World War 3 Solar Eclipse?

  • Are the actions of Putin and Zelensky on the verge of Madness?
  • Is the World about to experience a 'Nuclear Armageddon'?
  • What does the Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars say about this?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Those who Fail to Learn from History are Doomed to Repeat it’. -George Santayana

The purpose of this Article is to address many Questions submitted about the Russian-Ukrainian War. Have the 2 Vlad’s gone ‘Mad’? One will share one’s Thoughts about what is occurring with the Russian-Ukrainian War in terms of Biblical Prophecy. The study will also touch upon how this War is affecting, not only the whole of Europe but the World. And that this Conflict will contribute in ushering-in of the Biblical AntiChrist, as History is repeating itself. How so? It is about History repeating itself, since the 1st World War. In what way? For example, in how the Orchestrated Disruption in the Supply and Food Chains resulted in Disease, War and Famine. This Geo-Political Plan resulted in the 2nd World War with the Rise of Despot Dictators, like Hitler and Stalin.

This Russian-Ukrainian War will result in such a Dictator and ‘World War 3’, but not as most surmises. As to Europe, the subject of War, it is very sensitive for Germans and Ukrainians…including the Russians. It is a Psyche that is Seared, like a Hot-Iron into the Mind-Set and Consciousness of all Groups mentioned because of History. And History is Repeating. One will realize how Genocide occurred in the Lands of all these 3 Ethnic Groups. But what is new? Genocide occurred since Cain murdered Abel. And as such, it is sad to see Fellow Slavic Brethren slaughter each other in the Open Field.

Then, there is, for example, History Books that bypass the ‘Christian Genocide’ of the Ukrainians by the Soviet Bolsheviks. This Soviet Episode is called, Holodomor. Due to Communism, it resulted in a Man-Made Famine in the Ukraine by the then Georgian Dictator, Stalin from 1932 to 1933. This Soviet Induced Famine in the Ukraine peaked in 1933, the Year Hitler rose to Power. This is the Point. The World Circumstances are now ripe again to Repeat, as that is what is said of History, ‘History Repeats’ itself.

This is what the Outcome will also be, as a result of this Russian-Ukrainian War. One has already asked, ‘Who Benefits?’ Who will now stand to supply Europe with the Natural Gas, now that Russia’s Pipelines have been Sabotaged? Where have New Gas Fields been discovered? Israel. Is it any ‘Coincidence that the 2014 Ukrainian Overthrow by the West put in a Jew to lead a Majority Orthodox Christian Population? It is one’s Political Science Opinion, that these Nefarious Plans are Luciferian at the core. Why? It is to create Chaos, Terror, Instability. Why? To usher-in the Next Hitler. During the Made-Made Famine in Ukraine, the Bolsheviks forced the Ukrainians to cede all Food, Cattle and Crops to be shipped to Moscow and Leningrad where the Bolsheviks ruled. By all accounts of the Average People in Leningrad, Millions starved.

Food Wars

It was the Common People that suffered the Famine Effects of the Ukraine in Russia. It was the Communist Party Members or the Elite that hoarded the Shipments of the Ukrainian Grain. This will be the case during the Tribulation Period, after the Rapture Event. How so? The 3rd Horseman of the Apocalypse, will be Death. Its Color is Black and its Motif is the Scales. It is how most in the World weighs Currency against a Commodity. In this case, the Context is that of Bread made from either Wheat or Barley. The Difference? Wheat is what Humans eat, Barley is what is given to Animals to eat.

Then the Oil and the Wine that only the Affluent will still be able to afford will not be affected. Thus, one can surmise that for the Majority Poor of the World, it will take a Day’s Wage, if one has a Job, to just bake 1 Loaf of Bread for 1 Day, etc. And? The point is that the Luciferian Elites, as always in an Economic, Political, or Social Crisis are not affected. On the contrary, they usually stand to gain from such Circumstances. In most cases, they themselves are Guilty of Orchestrating such Events. Also, Astronomically, consider that the 'Four Horsemen' represent the Planets and what they represent.

