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  • What is the F-35 and how is this a Game Changer?
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  • What is so Special about this New 5th Generation?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to consider the Military Potency of Israel’s New 5th Generation Jet Fighter, the F-35. The reason why this is a Game Changer is that in the Nuclear Arms Race of the Middle East, Iran has admitted that it is virtually gone ‘Nuclear’. Israel has tried for about a good Decade, to thwart the Nuclear Aspirations of Iran. Israel 1st used Diplomatic Venues, through such Agencies as the UN, the USA, the EU and the World Atomic Energy Agency under the Direction of the UN.

Such Diplomatic Efforts became counter-productive once the former Obama Administration essentially gave Iran the Green Light in waiting at least 10 Years before it could go ‘Nuclear’ Since that time Israel then resorted to Subversive Means to undermine Iran’s Nuclear Aspirations. They implode the MOSSAD and carried-out Espionage, Threats, Assassinations of Top Nuclear Scientist, bombing of the Plants and Iranian Assets, both inside and outside of Iran. Israel is constantly bombing Iranian Military Assets of the Al Quds Revolutionary Guard that are stationed in Syria.

One might ask, why is Israel so adamant about thwarting the Iranian Nuclear Aspirations of using Nuclear Energy for ‘Peaceful Purposes’? Precisely. It is not. The opposite is the case. Iran’s Religious Clergy that rules the Nation are Hell-Bent on the total Annihilation of the Modern State of Israel. It sees it as a ‘Zionist’ Entity that has to be Religiously purged from off the Face of the Planet. Why? Foremost, one must understand that the deep-seeded hatred of the Iranian Shi’ite Muslim Celery is that Islam demands it.

Israel cannot be allowed to be ‘Resurrected’ or Re-Born as it did in 1948. I cannot be allowed to Possess the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount on which the Temples of Solomon and Zerubbabel Stood. Why not? If Israel is allowed to ‘Exist’ as a Sovereign State, then Islam is a False Religion and Mohammad is a False Prophet. This is pretty harsh of a description. It is that serious and dire. The Israelis are taking the Threats of Iran’s Military and Mahdi Threats seriously.

The last time they dismissed such overt Threats that came from a Dictator, such as Hitler, it cost them Millions of Lives in the Holocaust. The Eschatology or the Study of the End Times of the Shi’ites of Iran is predicated that only once the World and Israel is in the Crucible of Chaos, their Religious Muslim Mahdi will come to set-up their Shi’ite Paradise on Earth. It will be 'Muslim World Order' in which only Muslims are allowed. All other ‘Infidels’, to include Jews, Christians, Hindus and others will be slaughtered by the Mahdi.

Mighty Ones

And worse is that the Jewish Jesus and Savior of the Christians will become a ‘Muslim’ and assist the Mahdi in Murdering all those that will refuse to Submit to Islam. This Muslim Jesus will be taking the Crosses down every Church and the Star of David from all the Synagogues. He will proclaim that all his Followers were deceived and mis-interpreted the Bible. This Jesus will proclaim that he is a ‘Slave of Allah’, etc.

To this end, the Shi’ite Muslims of Iran thus seek to annihilate Israel because what is at stake is the Spiritual Blessing. Who will get the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple. Why? If one has these 3 Elements, that People and/or Nation will rule the World. To this end the Iranians are in a mad-rush to finish producing enough Uranium to produce several Nuclear Warheads. In reality, they only need about 3 to total Destroy about 90% of the Jews living in Israel. Iran now has a Military Pack with Syria, Russia and Turkey. It has laid the Prophetic Framework for the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations that will eventually Attack Israel during the Tribulation Period.

One is of the Biblical Interpretation that there is an Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations that border Israel first that will Attack Israel. It will be a Victory for Israel, due to its superior Technology and Dominance of the Air. This is thanks to the New 5th Generation Stealth Fighter Jet, the F-35. One is of the Political Science Opinion that this New F-35, that has been modified by the Israelis will be the Game Changer in the Middle East. As the Diplomatic Venue and the Clandestine Operations have not deterred the Iranian Agenda to Destroy Israel, the F-35 will most likely be used at some point in Time to Destroy all of Iran’s Nuclear Facilities.

The following will be the various Specifications based on what is Public Knowledge. The F-35s that have arrived in Israel have already been assigned into Squadrons. Some are located in the Nevatim Airbase in southern Israel. Israel was 1 of the few Nations that chose to purchase the Jets. In part, because it has the Money. They are extremely expensive. The latest 5th-Generation Fighter is priced at $ 77.9 Million USD. The Jets are made in the USA by Lockheed Martin out of the Fort Worth, Texas Factory. Israel has over 75 Units, at least that is made Public.

The Israeli Air Force decided to give the F-35 the Hebrew Name ‘Adir’ It means, the  ‘Mighty Ones’. What the Israelis have done is to modify the Specifications of the Jet. They are the only Nation, out of a hand-full that have the F-35s that have the designated F-35I. It has been integrated into the Israeli Air Force Military Needs and Standards, which are higher than that of the USA. It has better Home-Grown Avionics. It has a Speed of Mach 1.6.

