Senate Hearings on Government Forced Injections

  • What is Natural Immunity an why is it not being recognized?
  • Who is Xavier Becerra and who is he in charge and wanting to do?
  • Will Senate Hearings stop the Government's effort to require Shots?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The most Dangerous Man in the Room, is the one who Speaks the Truth’. -Aristotle

The purpose of this report is to provide a transcript of the U.S. Senate Hearing on October 1, 2021 between Senator and Doctor, Rand Paul and Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the Health and Human Services HHS over Natural Immunity. This Hearing was very revealing as to the Science behind Effective and Lasting Natural Immunity. The issue is not about Immunity. The Government mandating COVID Shots is not about recognizing Natural Immunity. The Hearing will bear-out the notion that it is about an Agenda, to restructure Society and the Economy and mis-use Science, in the Name of Science to Control and Subjugate the Masses.

It is a case of a Doctor, Rand Paul arguing against a Governmental Bureaucrat who is a Lawyer. Dr. Rand Paul presents a substantive argument based on countless Studies on Natural Immunity and particularly the one from Israel. Why Israel? It is reported that over 90% of the Population has been Injected and in fact are now on their 4th Round. Why? Evidently, the Injections do not provide Lasting and Effective Immunity against COVID. The majority of those Infected with COVID have been those who have been, ‘Vaccinated’. They are not. It is not about providing Immunity. Becerra is a Pond in the Democrat appointed ‘Tokens’ of appearing to be ‘Ethnically’ representing the Nation.

He was appointed by Gavin Newsom and had been a California Congressman. His District is one of the poorest and neglected in the State of California. And if allowed, the Plan is to convert the entire USA as such. The Radical Ideology that has taken over the Democrat Party is one in which the existing Institutions, good or bad, have to be totally demolished so that then, their ‘Build Back Better’ can be implemented. And here is one such prime example of how the Powers-That-Be have selected/appointed such an Imbecile to implement their Luciferian Agenda through Medical Mandates designed to destroy the National Economy and all the millions of lives along with it.

If such are willing and are the types that condone Human Abortion, that of the most vulnerable and innocent, what does one think they truly care or are concerned with those that are far less ‘worthy’ of Life or Resources? They are not concerned, or else if so, would recognize the Science of Natural Immunity. The problem? They are in control and have the Power, for now. What is alarming is that Becerra has the Power to stop all this COVID Madness and Psychosis. There is no need to be injecting Heathy People nor Adolescents, nor Children with an Experimental Concoction of a Medical Procedure. But he will not because that is not what his ‘Handlers’ have appointed him for.

Vaccine Hesitancy

During the Hearing, it was self-evidence of how Becerra claims to have, Looked at every Study out there, and then not 5 minutes later, states, ‘I am not familiar with the Israeli Study.’ Which, is probably the most significant array of data ever collected. And proof of the importance of Natural Immunity that is proven to be more effective than their Shots. The issue, the Big Pharma Corporations would stand to lose the Billions of Dollars’ worth of Government Contracts to mass produce the COVID Injections. And it would stop their ‘Perpetual’ need to have People get their ‘Up-grades’ or Booster. Why?

It is because of the very fact that their COVID-19 Shots are not meant to provide Safe and Effective Immunity. They are only designed but to avoid Hospitalization and Death. Realize that the Boosters just contain ‘more of the same’ of what the 1st and 2nd COVID Injections had, that did not work in the first place to prevent Infection, stop Transmission or provide Safe and Effective Immunity. Senator Rand Paul, who is a Doctor is basically calling-out a non-Medical Government Bureaucrat that seeks to coerce Millions of People to get Experimental Injections or else lose one’s ability to provide/livelihood, etc. It really is a Death Sentence. These are not a ‘Vaccine’.

So, to the likes of the Becerra’s, the People who survived COVID due to their Natural Immunity, are healthy and have a stronger Immunity now than their A.I. designed mRNA Injections, cannot be left to stand. And they will need 3-4 more ‘Boosters’ that are increasingly showing mounting Adverse Effects. The COVID-19 Shots are leading to Paralysis, Myocarditis, Seizures, Neurological Damage, Auto-Immunity being compromised and even Death. Becerra has the Power to stop this, but he will not. He has not been ordered to and the Agenda must proceed and it will. It is not about Science, despite the Studies Senator Rand Paul submitted.

As usual, the HHS Secretary talked around the questions. The dire situation is that the issue is not about People being ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’. It is called, ‘Wait a minute and let me think about this further’. ‘Let us do more research because this untested Medical Product and mRNA technology has never been tested on Humans before’. It is thus, a Survival Instinct to be ‘Hesitant’. It is a good thing. But the Power-That-Be have used their Mass Media to psychologically demonize those that dare think for themselves of what is best for themselves and their Body. What happened to ‘My Body, My Chose’? Wrong Agenda.

