Analysis of the COP27 and World Religions Convocation

  • What is the Inter-Faith Center all about and pushing?
  • Why are they meeting along with COP27 at the same Time?
  • What will be the New 10 Commandments recieved at Sinai?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘When you come into the Land that the LORD your GOD is giving you, do not Learn to do the Terrible Things the People of the other Nations there do. Do not Sacrifice your Sons or Daughters in the Fires on your Altars. Do not try to Learn what will happen in the Future by talking to a Fortuneteller or by going to a Magician, a Witch, or a Sorcerer. Do not let anyone try to put Magic Spells on other People. Do not let any of your People become a Medium or a Wizard. And no one should try to Talk with someone who has Died. The LORD Hates anyone who does these Things. And because these other Nations do these Terrible Things, the LORD your GOD will Force Them Out of the Land as you Enter it. You must be Faithful to the LORD your GOD, never doing anything he considers Wrong’. -Deuteronomy 18:9-14

There is ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’. One has been asked to comment on the COP27 Climate Change Meeting of the Nations that is simultaneously gathering, by design with the Religious Ecumenical Summit also in Egypt. Interestingly, the UN Conference is said to, ‘Begin a New Era to do Things Differently’. And that is what one surmises the Efforts are all about, ‘Doing Things Differently’ or ‘Believing Differently’ as one will see. The Ecumenical Meeting happens on November 13, 2022. It is being put on by the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development. Their Title for the Conference is as follows.

‘Returning to Sinai’ - A Prophetic Call for Climate Justice and Ceremony of Repentance
Sunday, November 13th, 2022, Mount Sinai
In Parallel with the COP 27 UN Climate Conference

So, Religiously, it means ‘Believing Differently’ and in a New ‘God’ with New 10 Commandments. This study will attempt to correlate the Events within a Biblical and Prophetic Frame of Reference. And what that means for the True 10 Commandment, the True GOD, YHVH had and has for His People, both the Earthly and Spiritual ones. That is Israel and the Body of Christ, as in the Church. The Interfaith Center is also the one that have publishes the ‘Eco Bible’. This is really what their Focus and Agenda is all about. It is a Belief and Worship of the Creation rather than the Creator.

And one will present Evidence that ‘Behind the Veil’, the Powers-That-Be are using Religion as an Agenda and Tool to Make a Pact or ‘Covenant with Death’. It will be a Deal with the Devil in using ‘Religion’ not to ‘Save’ Souls but Mother Earth. And to do that, Humans are the ‘Cancer’ that needs to be ‘Cut-Off’ as in Eradicated. That was 1 of the 10 Luciferian Commandments of the Georgia Guide-Stones. Now those have been Shattered, by Design to Mock Moses’ Shattering of YHVH’s Commandments. The Luciferians of the World will now converge on Mount Sinai to Make a New Pact, a New Covenant that will spell Death of Millions in the Guise of ‘Saving Mother Earth’ instead.


The COP27 UN Climate Conference will occur in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. This location is at the very Southern Tip of the Sinai Peninsula. It is also about 120 KM to the Traditional Site of Mount Sinai at Saint Catherine’s. The Religious Convergence is taking place, reportedly on the Traditional Site of what is considered Mount Sinai. Their Website does not give a specific location other than, ‘Mount Sinai’. This is situated in Saint Catherine’s in the Heart of the Sinai Peninsula. Although, it has now been established by repeated Treks and Independent Researchers that Jabal al-Lawz, is the More Accurate Location of the Biblical Mount Sinai. Here is the Outline of their Purpose.

1-Bring Religious Leadership to UN Public Policy Discussions on Climate Change.

2-Resonate a Clarion Spiritual Call for Climate Action throughout Faith-Based Communities around the World.

3-Provide Thought Leadership for Faith-Based Communities ready to Mobilize on Climate Change.

For Context, one will first delve a bit into the Biblical History concerning Israel and the Exodus in Reference to what Mount Sinai represents. Amazingly, in the World of Academia, the Exodus is a Myth at best. One will then draw some Spiritual Parallels between Israel and what is happening now within the Body of Christ. And then what the Meetings, occurring in Tandem with the UN’s COP27 will signify to the World. If one could summarize the Event of Religious Convocation of World Faiths is that it is a ‘Return to Egypt’. In what way? If one reads and listens to the Goals and Purpose of this ‘Intersectionality’ of the World Religions, one would think, ‘It is a Good Idea’. No.

