Prophetic Times Related to the End of the Age

  • Is the Rapture event somehow connected astronomically?
  • Do the Vernal Equinox solar eclipses suggest a countdown?
  • Can certain time markers be noted by cosmic alignments?

by Luis B. Vega

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And God said, Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens, to divide between the day and the night; and let them be for Signs, and for Seasons, and for Days and Years; and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens, to give light on the Earth. And it was so. – Genesis 1:14-15

The purpose of this study is to present the following illustrations that will attempt to associate some of the peculiarities of the Equinox total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015. It will consider the planetary alignments, dates and numbers that to some have obvious occultic innuendos on one hand but divine Biblical connotations on the other, particularly of the coming Rapture in tandem with the unveiling of the AntiChrist. There are several unassuming occultic associations because of where and when this particular Equinox total solar eclipse occurs. This rare Equinox eclipse occurs just hours between the midpoint of the day over Reykjavik, near the equal amount of ‘day’ and ‘night’ of the year. The eclipse occurs on Earth just to the east of Iceland on the Spring Equinox at the point of what is referred to as the Greatest Eclipse or maximum at the 77th degree latitude, north and concluding right over the North Pole.

Astronomically the Equinox total solar eclipse occurs in Pisces, adjacent to Pegasus and Andromeda; more precisely in-between Aquarius and Pisces on the Ecliptic. On one level of interpretation, this event is a rendering of the equilibrium of the light and darkness, a balance between ‘good’ and ‘evil’, as above, so below, etc., or exchange. This study strongly suggests that this total solar eclipse, on the very day of the Spring Equinox could be an announcement or the sign of the coming Biblical AntiChrist ‘prince’ on one level and a dress ‘rehearsal’ of the Rapture on the other. There is a duality on another level also occurring, astronomically. It is of an ascent and descent; a rising of the 7-fold ‘Bride’ Pleiades in the Heavens as in the Rapture, going up as the AntiChrist false Messiah comes down to Earth. How the Rapture and the AntiChrist are insinuated is that this tandem event is seen on Earth at a particular time and place, Chichen Itza.

How Chichen Itza is related to the Equinox eclipse in particular is that from the Pyramid and the steps of the Serpent of Light to the maximum point of the eclipse to the east of Iceland is at a heading of 33 degrees and at a map length of 66 degrees. The 66 degree angle is one of the heading of the whole pyramid complex construct of Chichen Itza. On the Equinox, the Serpent of Light is configured on the steps by the setting Sun as the Pleiades have reached their maximum during midday. What is peculiar about all these planetary alignments is that a celestial hexagram or ‘Star of David’ or of Rem'-pha is also configured when looking from a top view perspective of the Solar System. This in turn construes a double tetrahedron that to many, denotes a Stargate of sorts.

Celestial Times and Seasons
Astronomically, the planet Mercury is at the center of this astronomical hexagram on the Spring Equinox. The illustration will show that the planets in the solar system will depict a hexagram with Mercury at its core. Thor or the Phoenix is equated to be Mercury. Mercury would thus serve as the fulcrum being the key in its celestial position and prominence. In sorcery and Freemasonry for example, a hex is an evil spells cast upon others or configured to be a place where inter-dimensional crossing-over from the spirit world can or will occur. To the sorcerers or Wizards, the hexagram is a powerful tool to invoke the presence of Lucifer and demonic spirits, in essence it becomes a ‘box’ portal, a ‘Stargate’ of sorts in this case astronomically. What these celestial alignments could possibly infer is that there will be a portal for Mercury to come forth from, esoterically. According to mythology, Mercury is the Messenger of God.

In this case the AntiChrist to come, whenever that is, will be type of Thor or the Wizard. This is in the context of the culture where the eclipse is to occur, in the Nordic latitudes on Earth. The other association that depicts the advent of the Serpent of Light or the Phoenix coming forth or manifesting itself occurs on the steps of the pyramid of Chichen Itza in the Americas. It is one of the few places on Earth where there is a direct connection with the Equinox and the veneration of Lucifer, aka, the Shining One. This study is not insinuating that at this time is when the Rapture or the unveiling of the AntiChrist is to occur but that it astronomically depiction is striking and perhaps it is a prelude as this Equinox total solar eclipse is the last to mark the end of time for the Church Age. If this is the case, only 9 such total solar eclipses that precisely occur on the Spring Equinox occurred prior to Christ and after Christ.

This is assuming that from hence forth the remaining time to be concluded is just Daniel’s 70th prophetic week of years and then the Millennial kingdom is to come. This would mean that only 2 such eclipse events are to occur in the 1000 year span of time according to NASA’s calculations. Will a celestial portal open up at this time and place that will see the Satanic powers of evil cross over? Perhaps this very Prince Thor, or Kukulkan, the Feathered Serpent of the ancient is signaling the return of the Phoenix? This very Wizard, which Chichen Itza means, the Place of the Wizard will come on the scene on Earth that is expected at this time or thereafter according to the Bible. Will it coincide with the Rapture of the Church? Will the Rapture occur in 2015 or 5776?

