Evidence of Those Exposing the ‘Soft Genocide’

  • What is the 'Doctor Hit List' about and who are they?.
  • Why is their Medical Research Banned and Censored?.
  • 'Do these Doctors have credible Evidence against COVID?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this write-up is to provide the brief Summary of one’s ‘Running List’ of COVID Doctors that have spoken-out against the Dangerous COVID Injections, but only because one has featured some of their Research in one’s Articles and Books. One may not have a PhD in Medical Science, but one does have several Master’s Degrees that involved having to know and learn about Research Methods and how to do it. Working as a former Testing Coordinator and as the Testing Officer for our State University, one has been well versed in Statistics and Extrapolation/Interpretation of Data and Research. One does not believe or know of any other Doctor or Academic that has authored 5 Books on the COVID Plandemic since it started.

At the beginning of COVID, there were only a hand-full of Doctors that went Public. Mostly due to that they did not have time to ‘put it all together’. What I have tried to do is to provide a Comprehensive Effort in compiling all of their Research together. Amazingly, they have all come to the same conclusions, independently. What I have done that is different, is that I have provide a Biblical Perspective and Interpretation that I believe no other Books on the Subject of COVID have come out with nor will touch. This is why my Research is even less considered. But so be it. I have tailored it to those of the Faith to be forewarned. Of course, there have been many Doctors and Books in the last year that have published and are the ones that get the traction.

But in the beginning, there was much confusion even in the Medical Profession as to what was going on. The List I have occurred so far, and counting are of the Main Doctors that are Experts above and beyond reproof in their Field of Studies. Yet, despite having the top Credentials on Planet Earth, they are being deemed as ‘Conspiracy Nuts’. These are the Crème de la Crème. These are the Nobel Prize Winners, those who have published Peer-Reviewed Scientific Papers, invented Treatment Protocols that have treated and saved 1000s of Live to include World Presidents. And have presented before State and Congressional Committees.

As Dr. Malone said, the Inventor of the actual mRNA Technology and has now come on the side of Advocating against the Mandated Inoculations, ‘If I cannot be allowed to opine on the matter, then who can?’ Exactly. But that is the point and the Agenda. He has been banned from YouTube, Twitter, as many others are also that speak against this ‘Soft Genocide’ that is going-on against Humanity, in one’s opinion. After 2 Years of Research on COVID, one has only sought to bring together the Evidence and composite the Research of all these Doctors in the best way possible, to be informative and understandable to the Common Man and Woman.

Of course, because one is not a Nationally known Author or Researcher, there is no traction of such Publications one has made so far. No problem. However, it has been the 1s and the 2s that have received the information. One is counting that such information, as is presented in the List that I have called the ‘Hit List’ is what will hopefully make a difference, to at least 1. Or with some person that will not be taking this ‘Poison Death Shot’ as Dr. Zelenko has called it as a result.

To reiterate, the following are but a few of the Brave Doctors that have come out against the Experimental mRNA COVID Injections that are being proved, are not ‘Safe and Effective’. A brief Summary of their work will be given with a link to an Article that delves deeper into their Research. The ‘Hit List’ will be presented in Alpha Order. The Link is to the PDF Version.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
Perhaps is one of the top Doctors and Experts in the World on COVID related Epidemiology and Virology. The Microbiologist from Germany stated that the ‘Looming COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ is downright dangerous and will send you to your Doom.’ The Expert is the co-author of a Book, ‘Corona: False Alarm?’ It is a runaway bestseller in Germany that was published in English on October 2, 2020. The book was the #1 bestseller in the Amazon categories of Microbiology, Pulmonary Medicine, and Health Law soon after its release. The videos of the interview have sense been censored by not only by the YouTube ‘Thought Police’, but also from the Fox Network Ingraham page as well. It is clearly another attempt at sensing any opposing Narrative or 2nd Medical Opinion on the subject.

