The Coming Regional War with Israel after Rapture

  • Will Israel annex the land reclaimed during the 6-Day War?
  • Is the Trump Peace Plan the foundation for Daniel 9:27?
  • Will the Muslim world draw a line against this act and go to war?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘O my people [
Israel], enter the Holy Land which Allah has assigned to you and do not turn back and become losers.’ - SURA 5:21 (Quran)

The purpose of this study is to consider some prophetic scenarios concerning the possible annexation of the Jordan Valley by Israel as it relates to the Rapture event to come per the teachings of the Bible. This study suggests that if the Jordan Valley is to be annexed by Israel, it could thereafter trigger a major Muslim regional retaliation. It would not come from the country of Jordan necessarily, but by the numerous Islamic para-military factions encircling Israel looking for the right excuse. The Kingdom of Jordan is under much stress and stands to lose face and credibility as the ‘Custodian’ of the sacred sites of Jerusalem and inheritor of the bloodline to Mohammed. As to a historical perspective, they were the original protectors of the Kaaba in Mecca and Islam until their domain was taken from them by the Arabian House of Saud.

With the various jockeying of power and drawing-up lines in the sand, the European colonial powers carved and sanctioned the ‘Kingdom of Jordan’. The issue? This land of Transjordan was to have been the land or nation that was to be for the Palestinians. The Kingdom of Jordan should have been the ‘State of Palestine’. Then the land west of the Jordan River, that of the ancient Biblical Land of Judea and Samaria would have been given to the Jews as the State of Israel, etc. Thus, in a sense, the British, whom had the Mandate from the League of Nations double-crossed the Palestinians to accommodate a made-up monarchy that favored their foreign political and economic interests. It further destabilized the Jewish-Arab problem as the land now west of the Jordan River would be what was left. It set the course for a recipe of disaster and continued conflict to this day. This action and outcome set the stage for perpetual war.

As to the possible annexation of the Jordan Valley and even perhaps the entirety of the West Bank by Israel at some point in time, the coming scenario of the united and coordinated Muslim paramilitary retaliation against Israel will most likely then occur. As the Peace Treaty between Israel and Jordan is fragile, such an action will prompt the Kingdom of Jordon to capitulate to the paramilitary retaliation. Why? With a weakened Israeli government and faded support of the USA –at that time due to the Rapture and its collapse, this scenario might well be the initiation of the Psalm 83 War that will usher in the protocols of the Prophet Daniel scenarios and outcomes. Many dismiss the Psalm 83 War scenario as having been already fulfilled in 1948 but the key is that no ‘name of Israel’ was present then to be attacked or ‘remembered no more’. However, it is true that the typology has been present and echoed in every Israeli-Muslim war since then.

The Staging Ground
There had to be a time to which the ‘name of Israel’ would have needed to have been established since 1948. In 2020, Israel celebrated its completion of 72 years, enough time for its Muslim enemies to desire to ‘erase the name of Israel’ from the map. To a large extent, the comparison to its Muslim neighbors of what Israel has accomplished in only 1 generation of 70 years per Psalm 90 is staggering. Will this scenario then lead to the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ of Daniel 9:27? What will be the factors that will initiate and necessitate thus the advent of the Biblical AntiChrist? One variable will be true. The regional war between Israel and the various Islamic paramilitary factions due to the annexation of the Jordan Valley will ensure an Israeli victory. This is also not to say that various Muslim nations such as Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and Syria will not lead their support.

As it is, Iran would want nothing more than to infiltrate and destroy the ‘Zionist’ State of Israel. To this end, the Revolutionary Guard was been tirelessly operating with the Syrians and Russians as they are already at Israel’s northern doorstep. The rise of the Man of Sin whom the Christian call the AntiChrist, the Jews call the Messiah, and the Muslims will call Mahdi will come on the scene to broker peace. It will be a 7-year armistice amongst Israel, the Inner-Ring of Muslim nations, and other international bodies. He will give permission for the Jews to rebuild their 3rd Temple. Why would this factor by considered? The Bible teaches that the 3rd Temple will be the center from where the New World Order that centralize all political, economic, and religious power.