It is they, like the Becerra’s of the Brave New World that are propagating Scientific Misinformation. Many are arguing that all the People of the World, as Bill Gates dreams of, need to get injected with this COVID-19 solution. Why? It is because People’s ‘Exposure to COVID and Natural Immunity is not as good as being vaccinated’. This is the madness that the World is being subjected to. It has lost its Mind to think and reason logically. Exactly. It has been now an issue of, ‘Follow the Science?’ No. It really now means, ‘Follow Our Science’. Bottomline? COVID-19 is not about ‘Saving Lives’. The mere fact that Senator Rand Paul also exposed Fauci’s Gain of Function is evidence that this Criminal Cabal are nothing more than Murderous Eugenicists Hell-Bent on culling Humanity with their Medical Devices. They are not a Vaccine.


Senator and Doctor Rand Paul
Today after appearing that millions of People in a study, prove …show without a doubt, that there is a great deal of Immunity from getting it Naturally. Do you want to apologize to the 100 million Americans who suffered through COVID, survived have Immunity and yet you want to ‘hold them down and vaccinate them?’ Do you want to apologize for calling those People ‘Flat-Earthers’? Mr. Becerra, Are you familiar with an Israeli Study that had 2.5 million Patients and found that the Vaccinated Group was actually 7 times more likely to get Infected with COVID, than the People who had gotten COVID naturally?

Lawyer Becerra
Senator, I have to get back to you on that. One, I am not familiar with that study.

Senator and Doctor Rand Paul
Well, you think you might want to be if you are going to travel the country insulting the millions of Americans, including NBA Star Jonathan Isaac who have had COVID recovered? Look at a study with 2.5 million People and say, ‘Well, you know what, it looks like my Immunity is as good as a Vaccine or not.’

In a Free Country, maybe ought to be able to make that decision. Instead, you have chosen to travel the country calling People like Jonathan Isaac and others, myself included, ‘Flat Earthers’. We find that very insulting; goes against the Science. Are you a Doctor or a Medical Doctor?

Lawyer Becerra
I have worked over 30 years on Health Policy.

Senator and Doctor Rand Paul
You are not a Medical Doctor. Do you have a Science Degree? And yet you travel the country calling People ‘Flat Earthers’ who have had COVID, looked at studies of millions of People and made their own Personal Decision that their Immunity, they naturally acquired is sufficient.

But you presume somehow to tell over a 100 million Americans, who have survived COVID that… ‘We have no Right to determine our own Medical Care’? You alone are on high and you have made these decisions, a Lawyer with no Scientific Background, no Medical Degree. This is an Arrogance coupled with an Authoritarianism that is unseemly and un-American. You Sir, the one ignoring the Science. The vast preponderance of Scientific Studies; dozens and dozens show robust, long-lasting Immunity after COVID Infection.

Even the CDC does not recommend Measles Vaccine if you have Measles Immunity. The same was true for Smallpox. But you ignore History and Science to shame the ‘Flat Earthers’, as you call them. You should be ashamed of yourself and apologize to the American People for being dishonest about Naturally Acquired Immunity. You want more people to choose Vaccination? So do I.

You want to lessen Vaccine Hesitancy? So do I. You want to have that happen? Quit lying to People about Naturally Acquired Immunity. Quit Lording it over People, acting as if these People are ‘Deplorable’ and ‘Unwashed’. Try persuasion instead of ‘Government Cudgels. Try Humility instead of Arrogance. Try Freedom instead of Coercion. But most of all, try Understanding that there is no more Basic Medical Right than deciding what we inject into our Bodies.

Today after hearing that millions of People, in a Study prove… show without a doubt, that there is a great deal of Immunity from getting it Naturally… Do you want to apologize to the 100 million Americans who suffered through COVID; survived… have Immunity and yet you want to ‘hold them down and vaccinate them’? Do you want to apologize for calling those People, ‘Flat Earthers’?

Lawyer Becerra
Senator, I appreciate your question and appreciate that everyone has their opinion. Uh, we follow the Facts and the Science at HHS. We use the Expertise of the Medical Professionals, the Scientists at, uh, HHS to make decisions. Uh, it is a Team Effort and we rely on what is on the ground showing us results.

Senator and Doctor Rand Paul
Except for the dozens and dozens of Studies. In fact, most if not all of the Studies show Robust Immunity from getting the Disease Naturally. The CDC says if you have had Measles and have Immunity you do not have to be vaccinated. The same was true of Smallpox. You are selectively doing this because you want us to submit to your will.

You have no Scientific Background, no Scientific Degrees and yet you are not really concerned about a 100 million Americans who had the Disease. You just want to tell us, ‘Do as you are told’. That is what you are telling us you want to Mandate this on all of us. You are going to tell us, if I have 100 Employees, you are going to put me Out-of-Business with a $700,000 (USD) Fine, if I do not obey what you think is a ‘Science’?

