​U.S. PATENT 11107588

Biometric ‘Chip’ in COVID Shots to Monitor Vitals?

  • What is Patent 11107588 all about and should one be worried?
  • Is there a 'Tracking Technology' in the COVID-19 Injections?
  • Does the technology exist to microchip the entire World?

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‘You do not treat a Disease with a Disease…That is Witchcraft.’ - Dr Robert Young

The purpose of this study is to consider a Patent that was approved August 31, 2021. In the Patent, it suggests that the technology involved is set-up to monitor Vital Signs in Human Beings. What many have raised concerns about is how such a device can then be use the Tracking Technology in the guise of Medical Advancements and Benefits to surveil the masses. This notion was first brought to light in the Public Forum by Dr. Zelenko. He is the one famous for the Zelenko Protocols that advocates Early Treatment. He is also the one that has spoken out publicly about the dangers of the COVID-19 Shots. So much so, that he has called them the ‘Poison Death Shots’.

He has been one of the first to draw attention to this U.S. Patent and how it might be used to track People. This study will consider the suppositions and implications of how it would or could be possible and if the COVID-19 Injections already have this Tracking Technology. Worse, would be the current drive to mass-inject the World with the COVID-19 Injections have such a Tracking Technology already? Is there any evidence? Yes. Those who opposes the notion that COVID-19 Injections or any ‘vaccine’ for that matter that could have Tracking Technology object by saying that the Patent does not specify which type of ‘vaccine’ is to have this type of Tracking Technology.

This is true but that it has been known since the early 2000s, that for example the RFID Chip the size of a grain of rice was introduced to do just that. What is not being connected is how since then, the advances in Science and Technology in the realm of Nano-Bots have made Tracking Technology now possible. There is now evidence and video confirmation that the Graphene Oxide that is in liquid form initially, carries within is solution the Nano-Bots that are designed to assembly thereafter and are subject to Frequency as in Radio Waves.

In essence, the Nano-Bot assembly within the body to make like an RFID Chip, which is now outdates ‘Old Technology’. It would be comparable to a Model T car with a Tesla for example. Now, as to the ‘Conspiracy’ Theories as to why would they put a Liquid Tracking Technology into the COIVD-19 Injections? The idea that any vaccine would be used for mass enslavement is nothing new. What if the claim that the COVID-19 Injections do contain some unspecified thing enabling the real time tracking of a person? That was already demonstrated by the hacking of a Russian Sputnik Vaccine Server. And now there is evidence of how using a Smart Phone, one can scan for a QR Code to bring up the Lot Numbers specific to the person’s record of Injection.

Big Brother is Wanting to Watch You

In one case, the condensed Graphene Oxide particle was extracted by using a very powerful hand-held magnet and it appeared to be a ‘Chip’ no larger than a grain of rice, all black. Thus, such is the ‘Conspiracy’ of the ‘Black Goo’ that many are increasingly being concerned with that such COVID-19 injections have withing their composition. But also realize that the totality of the Ingredients are not being told nor have to be as it is under Emergency Use Authorization status. What Dr. Zelenko suggests is that there could very well be the use of the COVID-19 plandemic as cover for a Nefarious Plan. And what would that be? To precisely track all People on the Planet.

Again, those who are calling out such Doctors who claim that a vaccine could hide a mass tracking system believe they misunderstanding the technology involved. Really? Who would a person rather believe, the Nobel Prize Winners like Dr. Montagnier, or Doctors Zelensky, Dr. Malone who invented the mRNA Technology or a hired Fact Checker? It is the Fact Checkers, paid for that do not understand the latest Tracking Technology. They are thinking 2000s. They believe still that RFID Chips are the only available technology that can be injected and used for tracking. For general purposes, such a low-tech system is adequate for certain needs.

For example, many microchip (RFID) pets, enabling the pet that wander away to be identified and returned. There are Patches that are placed on objects like Bikes, Cars, Personal Belongs. In the case of theft, they can be more easily be recovered. So, why would there not be the Tracking Technologically for Human Being? One would agree that it would not be feasible to use RFID Chips to track all movements of all human beings. But what if a new Tacking Technology could be introduced and delivered by ‘Vaccination Programs’ in the guise of a Medical Mandate even? Thus, the Patent.

Biblically speaking, if one goes there, it will happen, is happing and in wholesale. In fact, the time is coming shortly that the ‘Mark of the Beast’ will do just that. Such a Tracking Technology will exist on Earth that no Human Being will be able to ‘Buy or Sell’ unless they have the Tracking Technology in their body. How will that be delivered? Most likely not by an Injection but a Needle Array Patch type of application to the skin surface. Now the Fact Checkers and those scoffing at the notion that a ‘Nefarious Plan’ is underway to digitally identify everyone on the Planet. But that is what is happening. And is it a Eugenics Genocide?

