Possible Rapture Zone Re-Calibrations

  • When does a New Year actually start or supposed start?
  • Is the Rabbinical Calendar off, not based on Biblical instructions?
  • Do the Equinoxes and Solstices determine this synchronization?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to consider and depict the alternative day-count and true calendar of when the Jewish Year actually is to start or should. The year used for this consideration will be 2021 with a purpose of possibly identifying then when the ‘Rapture Zone’ could possibly be in a given year. This study is a follow-up to a prior article by the same Title, ‘The Rapture Zone’ in how the timeline for 2021 was depicted in light of the ‘Rapture Zone’ but using the traditional Rabbinical Calendar. In this case, one will be using the Spring Equinox as the Astronomical Marker that to some, is or should calibrate what is the correct calendar that should be used. And it should thus be also the calibrator of when the true New Year starts as commanded by YHVH to Moses. Why is this important? Given this time marker, one can then truly assess the timeline of sequential events and calculate more correctly the true dates in which the Spring and Fall Feasts of YHVH are to occur. The other factors would then be the prophetic ones.

This is considering primarily, when is the Religious Year that YHVH to start as instructed Moses to use starting with the Exodus. That month would be corresponding to Nissan or the 1st month but from what point forward? The Equinoxes. This study will consider the theory that the true calendar is based on identifying the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox of March 20 of a given year. The theory is predicated on the notion that the Equinoxes and the Solstices are placed, have been placed by YHVH as the boundaries to keep time within its markers. In the case of rightly determining when Passover starts would then have it be that the following 1st Full Moon would correspond to the 14th of Nissan, etc. However, the Rabbinical Calendar has taken authority over this Biblical notion and has interjected that the 7th month, that of Tishrei is the ‘head’ of the Civil Year or as Rosh HaShanah, and from where the years are counted from.

This study is inspired by an online Rapture Blog, https://rev12daily.blogspot.com in which a Brother from Brazil, Jeová shared a topic title, ‘Calendar Confusion’. It was pertinent to a book by T.W. Tramm, ‘The Summer is Near’, e-Book, chapter 3. The book is highly recommended. The main argument of the chapter specified that indeed, the Rabbinical reckoning of date-counting is off and not based on the Bible. Case in point was how the argument of using the Equinox time markers as starting points would make a better model of ascertaining a more correct calendar. The arguments were/are spelled out rather concisely and argued well. To this end, this study will present this timeline using the Equinox time markers and see how for 2021, the ‘Rapture Zone’ would correspond to the days and months perhaps. The issue and problem are that using the traditional Rabbinical Calendar counts will have the Spring and Fall Feasts of YHVH not in their proper order.

Time Out

At times, the Feasts will occur before Spring and Fall. What the Equinox alternative calendar count suggests is that the fixed astronomical time boundaries are hinged on the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. These determine the ‘time’ within the year and from where the New Month and Year would start in the Spring for example. Many ancient civilizations synchronized their planting seasons and yearly feasts to the Equinoxes for example. Thus, if the formula for determining the correct start of the Jewish Year or that of YHVH, in this model, one would count the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox to establish the 1st month and New Year, etc. From that date and time, the Passover would then most assuredly fall on the Full Moon date. And the subsequent Feasts to follow could concur thereafter to match and synchronize with the Fall Equinox of September. This corresponding Equinox time marker and boundary would correspond to the 7th month, Tishrei and the Fall Feasts of YHVH starting with Yom Teruah.

Why the ‘Calendar Confusions’? It is due to man’s manipulation, or in this case the proponents and adherers to the Rabbinical Calendar. The issue is that, for example one could amount enough evidence to suggest a ‘conspiracy’. As Tramm points out, one does believe the calendar ‘confusion’ is intentional so as to not bring attention to Daniel’s exact timing of when Messiah would come nor to Pentecost as when the Holy Spirit came too. Why use the Equinoxes? Consider that the Spring and Winter Equinoxes is when the Sun reaches its direct angle or degrees equal to the Earth’s Equator. This is contingent upon the Earth’s wobble, up-and-down motion that reaches 23 degrees north and south of the Equator that are called then the Solstices, those being Summer and Winter, etc. So is the ‘boundary’ of keeping within this time for the Festivals that correspond to the timing of harvests. Of course, this is based on a ‘globe’ sphere model of Earth. Can this Nissan synchronization be verified or is there an example of its exactness? Yes. This is how it was in 32 AD. For that year, it was

April 1, 32 AD New Moon Sliver
April 10, 32 AD Triumphal Entry on a Saturday
April 14, 32 AD Crucified on a Wednesday (Full Moon and Blood Moon over Jerusalem)
April 17, 32 AD Resurrection on a Saturday
May 14, 32 AD 2nd Passover (Same as when Israel declared Independence in 1948)
May 28, 32, AD Ascension of Jesus at 40th day time marker.

Thus, this formula also is applied with the Fall Feasts of YHVH from the Fall Equinox in how the 1st New Moon thereafter would likewise determine the 7th month of Tishrei, etc. So, to reiterate, perhaps this model and time markers delineated by the corresponding Equinoxes is a truer depiction of the timeline that is actually the correct one and therefore one can have a better assessment of Biblical Prophecy and events to come. The argument presented by Tramm is a good read/study. Tramm has done his homework and puts it all together nicely and makes a good case for having the Equinoxes be the true reference points of the boundaries of the ‘true calendar times’. This theory is not new but Tramm spells it out, comprehensively. And he also agrees in how and when to count Pentecost, that being 7 weeks -the day after the 1st Sabbath after the Passover, for example.

