70th Week of Daniel Last Generation

  • What does the Bible say about Fig Trees?
  • What is the Parable about the Fig Tree all about?
  • Is there a Prophetic Connection to Daniel's 70th Week?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The Purpose of the Tribulation is for the Salvation of the Jewish Nation’. -JD Farag

Is Israel the Fig Tree? Some Bible Students would say Yes. Some Bible, so-called Scholars would say No. There are many Bible Prophecy Pundits, like Don Stewart of Calvary Chapel that dismiss the Assertion all together. It is disappointing that Don had also Dismissed and Mocked the Revelation 12 Sign, back in 2017. But he is no Astronomer to know 1 thing, about ‘Signs’, as is the Fig Tree, that one will argue does pertain to the Nation of Israel. The issue one would have with the Likes of Don Stewart is it is 1 thing if he, himself with all his Degrees, Pedigree, Fame and Reputation could or would choose not to believe such respective ‘Signs’, Personally.

But he actively Discourages others, every chance he gets when giving his ‘Prophecy Updates’. It shows his lack of Understanding and Mis-Interpretation in Astronomy. Why would one say that? In one’s Assessment of the Topics, if one knows Astronomy, one would not say that about the Revelation 12 Sign or about what ‘Signs’ really are for and for whom. Thus, the purpose of this study is to offer one’s Interpretation of the Fig-Tree Debate in a Philosophical Framework. It appears that People like Steward, come across as having an Attitude of ‘Knowing it All’ and there is no room for Debate or Discussion.

But he is the type that not only out-right Dismisses the Fig Tree as being Israel, but he Dissuades the Brethren away from looking into any Astronomical Signs about it. And his Rationale is? He states that the Church has ‘No Business’ looking at the Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars, paraphrasing. That the ‘Signs’ pertain to Israel, etc. Yes, Signs and Wonders do pertain to Israels’ Prophetic Economy, but the Markings made by them are Purposed in how YHVH specifically created the Sun, Moon and the Stars for that very Reason. YHVH gives it to all of Humanity to Discern 3 Primary Things, not just for Israel specifically. They were to be for Signs, Appointed Times and Seasons.

In Genesis, if one does an honest Exposé of this Notion, one would realize that. YHVH indents the Sun, Moon and the Stars to be specifically for Signs, Appointments and then telling Time. And note that ‘For Signs’, is the Primary Objective. Telling Time, as in Years, Months, Weeks and Days, by using the Sun and Moon for that, is the Least Important, etc. Well, not all Bible Prophecy Researchers are into what YHVH considered the most Important Purpose of why the Sun, Moon and the Stars, exist. They exist, primarily to convey Signs, as Warnings to all of the World, if one would only Observe and Discern, much like the Wise Men in Daniel and Jesus’ Day. In the case of Bible Researchers, of the likes of Don Steward, it will never be the case.

Fig Tree Represents Israel's National Motif
The following is Direct Proof, taught in the Bible, both Old and New Testament that attest to how YHVH directly attributed the Motif of the Fig Tree or Figs to that of Israel. Undoubtedly, the Connotation is that of National Israel, as a People and Metaphor no different than how YHVH also used other Monikers to describe Israel. YHVH used the Motifs also of Israel as being a Vineyard, a Wild Olive Branch, an Abandoned Child, etc.

‘They have deeply corrupted themselves as in the Days of Gibeah; He will remember their Guilt; He will punish their Sins. I found Israel Like Grapes in the Wilderness. I saw Your Fathers as the First-Fruits of the Fig Tree in its 1st Season. But they went to Baal-Peor and consecrated themselves to Shame; so they became As Detestable as the thing they Loved. Ephraim’s Glory will fly away like a Bird, with no Birth, no Pregnancy, and no Conception’. -Hosea 9:10

‘Then the Word of the LORD came to me, saying, This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: Like these
Good Figs, so I regard As Good The Exiles from Judah, whom I have sent away from this Place to the land of the Chaldeans. I will keep My eyes on them for good and will return them to this land. I will build them up and not tear them down; I will plant them and not uproot them’. -Jeremiah 24:4-5

