USA Presidential Elections Results

  • What is the 'Solomon Syndrome' and its relation to a 'dividing'?
  • Does the ouster of Trump signal a 'division' to be completed?
  • Is there a nefarious hidden agenda behind the outcomes desired?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then YHVH became angry with Solomon because his heart had turned away from the Lord, the GOD of Israel, who had appeared to him twice. Although he had forbidden Solomon to follow other gods, Solomon did not keep the Lord’s command. So YHVH said to Solomon, Since this is your attitude and you have not kept my covenant and my decrees, which I commanded you, I will most certainly tear the Kingdom away from you and give it to one of your Subordinates..’ -1 Kings 11: 9-11

The purpose of this assessment is to consider the U.S. Presidential Race outcome as Biden is declared the winner of the election. The assessment will be both political and in prophetic terms. Things are not looking-up for the Patriots and/or Christians, Conservatives, and some Libertarians in the USA. But for such, the disposition is or should be, especially for Followers of Jesus to always be ‘looking-up’ anyway. That goes without saying. The new Biden Presidency in the USA is really just one more move forward in the chessboard of pieces. It has to. Thus, the USA has had its 4-year respite. The time did serve to ‘wake-up’ a lot of those in slumber, denial, Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance regardless of level of spirituality or degree of religion. In a Christian context, was there a ‘Revival’? To some degree, for sure. Nationally? No.

And those within the Body of Christ? Have they, did they put their hope in whom this whole time? A man? A Nation? Well, yes, many have and did and with a zeal in part, not all. Nothing is wrong with that as one ‘cheers’ for a particular sports team. But there is that disposition that this 2020 U.S. Election was ‘all or nothing’. And that somehow a mere man or Office of the President is or will be the ‘solution’ to the woes of the many issues that are ‘wrong’ or going wrong or will be going very wrong with the nation, the world and or with a new Presidency. Realize now that Trump is/was an anomaly after all. If by divine providence, perhaps but one thing is now for sure, the Luciferian Cabal could not ‘initiate’ him or buy him-off. And for that, they had to make sure he would lose.

This is one thing that solidified his loss. The Cabal could not get him with the alleged Russian collusion, or attempted impeachment, mass media bias and constant character attacks. When Trump paid a visit to one of his campaigning headquarters to talk to his Staff, he mentioned, ‘I could ask Wall Street for 25 million and I would get it the next day. I did not because then, you know, I would be obligated, and I cannot do that.’ For all the faults of this man, and which person does not have any, he showed his integrity that he will not be bought-out and was not. And this is what the Kabbalists could then not deal with. Trump was in their way for their Worldwide Economic Reset. Virtually all the Nations of the world are in ‘Lock-Step’ with the Luciferian Agenda to usher-in their coming Reset or New World Order.

A Division to be Completed
In order for this to occur, the present political, social, religious, and economic ‘orders’ of the USA have to be dismantled. And the USA stands in the way. Many will now believe the USA is on the ‘right’ road to ‘unity’. No. And with Biden, a complete ‘division’ is what will now occur. It has to happen, prophetically. How so? This is prophetically tied to the total solar eclipse of 2017. It epitomized the ‘division’ of the USA in 2 halves. Many have even had dreams of seeing a literal physical division of the USA down the Mississippi. Why? Such are Signs and warnings. And interestingly, then in 2024, at the precise end of Biden’s Presidential term, the corresponding total solar eclipse will occur in 2024. This eclipse will crisscross the USA as an ‘X’. December 14th, 2020 is a key date for the current US election as that is when the U.S. Electoral College will meet. The State Delegates are supposed to reflect the vote of the people from each State. However, Delegates can flip their votes and they ‘certify’ the Elections if it does not go to the Supreme Court as it did in the Elections of 2000.

The total solar eclipse on the 14th of December 2020 happens to be also the astronomical midpoint between the 2 Great American Eclipses of 2017 and 2024. Is this coincidence? Realize that the USA is under divine warnings, one after the other for its sins. How so? With such decisions to legalize late-term or post-birth abortions, same sex marriages, pedophilia, illicit drugs, etc.. The nation will be torn in 2 pieces much like the baby was to be in front of King Solomon. As his reign began with a pending notion of a division, so too would Solomon’s Kingdom be torn in 2 pieces. The disposition of the King will be compared to Trump in such a similar way. Realize that Trump was his own worst enemy and in the end, his way of saying and putting things came back to bite him in the ass. If he only would have learned or present himself as ‘Presidential’.