He proved a Free Chapter from Book: COVID Unmasked.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
He is sounding the ‘Alarm!’ about the Dangers of this New Experimental ‘Vaccine’. His published Scientific Paper and Presented it at the Vaccine Summit in the USA of why Mass Vaccination must be stopped. Dr. Bossche is a GAVI/Bill Gates paid/hired Research Expert, a Virologist is emphatically calling for the immediate halt to the worldwide Mass-Vaccination of Millions that is being undertaken due to the COVID-19 release. He is pleading to his fellow Scientific Community to stop all COVID-19 Vaccinations immediately. He has sent his finding and Letter of Appeal to the World Health Organization WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control CDC because the COVID-19 shots will destroy a Person’s ‘Innate Ability’ to deal with Future Viruses, and cause more Deadly Strains to develop faster, killing the People who got the ‘Vaccine’.

Dr. Zandre Botha
She discovered Metallic Substances, black in color that Self-Assembled in the COVID-19 Injection Vails. She took pictures and video of perfectly Spherical Metallic-Looking Substances. This is the Graphene Oxide that is in the COVID-19 Injection. Still, the controlled Main Stream Medias are denying it. Graphene Oxide is basically ‘Programmable Tissue’. It appears to be the Self-Replicating also as the Graphene Oxide is harvesting the Hemoglobin, a type of Iron Oxide from the Blood. Why? In order to construct a ‘Virtual Network’ in the Human Body that can ‘Communicate’ with Mobile Connections worldwide, A.I., etc., The Globalists are essentially forcibly converting all Human Bodies into ‘Walking Cell Towers’. And it is being done now through the cover of a ‘Deadly Virus’, COVID-19.

Dr. Byram Bridle
Canadian Virologist stated that he had done research on the effects of the Experimental mRNA COVID-19 Injections. In the information he and his Colleagues acquired, they concluded that the Spike Proteins made by the Body as instructed by the coded mRNA is actually a Toxin. Worse, is that this Toxin is being injected into Non High Risk Populations like Children. And that the accumulation of the Toxin that showed to be then released into the Blood Concentrate in the Ovaries that will render People, Sterile. He and his Children have been physically threatened to the point that Dr. Bridle has ‘shut down’. Dr. Bridle had written an article in March of 2021 titled, ‘A Year of COVID-19 Lockdown is putting Kids at Risk of Allergies, Asthma and Autoimmune Diseases’. This is where it all started for him and is now targeted for such ‘Disinformation’

Dr. Dolores Cahill
Dr. Dolores Cahill from Ireland and Alexandra H. Caude of France have spoken about the Dangers of the COVID Injections. They are 2 of the most experienced Microbiologists/Virologists in the field addressing and challenging the ‘official’ false narratives of the COVID-19 plandemic. They have exposed the COVID-19 Plandemic Fraud and the Dangers of the Experimental Vaccine that is being implemented. The so called ‘Vaccine’ is not about Immunity but Gene Manipulation, Population Reduction and Total Control.

Dr. Tedros A. Ghebreyesus
WHO’s Director’s made a statement that the COVID Vaccines and Boosters are, ‘Killing Children’. Exactly. The Main Stream Media and Fact Checking websites insisted thereafter that the Doctor’s comment was a ‘Slip of the Tongue’ and did not mean to say that the COVID Boosters were ‘Killing Children’. But based on the U.N. Transcript, that is exactly what he said and meant.

Dr. Pierre Gilbert (Theologian)

Gave a Lecture in 1995 or 1996 at a Conference on Eschatology or the Study of End Times. He warned and predicted that Mandatory ‘Vaccinations’ would be coming and COVID Camps. He detailed in incredible accuracy how the so called ‘Vaccine’ would contain ‘Liquid Crystals’ or essentially Graphene Oxide that presently all COVID-19 Injections are comprised of, 90%. They contain Nano-Particulates that are made from Carbon (6 Electrons, 6 Neutrons and 6 Protons). It is the same base Element from where Diamonds are derived from or ‘Crystals’ in other words. The Liquid Crystals would be infused in the very Biological Tissues of Humans, most notably in the Brain and would function as a ‘Receiver’ and ‘Transmitter’ of information and commands.