Horseman      Planet             Prophetic       Meaning

1 White            Mercury           AntiChrist        Messenger of a False Pease
2 Red              Mars                War                 World War
3 Black            Jupiter             Famine            Death will be Worldwide and on a Grand Scale
4 Green           Saturn             Death              Lucifer seeks the Death of all Humans

As to the Christian Holocaust of the Ukraine in the 1930s, it is estimated that about 7 to 13 Million Starved to Death due to the Holodomor. This is starting to happen now or will be. History is ‘Repeating’ itself. It is the Same Game Play. It will not be only limited to the Ukraine. It is but it will be Worldwide. Why? It is or will be because this Time around, the ‘Hitler’ that is to come and what this Russian-Ukrainian War is contributing to, according to the Bible, will be a Worldwide Dictator of the likes of Hitler and Stalin.

Consider the Factors, that due to the Manufactured COVID Bio-Weaponization, the Supply Chain of Products and now Produce will now result in Millions that are on or will be on the Verge of Starvation. It is now estimated by the UN that in the Year, 2023, up to 120 Million People around the World stand to Starve due to Food Insecurity. But to the Luciferian Eugenicists, any ‘Died Useless Eater’ and Aborted Baby is a Win. They are 1 less Human to Control and perhaps Damned to Hell in keeping them from coming to Jesus Christ for Eternal Life. Also take note of History in that, in the case of the Ukraine, it is a Transition Zone of Continents, Religions, Economies and Politics, etc.

For example, during World War 2, as the Nazis German Tanks rolled into the Ukraine on their way to Russia, the Ukrainians seeing the Black Crosses on the Tanks, thought the Germans were Christian ‘Liberators’. That is, before being mowed-down by them with Machine Guns. So, the Ukraine has been the Buffer Country between Germany and Russia, much like Poland. And the Geo-Political Landscape even reflects this now. The West of the Ukraine supports a European Identity. It is more Progressive, Liberal, Pro-Nazi, ergo the Azov Brigades that Zelensky incorporated into the Regular Army.

Proxy Wars

Western Ukraine wants to be in the E.U. and NATO, etc. The East is Pro-Russian. Why? One might not know or realize that this is Key in understanding what is happening now in the Ukraine. It is no longer just an Ethic Difference, but All-Out War between Russia and the West. In the South-East of Ukraine, they are Majority Ethnically Russian and in Language. This is especially true along the lines of the 4 Break-Away Republics and on into Crimea. And Crimea has been fought over by Russia against the West. And it was given as a ‘Gift’ to the Ukraine by Khrushchev, a Ukrainian, etc.

Then, the News Media in the West, which is controlled by the same People who installed Zelensky, will not Report or put into Context the 2014 Revolution. And how it was the West and the Luciferian Globalist Elites that deposed the Pro-Russian President and installed the ‘Comedian’ Zelensky, who is Jewish. It is all a Set-Up. It is all just a Chess Game and the Ukrainian People are the ‘Pawns’ that are Dying, regardless and needlessly. But that is the Plan.

And now Germany, as Reports are being posted, note that about 1 Million Germans, mostly the Poorer and Elderly are in danger of Dying of Cold. Why? It is because of Germany’s Dependence on Cheap Russian Natural Gas over the Decades. But not just in Germany. The most Vulnerable of People all over Europe also stand to Die, throughout the Cold Winter of 2023. Such will not have enough Natural Gas to warm their Abodes. Petrol is now being Rationed in France. This is due, largely in part to the Demolition by the USA of the Russian built Nord Stream Pipelines.

Biden promised he would do that if Russia rolled across the Ukraine with Tanks. Now, Saudi Arabia has broken with the USA and sided with Russia to reduce Oil Production. Militarily, NATO is essentially at War with Russia, by Proxy. Funds, Weapons and ‘Advisors’ have been sent to the Ukraine and still will be. And now with the Escalation of the Crimea Bridge being blown-up by the CIA and in Retaliation, Russia is indiscriminately firing Missiles at Cities full of Civilians. This is how the History of the prior 2 World Wars are being Repeated.

The U.S. Administration has now given over $50 Billion Dollars to the Ukraine. Estimates are projected that the Amount will reach as high as $120 Billion Dollars. This Aid to the Ukraine, is to defend its Borders, Feed its People and Arm them. All the while, the U.S. Border is defenseless. Many major Inner Cities have no Drinkable War. The Left, Politically, is trying to Disarm Law-Abiding Citizens, etc. But this is the Plan to introduce Chaos and Terror. And there are War Crimes being committed on both Sides.

