Celestial Doorways of the Fallen Ones

  • Does the Bible address or speak about 'Doors'?
  • What does the Bible have to say about the 'Babylon'?
  • Are there any Spiritual Lessons to be learned?

by Luis B. Vega
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…’In a Mighty Voice: Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a Lair for Demons and a Haunt for every Unclean Spirit…Unclean Bird, and every Detestable Beast. All the Nations have Drunk the Wine of the Passion of her Immorality. The Kings of the Earth were Immoral with her, and the Merchants of the Earth have grown Wealthy...’ -Revelation 18:1-3

The purpose of this study is to suggest that the Layout of Ancient Babylon in Iraq was and still is configured to the Martian Motif of the Cydonia Mensae Pyramids. This study will examine the various Ley-Lines of the present-day Ruins of Babylon and its association with Mars and the ‘Gods’ of Mars that are said to return as ‘Saviors’ to ‘Rescue’ Humanity before it destroys itself in the End of Days. This study will touch upon the Biblical Aspects of what Babylon’s 3 Layers of Significance means for the Body of Christ. There is the Spiritual Babylon, the Economic Babylon and the Military Babylon that has Ruled the World since Ancient Babylon was founded. The Bible refers to each of the Triangulated System as being nothing more than the Apparatus that has oppressed Humanity by the Fallen Angels and its Rebel King, Lucifer.

Currently, many would agree that the Religious Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church as the Religion of the Ancient Babylonian Priesthood has only changed Names and Motifs. However, the same core Tenets of the Religion are that of Nimrod, of Lucifer ultimately. And does this Religious Order still exist Day? Yes. This is found in the Symbolism, Dogmas and Rituals of the Secret Societies, of the Mystery Religions such as the Masons, for example. The Economic Babylon, presently would be argued as the one centered in the City of London, which is Sovereign from London and the Monarchy. Then the present-day Military Babylon would constitute that of the ‘World Police’ which is the USA and centered around the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

What is Amazing to consider is that all 3 Centers of their respective ‘Babylonian’ Powers have the same Martian Motif of Cydonia as other studies have pointed-out and examined. What is the issue here or why the concern? Consider that such a System is what has Oppressed, is and will Oppress the People of YHVH, both the Earthly ones, that being Israel and the Spiritual One, that being the Body of Christ. Even since Babylon came into being and its System put in place by Nimrod after the Flood of Noah, YHVH has warned His People to not be Entangled in such a System. Such a System is from Lucifer that seeks to Deface the Commandments of YHVH and Deny the Lordship and Sonship of GOD the Son, Jesus Christ. All 3 Aspects of this World Net-Work or Spider-Web are controlled by Ruling Families that ultimately are ruled over by the ‘Lord of the Earth’, Lucifer but for the time being as he took such Dominion away from Adam.

Beast System
That being said, there is a Contention presently occurring and 1 Day, the Bible states that Babylon, with all its various Renditions will be Judged and Destroyed for its Evil and Wickedness. Consider that the Ancient City of Babylon was never Destroyed completely. It was taken, for example by Cyrus the Persian, and that without firing a single Shot or Arrow in that case. He Diverted the River and marched across under the Gates of Babylon. That Day coincided with the Last Day of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, the ‘Head of Gold’ and its King, whom the prophet Daniel interpreted the famous ‘Handwriting on the Wall’, there in the ‘Pleiadian’ Palace, etc. The Literal Destruction of ‘Babylon’ will culminate during the Tribulation Period as all 3 Facets of the ‘System’ will merge with 1 Man, that of the coming ‘Nimrod’, the AntiChrist, the ‘Hunter’, etc.