Do you not understand that it is presumptuous for you to be in charge of all the Science. Have you ever heard of a 2nd Opinion? I cannot go to my Doctor and ask my Doctor's opinion? I mean this is incredibly arrogant, combined with this authoritarian nature that you think well, ‘We will just tell all of America to do what I say and they better or will fine them or put them in Jail.

Or not let them go to School or not let them Travel’. The Science is against you on this. The Science is clear. Naturally Acquired Immunity is as good as a Vaccine. The Israel Study actually showing it better. This is not an argument against the Vaccine. But it is an argument for letting People make a decision, who already have Immunity. You are not willing to consider Natural Immunity?

Lawyer Becerra
Senator, our team has reviewed every Study that is out there on COVID, whether it is from Israel… from the U.S. or wherever else. They have used the facts that have been provided through the rigorous research that's been done. 
To reach conclusions 660-odd thousand Americans and more have died because of COVID. We are trying to do everything we can to save as many as possible. We are using the facts. We are following the Science and following the Law.

Senator and Doctor Rand Paul

Nobody is arguing the severity of this. But you are completely ignoring the Science on Natural Immunity. So is Fauci. So is the whole group. You are just ignoring it because you want Submission. You want everybody just to submit to your will, ‘Do as you are told’ despite the evidence. The large Body of Scientific Evidence that says Naturally Acquired Immunity does work; is an important part of how we are all going to recover from this. So, is the vaccine.

But when you add them together, we are at a much different place than if you ignore them. A 100 million Americans, by conservative CDC estimates have had the Disease. 200 million or more now have been vaccinated. It is a good thing combined together it is how the Disease is… Nobody wants to get the Disease. We are not advising anybody to get the Disease. But if you were unlucky enough to get it, think of the Nurses and Doctors and Orderlies who all bravely took care of COVID Patients.

There was no Vaccine for a year and a half. They took care of People. Risked their lives. They got it. Survived. And now People like you are arrogant enough to say, ‘You can no longer work in the Hospital because you have already had the Disease. We are going to force you to take a ‘Vaccine’ that the Science does not prove is better than Naturally Acquired.’ That is an arrogance that should be chastened.


Mark of the Beast
Vaccines are to accomplish 3 things: 1. Prevent Infections. 2. Stop Transmission. 3. And provide Effective and Lasting Immunity. The COVID-19 Injections provide none. It is about Control, and their Luciferian Obsession with forcing People to take their Injections despite the vast majority of People having little to no serious issues if they were to catch COVID and treat it early.

The mere fact that the NIH, CDC in the USA has re-written the Protocols for Treatment. Meaning? Doctors are instructed not to treat COVID. This is the crime of the century. The key in averting Death by COVID is Early Treatment. But that is not the Plan. And any of the Doctors, especially those working for the Big Pharm Hospital conglomerates face the fear of losing their Practice.

This has been going on in places like Canada for Doctors even suggesting on Social Media Alternative Treatments for COVID, etc. Is there a ‘Conspiracy’ going on here? You bet. Evidence? Consider the ‘Signaling’ of Becerra’s comment on the ‘660 Thousand’. One is not surprised he did not say 666. Why this Number? It is directly associated with the Marking in the Hand or Forehead of what will allow a person to either Buy or Sell in the coming Tribulation Period. It is about to get ‘Biblical’.

And all this COVID-19 Façade is in preparation for it. It is conditioning the World to accept it as now the ‘New Normal’. No Jab, No Job. No Jab, No Eat. One cannot even post this Article or video of the Hearing on Facebook as it is now being blocked from sharing, as ‘Misinformation’. Now, there are, of course those that have believed, and are believing the likes of Xavier Becerra. They argue that Natural Immunity is ‘not permanent’. And therefore, People will still need a ‘Vaccine’ in the future, no matter what.

Well, such fail in the logic to understand that their ‘Vaccines’ are not permanent either or are as Effective as Natural Immunity. That was and is the argument and reason for the Hearing. Yet despite the numerous Scientific Papers that Senator Rand Paul cited from, the COVID World Order Agenda will move forward.  A total Evil Medical Tyranny has  descended upon the USA, the World, 1 day at a time, 1 Mandate at a time.

All this was the point Senator Paul was making, in that it is a fact, that Natural Immunity proves more effective and longer-lasting than the current COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ can provide. And that now, all the Vaccines require Boosters, indefinitely. And in other Studies, show that the more one keeps taking these series of COVID-19 Shots, the less one’s Natural Immunity will be at fighting-off Natural Occurring Infections. If any disagreement would be had from what Senator Rand Paul has said, is that no, it is not a ‘Good Thing’ that over 200 million Americans have gotten this COVID-19 Injection. It is not a ‘Vaccine’. It is Genocide.

Main Sources

Rand Paul Grills HHS Secretary Over Natural Immunity: 'Do You Want To Apologize?'
October 1, 2021
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