Cydonia Mars Triangulation Pattern

  • Why are World Capitals laid-out like Cydonia, Mars?
  • Why are the Ley-Lines always Masonic Motifs?
  • Is there a Mars Connection tied to Earth History?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to present the evidence that the Geometric Ley-Lines of the Canberra, the Federal Capital of Australia, layout is set to the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Triangulation. As to the Cydonia, Mars Structure Anomalies, there are 3 main Pyramid Structures that comprise the Martian Motif. There is the famous Face of Mars, the Giant Pentagon Fortress and the Pleiadian Pyramid City. These 3 Structures Triangulate each other and would make-up the core of a large Metropolitan City on Earth.

For example, the Face on Mars, from Top to Bottom is approximately 1.44 Nautical Miles. The length of the Pleiades City would be Approximately 6.66 Miles from one End to the Other. The Giant Pentagon is roughly 4 miles in length. The Triangulation itself is about 11 to 13 Miles apart from each of the 3 Structures. And note that there are other Structures much larger than this Cydonia Mars one. It is uncanny that such a Motif or Triangulation is found replicated in virtually all Ancient Sacred Sites but also incorporated, encrypted in how most Modern World Capital are laid-out.

Case in point is the Federal Capital of the Modern State of Australia. It follows the trend of how in the 20th Century, New States designed their New World Capitals with such a Motif, like Brasilia, Astana, New Delhi, etc. And as to their Purpose? This Triangulation is based on Sacred Gematria in which one Surmises the Earth Ley-Lines are accessed through their Energy to act as a Gate-Way or Portal into other Dimensions. What? Yes. There is Evidence that the Earth is construed in a Matrix much like a City Map Grid of Coordinates, as is the Earth, the Moon and now even Mars.

The Grid Matrix helps in Navigation and one can precisely pinpoint one’s GPS or Location based on Coordinates. This is no different in the Spiritual Dimensions where one thus, interjects a Spiritual and even Biblical Notion that Lucifer, Fallen and Holy Angels traverse such a Matrix of Energy Ley-Lines. In turn, they function in the Teleportation of such Entities, in and out of Earth’s Dimension. Then, such place serves as Energy Hubs and Points of Entry wherein the Human aspect of such Powers reside that rule the World, etc.

So, to reiterate, what is astonishing is that such a Martian Motif is seen implemented in the Architecture of almost all the Ancient Civilizations on Earth. This started, at least based on the Archeological Record, after the Flood of Noah with Babylon and Sumer.  It should be noted that the People who Rule in such Triangulations on Earth come from and are appointed by the Secret Societies of the World. They are basically incorporated into the Power Structures that are headed-up by Lucifer, the ‘God of the World’ for now.

Masters from Mars
This special Class of ‘Initiated’ Humans are tasked with keeping the Legacy, Power Base and Bloodline operational. Such Centers of Power on Earth are also established to help maintain the Control over the Masses with Laws that benefit them. As mentioned, even now in the Modern Era, the same Cydonia, Mars Motif is incorporated into the Major Capitals of the World. Why? The Connection to Mars has not ceased. The Martian Motif that is basically Encrypted and Hidden in Plain Sight, speaks to the Powers ‘Behind the Curtain’ of those that really are the Masters of the World, for now.

Consider how Australia became a Draconian Top-Down Authoritarian and Dystopian Government due to the COVID Plandemic. Although having a Façade of Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights, Children were rounded-up and taken to Sport Stadiums to get forcibly Injected with the COVID Kill-Shots. And this, without Parent’s Consent or Foreknowledge. Police were position at the Entrances to keep Parents at bay. A famous Pregnant Mother who just posted support and comments about organizing through Facebook a Protest against the Lock-Downs was arrested in her own Home.

And anyone posting just a Contrary View of not wanting Forced Transitioning of Children nor giving them the harmful Puberty Blockers het paid a visit by the Police or have their Social Media Accounts Cancelled, etc. Realize that Australia is part of the 5 Eyes (FVEY). It is part of the Intelligence Alliance that run the World. They are those that are appointed, like the Global Graduates of the World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab. Justin Trudeau of Canada and Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand are ‘Global Leader’ Graduates of the World Economic Forum.

These are part of the so-called Elitists that have perpetuated, not the Interests and Needs of their Citizens, but that of the Globalists. They help run the Luciferian’s Media, Money, Medicine and Militaries of the World Powers, of which Australia, along with Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States share their ill-gotten Intel from spying on its Citizens. And they share that Intel with each other.

