Return of the King on 9-11?

  • What is the Sign of the Son of Man that is coming?
  • Can one know the specific Day that Jesus' Return?
  • When does the Revelation 12 Sign really occur?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Immediately after the [Great] Tribulation of those days: The Sun will be darkened, and the Moon will not give its light; the Stars will fall from the sky, and the Powers of the Heavens will be shaken.
At that time, the Sign of the Son of Man will appear in Heaven, and all the tribes of the Earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of Heaven, with power and great glory.’ -Matthew 24:29-30

Can the actual Day of the Return of Jesus be known or calculated? Will Jesus return on a specific Feast Day? Will the Tribulation Period start on a Feast Day as well as when the Mid-Point of the Abomination of Desolation occurs? This study will consider such Prophetic Time Markers that are perhaps the most profound and mysterious calculations yet to be determined concerning what is left to occur in terms of Biblical Prophecy. This is of course, the Return of Jesus Christ; no less than 1 of the Greatest Events in Human History aside from His 1st Advent, Crucifixion Burial and Resurrection. This study will consider the Clues in a fresh new way that will show Evidence that Jesus’ 2nd Advent is tied directly to his 1st Advent, right down to the very Day and Feast, respectively, 9-11 when one is convinced Jesus was Born.

The purpose of this study is to consider that perhaps based on when the Sign of the Son of Man is to occur, that it could be tied to the subsequent Depiction, Astronomically of the Revelation 12 Sign that is to occur in 2029. Although the Timeline presented might seem Compelling and Amazing, the Day-Count Calculations will only be presented as a Model for consideration and one is not emphatically declaring that such a Scenario will materialize. The Context and Supposition? In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus gives specific Clues to His Disciples, in the Context of the yet future Tribulation Period pertinent to National Israel. That His Return would be tied to a Celestial Sign appearing in the Heavens on the very Day. What is this Sign?

Is it Astronomical? Astrological? Metaphorical or Spiritual? Will it be connected to the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 as a Prophetic Type? The question came up in one of the online Blog posts from Revelation 12 Daily where Charles from the District of Columbia, D.C., posed the Age-Old Question, that many have spent countless Hours trying to figure that out. The Question was specific to the Revelation 12 Sign in that, where was the 2nd Sign? The 2nd Sign subsequently was tied to the 1st, of the 7-Headed Red Dragon. Apparently, the 2nd Sign did not materialize soon after when the Virgo Sign appeared that many purported to have configured at least Astronomically back on September 23, 2017. That was the Great Sign of Virgo that had Jupiter in Retrograde for approximately 9 Months in the ‘Womb’ area of the Sign.

Déjà Vu

It had the iconic Sun ‘Clothing’ the Maiden and the Moon was at her Feet as depicted in the Book of Revelation. There were 12 Stars in the Head Region, etc. Many believed that the Virgo Sign in 2017 signaled that the Rapture Event was to have occurred then with the Typology of the Man-Child. The Compelling Reason was that the Word, in the Greek was the actual Term used to designate the suggested ‘Snatching’ or Rapturing-away of the Bride of Christ. Obviously, the Rapture event did not materialize, yet. Was the Sign even to consider of Rapture possibility? Yes. And what of the 2nd Sign, that of the 7-Headed Red Dragon? As one can sense, there were and are many layers to this Prophecy and many have tried in vain to ‘Discover’ what that 2nd Sign was and is all about. Is it yet to occur? Perhaps so, based on the following Evidence presented. There is yet another Revelation 12 Sign occurring and that might be tied to when is the actual Timeline of the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period and the very Day Jesus is to Return.

The Question is, what if the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred in 2017 was actually foretelling the Year that the Rapture was or is to occur? What if the 1260-day count that is tagged along with the Great Sign is its ‘Signature’ in terms of its ‘Shelf-life’, as in its Prophetic Expiration Year? And that Shelf-Life is? 7 Years, as in 2024, perhaps. But what if that was and is the Year that has been inferred all along? Have that thought in the background. Second, the next Question that came up in the online Blog conversation is what about the 2nd Sign of the Red Dragon? Well, the Sign, if keeping with the Astronomical Typology would have to be a Celestial Object as well then. Thus, the Revelation 12 Sign (2.0) reloaded in 2029 is presented. One is then of the opinion that the 7-Headed Red Dragon Motif will be the coming in the of the 2nd Sun, the Death Star, Nemesis, etc., that will be and is the Red Dragon of Ancient Lore and Dread.