He will be seen as the ‘Return of Enki’, the Lord of the Earth in an attempt to ‘Save’ Humanity and Re-Establish the Golden Age before the Flood of Noah and even before the Creation of Humanity with Adam and Eve. This ‘Man of Sin’, as the Bible describes him, will have at his disposal the Armies of the World, the New Religion imposed and the Economic ‘Mark of the Beast’ System to forcefully Unite the World as Nimrod attempted at the Tower of Babel. He will eventually fuse all 3 in 1 spot on Earth, not Babylon though, but Israel, and then Jerusalem, in the 3rd Temple. He will be of the Royal Bloodlines, whomever that will eventually be. It will be part of his Credentials that he must be a Descendant of not only King David but of the Ancient Alien ‘Savior Gods’ coming from the Stars, etc. Many believe that because of this Supposition, the literal ANCIENT CITY of Babylon will be re-constituted. This will remain to be seen.

Ironically, YHVH used Babylon, in the past, to judge His Earthly People, Israel or more precisely that of the last Tribes remaining from the Schism that occurred within Israel’s Kingdom. As YHVH’s People became like the surrounding Wicked People, YHVH had Expelled them from the Land due to their Sins. YHVH used this Evil Empire of Babylon to Judge and make Captives of Judah, even taking them to Babylon itself. The Jews, as they were from that point called, because the Last Tribe remaining was Judah, were sentenced to 70 Years of Captivity in Babylon. This Time Period is rich with the accounts of Daniel and the Dream of Nebuchadnezzar and then with Ester, etc. However, this is also the time where many of the Jews stayed back after the Decree of Cyrus to Return to Israel. Many partook of the Ancient Luciferian Mystery Religions.

This is where then the various Esoteric Books of the Jews that supersede the Torah by the Oral Traditions and of the Kabala, for example. This has been a Poison that has permeated throughout the Renditions of what Judaism had and has become. In large part, it contributed to the Rejection of Jesus when He showed-up, exactly as foretold to Daniel there back in Babylon. Sadly, for Israel, such a History will repeat itself until this Time, the entire Nation will say, ‘Blessed is He who Comes in the Name of the LORD’. Until that Time comes, the Ruling Families have had their Control over the Jews along with the Elders of Zion. The Theocracy that YHVH intended has gone-on for a long time without a King. Thus, the Ruling families along with Elders have stepped-in to fill this Void. The Problem? As many have researched, such Families are of the Bloodlines that are steeped in Luciferianism and have and operate in the Spirit of AntiChrist.

Portal of the Gods

This Narrative of the coming ‘Saviors from the Stars’ actually started to be propagated Near Babylon in Ancient Mesopotamia, which means Meso, Middle and Potamia, of Waters. Thus, Babel was in the Midst of the Waters of the 2 Major Rivers that follow there to the Persian Gulf, the Euphrates and the Tigris. In fact, many attribute these 2 Rivers as being the ones that flowed in the Garden of Eden. Contrary to the Evolutionist and Humanists, Humanity did not get its start in Africa and not by a ‘Biological Accident’ due to ‘Random Chance’. Even the Ancient Creation Tablets and that of many other Cultures suggests that the ‘Gods’ created, intelligently, a Race of Humans on Earth and placed them in a ‘Garden’ in this area. As to where exactly is the Garden of Eden has been an issue of much Debate and Speculation.

Many suggest Jerusalem is the actual place of the Garden and where Adam was made according to some Rabbinical Tradition. It was on the Dome of the Rock, which is said to be the ‘Navel’ of the Earth and where GOD created the Planet from. Of course, every Culture believes it is the ‘Navel’ and Center of the Universe. Others believe that the Garden of Eden was somewhere in this area of the 7 Ancient Cities that were constructed after the Flood of Noah, centered around Eridu. This would corroborate the Sumerian and Akkadian Creation Accounts in that ‘Adamu’ was created and placed in a ‘Garden’ called ‘Edin’ in that area. Others believe the actual ‘Midst’ of the Garden of Eden would then be somewhere perhaps in the midpoint of this distance between these 2 ‘Edges’ or ‘Gate’ Entrances of the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf. It could be the case that as Adam and Eve were expelled, Jerusalem on the Temple Mount would have been the ‘Outside’ of the Eastern Gate in Paradise. Perhaps it was at Calvary.

