A Study of its Prophetic Significance

  • Is there Prophetic Significance of the 'Beirut Blast' in Lebanon?
  • What are the origins of such an 'attack' and religious fallout?
  • Is there a precedent now laid that will lead to Isaiah 17?

by Luis B. Vega

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'Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city…In that day his strong cities will be as a forsaken bough. And an uppermost branch, Which they left because of the Children of Israel; And there will be desolation. In the evening--sudden terror! Before morning--it is gone! This is the fate of those who plunder us and the lot of those who ravage us.’ -Isaiah 17: 1,9,14

The purpose of this study is to consider the suspected 'Mini Thermo Nuke’ attack in Beirut being perpetrated by Israelis. For sure, it was not a conventional bomb. Did Israel do it? It is denying it, Lebanon will not admit to it. But one can find the answer of 'who did it' and will in the Bible, the 'Children of Israel'. The blast signatures do appear to be like that of a hydrogen type of detonation. However, to date, there is no evidence of any radiation exposure on the ground. Or at least the official Lebanese government will not be admitting to it, nor Israel. However, there was reported that a radiation spike occurred at that precise time and place that was picked up by one of the radiation monitoring stations in Italy. There would be too much political fallout as the Lebanese government and society are on the brink of total collapse as it is. It should be noted that the massive response of Lebanese protests has been against the weak government, not Hezbollah as it should.

Many are saying that the ‘mushroom cloud’ effect was due to a combined explosion of the various tonnage of chemical stockpiles that could have produced such an ominous effect. Consider that Ammonium Nitrate alone would not have been powerful enough to have created an approximate 20-foot-deep bombed-out crater, or 606.6 cm. But based on various amateur videos posted online, it does appear that the major detonation did come from a missile(s) as many have detected that using filtered lenses off the videos. Why this attack, many would ask? Consider that in Islam’s ever-constant struggle and war with against Israel’s existence, Israel is out-manned. It has at least 6 hostile Muslim nations surrounding her. The paramilitary faction of Hezbollah has taken over the national government and supports constant raids into Israel from the southern Lebanese border.

Hezbollah has had a war with Israel before, albeit a short one in 2006 in which they claimed ‘victory’ for coming out as a draw. Then Israel has at least 6 para-military Islamic factions constantly attacking her. Then Israel has at least 6 political parties, mainly from the Left trying to demolish her from within. This is no justification for using such a device, if a 'Mini Thermo Nuke’ one, especially upon innocent civilians, if assuming it was from Israel. Most military experts would agree that it was Israel but will never admit publicly. But this apparent attack is primarily serving as a message to Israel’s Muslim enemies. When it comes to Israel’s survival, it will not hesitate to do what it deems necessary to prevent its annihilation. Israel will not wait for a coalition of worldwide nations to rally in support of her defense. On the contrary, Israel is virtually by itself.

A New Precedent Set
Israel has always had the ‘Sampson Option’ and this display of power and resolve along with those made in Iran at their nuclear facilities and in other sites in Syria is to put all of Israel’s enemies on notice that she is serious about its survival. The world and most in the West, mainly Europe and the USA do not understand the dire situation Israel is in, eschatologically. Israel takes the religious ideology and playbook of the Muslims seriously. When the world likewise ignored and excused the stated dictates of the Final Solution of Hitler before World War 2, it resulted in the Holocaust of not only the Jews, but the eradication of all other ‘deplorables’. Israel will not let this mistake repeat itself as Islam seeks to do the same. Biblically speaking, it is known by those that study the End of Days that this ‘attack’ by Israel, if by Israel and with this type of new bomb is a game changer.

This event has raised the bar and introduced such a different type of bomb in the theatre of conventional warfare. It is now on a geo-political trajectory that will eventually lead to the Isaiah 17 destruction of Damascus by a sure thermal nuclear detonation as described by the language used in the Bible. This in turn will just lead to a domino effect from there on out in terms of the final Apocalypse to come as described in the book of Revelation. The world is literally seeing this scenario and prophecy unfold in the pages/websites/videos of the world in real time. It is that close. Many who study the apocalyptic End Times are suspecting that this present generation might even see this come about in tandem or just before the Rapture event of the Followers of Jesus being removed from the Earth. Consider that the Muslim Mullahs of Iran will also use their long-awaited nukes against Israel.