Dr. Hong
Doctor who has a Child gives a perspective now that COVID Shots are mandating Children by the Government to be ‘Vaccinated’, that is take the COVID-19 Shot. This is even though they Statistically are not a High Risk Group. His discourse was in the wake of how the FDA approved the Emergency Authorization Use to include now Children, ages 5-11. He says that the decision was based solely on their limited Clinical Study that the FDA is taking at face value. This is the meeting where the Head of the New England Journal of Medicine said, ‘We will not know the Side Effects, so we have to Vaccinate them to find out.’ The Board recommend the Shots, ‘With Reservations’, that they really do not know the Side Effects nor Long Term Adverse Reactions.

Dr. Carrie Madej
She reviewed and examined several COVID vails of the so-called ‘COVID Vaccines’ that are being mandated and are to be given to as many People of the World as possible. She stated, that what is being injected into the arms of millions of People around the world is to supposedly stop the Infection, Transmission and provide Immunization. It is not. What Dr. Madej discovered under the microscope essential validates what many since the COVID Plandemic was unleashed said were all about. In the interview, Dr. Madej observed that the COVID Injections do have Nano-Technology that produced ‘Hydra’-Like Objects. They will serve to convert the Human Body into a Super-Conducting Entity that can be GPS tracked and surveilled. More nefarious, is the possibility of being able to then ‘download’ even Thoughts, Commands and Behavior.

Dr. Robert Malone

Inventor of the mRNA technology released a Video Statement in early December of 2021 alerting Parents to seriously consider NOT Injecting their Children with the Experimental mRNA Technology. Why not? He ought to know. He explained in the simplest of terms that there is statistically no Risk of COVID Complication in this Young Age Group. Furthermore, that the Consequences are irreversible when it comes to the Damages the Shots are inflicting on Young Adolescents and Children in particular.

Dr. Ben Marble
Created the Telemedicine Website. He is a Gulf Breeze Doctor that is virtually treating 100’s of COVID-19 Patients for Free. People can book an Online Appointment. Dr. Ben Marble is a Family Medicine Specialist. He is accepting New Patients. Be sure to call ahead.


Dr. Peter McCullough.
Probably the most knowledgeable Doctor and expert pertaining to the Effective Treatments against COVID-19. Dr. Peter McCullough has published, over 40 Peer-Reviewed Papers on the Evaluation and Recommended Outcomes concerning COVID-19 Patients. He is by far one of the most qualified Doctors as his Professional Vitae is several pages long. Dr. Peter McCullough has also testified at several State and Federal Hearings, showing that Early Treatment that were suppressed could have prevented up to 85% of Deaths from COVID-19. His paid Detractors have lumped this Doctor with the likes of whom they have deemed, the ‘Dirty Dozen’ bent on ‘Disinformation’ Conspiracy Theories. He, like them has independently come to the same conclusions. He talks about an ‘Orchestrated Agenda’ that is worldwide and politically deep. He sees the same Playbook being used about how dangerous the New Experimental mRNA Injections are. And that the COVID-19 Fear Factor has been used as an excuse to have as many humans possible be injected with this New Technology.

Dr. Luc Montagnier
According to the Discoverer of the HIV Virus back in 1983,  the COVID-19 has at least 4 HIV Coded Inserts that do not occur Naturally and therefore that the COVID-19 virus was Man-Made. He specifically stated that, ‘HIV RNA Fragments are believed to have been found in the SARS-CoV-2 Genome.’ One particular Article of this most compelling assertion came from Robert Miller who first published his findings on April 16, 2020 and then reviewed by Gilmore Health later on. The Article goes on to emphatically state that Dr. Montagnier, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology in 2008 for his discovery insists that the COVID-19 Virus came out of the Wuhan Bio Lab in China. The actions of the Chinese immediately after the identification and reaction speaks to this claim. China allowed Travelers from Wuhan to all parts of the World, Italy, Iran, the USA, Europe, in particular, etc. And then the pattern resulted in the Hot-Spots that eventually become the ‘Pandemic’ or was it in reality a Plandemic? It has been revealed that Fauci’s Research Labs gave $3.7 million, twice to the Wuhan Lab for Corona Virus Research with his institute providing the Wuhan Lab with samples via secret shipments to and from the Canadian Winnipeg Level 4 Lab.

