Possible Inferences to the Timing of the Rapture

  • Could the Rapture occur at the Time the Flood of Noah started?
  • What Conditions existed during the Days of Noah? 
  • Are Days of Noah pertaining to the Rapture or the 2nd Coming?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘On the 7th Day, Heshvan [Cheshvan] 17, Noah and his Family finished bringing their Provisions and all the Animals into the Ark, and God Shut the Door’. Genesis 7:16

The purpose of this study is to examine some Key Dates related to when the Start of the Flood of Noah began and when that occurs in the Gregorian Calendar when converted. The issue is that some Bible Scholars suggest that the Timing of the Rapture could be tied to such a Date. This notion is not ‘New’, as around November of each Year, this Theory is considered and rightly so. Also, what will be discussed is what Jesus insinuated how the Condition of the World would be like at His ‘Coming’. The Question posed is, which Coming?

The ‘Secret’ Appearing of Jesus in the Clouds only to His Bride, i.e., Church Age Believers during what is known traditionally as the Resurrection-Rapture Event? Or the Full Manifestation of Jesus to Earth at His 2nd Coming revealed to all the World? One will realize that the 2 Conditions described are drastically different. In researching the lates Ideas, Thoughts and Theories about the Blessed Hope, a Thought came to mind as discussed among End Times Watchers, alluding to the Acts 9:11 verse Pattern. And how Rapture High Watch Days are centered around November.

Now, realize that the Verse Numbers Delineations ascribed to the Scriptures are not Divinely given or Reveled. But perhaps Divinely Inspired? One can live with that. So, is not Heshvan 17 the Time or Season when the Ark Door was Shut and the Flood began? Yes. So, here is another possible Correlation to the Number 17 that is associated with Jesus’ Day of the Resurrection. That is Passover occurring on the 14 of Nisan and then 3 Days later, exactly 72 Hours, is when Jesus came back from the Place of the Death. This was the Main Objective and Mission of the Son of GOD, sent to Die for Adam’s Fallen Race, etc.

And here is 1 of the Main Points of this study. The Ultimate Objective and Goal of YHVH’s Plan of Salvation was to destroy Death, through Death. This was not revealed entirely nor understood by Lucifer and his Fallen Angels, in some mysterious way. Or otherwise, the Bible teaches that if they would have known, they would not have Crucified Jesus to cause His Death. Thus, it was veiled in Innuendos throughout the Old Testament. Perhaps, it is the case with the Rapture Event. There are enough Clues and Vistas about it, but it too is veiled in Secrecy. In part, it is because one does subscribe to the Notion of a ‘Secret Rapture’. And that it will be only seen, experienced by the Called Out Ones, i.e., the Church Age Believers that will constitute the Bride of Christ.

Secret Missions
Is it then for no Reason that End Times Watchers who set out on a Quest to ascertain the ‘Day and Hour’ of Rapture are just as Frustrated as Lucifer in not being able to know it? Yes and No. One believes that in the Spiritual Side, Jesus is taking care of veiling the Secret Rapture, of this coming Event that will be one of Humanity’s greatest Mile Markers. On this side of the Rapture, Jesus encouraged His Body on Earth that it would be able to Discern the ‘Day’ as it approached. And there are many Prophetic Parallels in the Old Testament of how the Rapture Type Events were known ahead of Time.

Case in Point is the Narrative of the Episode with Elijah with Elisha, etc. All of the School of the Prophets knee the Exact Day Elijah would be ‘Raptured’. And Elijah-Elisha are a Prophetic Type of how the Church Age Bride of Christ will ‘Escape’ and Elisha, i.e., Israel will stay behind to complete Daniel’s Last Sabbath Week. But notice in the Context, that although the Prophets of the School pulled-up a ‘Lawn-Chair’ to view the Spectacle, they did not see Elijah go up. It was veiled to them as will the Rapture Event be to the World.

One also believes that GOD the Holy Spirit is revealing Crucial Clues to the Body of Christ, precisely through Signs in the Heavens Above and through Geo-Political Events on the Earth Below. And such Key Conditions and Circumstances on the Earth Below is exactly what Jesus said would be the case when the ‘Son of Man’ would come like a ‘Thief in the Night’. But that His People would not be ‘Caught Unaware’. Thus, another Key Point is that the People of Jesus need to be constantly ‘Watching’. This does not mean staring out one’s Window 24/7.