It is not what he said but how he said it. He was a casualty of the ‘Solomon Syndrome’ type, acquiring all the money, women and power that got to his head. And this is from a President that has stood up to China over trade deficits, secured the borders, curtailed illegal immigration, put North Korea’s nuclear ambitions in check as well as Iran’s. He appointed over 182 conservative judges alone. He faced-down NATO for not contributing to its fair share of expenses, pulled out of the Paris Treaty. He never started a formal war with any other nation or had ‘military operations’. He single-handedly made ‘Peace break out in the Middle East’ with the ‘Many’ Arab countries now establishing formal relations with Israel and so on. These accomplishments are exceptional if not prophetic to many. Just like King Solomon.  But he came crashing down.

Thus his ‘Kingdom was divided’ and the worst is now yet to come, the ‘Dark Winter’. This is exactly what happened to YHVH’s Nation, it went into a ‘Dark Winter’ period. But the Silver Lining was that YHVH kept His word to preserve a Remnant, 1 tribe, Judah to ensure His plan. And this is to suggest that this is what will happen now, next for the USA. There might seem that a ‘new age’ of unity will now come….but it will be a façade. It is no coincidence that Biden, in the last debate mentioned ‘Dark Winter’. He does not have the intellect to think in such concepts to use or know or come-up on his own. He was coached because that is what is now coming, as planned for America and Americans. If half of the USA, the Left thought and feared what a 2nd term Trump would do to the Nation, they have no idea what is coming through Biden.

Reaping What was Sowed
He is the epitome of the Swamp. He is ‘Mr. Swamp’ himself. He is so compromised by the Kabbalists, foreign interests that he, unlike Trump is totally bought and paid for. What to expect from Biden? He is the type that at no hesitation will now be doing the bidding of the Kabbalist. He will have no issues, for example in allowing the UN to send in troops, Russian, Chinese and/or others to ‘help’ quill social unrest. Has it been the Patriots, Christians or Libertarians that are violently now protesting in the streets, burning down businesses and looting? No. Such will not do that. When Obama won, they did not do that. It is not in their disposition to be doing such things. Although some might and will to a small degree only. And also, to mention that the Q-Anon phenomenon has been less than. What happened to ‘Trust the Plan?’ No, Christians, especially should be trusting Jesus’ Plan.

And that is spelled-out in the Bible, especially in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, the New Testament and especially in the book of Revelation. And if the Electoral College will swing back to Trump? Some have speculated that it will be part of the plan still…but not likely. Has there been voter fraud with all the mail-in ballots? For sure. Biden is on record to have said an amazing statement, ‘We have put together, I think the most extensive and included voter fraud organization in the history of American Politics.’ Has the election been stolen then? Most likely. Many say that the ‘electing the U.S. President is a ‘fraud’ in itself. It is a ‘selection’. Fraud has occurred in the past with the election of Bush vs. Gore 2000 Presidential Election, exactly 20 years ago. With Biden, the ‘change and unity’ just bring more censorship, more severe lockdowns, higher taxes, socialism, passing of the Equality Act, etc.

For example, many Religious schools and/or colleges will shut down or now have to accept LGBT affirmation and suspend conversion counseling if want to remain open. Most will opt-in as ‘being merciful and compassionate’ for money. They will go the way of Harvard and Yale who started out as Seminaries. Then they will go after the Churches, thanks to their governmental deal of being 501C status. Then at some point in time, any speech against certain morality will be banned as Hate Speech. As for the ‘Churches’ in the USA, the Government, not GOD will be, has been really the Head of the Church in such cases. The Government will now ‘call in their chips’ with the Churches for giving them their tax-exempt status for all these decades since World War 2. So, what is one to expect of such a ‘deal’?