Jerusalem would have been the ‘Meeting’ Place where YHVH made the 1st Altar of Sacrifice to have an Animal’s hide cover the Nakedness of Adam and Eve, no Pun intended. This study strongly contends that the Temple Mount, and more precisely the Holy of Holies was and is where this ‘Portal’, a Gate’ a ‘Door’ existed and will. YHVH, as the ‘Gods’ and Humanity would meet there until the Final and Last Lamb of GOD Would Come to open the Gate or Door to Paradise again. This literally occurred by the Finished Work of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. In that very Second of His Death, the Curtain of Separation to this ‘Stargate’ or this ‘Door’ to Heaven was now made open as YHVH tore the Curtain from the Top. Thus, the area of Ancient Summer could have been the area ‘East of Eden’ where Cain was exiled for Murdering his Brother Abel.

What is the issue with the ‘Door’ and ‘Altar’? It is a matter of which Sacrifice, and Altar are the ‘Right Ones’ and how they are to be Presented. Here is at the Core of the Contention amongst Humanity and the Major Cause for Strife and Bloodshed; who is Jesus and was His Sacrifice sufficient and was the Cross of Calvary that ‘Altar’ adequate enough? As to the Maritain Motif configured in Ancient Babylon, the following Observations are made. The 3 Major Motifs of Cydonia, that being the Face of Mars, the 7-Pleiadian Pyramid City and the Giant Pentagon D&M Pyramid correspond to the 3 Giant Earthen Mounds at the site of the present Ruins of Babylon. What is left of the once mighty ‘Queen of all Cities’ on Earth is the various outlines of the Streets such as the main one called Procession Street and the City walls.

Pleiadian Palaces

There is also the Outline of where the Grand Temple to Murdoch stood. What has been restored, to a degree, by the late Saddam Hussein was the 7-Chamber Royal Palace of Nebuchadnezzar. He did however build a Presidential Palace atop the Earthen Mound corresponding to the adjacent Ancient Palace of Nebuchadnezzar. He did liken his Dictatorship and Personage to that of the former Monarch. Which if in fact was to be the case, then Saddam would have eventually come to the realization and Truth that there is no GOD but YHVH, as Nebuchadnezzar came to realize and decreed so to the World in his Open Letter, etc. This Open Letter in its entirety is found in the Book of Daniel and Link to Chart in End Notes. As to the Mars Triangulation, the Palace of the King that is so famous in the Bible, corresponds to the Pleiadian 7-Pyramid City on Cydonia.

The D&M Pyramid would correspond to the Earthen Mound to the South and the Face of Ala-Lu with the Earthen Mound to the West. In all the Ley-Lines that converge is that at the Intersection of the Hexagram that is superimposed based on the Triangulation of the site, the Temple of Murdoch corresponds to a structure on Cydonia in the same Direction. In terms of some Measures, the Distance from the Earthen Mound on the South to the one on the Northwest is approximately 1.44 Miles. As the D&M Pyramid on Cydonia has a 333 Degree Heading, this is replicated as the Earthen Mound to the South, corresponding to the D&M Pyramid has a 333 Degree Heading directly to the Temple of Murdoch. Another observation deals with the Belt Stars of Orion. On Cydonia, the Alignment is configured from the D&M Pyramid to the Face of Ala-Lu with a Pyramid in the midst that is heavily eroded. The Alignments match that of Orion and at the site of Babylon, the interesting Correlation is fixed on this Middle Structure.

At the present Modern-Day Site of Babylon, a Canal of Water runs through the Site as it was once the edge of the City Fortified Wall. Upon further examination, the Center Point corresponding to that of Cydonia has been moved to the North of the Waterway, but exactly in proportion, Geometrically to the size of the Corresponding Sites. There is Debate as to whether this Site of Babylon was the actual location of the Tower of Babel Incident. Many would naturally presume such a supposition based solely on the Name Association. ‘Bab’ means Gate in Akkadian and El is a generic term for ‘God’. However, what is Historically known is that Babylon was not as old as Eridu of the 7 Cities built after the Flood of Noah. There is another Temple to the North of the Babylon site about 2.5 miles that is in Ruins. Many believe this could have been the Tower of Babel but not likely as the area of Eridu is more of the Prime Candidate. See End Notes.

