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by Luis B. Vega
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‘Beloved, do not believe every Spirit, but Test the Spirits to see whether they are from GOD. For many False Prophets have gone out into the World.’

-John 4:1

The following is a Transcription of a Message Sister Gigi by way of a Video from her YouTube Channel. It was about having a ‘Confirmation’, several about the Rapture occurring In September based on the Asteroid and Comet Associations occurring in the Constellation of Virgo. The intention of this Review is solely based on what she Said and Stated. One is just asking the Questions as such ‘Confirmations’ of the Rapture Event is thus elevated to a higher Scrutiny.

One will not say anything about her Personality or Demeanor. Thus, based on what she has declared, one will present the Transcript and point-out what those Confirmations were and thus, have to be. Otherwise, it was not a Divine ‘Confirmation’ from the ‘LORD’ and the Source she is attributing where she is getting them is not from the LORD. Have said all that as Precursor, one is not coming from a Stance of being ‘Holier than Thou’, some ‘Know-it-All’ Academic or one that would Mock a Sister in Christ for just having a Believe, a Self-Belief or that is ‘Convinced’ she has at this Point and Time the Confirmation that the rapture is to take place in October, based on the Declaration of Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch.

As an Amateur Astronomer, and one that has studied End Times for 40 Years and has written over 40 Books on Eschatology, which the Revelation 12 Sign is one of them and does claim 1st Rights, one will genuinely critique your Understanding of Astronomy and what is going on as 90^ not Factual or Mis-Understood Assertions. Again, please do not take the following Critique as Mock nor Blighting just because one has ‘Academic Research Credentials. What one wishes just to ‘Say to the Churches is that to be Describing, Seek Knowledge, but above all else, Seek Understanding. At this point in Time, what has become, what one does genuinely see as a ‘Frenzy’ over the Sign, is no longer Sound Biblical Astronomy but it is now verging as Astrology.

One is of the Opinion, that although such Brethren are Sincere in their Quest to Ascertain the Rapture Timing and Use Astronomy as a Backdrop, it has become and has been placed at the Forefront, trumping the Scripture. One is saying, and this may or is or will come across as harsh but it is one’s Observation. If the Body of Christ, especially those that one sees oneself as part of the Watching Coming, only Understood Basic Astronomy and knew their Bible, the Body of Christ would be falling for this present Round of Rapture Roulette.

It is Confirmed
One realizes that when one addresses what one sees or perceives as a ‘Problem’ within the Body of Christ, as in pirating to the Rapture Time, one become the Problem. It is as in the Notion that one is then labeled a ‘Mocker’, Arrogant, Presumptuous, etc. Again, this Warning given out, is only based on an honest Evolution of GiGi’s Statements based in her own Words of having ‘Confirmation’ that the Rapture is going to occur in September. By the way, Gigi, had Absolute ‘Confirmations’ of the Rapture was to take place on the Blue Super-Moon of August 31, 2023.  One is thus, only then holding her Accountable to her Statements and asking Questions. 

One will show that her ‘Astronomy’ is incorrect…not saying she is Lying, but that she does not really know what she is talking about, Astronomically. If Astronomers were to listen to her explanations of what she just stated about the Astronomy going on, apparently that hinges the Greatest Prophetic Sign to occur next on the Horizon, they would Laugh their Asses off in Disgust and Derangement. And it is why they, with ‘Good Reason’ do Mock, Ridicule such Christians that show their Lack of Understanding.

That is why one is saying ‘To the Churches’. Please, as you sift through the Knowledge and ‘Confirmations’ being Broadcast by the Likes of Sister Gigi, and even given in perhaps sincere attempts, Please Get Understanding. Ask Questions, Reference the Bible, Test the Spirits. Hold such Brethren Accountable, not for the sake of my or other ‘Scholarly’ Brethren with Degrees, but for the Sake of Jesus’ Integrity and Reputation.

We need to Hold Jesus up. That is what draws People to Salivation, not some Asteroid Rock floating in Space in a Constellation that is deemed ‘The Sign’ and thus the Rapture has to take place, etc. Now if Brethren say, ‘Jesus Told Me’, like Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch, or Sister GiGi that declared Confirmations it is the Rapture to occur because the ‘LORD showed me’, that can happen. Jesus has appeared to an Iranian who dictated the whole book of John in Farsi.

Jesus papers in Dram and Vision to Muslims that have come to Faith in Jesus because the Gospel is Shut-Out in their Nations and so on. But if one is claiming Revelation, then it is sure to happen. If not, then as mentioned, such ‘Sources’ of Revelation need to be Repented of, for the sake of the Body. It is one thing to Declare, ‘I Think’…I believe the LORD told me or showed me.