Then you have the enemies of the USA that are gloating at Trump’s ousting. This will embolden such Nations as China, Iran, Turkey to bolster their expansionist interests. Biden will ensure that what little wealth remains to take flight out of the USA and out of the Stock Market. This will be a perfect ‘storm’ for the collapse of the US economy and Dollar at some point. And a Biden Presidency in turn, will for sure now put a war-footing against Israel. It is now certain. Now that Trump is not there to defend Israel, Biden will not, and the enemies of Israel will attack at some opportune time. Thus, to reiterate, there has been a moving forward of the prophetic chess pieces closer to the Rapture event and the Tribulation Period. Many say Trump was really Israel’s President also. Yet they did not support him because the Kabbalists that do run the world and Israel.

It is Biden that that will restore the Obama Doctrine. ’The US will never be at war with Islam’. Or ‘We must never side with those to blaspheme the name of the Prophet.’ Essentially, Biden will be Obama 2.0. And what is to say, as many speculate now that someone like Pelosi will invoke Amendment 25. They will remove Biden so Kamala will be the first woman and ‘Black’ President.  Either way, it is a win-win for the Luciferians, the Cabalists, the Left. The USA has basically chosen the Left and the way of Socialism. But what does one expect? This is the harvesting of a 70-year old plan to have now harvested its intended outcomes. The outcome? A dumbed-down lethargic Nanny-State where Government is now ‘God’ and is the arbitrator of what is ‘truth, what is moral, right, essential and good’.

The 70-Year Old Plan
Since World War 2, Americans decided to send their children to public schools as women accepted Feminism and Mothers then decided to enter the ‘corporate’ or working world instead of raising their children. In many cases, such had to out of necessity to maintain the household. But with a social welfare program, especially for minorities, it sustained the ‘slave mentality’ of dependency. Then the universities became the hotbed of mechanisms by which the subsequent generations were to be indoctrinated. Such places have been where all they espouse is evolutionary atheism, materialism Marxism, and anti-Christian morality teachings. As to the systematically ‘dumbing-down the masses’, is this true? True story. This author works at a California State University as an Academic Advisor currently.

The Students are gearing-up for their subsequent semester registration of classes. So, in Zooming with a lot of students one goes over the Academic Requirements with the Students, for example the unit count. This is pretty normal standard procedures, nothing complicated, just adding simple numbers. But in one session, one was going over the total unit tally together with the student. As one was adding the units, doing the math…it was asked of the Student, ’ok, 28 units are done, but with the 16 units this semester, how many is that? Let us add. What is 8 and 6? One did the Math in one’s head and was waiting for the student to chime along. Did not happen. Why not? The student said, ‘I am bad at Math.’  Ok people, the USA is doomed! The best and brightest, college-bound Freshman in California, which is like the 6th largest economy in the world cannot add 8 + 6.

And so, this is how they have gotten to have elected a ‘Biden’ to lead the Free World? Yes. Thus, ‘Brace Yourself’ for the Long Dark Winter to start. It will last 4 years and then the ‘Division’ as the baby before Solomon and his own Kingdom will have been completely divided due to the refusal of the Nation to turn and obey. Will it be no different for the USA as its people refuse to turn to Christ Jesus as the LORD and Savior of Humanity, the Nations? The Kabbalists will now squeeze any semblance of morality, law and of the Right/Christians out of this Nation as they have done essentially now in most all others in their world. How that will look like, not sure but one will need to take 1 day at a time. And remember as others encourage the Followers of Jesus with. Trust the LORD, look to Jesus. Has it been any other way? Well, no. In the USA, the decades of ‘Cheap Grace’ and ‘good times’ are over.

It is time for this generation of Followers of Jesus within the last Laodicean type of condition anyway -to walk by Faith.It now has to stand together and be called to what is the answer, has always been to the world in this present generation and time. What that will be and look like? The question will be, must be asked, will such be willing to pay the price? Even if the price is to be called to be persecuted and give-up one’s body over to death for the cause of Christ and His Kingdom? Not sure but GOD the Holy Spirit will show that to the Followers of Jesus as it develops. May the Followers of Jesus be found worthy of that calling, individually, locally and nationally and beyond. It is/will be the generation’s defining moment. Imagine in Eternity, the conversations of ‘who and what the Followers of Jesus did and had to go through in the 1st Century as the Church Age began. What will they say of the Followers of Jesus, that are now clearly in the Last Century that is closing the Church Age? May one not end-up as a ‘Solomon’, as the USA will to have all that one has worked for in the LORD come to be divided-up and torn away. Prepare for the Dark Winter.



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