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‘For you are fully aware that the Day of the LORD will come like a thief in the night. 3While people are saying, Peace and Security’, Sudden Destruction will come upon them, like Labor Pains on a Pregnant Woman, and they will not Escape. But you, brothers, are not in the darkness so that this day should overtake you like a thief.

Will the Isaiah 17 ‘Sudden Destruction’ occur in Tandem with the Rapture? The Hamas Attack of Tishrei 23, 5784 was not a ‘Surprise Attack’. It has been Reported and Confirmed that Egyptian Intelligence Official says Cairo Warned Netanyahu of upcoming Hamas Attacks. One is convinced, solely based on being a Political Scientist be Training and Degree and Serving in 2 Militaries, to include the Israel Defense Force IDF, through their Sar-El Program, that the Israeli Government intentionally ignored the Warning. Netanyahu can Deny this claim by Egypt but it is no different than what occurred on 9-11 for the USA. It was an ‘Inside Job’. What one is saying is, Do not believe the ‘Official Narrative’, even if it is coming from Amir Tsarfati, a now Prominent Bible Teacher.

Consider his Initial Reaction? That is exactly what a Former IDF Military Person would have had and said about the Hamas Attack. Where was the IDF? That is what all the Israeli New Anchors stated publicly On-Air in Israel. And sadly, that is what those Innocent Civilians near the Gaza Strip said as well, ‘Where is the IDF’? But then after ‘Talking to his IDF Contacts’, Amir Tsarfati now had a 180 Degree Turn-About-Face about it? That is exactly what the Controlled Media is ‘Feeding’ Him and wanting him to say. One is not denying that he does have perhaps ‘Close Friends’ still in the IDF. But realize that the IDF knows and monitors his Public Discourse and what ‘Intel’ Amir is Disseminating to the ‘Christians’.

And how the IDF also realizes that the Muslims are listening just the same. Do you think that Amir’s ‘Contacts’ within the IDF, are going to give him ‘Intel’ that will be contrary to Netanyahu’s and the IDF’s Official Narrative? One highly doubts that based on my Military Experience. Many have questioned and doubt this Assertion that, how could the Israeli Leadership or ‘Elected’ Governments allow such a Horrific Atrocity to occur against its own People? They have, they do and they will. Or rather that Netanyahu would allow Hamas to just ‘Roll-In’ as it did, undetected? It is now Reported and Confirmed that the Egyptian Intelligence Agency had Warned Netanyahu of the Pending Hamas Attack. And? It was ignored, of course. Yet, Human History is replete with such ‘False Flag’ Operation at the expense of its Citizens.

False Flags

Consider how Hitler orchestrated a False Attack of the Polish Army against Germans at their Border. It gave the Excuse for Hitler to bombard Gdansk and start World War 2. Consider how on the very Day that the U.S. Airforce Jet Fighters were exercising for possible Hijacked Airline Passenger Jets to be flown into Buildings, that when the Exercise went Live and the Fighter Pilots had visuals on the Airliners to either divert or take-down, the Order came Explicitly from the Former Vice President Cheney to ‘Stand Down’. Then you have the Gulf of Tonkin False Flag in 1964, where the U.S. Navy reported 1 of its Ships coming under North Vietnamese Attack.

This was False, thus the ‘False Flag’ implications. This Event by Lyndon B. Johnson gave the excuse to Escalate the Vietnam War, full-on. Then it has been written about how the same U.S. President is the one that actually ordered the U.S.S. Liberty, a masked Spy Ship off the Coast of Egypt during the 6-Day War in 1967 to be sunk. Repeat. The ‘Elected’ U.S. President ordered the Sacrifice of Young American Servicemen, in order to have another Excuse to counter the Soviet Presence in the Middle East. He gave the Go-Ahead for the IDF to Attack and Sink the Ship, but the IDF failed. The following is of those that have done the Research.

‘The preponderance of the evidence indicates that the 303 Committee’s planning, in collaboration with Israeli leadership, for Israel’s war with her neighbors (beginning shortly after the 1964 election[8]), included a
sub-plot to have Israel attack the USS Liberty which was added at Johnson’s direction, for purposes that only a deluded and psychotic mind could conjure: By sacrificing his own ship and all the men aboard, through an attack by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) — but putting the blame on Egypt — he could join Israel in its war, kill his hated enemy Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, and win the approbation of voters who had come to dislike him for his handling of Vietnam, thereby ensuring another landslide election in 1968.’


Was the Last Day of Sukkot on October 6, 2023 Attack against Israel by Hamas the start of the Psalm 83 War? No. When asked, will there be a call for a 2-State Solution or will Israel resort to its Samson Option 1st in the Destruction of Damascus as foretold in Isaiah 17? Could the Rapture coincide with such a ‘Sudden Destruction’? Plainly one would say both Conditions will move forward. The Geo-Political and Religious Threshold has crossed a Point of No Return. The Images of the Gaza Strip being razed to the Ground is Galvanizing the Muslim World.

