Ancient Forbidden ‘Science’

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider the Topic of what constitutes the Great Astronomical Age. In basic Terms and Definitions, the Great Year is Defined in the following manner. Realize that there are differing Schools of Thought and Theory, so it is an Approximation and Supposition. The following will start with the various Academics of how one will attempt to explain it. The Reason the Topic is pertinent is that within such Ages, there are Sup-Sets of Ages, as in the Church Age, for example.

And one is more convinced that the Age of the Church has occurred in tandem with the Age of Pisces. And? It is about to end based on how long each of the 12 Ages are. An Astrological Age is a Time Period related to the 12 Astrological Ages corresponding to the 12 Zodiacal Signs of the Mazzaroth. The Notion is that the sum of 1 Cycle of the 12 Astrological Ages is called the Great Year. The Length of 1 Cycle of 12 Ages is believed to be 25,772 Years. This Variable varies with each Interpretation of how long an Age is.

This is based on the Observation of how the Earth experiences the Precession of the Equinoxes. Assuming a Spherical Model of the Planet, the Earth, in addition to its Daily Rotation upon its Axis and Annual Rotation about the Sun, incurs a Precessional Motion. Imagine a ‘Spinning Top’, etc.

This involves a slow Periodic Shift of the Axis itself that incurs approximately 1 Degree in Motion against the Backdrop of the 12 Constellations every 72 Years. From Earth’s Perspective, the Stars or the 12 Constellations are 'moving' from West to East, at the rate of 1 Degree approximately every 72 Years. So, the Calculation is based on a 30-Degree Movement of the Sun in each of the 12 Signs for a Total of 2160 Years to complete.

30 Degrees x 12 Signs = 360 Years
Presession @ 1 Degree = 72 Years
72 Years x 30 Degrees = 2,160 Years the Sun is in each of the 12 Sign

This Earth’s Motion, is said to be caused by the Moon's Gravity. It gives rise to the Precession of the Equinoxes in which the Sun's Position on the Ecliptic, at the Time of the Vernal Equinox, is measured against the Background of Fixed Stars, that gradually changes with Time. Then there are those in Astronomy that round all Astrological Ages of the 12 Houses of Signs to exactly 2000 Years each. So, for example, the Age of Aries had been from 2000 BC to AD 1. The Age of Pisces was from AD 1 to AD 2000. And the Age of Aquarian is from AD 2000 - AD 4000, etc.

Age of Pisces

As one can assess, it is not an exact Science as there are differing Calculations of what is the exact Year or Age Count or what Calculus to use. So, one settles on an Approximation, nonetheless. Now, one inferring that the Age of Pisces has occurred in tandem with the Church Age is not New Revelation. But one is just presenting Supporting Evidence that one agrees with this Notion. Take for example another Supposition and School of Thought.

It is also believed that an Age is influenced by the Sign opposite to the one of the Astrological Age. For instance, the Age of Pisces is complemented by its Opposite Astrological Sign. And that Sign is? The Opposite Sign of Pisces is Virgo. And? Alternately, the Piscean Age is referred to as the 'Age of Pisces-Virgo'. In one’s Estimation, this shows how YHVH paired-up the 2 Celestial Motifs that speak of the Great Commission of ‘Bride of Christ, the Virgin to be Catching Fish’. And for how long? For approximately 2000 Year. And again, it is based on the Sun’s Position on the Spring Equinox, relative to Earth’s Motion, etc.

As noted, this Equation is based on the Sun being in the 12 Zodiacal Signs and Months per Year at 30 Degrees per Sign of the Zodiac. It is a Fractal of how the Earth takes 12 Months for it to round the Sun. This means that as the Sun crosses the Equator at the Spring Equinox, it moves Backwards against the Fixed Stars from 1 Year to the next at the Rate of 1 Constellation, Thus, it is an average ofabout 2148 Years per Sign. And the amount of Time the Sun takes to traverse all of the 12 Signs in about 25,772 Years. Sometimes, this Calculation is called a Platonic Year.

However, some Astronomers, in History, believed that the Precessional Cycle was 24,000 Years. Among these was Dionysius. He believed that Planetary Alignments marked the End of an Age. For example, he calculated that the Birth of Jesus marked the beginning of the 2,000 Year Age of Pisces and so on. However the Length of the Ages are decreasing with Time as the Rate of Precession is increasing. Therefore, no 2 Ages are of Equal Length. And if it were to be the case, it would mean that presently, since the Year 2000, it would have been the start of the Age of Aquarius.

And that is not the case, clearly. There is no Age of ‘Peace, Love and Brotherhood’, etc. However, it is a Quandary in that based on Biblical Dispensationalism, there is a 7000 Year Timeline. It would appear to be the case. Based on the Creation Week Template, each Age and its Corresponding Covenant from YHVH, is exactly based on this Notion.