The main factor that this study presents is that it will be the Rapture of the Bride of Christ at the end of the Church Age that closes it out that thereafter will foster the conditions for the Psalm 83 War with all the Islamic paramilitary groups attacking Israel due to the annexation of the Jordan Valley. The Rapture will provide its cover and opportunity to strike as the USA will not be able to come to Israel’s defense. Currently Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan have a Peace Treaty since 1994. However, the annexation of the Jordan Valley will most likely see such a political relationship crumble. Jordan will be ostracized for not defending the Islamic ‘honor’ and fight against the ‘Zionist’ Jews for such actions and attempts at reclaiming total administration of the Temple Mount. Whenever the Rapture event will occur, the vacuum left behind will have had the USA then only relegated to a 2nd rate global power.

Consider that as the concentration of Evangelical Christians are found in the USA, at the point of the Rapture, it is estimated that at least 33% or 1/3 of the population will vanish. This statistic is forecasted on Deagel.com in how it is amazingly projected that out of 320 million, roughly 100 million will remain. This will cause chaos and havoc not only in the USA but around the world to lesser degrees. The Old Order institutions such as the political, religious, and economic frameworks will be devastated and disrupted to say the least. This means that, given this prophetic scenario, the USA will no longer be the world dominate power, either politically, economically, morally, and spiritually. In the wake of this monumental and Biblical event, it will necessitate a replacement of the superpower. The book of Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, and Revelation paint a bleak picture to come upon this region, the Apocalypse. As the tensions between the Islamic world and Israel have mounted over the years, it will lead to an excuse to attack it.

The Match that Light the Fire
This study suggests that it will be the ‘Inner-Ring’ of Muslim peoples that will take advantage of the vacuum and attack Israel after the Rapture. However, as pointed out in prior studies as to the Psalm 83 War, it will largely not be spearheaded by the Muslim nation states. It is postulated that the aggression will be by way of all the various Islamic paramilitary factions and/or groups that will be attacking Israel. This will give a way out for the nation-states to save face as the defeat that will ensue will be at the hands of the Israelis. Perhaps then, the proverbial ‘needle that breaks the camel’s back’ will be the annexation of the Jordan Valley area. The following is a brief historical list of significant year markers pertaining to the Israeli-Jordanian relationships since World War 1.

After Fall of Ottoman Empire
1922: British Boundaries of Territory Order, Palestine Council does not apply.
1923: Britain recognizes Transjordan with Abdullah as its leader.
1946: Britain ends Mandate over Transjordan, full independence to the Kingdom.
1947–48: Palestinians flee Arab–Israeli fighting to West Bank and Jordan.
1948–49: 1948 Arab–Israeli War concludes with the Armistice Agreements.
1951: King Abdullah I of Jordan was assassinated in Jerusalem by a Palestinian.
1955: Wide scale violent anti-Hashemite riots. An anti-Christian riot in Madaba.
1958: Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan created in February.
1967: Six-Day War, capture of Jerusalem, West Bank.
1968: Battle of Karameh between IDF, PLO and Jordanian Army.
1970: Black September in Jordan. PLO driven-out to Lebanon.
1973: Yom Kippur War. Israel captures Sinai Peninsula and Golan Heights.
1994: Israel–Jordan Treaty of Peace.
1999: King Abdullah bin Al Hussein, 4th King of Hashemite Kingdom.
2005: Amman bombings by Al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.
2010: Jordanian protests breaks out as part of the Arab Spring.
2014: Syria intervention, escalated after pilot al-Kasasbeh murdered by ISIS.
2017: King Abdullah protests over Temple Mount incursions of Jews praying.
2018: King Abdullah protests USA Embassy move to Jerusalem.
2019: 25-year anniversary of Israeli-Jordan Peace Treaty.
2020: King Abdullah warns of dire consequences if Israel annexes Jordan Valley.

The Jordan Valley is a valley that centers on the flow of the river Jordan from its source at Tel Dan and empties at the Dead Sea. It also serves as the internationally recognized border between Israel and Jordan. The Jordan Valley is just east of Jerusalem and it is currently part of the West Bank area that in ancient times was the heartland of Israel, Judea and Samaria. It is considered and called in the Bible, ‘the Mountains of Israel’. In particular, the eye of the storm centers around the King of Jordan and the Kingdom of Jordan.

Since the U.N. Partition Plan of 1947 and then with the subsequent Israeli declaration of Independence, Jordan had been at war with Israel until 1994. There was the case of an exception during the Yom Kippur War. But Jordan then resumed hostilities in battles as it fought against Israel alongside with the PLO. At that time, the PLO was headquartered in Jordan until they were expelled for nearly taking over the Kingdom, etc. A formal cessation of hostilities occurred in a brokered deal amongst then the King of Jordan, Hussein, U.S. President Clinton, and Israeli Prime Minister Rabin.