It was and is purported to have 7 Planets or ‘Heads’ as such. Well, if one searches the Astronomical Software to see when the next approximate Revelation 12 Sign occurs, that would be amazing on September 11, 2029 (5790). What one proposes is that perhaps, it could be the Sign of the Son of Man, that Jesus emphatically said would appear at His return and the whole world would see? What is Astonishing is that the day corresponds to the Feast of Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets. Coincidence? It is believed by many that Jesus was born on -3 BC and likewise on Yom Teruah and on September 11th. But as the Half-Way Marker, it means that the Return would be in the Year 2032, exactly then 1260 Days from April 1, 2029.

But for 9-11, that day became His 1st Advent as the Lamb of YHVH to take away the Sin of Humanity and open-up Life and Immorality back to Adam and Eve’s Race that had been lost in the Garden of Eden. What if that same Pattern is employed and is in play, that Jesus will likewise return for His 2nd Advent on the same Day as His Birth-Day and Feast, on a 9-11 and Feast of Trumpets Week? It so happens that in 2029, the day and Feast match the approximate Sign of the Revelation 12. But keep these 2 Events separate. One is discussing the Mid-Pont, 2029 of the Sign, and then the End Year, 2032 of the Return of Jesus, to be clear. Thus, will this Astronomical Configuration on 9-11 of 2029 fulfill the Sign of the Son of Man then? Consider that Jupiter has an approximate 12-Year Cycle around the ‘Houses’ or Signs.

Reverse Engineering

In the Mazzaroth or Zodiac, Jupiter is like the Long-Hand of a Clock spanning ‘1 Hour’ at each Sign, etc. And in so doing, it has its various Retrogrades occurring, and thus speaks Astronomically of a Time achieved, etc. In this case, it will commemorate the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period. What is also unique about the 2029 Revelation 12 Sign, is that it also has the 3 Planets that were in Alignment in 2017. The Planets are Venus, Mars and Mercury, and they are also present in the Revelation 12 Sign of 2029 but are scattered to Key Positions, nonetheless. Mercury, the Messenger is by the Sun at the Head of Virgo. Then Venus is nested next to Jupiter, as if to catch or shield Jupiter exiting the Womb and being ‘Birthed’ out of Virgo, etc.

Then Mars, is by Libra, the Ancient Sign of the Altar of Slaughter. All this is a Conjuncture, but based on this Alignment and Date, one strongly suggests that the crossing of the Path of Virgo, determined in the Clockwise Orbit will occur with Planet X. One will see the appearance of the 7-Headed Red Dragon Death Star, as if to devour the Man-Child, Jupiter on 9-11 of 2029, etc. But the Question remains, will this be the Sign of the Son of Man? Realize that not all the details can be or are accounted for and this Depiction is a generalization only. But to strongly suggest that in investigating this 2nd Sign, the Date of September 11, 2029 came-up and based on this Date, one can then ‘Reverse Engineer’ the Dates by applying the Segments of 1260-Day Counts that will make-up the 7-Year Tribulation Period from it. It will be like the Fulcrum.

Also realize that the Day-Specific Count will be different if one uses the Gregorian generalization of 3.5 years as that is based not on a 360-Day/Year Count but a 365-Day/Year Calculation and one’s figures will be off by about a Month in so doing. Nonetheless, when the 1260-Day Count is subtracted from Passover, 2029, the day falls amazingly on Passover of October 18, 2025. This would then confirm or strongly correlate it as being then the Simchat Torah. Then at Passover 2029 is when he will stop the Daily Sacrifices, by order of the AntiChrist as his True Identity is revealed. And what better time than to do that as to negate the Passover Lamb and ascribe all workshop to himself.