Why the rush to get out an Injection that is proven to not have been designed to 1. Stop Infections. 2. Stop Transmission. And 3. Does not give Immunity? This is not a ‘Vaccine’. In the September 17, 2021 FDA review meeting on the issue of authorizing the COVID-19 Shot to Children, it was stated by qualified Doctors that the Adverse Events of Myocarditis, especially in Young Adults is through the roof and for every person ‘saved’ by the COVID-19 Injections, 2 People are being killed by the Shot. This is Genocide. Those that object to Dr. Zelenko’s assertion that the COVID-19 Injections are a ‘Poison Death Shot’ that although there are ‘Unwanted Side Effects’ to the known COVID-19 vaccines, those Side Effects are reportedly ‘Extremely Rare’.

Tracking Technology

Try to tell that to the over 15,000 People died as of this write-up that took the COVID-19 Injections and now no longer live. That was some ‘Rare Side Effect’. In fact, in the FDA Meeting, the Doctors giving their Expert Testimony asserted that in fact, a person would be much better off NOT getting ‘vaccinated’ due to the much lower risk from Serious Illness. The issue is that Early Treatment has been banned for COVID-19 Patients in the Hospitals. Why? This is not ‘Science’. Also consider that if the ‘Nefarious Plan’ was and is in place to introduce the Tracking Technology the Patient is presenting, the rice-size RFID Chips would be obvious. They are large enough to be readily detected by People who have been injected with the COVID-19 Injection.

Point being is that the People would know immediately that they have been injected with a chip. For one, the needle required for RFID Injections is much larger than a COVID-19 needles. Thus, the Patent. The new type of Tracking Technology comes in the form of the Lipid Particles. It contains the Hydrogel or the Nano-Bots that reassemble once inside the body. It is really like the Transformers Movies and characters that can reassemble into other forms. This is the same principle in the Patent. There are already Grocery Store Check-Out counters where one will have to place one’s hand to be scanned. Coincidence? Conspiracy?

As it is, Scanners and Readers are now a common thing. It has been ‘normalized’ And the Satellites will be tracking based on frequencies, so no need for massive ‘RFID’ Readers for example. It will be done by Smart Phones and Tablets with just a download of an App. This is how the Mass Enslavement will look like and be accepted as ‘normal’. The age of the Smart Phone has pre-conditioned the World for such a Tracking Technology to be implemented wholesale. The fact is that the Patent does claim to cover ‘Injected Tracking Technology. It speaks of ‘Methods’ and ‘Systems’ of Prioritizing Treatments, Vaccination, Testing and/or Activities while protecting the Privacy of Individuals. What?

If the Patent has to specifically call out ‘protecting privacy’, perhaps there is a risk to one’s privacy? Yes. The Patent talks about ‘Electronic Devices’ generating ID Numbers for People. That it will be used for tracking their proximity with other People. This is Tracking Technology. And again, the means would be through ‘injections’. So, why not use this Tracking Technology in the COVID-19 Injections while billions are being injected anyway? So, are the COVID-19 Injections tracking People after all? Some People would agree with that statement and provide video evidence. Realize that the Patent is introductory.

It is not going to spell-out that it is part of the Genocidal Nefarious Plan to Cull, Contaminate and Control the Masses of the ‘Over-Populated’ World. No.it the Patent just speaks about the system required. It is no more than a Smart Phone App transmitting data to a back-end Servers. Really? Is that all? Is that all the fuss is about? Ok. But what if you amplify this billions of times? In terms of the functionality, the Server stores data in a database, then looks over a graph of which People got close to People known to be infected with COVID-19. It then prioritizes those People for ‘vaccination’.

It Cannot Be A Conspiracy

What if those People do not want the ‘vaccination’? What if some People do not have a Smart Phone? What if People want to opt-out of this Tracking Grid System? Too late. It will be ‘Mandated’. Big Brother? No, of course not. It is for one’s own good and the safety of others. But what about one’s Medical Privacy? Shut-up Slave. You will be in the new Medical Martial Law and love it. Doctors like Zelenko are publicly asserting that this COVID-19 Injection Program is not about providing a Cure. And ‘Cases’ do not equate into Death. In fact, the Death Rate for COVID-19 is still extremely low and Natural Herd Immunity is not being allowed to take its course due to the Lockdowns than now have proven are not effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 as neither are Masks. 

The Patent does talk about generating ID Numbers for People, anonymously tracking data about them, and transmitting that data to a server. The Fact Checkers have to admit that such a Patent does indeed describe a Tracking Technology System for tracking People. Period and that is the point. The notion is that it can be implemented and/or introduced through ‘Vaccination’ Programs. This is possible, especially with the Technology that is available presently and being utilized. But the Fact Checkers will say, RFID Chips would be too obvious and they do not have a power source. Oh, actually they do in terms of Kinetic Energy hat is generated by the Heat coming off a Person’s skin. That is enough to power the RFID Chip.

The new Tracking Technology introduced in the body by way of Nano-Bots would likewise derive their energy from the body. And also realize that the reason for needing the additional ‘Booster’ Shots is not about providing lasting Immunity but to continue what some Scientists and Doctors are calling a ‘Platform Scaffolding’ process that is building up the body in preparation to be connected with the Block Chain. The Various Spy Agencies will take it from there. The following is the synopsis of the Tacking Technology. Essentially, the Human Body will be the ‘Devises’.

