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  • Who is behind the U.S. Debt Clock?
  • What are Secret Window Links trying to say?
  • What type of Faith is being communicated?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider an Infographic of the U.S. Debt Clock ‘Secret Window’ Link. This pertains to the Motif of a Christopher Columber Theme with a Latin Phrase and Chrisitan Iconography. This Infographic appeared around Mid-January of 2024. One suspects that the Infographics might have been the Reply to one’s Direct Inquiry of the Author of the U.S. Debt Clock, whether he is a Chistian, a Follower of Jesus. One believes he has ‘Answered’ one’s Question, if in fact that Christopher Columbus Secret Window Infographic, is the case that was the Reply to one’s Inquiry Email.

One will include Email Inquiry in the End-Notes so one can judge for oneself. If that is the case, that is neat in how he has answered the Questions in this Cryptic way. And to note that one, on behalf of all those inquiring, perhaps one has had a Hand in influencing the next U.S. Debt Clock Secret Window Motif, that no doubt is seen online by Millions of People. Now if we could only have the ‘Decoder Ring’ that some of us would get out of those Cereal Boxes to Decipher the Rapture Timing? Here is what one can surmise of the Motif to contribute to the deciphering of these Secret Window Infographics, as one calls them.

1) The Scripture noted, is clearly in reference to what is in or within a Believer in Jesus. This is in reference to 1 John 4:4 where it says the following. ‘You, Little Children, are from God and have overcome them, because Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the World’.

2) The Fish Symbol is incorporated again in the Motif to Identify the Sign of the Early Christians. That is how the Early Christians would Identify to each other in Code during the Roman Persecutions that they were Followers of the Fisherman, i.e., Jesus. It was their ‘Secret Call Sign’.  

3) The USA Map denotes that he is an American and Proud of it. The USA is superimposed over a U.S. Flag. But note that the major Metropolitan Cities across the Continental USA are highlighted. And guess how many are there? 50. So that was neat.

4) The Depiction is that of the image of Christopher Columbus setting foot on the New World and claiming it for Spain. Now this is where there is some Ambiguity. It could be the case that this Gentleman could be a Knights of Columbus, within the Roman Catholic Order.

Or that it is in Reference to the coming New World Order, as that is what Columbus really introduced, a New World Order. One surmises that there is a Triple Entendre occurring in how Christopher Columbus has inferenced, due to his Name to Christ. And how his Signature brings this out. Lastly how this single Man brought about the ‘New World Order’ to the Americas, etc.

Surely a New Order is coming after the Rapture to the Unsuspecting World. It will be a ‘Reset’ for the Old Order as that is what literally happened to the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. It was not ‘Good’ for them as it will not be ‘Good’ for those that are left behind once the Church Age concludes.

5) Now here is where it gets rather interesting and at the Core of the Code. It is an ‘Answer’ to a Question posed. It comes off of what also Columbus used in signing-off on Documents. Columbus used a Variation of the Latin Phrase that is depicted in the Infographic Motif.

Servus Sum Altissimi Salvatoris.

This translates from the Latin as, ‘I am the Servant of the Most Exalted Savior’. So, there you have it. If the Author of the U.S. Debt Clock site did read one’s Inquiry about this Faith, Motive and Intent, this is the Reply, in one’s Estimation. Here is the Email one had sent.


I hope this email finds you well. My name is Luis Vega. I am 1 of the Originators in the Research disclosing the Revelation 12 Sign, since way-back-when in 2008. I wrote a Book about it 'The Great Sign' and recently self-published its Sequel, The Revelation 12 Sign 2029, etc.

The reason why I am attempting to contact you is to see if I, we could get a Clarification and/or Statement from you, the Author of the Website: U.S. Debt Clock? The 'Secret Link' is a 'hit' and has become a very Intriguing and Popular Topic of Discussion amongst the End Time Community. This is especially true pertaining to the Revelation 12 Sign you displayed.

But as with such Topics, you have the Range of Conspiratorial Interpretations, etc. I, for one, appreciate your Work and can sense you are a Follower and Believer of Jesus, based on the Evidence I have seen from your Infographics, etc. However, the Online Community I am with, most frequently, discussing End Times is now 'Confused' about it. They are Questioning if your Secret Messaging is a 'Plot from the Illuminati to Deceive the Church', etc.  Here is an excerpt.

'I watched the End Times Talk video and he makes a fairly compelling case that these images are the works of the illuminati, which serve to announce the coming of the AntiChrist, impending economic collapse and the establishment of the NWO. So, at this point in time, I'm very "Dazed and Confused" (song by Led Zeppelin) on which side the Durst Corporation is on. Lu's research says they are Christian, but I'm not so sure anymore. Would really like to hear your thoughts on this matter, Lu. Are we (Christians) being deceived or are we legitimately being warned of what's to come? In either case, it will be interesting to see what image and Bible verse "they" show next!'

Would it be possible to attest about your Faith in Jesus and the intent behind the Secret Link Infographics? I presume that is the case but other Brethren are not the best in knowing how to Discern your Infographics properly. I realize this, as my Work and Logos are and have been subject to Misinterpretation and Misinformation without People 1st attempting to contact me about it for Clarification or Explanation, etc.

I realize you are probably very busy, but a reply would really help our Community get ahead of the Narrative, so as to not be part of the Problem nor its confusion. I realize that is not on you to do so, as it was and is not on me to have to explain as our Content is or should be Self-Evident. But many or most in our Community do not really possess this level of Discernment when it comes to such things.

Blessings and keep-up the Great Information you convey. Here below is the Link online to my website, Book Page where you can download any of my Books for Free, as a PDF version. You might find the one entitled; The Fall of the Phoenix interesting. One's Theory is that the US Money Supply was pegged to a 33 Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years since the US Coin Act of 1792. I conjecture that is how long the US Dollar has been allotted its 'Shelf Life', and thus the Crash of the U.S. Dollar as no longer a viable World Reserve Currency anymore. Perhaps.

Luis Vega




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