A Risk Assessment Comparison

  • Is there a 'Divide' between Christians and the COVID-19 Injections?
  • What is the Risk Benefit Assessment and evidences cited?
  • What do key Doctors and Scientists say about the C-19 Injections?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘From now on, 5 in 1 household will be divided, 3 against 2 and 2 against 3. They will be divided, Father against Son and Son against Father, Mother against Daughter and Daughter against Mother, Mother-in-Law against Daughter-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law against Mother-in-Law.’ -Luke 12:52-53

The purpose of this study is to consider the ‘Divide’ that has and is occurring within the Christian Church over the COVID-19 Injections. This assessment will be given from an Ameri-Centric point of view as that is where one is having the frame of reference from. The discussion primarily came as a result of several Pro-COVID-19 Injection ‘Christian’ Proponents joining the discussion on an online Blog https://rev12daily.blogspot.com. Such Proponents disclosed that such were ‘Christians’ and were getting the COVID-19 Injections because they ‘Had prayed about it’, and that their Female Pastor recommended it to their Congregation’, etc. As in any online Blog or Community, in this case those that centers around the Revelation 12 Sign, there will be differing opinions.

From there, other topics/subjects are launched from like political, social, religious issues. And thus, the whole spectrum of the BODY of Christ is reflected in its opinions, rants, stances, beliefs, faith. Just because most that post regularly on that site may not support the COVID-19 Injections or be Pre-Tribulation Rapture adherents, does not mean, say at least half or more statistically on the Blog site are Pro-COVID-19 Injections and/or hold to a Mid/Post Tribulation Rapture timing. One could say, this is a given. But such ‘Christian’ Pro-COVID-19 Injection Proponents, posting as ‘Unknown’ or ‘Anonymous’ have surfaced as of late. In one’s book, that is fine but such accused the rest of the Christian Community of being ‘misinformed’ and ‘stupid’ about COVID.

It is they, with such claims that have to be scrutinized and evaluated in what they say or purport... or be willing without being offended no matter how harsh a reply might be. If such cannot handle that, then get out of the Proverbial Kitchen, as they say. This was the case as such got ‘offended’ and said they would be leaving the discussion, supposedly for being called-on why the COVID-19 Injections are ‘Safe and Effective’. They could give no reason, Scientifically other than ‘they prayed about it and that it was ‘Ok’ with their Pastor and that is enough for them and it should be for every other ‘Christian’ then. The discussion became an issue when such Proponents of the COVID-19 Injections essentially stated, that anyone resisting the ‘vaccines’ is stupid. The issue was that one should not be discussing the vaccines and move-on. However, any and every topic/issue should be put under the ‘microscope’ to see, especially as Jesus warned that in the Last Days, the number 1 danger and pitfall would be Deception.

Church Disorder

A Follower of Jesus is instructed to ‘Test the Spirits’. And the COVID-19 Injections are a very serious issue now. The COVID-19 Injection issue has now become a matter of Life or Death and has divided the Church Body down the middle. Most do not see this or are in either Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissidence or Paid Trolls. This is happening. Most of the ‘Resistance’ to the COVID-19 Injections is coming from the Conservative Christians and like-minded. One knows that in the Last Days, there were, has been and are currently 2 main Spirits of Division that prevail and plague the Bride of Christ, that of the Jezebels and the Nicolaitans. What does that look like? On one 1 hand, you have like the Female Pastors or Women running the Congregations. They may be well-meaning, sincere and caring. They will usually be tied to the Left, Lesbianism, or the condoning and performing of Same Sex Marriages. Such are usually pro-Abortion, Feminists, and for the neutering of the Pronouns of GOD and so on. As to Female Pastors?

Here is ‘Rightly Dividing the Word’. Paul was not localizing his teachings to a Local Gathering only, that only in Corinth should there not be ‘Female Pastors’, etc. In fact, the premise of all his Missions, Letters, Epistles and Revelation was to defuse such teachings to all the Churches. In 1 Corinthians 7:17, he sets this Protocol, ‘for all the Churches’. In context, if such an argument was to be only how it applied to the Church in Corinth to not have any Female Pastors, then 1, it would be contrary to his own prior Protocols. Then 2, it would mean then that the specific topic, of Women wanting to leave their unbelieving Husbands would only then apply to Corinth, which is absurd and clearly not what Paul intended. Yes, one could agree that many Women could and do Pastor better than Men. But this is not the point. Is Jesus the Head of the Church?