‘For a Nation has invaded My Land, Powerful and without Number; its Teeth are the Teeth of a Lion, and its Fangs are the Fangs of a Lioness. It has laid waste My Grapevine and splintered My
Fig Tree. It Has Stripped-Off the Bark and thrown it away; The Branches have turned White'.  -Joel 1:6-7

‘For Solomon had Dominion over everything West of the Euphrates—over all the Kingdoms from Tiphsah to Gaza—and he had Peace on all sides. Throughout The Days of Solomon, Judah and Israel dwelt securely from Dan to Beersheba, Each Man under His Own Vine and his own
Fig Tree’. -1 Kings 4:24-25

‘And He will send out His Angels with a Loud Trumpet Call, and they will Gather His Elect from the 4 Winds, from one End of the Heavens to the other. Now learn this Lesson from the
Fig Tree: As soon as its Branches become tender and sprout Leaves, you know that Summer is near. So also, when you see all these things, you will know that He is near, right at the Door’. -Matthew 24:31-33

'The next Day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry. Seeing in the distance a
Fig Tree in Leaf, he went to find out if it had any Fruit. When he reached it, he found nothing but Leaves, because it was not the Season for Figs. Then he said to the Tree, May no one ever Eat Fruit from you again. And his Disciples heard him say it’. -Mark 11:12-14

Even the Modern State of Israel, although Secular, used the Menorah as their National Emblem or Coat of Arms to represent Israel. The Menorah, after all, is a Facsimile of an Almond Tree. And by Default, one can naturally deduce that Israel is thus, also considered as an Almond Tree. Likewise, this Prophetic Moniker is extended to the 7 Churches of Asia, as that is what is revealed to the Apostle John. Thus, to suggest that Israel is not a ‘Fig Tree’ Motif is laughable and disappointing.

So, what do the Jews Say?
One would guess that Don Stewart would have rebuked the Wise Men of Persia for embarking on a ‘Whild Goose Chase’, as they say, in attempting to ‘Find the King of the Jews’, etc. Not only would the Wise Men, but the Jews would have been Dissuaded and Discouraged from following such ‘Un-Important’ Sign as the Bethlehem Star. After all, the Wise Men were not ‘Jews’. Now, one realizes that not all Bible Scholars have it ‘All Down’ or Figured-Out. Every Student of the Bible will have their Specialty or Focus. In one’s case, it is the very Notion of Signs and Astronomy. But one does have a Deminer of, ‘I am Right’ sort of Attitude Complex, and ‘’Everyone else is Wrong’, etc.

The Answer is very simple. 1 Resolution to the Question, ‘Is Israel the Fig Tree of the Bible?’, is to ask the Jews or Israel themselves, no? So, back in 2018, Israel, that is the Modern Rendition of the Biblical one, that is Secular and ‘Brought Back in Un-Belief’, as Ezekiel foretold, celebrated its 70-Year Anniversary: 1948-2018, etc. The Jewish Nation celebrated the Time from Iyar to Sivan or around April to May, as they took into account the Discrepancy of the Rabbinical and Gregorian Calendar Difference.

So, in the culminating Celebrations that took place at the Ancient Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, guess what Motifs did the Organizers choose to Represent Israel’s Essence? The Fig Tree. In fact, there were 2 Motifs presented. One of the Motifs of a Fig Tree was constituted by Drones in the Sky that assembled remotely. Then in a Military Configuration, the IDF Israel Defense Force had a Solemn Ceremony in which a Fig Tree Motif, on the Ground was lit by Fire.