But when Brethren Declare, Absolutely, ‘The LORD Told me’…’Yes, He Confirmed to Me’? Then that is a whole other level of Inquiry one has the Obligation to ask for Evidence. As one says, Extraordinary Claims or in this case, ‘Confirmations’ require Extraordinary Evidence. Thus, that is what one will Review as one was asked. Is that Fair?

Blue Heaven

Hey guys, welcome back this is Gigi, with Blue Heaven and
I am here giving you one more absolutely mind-blowing confirmation that happened yesterday when I was listening to Patrick from hourly watch. Now I have talked about other confirmations I've gotten with him and I got another. I was not expecting it. You know…but it blows me away. And again it's like I feel like God is saying, Listen what he's saying is true.

God is telling us that this is our timefor the church to depart from the world via the catching up into the clouds to meet the Lord in the air forever and thus shall we ever be with the Lord. Praise the Lord. Okay, so first Thessalonians 4 16 and 17, with the dead in Christ of course. Now, so, this is what happened is… we were at the gym yesterday and there are some TV screens up above, a lot of them, big screens. And I was listening to Patrick's last video.

The War in heaven has begun...

After I titled this video, then I noticed the second half of Patricks' title! No joke. I didn't even know it was the same thing!
Just one more confirmation, off the charts! Surely our time of departure is here! Having to do with that. I will leave a link in this description box. Please look in the box. And so, he was talking about the star, ‘Aster’ …what the Lord showed him. No actually his friend …He said his friend actually saw it. It's not about …it's not about anybody's name anyway. It's all about the Lord, all praise and glory to the Lamb of God Jesus Christ. He's coming back to get us and you, either who believes in him and who he is and he died on the cross for your sins for once and for all, made atonement the only way to heaven.

It is the only way to the father and the only way to be saved, Jesus Christ. No other name under Heaven given among men whereby a man must be saved, Acts 4:12. So…let me tell you what happened. So…it's very important that you heard the gospel. If you are not saved, you need to get saved. And it doesn't matter what you believed in the past, what religion you grew up in. There's only one way and it's not an accident that you're listening. If you grew-up in a different environment; you might be Muslim, you might be a Buddhist. Okay, it's not an accident that you're listening to me right now.

Okay so…hey you might even be an American churchgoer and you're still not saved because they never told you the true gospel.
So, Patrick's talking about the… the fact that there's a star named Aster and it's coming into the Revelation 12 sign Virgo woman… of into the womb. No, I'm sorry…it's coming into…and that's another confirmation. …It's coming into the crab; the area called The Beehive cluster. I will get to that in a minute. So anyway, so Astra's coming. It's if you look it up, it's the same word star used in Matthew 22:2, I mean 2:2.

It's talking about the Star of Bethlehem that the Wise Men followed to find baby Jesus. Well, it just so happens that this Aster is referenced that Matthew 2:2 references…like it's the same star and Matthew 2:2. I also thought that could be Crown 22 right there. Now this Aster is going into the constellation of the crab, cancer into the area of the Beehive cluster, So I got two or three things here that blow my mind. Okay, number one. While he was talking about what while he said the word Aster, kid you not, I was looking up at the TV screen.

And suddenly, at the exact same time, he said the word, I saw the word Aster on the screen. No joke… exact same time, exact same word. I've never even seen this word before. And I don't even know what it was. Probably some ad for some new medicine they have for something stupid.
I don't know but Aster was what I saw. That's all I saw, lit up on the entire huge screen as he said Aster. And so, I knew that was a confirmation that what he's saying again this is our sign. The Wise Men followed the star and the Bethlehem star to find Jesus and now we have Aster going into the Beehive cluster which I got two things about that. One The Beehive cluster used to be called the manger, the manger like a crib. Now the Beehive cluster is interesting because again, as you we've we all talked about it a couple months ago, I had seen I had two visions of a swarm of bees.

A few years ago, I did videos on them, a swarm of bees just suddenly started buzzing all around my face. I'm like, what is this? It was like this vision from God. Okay, two times out of nowhere. Then as you know …dear sister Ken Fisher. She also, she's done many videos on it. She also had a lot of stuff on the beehive. And then brother Chris from Rapture Global Rapture Watchers. He got the m44 or 44. And a beehive stuff or bees or whatever whichever it was. And then, so it turns out the beehive cluster is also called m44. And it's also called the manger. And the crib and Jesus, baby Jesus was in the manger when they found him following the star, the Bethlehem star,

And now, we have the same star going into the manger which has been confirmed with the bee hive cluster with all three of us big time and right at the time of the Revelation 12 sign September. I think it goes in like the 20th. Okay, so the feast of trumpets. It starts on the sunset on 15th through the 16-17th. Then you have the 18, which is my folded napkin dream where I saw Jesus in a restaurant. There was a folded napkin on the table. And then I just saw the word 18. And then I looked it up. And you know, it turns out that ‘folded napkin’ means I'm coming back. I'm not saying he's coming around the 18th …but that you could mean on the 18th you'll know he's coming back like any second.