These countries are Parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement. It is a Treaty for joint cooperation in gathering Intelligence. Nonetheless, one will present the Evidence that the Sacred Gematria Layout of Canberra in Australia, is set to the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Ley-Lines. And that such Places of Power are their ‘Satanic Signature’, thereof. And that those in Power at those Sacred Locations use the Energies to further Lucifer’s Agenda of eventual Global Dominance. How?

It is through Surveillance and Servitude that need to be ‘Injected’ like Sheep and Cattle. And is what they see the Masses as, Useless Eaters, and Useful Idiots, etc. The Mysterious Pyramid Complexes of Cydonia, Mars have perplexed Researchers, Scientists and Lay-People alike. Many believe that Mars at one time, had a thriving Advanced Civilization with an Atmosphere and Oceans/Water that sustained Life. So, much so, that it had a Direct Connection to Earth’s Civilizations. Why? The Direct Connections between Mars and Earth could had been Pre-Adamic. Researchers suggest this or after the Flood of Noah, as the Sumerian Creation Account stipulated.

Mars Connection
They knew nearly 6000 Years ago that Mars had a ‘Face’ Mausoleum, for example. So, this bit of Intel or Information was known to the Ancient Humans, well before Telescopes or Viking Probes. However, only in the 20th Century, with the advancement of Technology. Humans on Earth, conventionally have been able to send Probes and Rovers of Mars. Even so, there has come to surface many Unexplained Anomalies of Structures, Pyramids and other Ruins, that do suggest a Residual Destruction of that Civilization and Atmosphere.

In particular, the site named Cydonia, Mars has an array of Amazing Precise Mathematical Alignments and Ley-Lines that cannot be Explained nor be mere Coincidences. Then the Remnants of certain Geometric Structures, strongly suggest that the Cydonia Complex, for example, had Pyramids based on the Pleiades Pattern and the Triangulation produced a Hexagram Layout. These Correlations cannot be mere Pareidolia Effect or just Bad NASA ‘Blurred-Out’ Imaging Jobs. So, apparently, the Sumerians attributed the Creation of Humans to the ‘Gods that came from the Stars’.

Such Ancient Records were sensationalized by Zecharia Sitchin in his Earth Chronicles Books. The Theory states that the ‘Winged Gods’ from a Planet called Nibiru, i.e., ‘Vulcan’, was losing its Atmosphere due to the Effects of the Giant Dwarf Sun, that it was/is revolving around. Only Gold Particulates sprayed like ‘Chem-Trails’ in the Atmosphere could shield them and protect their Atmosphere. Then, the Creation Account speaks about an argument for the succession of the Throne of Nibiru. It was, Ala-lu that was made King but later Deposed. He then fled with a Celestial Starship. This Starship had Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction, unawares to Ala-lu.

He nonetheless navigated through the Asteroid Belt and located Earth with a comparable Atmosphere. He discovered mass Gold Deposits and relayed that back to Nibiru. Long story short, he was granted Clemency and rulership over Earth, the King. A Weigh Station was set-up on Mars and other points along the Solar System, as the Gold was transported back to Nibiru. Later one the Anunnaki ‘Miners’ on Mars, as they were called, rebelled due to Harsh Working Conditions. Thus, the ‘Gods’ decided to create Humans for the purpose of Servitude to mine their Gold. Consider that the Sumerian knew before Telescopes were invented the number of Planets in the Solar System and apparently, such is the alternate ‘Genesis’ account of Creation that parallels the Bible.

It is astonishing that for example, there is evidence that a huge Gold Mining Operation existed in North America and South Africa. There have been found numerous artifacts such as Coins, Writings from Ancient Paleo-Hebrew and Egyptian type of Hieroglyphs. These have been found as far from Egypt as in Australia and the Grand Canyon of the American Southwest, et. Apparently, the Planets more connected then. However, at some point in time the Destruction of not only Mars but the Earth occurred. And along with the Planet that now makes-up the Asteroid Belt. Some speculate that the Destruction of the Planet was due to the flyby of the 2nd Sun System, Nemesis that later on has caused Destruction upon Earth. Part of the Ancient Mythos on Earth is like the Flood of Noah and the Sinking of Atlantis, etc.