Dr. Christiane Northrup
The Doctor has publicly exposed the Adverse Effects of what is in the COVID-19 Injections. She has exceptional Expertise and Medical Credentials that are very important.  She is a Board-Certified OB-GYN Physician trained at Dartmouth Medical School, Tufts New England Medical Center. She is a former Clinical Professor of OB-GYN at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. She is the Author of 3 New York Times Best-Selling Books including Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, the Wisdom of Menopause and Goddesses Never Age. She has done 8 highly successful public television specials. She was on the Oprah Winfrey show 10 different times and all the numerous TV shows like Dr. Oz and Rachel Ray and NBC Nightly News and all of the rest.

Dr. Christina Parks
A Michigan Doctor Testified before the Michigan House in support for HB 4471, in mid-August of 2021. It is a Bill which would prohibit Businesses in the State from requiring Vaccinations as a Condition of Employment. Dr. Christina Parks, who is African-American delivered powerful Expert Analysis questioning the degree to which Government is now wanting to be involved regarding what needs to go into a person’s Body. In her Testimony, she basically asserts that it is unethical for the Government to ‘Mandate Vaccines’ which, not only do not prevent Infection or Transmission, but actually appear to be weakening the Human Immune System. Dr. Parks further explains how the COVID-19 Injections do not attenuate Symptoms related to the COVID Delta Variant. And this has been stated publicly by both Walensky of the CDC and Fauci.

Dr. Stock
Gave a very informative explanation of what is really behind the COVID-19 Agenda. It is told by a Dr. Stock before a Panel of School Board Members meeting at the Mount Vernon School in Indiana, USA. The video was posted on August 11, 2021. Dr. Stock claims that the COVID-19 Injections are causing the current surge in COVID-19 cases. The video clip of Dr. Stock addressing the Mount Vernon Community Schools Board, pushing back against the Mask Mandates and extolling the dangers of COVID-19 Injections went viral.

Dr. Sherii Tenpenny
A qualified and Certified Doctor has been warning the Public of the Dangers in taking the COVID-19 shots. She is on the ‘List’ of the Media’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ of Expert Doctors they have deemed are spreading COVID ‘Misinformation’. She explains what are the Dangerous and Untested for Long-Term Side Effects due to the Medical Device that she says is not a ‘Vaccine’. Dr. Tenpenny uses simple terms and she communicates in a way that made it easy to comprehend the Science and ramification of why it is Dangerous to be injected by this type of Experimental mRNA into Humans Bodies.

Dr. Michael Yeadon (pronounced Yee-don)
World Acclaimed Immunologist and Ex-Pfizer VP pleads with the Medical Technocracy to stop vaccinating People who are not at risk of dying from Corona Virus. Former Pfizer Vice President cites all those that are dying from the COVID-19 shots if not soon, will eventually according to his understanding of how Vaccines work. He projects an Apocalyptic Scenario of how COVID-19 Shot Survivors will have a Life Expectancy of 2-3 Years on average after taking the COVID-19 Shots. This is an Alarmist Statement but what is profound is that virtually all other opposing Scientists and Doctors have also come to the same conclusion, independently. Who will be the Survivors and how will that be determined? Most likely, it will be those that have a healthy, strong and robust Natural Immune System that will withstand the Gene Therapy Devices. It will be the Elderly and those with compromising health issues that will not stand a chance. He states that certainty of Death will be increased with every 'top-up' or Booster Injection that are already in the pipeline. He also states that as the mRNA code is made In-Silico or on a computer, AI has been used to code the RNA.