It seems the Jews are not Confused or Deny that Israel is the Proverbial and Biblical Depiction used to refer to Israel. See Chart below for a Visual of those 2 Fig Tree Motifs displayed during Israel’s 70-Year Anniversary. As an Aside Note, during that Time, 2018, there was a Buzz about the Nearness of the Rapture. Many thought that a Major Prophetic Milestone had been reached. This is still all True. What one took away from the Mile-Marker is that the ‘Fig Tree has now Matured’. Meaning that since 2018, concerning Israel, the Rapture is ‘On’. But it could be related to the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree. This Notion and Year Calculation will be brought-out later.

So, what was 2018 all about? It was, in one’s Prophetic Assessment that Israel has come of Age and is now Ready, Prophetically to be dealt with, i.e., Daniel’s 70th Week to be Implemented. When? In the 5th Year. How so? This has to do with how Israel has not still turned to Jesus in a National Sense. Thus, if one Surmises that the Fig Tree does pertain to Israel and the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree does pertain to Israel, then it is to be ‘Cut Down’ after 5 Years elapse.

1948 + 70 Years = 2018 + Unfruitful Fig Tree Factor of 5 Years Total =

One strongly suggests that since 2028, but specifically since 2022, the World entered into a Transition of Dispensations. That is becoming clearer by the Day, Week and Months. The Church Age is coming to a Fast Conclusion. Now Israel is waiting for its False Messiah King. Israel is currently ‘Soul-Searching’. Eventually, it will be the Religious Right, that the Media and Leftists call, ‘The Extreme Right’ will win-out.

Signs of the Time
To a degree, this is correct, in that this New Religious Right are those that specifically are calling for the 3rd Temple, Talmudic Law and a Crowning of their Long-Awaited Messiah. The False Messiah just needs to show-up. He will. So, what many Discerned at that time, from 2018 to 2022, was that pertaining to the Parable of the Unfaithful Fig Tree, 2022 should have been the Limit of the ‘Last Generation’ that Jesus alluded to in the Olivet Discourse. Presently, most Bible Scholars holding to the Notion that Israel is the Fig Tree, are scratching their Heads, as they say. Why? Being that they use 1948 as the Start Year for the Fig Tree Last Generation Countdown, 2022 would have been it if one only assumed a 4-Year Count. However, one is suggesting it is a 5-Year Count.

Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree from Luke 13 - (Isaiah 5:1–7)

6) Then Jesus told this Parable: A Man had a Fig Tree that was planted in his Vineyard. He went to look for Fruit on it but did not find any.

1948 + 70 Years = 2018 May 14

7) So he said to the Keeper of the Vineyard, Look, for the past 3 Years…

2018 + 3 Years = 2021 May 14

I have come to search for Fruit on this Fig Tree and have not found any. Therefore Cut-it-Down! Why should it use up the Soil?

8) Sir, the Man replied, Leave it alone again this Year, (Year 4?) Until I Dig around it and Fertilize it.

2021 + 1 Year = 2022 May 14

9) If it bears Fruit Next Year, (Year 5?) fine. But if not, you can Cut-it-Down.

2022 + 1 Year = 2023 May 14 

So, how many Years Total are there? From a pure straight Mathematical Count, most have surmised 4. Is it? Based on one’s Interpretation, it would be 5 Years, if one Accounts for the Full Days to Measure-Out, to every End of that Last Year.  Thus, will 2023 be the Year, after May 14 in which Israel is ‘Cut Down’? The Circumstances would lend to how then the Situation would be Ripe for the AntiChrist to come in to establish Order out of their Chaos.

It would also Corroborate one’s Calculus of how a possible 2025-2032 Timeline would suggest will be the Timeframe for the Tribulation Period to occur. This is of course, based on the Research and Understanding, up to this Point and Time. However, one will strongly suggest that 1948 is not the Start Year Bible Students should be using, Prophetically to realize what should be the Last Generation to fulfill the Metaphorical Fig Tree Prophecy concerning Israel. No, it should be 1952 instead. Why?

