Piercing the Celestial Veils in the Last Days

  • Is the Rapture event somehow connected astronomically?
  • Do the Vernal Equinox solar eclipses suggest a countdown?
  • Can certain time markers be noted by cosmic alignments?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The 70 returned with joy, saying, Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your Name. And He said to them, I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning. Behold, I have given you authority to tread on (Shining) Serpents and Scorpions, and over all the power of the Enemy, and nothing will injure you’… - Luke 10:17-19

The purpose of this study is to present the following illustration that will attempt to associate some of the peculiarities of the Equinox total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015. It is the only solar eclipse that is total in the solar series of the 2014-15 Blood Moon Tetrad and falls precisely on the Spring Equinox and Jewish religious New Year. In YHVH’s calendar, it is marking an ‘end’ or a ‘beginning’ of a moment in time that could have prophetic significance of Biblical proportions. The study will highlight the total solar eclipse within the 2014-2015 Tetrad time segments for a better understanding and to see its unique properties and patterns in light of Biblical astronomy. On the Equinox of March 20, 2015 the particular phenomenon that will be highlighted in this study is the planetary hexagram alignment that occurs on this precise date. In the Heavens, the unique planetary hexagram is viewed from the top of the Solar System.

Astronomical planetary hexagrams occur but it is when and how they occur that should be taken notice of. It could be part of the ‘prophetic clock‘ countdown to the end of the Age. The hexagram planetary configuration will be illustrated in conjunction to the depiction from the perspective of the rising of the Sun in Chichen Itza. Why there is a strong connection to this time and place is that at no other place and time does a ‘Serpent of Light’ appear on the steps of a pyramid due to the astronomical alignments of Earth on the Equinox time of year. Perhaps some prophetic event will occur during this time-frame. This illustration will provide a context and overall perspective of its depiction and possible inference esoterically and prophetically.

This study suggests that this total solar eclipse, on the Spring Equinox could be an announcement or the sign of the coming Biblical AntiChrist ‘Prince’ on one level and a dress ‘rehearsal’ of the Rapture on the other. There is a duality on another level also occurring, astronomically. How the Rapture and the AntiChrist are insinuated by the Equinox eclipse is that this tandem event is seen on Earth at a particular time and place, Chichen Itza. This event is a rendering of the equilibrium of the light and darkness, a balance between ‘good’ and ‘evil’, as above, so below, etc., or an exchange. Astronomically the Equinox total solar eclipse occurs in Pisces, adjacent to Pegasus and Andromeda. More precisely the Equinox total solar eclipse occurs in-between Aquarius and Pisces; conjoining the position of the planets on the Ecliptic.

The Stargate of the Serpent
This study suggests that to have a total solar eclipse on this point and time is very significant and rare. Based on NASA’s calculations only 9 total solar eclipses on the Equinox have occurred before Christ and 9 after (9-9 or 9+9=18). This 18 (6-6-6) count of total solar eclipses occurring on the Equinox date of March 20-21 is thus very important to consider. What is unique about the one occurring in 2015 is that it is the last one if one subscribes to the 6000 dispensation of time theory. There will only be approximately 1000 years left for the millennial reign of Christ to conclude the overall comprehensive 7000 year timeline of human history. The more specific time span would be 4000 years before Jesus and 3000 years after Jesus. NASA does not calculate any eclipses beyond that date.

Only 2 other total solar eclipses occur on the Equinox after the one in 2015. One is exactly 19 years apart and thereafter about 400 years later. Could it be because at that point in time or lack thereof, there will be no need for the Sun or light from a Sun? In Revelation, it does state that after the Millennial reign of Christ on Earth, there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth where Jesus will be the light of it. There is also no NASA calculated Equinoxes before -999 BC. Why? Could it be perhaps because they would validate a Flood account in that at that time the Earth did not have a wobble, seasons, or a relationship astronomically to the Sun, Moon and the Stars as it does now?

How Chichen Itza is related to the Equinox eclipse in particular is that from the Pyramid and the steps of the Serpent of Light to the maximum point of the eclipse to the east of Iceland is at a heading of 33 degrees and at a map length of 66 degrees. The 66 degree angle is one of the heading of the whole pyramid complex construct of Chichen Itza. It also corresponds to the ley line and the time of maximum of the eclipse as it occurs below the horizon. By definition, every year on March 20-21 the Vernal Equinox happens, meaning ‘spring’s equal night.’ It is when the Sun is above the horizon for 12 hours everywhere on Earth. The Equinox is the halfway point (0.0°) between the longest night, the Winter Solstice and the longest day at the Summer Solstice.

