Battle for the Mind in Spell-Casting over COVID Injections

  • What was Operation Warp Speed and what was its goals?
  • Is there any validity to the assertion that its Logo is Occultic?
  • If the Motif is Occultic, then why? And does it pertain to the Mind?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Signs and Symbols rule the World, not Words nor Laws.’ -Confucius

The purpose of this study is to consider the Occultic Logo of the Operation Warp Speed that the former U.S. President Trump rolled-out to fast-track the acquisition of ‘vaccines’ for COVID-19. Since the official announcement was made in in May of 2020, many that study and/or are familiar with the Esoteric and Occult Symbols and Numbers immediately recognized the Hidden Symbology of the Occultic Logo used for this Military Operation, the Antahkarana. The question was rightly posed as to what such a Religious Symbol is doing on such an endeavor and what does it mean or does it really have hidden nefarious cryptic significance? The answer is yes.

One has to consider that at this worldwide level of operations, the ‘Signs and Symbols’ chosen and used are like the saying that it is like a ‘Picture is worth a 1000 Words’. First, the following is a background of what actually is Operation Warp Speed and where did they get the name and what does it constitute. Then the meaning behind the Antahkarana will be explained to show that there is a clear-cut nefarious under-current that explains why they chose this specific symbol. In retrospect, one is not surprised at such a choice as it just reinforces the Luciferian ‘Signatures’ of those behind the scenes that tag their Property, Resources and ‘Great Work’ with.

Since the Occultic Logo came out, many have attempted to ‘decipher’ it with success and most come to the same conclusion, it is a hidden Anagram of the Luciferian ‘Mark of the Beast’, 6-6-6 Number designation. It will be shown that the 3 highlighted arms or legs construe the Hebraic letter ‘Vav’, which is the 6th Letter of the Hebrew Alefbet. The symbol also is an inverted Hexagon or Hexagram that is used to cast Spells on People. And that is what this COVID-19 plandemic has been about. It is a worldwide casting of a Magic Spell into the Minds of all People. In the Occult, the Antahkarana Symbol is used to denote the Mind and all that it is associated with, Cognition, Volition, the Psyche, etc.

And that is the gist of the symbol, to ‘Cast a Spell’ in the Minds of the People of the World. And it has worked like a ‘Charm’, pun intended. It speaks of how to go about controlling the Mind and in so doing, controlling the Thoughts and Behavior of People. And this with the help of their Mass Media, the reinforcement of a ‘pandemic’ with elevated Death Rates and scenes of corpses piling on top of Morgues. And with such orchestrated Hysteria and induced fear, precisely aimed at the Mind of People, a Military Operation like Warp Speed could be had and the People of America and the World is not the wiser to question or challenge in sufficient numbers to cancel their Satanic Spell.

Star Trek Syndrome

The following is information background about the Operation Warp Speed according to research. Operation Warp Speed (OWS) was a Public/Private Partnership initiated by the United States Government to facilitate and accelerate the Development, Manufacturing, and Distribution of COVID-19 Injections. The name was inspired by terminology for faster-than-light travel used in the Star Trek fictional Universe that related to a sense of ‘Rapid Progress’. And here lies the problem that this new technology of mRNA has never been given to human beings before. So how on Earth would they authorize such a dangerous stipulation, not knowing the Medical Long-Term Side Effects? That was not the problem nor issue as it is not now either.

The solution or ‘Agenda’ is to get the ‘vaccines’ out as fast as possible because the Window of Opportunity had to be taken while the Spell is fresh and has not worn-off or been cancelled by Prayer and Fasting. Interestingly, the endeavor was headed by Moncef Slaoui, appointed by then President Trump. Many were suspect of his direct connections as a Pharma Executive. And according to some allegations, Moncef Slaoui helped mis-represent Scientific Research on the safety of a Diabetes drug made by his company that increased Heart Attacks. That information was known by him but withheld from Congress and the American People. And yet this is the Big Pharma Boss that was but in charge to make sure the whole World gets injected with their so called ‘vaccines’. It was voiced that there was no Public Standards or explanations for choosing Vaccine Candidates as vaccines manufacturing and distribution of them were given approval by the Trump Administration.

He was called the ‘Coronavirus Czar’. But by profession, Slaoui is a Molecular Biologist and Immunologist. He was Chairman of Vaccines for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). It is one of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical Companies in the world. He worked there for 30 years. However, there is Paul D. Thacker, who was an Investigator for the United States Senate Finance Committee from 2007 to 2010. He alleges that Slaoui helped cover for his Big Parma Company in denying the drug’s dangers of that Diabetes Drug, Avandia. The Congressional Investigation ultimately led to a $3 billion Federal Fine to settle any Criminal and Civil Liability related to several of the company’s drugs, to include Avandia. According to Thacker, the month after Slaoui testified before the Committee, FDA Scientists presented an analysis estimating that Avandia had caused approximately 83,000 excess Heart Attacks in the USA since coming on the market.

