Planetary Orbits related to Resonance, Space, Time

  • Is the Solar System formed or distanced according to frequency?
  • Can such a pattern be based on the Phi Ratio as a cosmic signature?
  • Is there a factor how cosmic frequency is subject to sound/Logos?

by Luis B. Vega

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The Heavens proclaim the glory of YHVH. The skies display His craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make Him known. -Psalm 19:1-4

This purpose of this study with online chart is to illustrate the approximate planetary orbits that constitute the Solar System within the 3rd arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. The purpose of the illustration is to show that the planetary orbits approximate a phi ratio mathematical relationship to each other. This principle displays the marvelous intelligent design of the ’Signature of the Creator’ in the Golden Mean that the whole of Creation is stamped with. Such planetary orbits are not a result of random chance or coincidence. The planetary orbits are a product of resonance and frequency that even corresponds to a peculiar color and sound spectrum. These orbits occurred at the point of Creation, based on the account of Genesis.

Such present planetary orbits may not have been the original construct of the Solar System as the account of Genesis suggests a prior state of order that ‘became formless and void’ at some pre-Adamic time and age. One such evidence is the Asteroid Belt that many purports to have been a planet of some type that suffered a collision. Some theorize that it was caused by the Sun’s binary partner, i.e., the 2nd Sun that is on an elliptical orbit with Earth’s Sun. Another clue is the Planetary Angles from the Ecliptic of Earth seem to suggest that some sort of chaos was introduced to the Solar System. These forces appear to have disturbed the order as some orbits of the planets are out of order and in some cases planetary rings as in the case of Saturn and Uranus are displaced to a certain degree.

This study suggests that the dimensions of the phi ratio can be ascertained in the orbits of the planets that constitute the Inner Solar System and in the Outer Solar System. Earth is a pivotal fulcrum from where Mars is in phi ratio to the Sun. Earth in relation to the distance to Mercury is in phi ratio to the Sun as well as Earth’s distances to Venus’s orbit are in phi ratio with Mars and so on. For the Outer Solar System, the fulcrum appears to be Jupiter, the King Planet that corresponds to the Center Stem or branch of the Heavenly Menorah, that of the Messiah in pure typological terms. According to the Bible, Christ is the source of all life, as in the center and fulcrum of life, time, and space itself. The overall arching phi spiral from the Sun to the edge of the Solar System with Uranus demarks the limits of the Asteroid Belt and limits of the Inner Solar System. Jupiter is the focal point for the phi ratio distances to Saturn, Neptune, and the Asteroid Belt. The Golden mean or ratio of 1.6180 in mathematical value that is attributed to being the ’Signature of the Creator’. This mathematical proportion has been recognized and used since ancient times.

The Golden Ratio

It is seen in the spirals of galaxies, in math, nature, architecture, the arts and the Human Form. It is a mathematical principle when 2 quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. The Fibonacci Sequence is another numerical sequential factor directly related to the phi ratio. It is based on the mathematical works of Leonard Fibonacci who lived in the 13th century. The Fibonacci Sequence is also referred to as The Golden Ratio. This Ratio has been found to occur in many forms within nature, basically all of Creation.

The Fibonacci Sequence takes the numbers derived from the Golden Ratio and ascribes them into a binary code. This Code has many uses and has been utilized in various modern applications in such areas and disciplines as computer programming to economic market analysis. The approximate size of the Solar System in comparison to the Milky Way galaxy can be compared to the entire North American continent as being the size of the galaxy. In turn the size of the Solar System would be as big as an American quarter dollar coin. Within that coin, the iris of the pupil in the head of the bust would be the Sun. The size of the eye’s iris would be big enough to fit several Jupiter size planets. This is not taking into consideration the billions of other galaxies and numerous clusters thereof. The following is the degree of inclination of the planets from the reference point of Earth as being the ecliptic.

Inclination by degree
Pluto                17°09’
Mercury           7°00’
Venus              3°24’
Saturn             2°29’
Mars                1°51’
Neptune          1°46’
Jupiter             1°18’
Uranus             0°46’

The following is the order of the Solar System from Earth’s perspective. The Solar System is constituted between the Inner Solar System and the Outer Solar System. Each has a cluster of corresponding planets that are also divided by what is termed non-gas and gas planets. From Mercury to Mars, the planets are considered ‘solids’. From Jupiter to Uranus, the planets are considered the giant gas planets. The planets starting with Mercury which is the closest to the Sun has a resonance or frequency based on its color that matches the 7 primary colors of Visible Light.