Now for a more Philosophical approach dealing with how long an Age is and what is its Biblical and Prophetic implications, in one’s Understanding. In the End-Notes, there will be References Linked to various URL Addresses and 1 Video about this Astrological ‘Great Year’ and its Ages. The Sources are delineated into the more Academic side of the Research, thus more so in the domain of Astronomy. The last few References do cross over into more of the Astrological Domain of the Research of the Great Year. Now realize that in Ancient Times, up to the Scientific Revolution, Astronomy and Astrology were merged as 1 Science.

Forbidden Knowledge

In fact, it was 1 of the 7 Major Tenets of being ‘Educated’ as that is what the Private Tutors or Sages would teach the Elites of the Royal Houses of Kings and Queens, etc. It is the Template that a Liberal Arts Education is patterned after in the West. Think for example, how Alexander the Great was Tutored by Aristotle. And Aristotle was tutored by Plato, who was a Student of Socrates. And the Masses? Not so much. Then consider how Daniel was Appointed the Head ‘Astrologer’ of the Court of Babylon and then of Persia.

Sarcastically, one called the Magi, whp exactly knew how to Read the Time of Jesus’ Birth through Astrology, were from the ‘Daniel School of Court Astrologers’. They were considered the Wise Men of the Day. They were the Educated who were tutored in the 7 Wisdoms of Knowledge. Due to the reformation and Enlightenment, this Educational Template was transported to be accessible to the Illiterate Masses. It is also from the Greeks where in the West, the Concept of a Gym or Gymnasium came to be. In Ancient Greek, only the Elites would send their Children to these ‘Training Facilities’ where they focused on ‘Mind, Soul and Body’. Following are the 7 Wisdoms of Ancient Knowledge.

1-Rhetoric: Speech
2-Language: Grammar
3-Mathematics: Sacred Gematria
4-Sciences: Astronomy, Geology
5-Biology: Body, Soul and Spirit
6-Arts: Theatre
7-Politics: History

The Body in this case was emphasized by Exercise. Mind you, the Word ‘Gym’ comes from the Greek, ‘Gymnos’. It means to be ‘Naked’…They exercised all Naked and it was all Boys. So, in School, wherever Students said, ‘Hey, will be going to the Gym’, it literally meant, ‘Hey, I am going to the Naked Place’. One bets that if the Teachers would refer to Gym Class in that Context, you would get a lot more Students to participate, well, more so the Guys, at least to show-up and do their Calisthenics.

But True to the Scientific Revolution, the ‘Spiritual’ Component was extracted from the Modern Curriculum. For example, at the University Level, 1 of the most Popular Majors is Psychology. Well, that Root Word comes from the Greek, ‘Psyche’, which means the Soul or the ‘Study of the Soul’. So, here in the Modern Era or ‘Age’, you have a Generation that is supposed to be ‘Scientific’ and not speak or teach about the Invisible Immaterial, that is ‘Unscientific’ and how the Human Mind works or should, etc.

But in the West, especially… the USA has the Most Mental Health Ailments on the Planet with the most Psychologists per capita? So, the Point is that when one goes to a University, and takes ‘General Education’, they are getting an Education of what only the Elites and of how only the Sons and Daughters of Royalty would be Educated with. Of course, now in any Typical U.S. University, it is a total Shame and Sham. As one who works in one, most In-Coming Freshman cannot Read, Write, do Simple Math, know their History, etc. It is just like the Elites want it.

Intelligent Design

Education is all now about Indoctrination, Identity Politics, Gender confusion. Young Men and Women cannot decide on which Bathroom to use or not. As to the Great Year? The 1st Article Link below is a very good one. It is very Comprehensive. The Writer does a Great Job of trying to teach about this Notion of what constitutes the Astronomical Ages in a more Balanced approach than most. But as a Disclaimer, what happened with the Scientific Revolution, at least in the West, is that the Astrology Component was separated from the Astronomical Component. Why? Here is the Basic Definition of each.

It is the Objective Observation of the Cosmos. It includes the Movements of the Sun, Moon and the Stars, but includes Comets, Eclipses, etc.


It is the Subjective Interpretation of such Events.

That is where Science parted away, because in one’s Opinion, the Astrological Interpretations of the Sun, Moon and the Stars eventually all point to an Intelligent Design and Designer, YHVH. And, as Brethren like E.W. Bullinger Deciphered the ‘Astrology’ of the Astronomy of the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac. And all that points to Jesus. For example, the Magi used that ‘Astrology’ to search for Jesus and were led to Him.

Point is that in the Proper balanced Approach, that is what Astrology should be used for and was designed for by YHVH as Declared in Genesis. As one knows or realizes, Lucifer and the Fallen Angels, as those 120 that came Down on Mount Hermon in the Days of Enoch, had taught this Knowledge to Mankind. And part of that was Astrology.  

So, since the Fall of Humanity in Eden, Wicked Men and Women have used Astrology to decipher Times, Signs, Control People and/or Manipulate the Masses with it, as it can be used for all that, to an extent. One is not speaking about the Ambiguous Horoscopes. And there is the Luciferian Aspect of Astrology in that if not Discerning, the study of Astrology is a Gate-Way to connecting with the Fallen Angels and Demons. It is a means to acquire Spiritual Power through various Magic Arts, etc.