But that the Conditions described by Jesus would be a Clue. What Conditions? As in the Days of Noah. And how that is contrasted to Jesus’s 2nd Coming at Armageddon. With that, one came across this Article below about Noah, the Beginning of the Flood and along with some Number Calculations. The study gives a Good Outline, if at least. But one must admit, that seeing all these Day-Month-Year Figures does make the Head Spin. And realize that when People say pertaining to knowing the Timing of the Rapture that, ‘No one knows the Day or the Hour’, is not about the Rapture.

Overview of Noah’s Ark and The Flood: Genesis Chapters 6-11


This Article is worthwhile to consider its Perspective. It seems very detailed to suggest that Heshvan 17 was November 6 or the up to the 8th, depending on the Year one is at currently and its Gregorian Conversion, etc. This is why during this Time of the Year, it could be a Good Candidate for the Timing of the Rapture to be considered. Although, one is Extremely Bias toward an End of Summer, Wheat Harvest Typology.

Now how all that would or could translate in our current Calendar, not sure but the Bible states that, ‘On the 7th Day, Heshvan [Cheshvan] 17, Noah and his Family finished bringing their Provisions and all the Animals into the Ark, and God Shut the Door’. Genesis 7:16. Then 7 Days later, is when the Rain started to come down and the Waters of the Deep started to spring-up, etc. All this occurred on a ‘Normal’ Day.

Just a ‘Normal’ Day

And this is the point, that what Jesus alluded to as being the Conditions and Circumstances at His Coming, is a Rapture Verse and Innuendo then. Note that based on this Article’s Calculation, Noah entered the Ark on October 30-31, some 47 Days after Methuselah’s Death. Not sure how that was determined. So, from October 31 to November 6-13 would be the Rapture High Watch Times. Jesus did say that the Last Days and the Condition of His Return would be like the ‘Days of Noah’. So, to the Question initially posed.

Do the Circumstances and Conditions on Earth pertain to the Rapture or the 2nd Coming Timing? One would naturally infer that the Context Jesus was alluding to would be at His 2nd Coming. No. As 1 Sister in Christ named Carole from Canada pointed out, it is Understood that the ‘Days of Noah’ is about living ‘Normally’. This would include getting Married, Eating and Drinking, having Fun and everything, as she noted. In her Estimation, she said, it can only be before the Tribulation Period.

And in Contrast with the Rapture, as soon as the Tribulation begins, the Conditions and Circumstances will get ‘Bad’ for People as many will Die. Thus, there can be no ‘Normality’ in the Tribulation. What Carole thinks is valid and compelling is that at the 2nd Coming of Jesus, it is as she mentioned, ‘Not very Beautiful on Earth’. Nice. It makes Total Sense. Yes, at the 2nd Coming of Jesus, it will be All-Out Global War as it will be Armageddon in Full Force.

The Tribulation Period, especially at the End will not be like what is described by Jesus, as 'In the Days of Noah'. That is why then, this Time now is where the World is at in how the Church Age is about to conclude. That is exciting for the Bride of Christ but will be Terrifying for those who refused to come to Jesus for Forgiveness, Eternal Life and Rewards. In Researching more about this notion of the Rapture Timing tied to the ‘Days of Noah’, one does remember in 2006, how that Year was Special.

 It was the Celebration of the Flood because Noah Died 2006 Year after Creation. So, it was sort of a Bench Mark Year. And then one came across the Work of the Late, Brother Dan Matson that did some Speculating on this topic also. Come to find out also that Brother Brad, the Creator of the Online Blog, Revelation 12 Daily, had had a Post about it. This was way back in 2017 when this Blog had just started.

‘As in the Days of Noah’ - Daniel Matson


But the issue is what ‘End’ or ‘Beginning’ of the Year does one use? Meaning, is the 1st Month, Nisan then only after the Exodus? If so, the Noah Calculation would have to start in the 7th Month, which is the 1st Month that even to this Day the Rabbinical Civil Calendar is pegged to. But also note the Corresponding Date in how Noah and Family did not leave the Ark until the 27th day of the 2nd Month. Genesis 8:14. 1 Year later. This corresponded to November 8. Noah remained in the Ark for 365 Days based on this Day Count but for a total of 382 Days based on this Article’s Day Count Method.