As to the Distribution aspect of Operation of Warp Speed, the then President Trump put this endeavor under the U.S. Army. The logistics was led by U.S. Army General, Gustave F. Perna. One has to ask and take note of why and when an Army has to be called-out to make sure the People are Injected? Beware. What where the Goals of Operation Warp Speed? According to the Department of Health and Human Services' Fact Sheet, the main stated Goal of the Operation Warp Speed was to, ‘Produce and deliver 300 million Doses of ‘Safe and Effective’ vaccines. On this count, it has failed. The mere fact that these are Experimental and have never been administered on Humans due to prior Safety Warnings is that all Animal Test Subjects eventually died. The Initial Doses where to be available by January 2021.

Hidden in Plain Sight

But since the loss of the Trump Re-Election bid, or according to some a Coup, the part of a broader strategy to accelerate the Development, Manufacturing, and Distribution of the ‘vaccines’ fell on the new Biden Administration. By May of 2021, Biden had publicly announced that there were now COVID-19 Vaccines for everyone. But that the Federal Government was not going to ‘mandate them’. That would be negotiated and dealt with at the Private Sector to impose and enforce. The following are the itemized goals.

1-To support Pharmaceutical Companies for R&D of 7 different Vaccine Candidates simultaneously and certain Therapeutic Compounds.

2-To support several Vaccine Manufacturers for Rapid Scale-Up of Manufacturing Capacity.
3-To support Organization and facilitate simultaneous FDA Review of Phase I-III Clinical Trials on several of the most Promising Vaccine Candidates.

4-To facilitate Manufacturing Vaccine Candidates while they remain Pre-Approved during Prefinal Clinical Research to prepare for Rapid Deployment, if proven to be Safe and Effective.

5-To coordinate with the Department of Defense for Vaccine Supply, Production, and Deployment around the United States, and Track every Vaccine Vial and the Injection Schedule for each American receiving a vaccination.

As one can see, these are the very Protocols of ‘Big Brother’ injecting you. The goal? Go for the ‘Mind’. And how many sounded the alarm of how the Government and Military was and is being used to help facilitate their partnership with Big Pharma to Develop, Manufacture, Distribute and Administer this Toxic Poisons in the mRNA Injections to ‘everyone’. And to then Contact Trace every American or Person who has had them. With this in mind, pun intended, one will now look at how they pulled this all off. It does take a very sophisticated machinery to do all this and what better apparatus than the U.S. Army to do it with as President Trump rightly had asserted on National TV.

But for this to have occurred and still is, it is because the Satanic Spell is of the strongest kind and is being sustained for the most part with the continued elevated threats of Fear, Death, Lockdowns, Mask Mandates and $1400 dollar checks. It has been a ‘Mind Game’ of which they are Masters at. And how then they rightly chose the Antahkarana as their Charm. According to research, in Hindu Philosophy and Religion, the Antahkarana, Sanskrit: अन्तःकरण, means ‘The Inner Cause’. It is a direct reference to the totality of the 2 Levels of the Human Mind The 1st is the Buddhi.

This is the Intellect or the Higher Mind. The 2nd Level is called the Manas. This refers to the ‘Middle Levels’ of the Human Mind which according to Theosophy, a key Luciferian Religion, includes the Mental Body. The Antahkarana is considered the ‘Door Way’ or Portal that links between the Middle Mind and the Higher Mind, etc. Thus, if one can control the Antahkarana of a Person, one can essentially control the Mind, Body and perhaps even the Soul of a Human Being. Not bad. According to research, in Vedāntic Literature, the Antahkarana is organized into the following 4 parts.

Ahaṃkāra:      Ego                 - Identifies along with the body as the 'I'.

Buddhi:            Intellect           - Controls Decision Making.

Manas:            Mind                - Controls the Will or Resolve.

Citta:                Memory           - Deals with Remembering and Forgetting.

Another description says that the Antahkarana refers to the entire Psychological Process that includes the Mind and emotions. They compose a unit that functions with all parts that work together as a whole. As one can sense, the targeting of these Mind Faculties in a human are at the core essence of what it means to be ‘human’. It is to have a ‘Mind’ and have total control over it. However, if such Faculties are not totally controlled by a Sovereign and Rational Individual, the Government will most gladly step-in and do that for a person. In fact, it is their desire to. How? It has been through their mRNA COVID-19 but by stealth. They have so compromised the Mind of People at all 4 levels, that it has been their most opportune time to acquire Total Spectrum Dominance.