It might Sound Good and Agreeable to most in that they are mirroring the Climate Change Summit that is set to ‘Save the Planet’. From whom though? From Humanity. It is the New Narrative now. It is not to ‘Save Humanity from the Planet’. The Planet Earth is just suffering the Consequences of Humanity rejecting YHVH’s Laws. Creation is waiting for Humanity’s Redemption also. It is that the Problems of the Planet are as a Direct Consequence of Mankind’s Sin Condition. In one’s Assessment, based on one’s Understanding of Biblical History, it is a ‘Return to Egypt’. It is about the Abandonment of what originally occurred on Mount Sinai and all that is now Repeating itself. How so?

Consider the Context of where the World is at presently, especially in the West that is pushing for this Climate, Religious and Social Change. It is seeking to go back to a Pre-10 Commandments given to Israel by YHVH at Mount Sinai. This is the Crux of the Issue and Contention. It is about ‘Changing’ everything. But is not Change Good? Or Needed? Sure. But the type of Change that is desired is being Forced and Legislated on every Nation and People on Earth. It is really a Change at the core of what Humanity, Society and Religion are defined as. The efforts, going forward, based on the Proposals being set forth by COP27 and the Religious Convocation at Sinai is to ‘Change’ the 10 Commandments of YHVH given to Israel and to the World by Proxy. Consider that it was YHVH who gave the 10 Commandments as a Blueprint for Ethics and Morality to Humanity to have an Orderly Society.

Re-Definition of the Commandments

The Law of Sinai defined the Relationship between the Creator and the Created. It was the 1st Time since the Garden of Eden that YHVH introduced Commands, aside from there being only 1 Command or Law given to the 1st Humans, Adam and Eve. And that was to ‘Not Eat of the Fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Sinai defined the Relationships for a whole People-Nation and Society. It was a Beta Test. The 10 Laws governed the Ethics between: Man and Man, Man and Woman, Work and Marriage, etc. It established the Sanctity and Standard of the Family, Gender, Sexual Boundaries and Societal Morality and Expectations. These were and are the Divine Absolutes that the Luciferian Globalists are actively trying to Re-Define since Adam.

It works every Time when a Nation, Society or People turn their Backs on the Creator. And who were these 1st People Nation to receive such Laws at Sinai? The Peoples’ that came out of Egypt, a type of the Fallen and Pagan World, became the Israelites or the Hebrews that constituted over 3 Million + in some estimates. YHVH chose them due to a Promise made with Abraham. And that when the Israelites reached a certain Number, they were to be made Slaves in Egypt. However YHVH would Deliver them, right on Schedule. And? This Nation was to be a ‘Peculiar People’, a ‘Royal Priesthood’ of a Nation to be the Beacon of Light and Salt to the rest of the Nations.

Israel was to be the Ambassador of YHVH’s Laws and Edicts, in line with what Humanity was created for. These People were also tied to a Land Covenant. Israel was and is the only Nation given a Title Deed to what is called the Promised Land. YHVH carved-out a Section on Earth, at the Crossroads of Humanity for this purpose. What a Responsibility and Privilege Israel had and has. Obviously, being Sinners all the same, Israel ‘Blew-It’ right from the Beginning. But there is no other Nation in which it could say that they ‘Met with the Creator’ and ‘Made a Deal’. In actuality, they ‘Got Married’.

Moses, as a Jesus Type, was sent by YHVH to Rescue the Israelites from the AntiChrist Typology of the Slave Master and the Society steeped in Idolatrous Worship of False Gods. This is a Picture and/or a Prophetic Typology of the State and Condition of Humanity. Lucifer, the ‘Greater Pharaoh’ Slave Taskmaster wants nothing more than to subjugate Humanity and keep it under his Dominion. Thus, the ‘Return to Egypt’ inference one is making of what is happening now Spiritually. And why? The efforts of the Luciferian Globalists using Climate Change and World Religious Unity in Tandem with UN Agenda 2030 Goals is to ‘Reverse’ the 10 Commandments of YHVH.

And this is what is being seen, heard and experienced, especially in the West. There is how a ‘Change’ occurring. They call it ‘The Great Reset’. It is in Full Force, Legislatively even of Changing and Reversing all that the 10 Commandments Represent given to Israel at Mount Sinai. This is why the Questions regarding Defining ‘Who Man is’…’Who a Woman is’ is at the forefront of a Cultural War. It is about Relationships between each other and Children. It is about the Morality of Marriage, as it speaks of a Wife, etc. Or what is Sexuality. Yes, the 10 Commandments are very simple, and do not entirely address every possible condition Humanity has to deal with. But it provides the Framework and Foundation that a Society will and can build upon. Israel built upon it.