To some that interpret certain Scripture this astronomical event alludes to these 2 events being connected, it is an intriguing notion to study and consider, if at least astronomically. The eclipse is the only one that is a total one and that occurs in the zone of the 2nd and 3rd Blood Moon of the Tetrad sequence of 2014-2015. To many, this Tetrad is Biblically prophetic that may mark such an exchange at some point at its end or soon thereafter. Pertaining to the notion of a ‘Stargate’, it is amazing that astronomically, the Equinox eclipse not only occurs at the center of Earth’s latitude, but at the approximate center between Aquarius and Pisces. Aquarius is pouring the water down and Pisces is hitching a ride on the back of Pegasus going up; it is a simultaneous astronomical rendering of a Rapture event. Could thus this be a picture of when the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to go up is when the AntiChrist is to come down?

The End of the Piscean Age
The point is that if such an assertion is true, then astronomically the Church Age is to end very soon. It will not be within decades but years. Perhaps the total solar eclipse on the Equinox is signaling that such a time marker has been achieved or about to. This study is not predicting or date setting to suggest that the actual Rapture is to take place on this date but that if at least it is a ‘picture’ and perhaps a ‘dress rehearsal’ of sorts. To show an example of just how rare this configuration is when it converges on the Church ‘sign’ of Pisces, the following is a simple yet profound year calculation for consideration. The list of dates shows the frequency of conjunction with the MOON in Pisces since the liberation of Old Jerusalem and specifically the Temple Mount in 1967. The pattern suggests that none since 1966 has had the Sun and the Moon occur in Pisces, on an Equinox and being a total eclipse in scope.

2015 + 19 = 2034 next total solar eclipse on the Equinox.
2015 - 48 = 1967 (1966 Jubilee) 1966 (Jubilee countdown to 2015, 5776, the Year of Light is 49 years)
2015 Total Solar Eclipse on Equinox with Sun-Moon in Pisces
2034 (1 of 2 only total solar eclipses to occur in the next 1000 years)

The next total solar eclipse on the Equinox is on March 20, 2034 exactly 19 years from 2015. If one factors in the Jubilee count from 1967 as a prophetic template when the Temple Mount, the House of YHVH area was liberated from the Muslim occupation, this would equal 48 years or 2015-1967 years. The point is that perhaps this Equinox eclipse that signifies astronomically an equilibrium. It could be a prophetic equilibrium to occur and the restoration of perhaps the very Temple itself in the 5776 reckoning of time. In some astronomically way it is interfacing prophetically in time and space, much like the celestial double Tetrahedron, the Earthly Holy of Holies that is to be restored.

Piercing the Prophetic Veil
What is also Biblically significant about this total Equinox eclipse is that it occurs on the Jewish religious New Year, that of March 20, 2015. It will be 178 days to Rosh HaShana, 188 days to Yom Kippur and 6 months and 6 days (69) to the Super Blood Moon and last of the Tetrad on the Feast of Tabernacles. This time marker not only astronomically marks this in the stars on the Ecliptic but is also in approximate phi ratio in terms of time to the Fall Feasts of YHVH, specifically Rosh HaShana on September 13, 2015. Incredibly, the year 2015 having 365 days will actually have the 13th of September correspond to the phi ratio’s spiral fulcrum. This can be verified by interposing the phi ratio spiral onto a linear rendering of a year timeline continuum.

As it has been noted, a unique astronomical attribute of this particular Equinox eclipse is that the planetary arrangement as viewed from the top of the Solar System depicts a hexagram. At the center of this perceived celestial composition is Mercury. Why this is significant is that eschatologically, the advent of the ‘Messenger of God’ is to come forth in the Last Days to see the final chapter of human history and time. Esoterically, whenever there is sacred geometry or Gematria occurring as with the celestial hexagram, it is considered a time of a piercing of the dimensions, of a Stargate if one wills what is supernaturally construed by such cosmic energies due to the unseen forces of the planet’s resonance and frequencies.

This is not to mention also the spiritual forces at work related to the configuring of the heavenly bodies for example. The point is that this planetary configuration is not just happenstance and it is Biblically significant as a prophetic time marker. Again, this study is not asserting the notion that it will be the ‘AntiChrist’ that is to be revealed but as the type of the Rapture seen in the where the eclipse occurs, this celestial hexagram, door is to also depict perhaps an event that will be tied to the Rapture and the revealing of the AntiChrist. What is unique about a double tetrahedron or hexagram, 3-deminsionally is that it construes a ‘box’ or chamber as in a room.