It is about the Countdown Year
One has argued and presented Evidence that the Countdown of Israel commencing the Last Sabbath of Years, or the 70th Week of Daniel, is contingent upon the Counting of the Sabbath of the Land. After all, that is what YHVH hold Israel Accountable to and what determined the amount of Years Israel had to go into Exile in Babylon, etc. And that, following the Logic and Sequence, the Fulfilment of the 70th Week, being a Sabbath of 7 Years would then be tied to what is referred to the Shemitah Cycles.

Thus, if one uses 1952 instead of 1948, the Fig Tree Prophecy is still in play. How so? This is based on the other Prophetic Notion of Psalm 90. That Psalm is understood to have a 70 and 80 Year Coefficient of how long a Generation would be Defined, for this Purpose of then ascertaining when Israel would enter and fulfill the Last Sabbath owed to YHVH. And to note that the 70 Years of Judgment decree against Israel.

It is pertaining to a National Judgment of which the Last Sabbath has been on hold to accommodate the Gentiles during this Church Age. It is only a Temporary ‘Intermission’ in-between the 69th and 70 Week, etc. Thus, what is also a Factor in when Israel will have to ‘Pay’ this remaining week is also contingent upon the Church Age ending. And that will be accented by the Resurrection-rapture Event. This Event will then allow for the Transition to the 70th Week to be accomplished and why then the Fig Tree Prophecy does pertain to Israel and still has a Prophetic Shelf Life of 80 Years. Consider this.

1952 + 80 Years = 2032 – 7 Year Tribulation Period = 2025

Thus, one is arguing that since 2022 to 2025, a Gap of Time or Transition Period has been occurring presently. That Israel is having a 5-Year Grace Period, all together to see if it ‘Produced Figs’. It has not. And that in the Prophetic Case of the Modern Secular State of Israel, rather makes ‘Accords’ or Covenants with the ‘Many’ Nations to solidify its ‘Peace and Safety’. It will just take the AntiChrist to ‘Confirm’ them all.

As Israel reaches 75 Years, back in the Promised Land, one speculates that what is coming next is the Rapture Event that will solidify this Transitional Gap Time. It is all Converging, fast. There are the Red Heifers. The Temple Sacrificial Ordinations are all but done. Israel is making ‘Covenants’ with ‘Many’. Israel is becoming extremely Wealthy to Plunder with its High-Tech, Agriculture and its Natural Gas Fields, etc. One is being more convinced that Netanyahu, who is a Mason, verified, will be a Key Player in this Transition. He is the one, not only to give the ‘Keys’ of Jerusalem, Israel and the Temple Mount to the coming False Messiah that will be the AntiChrist World Ruler.

Even the Talmudic Rabbis have publicly stated that this Israeli Government will be the Last one with Netanyahu, etc. So, what is the Fig Tree Generation? It is the Generation that will see the Return of Jesus Christ. And it is how one Surmises in the 2025-2032 Timeline concerning the Tribulation Period with the End of the Church Age. Realize that since the Nation of Israel rejected Jesus as their Messiah, thanks to a large part by the Decision of the Sanhedrin Ruling Class, YHVH set Israel aside. It was given a ‘Time Out’ in a Field of Play Analogy.

It is about a Regeneration
The Ball then was given to the Gentiles to secure the Promise in that YHVH was to also incorporate the Non-Jews into the Covenant of Israel, as disclosed to Abraham. But it was the Disciples of Jesus that asked, ‘When will the End come and the 2nd Coming occur?’ The List of Conditions can be ascertained in Matthew 24. But 1 Key Code or Attribute of the Prophecy has to do with how the ‘Fig Tree’ that was to be ‘Cut Down’ to the Stump, would ‘Regenerate’. This is clearly understood to refer to Israel as it was known to the Disciples in the 1st Century. Meaning? That Israel would be Reconstituted and Flourish once again when Jesus was to Return.

