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  • What is the Bohemian Grove all about? It is Evil?
  • Who goes to this Exclusive Men's Club in Calfiornia?
  • Is that they say goes on there that is Perverse True?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Weaving Spiders, come not here; Hence, you Long-Legged Spinners, hence! Beetles Black approach not near; Worm nor Snail, do no Offence’.
-William Shakespeare

The Quote above is from the 1st Fairy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 2, Scene 2. It is a Spell or Lucky Charm to Protect the Sleeping Titania from Tiny Creatures common in England. The purpose of this Exposé is to bring attention to one’s Observation of what the Former Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, the 3rd Most Powerful Person in the USA was wearing as a Logo, the Day he toured the Burnt-Down City of Lahaina, Hawaii in September 2023. One suspected, by comparison of Logo Motifs, that it was and is of the Luciferian Secret Occult Men’s Club called Bohemian Grove. It is of an Owl Icon that in most Literature, is an inference to the Ancient Satanic Owl God of Molek.

The Owl is an Ancient Motif for the ‘Lord of the Night’, of Darkness, etc. The Owl is attributed to ‘Knowing’ all that pertains to Secret Knowledge. Owls can see at Night and many have a capability of a 180 Degree Rotation of their Neck to see all ‘Aspects. This was the God, YHVH, the True Creator in the Bible forbid the Israelites from immolating, as the Pagan Inhabitants of the Land did, how they practiced ‘Abortion’. They twisted their Fornication, Sexual Perversion and Orgies in such Groves into Acts of Worship. Given their Babies as a result, was to take away the ‘Care’ and Cremate it to Ashes by having the Baby, as a Living Sacrifice be placed in the Fire of Molek’s Bosom.

This Ritual is what is performed, called the ‘Cremation of Care’. And this is exactly what occurs every Year at the Sonoma County ‘Camp’ Retreat called the Bohemian Grove. And? Well, it is only the Place and Time on the Planet where most Captains of Industry, Former and Current U.S. Presidents, and the Highest Ranking Politicians gather to ‘Make the Deals’ or in actuality, ‘Weave their Web’ as the Spider Blood Suckers that they are. The Luciferian Secret San Francisco’s Men’s Bohemian Club was founded in 1872. The Official Bohemian Club Motto is, ‘Weaving Spiders Come Not Here’.

It is meant to suggest that no Deals are to be made at their 2 Week-Long Bohemian Grove Summer ‘Frolicking’ Fest. As it is a Satanic Strategy, what is meant, is to be Reversed and Accomplished. This is to suggest and mean that it is the Opposite of the Motto, what actually is intended to go on, wherein, in fact Deals are made by these ‘Weaving Spiders’. It is in the Pretext and Façade of a ‘Men’s Retreat’ Summer Camp Atmosphere, etc. The Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-Acre Virgin Redwood Grove in Northern California, 75 miles north of San Francisco.  Herbert Hoover called the Bohemian Grove’s Summer Encampment the ‘Greatest Men’s Party on Earth’.

Eyes Wide Open
When Clinton was U.S President, at a Press Conference, a Man asked him about the Grove. Clinton, replied if that was where, ‘Republicans all got naked and danced around the Red Woods’, as the Man was ushered-out by the Secret Service. Then at another Public Event, another Man had asked the Presidential Candidate at the Time, John Kerry if he was in the Secret Luciferian Fraternity of the Skull and Bones. Before the Man could finish the Sentence, the Police rushed and Tased him. Then when Bush Junior was running for the U.S. President, in a TV Interview with Tim Russert, the Mistake at the End of the Interview was to ask Bush, if he was also in Skull and Bones. Tim, shortly Died after under Mysterious Circumstances. Coincidence? Perhaps but not likely. Now, is there a Difference of who is a Member or who is perhaps an Invitee?

One will argue that it does not matter. It is a Web, were Politicians, in particular are ‘Caught’ in this Luciferian Web of Wickedness. This was thus, the Backdrop and Context for then attempting to surmise the Logo on the former U.S. Congress Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy’s Pilot Shirt. Was it a Mistake he wore it to Tour Lahaina? Was he instructed to wear it as a Motif of communicating to all, of who was behind the Fire? Kevin McCarthy’s held the Position of Speaker of the House, in the latest Congressional Term, from January 7, 2023 to October 3, 2023, for a total of 269 Days.

He is from Bakersfield, California where one’s Home Church is at and one worked there at the Local California State University back in the early 2000s. One wanted to write an Article about his Trip to Lahaina, Hawaii after the Directed Energy Beam Fire. He toured the place in early September of 2023. To reiterate, what caught one’s Attention was what he was wearing, when he gave the Public Press Conference. He wore a Light Blue Polo Shirt. But its Logo appeared to be that of the Bohemian Grove, Private Men’s Club. It is situated just 30 Miles or so, East of Santa Rosa, California. One is very disappointed if that were to be case that either he is a Member or was an Invitee.

