The Wrath of Israel

  • When will Iran Attack Israel?
  • Who will be the 1st to make a Nuclear Stike?
  • What does the Bible Say about all this?

by Luis B. Vega
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The Proverbial Answer is ‘Not if but when’ a Nuclear Strike will occur in the Middle East. More daunting is who will be the 1st to Strike, Israel or Iran? It would be safe to assume that both bath now Nuclear Capabilities and to make ‘Good’ on their Mutual Threats. It is no surprise that Iran’s Intentions are to Nuke Israel as soon as they have the Opportunity. So, will Israel pull a 1967 War Scenario? In one’s Estimation, based on Biblical Inferences to Isaiah 17, Yes. Israel will have to go ‘Nuclear’ to ensure its survival. It will have no other Option, but the Samson Option. Why? The Muslims have lost Fear.

It is Amazing how the U.N. and the World insists on Managing and Dictating the Narrative and Protocols of Israel’s Military Response against HAMAS. The World insists Israel is responsible for the Humanitarian Relief and Caretaking of the Palestinians in Gaza. Where was the World in insisting Hitler provide Humanitarian Aid to all those Countries it invaded? Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Holland, France, Belgium, the Ukraine, Greece? Has the World not realized that Egypt has built a Wall, more fortified and reinforced with Barbwire than what the Israeli Finishes have?

From purely a Political Science Assessment, coupled with Bible Prophecy, one is seeing that the Muslims will smell the ‘Blood’ that Israel has been inflicted with. The Inner-Ring of the Para-Military Factions will attack Israel, as planned. And it is for this very Reason that Israel will be forced to employ the Samson Option. It is Mutual Assured Destruction Territory. It will be used because Tiny Israel does not have the Military Personal to fight a 7-Fold Front War or Attack, simultaneously. It is because the main Military Threat comes from Syria, by way of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Al-Quds Bridges.

The Isaiah 17 Prophecy of Damascus being Nuked is becoming a reality with each passing Day. But here is the World Outcry and insistence in demanding HAMAS release all the Hostages and stop their Rock-Attacks against Israeli Civilians? HAMAS attacked Israel on October 7, 2023, because the Saudis were reaching an Agreement with Israel, as have several Rich Arab Gulf States.

And that the Red Heifer that will surely lead to the 3rd Temple were Factors that the Palestinians would not wait for the other Fronts to attack Israel from. In a sense, the HAMAS Attack on Israel was Premature. However, even to that extent, it was a well-thought out and executed Attack. What one likes to point out is that in the Arab Culture, they will starve their Children for the sake of Hospitality or Sacrifice. In this Case, as it is the Mothers boast about how they ‘Birth Children so they can Die Martyrs’.

HAMAS Objectives

The World is not accepting the Premise and Coase of the Root Problem in the Middle. It is that the Struggle, the ‘Jihad’ is rooted in Islam. It is that Type of Religion that Worships Death vs. the Jewish Religion that Celebrates Life. One is reminded of the Old Testament Passage where YHVH presents Israel through Moses the ‘Choice’. YHVH stated that He presents Life or Death. But that YHVH admonishes Israel to ‘Choose Life’. Thus, to the Muslim, so long as they have 1 last standing Soldier left alive, they ‘Win’ and will declare Victory over Israel, the ‘Zionist’ State that must be ‘Genocide-ed’.

It does not matter now many of their Children Die or are Starving or Bombed. It does not matter that their Gaza Strip is bombed to an uninhabitable Rubble. For the Sins of HAMAS, their Innocent are being Slaughtered, and the Blood in on their Hands. And that is OK with Islam. As one has stated before, the War would be over if HAMAS just handed over the Jewish Hostages and stopped their Rocket Attacks and Incursions into Israel to slaughter Kibbutz Families in their Homes.