This is Amazing, because soon after the Rejection of Jesus by Israel that led to the Destruction of the Temple, City and Nation, there was thereafter no Nation, City and Temple to speak of. For how long? For nearly 2000 Years. This Timespan coincided with the Church Age and is. The Amazing Fact is that it was in 1948 that the ‘Dead’ Nation, City and Temple, yet to be Regenerated started a Process of Refurbishing. That is occurring now, as there was an ‘Overlap’ of Covenants until 70 AD. The Covenant of Sinai, pertaining to Israel was in play at the Time the Disciples asked that Question of Jesus, when He was to Return and set-up the ‘Jewish World Order’.

It would and will be when Jesus returns. And as a Jew, He will ‘Rule the World’ and Israel, as a Redeemed Nation will be the ‘Head’ of the Nations, as Promised. Until then, that Overlap with the Church Covenant, which is really the New Covenant Promised is In-Play. Not until 70 AD did the Church Age really become singular in its Testimony and Witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Such were called ‘The Way’, referring to Christians who had originally been all Jewish. To this Day, many are Jewish Believers, but they are the Minority. The Point is that there will come another Parallel ‘Sudden Destruction’ pertaining to the End of this Church Age Timespan. And?

From that Time afterwards, YHVH will revert back to the Covenant with Israel to finish the 70th Week of Daniel that remains, to Seal-Up the Vision and Prophecy, Anoint the Most High and Bring an End to Sin, etc. What helps in determining where the Church Age is at is taking into account the Signs, not only those Geo-Political ones, but those given by YHVH in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, as mentioned prior. But as to using it for a possible determination of when the Rapture Timing will be or could be?

At best then, one would be or could suggest a ‘Rapture Season’ instead of Specific Day and Time. But that the Key in determining a ‘Correct’ Start of a Year, that being Nisan 1, that could/would layout the Timeline thereafter. But realize that the Prophecy of the Fig Tree Generation is 1 Key Bench-Mark of just how close the Rapture Event is. And this is Emphasized by the Notion of how 2023 is a Big Factor of a Prophetic Convergence of the Number 75. As one has noted, it is a Parallel Timing of how Abraham was 75 Years Old when he entered the Promised Land, that being Year 2023 from Adam, Anu Mundi. And that it was 5 Years after the Death of his Father. This 5 Year Coefficient could then Correlate to the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree. One Surmises that it is likewise, a 5 Year Total Time of a ‘Transition’ or Grace Period for Israel since 2018. On May 14, 2023, Israel will have completed 75 Years to then start on its 76th Year, thereafter, etc.

In the 75th Year?
This Stipulation is that the Generation of both the Church Age Believers and Jews, as the 2 Witnesses needed to ‘Establish a Matter’, have seen Israel back in the Promised Land. This is even though as a Secular ‘Zionist’ State is what one can go off of per the Condition stated by Jesus. And? If the Church Age continues a few more Years, that Generation will have Died-Off by then beyond 2032.

This will be the case, if one uses the 1948 Start Year for this Countdown. But not if one uses the 1952 Year instead as already discussed. And what is the ‘Big Deal’ if the Fig Tree Prophecy does not Come to Pass?  Lucifer could claim this against Jesus as a Falsity as a Defense within the Divine Counsel. Thus,  the Year 2023 could be or will be an Important Prophetic Turning Point.

In the Gregorian Calendar, May 14 will mark the 75th Year Anniversary. One suggests then that 2023 will be a very Significant Year concerning Israel, especially after May 14. Will it be when the Rapture Occurs perhaps? That will remain to be seen as of this Write-Up. Here is the possible Biblical Significance related to the Number 75 based on the BibleStudy.com, with Emphasis added.

1. Stephen's Inspired Testimony before Jewish Religious Leaders is the longest Recorded Message in the Book of Acts (Acts 7). He utilizes the Number 75 to Recount the Story of Jacob [Israel] and his Family migrating to Egypt due to a Famine.