The wavelengths of Frequency for Mercury are longer in comparison to the higher Frequency of Uranus that is shorter. Thus, the Solar System approximates the phi ratio proportion of the planets in their respective orbits in relation to one another based off the distance from the Sun. The numeration below is derived from the rendition of the 7 Planets that exclude Earth as they are counted from Earth’s perspective. In a heliocentric view, the Solar System is considered to be made up of 9 celestial bodies when the Earth and Moon are incorporated in the count but excludes the Sun.

Divine Reflections
The 7 primary Planets of the Solar System are said to correspond to the Menorah of the Tabernacle of Moses and Temple of Solomon that in themselves are a copy of the true forms in the House of the Creator, YHVH. From Earth’s perspective, the Sun and the Moon compliment and balance the Day that constituted the daylight and nighttime portions. The 7 Planets represent the arms of the Menorah that also attributes the 7 primary colors of Creation, the 7 Feasts of YHVH and the Seven Churches of Christ as depicted in the book of Revelation and so on. As of now, Earth is the only planet known to be able to sustain life as it is known on Earth. Presently, there have been numerous discoveries of planets having similar type of makeup as the Earth that could have a comparable atmosphere and water components to sustain life.


Inner Solar System

Asteroid Belt (The Missing Planet)

Outer Solar System


As there are recognized multiplicities of dimensions known to mankind, this does not preclude life forms that are out of this world, or ‘extraterrestrial’ in nature to include multidimensional life perhaps. The Bible validates this as for example, Angels as life-forces are beings outside the realm of space and time. This category of being includes what the Bible denotes as the Fallen Ones in allegiance to Lucifer that rebelled against the Creator and perhaps is the originator of the chaos seen throughout the Solar System. Why? Biblically speaking, out of the vast expanse of the known Universe, the Bible states that the Creator chose to place and establish His Name on Earth.

For whatever reason, the Bible does state that the Earth, along with Mankind will see the culmination of Good vs. Evil of the Universe on Earth. This show-down will occur at the return of the Creator-King, Jesus Christ at the Battle of Armageddon. Consider that the Earth is in a state of occupation. It is occupied by Fallen Angelic hosts, disembodied spirits, that is demons and principalities and powers from on high ruled over by the Prince of the Power of the Air, i.e., Lucifer. It is Earth that is special in the scope of the Solar System. Why? There are many possible reasons to include the prior Ages that for example are alluded in the writing of Plato among many other ancient sources.

Divine Occupations
Plato gives an account of there being an Earth that existed during the Golden Age of Atlantis before Adam where perhaps races of beings to include Lucifer were the ‘gods’ who ruled such an Age and state of creation over the pre-Adamic Earth. As Lucifer rebelled, perhaps the Earth became ground zero for the contention of the Universe and the Throne of the Creator itself. Thus, Adam was introduced to a playing field of sorts in a revamped Earth but that was GOD’s plan all along to which a jealous and reprobate Lucifer also contested the allegiance of Mankind. He was successful in succumbing the first humans to his cause to go against the will of the Creator and thus forfeited the title deed of Earth to Lucifer who became the ‘god of this world’, that is Earth. Lucifer has been trying to recreate his lost Golden Age –that is his version of Paradise on Earth through New World Orders with the help of Fallen Mankind.

Lucifer has promised an alternate version of Paradise where Mankind can be freed from its limitations of a human body as he promises that Mankind can ascend to become ‘gods’ like YHVH; perhaps as it was during the time of the Golden Age of Atlantis. Realize that despite the vast expanse of space and the known universe, the ultimate show-down between good and evil, Jesus Christ and the AntiChrist, i.e., Lucifer has been waged on Earth with humanity in the midst. According to the Bible, Lucifer and the works of darkness was vanquished at the Cross with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As the LORD is constructing His Bride throughout the Church Age, there will come a time where Lucifer will be displaced from Heaven itself to no more appear nor have rights to address grievances against the Saints before the Judicial Throne of GOD in Heaven.

When will this happen? The astronomical ‘Sign’ that occurs on September 23, 2017 is itself in dispute as being the actual Sign of Revelation 12 where Lucifer is cast out of Heaven once and for all. Many Christians dispute this notion and whether it is a mid-Tribulation Sign. Signs usually occur first in reference to the event yet proceeding. Thus 2017 cannot be the ‘midpoint’ because based on lunar patterns the midpoint could actually be 2022 as it pertains to the Sabbatical Cycles of which, 2015 was the last one. If one adds then 7 years to that 2015 year, it will come to 2022. This means then that the Rapture would have to have happened by then. This event will then allow for the AntiChrist to be revealed and usurp the religious vacuum to initiate their New World Order. This new order will encompass all facets of Humanity; the economy, religions, society, political, etc.