Dr. Franc Zalewski
A Polish Doctor, did a presentation that went viral in early October of 2022. It deals with the Examination under a Microscope of the contents of the COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ and what was discovered. The video of Dr. Zalewski was posted on October 15, 2021 by the YouTube Channel, Ursachenforschung-Gtz. There had been many uploads of this presentation but have been banned by YouTube. And no doubt, at some point in time, those still able to be viewed will be taken down. He like Dr. Madej had discovered that some of the COVID-19 Shots have ‘Hydra-Like’ Bodies in the Solution that appear to be self-aware. And that such Bodies are reproducing in Human Bodies.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
He calls these COVID Injections the ‘Kill Shots’. He is the Doctor famous for his Protocols of administering early Treatment Intervention, that can reduce Hospitalization and Death by 85%. This is called the Zelenko Protocol. He clearly attests to this worldwide COVID-19 Agenda and Plan is a ‘Conspiracy’, and it is no longer a ‘Theory’. He starts out with the Science that is being falsely used and perpetrated but then explains the Science that ought to be used. He goes into the Numbers and Data that are alarming and are being suppressed from being broadcast to the Masses. He is adamantly opposed to having Children and Pregnant Women take the COVID-19 Shots and speaks to the horrific consequences from the CDC’s own VAERS Reporting Statistics. His conclusion is that the COVID-19 Injections are Dangerous, do not work and are not needed. He out-right states that they are a ‘Poison Death Shot’.


The Research of these Doctors on the List and more Investigatory Information on the Dangers of the COVID Injections and its Nefarious Purpose has been comprised since the Plandemic was unleashed. In one’s assessment as a University Researcher and Statistician, it has been chronicled in 5 Books now. The Books can be downloaded for Free for those that do not have the Financial Means to afford the cost. The Books are available on Amazon and Lulu to acquire a Hard Copy to have as a Resource on Hand, or as a Gift to give to others.

Programmable Human Tissue
The COVID-19 Injections are not a ‘Vaccine’. The purpose of this Book is to ascertain Evidence from Medical, Political, Social, and Religious Factors that will demonstrate how the Neo-Eugenicists in Big Pharma have colluded with Compromised Governments, Media, and Medical Industrial Complex to fuse Man with Machine at the DNA level to transform Humanity into Living Biological Networks to control Populations.



The Future of Human Identity
The purpose of this Book is to provide a Biblical Framework of how this New mRNA Technology is indeed Designed to alter Human’s DNA through RNA. The very Chief Medical Officer of Moderna bragged in a Ted Talk before the Plandemic that that is what their ultimate goal was and is. Humanity has gotten basically to the Technological Point in Time, that they are not ‘God’ that can design the very Genome and DNA sequence of the Helix of Life, one’s DNA Code.



Rewriting Genetic Code
The purpose of this Book is to note how the Gene Editing mRNA COVID-19 Shots are Dangerous and will be Catastrophic but will construe the necessary Genetic Scaffolding to make humans, Biological Computers to program Living Tissue as computing Programming Molecular Circuits that will control Molecular Information and Behavior. The Book will present several key and very important interviews with Doctors and Virologist that have publicly denounced the present Medical Martial Law that has subjugated Humanity into re-Creating Adam 2.0 that will lead to the Mark of the Beast.



Glossary of Words
The purpose of this Book is to provide the Reader with a comprehensive array of the major Scientific, Medical, Political and some Theological terms concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. Why? The objective is to have a better sense of what the Words, Terms, and Concepts mean when trying to convince People of the Dangers of taking these New Experimental mRNA Shots. It is to be better educated in understanding why Expert Doctors, Virologists, Politicians and even Theologians are sounding the ‘Alarm’ not to take the new mRNA Shots because they are Dangerous and can cause Death.



And the Medical Martial Law
The purpose of this Book is to provide a Systematic Array of Scientific Evidence that dispels the current 'Official Narrative' pertinent to the COVID-19 Pandemic that the Shots are ‘Safe and Effective. They are not. It is a 'Plandemic'. The studies presented in this Book will consider the various sources that strongly suggest that the release of COVID-19, although real is being abused to foment the need to undergo and implement the Global Economic 'Reset'. This new COVID World Order will be contingent upon all People needing to take the coming COVID Injections that has Technology unlike any prior type of Immunizations. It will essentially be a recreation of Humanity 2.0. 