It is part of their Islamic Eschatology to do so out of duty and requirement for their Mahdi to come on the scene and forcefully subjugate not only Israel but the entire world. This is what the West, the E.U. and the USA Liberals and those on the Left fail to see nor want to see/believe. Israel knows this and that is why she is taking all measures to stop it, pre-emptively like she did in the 6-Day War of 1967. The destruction of Damascus will only forestall the inevitable invasion of Iran that will come during the Outer Ring of Muslim nations invading Israel in the Gog-Magog War, etc. It is well documented that during the Gulf Wars, Saddam Hussein moved the nukes he had to Damascus for safe keeping.

Iran has been manufacturing bio and chemical weapons and stockpiling them in the vicinity of the Syrian Presidential Palace and airport core areas of Damascus. Such are the most heavily guarded area and will only be, can only be taken out by strategic nukes, eventually by Israel. Israel cannot afford an all-out ground war in Syria as it does not have the men and women and cannot afford to lose its valuable men and women against overwhelming Muslim odds in that battlefield that includes ISIS, Turks, Russian, Iranians, and other Muslim mercenaries from around the world, etc. Nonetheless, this ‘attack’ will cautiously embolden the paramilitary Islamic factions like Hezbollah to have others attack Israel with a coordinated assault against Israel at some point in time. Hezbollah are Shi’ite Muslims and are essentially a proxy army of Iran. This will in turn have Syria, at the prompting of Iran mainly lob any and all bio-chemical devises against Israel also at some near future time. This is what Israel will not allow. This is what will lead to the destruction of Damascus.

The Syrian Scenarios
The geo-political crescendo is peaking to the point of no return when it comes to an eventual military confrontation between Iran’s proxies and Israel once again. However, this time around, it has been reported by the Israeli IDF Command that if and when this occurs, they will unleash their full fury. As it is, Israel has been pre-empting surgical strikes against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard bases all over Syria. They have been effective but the effort and push to continue the quest of Iran’s Mullah’s to obliterate Israel off the map of the world will not stop. It will take a nuke attack to neutralize Damascus with all its cache of bio-chemical stockpiles to stop it, but only momentarily. If Israel carried out this attack against Hezbollah in Lebanon, and most likely did, this is why.

Israel is so tiny, it would take only 3, 50 megaton nuclear detonations to destroy over 90% of the country’s population. Thus, Isaiah 17 will come to pass; it is only a matter of time. This war footing will set up thereafter the planned attack by the national Islamic states, i.e., the Psalm 83 War that will come to aid and save face for the utter destruction of their beloved city. This in turn will set up the destruction of the Inner Ring of Muslim nations and have the Biblical AntiChrist then come on the scene. He will broker the Peace Plan or ‘confirm the Covenant’ that many are saying will either be Trump’s Deal of the Century or the un-implemented Oslo Accords. The Oslo Accords just needs to be ‘confirmed’ really and which by the way is set for a 7-year timespan.

In a political science estimation, the following scenario paints the apocalyptic sequence of prophetic events, as interpreted by the Bible compiled from the books of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation. The war sequence is as follows. There will be the Isaiah 17 destruction of Damascus by the Israeli Defense Force, IDF. Then there will be the Psalm 83 War of the Inner-Ring invasion of Muslim nations against Israel. Then the Covenant is to be ‘confirmed’. Then the period of the 7-year false peace comes. Then sometime during the 7-year Tribulation Period, the Gog-Magog War of the Outer-Ring of Muslim nations happens. Then to finish off, the Battle of Armageddon will occur with the return of Jesus Christ and His Followers. As one can assess, there is still a very bleak picture that will still need to be painted in the heart of the Middle East. Why? Foremost, this battle is for the Spiritual Birthright of the Holy Land, the Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount.