The northern limit is at the Tropic of Capricorn (23.5°) north and the southern limit is at the Tropic of Cancer (-23.5°) south. These precise mathematical patterns of arc degrees, 23.5° and 56° are incorporated in astrological monuments around the world such as Stonehenge and how the Great Pyramid can determine the circumference of the Earth. The Earth never goes beyond those north or south points during its rotation around the Sun. This constant is a ‘frequency’ or pattern that produces on Earth a rhythmic ‘dance’ as it goes up and down; oscillating as in a sine wave as it orbits around the Sun. This constant variation results in not only the change in seasons. On occasion the Earth’s positon in part helps to produce a truncated ‘Star of David’ pattern or of Rem'-pha. This in turn construes a double tetrahedron that to many, denotes a Stargate or door of sorts.

The Descent of the Phoenix
In sorcery and Freemasonry for example, a hex is an evil spell cast upon others. It is also used to configure a place where an inter-dimensional door is used to cross over. To the sorcerers or Wizards, the hexagram is a powerful tool to invoke the presence of Lucifer and demonic spirits, in essence it becomes a portal, a ‘Stargate’ of sorts in this case astronomically that could see a translation of sorts. One translation for Itza is ‘Wizard of the Water’ or Enchantment with connotations of the Leviathan. The Maya are prophetically anticipating the return or translation of Kukulcan, which is Venus or the ‘Phoenix’ to them. He is the Serpent of Light to which the temple, El Castillo is dedicated to. He was the symbol of the Sun-Pleiades-Zenith conjunction. Astronomically, at the center of this hexagram on the Equinox is the planet Mercury, the god of money and medicine.

To the occult, Luciferians, Masons, New Agers, etc., Mercury is a depiction of the ‘Shining One’ - Lucifer that promised to return and appear to help humanity in the New Age and Order at the End of Days. It will be through money and medicine that the AntiChrist, the Phoenix to come will control his New World Order. As noted, astronomically, Mercury is serving as the fulcrum being the key in its celestial position and prominence that is to be translated. Is such an event a prelude to the ‘door’ of the celestial exchange in which Jesus will lead His Sheep through in tandem? Perhaps the very Prince Thor or the Phoenix that is to burn but then rise from its ashes is to start the countdown to Daniel’s last prophetic week of years sometime in 2015 or 2016. In the Jewish count, 2015-16 is the year 5776 that is considered the Year of Light. At the time of the Equinox, the ‘Shining’ Serpent of Light is configured on the steps of the Chichen Itza pyramid by the setting Sun as the Pleiades have reached their maximum.

On the March 20, Spring Equinox the Pleiades reaches a celestial zenith’ over the Chichen Itza pyramid. It will also be in-between the 2 pairs of planetary gates of Venus and Mars in Pisces. This astronomical event suggests a possible duality of the same event. It can be interpreted that as the 7-fold Pleiades goes up, the Phoenix is to come down. Just before sunset, the ‘shadow’ cast on the Pyramid is that of a ‘Descending Serpent’ or Phoenix. The pyramid complex of Chichen Itza is a tribute to the Shining One that ancient people’s worshipped. This optical allusion is rehearsed every year in anticipation that one day their Wizard will literally and finally physically come on the scene on Earth as he is expected to return in the Last Days. In mythology, it was Thor, Orion, Kukulcan, etc., that are equated to being Mercury aka the Phoenix.

What is amazing to consider in this planetary alignment with Mercury being at the focal point of the celestial hexagram is that on the Ecliptic, it is what is depicted as being ‘poured down’ within the waters of judgment by Aquarius. This thus also has connotations of the Leviathan, the Serpent of the Sea, Poseidon, etc. Moreover, the angle of where Mercury is at on the Ecliptic to the rising of the Sun at Chichen Itza is at a 45 degree angle. This is precisely the same angle of the steps of the pyramid of El Castillo that the Serpent of Light comes down at a 45 degree angle. Perhaps one year, the descent of the Phoenix will be associated with a ‘Man’ to be revealed as the Biblical AntiChrist, the Phoenix to be resurrected.

This event on the Equinox commemorates the prophetic return of Kukulcan Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent –Lucifer.  A 5-pointed star or Pentagram just happens to be configured from the North-South axis of the Equinox planetary alignment. This is unique in that it denotes a Star Gate from ‘Thor’, or the ‘Wizard’ that perhaps will step through such dimensions and manifest his presence on Earth at some point in time very soon. The Egyptians knew of the 9-Level pyramid. It correlates to the 9-Days the Phoenix or Serpent of Light descends below and the Earth Horizon to enter the ‘underworld’. According to some research, a pyramid was an instrument for the resurrection of Osiris.