Returning to the Vomit
And above all, it was Commanded by YHVH to Israel and as a Warning to not be like the Nations that would surround Israel’s Land. That it was for the very Reasons of how Humanity seeks to ‘Return to Egypt’. That is what the Israelites wanted to do after their Exodus. YHVH judged Israel for 40 Years. But YHVH judged those Nations, by Israel in driving them out of the Promised Land. What did that look like? There was Genetic Engineering occurring due to the Angelic Interference with Humanity. There was Murder, Violence, Worship of Demons and Fallen Angels. There was Witchcraft. There was the Burning of Enfants, a form of ‘Abortion’ for Sacrifices to these False Gods. There was Homosexuality, Sorcery and Witchcraft that usually go hand-in-hand.

And according to YHVH, all that was and is Sin and Defiles a People, Society, Nation and World. So, YHVH expected to have and use Israel as a Model Nation to ‘Change’ the World instead of the World ‘Change’ Israel. However, the Pressure and Inclination, even of the Israelites was to ‘Return to Egypt and ‘Go the Way of the Nations’, etc. This Spiritual Principle occurred and is occurring in the Body of Christ too. If one can then make a Spiritual Parallel of the Church. Presently, like Israel, the Last Rendition of the Church Age is characterized by one that has totally gone Apostate like Israel.

That is, it has gone ‘Back to Egypt’. In 1 Estimation, about 75% of the Profession Church that calls itself ‘Christian’ has abandoned the Tenets of Jesus’ Commandments. Such Churches Ordain Woman Pastors, Sanction Gay Marriage, are Pro-Abortion, Ask forgiveness in Supporting Pregnancy Centers, Bless Planned Parenthood Facilities, and Worship the Creation rather than the Creator. They Re-Write the Bible in taking out Pronouns for GOD. Churches allow Drag-Queen Story Hours for Children. And the list goes on. This is what ‘Returning to Egypt’ looks like. It is no different than how Israel also had ‘Blown-It’ as alluded to.

No sooner than the Throng of the Hebrews started their Trek to Freedom than they started to Complain about Food and Water. They wanted to ‘Go Back to Egypt’. The Pull, Influence and Familiarity of the ‘Egypt System’ was and is Extremely Powerful. Then as the Israelites reached the Foot of Mount Sinai, Moses seemed to Terry in getting the 10 Commandments of the Marriage Covenant Israel had just made with YHVH, What did Israel do instead? They committed Adultery with the Golden Calf instead. This is the same Spiritual Pull from the World that exists and challenges the Body of Christ on Earth, Corporately and Individually. Each Day, it is a Spiritual Battle in keeping oneself 'In-Check' as to not veer-off to wanting to ‘Go Back to Egypt’.

This is seen and experienced as many do ‘Go back to their Vomit’. The Bible clearly teaches that one ‘Wrestles not with Flesh and Blood’. And that Sin is always at the Door trying to get in. This is what YHVH, again Warned Israel about. And how Jesus also Warned the 7 Churches of Asia of how the ‘Egypt System’, others would say the ‘Babylon System’ is trying to ‘Change’ the Church. It really is trying to Enslave it in a Façade of making it Free or having it be ‘Democratic’ that they are ‘Changing’ and are Accepting. The following are some Key Verses in the Bible, especially pertaining to Israel’s Expectation of YHVH to Not Conform to the Image and Likeness of the World.

Deuteronomy 12:29-32

‘When YHVH your Elohim cuts-off before you the Nations which you are going in to Dispossess, and you Dispossess them and Dwell in their Land, beware that you are not Ensnared to follow them, after they are Destroyed before you, and that you do not Inquire after their Gods, saying, How do these Nations Serve their Gods, that I also may do likewise? You shall not Behave thus toward YHVH your Elohim, for every Abominable Act which YHVH Hates they have done for their Gods; for they even Burn their Sons and Daughters in the Fire to their Gods. Whatever I Command you, you shall be careful to do; you shall not add to nor take away from it’.

Leviticus 20:22-23

‘You are therefore to keep all My Statutes and all My Ordinances and do them, so that the Land to which I am bringing you to live will not spew you out. Moreover, you shall not follow the Customs of the Nation which I will drive-out before you, for they did all these Things, and therefore I have Abhorred them’.

Exodus 23:24

‘You shall not Worship their Gods, nor Serve them, nor do according to their Deeds; but you shall utterly Overthrow them and Break their Sacred Pillars in Pieces’.

Jeremiah 10:2-4

‘Thus says YHVH, Do not learn the Way of the Nations, And do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens Although the nations are terrified by them; For the customs of the peoples are delusion; Because it is wood cut from the forest, The work of the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool. They decorate it with silver and with gold; They fasten it with nails and with hammers So that it will not totter’.