This will ensure the inevitable Coordinated and ‘Covenant’ that all the Inner-Ring of Muslims Para-Military Factions will simultaneously attack Israel. When? One is of the Interpretation that it occurs after the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus. Why? It is about Numbers. Israel is Out-Numbered and Iran’s Proxies in the North pose a far more serious Threat than Gaza. Why not? Gaza and Hamas do not at their Finger-Tip a Nuclear Device. Iran either has one now or is about to. Israel will not allow an Existential Threat to annihilate them, thus the Samson Option that will take-out the Cache’s and Weapon Stockpiles Iran has been amassing for years around Damascus. Iran is using Damascus as their Beachhead to Invade Israel through the Golan Heights.

It is About Leading Israel to make the Deal with the Devil

Due to Social Media, the Horrific Scenes and Barbarism of Decapitated Babies in Nurseries and a Youth Rave Massacre has induced the Age-Old Middle Eastern Justice of an ‘Eye or Eye’, or in this case, a ‘Baby for a Baby’. At least 6 Nationalities take Hostage by Hamas. During the Music Rave, over 200 that were Machine-Gunned to Death has now Hamas and the Muslims seen in a very Bad Light. The Expression used by Reporters in interviewing many Muslims in Gaza say, ‘If they [the Jews] treat us as Animals, we will act like….’

But the Reporters will not finish the Statement to say that then the Muslims will likewise act as Animals, which they have. In the Hostages they have taken, there are American, British, Thai and even Mexican Citizens that were there in the Rave attempting to Celebrate ‘Peace’ with the Palestinians. They only got Bullets and Hamas has shown its True Colors. They do not want Peace with Israel.

It wants its Destruction. Eschatologically, one is of the Opinion that this Hamas War of October 6, 2023, to the Day of the 50-Year Anniversary of the Yom Kippur War in 1973 has lit the Fuse that will trigger now what one has surmised is the Last Events that will lead to the End of the Church Age. It will be by way of the Rapture as the Restrainer is set-aside on Earth to allow for the eventual Regional War consisting of the Inner-Ring of the Muslim Paramilitary Factions.

However, that Muslim Defeat will ensure the that Outer-Ring of Non-Arab Muslim Nations then will also Attack Israel. This Coalition will be led by Russia. This is that Ezekiel 38-29 War. The Bible foretells that Israel will prevail in the Muslim ‘Covenant’ of Psalm 83 to, ‘Remember the Name of Israel no more’, etc. They will fail and it is at that Point and Time that the Inner Ring of the Muslim Menace will be obliterated. So much so, that the Man of Peace that will show up after the Rapture will ‘Pick-up the Pieces’ and make Peace by Promising Israel ‘Peace and Security’ for 7 Years.

    (Rapture?)                   1                                2                                      3                                                    4
    Isaiah 17           Psalm 83 War      Gog-Magog War I        Battle of Armageddon                 Gog-Magog War II
---------|--------------------------|--------------------------|---------------------------------|-----------------(1000 Years)---------|
     Damascus             Jerusalem                 Jerusalem                        Jerusalem                                       Jerusalem

Daniel’s 70th Week----------|
                                                    Beginning               Middle                    End 

This will be the other Covenant with Death that Isaiah also warns about Israel not to do. It will be the Quest for a 2 State Solution. However, Netanyahu will find a way not to capitulate to that, unless told to. And this Unprecedented Escalation in the Muslim-Jewish Struggle for the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount certainly will lead to the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus and then the subsequent Psalm 83 War that will be initiated in Retaliation. That is the Plan in one’s Assessment. It is just a Supposition and Pure Conjecture but as I mention in the Writing, one hinges all that is to occur based on that Summer 2024 White Wheat Wedding Season. Then from then, it will be a matter of Months, not Years as the ‘Reset’ to their New Order will now exclusively center on Israel as the Bible States.

It is about a Spiritual War

As we know, what horrific Scenes are coming out of Israel, but being censored of a Naked Woman being Paraded in the Streets of Gaza as well others dragged behind Vehicles and just then indiscriminately shooting Innocent Civilians in Israel, in broad Day Light. And what do the Muslims in the U.S. Congress plan to do? Have a ‘Support Palestine Rally’. The coming Tribulation after the Rapture will pale in comparison once the Bride of Christ is removed and then especially after the False Man of Peace Double Crosses the Jews and seeks to Genocide them…as he breaks the Covenant Made, etc.