A Weigh Station
Thus, this is how the Martian Motif is tied to the Ley-Lines of Ancient Cities, Temples and Structures on Earth. They are the Remnants of the Lost Knowledge and Connection of the Martian civilization was conveyed to the few and selected ‘Priestly’ Class on Earth that constitutes the Secret Societies of Today. For Australia, its Federal Capital, in the Modern Era, has this same Cydonia, Mars Motif incorporated into its Capital. Biblically Speaking, such ‘Masters from Mars’ and their Human Appointees are the ‘Useful Idiots’.

They are mere ‘Instruments’ and Pons of the ‘Fallen Ones’ or the Fallen Angels that are Masquerading as the ‘Creator Gods or ‘Ancient Alien’ Gods that seeded Humanity. And that they are about to come back as they promised to save Humanity from itself. As with Canberra, the 3 aspects of the Martian Motif incorporated the necessary Institutions of Power that will and do control the People in that specific Region and/or State. The Cydonia, Mars Triangulation usually involves a Facet of the Military, the Financial and the Social-Political Aspects of how the Ley-Lines Triangulate each other.

The Pleiadian Pyramid City is usually associated with the Financial Centers of Modern Cities that astonishingly will have 7 major Attributes about it. Each of the 7 Attributes can be Buildings, Skyscrapers, Round-Abouts, Monuments, etc. But 7 Main Attributes will always correspond to the 7 Stars of the Pleiades. In the Ancient World, such a Pleiades Pattern usually corresponded to a Royal Palace that ruled the Monetary and Social-Political Affairs of a Kingdom or City-State, etc.

In the Medieval Period, such a pattern corresponded to Churches or Temples of Worship. In the case of Canberra, the Pleiades Pattern corresponds to the area adjacent Vernon Circle. It is a Hexagram Pattern with linking Traffic Round-Abouts, that then correspond to the Stars of Alcyon and Atlas. The Giant Pentagon Fortress of the Martian Motif corresponds to the New Parliament Building Complex. From a top view, is where these Cydonia, Mars Geometric Shape are precisely seen and configures.

The Triangulated of the Cydonia, Mars Pattern at Canberra is approximately rotated horizontally 45 Degrees to the Right, facing North. Amazingly, this is nearly the same depiction as that of the one in Cydonia, mars that faces north, just the same. The 3rd Component of the Cydonia Martian Motif is that of the famous Face of Mars or that of Ala-lu. In reference to the Sumerian account of Creation. Due to continued strife among the ‘Gods’, the Son of Anu, back in Nibiru was sent to Earth to be co-ruler.

This was Enlil. The Political Situation got to the point that Enki, the one the Sumerians would call Ala-lu, was then banished to Mars where he was said to have Died and a Mausoleum was erected in his honor to look like his Face. Many have come to correlate this ‘God’ of Mars to All-ah or the Moon God of the Muslims. In Modern Times, this Martian Motif of the Face on Mars, at Canberra, corresponds to the American Memorial Complex. It is only from the Air that one can see the ‘Face’ connotations intentionally made. Thus, this illustration strongly suggests that the continued ‘Priestly’ Class within the World’s various Secret Societies, like those in Canberra, for example will never divulge their True Identity and Purpose because it is Nefarious and Luciferian.

The Bible clearly teaches that in fact, Fallen Angels did once inhabit the Earth and Lucifer was King over them. In Genesis 6, the account of a Subsequent Time arose where some of the Watchers or Fallen Angels ‘Fell’ and took Human Women. The result was the Race of Evil Giants that were of the ‘Mighty Men of Old’ and Mythology.

The Bible teaches, as well as the Book of Enoch that such Entities will cross over and re-introduce themselves to Humanity in the End Times, as the long awaited ‘Savior’ Aliens from other Planets or Stars. In fact, they are not Inter-Planetary but Inter-Dimensional Beings, Fallen Angels in league with the Rebel King, Lucifer that is currently the ‘God of this World’. He is set to use Humanity against itself by way of a False Promise of Immortality and becoming ‘Gods’ to thwart the coming of the true King, Jesus Christ. 

The Luciferian Ley-Lines of Canberra, Australia are just another ‘Satanic Signature’, Hidden in Plain Sight, of the Fallen Ones that have ‘Marked’ their Territory in Honor of Ala-lu or Lucifer on Earth. This is part of their ‘Great Work’ and need for Secrecy for them but Surveillance for the rest of us. What more appropriate place than to have such a Spiritual Stronghold reflected in the Seat of Government of Australia. And in turn that Dimensionally accommodates the Seats of the Principalities and Powers from on High, the Fallen Angels that are really the ones who Rule over this Capital Cities, Nations and Empires. 


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