It is what is in the mRNA that is so critical to be injected in People that the Powers-That-Be want all of Humanity to take their Medical Devise and Product. What is in the Injections, has been shown by many Independent Scientists to be a Bio-Engineered ‘Platform Scaffolding’. It is to be used to fuse Man with Machine, if one survives their Adverse Effects and not die. Essentially, such COVID Inoculations are a pretext to eventually lead-up to the Biblical ‘Mark of the Beast’ 6-6-6 System. One is of the opinion that there is a worldwide effort to control the Human Population, to cull it and curtail it to suit the needs and wants of the top Luciferian Globalist Eugenicists. It is no secret that they have made their plans known, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ through their Symbols and Numbers. And this Operation Warp Speed Logo or ‘Magic Charm’ is no different. In fact, it is their Amulet, their Sorcerer’s Key.

And their Common Denominator numerical coefficient is 6-6-6. Thus, this logo or Symbol is about Mind Control. It is a step closer to the actualization of their Man whose Number it belongs to and is associated with, the Biblical AntiChrist. The Bible teaches in the book of Revelation that there will be a time coming, that in order for Humanity to ‘buy or sell’, one has to have a Mark, Name or Number of his Name on one’s Right Hand or Head. How that will look like or will be implemented, remains to be seen. But the technology is here now to have that happen. And it has been shown by many that this Antahkarana is an encrypted 6-6-6 as it has its 3 legs or arms highlighted as Vav’s.

It is in the same vein as the Google Search Engine circular logo with the same configuration of 3 arms/legs. And as most know, the World Wide Web, or W-W-W is really using the same Occultic encrypted Principle. How so? Consider that in Hebrew, every Letter has as Numerical Value. So, in Hebrew, there are no W’s, so it is V’s as in V-V-V. And what is the value of V? It is 6, thus 6-6-6, and an encrypted inference to the coming Mark of the Beast. Why is this important to know or notice? It is because if one studies all the logos of all the major Corporations of the World, they will have this same ‘Hidden Motif’. And why? This 6-6-6 in some form becomes a source of power and persuasion as it is backed by the Dark Forces of Lucifer’s Energies according to Manly P. Hall. In fact, he is so revered as one of the most influential Luciferians, that the CIA has posted his book, the Secret Teachings of All Ages on their server. Not bad.

He is the one that said that Lucifer is the true God and that Luciferians need to use the veneer of ‘Christianity’ to deceive and fool the People of their true intentions. That is? To usher in Lucifer at the end of time to reconstitute their lost ‘Golden Age’. As in Alchemy that transforms Lead into Gold, etc. If one thinks this is mere ‘Conspiracy Theory’, one is ‘Dead Wrong’. And that is how they want the World to be, ‘Dead’. How does this look like or what is one’s evidence? Open one’s eyes and see that it is through this Operation Warp Speed and effort to inject everyone on the planet with their Medical Device. It is not about COVID as there is Preventative Treatments for it that have been suppressed. That is the evidence. And their ‘vaccines’ are not ‘Safe and Effective’.

Such 6-6-6 Hidden Motifs are also used to convey and communicate that such Entities and/or Corporations operate within this dynamic of Luciferian ‘power and persuasion’; to Cast Spells in order to Manipulate and Control People’s Mind. For example, the Logo has on the right side 5 Stars and 6 Lines. This is the well-known Axiom that denotes their Macro-to-Micro cause and effect, or ‘As Above, So Below’ demarcations. Or in other words, the Pentagram adjacent to the Hexagram complements and completes their Magic Circuit, if one wills. And as noted, the core of the Antahkarana construes a 3-Deminsional Cube or a Tesseract. Such were known and are known to be an inversion of the Hexagram. Such a Sacred Gematria renders it as a ‘Key’ that opens-up a pathway or ‘Conduit’ to whatever one then is envisioning or aspiration to control.

In this case, the Kabbalistic quest is to manipulate and control the Minds of every Human Being on the planet. And it is well under way with their COVID-19 Medical Cocktail of Toxins and Poisons. Further, the Antahkarana contains a total of 13 Stars in the logo. It is also quite interesting that it is in the 13th chapter of the last book of the Bible, Revelation that one finds the Mark of the Beast defined and explained, although there is still much debate about it. In the Bible, this number stands and represents ‘Rebellion’. That is what the Number of the Mark of the Beast, 6-6-6 is insinuation and coming from, the Man of Sin, the Lawless One. This is the one the Bible describes will be the coming World Ruler. And his Minions are fast-track preparing the World for his debut with the COVID Injections. Why? Such a platform will have all of Humanity connected and controlled in preparation to receive his Mark, Name or Number, which is 6-6-6.


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