Either way, what is the 3rd Most Powerful Person in the USA, as a Public Servant Mingling and ‘Frolicking’ with these Luciferians? It will be sown in this Exposé, that Underage Sex occurs. One was also preparing a Letter of Concern and Questions to be sent to his Office in hopes of clarifying, why as the Speaker of the House is he involved in a Luciferian Club of Men that do ‘Rule’ the World through such Public Positions? As the Topic of this Club has come up in prior Posts, one has driven there a few Times on the way to the Coast. It is a very Dark and Sinister place. One can sense the Evil that is entrenched in this place that is an Abode of all that is Spiritually Filthy and Unclean.

It is a Luciferian Retreat Camp where the World Elites and Globalists meet every July to formulate their next Moves that literally affect Billions on Earth. They invite the Appointed Politicians, the Chosen Ones that are placed in Key Positions of U.S. Government, Corporate and World Lead Position. It is akin to the Work of the World Economic Forum. It is just another Branch or in the Luciferian Hierarchy that Rule the World, behind the Curtain. One can verify that all that has been deemed a ‘Conspiracy’ is True. This has come from 1-on-1 interviews with Students that attended the University, Sonoma State, where one is currently at.

1st Hand Eyewitnesses
The Male Student provided 1st Hand Accounts of such Activities that are Depraved. One has even met the former Sociology Professor on Campus, who had written his PhD Dissertation on the Bohemian Grove. Of course, his access and being Granted Interviews painted only the ‘Porch Mason Sanitized Version’ of what the Luciferians want to portray to the World. The following is from an actual Female Worker that spent many Years Serving at the Food Court inside the Grove. She shares her 1st Hand Observations that corroborated the Violations occurring there against Underage Minors. All the while, it is known of the Police and Sherrif of Sonoma County that apparently protect this type of Pedophilia Prostitution going on there.

…’I knew about the Cloning of Sheep before it happened. Yes I knew about HIV and Mosquitoes, Years before they knew about it because… The Old Men, they get Freaked-

Out. And they have these Big Conferences with the Heads. You know, how People of the World. I have been Friends with the Paramedics…I could tell you that they refer to everybody outside the Club as ‘Little Men’. Every single Man is a ‘Little Man’, unless you are in this Club. They are the Brainstorm of everything that happens. They are the Movers and the Shakers, in unison. They are ,,,when you say, ‘It is not a Conspiracy. It is. It is really Creepy.

This used to be considered the ‘Armpit’ of Sonoma County. This is where they kept all the Drug Addicts. And Starlit Hill was actually called Heroine Hill. Everyone was kept here. Look, I will tell you this. The Small Town of Politics of Sonoma County are totally corrupted by, yeah the Bohemian Grove. And it is actually big. It is in Napa County. I have met quite a few of these People. But I can tell you this, that every Sheriff you see is Bought-Out. They have no Integrity. It does not matter if you know them on the Street and they are nice. And they smile at you. When it comes to the Bohemian Club, everyone is Bought-Out.

These Kids that are coming in with Red Shirts? They are just ‘Little Brats’. They are coming in because they think that someday they are gonna be ‘Big’, and they are not. There is no one ‘Free’ here. We are all ‘Slaves’ like this Kids…I saw Nixon before he Died. I have seen them all. They all have to come down to the Food Court. That is where Women are allowed to Serve, except that Northwood were allowed to Serve. If you want to know? Yeah. Yes. Men. You know? There are Prostitutes here and there are Boys. Hot Boys. But the main thing is, above all the Sex and all that it is, the Main Objective is Controlling the World. And it all happens here and the Police?

Oh God …they are all Bought-Out and they have no Integrity. And Shame on them. But I understand they have Kids too. We all do. You know, we all do. I do too. …So, I am taking a huge Risk here. …That is not the Point. There is Underage Prostitution. It has always been going on. That is not the Point. The Point is the Big Picture and that's the Big News. The Banks that got Bailed-Out? Everything. It has been decided here. So, I am really, really glad that People are taking Action. And I hope People will reach out. And the Kids will have some Integrity and Walk-Out. I did it but I learned a lot and I am here Today. I am here Today and I am passing it on. And sometimes Silence? It is Knowledge and that is why I am here right now. No, I am not Silent anymore. Thank You.