This is also the Mid-Point in 2029, is where the False Prophet will be erecting an ‘Image’ of some sort that by it will make the 3rd Temple Desolate by this Abominable act on the Sanctuary. It is when the False Messiah of Israel will then enter the Holy of Holies and sit on the Ark of the Covenant that this study suggests will be rolled-out and placed in the 3rd Temple. Furthermore, it will be at that time that the final round of the Vaccination will be given to the whole World. This round of the Vaccination Rollout will come in the form of a Microneedle Patch Array, perhaps in preparation for the Mark of the Beast.

It will help complete the Promise of the coming AntiChrist in ‘upgrading’ Humanity 2.0 to interface the Body with Biogenetics. The ‘Mark’ will be dispensed to all and required from that point forward to Buy and Sell. And anyone not Capitulating will be Decapitated thanks to the Noahide Laws. How so? The 1st of the 7 Laws will outlaw and consider Blasphemy the worship of Jesus as being ‘Lord and Savior’ because it violates the ‘Oneness’ of GOD according to the Synagogue of Satan.

Sign of the Son of Man Returning?
Then from this Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period of April 1, 2029, if one then subsequently adds the 2nd 1260-Day Count, that Day will occur on September 11, 2032 Thus, based solely on this Reverse Engineered Calculations, one can then suggest, with some measure of confidence, that the Tribulation Period would End at that Time. But it is back in October of 2025 when the Daily Sacrifices are to be 1st made upon the Altar of Sacrifice that starts the total 2520-Day Count, all inclusive. It is not the Rapture event that starts the Tribulation Period nor the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ with the Many that starts that Tribulation Period.

It is the Daily Sacrifices that the Bibles prescribe the 2520-Day Count that is tied to the Revelation 12 Sign of 2029, etc. Thus, if this Sign of the Son of Man theory is True and Valid, pertinent to the 9-11, 2029 Revelation Sign 2.0 model, then theoretically one can know when the Tribulation Period is to End, when the Abomination of Desolation at the Mid-Point is to occur. Then 1260 Days later is when Jesus is to return. And that on that day, Yom Teruah Week of 9-11, 2032, the Sign of the Son of Man will appear in Heaven for all the World to see Jesus’ Return, along with the Bride of Christ.

No doubt a 2nd Dwarf Sun then would be blazing with ‘Horns’ flaring out due to its proximity to the Sun. If such a Depiction of the 2nd Sun is to fulfill Astronomically the Revelation 12 description for September 11, 2029 on Yom Teruah, it would answer the whereabouts of the 2nd Sign of the 7-headed Red Dragon. Are there any confirmations that support this Reversed Engineered Timeline since September 11, 2029? Here are some Postulates which are provided as Evidence; however, all the Statements and this study are Speculative at this Point in Time.

The September 11, 2029 Date coinciding with Yom Teruah syncs with the Jubilee Year Cycles of 7-years. This is predicated on when Israel crossed the Jordan and into the Promised Land + 7 Years. If the Jubilee Years Count had been lost or unknowable, Jesus set the calibration of them when He proclaimed the Jubilee Year in the Synagogue of Nazareth in 28 AD. This 28 AD Year Count is then also predicated on the Birthday of Jesus, truly being on -3 BC and on a similar Yom Teruah Feast Day. This would reckon the Years to be correct and how then Jesus was indeed 33 Years Old in the year 32 AD and died on Passover of April 14 and on a Blood Moon that occurred at mMidnight over the Middle East. The Sun was Eclipsed by the 2nd Sun, Nemesis, etc.

It would also collaborate the 4-Year Allotment of Israel being given before it is to be ‘Cut Down’ from the Luke 13 Account of the Fig Tree that produced no Fruit. It is understood and accepted by many that indeed, Israel is the Fig Tree Nation. And since 1948 when it was ‘Birthed. in a Day, the 70-Year Time Marker was reached in 2018. This is of course, going by the Psalm 90 Classification and Interpretation of what is and how long is a generation. Thus, if one adds the 4-Year Discrepancy to Israel’s maturing in 2018, the Summation takes one to 2022. And? One is more convinced that the actual Countdown occurred from 1952. Why? That is related to the Jubilee Year Cycle Pattern is that the Cycles are comprised of 7 Years each. This is to say then that whenever there is a Prophetic Movement of YHVH upon history, it occurs on a Sabbatical Cycle.