The Treaty
This 2nd Israeli-Arab treaty, after the Egyptian one in 1979 occurred on October 26, 1994 between Israel and Jordan. However, this put the Kingdom of Jordan in a precarious place for making ‘peace with the Zionists’. Why? The Islamic world sees Jordan as the custodian of the Temple Mount, even though it was captured by Israel in the 1967 6-Day War. Moshe Dayan relinquished the governance over it as a gesture of peace with the Arabs at that time. But it has been and will be a source of contention until the 2nd coming of Jesus. If fact, this issue alone is at the core of the contention behind the Israeli-Muslim conflict. How so? It is a religious war, was and will be.

What no leader will say publicly is that the Jewish-Muslim contention is a spiritual one. It is a question of whom does the ‘Birth Right’ of the Holy Land belong to, Ishmael or Isaac? Based on the Bible, this issue will appear to be resolved but only for a period of 7 years wherein the coming ‘Little Horn’ of the book of Daniel will arise and make peace in the Middle East between the Jews and Muslims. However, the defeat of the ‘Inner-ring’ of Muslim nations will set the stage for the subsequent Ezekiel 38-39 war thereafter. The latest ‘Peace Plan’ is from the U.S. President Trump. It is called ‘The Deal of the Century’. The following is a military and resource comparison between Israel and Jordan.

CATAGORY                        ISRAEL          JORDAN
RANK                                  18/138            72/138
FIGHTING PEOPLE           3,647,983       3,346,692
ACTIVE MILITARY             170,000          100,000
MILITARY BUDGET           $20 Bil USD    $2.6 Bil. USD
AIR FORCE AIRCRAFT     589                 278
HELIOCOPTERS               146                 146
TANKS                               2,760              1,313
FIELD ARTILLERY            300                 72
NAVEL FLEET                   65                   37
SUBMARINES                   5                     0

Capital                               Jerusalem       Amman
Square Land Area             20,770 km       89,342 km
Population                         10,458,413      8,424,904

It essentially divides Israel and its capital, Jerusalem, which is prohibited in the Bible. It will also cause Jerusalem to be shared as the capital of both respected nations. However, much like Jordan and ‘Palestine’, such modern nation names did not exist before. It was the Romans that re-labeled Judea and Samaria with ‘Palestine’ out of spite for the Jewish rebellions. The Jews were exiled in the Diaspora but not entirely as a small remnant always stayed behind. And that the Bible has always taught that Israel would be regathered one day. Even Jesus foretold of the ‘Fig Tree’ generation of a re-emergence to come. Then there was to be a rebirth ‘in a day’ as Isaiah described it and how Ezekiel’s ‘Valley of dry bones’ spoke of the aftermath of the Holocaust, etc.

The State of Palestine?
The Holy Land became desolate, a dry and rock-barren landscape with little inhabitants as it changed hands from one empire to the next. There were the Romans, the Byzantines, the Muslims, the British, etc. At each stage, no sovereignty was ever given to a ‘Palestinian’ state nor ‘People’ to reconstitute their ‘nation’. Why? A State of Palestine has never existed in history. There was no Palestine flag, nor capital, etc. The land of Palestine was composed of Christians, Muslims, and Jews under the flag of the various empires, as noted. This same scenario and condition occurred for the modern states of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. The last world empires to rule the Holy Land were the French and British, as a result of winning World War 1. With this regard, the aspirations of the Jews to return to Judea and Samaria became a political cause, called Zionism as a direct result of the persecutions mainly experienced in Europe.

This nationalism was not present for the Palestinian Christians nor Muslims to speak of. As the British sought to equally dispense a nation state for both the Muslims and Jews, it is noted in the listing of dates that when the order went out to apply for such a state, the Palestinian Muslims refused. To them, it was a non-issue as they saw their nationalism, religious, and political identity with pan-Arabism and Islam. It was only after the U.N. Partition Plan of 1947 that then the Palestinian Muslims refused the 2 State Solution to allow for a Jewish State. And this is given that the fact was that the Palestinian Muslims were offered the best land. The majority of the land allotted to the Jews was the desert. The Palestinian Muslims only then wanted the Mandate to be for their own. Why? It is because it is a spiritual/religious war.