Pre-Flood Calendar
Here are some Observations about the Article in Question. The only issue one has with the Article is that they hold to the view that the Ark is where Ron Wyatt presumed to have found it. It is a Natural Earth Formation in one’s Estimation and the only Topic that I would disagree with Ron Wyatt’s Work. There is compelling evidence and Eye-Witness Accounts that the Ark is in Frozen Ice above the Snowline on the Mountain of Ararat itself. Perhaps, as with the Ark of the Covenant that one believes will be rolled-out during the Tribulation Period, the Full Disclosure of Noah’s Ark will be to.

Both will serve as a Witness. The Ark of the Covenant Moses Made against Israel and the Ark that Noah Built as a Witness against the World. Now, the Day-Month-Year Calculations are based off of the Enoch Calendar of 364 Days. Why? Before the Flood of Noah, it is understood by some that the Earth, at that Time, was covered by a Water-Vapor Canopy and did not have the 23.5 Degree Tilt. This would be Evidence in dispelling the Flat Earth Theory. That is why the whole Earth was like a Green-House as one finds Petrified Forest remains even in Antarctica to this Day. After the Flood, the Canopy collapsed. YHVH introduced the 4 Seasons by the Tilt of the Earth.

The Point is that the Calendar before the Flood was based on a Circle of Time, 360 Degrees with the 4 Days ascribed to the Equinoxes and Solstices, respectively. Now, according to this Article and Research, not sure how they surmised the Day-Month-Year, but Methuselah Died on Yom Teruah, Friday the 13th. But then one surmised that Lamech, Father of Noah lived 777 Years, and who Died 5 Years prior to the Flood. That is why if one factors-in the 5-Year Anniversary likewise, since 2017, that Year was 5777. This Article will be Linked in the End Notes.

Chart on ‘As in the Days of Noah’


Notice the Symmetry in how the Flood occurred in the 600TH YEAR OF NOAH (+) 7 DAYS (Precursor)

= Judgement.


The END OF 6000TH YEAR (-) 7 YEARS (Tribulation Period)

= Judgement

We are not told the precise Day or Hour of when the Trumpet Call for the Bride will occur. The 1st Century Church believed that it would have happened in their Lifetime. And they did not realize that it would be ‘2000’ Years out. But that Idiom of ‘No one knows the Day or Hour’, as we know, 1st of all, is not referencing the Rapture Event, as that is not what Jesus was speaking to, in the Context of the Olivet Discourse. It was in reference to when the New Heavens and Earths would Come to Pass. However, one does believe that this Idiom is used to ‘Disarm’ the Church in making it an Excuse to not even Watch then or even try. Why Bother they say?

Why Study Prophecy?

For one, Prophecy is about Jesus and studying Prophecy is then studying Jesus. The Bride of Christ learns so much about Him through the Dates, Feast, Number Associations. Does not a Bride to be, seek to know all she can about the Man she is about to Marry and make a Life-Long Commitment to? Those that are Excusing themselves from even trying are missing-out, in one’s Opinion. Yes, it is frustrating and hard studying Prophecy, because it requires a Deeper Digging into the Scriptures than just a 15 Minute Sunday ‘Feel Good’ Sermonette. How can that Deeper Digging be ‘Wrong’ or to be avoided?

Then, did not YHVH instruct Daniel to Seal-Up the Vision until the End of Days? Even the Great Prophet Daniel was Confused. Imagine that? One would say, as many do, that in not doing so, this is the Theological Mess the Last Church Age, that of the Laodiceans has gotten itself into…Pure Apostasy, Heresy, Worldliness, etc. The Church, in general, is of No Effect in the World in need of the True Solution and Savior, Jesus. Of course, this is not True of all Followers of Jesus. But is not the World now in the End of Days? Although the World has come-out of the COVID Planed Pandemic, now the same People are Terrorizing the Threatening the World with World War 3.

Yet, it appears things are ‘Back to Getting Normal’. It is a sort of Dichotomy going on. This is also mirrored, sadly in the Last Generation of the Church Age, i.e., the Laodicean one. How so? Consider what was also stated to the Prophet Daniel, …’And Knowledge shall increase’? One has heard Preaching from those who have done the Word Study on it, that say it is the specific Increase in the Knowledge of the Scriptures. So, that makes sense. Consider all the Modern Technology that the World and the Church has now at the Finger Tips. The Church has more incredible Insights than those in the 1st Century because of nearly 2000 Years’ worth of History alone.