Such is the Business of Lucifer, let loose and running-amok in the Ukraine to, ‘Steal, Kill and Destroy’. And then Germany’s History is very sensitive as it has a Legacy of the Holocaust that the Jews keep Reiterating in all Venues possible. They make sure Germany and the World will never forget. This is even though Germany has paid Reparations already. And consider that the Jews were 1 of the many Ethnic, Religious and/or Political Groups that were Genocide-ed by the Nazis. There were the Gypsy Roma, many Catholics, Homosexuals, etc. Yet only the Jews have been Compensated.

Darkness Descending

As a result, there is now an increase in Anti-Jewish Sentiment across Europe. Consider the Armenian Genocide. It was at the hands of the Muslim Turk from World War 1 to the 1920s and the Jewish response to it. This was, in all accounts, a Christian Holocaust. It is estimated that up to 2 Million Christians were Systematically Murdered by the Muslims. One finds it very Hypocritical that the Jews demand Germany and the World to Acknowledge, Recognize, Celebrate and Memorial the Jewish Holocaust.

But they have never Acknowledged, Recognized or Memorialized, in Sympathy the Armenian Genocide. And furthermore, the ‘Armenian’ is a General Term for all the People that Died. The Genocide also included Greeks, Syrians, Kurds, Chaldean Christians, etc. So, one can understand why the Germans, especially those of the World War 2 Generation, that are still alive, but dying off now as a Generation, do not want to ‘Talk About It’. And that is what? Armageddon, 3rd World War, the Ukraine, Russia, etc. There are too many Historical Scares now being re-opened or ‘Repeating’ themselves.

Such topics, as Biblical Prophecy or the End of Days, in many cases will trigger a Shut-Down in having any sort of Conversation about it. Why? Because it will all come True one Day. History will Repeat itself along with the Genocide, Holocaust, Famines, Diseases, Death, etc. But the Scale of which the Book of Revelation speaks to how it will occur, will likewise make one not want to talk about it. And to that effect, the Book of Revelation is not Read, Studied or Taught in how one could avoid it. How? Jesus.

In part, it is Human Nature to have a Plausible Deniability Complex. For example, many Individual Germans do not want to Internalize or Personalize the ‘Sins of the Past German Nazi State’. It is like a Married Couple, not wanting to talk about a Bad Divorce or Separation or Wrongs done in the Past. On that note, about a ‘Division’ that is coming? There is a Partial Solar Eclipse occurring on October 25, 2022. And? Here below is the Link about it from Time-And-Date Website. And it has several 3D Animation Models, etc. It does pertain to the Key Hot Spots of Chaos currently being orchestrated.

What one finds fascinating is where the Shadows fall on Earth. It is a ‘Division’ that is coming will not only be Astronomical but deal in the Geo-Politically with Spiritually Overtones also in one’s Prophetic Estimation. The Solar Eclipse Totality is in the Heart of Russia, specifically at the Urals Mountains that Divide Europe from Asia like a Spine. And the 3 Pivotal Markers that start the Eclipse Shadows begin in the Ukraine, then Israel and ending with Iran. Or in other words, look at what is happening as Darkness is Descending upon Kyiv, Jerusalem and Teheran and then the World, etc.

A Division has begun. It is about Land or Territory being Divided. The Ukraine is being Divided. Israel will be Divided. And Iran is being Divided. The Ukraine was Divided as the 4 Break-Away Republics joined Russia. In Israel, the Lapid Care-Taker Government ceded the Major Natural Gas Field of Karish to Lebanon or ‘Hezbollah’. And the Promised Land is next to be Divided under the coming auspices of the New World Order AntiChrist ‘Peace-Maker’. Iran is fracturing as 80% of all its Young Generation was born after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and want a ‘Dividing’.

Divide and Conquer

The Iranian Theocratic Revolution really only deposed 1 Ruling Class for another. The same Repressive Apparatus is still in place. However, the point is that all these 3 Major Nations will have a Direct Role to play in Biblical End Times, especially how all 3 Nations, Capitals and Peoples will factor in the coming Gog-Magog War. This Gog World War is Ordained and Divinely Decreed. See Ezekiel 38-39 for the Outcome. Thus, one is suggesting that the Partial Solar Eclipse of October 25, 2022, is accenting this Escalation of Chaos, that will be Prophetic in one’s Estimation. It will lead to the New World Order.

