Study of the Astronomical Array September 11, -3 BC

  • How were the Heavenlies arrayed on the day of Jesus' birth day?
  • Was there any 'Sign' given supernaturally to mankind of this birth?
  • Was the Prophecy somehow tied to the Revelation 12 Sign(s)?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And in the same region there were Shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And an Angel of the LORD appeared to them, and the Glory of the LORD shone around them, and they were filled with great fear. And the Angel said to them, Fear not, for behold, I bring you Good News of great joy that will be for all the People. For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior, who is Christ the LORD. And this will be a Sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the Angel a multitude of the Heavenly Host praising GOD and saying, Glory to GOD in the highest, and on Earth peace among those with whom He is pleased!’ -Luke 2:8-14

The purpose of this study is to depict the astronomical array of the Sun, Moon and Stars as they occurred on September 11, -3 BC. This date is believed by many to be the correct date of the birth of Jesus Christ onto the world. The theory is 1 among many but if given the astronomical significance of what led-up to this celestial configuration, it does provide a very convincing scenario. What is prominent is that the Revelation 12 Sign is suggested in this array as the Sun is in Virgo with the Moon approaching the area of the feet of Virgo.  In terms of the 3-planet alignment, there is Jupiter, the King planet that is conjoined with the King Star of Regulus in Leo, the King Sign of the Mazzaroth.

Here lies a triple witness of the Sign, the Star and the Savior’s Planet. Moreover, the King Planet, the Star of the King, Jupiter had a triple conjunction with Regulus in Leo due to its retrograde. To the Wise Men of the East, those that were in Babylon and where of the teachings of Daniel, this was the Sign and the Star that they took note of and subsequently led them to Bethlehem. It was there and then that they came upon Jesus, already a young toddler, not a new born baby as taught traditionally. There is a misconception that the Wise Men were only 3 as that is the amount of gifts that were presented to Jesus in the Biblical narratives but there could have been more.

Also, the Wise Men were not present at the birth of Jesus. But the Shepherds out in the hills of Judea were. They were on the outskirts of Bethlehem when Angels announced to them the birth of the King of the Universe. The Prophecy of Genesis 3:15 had come. The Seed of the Woman was born, incarnated. This is an amazing aspect to consider that the Creator, was born of a woman, a human, having a body as it was prophesied also in the Bible. Why? Jesus came to redeem Adam’s race as a man. What was also unique in setting up this astronomical array as evidence of the true date of the birth of Jesus is that Venus and Jupiter also had a triple conjunction within the Signs of Leo and Virgo. It was actually 9 months prior to this astronomical array that the 1st conjunction of Jupiter with Venus occurred in Leo.

Stage of the Stars
Because of Mary, it was Jesus, who at the Cross of Calvary that Jesus destroyed Death, Lucifer’s power, using Death. This was the weapon of Lucifer that he thought would have destroyed Humanity and averted the acquisition of his Kingdom, thrones and dominion one Earth and the Garden that Lucifer had walked on. Jesus, the Seed of the Woman destroyed Lucifer, or ‘crushed his head’ as YHVH foretold Adam, Eve and Lucifer would happen. And this ‘scene’ is also depicted in the Stars. Primarily, it is seen with Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer and Scorpio. Ophiuchus is wrestling with the Serpent that seeks to reach for the Crown of the Kingdom just outside the Golden Gate. This would echo how Jesus was crucified outside the Gate of Jerusalem. Ophiuchus is crushing the head of Scorpio, bludgeoned it red with blood. It is a mortal blow as Antares is the Giant Red Star that is positioned there at the head. But it is the stinger of Scorpio that is plunged into the heel of Ophiuchus and leads to his mortal death.