It is a perfect cube that incidentally is the perfect dimensions of the Holy of Holes, 10x10x10 cubits. The Holy of Holies on Earth in the Temple of YHVH was such a place that the ‘veil’ between Eternity and time-space meet. This is where the notion of a ‘portal’ or manifestation from the spiritual to the material realms can be interfaced. All that one needs to cross over is to know where and when; these are the power and ‘keys’ to activate such a doorway into the other dimensions. But isn’t this what will occur at the time of the Rapture, whenever that is? Doesn’t Isaiah 16:20 allude to such a chamber, perhaps the very Holy of Holies in the presence of the King?

‘Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.’ Or how in Psalm 27:5 it states that, ‘For in the day of trouble (Tribulation) He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of His Sacred Tent (Chuppah) and set me high upon a Rock.’ Thus, will it not be as the Bible describes as a ‘snatching’ away of a flight of the persecuted Bride of Christ related to the Church Age as the153 ‘fish’ that have been caught all throughout the Church Age for the past nearly 2000 years?

According to the Bible, followers of Jesus Christ have this privilege of entering into the very Holy of Holies already through prayer in the Name and authority of Jesus Christ. At this time during the Church Age, Jesus is currently ministering in the Office of the High Priest before the very Ark of GOD in the Holy of Holies. He instructs His Church on Earth to ‘boldly come before the Mercy Seat in Heaven’ to petition through prayer. Regardless of the timing to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, it would appear that its conclusion is about to end. The Equinox eclipse pattern is suggesting, then that  the ‘Fullness of the Gentiles’ and that of the dispensation of human history is about to come to a head. The 3rd Office of Jesus is that of the King. It will be at Jesus’ 2nd Coming when Hew will establish His long awaited Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The Astronomical Rapture
The eclipse of March 20, 2015 occurs astronomically in-between the constellation of Pisces and Aquarius. What is extremely telling, Biblically speaking is that from point of view of the timing and typology of the doctrine of the Rapture. The eclipse appears to mirror the astronomical phi proportion to that of the constellations of Pegasus and Andromeda. These 2 constellations make up what is called the ‘Astronomical Rapture’. It depicts the swift flight of the ‘Chained Woman’ or the persecuted woman, i.e., Andromeda the Bride of Christ to the center of the Universe. This is where the Throne of the King is as Andromeda is thereafter transformed into Cassiopeia, the ‘Enthroned Woman’.

More specifically the eclipse astronomically occurs at the head of the adjacent head of one of the 2 Pisces that runs along the Ecliptic. It is well documented that the Christian Church Age is seen as the Age of Pisces, of the Fish that correspond to the present ‘Age’ or dispensation of time. Astronomically most Ages last around 2000 years. The illustrations accompanying this study will show that in particular as the depiction from the eclipse maximum near Iceland occurs, the Ecliptic will approximate the Earth’s latitude of horizon, meaning that the planets and the constellations will nearly have a x and y axis attributed to it. This means that the phi ratio spiral configuration can be interposed onto the constellations and it is very telling. The following will be a prophetic interpretation of such a cosmic depiction in light of the Rapture.

The constellation of Pegasus is fused with Andromeda at the star named Alpheratz. The meaning of this star means ‘broken down’ as in trodden down due to persecution and affliction. The edge of Pegasus’ nostrils becomes the starting point of the phi ratio proportion of time and imagery. The phi ratio spiral is made to correspond from this starting point and follows the proportions of its neck for perspective. This matches the fulcrum of the phi ratio spiral with the stars Homan and Peg. The star at the base of the neck of Pegasus is called Markab, which means ‘returning from afar’. The remaining phi ratios fit to end at Andromeda’s midsection that corresponds to the star, Mirach. The meaning of this star is ‘to be weak’. This is an incredible illustration of the Church Age, the Body of Christ on Earth. Although it is made up of living stones, of ‘Earthen Vessel’, they contain the Glory of Christ by way of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

This is much like the vessels that carried the lights during the cry of Gideon against the enemies of Israel. As they were broken at the ‘Battle Cry’, they ascended up at which time they revealed their inner core essence, the light of Jesus. It was at midnight, unawares and at the shout of the mighty men that Gideon went up to obtain the victory. This is what will happen at the Rapture. Jesus will descend with a shout, a victory call and with trumpets to break the earthen vessels of the physical body that represents sin and the bondage to the world. It will be at that time, in a twinkling of an eye that the body will metamorphizised and the new body of pure light. No longer will the Bride of Christ that has been weak and trodden down, chained as the LORD Jesus comes from afar to snatch her up and take her to present her to His Father in the very chamber of the Holy of Holies in Glory.

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