I know we have so many things and then on …and then of course…we have the 21st which is a possible 21-0 America. I mean, look this nuclear Wars getting really ranked up here. I mean it looks like it's about to blow up. And then of course, it actually exits on the 22nd. So, I don't know it could be another … double crown 22 here. So, and then the other thing that he mentioned was …I think it was Nishimura. I think, was going into the asteroid. I mean the belt of Orion. And I also had a thing on that several years ago. I did a video on that. All the alarms went off one night at like 3 A.M I went outside, around to look around the building and see if there was a fire.

And then …suddenly, I look up and I'm looking up at the sky and I see Orion. And I had never seen that constellation or known anything about any of that before it was all new to me. I'd never taken an astronomy class or didn't know about God's Mazzaroth or anything. But anyway, I just …I had become familiar with Orion and so there I was looking at it at like 3 A.M. In this quiet dark sky alone, out there and like wow. And then at that moment, he told me, the Lord told me I'm coming to get you through the belt of Orion. Well, I didn't even realize until later that other people have also felt this connection with the Orion Nebula. Like Heaven is through that, which is in the belt of Orion. [No. The Orion Nebula is not in Orion’s Belt.]

It's just incredible so even that's being lit up in this coming, you know, month, here or September or so…you know. So ,anyway, what I'll do is I'll leave you the link for that video.
And how many confirmations can you get?! I mean I've already gone over the Blue Moon [Rapture did not happen then, as ‘Confirmed by her.] And all that, and the Blue Blood Moon. I mean, just goes on and on. And to see the asteroid that really, the whole room lit up. I'm like whoa, Aster you know. Like God did that. I'm telling you, that was powerful. And you need to realize that that God is confirming this stuff with signs and wonders.

And I was blown away. You know, it's like in the moment, it happens, you know, you feel like making a video right there. You know, like you want to capture the anointing of it. But so anyway, hopefully I have done that in this video. And yeah, you know the enemy really sabotaged the one I tried to make last night. So, he, you know, again the enemies… he doesn't want this video out either. So, …but it's going to go out in Jesus’ name. It's going to go out in Jesus’ name. So, you know. Watch his video. It's this …is very real what's going on. Chris is confirming this stuff, Kim we're all seeing the same. And there's far more, there's many more.

In fact, one person wrote in a minute ago…what, see if I can remember what she said. She was saying that… she realized the Cats in the Cradle song that I had with Patrick's wife Christina. The Cat's in the Cradle, she's like, the word cradle is also like a crib and a manger. And I hadn't even thought of that. Thank you. So, …thank you all for writing in. I love you guys and… you know. Tell everybody. We don't have much time left. Tell everyone you can the gospel. Jesus Christ, the good news, salvation is at hand. And warn everyone! Nuclear war is coming. Pray for me that I can tell everybody that I don't hold back.

I want to tell everybody I can what's about to happen. And I pray all of you can do the same. So, …love you guys. Thanks for watching with me and I'll see you next time. So, here's the word Aster. And in Strong's, it's seven nine two. And it means, ‘a star’ and that's the name of this star. And then, if you look it up further, it's the same word that says the star …at his birth; Matthew 2 2. i.e., the star of the Messiah. Now …this connection here, although on some level, you know the star of the East was like the Star of Bethlehem, which they think was the Venus and Jupiter conjunction.

So, it's not that this is that, as much as it's got this reference to that. And they called it the star and Aster is its name connected to this the star of the Messiah. And so having God light this whole thing up on this TV screen say Aster, tells me, that whether I understand exactly the connection with this, the star of Bethlehem, in itself, it's not really, that's really not what we don't need to worry about that. Because this is what that star was called. And now God is highlighting it in the heavens in a different way, with this star named Aster. And so, this is the connection here.


This is what one Posted to her Comment Section. It is to hold the Brethren Accountable for their ‘Confirmations’, as they have to happen.

Hello Sister Blue Heaven, since you are beyond a shadow of a doubt Confirmed, multiple times that as you said, and that we need to Listen to Brother Patrick because of the Asteroid Ester from the Gym Event, that you say was an Anointed Moment, that confirmed that the Rapture will occur on Rosh HaShanah, September 15, since you will no longer need your House, Car, Assets, Money Saving, Property, etc., would then Sign them over to me? This is not a joke or to mock you. Just reaffirming your saying you are more than 'Confirmed' this is it, as you mentioned, 'Our Time' and that Sign is it. I will respectfully await your Reply so I can give you my Contact Information, etc. Thank you.