Then the Body must obey Jesus’ commandments and how He has ordered His Body to function properly. This is no disrespect to Congregations that do have only a Female Pastor. But that is because either the Men have been so effeminized, are cowardly nor apt to lead that it has come to that. It is no different with Barak refused to lead Israel into battle against its Enemies and Deborah led the Victory instead. And in fact, warned Barak that because he did not stand like a Man and lead, the Victory for Israel would forever be noted as being won by a Woman. No issue here but in this last Laodicean Church type, it is one in which Jesus has been ‘evicted’ and the rule is by ‘Committee’, not Holy Spirit nor the Headship of Jesus, etc. Such Female Pastors maybe filled with the Holy Spirit but if that be the case, the Holy Spirit would not contradict Himself.

Then on the other extreme, you have the Spirit and dominion of the Pharisees, of a Male dominated Nicolaitans that foster a chocking atmosphere with Legalism to absolutely control the Congregations to the point of tyranny and cult-like authority. What does that look like? What dress or shirts one can put on, what music to listen to, who to ‘fellowship’ with, how to worship, drums or no drums, who can marry, etc. As to Eschatology and trying to figure out the day/time/season of the Rapture? That is all conjecture until it happens. Yes, there are and have been and will be wild assertions and even one has said, ‘misinformation’ because of the sources and Spirit from where some information comes from. But as to what is happening with COVID? This is different. It has become a matter of Life and Death.

Show me the Science

It is becoming more clear and issues are coming to light of the nefarious underlying workings of this plandemic, such as in Fauci’s eMails, for example. And Deception is alive and well on Planet Earth presently and one would say with the COVID plandemic. There is Sorcery in play as others keenly detect and are trying to warn. One’s issue? What are the positive Risk Benefits in taking the COVID-19 Injections? Show the Scientific Evidence for wanting to be Injected? Show the Risk Assessment please and the Scientific Papers behind one’s decision. What are the beneficial Facts and Science behind such a decision? Surely that can be produced if it is ‘Safe and Effective’. A ‘My Female Pastor told me it was ok’, or ‘I prayed about it’ in one’s book does not cut it.

1-During Jeremiah’s time, many Israelites wanted to return to Egypt. YHVH said no, stay put. They went anyway and never heard of them other than they were probably enslaved again. But they prayed about it.

2-During Josiah’s reign, YHVH instructed him not to engage with Pharaoh Necho (Neko) on his way to war with Syria but Josiah intervened and got killed. But he prayed about it.

3-King Saul was instructed to genocide the Amalekites of denying Israel Safe Passage during the Exodus. They instead picking-off the Weak, Infirm, the Old, Women and Children that lagged in the rear. YHVH got really pissed-off at this and He said, just wait. The Prophet Samuel told King Saul to ‘wait’ for the go-ahead and instructions. King Saul prayed about it, made sacrifices himself and spared the ‘best’ for Spoils.

So, if one is prone to listen to others, will the Reader, Christians listen to this Researcher? Who is this? One has several Masters in Education and Psychological Counseling, been in a PhD Program. One has read the Scientific Papers, not needing any Dr. Tenpenny or Dr. McCullough to say the same thing. One has done a Risk Assessment and am telling fellow Followers of Jesus to not take this Genocidal Toxic Cocktail. One has 30 years of working at Universities doing Research Methods and one is a Statistician and now an Academic Counselor. Will Christians and/or other perhaps reading this then listen to this type of person or rather a Female Pastor that has not read the Scientific Papers, one is presuming?

As a University Researcher having read the Scientific Papers, one has cited them in the 4 books of Proofs, Evidence, Facts and Science that have been made available for free downloads. But after presenting the Proofs, Evidence, Facts and Science, one has found out that it is not enough, even for the Christian Community. It is Divided on this issue as well. Thus, in ones’ Faith Assessment, one is convinced that this issue has crossed over into the Spiritual and Deception dimension. There is a ‘Spell’ that has been cast over the USA in particular and the World in general. If such People, the Church Body who read, see, hear from the Inventors of the mRNA and their Scientific Papers and Fact Sheets telling what is really occurring contrary to the ‘Official Government Scientific Narrative’, and still they need to ‘pray about it’ and/or ‘because my Female Pastor told me to’, or Male Pastor… who is really stupid here?