The Phoenix is known by many names to many cultures; as Nimrod, Osiris, Orion, etc. To the Maya, they are prophetically anticipating the return of this  the Phoenix so much so they have etched this rehearsal onto their pyramid and is commemorated every Equinox. It is speculated that what will be the ‘Initiation’ of the AntiChrist will be accompanied by celestial omens and signs. Such astronomical signs are key to know the times that are at hand as it could herald Jesus Christ’s forthcoming return soon thereafter. In essence the Last Days will see the ‘Return of the Prophets’. Jesus Christ also promised to return. At the End of Days Jesus did warn that just prior to His return, there would be sign in the Heavens, to include Blood Moons, solar eclipses and issues with stars that would be omens of such a pending translation.

Celestial Omens
The followers of Jesus need to heed such signs and omens in the heavens. In 1 Chronicles 12:32 such were the ’men’ of Issachar in the Old Testament ‘who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.’ This time could very well see spiritual powers at work beyond human comprehension but known to ancient civilizations that encapsulated this eschatology in the very pyramids they built. This particular Equinox total solar eclipse occurs in the context of the 4 total lunar Blood Moons. In recent modern history, the Tetrad event has not occurred since the end of World War 2 (1949/50) and the Arab-Israeli 6-Day War (1967/68). The lunar Blood Moons are paired up or are accompanied by their immediate and complementary solar eclipse.

What is extremely rare about the solar eclipse occurring on the March 20, 2015 is that out of 4 solar eclipses corresponding to the Tetrad, only the one at the time of the Equinox occurs at the time of the Jewish religious New Year. The Equinox eclipse will be 178 days to Rosh HaShana, 188 days to Yom Kippur and 6 months and 6 days (69) to the Super Blood Moon and last of the Tetrad on the Feast of Tabernacles. These time markers not only astronomically mark signs and seasons but the mathematical relationship between the stars on the Ecliptic approximate phi ratio in terms of time to the Fall Feasts of YHVH, specifically Rosh HaShana on September 13, 2015. Incredibly, the year 2015 having 365 days will actually have the 13th of September correspond to the phi ratio’s spiral fulcrum. This convergence has not happened in recent memory.

Jesus Christ stated that when His Return would be at hand, the Moon would turn Red as ‘blood’ and the Sun would turn Black as ‘sackcloth.’ The Tetrad of 2014-15 is the 8th since Christ, or 7th depending on one’s count and reference point. What is significant is that each Tetrad period is marked precisely by the Jewish First and Last Feasts of YHVH; from Passover and Sukkot. During each Tetrad, it has been a time of great travail for the nation of Israel. The Jewish Feast date of the religious New year falls on March 20 in 2015. For those that follow global events based on what is going on in the ‘signs’ in the Sun, Moon and Stars, the Tetrad of 2014-2015 also appears to be the last cluster in the series since 1949. The Tetrad sequence then is yet but another of God’s signatures and time pieces that many are associating with the possible event called the Rapture of the Church and/or the prelude to the 2nd Coming of Christ.

These celestial markers would then be part of the significant signs to the forthcoming End of Days and related to Christ’s pending final judgment and the consummation of the end of this present Evil Age. If this is the case, only 9 such total solar eclipses that precisely occur on the Spring Equinox occurred prior to Christ and after Christ if again, 2015 is the last one. The Equinox eclipse not only occurs at the center of Earth’s latitude, but at the approximate center between Aquarius and Pisces. Aquarius is pouring the waters of judgment down as Pisces is hitching a ride on the back of Pegasus going up; it is a simultaneous astronomical rendering. Could thus this be a picture of when the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to go up is when the AntiChrist is to come down? An end and a beginning as the Jewish religious New Year suggests?

The Messenger of GOD
This study seeks to bring out some extraordinary attributes of this Equinox Eclipse as a dual event not only astronomically but eschatologically. As it has been noted, a unique astronomical attribute of this particular Equinox eclipse is that the planetary arrangement as viewed from the top of the Solar System depicts a hexagram. At the center of this perceived celestial composition is Mercury. Why this is significant is that eschatologically, the advents of the ‘Messengers of God’ are to come forth in the Last Days to see the final chapter of human history; at their cross-hairs is Humanity. In the scope of duality, it has been noted that the Equinox eclipse depiction appears to signify a type of translation of a Rapture and a Judgment; a Rapture by the Pisces-Pegasus-Andromeda going up and the waters of Aquarius being poured down.