Prophetic ‘Shelf-Life’
It is one’s estimation that the Tribulation Period does not need to occur on a Sabbatical Cycle, at its beginning. It is surmised to start at a Half-Way one, just where Jesus left off. This Notion is predicated on the Daniel Prophecy of the 2 Princes showing-up, etc. Thus, as to who and what will constitute the 7-Headed Red Dragon? As presented, if the 2nd Sign could very well be the Planet X Phenomenon, then such an Ominous Sign would be seen in the Daytime and in Terror as it would also be the cause of the many Worldview Catastrophic Judgments, as outlined in the Book of Revelation.

Such will constitute the Seal Judgments that will make Men’s Heart faith for what they will see in the Heavens, and manifest on Earth. This then leaves the Converse Effect of what about the Rapture? When does that occur? One is also convinced it is to take place on an Acts 2 Pentecost Summer New Wine Feast. One thing is for sure, it will conclude the Church Age Commission. The Rapture has to End prior to the start of a subsequent 7-Year Tribulation Period. What does this mean for the present Church Age Believers or in terms of the Great Escape, the Blessed Hope, the Rapture Event?

The Rapture Event of the Church Age Believers in Jesus has to then occur sometime in 2024. This is if the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 was and will be indeed a 7-Year Warning of the Rapture Event. So, perhaps indeed, the 2017 Revelation 12 Sign has been signaling the Year that the Rapture is to occur all along. Thus, this study strongly suggests then that the Great Sign in Virgo of 2029, being a Revelation 12 (2.0) reload, could possibly be the Sign of the Son of Man tied to Jesus’ Return. Jesus is the King Planet, Jupiter that protects Earth from Asteroids. Jesus is as Venus, the Bright and Morning Star that Jesus Himself attributes its Nature and Description.

Ultimately, Jesus is the Destroyer, if the Death Star is to coincide with the Sign of the Son of Man as seen in Heaven the Day Jesus returns. After all, Jesus is coming as the ‘Destroyer’ to Destroy all that is against Him, his Bride and Israel. Realize that all such attributes of the Pagan ‘Gods’ and the Celestial Planets are all but Prophetic Glimpses of Christ Jesus’ Nature in Metaphorical Terms applied to the Celestial Bodies, etc. It has been the Enemy that has Perverted and Attributed the same Qualities to Fallen Imitating Gods and Ancient Mythos. But the Real Deal and Authentic Subject is Jesus. That is the Storyline of the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac, etc. And the point is that this Sign approximating the Revelation 12 Phenomenon will not occur in another 12 Years out from 2029.

This will no doubt put the Fig Tree Generation out of reach or its Prophetic ‘Shelf-Life’ Fulfillment and Promise that Jesus Himself made. The Promise was that the Generation that would see the Rebirth of the ‘Fig Tree’, that is Israel would essentially be the Last Generation to see Jesus’ Return. So, the next approximate Astronomical Depiction of the Revelation 12 Sign since 2017 occurs on September 11, 2029. And this day amazingly happens to coincide with Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets, Jesus Birth-Day of 9-11. The configuration of a subsequent Revelation 12 Sign, is on a Perfect Day that corresponds to Feast Days also of Passover, when Reverse Engineered from the Mid-Point and to the Simchat Torah, at its beginning, exactly 1260 Days apart.

A 2520 Timeline from 2025-2032?
Simchat Torah happens after Shemini Atzeret. It is called the 8th Day Great Assembly and occurs after the 7-day Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles. It is when the King of Israel reads aloud the Law or the Covenant to the ‘Many’, as in the 70 Elders of Zion, etc. Thus, as a Usurper, will the coming False Messiah that Israel will accept in his ‘own Name’ gather Israel to read to them the ‘New Law’? It could be a Time to have him be recognized, formally as Israel’s King, Messiah.