This Temple, nonetheless, appears to construe an ‘Apex’ of a Giant Pyramid that engulfs the entirety of the Ancient Babylon City Core from a Top View. Thus, this Structure corresponds to the Motif of the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer of the Masons, etc. What is rather astonishing with this ‘Extension’ of Structures is that it Matches the one corresponding on Cydonia, Mars also beyond the Triangulated Pyramid Complex. This Structure just to the Northeast appears to correspond to that of the Layout on Earth. Thus, it would stand to reason that the Martian Motif is just the Proverbial ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ as it is part of a much larger grid of Pyramid Complexes that also exists just adjacent to the Southwest area of the Martian Motif on the Cydonia Mensae.

Ancient CERN

If one superimposes the Phi Ratio Spiral for a better visual effect at Ancient Babylon from a top view, the Temple of Murdoch is the Nexus Point based on the overall Symmetry. On Mars, this same Phi Ratio Spiral is superimposed and from the same proportion configured, the end-point bypasses the center of the D&M Pyramid. There is a Triangulation with another structure as a subsequent 11 Mile distance would configure another Triangulation. In terms of the Royal Palace of Nebuchadnezzar, the Restoration Efforts have just Delineated the Foundations and only some of the Walls have been rebuilt, but nothing close to what it originally appeared like during the Days of Daniel. It is amazing to actually study and see the Royal Palace, at least from Satellite Imagery if not having a chance to actually visit the Site.

It is also rather interesting that no Google Earth Images have been updated since 2004, as of this study. One reason could be the nature of the U.S. Invasion of Iraq in the mid-2000’s as such areas could have been sensitive to U.S. Military Assets. However, it is very interesting that one of the last Pictures ever made Public of this Royal Palace precisely shows how the U.S. Army made a Military ‘Research’ Base there just outside Ancient Palace Walls. What were they doing there? Since then, many have come out and stated that indeed the U.S. Military was searching for the Ancient Lost Technology of ‘Star-Gates’. This is what the Elites are trying to accomplish with CERN in piercing Dimensions and ‘Portals’, etc. Essentially, the Tower of Babel was the ‘CERN’ of Nimrod’s Day that he wanted to construct and use for the same purpose.

Others contend that for example, the main Reason for invading Iraq was to get to such Sites and raid the Archeological Museum. It is believed the Luciferian Elements wanted to acquire the Cylinders that contained the Knowledge of ‘Pass Codes’. It was either through Enchantments and/or Readings that would activate such Star Ports. Why such an interest? Consider that such Star-Gates, or Portals had and have the Power to Teleport and Transfer matter through Dimensions, as in Military Weapons as well. Consider that the ‘Martian Saviors’ or Angels, both Good and Evil, use such Portals to Inter-Dimensionally Traverse Space and Time from the Heavenlies to Earth and other Planets, like Mars, etc. Consider the Jacob’s Ladder Concept and Imagery depicted in the Bible. Such is not an Issue for the ‘Martian Saviors’ and their Demons and Masquerading Aliens to do, etc. What is the issue is that Humanity wants this Technology as it holds the Key, no Pun intended to unlock the Secrets of the Watchers.

This is something alluded to by Enoch, the 7th from Adam in his Book. Is this plausible? Consider that this is exactly what Nimrod sought to accomplish and nearly did at the Tower of Babel. He wanted to tap into the Power of the Star-Gate and propel himself into the Heavenlies, to the very Throne of YHVH. Why? It was for the purpose of Dethroning YHVH. This required a Genetic Alteration to a degree unknown on this side of Earth, but a knowledge Nimrod was given. The Bible does state that ‘he became a Gibborim’, that is a Giant. His Molecular Structure was somehow altered to the point a ‘Hybridization’ occurred without being fathered by the Fallen Angels. They were the Watchers that descended on Mount Hermon, for example. This is the Technology the Ruling Families aspire to have and have as they will invade whole Nations to acquire it.