It would be such a shame to neglect all that because the Rapture Timing ‘Can never be figured out’. That is true. At least in one’s own Journey of Studying Biblical Prophecy, one did not set-out to Prove and Find-Out when the Rapture Day and Hour was and is to occur. One knows that is ‘Impossible’ to determine, at least as of this Write-Up. Now as mentioned, that the Church can look at all the Geo-Political Occurrences below on Earth? And? They are off the Charts in this Last Generation and Time. And as one knows that in terms of Prophetic Time, there are 3 Key Factors that help the Church determine the possible Rapture Season. It deals with the Redemption of the following.

1. Israel
2. Jerusalem
3. Temple

All of these 3 Factors are like the Hands of a Clock and are Spinning and Tracking Time, Prophetic Time in one’s Opinion. And that these 3 Factors have occurred in a Phi Ratio of Time. All that to mean that Mathematically, one can relatively predict when the 3rd Event will occur or could, based on this Triangulation. That is amazing to consider and why, if this Mathematical Pattern holds, it gives the Church, then a Range to how soon the Trumpet Call is to occur. And when is that? Like NOW.

By the way, the same Phi Ratio Pattern applies to the 1st World War, the 2nd World War that then would suggest the same Timeframe of when the 3rd World War is to occur. When? Like NOW. And is not the World now Hearing, Seeing the Signs/Chatter or Narrative of World War 3 being pushed? No coincidence in one’s Opinion. It is right on Track to occur Prophetically. Perhaps. But one can say with Confidence that this Window of Time that has these ‘Days of Noah’ Circumstances and Conditions now could not have been said or be ‘In-Play’ just a few Years ago.

So, to say that, in one’s Opinion, all these 3 Biblical Variables are what, here on Earth, one should be focusing on in possibly discerning the Rapture Timing. It will be when things ‘Appear to be Normal’, yet with Worldwide Destruction looming, as ‘In the Days of Noah’. Realize that in one’s Estimation, all other Geo-Political Events, somehow, someway do revert to these 3 Prophetic Variables.

Thus, we have some Inclination of how to Watch, and what to Watch for. Of course, our Watch is to see and be fixed on Jesus. But Jesus is dealing with these 3 Variables and in one’s Life Time. This is the amazing part. And as one has presented, these 3 Variables are what were Destroyed, as foretold by Jesus based on the Olivet Discourse and how they would be Reconstituted. And that this ‘Last’ Generation, since 1948 has seen the Redemption of all this and will in Reverse Order.

1948: Israel
1967: Jerusalem
????: Temple

Now, there will be other Watchers that do and will continue to adamantly suggest ‘Rapture Days’. One can only speak to one’s efforts in ascertaining when the Rapture Season or High Watch Days can occur. It is pure Speculation. It is because of one’s Love for His Appearing as you mentioned. And that one loves to study this Topic of Eschatology, the Study of End Times. It is after all, only one’s Personal Studies that one shares with the Body, nothing more.

As those who are Watching the End of Days and are on the Rapture Look-Out, then at the Geo-Political Landscape, the World is on the Threshold of the 3rd Variable being fulfilled, the Temple. That is why the Emphasis of all that is occurring will then affect this Factor in how one suspects it will be a Tower of Babel 2.0. How so? The 3rd Temple will serve as a Rallying Cry to unite the whole World after the Rapture Event under the False Prophet and AntiChrist Figures.

The Rapture will be that Traumatic. And is it not the Prophetic Pattern that will follow the Flood of Noah? What did a Rebellious Humanity do thereafter? Attempted to build the Tower of Babel. It centered around an AntiChrist Figure, Nimrod from the Line of Ham. Nimrod was and is considered the 1st Mason and how he Rallied the World around this Place and Time. It was a Time that involved also Genetic Manipulation as it is said of Nimrod that he ‘Became a Gibborim’. He somehow unlocked the Genetic Sequencing to become a Super-Soldier. And more over attempted to Pierce the Dimensions to Invade Heaven and dispose YHVH’s Throne and Dominion.

Is that not what CERN has been all about? The ‘God Particles’ but more secretively, how the Powers that By, want to connect with the ‘Other Side’ and in one’s Estimation, want to Open the Door to the Abyss, prematurely to Spring the Titans that are Chained-up in Tartarus. Why? Lucifer and his Fallen Angel Army is outnumbered for one. The other is that Lucifer knows that a Show-Down, a Mexican Standoff with Jesus is coming at Armageddon. But all this cannot occur before the Rapture Event, in one’s Interpretation of Scripture that will occur on a ‘Normal Day’ as in the Days of Noah. 


Chart: Seasons of Noah – Comets

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