2. The English word ‘Dragon’, is found 13 Times in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 12:3 - 4, 7, 9, 13, 16 - 17, 13:2, 4, 11, 16:13 and 20:2). It is derived from the Greek Drakon (Strong's Concordance #G1404). Dragons in the New Testament are symbolic of YHVH's Chief Adversary Satan the Devil, i.e., Lucifer. In its Gematria, or total Numeric Value of the Greek word for dragon, is 4 + 100 + 1 + 20 + 800 + 50 for a value of 975. This total is 13 times 75. The Number 13 is the Number of Sin, Lawlessness and Rebellion against God, i.e., Israel’s current Spiritual Condition before YHVH.

3. Abram (later Abraham), at 70, leaves his Hometown of Ur with his Wife Sarai (later Sarah) and his entire Family. The Family lived in the city of Haran until, 5 Years later, Abram's father Terah Dies. It is at this moment that Abraham, at age 75 is called by YHVH and told to travel into the Promised Land.
[Is there a Spiritual and Prophetic Parallel to occur from Israel’s 70th Year Anniversary in 5777-5778 that then 5 Years later will be Significant? In the Year 5783, which is 2023?] This would also Corroborate the Calculus of the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree being 5 Years total.

4. Psalm 75:6-7, which was written by the Levitical Priests who served during King David's Reign, offers some Wise Words concerning Advancing in Life. ‘For Promotion comes neither from the East, nor from the West, nor from the South. But GOD is Judge [North]; He puts down one and sets up another’.


Convergence of Prophecy
Continuing. The possible meaning of the number 75 is derived from events in Scripture as well as interesting facts about YHVH's Word. The Number 75 is also directly associated with Marriage. From research, a 75th Anniversary is called the ‘Diamond Anniversary’. It is sometimes referred to as the Diamond Jubilee and is considered the Pinnacle of anniversary Celebrations. Diamonds are the strongest Substances on Earth, as well as one of the most Desired, and therefore represents such an Esteemed Celebration.

Could this Notion be alluding to the coming Marriage Supper of the Lamb that will be Celebrated after the Rapture Event? One cannot help but to make Prophetic Inferences of how YHVH will repair the Broken Marriage it has with National Israel. And that it will take a Tribulation or ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’ to make Israel that is now nothing but a Lump of Coal, to Transform it to a Diamond some Say. And as Coal is made into Diamonds, it will take extreme Heat and Pressure, as in 7 Times Hotter. And this is what the coming Tribulation Period of Jacob’s Trouble will be all about. It will not be the Trouble of the Church anymore.

So, as one can sense, 2023 will be ‘Huge’ for Israel or Jacob. As it is presently, Israel is Soul-Searching. It speaks of a coming-out of the World and going-into the Promised Land. Will it be the Confirming of the Covenant perhaps with the ‘Dragon’? Dividing the Land at the hands of the Leftist in Government? Exciting Time to see, Geo-Politically. Remember, the Clock Metaphor of Prophecy. The Big Hand is Israel, the 2nd Hand is Jerusalem, and the Second Hand is the Temple. If the Year 1952 is the Correct Start Year for this Last Generation that is the Fig Tree, then it is right on Track to having 2032 be the 80th Year, exactly, fulfilling the Prophecy, to the Year.

In Summary, one has attempted to Argue that Israel is indeed the Metaphorical Fig Tree. And that if one uses 1952, rather than 1948 and the Upper Limit of Psalm 90, that being 80 Years is used, then the Fig Tree Generation will be Fulfilled in 2032. The Timeline presented is based on the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree. One is assuming Israel is the Metaphorical Fig Tree and that the Parable is Prophetic in terms of when the Possible Fulfillment of Daniel’s Last Week of Years is to Commence. The Timeline starts with the Year 2018 that saw the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel’s Re-Birth in 1948. If one adds the 5-Year Factor in which Abraham, as a Prophetic Type came to the Promised Land in his 75th Year, then that would be 2023.