Should I get the COVID-19 Injection? 
The purpose of the COVID Questions presented below are to have Resources in-hand to inform People with. It is for those that re Hesitant or thinking about actually getting the Injections, solely based on what they hear in the controlled and paid-off Main Stream Media. People need to read and investigate for themselves of a complicated topic, the COVID-19 Injections, which technically is not a Vaccination but Gene-Engineering. But most will not. Why the warning?

Based on 2 Years of in-dept Research, one is of the opinion that the Alternative Viewpoint is not being allowed to reach the Public in an effective way. Why not? Such information is contradicting the Official 'Scientific' Narrative that are pushing said 'Vaccines' without proper Scientific Testing Oversight or Testing, despite being said so. The Death Toll due to the COVID Shots, which now surpasses those that actually die from COVID-19. This is being ignored. Natural Immunity of Millions that have recovered by either Treatment or one’s Natural Immunity are also be ignored and not considered ‘Immunized’.

​With the excuse for the Lockdowns, that is exploiting the Fears of the People, it has provided the Powers-That-Be an excuse to usher-in such a 'vaccine' that will be in a serious leading to fully Body Bio-Metric Identity Matrix. The following are basic Question Rubrics that many need to be asking themselves and their Loved Ones about what are the Dangers of these COVID-19 Injections.

The answers will have Supporting Evidence that can be researched online by their titles, if the Links have not been Censored already. 

Ask Yourself these Questions in thinking about taking the COVID Injections

Question #1

Will the 'vaccine' become the Mark of the Beast?
-Palisade Microneedle, News Break Creating Self-Illuminating Quantum Dot Conjugates
-Scientific American - Luciferase Quantum Dot Tattoo  
-Georgia Tech YouTube video - Quantum Dot Microneedle Patches

Question #2
Will the 'vaccine' change the human DNA?
-Bill Gates - RNA and DNA vaccines  
-Science News - CRISPR/Cas9 technology  
-Bill and Melinda Gates Brussels Belgium, January 22nd, 2015  
-Catherine Austin Fitts, Transhumanism Operating System  
-Moderna - Our Operating System - The Software of Life

Question #3
Will the 'vaccine' be Mandated?
-Not initially by the governments but through private corporations.
-New York Legislation – Mandated Vaccine and Detention Facilities  

Question #4
Does the 'vaccine' have Fetal Tissue from Aborted Babies?
-Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University - Cells Used and Vaccines Produced Using Aborted Fetuses  
-COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca - ChAdOx1-S [recombinant]
-AstraZeneca Global Policy
-Additional AstraZeneca Global Policy
-NBC News, How Cells Taken from Decades-Old Fetal Tissue are Used in Covid-19 Drug Research
-The National Review, The Facts About the COVID Vaccines and Fetal Cell Lines
-Science Mag, Abortion Opponents Protest COVID-19 Vaccines’ Use of Fetal Cells

Question #5
SHOULD YOU personally take the 'vaccine'?
-Spiro Skouras, YouTube Channel Interview with Dr. Paul Thomas
-BitChute Video, Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE
-Fox News, Laura Ingraham Interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Are the COVID-19 Injections Safe?
The information and list provided below outline the Dangers of the Experimental COVID-19 so-called ‘Vaccinations’. The New Technology mRNA being introduced is new and never before studied Long-Term. Many of the Federal Mandated Safety Gaps and Trial have been passed-over. One is not saying the latest released Corona Virus type is not real.

However, any Questioning, and/or Dissent is being purposely silenced. The World Health Organization and the U.S. Center for Disease Control attest from their own Data that the Virus is no more than a Severe Flu and that there is a 90% Recovery Rate. The Mortality Rates have been Skewed by Labeling all Types of Death as ‘COVID-19’ Related. 