Tower of Power
The Luciferians anticipate a final Show-Down, perhaps such Human Hybrids cannot only be seen as Super Soldiers on Earth to fight Conventionally, but the main Reason is for them to be able to wage War in the Heavenlies against Christ and His Angels, see Revelation 12. Can one imagine how many ‘Super Soldiers’ they could and have produced because of such Forbidden Knowledge? The Purpose for them? To fill in the Ranks of the Fallen Angels as they are out-numbered 2 to 1. If one thinks reading this is utterly Absurd, then one needs to read about MK-Ultra, the Monarch Experiments, and the Movie, ‘Men who Stare at Goats’. It is a Real Life Depiction of the Psychological Operation of the Military that studied and uses the Paranormal to wage Warfare, etc. Nonetheless, it is believed by some that Nimrod had such Powers based on the Knowledge, Revelation and Technology being given by the ‘Maritain Saviors’.

They are said to have come from the Pleiades, and other places among the ‘Stars’ to give ‘Civilization’ and Illumination to the Human Race before and after the Flood of Noah. Astronomically, the Royal Palace of Nebuchadnezzar is constructed in the form of the Outline of the Pleiades Star Cluster. As the Palace had 7 Main Quads, with the center one leading to the Throne of the King, it is amazing to realize, that for example, the Prophet Daniel perhaps met many Times there with the King as he was made a Minister of the Empire. The Ley-Lines of how the Palace is built match the Orientation of the Pleiades outline from a Top View. Then when the ‘Stargate’ Sacred Geometry is configured from Babylon’s Temple of Murdoch, a Fallen Angel, which is 666 Feet Squared, the Pattern is the same corresponding to all of the Middle East Region.

The Theory is that perhaps the Dimensions of Paradise are Encoded in such Sacred Geometry, pegged to certain Ley-Lines where the Ziggurats or Temples once stood. For example, the Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem matches the Temple of Murdoch and that of Cydonia, Mars based on that Assumption. Evidently, the Ancients knew that Temples were places where the ‘Divine’ intersected or pierced the Temporal, through Portals or Gates. Ala-Lu is said to have come through such ‘Portals’ and will again. He had escaped due to a Failed Rebellion and discovered Earth and its Gold. They Mined it but he was subsequently Exiled to Mars, which was a Weigh-Station. Thus, according to the Ancient Sumerian Creation Tablets, Mars was once full of Life as is evident by former River Beds but in one of Nibiru’s Fly-Bys, the Atmosphere was said to be ravaged.

With the advent of various Mars Unmanned Rovers, there have been some very peculiar and in some cases Anomalies that occur and are hard to explain-away as mere Coincidences. Other Accounts tell of a Celestial War that ‘Scared’ the Planet with a Nuclear ‘Armageddon’. The Narrative told by these ‘Martian Saviors’ is thus that they are the Ancients of Earth, the ‘Gods’ that Genetically Engineered or ‘Created’ Humanity. They had their Cities on Earth mirror the pattern found on Mars and of the Stars such as the Pleiadian, and Orion Constellations where they said they come from or abandoned really. For example, the Giza Pyramids are adjacent Cairo or Al Qahirah, Egypt which is derived from the word, ’Warrior’ as in Ares alluding to Mars. They replicated such Configurations with their Temples as they sought Human Worship. However, the Worship led to Human Sacrifices and the Sacrificing of Babies as with Molech.

Rebel King of Nibiru
As it has been alluded to, the Sacred Geometry on Mars had a significant role in positioning Temples, Pyramids and Ziggurats at Key Points on Earth. These Sites were a Reflection of the Sacred Geometry in other extra-Earth Locations such as in Cydonia, Mars and the Constellations. Perhaps such ‘Saviors’, posing from Mars in this case, came to divulge this aspect of their many ‘Secrets’ and Power to the Fallen Race of Humanity. Why?