This is the depiction, astronomically of the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of Satan. It played-out at the Cross of Calvary. However. the end is yet to come with the triumph of Leo, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. This Root of Jesse, the Branch that came from Virgo is to conclude all Prophecy given, to be fulfilled in triumph as Jesus redeems Eve and Adam and restores the Garden of Eden. This will occur at Jesus 2nd coming and with His Bride. This is the other ‘Women’ to which Prophecy has been given to. Why? It has been the task of this ‘Body of Christ’, presently to testify of Messiah’s 2nd Coming, in the same way the Nation of Israel was tasked to testify of the Messiah’s 1st coming. If one may assess based on Israel’s history, it failed in general.

Only a few Field Shepherds of Bethlehem and Gentile Wise Men were privy to the arrival of no less than the King of the Universe to Earth. But so has the Body of Christ likewise not done a good job either. Realize that this is one of the main objectives of the LORD’s Super given to the Church while still on Earth. In so much as one partakes, one is declaring Jesus’ return, in triumph, at His 2nd coming. Thus, Lucifer since that day of his verdict and perhaps in tandem with the Revelation 12 Sign in -3915 BC has been busy trying to avert this Prophecy. He has tried, in vain to position his Seed, that of the Spirit of AntiChrist and eventually a human that will have his mixed DNA, a ‘God-Man’ to confront Jesus and prevent His people from possessing the Earth and its domain when Jesus returns. Since that time, Lucifer has used many humans, both male and female that have believed his Lie as Eve did and do and will believe still for such a purpose.

They believe Lucifer has the better deal, a better ‘Prophecy’. But such are the ones that have caused nothing but wars, famines, pestilences, murder and destruction upon the world. Then the other dimension about the 1st Prophecy is that it related and tied to the Last Prophecy. And this too is tied to a woman. It has been the Body of Christ that has been a metaphor of a woman, a Virgin Bride also. And to this other ‘Woman’, Prophecy has been entrusted to her; to study, understand, discern and divulge not only to the Jews first, but to the Body made up now of Jew and Gentile. She is fused in the Holy Spirit presently throughout the Church Age and tasked to evangelize the Nations. And part of the Gospel is that Jesus is coming again. That there is a 2nd Coming of Jesus, and an end to the Age that will culminate with the Resurrection-Rapture event.

Celestial Signs
But how is the astronomical Sign of Virgo and even Leo associated or connected to Prophecy? Is this not ‘Astrology’ that the Bible forbids? Consider that what Astrology has become is not what was originally understood to be. Astrology was the ‘Science’ in the ancient days and was a noble and high level position that only the learned and elders had access to in ancient times. For example, monarchs and kings of old like Nebuchadnezzar had the Court of Astrologers of whom Daniel was made Chief. It was understood that the ancient civilizations knew of the precepts of how YHVH from the account of Genesis. YHVH had this set-up as parameters, permissible to learn and to understand, and was even a command. YHVH stated that the Heavenly Bodies were to be for calculating the Times, Season and for Signs. Sings of what? The Sign of the Messiah and when He would be arriving, and perhaps when he would be returning?

What Lucifer has done is to take that which was holy, sanctified and perverted it to become ‘Daily Horoscopes’ and scare the Church into not understanding it. That is what got Israel in trouble and a rebuke from Jesus for not studying, comprehending and anticipating His arrival due to such Heavenly Signs. What the High Priest of Israel did instead was to use the perverted and forbidden knowledge that the Fallen Angles had taught Humanity with to delve into sorcery and worship of demons to obtain power from it. YHVH’s People of Israel were such in a dumbed-down state of mind, due to the ‘blind’ Shepherds of Israel, on purpose, that it was revealed then to Gentiles. It was revealed to those associated with the teaching of Daniel in how he taught them the reading of Prophecy from the Bible, Dreams and the Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars, etc.

They were deemed, ‘Wise Men’ for following Christ, not by Faith, exclusively but by sight, the sight of the Stars that led them to Jesus, in their case. And this is the test one can use in discerning Biblical Astronomy from Luciferian Astrology. If the Signs and Wonders leads one to a deeper understanding of Jesus, it is of the Holy Spirit. If the Signs, Dreams and Wonders, leads one away from Jesus, it is of a different Spirit that has to be tested. With this in mind, consider then that the astronomical Signs of both Virgo and Leo have the elements of Prophecy in the very make-up of their ‘DNA’ as it were. How so? Each of the names of their Stars denotes a facet of Prophecy that is a piece of the overall storyline of the Plan of Redemption only found in Jesus. In the case of Virgo, her most prominent Stars’ names speak of the very fact that they refer directly to being associated with a Priestess, of having Prophecy, of giving Prophecy, etc.