But this latest Type of Attack, in one’s Assessment is the Fuse that has been lit to the Countdown to the Rapture by next Summer to then make way for the Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 Events that will lead to the Covenant with the Many and the Rest is History as they say, or rather Prophecy as they Say. What about the component in the possible Timing of the Rapture in light of the 2023 Shemini Atzeret Attack on Israel? One would agree that the Timing of the Rapture could very well be tied to 1 of these 2 next Prophetic Events of either the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus or the Psalm 83 War.

The New Testament does link the ‘Sudden Destruction’ to occur as the Rapture does. This is of course, based on an Interpretation of how the Verbiage is stated, pertaining to those that will ‘Escape’ and those that will not. So, yes, one interprets the Scenario to have the Rapture occur just before or in Tandem with 1 of the 2 Events dealing with Israel in Question. The major Reason why is that, if it is the Psalm 83 War, one believes that will then usher in, immediately the Advent of the AntiChrist. So, based on the AntiChrist being Revealed only after the Rapture, the Psalm 83 ‘cannot’ or should not occur before the Rapture Event.

Perhaps. But what is now being Propagandized is that Gaza is ‘Occupied’ and needs to be Freed as the Palestinians and their World Supporters dance in the Streets of Tehran, London and New York, for example. The World is not being told that Gaza is not ‘Occupied’ by Israel. Israel withdrew in 2005 and Gaza has been ruled by Hamas. Each Year, the Hamas and Palestinian Authority in the West Bank get Billions of Euros and U.S. Dollars. Yet the Palestinian Leadership have hoarded most of the money and the Money never gets to the Average Palestinian on the Streets. With all that Money and Aid since Decades ago, the Palestinians should have been 1 of the Affluent People in the Middle East.

But the Muslims have intentionally kept the Palestinians still in Refugee Camps since 1948 to make them as Ponds to leverage Political Agendas, mainly for the Muslims, it is a Cultural issue of Pride and their Twisted Religion of ‘Peace and Tolerance’- that targeted indiscriminately whole Families, the Old and Children. The Level of Muslim Barbarism is a Crime not only against Israel, but Humanity. In the Outside Music Fair alone that was there to foster Peace among the Palestinians, it was essentially a Massacre as more than 200, mostly Liberal Youth in their 20s-30s were Machine Gunned-Down. This ‘Surprise’ Hamas Attack was allowed to occur because it will now unequivocally escalate to Inner-Ring Muslim Conflict with Israel to come to a Head. And that will be the Psalm 83 War. Why?

A Rapture Countdown ‘Birthing’?

Eschatologically, it will usher-in the World AntiChrist. And as Israel is Retaliating, the World is again siding with the Palestinians as the ‘Innocent’ ones. The Wall Street Journal reported from their Sources that it was Iran that gave the ‘Go-Ahead’ to in invade Israel. Prophetically, it would not come as a Surprise as the Spirit behind the Iranian desires to Destroy Israel. This Orchestrated ‘Chess-Move’ comes from the Power of the Prince of the Air, and the Prince of Persia. This is the same Fallen Angel that Rules over Persia that tried to impede the Answered Prayer from the Prophet Daniel in the Days of Nebuchadnezzar.

This Hamas War in October of 2023 will intensify and lead to Isaiah 17. This is why the Nuclear Detonation of a Strike by the IDF on Damascus is really against Iran.This is also why the 2-State Solution will be forestalled and postponed as a War-Footing is in place and not one of a long Lull of Peace that would be conducive of that possible Option. The Palestinian Propaganda uses the pushes the 2-State Solution Card as the Solution. Again, Land-for-Peace, but this is what they initially Rejected back in 1947 with the U.N. Partition Plan. No. No, a 2-State Solution will not quell the Muslim Hostilities. As one has commented before, in the Muslim Mentality, so long as you have not Killed them, they have ‘Won’.

What this Hamas Attack has done is to also ‘Unify’ the World, to a Degree as it is a Turning Point in the International Order, etc. As those that study the Doctrine of the Rapture Event, one is well aware that this Event is associated with Labor Pains as of a Pregnant Woman ending in a Birth or Delivery. It is understood, Scripturally, that as the Frequencies and Intensity of the Contractions occur, it is because the Time of such a Birth is at Hand. Metaphorically, the Apostle Paul likened the Process of Sanctification and the ‘Forming’ of Christ in a Person as such a Prophetic Type. This Typology is applied to an Individual Follower and Believer of Jesus.