Then in the 1948 with the declaration of independence by Israel, the Palestinian Arabs and 6 other Soviet equipped Muslim armies -among whom Jordan was a primary one simultaneously attacked Israel. The Islamic confederation like a Red Dragon just having been birthed ‘out of the womb’ sought to abort it. Miraculously, the tiny new birthed nation of Israel won and took possession of the land to solidify the U.N. Partition Plan. Sadly, this same scenario has played over and over. And will still until Armageddon and even after the Millennial reign of Jesus on Earth for 1000 years. Since then, all the Muslim nations have vowed to annihilate Israel. Why? At the core, again is who has the claim of the ‘Birth Right’ to the Holy Land. Which ‘Holy Book’ is true? The Quran or the Torah? Ishmael or Isaac? It is rather interesting that the latest Peace Plan looks a lot like how the U.N. Partition Plan was originally delineated on a map.  

However, since then and after each war, Israel has only grown stronger and reclaimed more land from the Muslims as the Bible foretold it would. For the Muslims, Islam does not allow for a defeat but only a ‘peace treaty’ to be made until victory. Why? If Israel prevails, then Islam is false because it has then not ‘replaced’ the Jews as God’s ‘Chosen. Or that Islam is then not the last ‘revelation’ and authority over Humanity, etc. It is not about just having a land carved-out for Muslim Arabs that can then be called ‘Palestine’. It is about ‘all or nothing’. For Islam, the strategy is that in the meantime, the ‘peace’ is actually a ‘war in-between wars’. It is a time as it has been presently to gather numbers, armaments, resolve and strength to attack when an opportune time comes. How will that look like?

It will look like a weakening of Israel’s government or a worldwide Rapture event, etc. If Israel is allowed to survive, then the Quran is false. And like Reformed Theology that crept into the Christian Church, such believe that Israel was ‘finished’ in YHVH’s plan when YHVH’s Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. They did not heed the prophetic warnings of Jesus that Israel was to be regathered in the End of Days and be a nation as it was before. This was and is to be the condition for Jesus’ 2nd coming. Israel has in fact prospered beyond imagination as in only 72 years, she has propelled herself into the 8th most powerful nation on Earth. It has been the apparent ‘eye of the storm’, calm in the region as the Arab Spring has basically destabilized the nations surrounding her. This will be part of the problem and why the Muslims are itching to attack her.

Presently, Muslims are fighting each other for dominance, power and to lead the Islamic call for domination and forced submission of the world. To what end? It is a forced submission to their god Allah and their coming Savior, the Mahdi. Israel has experienced relative peace and prosperity in spite of such a threat. This will be an added jealous cause as the Muslims will seek to spoil and plunder Israel of its natural resources, industry, and innovations. When the Holy Land was but a passing rest stop under the Ottoman Empire, no one wanted the land and no ‘Palestinian’ peoples claimed it nor settled there. It was only after the Jews from Europe came, as foretold by the Torah and even the Quran that the Arab Muslims then claimed the land. Most do not realize that even the Quran teaches that the Holy Land divinely belongs to the Jews. In the Quran, it states that ‘God’ granted the Promised Land of Israel to the Children of Israel and ordered them to settle therein (
Quran, Sura 5:21).

It also emphatically and clearly states that before the Last Days, ‘God’ will bring the Children of Israel to retake and repossession their Land. ‘God’ would gather them from all the different countries and Nations (
Quran, Sura 17:104). YHVH acknowledges that He brought them out from the Nations in verse 14 of chapter 38 of Ezekiel to resettle the ruins, etc. Yet, most Muslims who abide by the Quran oppose the existence of the State of Israel. Such are in denial as they are opposing the Divine Decree. That being said, it is thus suggested that based on the Rapture event scenario, it will be the cause or a factor of having the USA be so disabled that it can no longer come to the aid of Israel or provide any measure of protection. With this, Israel will look to another ‘Savior’ and leader in the world stage to legitimize its claim on the Holy Land and Temple.

The Biblical mandate of a Land Grant is given by YHVH from Genesis 15:18. In that portion, YHVH promised Abraham that his descendants through the bloodline and Birth Right of Isaac and then Jacob or Israel would possess the Holy Land from the 2 great rivers of the Euphrates to the Nile. This scope of the Land Grant has not been achieved yet, not even during Solomon’s reign. However, the full possession of the Land Grant will be allocated and enforced during the Millennial Kingdom when ruled by Jesus Christ. This possible prophetic scenario could occur when the Jordan Valley is annexed and become an opportunity to attack. Until then, a political, economic, religious, and moral vacuum will be left by the USA in particular after the Rapture event. It will allow for the numerous paramilitary Islamic factions to attack Israel on multiple fronts in an attempt to ‘erase the Name of Israel, so that it may be remembered no more’.

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