Prophecy about what? About the 1st Prophecy, that of the coming Seed of the Woman and its ultimate triumph found in Leo, the last Sign. This is seen in the Stars of Porrima, which means, ‘Goddess of Prophecy’. And Virgo’s primary Star, Spica speaks of the ‘Branch to come’. It is the Root of Jesse prophesized in the Bible, Jesus. Spica is in the part of the Universe that has the most concentrated clusters of Galaxies. It is as in a depiction of a maiden, ‘Ruth’ coming in from the Wheat Harvest with a bushel full of wheat kernels. Virgo is the 1st of the 12 constellation in the Heavenlies and starts the storyline as it did with Eve and the 1st Prophecy in the Garden. Consider that such an astronomical array of Stars and planets coming together, orchestrated by YHVH to go in tandem with the Genesis 3:15 verdicts and 1st Prophecy were mirrored astronomically.

This was also a significant Sign to the Wise Men as this is what altered to at a conjunction of the King Star with the Mother Star was to produce the Man-Child. It was eventually the retrograde of Jupiter though that ‘stopped’ over Bethlehem that signed where the King of the Universe was to have been born. If the astronomical date is correct, then the Magi would have arrived at the house of Joseph and Mary on December 25, -2 BC. The point is that such astronomical array of planetary alignments and conjunctions do not occur on the alternate dates presented to be the true date of Jesus’ birth. The other planetary alignment that is significant is how Mercury and Venus are in line with the Sun in Virgo during this September 11, -3 AD ‘Revelation 12 Sign’.

One could, with some liberty extrapolate theologically the planets to the Trinity. One can ascribe the Sun to the Father, Venus to the Son, and Mercury to the Holy Spirit. In the Bible, there are many references of how YHVH is as the Sun, in brightness and resplendence. Then there is Jesus who He Himself referred to as Venus, the Bright and Morning Star. Then there is the aspects of how the Holy Spirit is seen as a ‘Messenger’ and helper, etc. It is with this possible date of Jesus’ birth that one can then triangulate the start of Jesus’ ministry and His death, that being April 14, 32 AD at the age of 33. Since at that time, both the Jewish Calendar and the Julian Calendar were the same, it would have had to have been on the 14th of the month as that is when YHVH prescribed through Moses when the Passover was to be held.

Amazingly, there was a Blood Moon that occurs at Midnight, just as it was during the 1st Passover in Egypt. Thus, given this timeline, the 3rd date also corresponds to when the ministry of Jesus began. This was on the occasion of how Jesus read from Isaiah the portion of the Jubilee, and in so doing declared that in the hearing of all to have been privileged to be there and then in the Synagogue of Nazareth, that it would be fulfilled in their hearting. This is to say that based solely on this astronomical alignment, of Jesus’ birth, the dates subsequently can be derived of when His ministry began and when the death of Jesus occurred to suggest these true sequence of events and timeline to be the accurate one.

The question remains, if the Revelation 12 Sign was key in how Prophecy was first initiated and set to the Stars’ courses and that of the planets, they foretold of when Jesus was to arrive on Earth. Could such a similar Sign then be when Jesus is to arrive or return then? This has yet to be discerned but in so much as the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 came, it could be the bookend of its beginning back in -3915 BC. Is the Sign to then suggest that the generation that witnessed the Sign since 2017 is the one that will see the Rapture fulfilled and the return of Jesus, with Jesus? How many years after? Is its 1260 day prophetic Shelf Life have anything to do with it or is it of any significance or countdown perhaps? It could be that close.

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E.W. Bullinger

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