The ‘Star-Gates’ that are composed by Sacred Geometry in which were located in Babylon and the 7 Cities of Sumer or Shinar, for example...are to be activated in these Last Days as they were in Nimrod's Day. Such will attempt to finish ‘Building’ the Tower of Babel that was interrupted by YHVH, there in Eridu. Eridu is perhaps believed to be the 1st City constructed after the Flood of Noah. The 7 Cities of Shinar are the following. It was from Ur that YHVH called-out Abram, one might note.

1. Eridu
2. Ur
3. Larsa
4. Erech
5. Lagash
6. Girsu
7. Umma

To reiterate, Nimrod attempted to Pierce the Veil of the Spiritual Dimensions with such Sacred Geometry and Luciferian Magic. The Combination would trigger an Energy that the Earth Ley-Lines and Nexus Points would converge to Open ‘Gates’ or Portals into the Spiritual Dimensions. Thus, the attempt at establishing the First World Order, failed as YHVH directly intervened and stopped the ‘Enemy at the Gate’, literally. The Bible teaches that YHVH confused the single Language at the Time. It is where ‘Babel’ comes from as People could not understand each to Communicate.

This is how subsequently other places became inhabited, to include Babylon and beyond the Fertile Crescent. However, the Masons and Religion of Nimrod, have not stopped since to establish such a New World Order. The quest presently is to Unite the World, the 70 Nations that by the way is how the Sanhedrin views the World and will treat it through their False Messiah ‘Nimrod’ that they are expecting. Nimrod is attributed to have started the infamous ‘Mystery Babylon the Great’ Religious System. It is a False Religious Order created by Lucifer’s ‘Unholy Trinity’ of Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz, to replace YHVH’s. Interestingly, this False ‘Son’ was born on December 25.

To the Luciferians, Nimrod was the 1st Grand Master of Masonry after the Flood of Noah. He attempted to Unify the World and not have them scatter as YHVH Commanded. He arose in the 2nd Generation after the Flood and is attributed to have been the ‘Mighty Hunter’ opposing YHVH. Many believe he was the Character in the famous Epic of Gilgamesh. More astonishingly is the legend that Nimrod ended-up with the ‘Fleeces’ of Gold or that of the Hides that were made by YHVH Himself that covered Adam and Eve.

God of the Gate

Many suppose that the Fleeces were taken in the Ark by Noah who lived 350 Years after the Flood. It was enough Time for several subsequent Generations to arise. It is also supposed that it was eventually Esau who slew Nimrod in one of the Hunting Campaigns and took the Fleeces that ended-up with Nimrod. Many believe they still exist, and the Ruling Families possess them. They are said to have Magical Powers.  How did Nimrod acquire such knowledge to become a Gibborim? It is believed by some accounts that it was by way of Lamech that built ‘2 Pillars’ to house the 7 Secrets of all Knowledge or the ‘Sciences’ of the Demigods before the Flood of Noah.

The ‘Pillars’ could refer to Temples and/or Pyramids, for example. They contained the Lost Knowledge of Enoch, the 7th from Adam as they knew the Flood was coming. It does corroborate the similar Account of Plato. It is said to be under the Chambers of Giza where the Paws of the Sphinx are at now and even more Chambers alluded to. Amazingly there are Sacred Chambers in Saqqara, for example that have cut-out many Sarcophagi. They appear to have been Repositories of some mighty important artifacts, perhaps some sort of Energy Generators, but not Human Remains.

It was said that then later-on, Tubal Cain or ‘Hermes’ discovered them and initiated the Secret Societies at Eridu. It was he who gave access to such knowledge of the Pre-Flood World to Nimrod. Thus, this is why the ultimate ‘Spy’ Typology of 007 comes from such Sources. In part, it is the Code of their Secret Society that has its Name as a Euphemism for the Male Member and Genitals. In what sense? Realize that most, if not all of the ‘Feasts of the Beast’ require Sexual Intercourse, Blood-Letting and ‘Vampire’ Blood Drinking Rituals. The following are the various Permutations of who Nimrod became as this fame and Secrets were passed down to the Present Day.