Scientific Sources

One can understand, if given the dire circumstances that having to take this Poison Injection is needed to maintain one’s job to feed Family…Or how, now the national Governments are going door-to-door to ‘educated’ those on the List of the ‘Vaccine Resisters’. Then eventually the plan is to use the Military to come and pin one down to jab a person for a virus that was so ‘last year’? Ok, that will now be circumstances beyond one’s control and such will be Martyrs in one’s book. But if at least, one has always strongly admonished those Hesitant in being Hesitant, is to WAIT.

The point is to at least wait after 2023 when the Phase III will be completed by then. One finds it astonishing as others do how not even having such trials completed are the Injections being Mandated. And yet, even those COVID Recovered, having 100% Natural Immunity for life are required to take it? This COVID Mandate is not normal and it is not Rocket Science to smell what is wrong here to be given an Injection that provides 100% Immunity to the Corporation but not to the Patients. That in fact, one takes ALL the Risks and Liabilities for something they refuse to say what is really in it.

The VAERS is only reporting 1% of cases. So, one has to factor-in ~100x more the amount not being reported for various reasons. And it has already been shown how even some VEARS Case Numbers are being scrubbed and deleted as to minimize the cases. The European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 through May 22 has reported 12,184 DEAD and 1,196,190 Injuries and counting. One could even argue that it is not what Dr. Tenpenny or Dr. McCullough say or are interpreting nor the Virologists who are paid corporate mouthpieces to say about the ‘Safety and Efficacy’ of the COVID-19 Injections.

All one needs is to hear/read it from the Horse’s Mouth, as they say. What do their own Scientific Reports, Fact Sheets or leaked Reports say? And after the alarming facts; not evidence or proof, but Scientific Fact are stated, one still decides, volunteering to take the COVID-19 Injections, to one this is really a stupid decision. But then one must live with the consequences, if one lives. Here below is in part the Doctors, Scientists behind what one and others are warning and telling those within the Body of Christ to not take the COVID-19 Experimental Injections nor give them to one’s beloved Elderly or Children, Pregnant Mom, etc., If at least WAIT.

Dr. Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer is warning the World that this mRNA Experimental Injection is a ‘Genocidal’ Bio-Weapon and is leading to infertility in Women. But he is ‘stupid’ for saying such claims and not wanting to take the COVID-19 Injection. Who does he think he is?

Dr. Montagnier, the Discoverer of the HIV Virus, and who won a Nobel Prize is warning the World that this mRNA is a Bio-Weapon segmented with slices of HIV Inserts to make it more transmissible and potent. But he is ‘stupid’ for saying such claims and not wanting to take the COVID-19 Injection. Who does he think he is?

Dr. Bossche out of Belgium, one of the Chief Virologists working for the Bill and Malinda Gates/GAVI Firm wrote an Open Letter to the Doctors of the World, the WHO, CDC to ‘Immediately Stop Injections’ as it would be catastrophic for Humanity. He stated that ‘vaccines’ are not to be given during a pandemic, especially not having been tested Scientifically for the Long-Term Effects, etc. But he is ‘stupid’ for saying such claims and not wanting to take the COVID-19 Injection. Who does he think he is?

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi of Germany, one of the top Virologist of the World said that this is not ‘Science’ and anyone willfully participating in the COVID-19 Injection Program ‘Will do so do at one’s own demise’. But he is ‘stupid’ for saying such claims and not wanting to take the COVID-19 Injection. Who does he think he is?

Dr. Robert Malone, the INVENTOR of mRNA technology has gone public to state that what is happening now, is NOT Science. That Young Adults, Infants, and Pregnant Mothers should not be getting this COVID-19 Injection. But he is ‘stupid’ for saying such claims and not wanting to take the COVID-19 Injection. Who does he think he is?

Fact Sheets of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 Injection, which should be given to every person being Injected but has not been…that the Injections may not provide Immunity. That the Injections may not stop Transmission. That the Injections may not stop the spread of the virus in one’s body. But they ARE NOT ‘stupid’ for saying such claims and thus, one should take the COVID-19 Injection. We need to listen to these Corporations. 