And have then the Daily Sacrifices start as a Commemorate of this Coronation that Weekly Sabbath. That Sabbath happens to mean, ‘New Beginnings’ or the ‘Start’. It is possible if this Timeline that seems to be ‘Perfect’ is what will transpire. Time will tell. The odds of such a 2025-2032 Year Timeline are mind-boggling considering it appears to match Key Time Markers that are significant to the Start, Mid-Point and End of the Tribulation Period, down to the very Feasts. Could this be then the Timeline that will see the Return of Jesus in 2032?

To reiterate, the Timeline has been ‘Reverse Engineered’ to show that it does have a tight 2520-Day Specific Count. This is based on Reverse Engineering the Revelation 12 Sign from Passover of April 1, 2029. And when doing so, some amazing correspondences do occur with the 2 Segments of 1260 Days that make up the coming Tribulation Period. The following are the Calculations, reverse Engineered from the apparent Revelation 12 Sign 2.0 reloaded that appears could be the Sign of the Son of Man. And that in turn, 1260 Days later will be the Day of Jesus’ Return on a Yom Teruah Sabbath of Return, 9-11, etc.

Possible Tribulation Period Timeline?
Thus, based on this timeline model, the Tribulation Period begins: October 18, 2025.

= Daily Sacrifices are Sanctioned, by AntiChrist to commence the 2520 Day Count.

                                                  Revelation 12 Sign 2.0

Beginning                                          Midpoint                                                         End
October 18, 2025?                            April 1, 2029?         Great Tribulation     September 11, 2032?

                        (1260 Days)                                                (1260 Days)

                                          7-YEAR TRIBULATION PERIOD

If such a Timeline is plausible, then it would confirm the Jubilee Year Count and Sabbatical Cycle Theories in that the Tribulation Period has to start then in 2025. This then means that the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred in 2017 was and is signaling the Year of the Rapture, to occur sometime in 2024. Of course, this is if the Timeline of Events is True. Consider though, that if 2025 in the Fall, is the possible Start of the Tribulation Period, it does not preclude the Rapture event from occurring beforehand. Realize that it is the Daily Sacrifices that initiates the 1260 +1260 Day Segments that make up the 7-Year Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

Rent is Due
Or in other words, this 2025-2032 Timeline will be then Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. Daniel’s Week of Years could very well then start in 2025. But there could be then a Gap of Time, enough to set in place the New World Order and construct the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem to start the Daily Sacrifices. Thus, if such a Calculation Model, Reversed Engineered since September 11, 2032 is correct, then Jesus will return on His birthday and on Yom Teruah Week at the Sabbath of Return. Perhaps. But it would be as He did at His 1st Advent. If the Feast of YHVH also signifies the Sequence of Prophetic Fulfillment, then Jesus will return to fulfill the Fall Feasts as the Lion of Judah.

This is based on a –3 BC Date of 9-11 that, likewise, is when He appeared physically on Earth at His 1st Advent. Now at His 2nd Advent, likewise on Feast of Trumpets, Jesus will appear physically on Earth. This Assertion is based on the Menorah Pattern of having fulfilled the 3 Spring Feasts as the Lamb of YHVH. The Middle Pentecost Feast was and is presently for the duration of the Church Age. This ‘Pentecostal Intermission’ or the Church Age occurred on the Summer Feast of New Wine. Since then, the Gentiles have been grafted-into Jesus. This will occur until the Summer Wheat Harvest, will be completed by the Rapture Event.

The Church Age concludes with the Rapture just before the Tribulation Period begins with the start of the Daily Sacrifices 2520-Day Count. To reiterate, one is of the Opinion that ‘Astronomically’, what the 7-Headed Red Dragon will look like, will be the Debut, or Flyby and appearing of Nemesis…the Red Dragon 2nd Sun. This is the Black Sun, the Death Star, etc. It will come from up, under the South Pole, then over and Counterclockwise from the Ecliptic. The Ecliptic is where the Sun and Planets travel on from Earth’s Perspective. The Solar System is the Binary Sun System. It is ‘Nemesis’ that will have 7 Satellites or Planets, thus the 7 Heads.