In the New Testament, Jesus and the Apostles instruct His Body to do the same, in Principle of not being ‘Conformed’ to this World. But that the Church on Planet Earth would Transform it through the Individual and Corporate efforts of Jesus’ People being ‘Renewed’ in their Minds, knowing the Mind of Christ, etc. But like with Israel, that 1st Generation was extremely connected to their Enslavement. They still wanted to ‘Return to Egypt even though they were Set Free.

This is the Challenge. It is not an Excuse but the Body of Christ has largely Capitulated to the Prevailing Cultural Relevant Narratives and Political Correctness. And that is? Climate Change for 1 and Gender Identity. What is a Man? What is a Woman? What is Gender? When can a Woman Abort a Child? Who can eat Meat? Who can Marry? etc. Realize that these Precise Conditions would characterize the Last Generation. It would be as in the Days of Noah and the Days of Lot. The World has arrived. But instead of the Church Influencing the World, the World has Influenced the Church.

And what does that look like? Again, meetings like the Sinai to make a New Pact or Covenant. Why? It is because Israel and the Profession Church have abandoned the Commandments of Jesus, that seek to Re-Define the 10 Commandments. Why? They need a New 10 Commandments as their Prior Luciferian 10 Commandments were ‘Shattered’ in a Mockery at the Georgia Guidestones of how Moses Shattered them due to the Golden Calf Incident. And from one’s reading of the purpose of this Religious Intersection, it is to ‘Get New Revelation’ or Commandments for a New Humanity.

A Religious Reset

It is about Re-Defining a whole New Set of 10 Commandments that they deem will be ‘Prophetic’. And that a Demonstration of ‘Repentance’ will be made. One can assure that it will not be based on the Original 10 Commandments. But it will be how they have ‘Hurt’ Mother Earth due to Biblical Judeo-Christianity. And that is this Agenda of a Religious Reset is occurring, Lock-Step with the Reset of the New World Order that is going in Tandem with the UN COP27 Globalist Agenda. And what Agenda is that? Consider the following.

According to the Research of Glenn Beck and reiterated in a Teaching by Pastor Brandon Holthaus of Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield, California, he did a very expository Teaching on the De-Population Agenda. He exposed how the Term, ‘Population Explosion’ was Code for the need to De-Populate the ‘Undesirables’. This was actually stated in a Scientific White Paper entitled, ‘An Historical Sketch of the American Population Control Movement’. This was published by the National Library of Medicine, of the NIH on PubMed.gov.


Here is an excerpt of the Summary, which basically promotes Abortion and Homosexuality to curtail Human Reproduction in an attempt to ‘Save Mother Earth’. But as one realizes, is a veiled Luciferian Agenda to Destroy Humanity.

‘Malthusian Theories of Population Growth became interwoven with those of the Eugenics Movement during the first 4 Decades of the 20th Century. After World War 2, the Concern of Eugenicists with Race Betterment and with halting the Growth in Numbers of the ‘Unfit’ was superseded by claims that the World was gravely menaced by a ‘Population Explosion’… Capitalism is regarded as a Fundamental Roadblock to Intelligent Family Planning. Thus, talk of the Population Bomb merely masks the need to Eliminate Capitalism and proceed with an Equitable Distribution of the World’s Resources.

By the 20th Century in the US, changing views of Sexuality and Working-Class Militancy ignited the US Birth Control Movement and inspired the Work of Margaret Shange. After Sanger split with Social Radicals, Professional and Eugenicists began to play a major role in Population Control Efforts. Eugenicists and Racists attempted to use Birth Control for Social Engineering; I was to be used again as a tool in a New Era of Social Planning after World War 2 when it metamorphosized into ‘Family Planning’.

Then the Exposure of what is really going on now, Marketed as ‘Change’ is a Re-Definition of all that YHVH gave to Humanity for Humanity’s sake, starting at Mount Sinai. Another White Paper was discovered by the Research Team of Glenn Beck entitled, ‘The Technical Assistance Division of Planned Parenthood-World Population Center for Planning Program Development’. It was a Memo entitled, ‘Fredrick S. Jaffe Memorandum to Bernard Berelson’. The following are the Goals that were to be implemented in the USA, and have been. See if this ‘Change’ is what is occurring now. And a large effort was to Indoctrinate the Generations after World War 2 by way of the Public School Systems. And the Fruit of their ‘Great Work’? it is a Malthusian Agenda that is now pushed on not only the USA. It is called the ‘Woke Movement’, etc.

…The Argument advanced the justify an explicit U.S. Policy now of encouraging a specific Universal Limit of Family Size (as distinguished from Proposals aimed selectively at Welfare Recipients (the Poor) and Racial Groups) center mainly on 2 Propositions.