Thus approximately 1260 days from the July Central Blood Moon of 2018 puts the possible Tribulation start sometime in 2022. Then there are those that rightly point out that there could be a gap between the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation that could place the start of the Tribulation much farther out. If 2022 is the starting point, then in terms of Eschatology, it will be also when Israel realizes that their ‘Messiah’ is false. It will be at this time that the AntiChrist shows his true colors and takes ‘off the gloves’ to persecute Israel and the Christian remnant with full demonic force. This study suggests that since the outset of the mandatory alliance will be rolled-out through the medical and monetary grids, those that refuse the Mark of the Beast and participate will be sentenced to death as ‘Enemies of the State’ and disposed of by beheading by the ‘Death Panels’ that evidently are part of the New World Order after all for example.

Battlefield Earth
Thus, the point being that going into the latter part of the Tribulation, there will hardly be any Christians, if at all left in the dark kingdom of the AntiChrist to persecute but Israel. To reiterate, this latter part of the Tribulation period is when Lucifer is also cast down to Earth from Heaven permanently at which time from that point on, Lucifer possesses the AntiChrist in person, not at the beginning. The beginning corresponded to the breaking of the Seal Judgments in which the first was that of a deceptive ruler coming with a false peace to unite the world under a New World Order that was birthed out of designed chaos. At the beginning, all will seem ‘perfect’ with the newfound Messiah, the building of the 3rd Temple, victory over Israel’s enemies and ‘peace and security’ with un-walled villages; times could not be better.

Also based on the Feast patterns, as the 1st 3 were chronologically fulfilled by Jesus at His 1st coming, the Rapture will complete the Pentecost Church Age but thereafter, Jesus will also chronologically fulfill the Fall Feast also in chronological order. The Rapture might coincide with Yom Teruah but only because it is the end of the Pentecost wheat harvest. That being said, Trumpets is really a rallying cry of war which at the Return of Christ, His robes will be thus dipped in blood as He concludes Armageddon. What follows, is Yom Kippur…a feast of anointing Israel’s kings and proclaiming the Jubilee which will be the case. Then Sukkot will commemorate the building of the Millennial Temple.

As it stands now, prophetically, one thing is for sure, this Earth is just about right for the chaos that is needed to produce the Luciferian’s New Order. Realize that the end of the Sabbatical Cycle on Yom Teruah will see the collapse the financial system that in turn will demand the new financial order that will evolve into the Mark of the Beast. The point is that once world is talking about the Mark, that is Tribulation time and the Rapture has to precede this. And not to mention the WWIII and 3rd Temple that will come about from this coming chaos. This is why Earth is the spot in the known Universe that is so hotly contested, because it is about establishing YHVH’s will on Earth as it is in Heaven in the show-down between Good and Evil that until then is yet to be consummated in the Universe.

In summary, studying astronomy and the Biblical implications of Genesis 1:14, one will eventually come to find the resonance factor of the planets and light. It is true that for example, the Solar System is basically like a band of sound frequency. Each planet has a ‘channel’ and that corresponds to a light color. All the orbits of our Solar System are in phi ratio and from Earth’s perspective, the 7 main planets directly then correspond to the 7 Menorah typology arraignment and even the spectrum of light when it is divided. And for example, Jupiter appropriately deemed the King or Messiah Planet corresponds to the Center Servant Stem. It is acknowledged that Jupiter being so massive is situated just at the right place as it protects the Earth and averts dangerous asteroids and comets from pummeling our home.

This was seen way back with Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 (D/1993 F2) that broke apart in July 1992 and collided with Jupiter in July 1994. It provided the first direct observation of an extraterrestrial collision of a Solar System object. However, during the coming Tribulation Period, YHVH will remove such a protection. Of course, one can go deeper into the ‘rabbit hole’ to then realize that the Asteroid Belt is where the ‘missing planet’ was and then this ties into the Gap Theory as the Genesis account is essentially a ‘re-creation’. But that is for another study. Oh, the things that they have not taught the common people but kept hidden or for their own ‘secrets’. But for all those Followers of Jesus, one will know all that and much more in the Glorified State. As it is written, ‘No eye has seen, and no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things which YHVH has prepared for those who love Him’.

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