Summary of Patent 1110758

-An Electronic Device associated with each person. (The Human Being will be that ‘Electronic Device’.)

-The Device has ‘Proximity Tracking Circuitry’, and when the Device detects another nearby Device, information is exchanged between the Devices.

-This is called a ‘Proximity Event’, in which both Devices compute a Proximity Score, meaning how close did the 2 Devices get to one another.

-The Proximity Event will also gather data from multiple nearby Devices, computing Proximity Scores between all Devices.

-Detection of whether the Proximity Event occurred outdoors, or other well ventilated location, or whether it happened in a non-ventilated indoor space.

-It might require a GPS receiver. It will.

-When the Devices are able to, they connect over the Internet to a Server to upload any collected data


The Fact Checkers argue that implementing that much functionality to ‘Rule the World’ with in every Human Being requires a sizable device. And that it would require a dedicated Power Source, with significant Computation Capability, and with a Wireless Data Plans. One thinks one is describing a Human Being. Remember the Matrix Movies? The Humans were the ‘Battery’ source of Energy. This will be the same principle applied through COVID-19 Injections. But it is true, there is an amount of super-top-secret-not-released-to-public technology that can be crammed with that much functionality into a Device or ‘Human Body’ that can be hidden undetected in a vaccine.

The Patent also describes the Back-End Software, Databases, and Algorithms to crunch through the data. The goal of the entire Tracking Technology System is to respond to a pandemic, like COVID-19 by tracking contacts between People. That is fine but as Human History will prove, such type of Technology starts off with noble intents but will be used to control the Masses, Civil Liberties, induce a Social Credit Score and surveil everyone’s move, purchases and posts online in real time. Hello Mark of the Beast.

The point and concerns are that those who are determined to be in close proximity to someone who was later determined to be infected with COVID-19 would then be contacted so they too could be tested and treated. Ok, but then those that voiced their opinions about Lockdowns and Forced Mask Mandates determined to be in close proximity to someone who was later also joining in such opposition or Social, Economic, Political discontent would then be contacted so they could be ‘evaluated’ and ‘Re-Educated’. Think this is not going to happen, study what is happening in the New World Order Australia where COVID-19 Mandates will be permanent, Lockdowns, permanent. Booster Shots for life. Attached to the Patent Diagram.

The Diagram shows the Contacts between different People which might be detected by this Tracking Technology Software. The Lines between each person in this Diagram represent a Proximity Events. From this, the software running on the server generates recommendations of which people to vaccinate first based on their contacts with others. In summary, here are a lot of strange ideas being passed around about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines that are becoming to be true. This is just one of many examples. For example, Carbon Nanotubes have found on Masks or from the Graphene Oxide with is essentially ‘Liquid Metal’ in COVID-19 vaccines.

Although it can only be presented as evidence, the Fact Checkers are rejecting any such notion as ‘Misinformation’, even when it comes from Nobel Prize Winners and from the Inventor of the mRNA Vaccines. The Fact Checkers refuse to ascertain even the thought that there is a ‘Nefarious Plan’ to purposely poison the World with these COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ or that it could possibly contain the metals as part of a tracking system. Maybe those metals Nano-Bots are the untold Secret Technology that is making for the mass enslavement system to work?

The Bible would agree with this as it portrays a coming time that it will be just that. But GOD forbid it could be introduced through the mass injection of the entire World. No? Those that would argue that using vaccines for a ‘Mass Enslavement System’ are not seeing the Trees from the Forest as the saying goes. They fail to recognize that indeed there is the Technology required to now implement an infrastructure of other equipment like with such networking and grid using 5G/6G/7G/ Towers to be a ‘Dragnet’ of sorts for the System to work. It will.

As it is, most People are already willingly carry their Electronic Device that continuously sends data to centralized computers and tracks our motion around cities through GPS. So why not a New World Order then? And yes, the Private Corporation do share all this Intel with Government Authorities. Was not Edward Snowden all about uncovering this? It has not stopped. Recently, Apple came out wanting to ‘spy’ on everyone’s Cell Phone folders to ‘scour’ for Pornography. Really. Oh, but that will never happen.

People who have been exposed to the ‘Misinformation’ of the Corporate Pharmaceuticals, and bought and paid for Doctors, Scientists and Politicians should continue to expose this COVID façade for what it really. It is a Bio-Weapon designed to Cull, Contaminate and Control all of Humanity on Planet Earth.  People should not be taking this Experimental Gene Therapy Drug or Medical Device that is not proven to be ‘Safe nor Effective’. Case in point is the Israel Stud. Most all the country received the Injections, yet contrary to the misinformation of the controlled Mass Media, it has been the Vaccinated that have ended-up in the Hospitals.

If a result is that by reading this study and many others, People have become scared to take COVID-19 vaccinations, they should be. People should not Fear the COVID-19 Virus but those that have induced the COVID-19 Hysteria and have misused Science in the ‘Name of Science’ to beguiled billions into taking a Shot that has been found to now kill more that it was designed to do, which is not to provide any halt to Infection nor Transmission and does not provide Immunity. This is not a Vaccine. It is Genocide.


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