The Tower of Babel is described to be a literal attempt to ’Build’ a Tower so high, that Humans could ascend to ’Heaven’ itself. Contrary, it was a ’Star-Gate’ that could have pierced the Spiritual Dimensions by mere Mortals to attain Immortality. As noted, ‘Bab-El’ as in Babylon means ’Gate of the God’. Certain Locations on Earth were built directly on the Energy of Ley-Lines or Locations where Earth’s Vortices had Maximum Potential to pierce the Realm of the Spiritual Inter-Dimensions. Babylon was and is such a Location along the Euphrates River that has this Sacred Geometry configuration based on the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation that will play a key role in the Last Days. There are numerous Locations around the Globe that mirror this same Heavenly Design.

Enemies at the Gates
The Bible and other extra-Biblical sources, attribute such a Triangulation due to the Visitation to Earth by Angelic Beings or ‘Savior Gods’ and ‘Creators’. They taught certain Human ‘Families’ this Sacred Geometry as they abandoned their ‘Abodes’ in the Heavenlies. Essentially, such Fallen Angels and Lucifer have gone AWAL, Absence With-Out Leave. Perhaps one of their Original Stations or posts was in the Pleiades and Mars, amongst others. The Bible does say that there are ‘Gates’ or Portals into Heaven and Earth. In fact, in the Last Days, GOD will unleash 1 Spiritual ‘Gate’ in particular.

According to the Bible, a ‘Star-Gate’ at the Euphrates will be opened to lose Demonic Forces and/or Entities that Jesus will use to Judge a Rebellious World. The prominent Fallen Angel ‘King’ of this Cohort is Apollyon or the Apollo of the Ancient World that is to be released from the ‘Pit’. Imagine the Rampage and Havoc such will have upon the world as a ‘Convict’ is released from a Life Sentence in Prison? And who is this Rebel King, Ala-Lu of the Martians? According to the Lost Book of Enki, the Face of Mars was and is a Mausoleum dedicated to Ala-Lu, an Anunnaki Rebel King.

Anunnaki means ‘Those from which came from Heaven to Earth’ or ‘Fell’ from Heaven more like it. The following is the Interpretation made by the late Zecharia Sitchin, although some do challenge his Narrative and Interpretation of the 7-Creation Tablets ‘Cosmic Record’ of the Sumerians. Ala-Lu is said to have come from Planet Nibiru that is projected to approach Earth during the Tribulation Period that will contribute to the Seal Judgment Catastrophes. The Bible does disclose that a Fallen Angel, that being the Chief Seraphim, the Anointed or ‘Christ’ Cherub, Lucifer will come down to ‘Finish’ the Work of Nimrod by Proxy of his Human Antichrist, the Son of Perdition that the Bible discloses.

He will literally come and seek to possess the Temple that will be rebuilt on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Why there? Think ‘Star-Gate’ and the ‘Tower of Power’…Babel. Consider that the main Reason for having Moses build the Tabernacle was the Creator, YHVH’s Divine Glory to manifest and rest on the Ark of Covenant. In the Perfect Cube, the Holy of Holies became a Meeting Place with GOD, at the ’Gateway’ to Heaven. Thus, Eschatologically, a 3rd Temple must and will be Rebuilt as it will be Lucifer’s last attempt at ‘Activating’ such a ‘Stargate’ through the Veil of the Holy of Holies in an attempt to succeed where Nimrod failed.

The Bible in Thessalonians and in the Book of Revelation does teach that at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period, Lucifer by way of his Earthly Human Body Proxy, the AntiChrist will enter the Holy of Holies and stop the Daily Sacrifices. As Lucifer proclaims himself there, to be the Lord of the Earth, ‘Enki’ and ‘God’, etc. It is at this Time that in the Spirit Realm, Lucifer will clash with Michael and his Holy Angels. There will be War in Heaven. The Celestial ‘CERNS’ will be opened. It will be one of Lucifer’s last attempts to do the same by rushing through the Gate or Door into the Heavenly Holy of Holies. However, the Heavenly Invasion at this corresponding Celestial Gate at Zion backfires on Lucifer and his Fallen Angels and perhaps Hybridized Humans. They instead will be cast down to Earth.