So, it has been mainly the New Age Camp that have run with this Half of this Amazing Ancient Science, for their Purposes. So, that is why one is asking all to have a Discerning Spirit about it when delving into such a Topic of the Great Year, if one thinks it could be a Stumbling Block to one’s Faith or Understanding. But, in one’s case, this is 1 of the Rationales one wrote in one’s Book entitled the ‘Dimensions of Eden’.

And how the Jewish Sages teach that YHVH taught the Mazzaroth to Adam and he then passed down that Sacred Knowledge of the Stars to the successive Generation. But such Sacred Knowledge then got Centralized and Elitist, as only then those that joined the Secret Societies or were of Blue-Blooded were taught these Truths, etc. As to the Ages? Consider how the Olympic Games, which is really a Globalist effort to Unite the World with, used the Elements or Metals that are associated with each Age.

Time before Adam

And also realize that Jesus attested to such a Disposition in acknowledging that there are Ages. We are presently in a Subset of an Age, with the Church Age, for example. And as one has asserted, the Church Age is running in tandem with the Age of Piccies. And the Point is that based on the Year Calculation, the Age of Pisces is due to be concluded. Thus, so will it be the case for the Church Age.

And the next Age or Sign that the Sun will be in? It will be the Sign or the Age of Aquarius. Some believe this Age has already started or the World is presently in the Transitional Phase. In the Biblical Context, that is exactly that case. One is more convinced that based on Biblical Prophecy, one Understands that there is yet a 7-Year Gap to complete Daniel’s 70th Week. But thereafter, the True Age of Aquarius will be realized at the Return of Jesus.

And part of that, at least Half of the Time or Years will be fulfilled through the 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom that Jesus will be setting-up on Earth. That is exactly what Jesus alluded to in how He promised that He, ‘Would be with you until the End of the Age’. What Age? The Church Age. It is about to be over, and why it has lasted nearly 2000 Years, a Cycle of the Great Year, etc.

Gold                = Golden Age
Silver               = Silver Age
Bronze             = Bronze Age

That is why when in Scripture it states, ‘In Ages Past’…it is not speaking of recent History, as in a couple 100 or 1000 Year. No, it is speaking of Prior Ages before Adam, but all-inclusive of the Ages or Dispensations since Adam. That is why Pember, in his Book, ‘Earth Earliest Ages’, was well ahead of his Time and understood that Eden on Earth, as taught in Genesis is really a ‘Re-Creation’ of what was already there before.

One realizes that all this is Unconventional and is based on the Gap Theory, which one subscribes to. Nonetheless, be on Guard to the Astrology Side of the Astronomy as it has been and is being Misrepresented and applied. How so? Realize that those, for example, that espouse the Ancient Alien Theory exploit this Notion of the Great Year.

It is because, their Misunderstanding is aimed at discrediting the Bible and the Genesis Account of a ‘Young Earth' only Theory. They rightly cite the Sumerians who had a similar 7-Day Creation Story. In that Ancient Account, they also wrote about Colonies in Mars, i.e., Cydonia. They write about a ‘Face’ Mausoleum there dedicated to the Fallen Son of Anu, the King of the GODs. And guess from where? Nibiru, or Planet X. They wrote about ‘Shining Beings’ coming from other Planets and a Solar System.

They wrote about ‘Winged Gods’ coming Down from the Stars and Genetically Bio-Engineering Humans, etc. The Point is Humans are not alone on Earth. Humans are the ‘New Kid on the Block’, as they say. The Cosmos is teeming with Life. You have all Forms and Ranks of Angelic Beings, for example. Then there are the Genetic Experiments of the Hybridization done by the Fallen Angels, etc.

When one looks up to the Night Sky in the Expanse of the Cosmos, it looks so Orderly and Peaceful. It is. But also realize, like on Earth, there is Chaos. Why? What Happened? In comparison to Earth, there is so much Violence, Chaos, Destruction and Death. Most Rational People say, ‘Oh, if one could only go to Heaven and find Peace?! There is but realize that there is a Cosmic War going on there, In the Cosmos, and in Heaven where YHVH dwells, as it is on Earth.

There are Snakes in Paradise and Lucifer is in the Judicial Count of Heaven in the Presence of YHVH accusing the Brethren. He roams freely, apparently, in-and-out of Earth from Heaven still. Why? In part, the Bible only gives Humanity glimpses of this Celestial Conflict that has spilled-over onto Earth.

It is due to the Luciferian Conspiracy and Rebellion that is presently going on, in reference to one’s Space and Time Continuum as experienced from Earth. 1 Day, that Rebellion will come to a conclusion as the True Age of Aquarius will be eventually established by Jesus on Earth, in the Cosmos and in Heaven. As to the Great Astronomical Ages? One looks forward to ascertaining  all that with Jesus.


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