One is not sure of how Astronomically the Number 10 factors into the Typology or how it will come into play. It could be that some of the Planets like Nibiru has a Moon or two. But to summarize and reiterate, if this Calculated Timeline 2025-2032 Year Model is correct, then one is now able to ascertain the Beginning, the Middle and the End of the 70th Week of Years Daniel sought to understand. But he was informed that such Knowledge was for the Last Generation. In these Last Years, and even Months, many are coming together to contribute to each other’s Work and compliment what Jesus has shown each.

For sure, as the Years and Months are coming to a close for the Church Age, the Words told to Daniel ring True, of how the Knowledge and Signs were to be Understood only in the Last Days. Can it be the case that if not Months away from this study being written that such Revelation and Understanding has been given for the Last Days and the Last Day’s Followers of Jesus? Imagine how much of a Privilege it is to engage in Understanding such Clues and Signs and receiving them. And for what purpose? It is to get the Word out to warn Jesus’ Flock and prepare them for what is at Hand. It is to have Hope and Discernment but with Caution. May the Church Body be listening and receiving it all as well as those outside that need Salvation.

End of the Church Age

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble will be Horrific. Jesus warned of an Escape during His Olivet Discourse. The Great Escape has been provided now in the Rapture Event. This is afforded now while one has the opportunity to come to Jesus before the Rapture event occurs and the world is thrust into the Darkest Winter of its Sad History since the 1st Adam. If indeed the Closing Months are before the Bride of Christ, the Urgency is to warn others within the Church Body to ‘Get Right with Jesus’. But for sure these are Ominous and Amazing Times to see all that the LORD Jesus is showing His People for those that have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. May this Last Generation of Watchers be Faithful to see His Face and hear His Voice.

In Summary, the prophecy of the Revelation 12 Sign itself is like a Layered Cake. And is only highlighting what one sees is pertaining to ‘this side’ of the Revelation 12 Sign before the Tribulation Period begins as a sort of ‘Chiastic Mirror’ of the Sign, all inclusive. It does appear that there is the Chiastic Mirror effect in play. The Sign, appearing Astronomically in 2017 is Evidence of the case, of the True one is yet to occur during the Tribulation Period. It will occur exactly at the Mid-Point. The actual 1260-Day Factor can then be deduced as the Timing states that it is ‘In the Midst’. That is when the Daily Sacrifices are ceased, etc.

Such are the Clues one is being selective in, knowingly and thus formulating one’s Thesis around them. And one makes this Assertion emphatically from the beginning, so no one can say, where are you getting your Theory from or calculation? Thus, one can then Prophetically assume a mirrored 1260-Day Chiastic Effect occurring before that Time to complete the 2520-Day Total Count within the Tribulation Period. So, yes, taking some Prophetic Liberty to correlate that Chiastic 1260-Day Factor and extrapolating it to the present situation now, as the Sign did occur Astronomically back in 2017, so will it be concluded in 2029, in the Midst of the Tribulation Period, etc.

And that is why one is then imposing that similar 1260-Day Factor to it. It is only an Overlay Effect and yet to be Tested, of course. As to the Venus Depiction as a type of Christ coming to ‘Rescue’? It is as in the literal shielding and protection of the Jewish Believing Remnant then and there that will occur at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period then. Yes, all that Depiction then sets-up the Scenario for the Remnant Believers Jews in Jesus to be protected. It will be in Petra as many purport. But also realize that certain Groups are Raptured throughout the entirety of the Book of Revelation.

And these ‘Raptures’, at certain Times would then include the 144K that one does argue are 1 of the 7 Raptures or ‘Translations’ that occur in the Book of Revelation. So, as to seeing all this playout Astronomically in 2029, it is to be seen. That is why one is only suggesting that it will be based on how the entire 2520-Day Count pans-out in one’s 2025-2032 Timeline. And that it will perhaps be the Sign of the Son of Man that Jesus said would also occur in Heaven and that all the World would see. And that on this Day, that Sign could then be pegged to the Revelation 12 (2.0) that occurs at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation.

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The calculation of the Feast Days using the ‘revere engineered’ count from September 11, 2029 is +/- 1 day as the Jewish reckon days the Sunset the day prior and consider also the time zone differences.







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