Former Worker of Bohemian Grove Speaks Out About the Club and its Members: 2012
Mark Dice


Workers of Iniquity
And who are the Underage Sex Victims provided for? Both Underage Boys, Girls and regular Call Men and Woman are bused in from San Francisco and the Local Area. One can attest from a 1st Hand Interview of a University Male Student that worked there as a Bus-Boy. He stated that he was often Propositioned and Groped by these type of Men during this work there at the Bohemian Grove Club. These type of Sexual Services are made available to the Top U.S. Politicians to include Presidents, Speakers of the House and Senate, Congressman, CEO’s of Pharmaceuticals and Military Industrial Complexes. It is to Entrap them as they are recorded for Blackmail Purposes, etc. 

It is also stated by those that Work inside, that these most Powerful of Men on the Planet met to ‘Weave’ their Next Deal against what they call the ‘Little People’, or the Goyim Chattel of the World. But inside the House or Temple of their Molek, it is full of False Light, that of Lucifer that seeks to Destroy Humanity. Now realize that one is not saying that just because a Politician gets ‘Caught’ in this ‘Web’, makes them a ‘Luciferian’ or ‘Devil Worshiper’. Perhaps most are not even aware of its Origins or Sinister Purpose.

But those that are in Charge and Perform the Occult Luciferian Rituals are the very Satan Warlocks and Wizards that do perform Magic and are instructed to maintain the Summer Club for such purposes. They are the Workers of Iniquity that Masquerade as ‘Angels of Light’, etc. Yet, in the very guise of Illumination and bestowing Wisdom and Knowledge, they ‘Trap’ Politicians into their Web. Every July, the Elites or Captains of World Industries, Heads of World Governments, fly-into Sonoma County’s Airport and are driven to the Bohemian Camp Grounds.

But there are Elaborate Grove Plays and Musical Comedies were Female Roles are played by Men in Drag. They are entertained as many of the Attendees dress-up in Drags themselves. There is Photographic Evidence of this done by the former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger and the like, for example. Now, many People know about this Evil Perverted Place. There have been Protests at the Gates. There have been Journalists that have sought to Expose them.

Thus, as Politicians and World Leaders are flown-in from other parts of the World, so are Escorts as mentioned above. They do indeed bus-in Young Gay Men as Escort Services from San Francisco, for example. The Site is protected by the Local Sheriff that is Bought-Off. The Bohemian Club tries to come across as just a Retreat and a Golf Course Area for the Private Men’s Club of San Francisco, etc. But why are Effigies used in the Cremation of Care Ceremony to enact a Mock Luciferian Ancient Molek Sacrifice? 


1-Playful Behavior or Merriment.
2-A Playful Movement or Act.
3-A Sexual Act or Encounter.

At the Altar of Molech, the stone owl, there is a Body that they drive in on a Hearse, and one that is rowed across the lake by the Grim Reaper Character. For example, Alex Jones infiltrated the Grove in order to bear Witness the ‘Cremation of Care’ Ceremony. He described it as a Cult-Like Behavior where all the Men were involved in a  Hand-Raising Worship Ritual geared toward the Giant Stone Owl of Molek. He also recorded the Occult Rituals where dozens of Robe-Clad ‘Priests’ had colored Hoods shape similar to those worn by the Klu Klux Klan.

One was also planning to write a Letter to the then Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, asking if he could confirm if he was a Member or an Invitee, and why? And if he knows about its Luciferian Connections. Either way, at this level of Power, 3rd in Line to the U.S. Presidency, the Luciferians have basically compromised him. This is why he rather sign-over a Check for Billions to the Ukraine War, while average U.S. Families are struggling to pay their Bills, Homeless Maries are vacated out of their Homes to make why for Illegal Immigrants and the List Goes on.

If Kevin had any ‘Bakersfield’ Integrity left in him to make those Promises to ‘investigate’ Biden, Hunter and Lahaina, he should have kept his Mouth Shut and done it before he said he was going to do it. He just became a Liability to the Synagogue of Satan that truly run the USA, the President and the World Organizations. As to why he was ‘Let Go’? It is perhaps what he stated since Lahaina, in that he ‘Promised’ and Investigation. Or that if allowed to continue to be Speaker of the House, he was going to ‘Investigate’ Biden. Here below is the Screenshot of the Event where Kevin McCarthy gave that Conference Interview in Hawaii with the apparent Bohemian Grove Owl Motif.


And to wear that Polo Shirt of the Bohemians on such an Occasion? It might be perhaps that he overstepped his bounds and became a Liability to the Swamp and Globalist that really run the U.S. Government. If you think it is Biden? Just listen to what Biden often has stated Publicly, ‘I am just following Orders’. That is 1 Truth he can be credited for. So, one is disappointed that a fellow Citizen from Bakersfield has ‘Bit the Dust’, but that is what you get when the ‘System’ does not allow one to ‘Rock the Boat’ or make ‘Investigations’.



SOCI 371 Sociology of Conspiracies (4)
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SSU Professor Explores Impacts of Global Power and Wealth in New Book


Mark Dice

Alex Jones on Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Epstein
JRE Clips



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