Chiastic Fold

How this study will differ from that of Tramm’s is that it will go further in the span of what is the ‘Pentecost Season’ or that ‘Rapture Zone’ perhaps. This additional theory is predicated on a Chiastic ‘Fold’ of time or day-counts. One believes that this is found in plain sight from Leviticus but again, there has been a deliberate discrepancy to the ‘coincidence’ of having it be when the Holy Spirit came down and sealed the Followers of Jesus Christ. It was no insignificant event. However, to the Rabbinical Tradition and adherents of Judaism, it is and enough so to make sure their calendar is offset as to not draw attention to this fact. Nonetheless, Pentecost is one of the primary candidates of when the possible Rapture scenario could very well take place.

It does coincide with the Wheat Harvest and it correlates to the 2nd type of the Order of Resurrections the Apostle Paul taught about. As to the Chiastic notion, the term Chiastic comes from the Greek letter ‘X’ that can be applied to time or in this case the Feasts of YHVH. But in particular how Pentecost has a ‘Double Count’ of 49 days and then 50 days, respectively. This would account for the Chiastic ‘Fold’ in the Feast to correspond equally with the Spring Feasts and then the Fall Feasts. This would also help explain why the term, ‘When Pentecost had fully come’ is noted in Scripture. It is for a reason that the Holy Spirit emphasized that. Why? It is because it is marking a span of time, a ‘Season’ and perhaps a harvest one at that and not the initial 50th day. The following is how it would look like assuming an April 14, 32 Passover crucifixion of Jesus, etc.

+ 49 days from day after Sabbath, a Sunday = April 18, 32 AD
Pentecost = June 7, 32 AD (Same as when 6-Day War, Jerusalem liberated in 1967)
+50 day Chiastic fold = July 28, 32 AD (‘When Pentecost had fully come’?)

Thus, could it be that the phrase, ‘When Pentecost had fully come’, is suggesting when that 2nd day-count of 50 days had arrived? One is also considering the prophetic typology of Boaz and Ruth and how Jesus hinted at how the end of the Harvest of Souls would be like a harvest. This time would specifically be during the time when Christ Jesus went after the lost Gentiles. This timeframe has constituted the Church Age and the Royal Commission. And that it would be 4 months or 120 days in prophetic language as it also denoted the time markers from either the Spring Equinox or the 1st Month, Nissan.

For 2021, the following calculations are presented with a supposition that if and when the Rapture Event was and is to occur, it would/could correspond to end of the Summer Wheat Harvest. In their respective day-counts, it would correspond to either the last day of the month of Tammuz corresponding to early August. This would constitute then the ‘Rapture Zone’ for 2021 using this Equinox Calendar instead of the Rabbinical one.

1-April 13, 2021 = Then when the 1st New Moon occurs after the Spring Equinox
2-April 27, 2021 = Then when then Passover is to really occur and on the Full Moon
3-May 2, 2021   = The 1st day after the Sabbath, after Passover.

+49 days for Pentecost would be June 20, 2021….Summer Solstice!!
+50 days from that would be
August 9, 2021 (New Moon)

Same confusion about Pentecost

As one can see, this Equinox Calendar way of determining the months uses both the Sun to bench-mark the Lunar Months. It is as though the Moon Cycles are pegged and calibrated to the regulating greater body, that of the Sun, etc. As Pentecost is based on when Passover starts, all these moving of the dates will also have Pentecost be wrong. As noted, Pentecost is a Wheat Harvest, the crop cannot possibly be gathered when using the traditional Rabbinical date counting as it will usually occur in mid-May, as with this year or at most early June. It is at least a month off as the Summer Wheat starts to ripen and be ready for harvest starting in July. One is assuming a Middle East harvest of Wheat model.

Based on an Equinox Count
From March 20, 2021 = Spring Equinox

1st New Moon                         April 13, 2021

Spring Feasts of YHVH
Passover                                 April 27, 2021
Unleavened Bread                  April 28, 2021
First Fruits                               April 30, 2021

Solar Eclipse
Wedding Ring of Fire              June 10, 2021 (In-between Horns of Taurus/Pleiades)

+ 49 days from                        May 2, 2021 (the 1st day after the Sabbath after Passover)
Shavuot                                   June 20, 2021 = Summer Solstice

Double-Count of Pentecost per
Leviticus 23:16 (Chiastic Fold)
From day after Sabbath after Sheave Wave Offering or First Fruits May 2, 2021

+ 50 DAYS =                           AUG 9, 2021 = ‘Rapture Zone’

For sure, this is just an attempt to unravel this calendar conundrum. Thus, the timeline presented will illustrate this visually but factoring-in the 99-day Pentecost count to be the ‘Rapture Zone’ or ‘Season of Pentecost. If it is on June 20, 2021 as Tramm calculates? Or if the Chiastic Fold is valid, then mid-August for 2021. If not in 2021, then one continues to apply the same pattern and day-calculation. Note that for 2021, just 10 days prior to the Summer Solstice Pentecost is the Annular ‘Wedding Ring’ Solar Eclipse right in-between the horns of Taurus where it is capturing the Pleiades, ‘the Congregation of the King’. To reiterate, if one then uses the 1st New Moon after Spring Equinox of March 20, 2021, then the following day-counts would occur and the possible ‘Rapture Zone’ for 2021, etc.

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