Their Rationale is that continued U.S. Population Growth will inevitable cause a Deterioration in the Quality of Life of this and Future Generations…And since the U.S. has the Resources to make truly Efficient Contraception truly available to everyone and to Complement this with Abortion-on-Demand. It could thus provide a Test of the uses and Limits of Voluntary Action in solving the ‘Population Problem’.

Does one now see why there is to be a Dismantling of Sinai? And a Religious Reset? Why? Mount Sinai is where YHVH 1st Spoke to Humanity as a Nation. He gave Absolute Laws of Behavior Expectations at the Individual and Societal Level. So, the Re-Definition of those Commandments that will Reverse the Mandates YHVH Defined Humanity’s Behavior and Expectations with. Further, the White Paper has a Hyperlink to another Memorandum that essentially spells-out how the Globalists will Implement or Infiltrate the Hearts and Minds of Individuals and Nations. It is entitled in the following.

Memorandum to Bernard Berelson (President, Population Council) found in ‘Activities Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the U.S.’ 3/11/69 by Frederick S. Jaffe (Vice President of Planned Parenthood – World Population).

It is a How-To Re-Define what Humanity should be according to the Twisted Perversion of Lucifer and his Minion. It is about what is a Man, a Woman, Sex, Gender and the Family, etc. In that Memo, here are some of the Points how this will be done and is being done, effectively and right on Schedule. Although the Focus and Aim is centered around the USA, its Principle and Practice has now been Exported and Implemented Worldwide. Thus, such Luciferian Efforts as with the COP27 and the Ecumenical Meeting at Sinai are about such Entities now linking the World’s Religions with this Luciferin U.N. 2030 Agenda. And here is how they are doing it. See if it sounds familiar?

Examples of Proposed Measures to Reduce U.S. Fertility, by Universality or Selectivity of Impact

-Universal Impact
-Selective Impact Depending on Socio-Economic Status
-Measures Predicted on Existing Motivation to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies
-Social Constraints
-Economic Deterrents
-Social Controls

Restructure Family
a) Postpone Education of Children
b) Alter Image of Ideal Family Size

-Encourage Increased Homosexuality
-Educate for Family Limitations
-Fertility Control Agents in Water Supply
-Encourage Women to Work

Modify Tax Policies
a) Substantial Marriage Tax
b) Child Tax
c) Tax Married more than Single
d) Remove Parent Tax Exemption
e) Additional Taxes on Parents with more than 1 or 2 Children in School

-Reduce/Eliminated Paid Maternity Leave or Benefits
-Reduce/Eliminated Children’s Family Allowances
-Bonuses for Delayed Marriage and Greater Child-Spacing
-Eliminate Welfare Payments after first 2 Children

Chronic Depression

-Require Women to Work
-Provide few Child-Care Facilities
-Limit/Eliminate Public Financial Medical Care, Scholarships, Housing, Loans, and Subsidies to Families with more than N Children


‘In this area, it seems particularly important to distinguish between Education and Indoctrination. Whatever may be the Merits and Effectiveness or a truly Educational Effort, and Indoctrination Campaign may well have only Negligible Effects on Fertility Values but may provide Unintended Support in building a Public Opinion which seeks Legalized Compulsory Fertility Control for Selected Groups (particularly Welfare Recipients)’.

SOURCE: ‘A Family Planning Perspectives Special Supplement’
Published by Planned Parenthood-World Population
NYC, NY 1970

The other Clear Connection to Biblical Prophecy, in one’s Opinion, is how this Re-Definition of the 10 Commandments that has not been revealed as of yet, is conditioning Israel and the World at large, to embrace the New Laws with a New ‘God’. Clearly, this New God will not be and is not the GOD of the Bible, of Israel, that is YHVH that made the Pact or Covenant with Israel. They want an Israel and Church that Abandoned Moses or Jesus because they did not Return and they could not wait. So, they reverted to a Golden Image to Worship in place of. That is what this Sinai Pact is and will all about. It is to acquire a Substitutionary Law that is Man-Centered or rather Luciferian Centered.

One finds it also very interesting that in keeping with the Theme of the Sinai, the New Climate Order goes also along with the efforts of the New Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. Already, Ground has been broken to build the ‘City of the Future’ or really the Prison of the Future called ‘The Line’ he has envisioned. The Line City is called Neom, meaning ‘New Future’. And where is that going to be built? Near the Real Site of Mount Sinai, that is Jabal al-Lawz, etc. It is designed to reduce the Carbon Footprint as it will condense 9 Million People in a 170 KM or 105 Mile long ‘Line’. It will be, interestingly, exactly 50 Nautical Miles to the Foot of Jabal al-Lawz, or the Real Mount Sinai in the Arabian Peninsula. Coincidence? The Sea Entrance Port will start at the place named, Ash Shaykh Hamid.