Here below is an Excerpt of what some Commentators posted on Brother Patrick’s Video, titled: THE WAR IN HEAVEN HAS BEGUN! AND YOU ... No, sorry. The Revelation 12 War in Heaven has ‘Not’ Started. That is a Depiction of the Event after the 2nd Half of the Tribulation Period. Again, Mis-Understood, Mis-Informed and Mis-Interpreted Theology and Astronomy. No, the Comet C/2013 P1 Nishimura cannot turn ‘Red’ in Color and thus take on the Motif of the Red Dragon that Brother Patrick then is insinuated is what the Church, i.e., the Virgo Sign will ‘Birth’ as in the Rapture.

OK OK I BELIEVE- but can someone PLEASE TELL ME what date and time the child leaves the womb...i have heard everything from SEPT 14 - SEPT 19. What is date when moon is below the feet and child leaves the womb??!!

Ty Green said the moon is below her feet, in Libra, on the 19th and shows it on Stellarium

@sherriballard4781 thank you for this information....do you know when the child leaves the womb? maybe if child doesn't leave the womb on same day, then maybe this isn't the sign?...if child leaves womb before moon below her feet it doesn't quite fit the verse? woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. RockIsland Books suggests a tribulation of 2024....i am hopeful, but want to not put too much hope...

@Matt25_1-13  You're welcome I'm not sure yet about the child but have my ears opened before its set in my mind, I've heard different views on it and on Nishimura. Have you seen the live from Aaron, Bob and Brad yesterday? Aaron is doing another live tonight.

@sherriballard4781  hourly watch has a new video too...some new activity in the stars. yes i joined Aarons discord chat app...i see he has a new video tonight....oh duh, I just realized i am in comments of Hourly-Watches new video (grin...nvm)

@Matt25_1-13  I have since read several articles by TW Tramm and Luis B Vega. Good to get others views/opinions on the Rev 12 sign.

I was a fairly new born Christian during the Sept 2017 Sign which disappointed a heck of a lotta people and encouraged the damned MOCKERS no end... This is another Sign of the Times for sure but whether the RAPTURE occurs is another matter. I REALLY HOPE IT DOES but the way things are I can't help but think high expectations like this only help bring on the Great Apostasy...

Not true, the faithful will be faithful unto death!!!!!!! No matter what!!!!!!!

I enjoy your videos, but two things you said in this don’t ring true. We are to speak in love so I want to put correction to it. You mention the Pale horse, saying it is the first of the four horsemen on the apocalypse. This is incorrect, the pale horse is the 4th to ride. Coming after the White, Red, Black. And you called Nishimura “the dragon”. In earlier videos you said the comet was Husband/Goodman/(Hideo) and to go west(Nishimura) so I don’t understand the dragon part. I realize this is very exciting and so many signs are being given and you very well could have misspoken. I just wanted to clarify. Blessing to you.

This was your calling Patrick. You definitely know this stuff with the Stellarium. God gives you the ability to decipher the signs. You’re a real warrior for Christ brother..... WFS..


Baby Jesus wasn't in the manger when the wise men arrived ...in fact he was two years old by the time the wisemen reached Him.

Nishimura the Manchild comet has become the dragon? Brother Patrick could you please clarify as the comet is now changed from being the Deliverer into a Devourer. Many thanks.


Yet, most of Patrick’s Followers Praise this nonsense. If this is the case and it is, it is one’s sincere Opinion and Estimation that the Church has Lost its Mind. As a Parallel Correlation. We, as the Church Body, what is left of it that is opposed to the LBGT Agenda, do rightly accuse them of ‘Suspending Reality’. It is how they insist that just because a Man dresses-up in Women’s Clothing and put on Lipstick and Make-Up, that ‘Magically’ transforms them into a Woman.

And the same goes for a Woman that dress-up as a Man, etc. Yet, they demand all the World to just as much suspend Reality and affirm their Depraved, Demined and Demonic Imposition. Again, one has based this Critique solely on her Absolute Declarations that all she and Brother Patrick have presented to the Church are 100% Confirmations. Based on her Faulty Astronomy and even Confusion of what she is really trying to say, no, one doubt that ‘GOD” lit-up the Gym Room with an ‘Anointing’ and Confirmed that because she heard the Word ‘Aster’, the Rapture is to occur then.

Is this too hard to be comparing to what one sees is exactly what occurs with the Rapture Roulette that at this point amounts to just another Hearld Camping Episode. Is the Bride of Christ not hearing what they are saying? Is there some sort of Spell that has been cast on her that she has failed to Question, Discern, be Apprehensive, Test the Spirits as it does appear in one’s Assessment that the ‘Blind are Leading the Blind? Is one over-reacting? Is one being too Judgmental?

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