It has been reported that already, the F-35I’s have flown in Combat Missions on ‘Different Fronts’. There is even a Picture that circulated around the Internet of an F-35I over Beirut. They have been deployed to destroy Iranian Proxy Out-Posts and Al-Quds Military Assets. Despite the Press and High Expectations and Fanfare, it has been reported that the F-35 has been criticized for its Mediocre Flight Performance compared to earlier 4th-Generation Stealth Jets.

Israel’s Biblical Weakness

What this means, potentially is that F-35I is at a Military Disadvantage when it comes to Short-Range Air Dog-Fights against its Muslim Enemy Fighters. Supporters argue that the F-35I would leverage this Weakness with its Stealth, Sensors and Long-Range Missiles. The Key to survival will be to avoid getting that close to a more agile opponent Jet Fighters. So far, as of 2022, the F-35I Stealth Jets have taken part in Aerial Engagements. They have been shooting down Iranian drones.

However, the proportion of Millions in the Cost of this type of Hardware in comparison to Cheap Copy-Cat Drones is appalling in one’s Political Science Opinion. The F-35I’s have been also taking part in Joint Exercise with the US, Italy, and Britain, marking the 1st Time that the 5th Generation Plane has been deployed outside of Israel for Military Drills. The Goal is to strengthen Cooperation and Capabilities between the Allied Air Forces that also fly the F-35s. The Israelis will also get a chance to train in an Unfamiliar Arena to improve their Deployment Capabilities.

It has been reported that as part of the Air Drills, the F-35I Planes practice Air Superiority, Air-to-Air and Air-Ground Battle Scenarios. The various Air Forces take part in Drills that focus on Identifying various Aerial and Ground Strategic Threats. The aim is to work together to focus on strengthening the Pilot’s Skills in Location and Neutralizing the Multi-Dimensional Threats. Another Combat Exercise is called Red Flag in 2022. The International Exercises improves and strengthens the IAF’s Capabilities to deal with Muslim Threats in Real Time.

The IAF F-35I’s need to take part in several International Drills each year in order to prepare for a wide range of Scenarios and to strengthen Professional Ties and Operational Knowledge. It will need the Skills as the Bible foretells of several coming Wars that will take Israel to the brink. The F-35 has the ability to virtually go undetected by Radar and has the capacity to not need to be refueled during Mid-Mission. As it is, the Israeli Air Force is one of the best in the World. They have to be in that Rough Neighborhood that is a Jewish Island in a Muslim Ocean.

When will Israel Strike Iran? It already has as it is in a ‘Hot’ Cold War status. However, the direct Military Air Force Attack that has been the Hallmark of Israeli Operations in taking-out prior Nuclear Reactors in Iraq and Syria were different. In both cases, there was only 1 Nuclear Reactor being built. They were out in the Open and had little Defense. In the case of Iran, it had learned from Iraq and Syria’s mistakes. Iran has diversified and gone Underground. It has also developed suffocated Drone Warfare and Long-Range Missile Capability.

It has an Official Naval Base in Syria as well as numerous Military Outposts in Syria ready to invade Israel at a Moment’s Notice. To this end, the Muslim Menace is continuingly threatening Israel, much like Sennacherib threatened Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple during King Hezekiah’s Day. Recall, this is foremost a Spiritual War. Iran is ruled Spiritually by the Prince of Persia still. It was the Fallen Angel that attempted to inhibit Daniel’s Prayer. It took 21 Days to get through and with only the Angelic Assistance of the Arch Angels Gabriel and Michael. See the Book of Daniel for details.

Thus, with Israel’s acquisition of the F-35s instead of seeking YHVH’s Protection and Provision, they have resorted to their Natural Weakness and Inclination to rely on the Super-Powers of the Region or the World to Protect them. They, like the USA, believe that their Technology will Save them. However, one thing is sure, although the F-35s have come to Israel from the USA, the USA is fast becoming either Indifferent and/or Hostile towards Israel.

Or in other words, Israel will have to go at it alone. It will, but not before they enter a ‘Covenant’ or Deal with the Devil. The Bible teaches that during the coming 70th Week of Years, or the 7-Year Tribulation Period, Israel will rely and call upon the Name of one that will come and promise Israel Unconditional Protection from is Muslim Enemies for a 7-Year Military Pack. It will not last long as during this Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the Gog-Magog War will come.

It will actually be when Iran will come along side Russia as the Leader with Turkey and other Muslim Central Asia Nations, from North Africa to invade Israel and take its Spoil. They will only be allowed to get as far as the Mountains of Israel. It is there that YHVH will call Israel, ‘My People’ and will fight on Israel’s behalf as it did in the Days of the Bible. But until that time, Israel is relying on its F-35.

CHART 1: USA Nuking Iran NukeMap Scenario

CHART 2: Iran Nuking Israel NukeMap Scenario

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