitter Account speaking about the concerns and implications of the coming COVID-19 Vaccine Passport. This ‘Green Passport’ or Vaccine Passport is being designed and rolled-out as fast as possible. It is already in use in Israel and coming to a Totalitarian State near you. Her concern and warning is that this tracking technology will give the Powers-That-Be total control, 24/7 of one’s privacy, purchasing ability, employment, and movement or the prohibition thereof.

In her presentation, she mentions how
the notion of the Vaccine Passport through the vaccinations are creating a ‘Platform’ in which subsequent ‘Apps’ or programs, or codes can be/will be augmented or added on. Mind you, this occurring within one’s body as a receiver-transponder that will come ‘online’ and connected 24/7 in real time. The issue? Once vaccinated with the new mRNA technology, it can never be ‘shut off’. It is they now that will and can only do that. Or upon the ‘death’ of the body. This ‘Platform’ notion is exactly what former FEMA employee Celeste Solum has been also warning about.

The People are being deceived or not told about how they are being injected into their body, not only the un-tested new man-made synthetic mRNA Protein that bi-passes one’s Immune System
but that it is enveloped with the Nano-Tech Bots that will be utilized to add-on all these coming features or ‘Applications’ to ones ‘Platform’. It will be based on the Block Chain technology and run by A.I. Quantum Computers. And this, of course will occur in People’s body, if they survive the Adverse Effects and have strong Immune Systems to withstand the gene-manipulation that is occurring because of the shots, that are not ‘vaccines’.

Let me explain as a CEO of a Tech-Company, Daily Clout, exactly why this, [the Vaccine Passport] is not even a proposal. It was rolled-out in Israel. It is being promoted in Britain that you have to scan your Vaccine Passport in order to go into a Pub and have a Pint. You know, President Biden in America said that this is going to be mandated. My tyrannical Governor, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that it has to be rolled-out; the Excelsior Pass that IBM is creating. It is happening at ‘Warp Speed’.
So, please do not be fooled. This is the most dangerous tool that Humanity has faced in my life time, if not ever in terms of Human Liberty. Basically, let me explain a tech-detail.

When you sign-up on a website, or in an App, there is a place where you sign your Name and you choose a Password. And then there is a list of Terms and Conditions, and you agree to them. Well, that is very important. It seems insignificant but what it means is that you have a choice. You can read the Terms and Conditions and you can think, this is too ‘tyrannical’, they are going to sell my private details. I am not willing to agree to these Terms and Conditions; they are not in my favor. And the Password and Username means that you get to decide when you log-on, to ‘TD Bank’ or when you log-on to PayPal. You are not walking around in your daily life logged-on to PayPal.

You are not walking around in your daily life logged-on to a Credit Score. So that is really important. You are in control.So, with the Vaccine Passport, none of that will be the case. Everyone will have to be participating, all the time. What I mean by that is that if you do not participate, you do not get let-in into the Super Market to buy food. You do not get let in to the Pub to meet with your Friends. You cannot get into a restaurant. You cannot travel on an airplane. You cannot travel on a bus. You cannot travel on a train. And it is not just that you are forced to participate.

I cannot say this more clearly. The Vaccine Passport ‘Platform’ is the same Platform as a Social Credit System. I am going to say this again because it is so important. The Vaccine Passport ‘Platform’ is the same Platform as a Social Credit System.
Like in China that enslaves billions of People. In China, the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] can find any Dissident in 5 minutes because of the 365 degree surveillance of the Social Credit System. And it means that when you act like a ‘Good Citizen’, you get a boost. When you act like a ‘Bad Citizen’, opportunities get closed to you. Maybe your child does not get into College or Prep School; maybe you do not get that job or promotion.

The Vaccine Passport that is being presenting in the rest of the West is the same Platform. I cannot say that enough, speaking as a Tech CEO. What I mean is that once this Platform rolls-out, many other functionality can be linked to it. With no problem. Any other functionality can be linked to it. What does that mean? It means that with a tweak of the Back-End, with virtually no extra development, PayPal can be switched off or on; depending on how Machine-Reading assesses what you have been saying on Social Media.

So, if you have been too Conservative or Liberal or if you the word ‘Trump’ too often or the words ‘Pro-Choice’ or Sierra Club, the Machine-Reading will let PayPal know. PayPal will know and ‘switch-off’ or dial-up your interest on your Credit Card and that is the world you are living in. Microsoft and Sales Force have already been proposing versions of the Vaccine Passport because many Tech-Companies are vying for this incredibly lucrative and immensely powerful contract.

The People who have this Data, are going to run the World.

About Naomi Wolf
Naomi R. Wolf born November 12, 1962 is an American Liberal Feminist Author and Journalist. Following her first book, The Beauty Myth (1991), she became a leading spokeswoman of what has been described as the 3rd Wave of the Feminist Movement. Feminists including Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan praised the work; others, including Camille Paglia, have criticized her work.

In the 1990s, she was a Political Advisor to the Presidential Campaigns of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Her later books include the bestseller The End of America in 2007 and Vagina: A New Biography. Critics have challenged the quality and accuracy of the scholarship in her books; her alleged serious misreading of court records for Outrages (2019) led to the book's U.S. publication being cancelled.

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Naomi Wolf, CEO Daily Clout
April 4, 2021



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