Those Doctors with opposing Opinions, Research or Suggestion of Alternative Medicines are being Censored, De-Platformed and Silenced altogether. Why? The following is a List of Reasons, not all-inclusive as to why this type of New Tech 'vaccination', that is not based on traditional definition of Vaccinating should be avoided at all cost. Maintain a Healthy Immune System and research Alternative Treatments.

Are the COVID-19 Injections Dangerous?
1-It is Experimental, most ‘Normal’ Vaccines take 10-15 years to be ‘Approved’.
2-All COVID-19 Shots have had NO Long Term, Double-Blind Tests done, not one.
3-mRNA is New Technology interacting with DNA, thus technically Gene-Manipulation.
4-mRNA is like ‘Software’ encoded to reprogram DNA.
5-COVID-19 Shots have Aborted Fetal Tissue as disclosed by Pfizer Whistleblower.
6-The 'vaccines' have Strands of HIV Inserts attached to the mRNA.
7-Doctors attest to a high probability of becoming Sterile.
8-Has Gain of Function to boost efficacy of contamination.
9-There has been reporting of Adverse Reactions, Seizures, Heart Attacks, Death.
10-Requires multiple doses or ‘Boosters’ as ‘Immunization’ is temporary.
11-People will still have to wear Masks and Social Distance.
12-Eventually will have Nano-Tech to read Body Bio-Metrics where one will Surveilled.
13-Info/Data will be able to be Uploaded/Downloaded Remotely via 5G+.

If I get the Shot, will I be 'protected':
1. Can I stop using the Mask? - No
2. Can Restaurants, Nightlife, Hotels, etc., be reopened? And everyone work? - No
3. Will I be Immune to COVID-19? It is not a Vaccine. - No
4. If we vaccinate all Children, will School resume normally? - No
5. If I am vaccinated, can I stop Social Distancing? - No  
6. If I am vaccinated, can I stop Disinfecting my Hands? - No  
7. If I and my Grandparents get vaccinated, can we Hug? - No
8. Will Cinemas, Theaters be reopened and Stadiums thanks to vaccines? - No  
9. Will the vaccinated be able to ‘Live Normally?’ - No
10. Can I use other Treatments and/or Drugs? Not allowed in places - No
11. If after being vaccinated I die, will my Autopsy be allowed? - No
12. Can I demand Compensation if it causes me any Harm or Death? - No
13. Can I sue the Manufacturing Laboratory in my country for Damages? - No

Big Pharma Laboratories do NOT assume ANY Responsibility for the ill Effects and Consequences of their Drugs whose Contents and Compositions are a ‘Company Secret’. Even if after a Vaccination Mandate Drive, there are Massive Deaths, the State cannot issue a claim against the Manufacturing Laboratories. Why not? It is because the State buys the Shots on an >>Experimental Basis<< without Liability for Damages.

One cannot make Claims through regular Courts because the Governments have granted their Big Pharma Laboratories ‘Legal Immunity’ against all kinds of Judicial Processes, such as any Civil and Administrative Recourse. The Big Pharmaceuticals have been guaranteed perpetual ‘Patrimonial Indemnity’, due because how they have defined what a ‘Vaccine’ is and what is ‘Experimental’. He who controls the Meaning of Words, controls Speech and Communication, thus Thought. COVID-19 Shots do not eliminate the virus. It does not prevent Infection or Death. It does not eliminate transmissibility. Do not take the vaccine.


The following Links provide Free COVID Resources attesting to the Dangers of what is in the Injections that is being withheld, officially by the Public Health Agencies and World Governments. The information includes links to VAERS Reporting, Brochure to download, several COVID Watch Dog Sites and links to various Videos and Articles. They further attest as to why all this is clearly being perpetrated.
It is a ‘Soft Genocide’ in Progress against Humanity.

How many People have Died or have been Injured by the COVID-19 Injections? 

​​1. VAERS COVID Vaccine Data

How many People have died of the Injections or been injured.

Stories of People Died or hurt by the COVID Injections.

Stories of the COVID Injection Injured and/or Dead.

4. The COVID World
Because Everyone's Story Should Be Heard

Free COVID Resource Info Website

COVID Leaflet to Download and Print




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