Then the Rebel King, aka, Ala-Lu will have, ‘No more Place found in Heaven for him’. In part, the Rebellion of Lucifer could have been triggered by what he heard and saw pertaining to the Plan of Humanity. The Creation of Humanity was Decreed by YHVH in the Divine Council to be created in the ‘Likeness and Image’ of YHVH. And that 1 Day Humans would be given the Thrones of the Angels, their Position, Power and Dominions, etc. Moreover, such a ‘Bride of Christ’ would be Co-Regent and sit on the Throne of Christ just as Jesus ‘sat at the Right Hand of Majesty on High’, as taught in the Bible.

This is a Privilege and Right Lucifer and all the Angels could not have nor will partake of. Perhaps Jealousy arose as Lucifer singularly has sought to sit on YHVH’s Throne altogether and has enlisted the Help and Support of Fellow Angels and now Beguiled Humans for such a feat. This same Spirit of Rebellion is that which Nimrod partook that led to the Tower of Babel Incident. This is the one and the same ‘Spirit’ that opposed the Teachings of Jesus, and still does. Such were the ones in Power on Earth, perhaps before Eden was refashioned there in the Middle East. Nonetheless, these Luciferians are still those who control the World, Religiously, Economically and Militarily until Jesus returns.

As YHVH warns His People to ‘Leave Babylon’, both in a Physical and Spiritual sense, a Show-Down between the Christs will occur in the End of Days as Jesus returns to Destroy this ‘Babylon’ System that has its origin beyond Earth. In the Bible, especially in the last Book, Revelation, Babylon is depicted as a City, a Woman, etc. But so is Israel, and the coming New Jerusalem. It is really a Contention of Opposites and of whose, Anointed One, or Christ, ‘City’, ‘Woman’ and version of ‘Paradise’ will Prevail.

To the Followers of Lucifer and such, Nimrod, as the 1st Grand Master of Masonry has his ‘Great Work’ yet to be done. Respectfully, such Religious as Masonry seek to establish their ‘Image and Likeness’ after Lucifer’s ‘Order’. And this is coming from the very words of their Grand Masters in Morals and Dogmas. To this End, such Secret Societies and their Institutions are actively working to bring this about are essentially the religion of Nimrod and Lucifer ultimately to be followed instead out in the Open. They seek to prevail over Adoni, and His Followers, the True Sons of Light.

These False Religions of the ‘Martian Saviors’, murder, kill and control the World since the Garden of Eden, as far as Humanity is concerned. Lucifer and his ‘Nimrods’ have tried to Destroy the Testimony of and to Jesus Christ even before Genesis 3;15 as the Bible in Revelation 13:8 mysteriously declares the following.

…’All that dwell upon the Earth shall Worship him (the AntiChrist), whose Names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb, Slain before the Foundation of the World was laid.’ Until then, the allowed Persecution of YHVH’s People has painfully served a Greater Purpose as the Growth of the ‘Gospel Tree’ has been Watered by the Blood of its Martyrs. In part, it will serve as Evidence at the Great Judgment when the Nations, the Fallen Angels and the Rebel King, Lucifer will be Judged and shown for what their Great Work resulted in.

Temple of Marduk
.06 x .06 Nautical Miles
356 Feet
666 Ft Squared
.13 Miles

For Babylon on Earth to Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem

= 666 Nautical Miles

From Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem to Mt. Ararat & Mecca
= 1,234 Kilometers or 767 miles

For Mars, the Pyramid complex is

6.66 nautical miles in length



Main Sources




Decree of Nebuchadnezzar


The Martian Motif

Book Trilogy


Cydonia Mars Star Gate Patterns


And the Unmasking of the Rebel King Ala-Lu


Possessing the Portals


Ancient Aliens: Nebuchadnezzar Opens Star Gate


Exploring Babylon and the Prophecies Against Her


Wartime Tour of the Babylonian Ruins during the Iraq War


Babylon Iraq 2005 US Army


Babylon Brigade Fighters, Iraqi Christian Militiamen Battling The Islamic State



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