2018 + 5 Year (Unfruitful Fig Tree) = 2023 + End of Last Observation Year

One Surmises that this 5-Year Factor is actually the Total Number of Years that the Parable is inferring to. Back in 2018, many End Times Observers believed that, from mere Mathematics, the Parable was suggesting a Total of 4 Years, 3 Year for the Visit and a 4th Year for an additional Observation Year. That is all correct and the Year resulted in 2022. However, if one plots the Years on the Timeline and revisits the actual Interpretation of the Years Inferred, one strongly suggests it is a 5 Year Count.

However, if the Year 2022 was the end of the 4th Year of the Fig Tree Observation, that would mean that this was the Time one also Surmises would be a Beginning. Of what? It would be the Beginning of the 3.5 Year Gap of Time one suggests setting-up the Stage for the Debut of the False Messiah and New World Order, etc. This Timeframe would be the Transition one has noted is ‘In-Play’ and that will lead-in to the start of the Tribulation Period. The Precise Day Count would be from Passover of 2022 to the End of Yom Teruah in 2025. And that only after the Fall Feasts of YHVH are totally concluded, it would be the Weekly Sabbath thereafter that the False Messiah of Israel would initiated the 3rd Temple with the Commencement of the Daily Sacrifices.

April 14, 2022 + 1260 Days = End of Yom Teruah September 25,

Note that in 2025, Yom Teruah or the Feasts of Trumpets occurs on the 8th Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017. And? In the Bible, the Number 8 is associated with ‘New Beginnings’. Can one say, ‘End of Church Age’ and Beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week of Yeas? This Calculus is based on how one had to wait until the Year after the Observation Year was decided upon to then ‘Cut Down’ the Fig Tree for not bearing Fruit, etc.

This would mean that after May 14, 2023, it would be when the Fig Tree is to be ‘Cut Down’ as in having been Judged for not Producing ‘Fruit’. So, this Notion would then Corroborate with one’s Estimated Tribulation Timeline, that perhaps could be Commencing thereafter in the Year 2024, This would be then Stage-Setting for the Rise and Debut of the AntiChrist False Messiah to usher-in the 2025-2032 Sabbath Cycle.

So, in Summary, note that the 71st Year on May 14, 2018, starts from that Day going forward, as the 70th Year is completed on that Day. So, on May 14, 2023, the 75th Year since Israel was ‘Re-Born’, will have been Completed, and the 76th Year Begins. Thus, if the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree is 5 Year Total, then the Timeline is suggesting that from that Time, going forward, there is ‘Cutting-Off’ In-Play of some sort.

One was thinking, if this ‘Cutting’ is also to deal with how the Left in Israel and the West, want to ‘Cut’ Israel in Half to accommodate for a State of Palestine? The Timeline would then also suggest that then the Year of 2024 is when the Possible ‘Deal with the Devil’ will Transpire, perhaps.

Nonetheless, if such ‘Indicators’ are Valid, the Year, 2023, and especially after May 14 then will have been some sort of a Prophetic Turning Point. What that will be Precisely or Specifically is yet to be Determined. But it a Time that has to do with a coming of an End of a Timeframe and the Beginning of another.

This is also a Possibility, if one links Turning Point in Time, to the 9th Hybrid Solar Eclipse of April 20, 2023. This Hybrid Solar Eclipse has a Bookend Pattern that began in 2013. It is the 9th since Christ. Based on one’s Assessment as being a ‘Sign’, it takes on then the Numerical Attribute of what 9 mean. In this case it is the following to Reiterate.

-The Number 9 Symbolizes ‘Divine Completeness’ or conveys the Meaning of Finality. Christ Died at Hour 9 of the Day, or 3 p.m., to make the Way of Salvation open to everyone.

- The Number 9 also Represents the Fruits of God's Holy Spirit, which are Faithfulness, Gentleness, Goodness, Joy, Kindness, Long-Suffering, Love, Peace and Self-Control. All these are Emblematic of the Church Age.

Of course with such Possible Biblical Inferences, one would Hope that it is going to be or is Signaling the End of the Church Age and the Beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel, that is Now Imminent. Perhaps. 




Israel – The Fig Tree has Matured 2018

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