This study is not insinuating that at the precise time of the Equinox eclipse is when the Rapture or the AntiChrist are to be manifested but out of the past and future eclipses, none will converge as this one wish such peculiarities on multiple levels. Mercury can be interpreted as a euphemism for an Angel along the lines of a messenger. For example, technically, Jesus’ ministry could be seen in 1 facet of a Mercury type in that He came to bring GOD’s message. In essence Jesus was operating in the Office of a Prophet. His message was of ‘to repent for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand’. This repentance was enveloped in a redemption, sanctification and glorification process. In this case of a spiritual duality of natures in the Last Days, the return of the ‘Messengers’ of GOD, will be of a Fallen one, the Anointed Cherub, Lucifer and the Exalted One, Jesus the Victor, GOD the SON.

As to Jesus, His Theophany or the appearance before His incarnation is attributed to being the Angel of the LORD of the Old Testament. This is not to insinuate that Jesus was or is a literal Angel in the order of Lucifer or other created beings. It is clear that in John 3:16, Jesus is the only ‘Begotten’ of the Father, always was and is and will be. Jesus is neither a lesser ‘god’ as some false doctrines and religions such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses interpret. The point is that at the point of the Rapture, whenever that occurs, Jesus is to also come as a Mercury type to personally usher His Bride to the celestial Holy of Holies. Esoterically, there appears to be sacred geometry or Gematria occurring with the celestial planetary hexagram on the Equinox.

The Astronomical Rapture
This study has considered that the time of the Equinox eclipse is apparent signpost of a beginning and an end rapidly approaching perhaps. It is also a depiction of how the Heavenlies are to be piercing of the dimensions between Heaven and Earth. This may very well be construed through some sort of a Stargate. The planetary alignment could supernaturally construe such a vortex by their mere cosmic frequencies and energies due to the unseen spiritual forces at work related to the configuring of the heavenly bodies. This celestial hexagram, door is perhaps depicting an event that will be tied to the Rapture and the revealing of the AntiChrist. What is unique about a double tetrahedron or hexagram, 3-deminsionally is that it construes a ‘box’ or chamber as in a room. It is a perfect cube that incidentally is the exact dimensions of the Holy of Holes.

The Holy of Holies on Earth in the Temple of YHVH was 10x10x10 cubits was such a place that the ‘veil’ between Eternity and time-space merged. Such a ‘box’ could have been manifested by the interlocking double tetrahedron at that place and time. This is where the notion of a ‘portal’ or manifestation from the spiritual to the material can be interfaced, if one knows and has the power and ‘keys’ to activate such a dimension. The literal and physical curtain of the Temple depicted this fine line of dimensional delineation. When the Rapture does occur, this spiritual veil will be removed. Astronomically, this study suggests that it could very well be a type of Pegasus with the mounted Pisces whisking away Andromeda, the Chained Woman. It is an amazing depiction of the persecuted Bride of Christ related to the Church Age of time as ‘fish’ that have been caught all throughout the Church Age for the past nearly 2000 years.

This study is not insinuating that at this time is when the Rapture or the unveiling of the AntiChrist is to occur but that it astronomically depiction is striking and perhaps it is a prelude as this Equinox total solar eclipse is the last to mark the end of time for the Church Age. However Jesus Christ stated that when His Return would be at hand, the Moon would turn Red as ‘blood’ and the Sun would turn Black as ‘sackcloth.’ These celestial markers would then be part of the significant signs to the forthcoming End of Days and related to Christ’s pending final judgment and the consummation of the end of this present Evil Age. The Equinox solar eclipse and their sequence pattern since Creation then are perhaps another of God’s signatures and time pieces that corroborate what the Bible says will happen. The depiction suggests that the Rapture is indeed to take place first and then immediately, the Son of Perdition is to be revealed.

This duality appears to particularly encompass the notion that the coming Rapture is to occur first but be in tandem with the unveiling of the AntiChrist. What this study has attempted to illustrate and point out is that one of the few places on Earth where there is a direct connection with Biblical prophecy of the Last Days can be seen occurs on the Equinox total solar eclipse in Pisces. The March 20, 2015 Total Solar Eclipse in particular seems to accent and highlight the sequence and could signal a very significant time-marker of this event because it is synchronized to the Jewish New Year, that of new beginning. Thus this study suggests that this event is prophetic, a rehearsal of the exchange, if at least. It will be of an ascent and descent; a rising of the 7-fold Pleiadian ‘Bride’ to the Heavens as in the Rapture, going up on Pegasus. It will be in tandem as the AntiChrist false Messiah, Lord of the waters comes forth metaphorically from the sea as a beast down to Earth in the waters of Aquarius.

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