It is just part of the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, YHVH is warning Humanity through, etc. One thinks that there is also another ‘Division’ that is in play, that of the Rapture. The Rapture Event will be a ‘Dividing’ away of all those in Jesus. They will be Extracted out of this Chaos and the Wrath or Judgment that is to come thereafter upon Lucifer, Israel and the Nations. Thus, the Partial Solar Eclipse, which is understood to be a ‘Bad Omen’ for the Nations will not be Good. It is from that Region of the Shadow being cast upon the Earth, where the AntiChrist will rise out of, as there is Total Chaos abounding in that Sweep that the Sun will make with the Moon.

It is as if the ‘Darkness is Descending’. Evidence? To reiterate, there is Chaos being fomented in Europe with Food and Fuel Shortages with possibly many Dying of Cold during the Winter of 2023. Russia is being aggravated by World Economic Sanctions to a corner and Humiliated. Many Citizens have decided to ‘Divide’ themselves from Mother Russia by leaving the Country due to its call for Conscription. There is the Ukraine, with the loss of so many Innocent Lives. Then Israel, is experiencing an onslaught of nearly Daily Stabbings of Jews, IDF Soldiers, and Civilians. Hezbollah in the North is about to Attack.

This is due to the Left-Centered Politicians in Israel and the World, for that matter, who are examples of those who Fail to Learn from History and are doomed to Repeat it, as the Saying goes. The Muslims will never be Appeased by receiving Land Acquisition for a ‘Promised Peace’. All such Deals have shown that the Palestinian Muslims do not want Peace with Israel. To a Muslim, so long as he or she is still Alive, they have ‘Won’. And to them, it is All or Nothing and this is what the Left in Israel and in the USA fail and refuse to realize, to their detriment. Then Iran with the Protests over the Hijab, etc. The Luciferian Globalists are going forward, not turning back.

But as to the October 25, 2022 Partial Solar Eclipse? The illustration accompanying this study will depict the Partial Solar Eclipse over Russia. The Point of Total Eclipse will be right on the ‘Spine’ of the Bear, Russia’s Ural Mountains. The Eclipse Shadow will Swivel from Greenland to India. The Shadow cast upon the Earth will almost be a Perfect Half Circle. It would appear to Swoop across Europe, the Middle East and Near East. And to reiterate, what is possibly Significant, is how the Shadow casts its 3 Main Markers that correspond to the 3 City Capitals of Kyiv, Jerusalem and Teheran. And how, Incidentally, the 3 Cities are the Centerpieces in the Globalists Luciferian Quest to foment Chaos that the Partial Solar Eclipse appears to be epitomizing.

One thus believes that it could be a Prophetic Sign that a Time is coming of a Great Divide. It is due to the Chaos being fomented to usher-in their Luciferian Manufactured ‘Order out of Chaos’. It is their Receipt to take over and Rule the World. Prophetically Speaking, the Solar Soave of the Shadows portrays a Darkness Descending upon the Center-Points from where the New Order will be coming from. But that this Darkness is a coming Spiritual Darkness Descending upon the whole World as the Rapture takes place.

This Region of Darkness, caused by the Solar Eclipse is from where the World Leader will be promising Peace and Safety to the World. It will work, but only by Deception and be but a Temporary ‘Fix’. Foremost, it will be a Peace centered around Israel for 7 Years, whenever that will be. So, one surmises that such a coming Divide and New Order that is to be ‘Birthed’ out of Chaos will be because of the Russian-Ukraine War, the Muslim-Jewish War to come with Hezbollah and other Proxies, and the Instability in Iran.

However, the Mainstay of the Variables is Russia. Despite Setbacks and a De Facto War with NATO, the Bible foretells that Russia will lead the Muslim Cohort with Iran and Turkey to attack Israel during the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period. Until that Time, one Hopes that the ‘Division’ of the Followers of Jesus is to take place at the Rapture. And before that Time or in Tandem with the Subsequent Division mentioned and accented by the Partial Solar Eclipse.


Time-And-Date Website
October 25, 2022
Partial Solar Eclipse

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