The Heavens Opened

The Line City will be the ‘Great Pyramid’ Project of the New Arabian Prince ‘Pharaoh’. It is laid-out from West to East, horizontally in Orientation at 90 Degrees. And it will be visible from Space like the Great Wall of China. On a Map, if the Line is the Base of the ‘Pyramid’, then Mount Sinai will be the ‘Pyramidion’.

NEOM | What is THE LINE?:

500M Tall x 200M Wide x 170KM Long

1640 FT x 656 FT x 105 Miles With only 34KM Square of a Carbon Footprint
Nautical Miles – ‘Pyramid’ Circumference

These types of Meetings and Efforts, are but Prophetic Milestones that are coming to be known with more Frequency and Intensity. Although many would see and do see the World Falling Apart, Prophecy Watchers know as it has been said, that the World is Falling Into Place. As to the Return of Moses and Jesus? It is right on Time and according to YHVH’s Will and Timing. This is especially true if the case will be that Moses will return to be 1 of the 2 Witnesses during the Tribulation Period. That would be Wild as they say. Here is Moses, the one Mediator of that Sinai Covenant, reminding Israel of her Betrothal during a Time when Israel, like the Church has turned its back to Worship the Golden Image instead. They rather make a New Deal or Deal with Death as Isaiah foretells.

One does believe that the Rapture Event will be that Worldwide Catalyst that will ignite the Final Pieces. It will be when the Age of Grace reverts back to the Law, that specifically will be given to Israel as it was by YHVH on Mount Sinai. But it will not be YHVH from whom the Covenant will be Confirmed by. One believes that it will take a Worldwide Event that will affect every Sector of the Planet to have all of Humanity ‘Buy-In’ into these New 10 Commandments and Acts of Worship, Mother Earth Worship that is. Notwithstanding, one made a Correlation of how Netanyahu, as an ‘AntiChrist’ Figure made that ‘Pact with Death’, via the Pfizer Death Shots in exchange for the Body and ‘Soul’, it seemed, of every Israeli back in 2021. One now sees a Prophetic Parallel in how this Religious Summit centered around Earth Worship and the New 10 Commandments will be a Prelude. To what? To another Deal with the Devil.

It will be about Conditioning of the World to accept the same when the Real AntiChrist Figure comes on the Scene and Proposes that Covenant to be Confirmed with Israel and the World, etc. It is because the Bride of Christ is to be Raptured out from Planet Earth, that the Luciferian Globalists, Eugenicist are Preparing the World and Israel to fill in the Vacuum of the Law. After all, Sinai is about Israel, exclusively. It is a Conditioning for the Real False Messiah, ‘King of Israel’ that is to come in his Own Name, etc. And what does one suspect the New 10 Commandments will be all about? It will be a Reiteration of the Georgia Guide-Stones. And? It is about De-Population in ‘Maintaining a World Population under 500 Million in perpetual Harmony with Nature’. And that the ‘Cancers’ of the World need to be Eradicated. This will happen. And guess who is the ‘Cancer’? You. Especially if you are a Follower of Jesus.

The Human Cancers
One believes that part of the De-Population Efforts involves the Sterilization Agents found in the Plandemic Injections. This is what COVD was about. It is a Foreshadowing of the Tribulation Period Holocaust. And how, with this New Nano-Tech Holocaust, 2 out of 3 Jews will Perish. History will be, is Repeating itself. It has already started, in part with the Smashing of the 10 Luciferian Commandments of the Georgia Guide-Stones, etc. But this Sinai Conflation of Religions is to just do the same in preparing the World to accept the Deal with the Devil. So, what to make of the Sinai COP27 in Egypt that coincides with the Sinai Pact, that the World Major Religions will make?

It is, about ‘Going Back to the Bondage in Egypt’ It is a Mockery of the True Sinai giving of the 10 Commandments that they Reject. Their Mockery included the Smashing of their Georgia Guide-Stone 10 Commandments, just as Moses did. Why? It was because of Israel’s Idolatry in turning to the Golden Image. That is what Israel will do again during the Tribulation Period even. They will turn to a coming Golden Image to Worship. And the False Prophet will make the World Bow Down to it much like Shadrack, Meshek and Abednego in Babylon, but refused. There is always a Remnant.