‘I consider that our Present Sufferings are not comparable to the Glory that will be Revealed in us. The
Creation waits in Eager Expectation for the Revelation of the Sons of GOD. For the Creation was subjected to Futility, not by its own will, but because of the One who subjected it, in Hope that the Creation itself will be set Free from its Bondage to Decay and brought into the Glorious Freedom of the Children of GOD’. -Romans 8:18-21

This ‘Revelation’ can only occur at the Resurrection-Rapture Event that concludes the Church Age. It is a Harvest, and one adamantly is more convinced it has to do with the Summer New Wine Feast, etc. But the Typology of a Birth is also applied to the Creation in how it is ‘waiting’ for the Sons of Glory to be Revealed or ‘Birthed’. One can confidently presume and Interpret that this could apply to the Rapture Event. With such a Prophetic Metaphor, the consistent Typology can then also pertain to Time or Timing.

One is thus, suggesting that when the Rapture Event occurs, it will be in Tandem with a ‘Birthing’ Event. In prior Explanations, one has likened it to a Summer White Wheat Wedding Time. But given the Geo-Political Nuances of what is also occurring in Tandem, one is considering that if this Shemini Atzeret Hamas Attack on Israel is any indication or Marker, then perhaps it could be tied to the Rapture.

Revelation of the Sons of GOD

Could this Event be tied to the Countdown Timing of the Delivery of the Church Age Believers? Consider that according to Medical Standards, an ‘Average’ Pregnancy lasts about 280 Days or 40 Weeks. Notice that this is the ‘Average’. One’s Point is that the Rapture ‘Pregnancy’ is no ‘Average Event’. Thus, consider that if one Marks the Hamas War of October 6/7, 2023 to an Upper Limit of say, 290 Days or just under 42 Weeks, the following Day Count is procured. Now this is presupposed, still on one’s Summer 2024 Possible Rapture Timing.

In that case note the Day Count. Now, one is not declaring that the Rapture Event will occur on July 23, 2024. But such a Time Marker appears to be only ‘Prophetically Significant’ as it keeps recurring or has in one’s Research, specific to possible Rapture Timelines. So, this possible Rapture ‘Birth’ Countdown of 9 Months from the Hamas War of 2023 in October might be a ‘Stretch’ but at this Point in Time, it is worth a possible Consideration, nonetheless. Realize that October 6/7, 2023 is when Hamas invaded Israel. Note that July 23, 2024 is on a Tuesday, the 3rd Day. And? This Day could also Prophetically Parallel the Prophecy of the Old Testament Day for a Year Correlation.

‘Come, let us Return to YHVH. For He has Torn us to Pieces, but He will Heal us; He has Wounded us, but He will Bind-Up our Wounds. 
After 2 Days He will Revive us; on the 3rd Day He will Raise us up, that we may Live in His Presence. So let us Know, let us Press-On to know the LORD. As surely as the Sun rises, He will Appear; He will come to us like the Rain, like the Spring Showers that Water the Earth’. Hosea 6:1-3

October 7, 2023 to July 23, 2024 
= 290 Days 
= 9 Months, 16 Days
= 41 Weeks, 3 Days 

Pregnancy - Duration, Development, Trimesters:  
There are, as a Rule, 266 to 270 Days between Ovulation and Child-Birth, with Extremes of 250 and 285 Days of a Range. 
Babies born before 37 Weeks are considered Pre-Mature, while those born after 42 Weeks are termed Post-Mature.


If one were to attempt to correlate this Old Testament Passage, clearly concerning the Rebellion of Judah, one cannot help but to see the Rapture Template in its possible Prophetic Implication for the Church Age also. In one’s Mind, it clearly can be a Prophetic Inference to the nearly 2000 Years as the 2 Days that have passed since the Church Age was begun on that Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Event. The 3rd Day would then naturally correlate to the Millennial Kingdom of 1000 Years or the 3000th Year thereafter. The Passage could also infer, Prophetically, the very Day of the Week in which this Event is to be fulfilled, if it will truly correlate to the End of the Church Age.

Lastly, as an Extrapolation of its Timing, one could or would interpret that the Event occurs after the Spring Showers or Rains. This occurs in Israel then just as it is needed to water the Wheat Planting and have it ready for Harvest, beginning in the July Summer Season. As this Hypothesis cannot be Proven, but only by Time, it is one that one will be monitoring in the next few Months as the Intensification of the Proverbial Birth Pangs of both the End of the Church Age, could very well be pegged to the Conflict in Israel that YHVH is about to Focus and Re-Center the Entire World to, once the Church Age Believers, those Followers of Jesus will finally be ‘Birthed’ to the Glory that will be Revealed .

The Eager Expectation for the Revelation of the Sons of GOD will 1 Day come, and that will be the Last Day of the Church on Earth as it finishes its Witness and Commission. This coming ‘Delivery’ is the time, i.e., the Resurrection-Rapture Event that will be set Free the Bride of Christ, in Glorious Freedom, as Promised by Jesus.



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