And what is not conveniently remembered, addressed or reported on is how when the Soldiers of Allah rode to the Israeli Border or the Paragliders took off, or the Jihadis in their Rubber Boats raced onto the Israeli Beaches firing indiscriminately, all the Old Men, Women, Teens, Adolescents and Children cheered their Endeavor. And as the Muslim Hoards returned with captured Women, Men, Toddlers, Teen and paraded many Young Women, naked, having been Raped, the same Crowds again cheered in Adoration and Approbation.

Now all they are experiencing and suffering is the Wrath of Israel. And this Semitic Race is not ignorant of their Society’s Norms of how it is ‘A Tooth for a Tooth, and Eye for an Eye’ type of Justice. What has happened with the October 7, 2023, HAMAS Attack on Israel is that it has emboldened the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations. They now see that the Mighty Israel, for all their High-Tech and Military Sophistication can be taken on. This is why this HAMAS War will lead to the Psalm 83 War. It is only a Matter of Time.

However, the Aftermath has garnished Worldwide Sumptuary for HAMAS. It is to the Point that the Extreme Leftists of most U.S. College Campus Woke Students demonstrate for HAMAS. You have ‘Queers for Free Palestine’, etc. And as noted, most of these Western Students cannot even name their Nation’s Capital, let alone Palestine’s. They do not know from what River or what Sea. They fail to realize that HAMAS and Islam stand in direct opposition to all that is Woke. The HAMAS Charters calls for Israel’s Destruction and the following.

-Genocide of Israel.
-Misogyny of Men.
-Islamic Manifesto that is Pro-Nazi.
-Subjugation of Women to be only Child-Breeders.

Samson Option
One has even suggested that the October 7, 2023, HAMAS Attack was part of it and would have been a Coordinated Inner-Ring of Muslim Para-Military Factions against Israel, but HAMAS, ‘Jumped the Gun’, literally. Regarding Israel's Predicament is True. But it does not help win the Moral High Ground when they Air Strike Food Volunteer in their Vehicles, clearly Marked. And after being given the 'All Clear' to go, to then turn around and obliterate them.

Or IDF Soldiers parading a Wife's or Daughter's Under-Garments on Video, while the Father lies Died in their Couch. We all know all the World is now against Israel as the Bible predicts. Israel is not more careful as such Acts only incite the Justification for more Retaliations. Retaliations against Israel are sure to come. And in one's Estimation, that Iranian Embassy Attack by Israel has assured that the Psalm 83 War is sure to come next.

Hezbollah has over 150,000 Rockets that most have Guided Systems. They are not stockpiling them for Decoration or Ramadan Fireworks Celebrations. They will be all launched against Israel, some Day. Hezbollah can lob 10,000 Rockets a Day and the Iron Dome will be overwhelmed. And that is just from the North. When the Inner-Ring Muslim Psalm 83 War Coordinated Retaliation occurs, the Rockets will also come from Syria, Iran, Iraq and from the Houthis in Yemen.

Thus, the Samson Option will be the only Viable Choice, Militarily. In one's Spirit, one senses that those in Real Power in Israel, as they are in the USA and in the Ukraine, are fomenting the Chaos to then bring in their New Order. It is the classic case of the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem-Reaction-Solution. Realize that for the Shi'ite Apocalyptic Mullahs, their End of Days Eschatology requires Total Chaos, so that it beckons their Mahdi. But consider that the Rabbinical Sanhedrin, and the Ultra-Orthodox have the same Eschatology.

In their case, the pending surrounding and Imminent Existential Threat and Annihilation of the Jewish State demands the appearance of their Jewish Messiah. As one suspected, Militarily, it has been confirmed by Israelis within the Military that the Intelligence Agencies knew of the Pending Attack of October 7. It was truly their '9-11'. Which in that case, was allowed to occur as a False Flag. One's Point is that it is a Mutual Assured Destruction in-play that is working its way for an inevitable fulfilment of Daniel 9:27. But if the 'Energies' and Innuendos of the April 8 Eclipse and Geo-Political circumstances are any indication of what is to come, as mentioned, it will go 'Down Hill', fast from April 9, thereafter.



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