But again, one is convinced that it has to do with the Prelude of sorts, of the Covenant with Death. Of a New 10 Commandments. It will be the coming AntiChrist that will make that with Israel. It will reverberate with all the Nations through an Initial False Peace, and so on. It is rather interesting that in November, from the 8th to the 25th, there is a lot of Astronomical and Geo-Political Ramblings going on. And as many suggest, there is a Spiritual Inference to a ‘Door’ Opening, specifically no 11-11-11. As an aside note, Astronomically, an Asteroid named ‘Babylon’ will be in Conjunction during this Time of the Conferences in the Constellation of Libra. Babylon means ‘Gate of the Gods’.

And is that not what occurred at Mount Sinai? Did not the Portal of Heaven open up and YHVH came down? And why is the Re-Definition of the 10 Commandments connected to Mount Sinai? It is because the GOD of Israel is the True GOD and He has Absolutes. There is Right and there is Wrong. It is Lucifer and those that believe in his False Gospel that has actively sought to totally Reverse such Standards and Foundations that have defined Humanity, its Purpose and Social, Sexual Parameters. They are now Reversed, wholesale and Worldwide. And how is this presently being done? Consider the following Observations. It is not YHVH’s Laws that are ‘Archaic’ or Out-Dated.

It is not the 'Cancer', nor are His People, both the Earthly Jews and Spiritual Body of Christ. No, the Cancer are the Luciferians that seek to Perverse what is Good, Holy and Moral. Case in point is the LGBT-AI+ Agenda that is aggressively being Pushed at the Highest Levels and in all Governments and Corporations. What is more sad is that the Professing Church has ‘Gone Gay’ also. Such ‘Christians’ support and will support the New 10 Commandment centered on Saving Mother Earth at the expense of Human Souls, Spirits and Bodies. And the ‘+’ in the Acronym means they are not done until every Letter of the Alphabet is Designated and Incorporated into the Legal Framework of what is the New Definition of a Man, Woman, Abortion, Gender, Sex, etc.


Such a Re-Definition of the 10 Commandments has been embraced and is not anything New known to Humanity. Such Shifts in Societal Norms occur. It would be one thing if this ‘Change’ was Organic and Tolerant. It is not. It is Hostile and Intolerant to the Jude-Christian Tenets of the 10 Commandments given at Sinai. And this thanks to the Social Engineers that control Big Business, the Academies, Government and Media, etc. They have Molded the Minds and Implemented the Pressures of impressionable Generations to ‘Fit Into’ such Lifestyles. They have Marketed being Gay as ‘Fashionable’ and the ‘In-Thing’ to be and do thanks to Movies, Music and Medicine the Luciferians control.

But as noted, that such Changes in Morality has now Changed the Professing Church. The Professing Church is going along with the Legislation that seeks to ‘Eliminate’ the most Vulnerable and Defenseless; those at the Start of Life and those at the End of Life, for example. And what are the New 10 Commandments going to be centered on? It is to Legislatively Push to increasingly implement Infanticide or ‘Abortion’ up to 28 Days after Birth. And Euthanasia of the ‘Useless Elderly’ that are a Carbon Footprint that needs to be Eliminated. Those New 10 Commandments will just be a Reiteration of what the Georgia Guide-Stones Commanded. And what was that and still is?

It is a Total Reduction of the Human Population by 90%. Thus why the Gay Agenda, Climate Change, COVID Injections, Inflation, Fuel and Food Wars, all designed to Starve, Sterilize and Kill Millions if not Billions of the ‘Cancers’ eating away at Mother Earth. This is what the Covenant with the AntiChrist will bring. It will not be with the GOD of the Bible, YHVH that entreated Israel to ‘Choose Life’. Rather, the Luciferians seek Death to Save Mother Earth instead. And the World has duped the Church into abandoning the Commandments of the Bible. It rather takes-up the Cause of Capitulating to Cultural Relativism and the Social Gospel. It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that Transforms and Changes a Society, 1 Soul and Mind and Body at a Time.

The Mission of the Church, the Great Commission is not to Transform Society. It is to Preach and Teach Jesus. It is Jesus that then Transforms the Minds, Souls and Bodies of People in a given Society. But, the Laodicean Type of Church in this Last Generation has wanted and is ‘Gone Back to Egypt’. It has made a ‘Pact with Pharoah’. In the sense that it wants to Culturally Accommodate, as to not seem or appear Offensive or Insensible in this Cancel Culture World. And this is why the Original 10 Commandments of YHVH given at Mount Sinai, as Absolutes, and as Moral Standards have to be Rejected, Dismantled and even Criminalized now.