He who controls all 3 will control the world and its people. Until then, the Spirit and Spell of Division, Perversion and Fear is working out its effect upon the world. It is being set up for the eventual full-scale collapse so that the New World Order can then be implemented. Many who observe the End of Days suspect it could only be 1 to 2 years out at the most based on the current trajectory of national and worldwide events that are unprecedented. The following are some observations that have been made of this supposed 'Mini Thermo Nuke’ detonation at the port of Beirut. There have been eyewitnesses saying that there were drones observing the site and perhaps guiding the incoming missile. The apparent size of the missile identified is suspected to have been launched by an Israeli F15 what was noted by some eyewitnesses. Based on public video surveillance of the detonation site, it appeared that a series of fires occurred first and that in turn, triggers a cascading effect of explosions leading up to the missile detonation that appears to strike the warehouse target dead center.

The Burden of Damascus
The port is nicknamed the ‘Hezbollah Port’. Many are arguing that the depot was where large amounts of weaponry, bio-chemical and the like were cached. In particular, it is reported that up to 2,700 tons of such materials were stored for years by Hezbollah. In particular, it is said that the cache was largely the high amount of stockpiled Ammonia Nitrate. This is the factor that many are attributing was the cause of the hydrogen bomb type of signature that occurred. And that the color of the ‘mushroom cloud’ had an odd orange type of color instead. In terms of a conspiratorial backstory, many took note that the detonation of this device took place on the former U. S. President Obama’s birthday of August 4, 2020. The 4th of August is the 216th day of the year. That chosen date is 6x6x6 = 216. The explosion that occurred in Beirut was 2 days before the date of the Hiroshima atomic bomb detonation.

The longitude of Beirut is at the 33 degree north. It was reported that the detonation triggered a 3.3 earthquake. The detonation in Beirut occurred on the eve of the Jewish ‘Valentines Day’ called Tu B’Av, which is the joyful celebration in Israel dealing with being marry and having wine, etc. Given this possible esoteric backdrop, it is suggesting that the ‘attack’ was in keeping with a ritualistic operation related to the energies of Saturn, the Dark Sun and thus a prophetic overtone of the coming AntiChrist figure, etc. As to the tragedy , the people of Lebanon are living in tremendous poverty due to their crashed economy. And this port is the main channel for importing 80% of their grains and food. Whose fault? It is Hezbollah’s fault as it is fueled by the rabid religious Islamic hatred against Israel that seeks its total destruction.and is constantly attacking Israel's northern border.
Foremost, it is a spiritual war as noted and how this Shi’ite death cult from Iran is fueling the need for their Apocalypse. And no wonder as Iran is the ancient place from where the ‘Prince of Persia’ still commands its demonic legions against the Children of Israel and Followers of Jesus Christ as in the day of Daniel, Esther, Mordechai, as one lives now in the evil days of Haman. Billions of dollars have been given to Hezbollah from the Muslim oil rich nations and the European Union. Places like Gaza would have been propped-up to the similar economic level and standard of living as Israel has been enjoying for the past decade. Instead, such Islamic religious fanatics have squandered the billions to stockpile missile, weapons and train a Jihadist army instead. Such are religiously hell-bent on invading and irradiating Israel off the map, literally.

If the West is not taking it seriously, Israel is because it has been fighting this Muslim menace since the U.N. Partition Plan of 1947 and declaration of independence in 1948. If such a device that struck the port of Beirut was a ‘Mini Thermal-Nuke’, that remains to be ascertained. As Hezbollah is blaming Israel, Israel is not saying anything to this effect. Israel does have ‘Mini Nukes’ as it also currently denies having a nuclear arsenal, but it does. It is well known from key primary sources that Israel has also concealed its Nuclear Program, i.e., the Dimona Nuclear Facility. However, it is highly probable that Israel used a ‘Mini Thermo Nuke’ for this apparent attack and ‘message’ to the Muslims. Given the current weak political situation in Israel of having gone through 3 national elections and of having 2 Benjamin’s as Prime Ministers, it can afford for Israel to flippantly violate international law and attack its Muslim enemies with a ‘mini tactical nuclear weapon’ and will again.

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