And in its place, will be the Luciferian Ecumenical and U.N. 10 Commandments that will be a Total Perversion of YHVH’s ones. And realize that this Religious Reset does not Accommodate. It is about Total Capitulation. This is why those that will refuse the Mark of the Beast during the coming Tribulation Period will have their Heads Guillotined. The Laodicean Church has failed to Stand on the Foundations of Sinai in Principle. But more assuredly, on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Commandment, etc. The Sanctity of Marriage, Gender, Work, Rest has been Infiltrated within the Church. It has ‘Gone back to Egypt’ and made a ‘Pact with the Pharaohs of this World’ instead.

Of course, there is the Faithful Remnant. There has always been one. But such Meetings of the Luciferian Globalists that are Eugenicists are attacking the ‘Binaries’ of Genesis that was defined at Sinai. And those are? They are as mentioned, GOD-Man. Man-Woman. Family-Society. Nation-Borders. Good-Bad. Male-Female. Light-Darkness. Marriage-Singleness. This is why the ‘Non-Binary’ Agenda is to Dismantle the Bible. And it started with Sinai and the 10 Commandments that are Binary, as set of 5 Laws. They correlate to Mankind’s Relationship to GOD, with YHVH and to Man’s Relationship with his Fellow Man, etc. This is the Natural Order.

Anything that deviates from this Construct is Un-Natural as disclosed by the Apostle Paul in the Book of Romans. And when this happens in a Society that formally ‘knew’ the Light of YHVH as in the case of Israel and Jesus Christ, in the case of the Church, what is Un-Natural and Perverse will prevail and is now protected by Legislation. And how Great is that Darkness that comes in to replace those Laws, that Covenant, etc. And the Context of what is coming is the issue of ‘Who will get one’s Worship’. Why? The Covenant of Sinai was all about Worship and the New 10 Commandment will also be about who will get the New Worship. Who will get that?

‘The Eye is the Lamp of the Body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!’ -Matthew 6:22-23

It will not be Jesus. Not YHVH, but the coming AntiChrist. This is the End Game. Thus, this Event at Sinai is Monumental, although it is the Incorrect one of Saint Catherine’s. It is a Precursor and a Conditioning for the World to accept the coming Covenant with the AntiChrist. It will be a Deal with Devil, a Pact with Death, per Isaiah. During the Tribulation Period, it will be about Worship. In fact, it was for the Exodus that YHVH Liberated the Israelites from the ‘Egypt’ of the World to have Jacob’s Descendants go to Sinai to Worship the One and True Living GOD, YHVH.

One suspects that the Reason these New 10 Commandments to be Given as New Revelation to this Ecumenical Center is because the Luciferians know that the Age of Grace, the Church Age is about to End. During this Time, of the Church Age that started with the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus, there too has been a Law given and a Marriage Covenant bestowed. It is called the New Covenant in Christ Jesus. And the New Law is the Law of Christ that is not written in Stone but in the ‘Tablets of one’s Heart’. Sadly, most of the Professing ‘Christian’ Church has gone the ‘Way of the Nations’.

It has lost its Light and Salt. It now seeks to go back to Egypt and become Enslaved again, figuratively speaking. And this is the Theological Difference between Israel and the Church Body. The Law ‘Kills’ but the Holy Spirit gives Life, as a Down Payment to Believers of Forgiveness of Sins, Rewards and Eternal Life. The Globalist Luciferian Eugenicists know that at the point of the Rapture Event, YHVH will revert back to the Mosaic Law of the 10 Commandments given to Israel on Mount Sinai, in Arabia. It is the remaining Dispensation of Daniel’s 70th Week that will close-out at the Return of Jesus.

This last 7-Year Covenant will be one in which Israel will make a ‘Deal’ with the coming AntiChrist, and his Golden Image even. He will be as a Moses Figure that will be believed to be the Messiah the Jews are waiting for. But as Jesus warned Israel, this False Messiah will come in his ‘Own Name’. It is all about Deception. And perhaps such Efforts as this Sinai Religious Reset cased on ‘Climate Change’ will introduce a New Set of 10 Commandments that are an attempt at influencing those Protocols for the New Covenant, for a New World Order after the Rapture occurs.  

So, what can the Bride of Christ do? It can seek to Understand the Devil’s Schemes. It can Pray against it. It can tell others of this Prophetic Milestone that even the Inter-Faith Center discloses it publicly in such Terms. As they say that ‘All Politics is Local’, one can Vote Members of the Community that stand for Family Values. It is Understood though that as the Days get Darker, Spiritually Speaking, the Cost of Speaking-Up will increase. Already Mothers complaining about Drag-Queen Story Hour at Schools and Churches in Canada are being Arresting. One has to Count the Cost.


Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development

10-28-22 The Depopulation Agenda's Attack on Society [Prophecy Update]

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