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a top Virologist defected from Communist China who worked in the Wuhan Lab and has testified that the Virus was Bio-Engineered through Gain of Function Research (Fauci) and intentionally released. But she is ‘stupid’ for saying such claims and not wanting to take the COVID-19 Injection. Who does she think she is?

Dr. Byram Bridle of Canada demonstrated that Masks do not work and called for the immediate halt of injecting Young Adolescents with the COVID-19 Injection as a ‘Big Mistake’. He was immediately denounced by his University and received death threats to him and his family. But he is ‘stupid’ for saying such claims and not wanting to take the COVID-19 Injection. Who does he think he is?

Dr. Tal Zaks, the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna Inc., announced that indeed, their aim is to ‘Hack into the DNA of humans and download ‘Apps’ through their mRNA-OS Operation System that essentially turns a Human Body into a ‘walking cell phone’. But he is NOT ‘stupid’ for saying such claims and thus, one should take the COVID-19 Injection. People should be listening to such Experts and Scientists.

Stalk Institute Doctors/Scientists at the ‘Temple to Vaccines’ publicly came out to warn that the COVID-19 Injections that have ‘hacked the human Immune System’ to make the Human Body produce the COVID-19 Spike Proteins will damage every cell in the Human Body. And that in fact, the Spike Proteins are a Toxin. But they are ‘stupid’ for saying such claims and warning People about taking the COVID-19 Injection. Who do they think they are?

Plan of Action

These top 10 Doctors and or Scientists are not of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ that the Managed Media has attempted to deface and defame. These are, at the core ‘Ground Zero’ of exposing this Scientific Fraud that is being perpetrated as ‘Science’ against Humanity. There are more on the list that are too numerous to note. But for example, there is Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor or the PCR Test Machine for which he won a Nobel Prize. He emphatically went public to state that the Test was not designed to detect COVID-19 Infections. He soon died unexpectedly after going public in August of 2019.

- Such Doctors, all mentioned have been silenced, censored, de-platformed.
- Nurses who speak-out or advocate for COVID-19 Patients to be ‘Treated’ are transferred.
- The Treatments that Dr. McCullough has been giving to Patients is prohibited.
- There has been a 366% increase in Instantaneous Abortions due to the Injections.
- COVID-19 ‘Cases’ do not equate Deaths.
- COVID-19 ‘Death’ numbers have been manipulated and elevated to justify Lockdowns.
- VAERS is only reporting 1%, all factors must be multiplied 100 times for more accurate figure.
- More People have died during this ongoing Trial than all prior Trial combined for decades.
- More People have died during the Lockdowns than from COVID.
- If 10-20 People died during Vaccine Trials, were halted and Vaccine deemed ‘Dangerous’. 
- The COVID-19 Virus no longer exists as that is what the Injections are only ‘coded’ for.
- Those COVID Recovered having 100% lifelong Natural Immunity are required to be Injected.
- Mask Wearing and Social Distancing still have to be adhered to after being Injected.
- In Australia, the initial Injected Patients tested positive for HIV.

The list goes on and on, in this Risk Assessment column. Can anyone provide a Pro-COVID-19 Injection benefit column? There are numerous petitions in Europe of 100s of Doctors banning together to protest this False Science, in Spain, Belgium. There have been significant marches in Berlin and London. After one has researched this plandemic for over a year, one can only reasonably and logically conclude that this COVID-19 Injection Program is a managed agenda. This is based on one’s experience in studying Government Policy as a Political Scientist and Researcher, Statistician by profession for over 30 years.

As it was put in the online Blog discussions, the world and especially the 1st World Nations’ Peoples are being conditioned to deceptively volunteer in the biggest Medical Human Experiment in history. And those not willingly opting to take the COVID-19 Injections and all subsequent ones will be banned from being able to work, participate in Society, Social Media, Buy or Sell, use Public Transportation, attend University/School, receive Normal Medical Treatments, etc. Around the world, in New Zealand, Health Officials have stated that they would be soon going after any remaining ‘Vaccine Resistors’.

In Australia, Russia and Czechia, People are literally beaten-up by the Police for not wearing a Mask. In 2020 a pregnant Mother was arrested in her own home for even attempting to organize an Anti-Lockdown Rally through Facebook. In Canada, Pastors are being roughed-up, taken down and hand-cuffed in the middle of highways or dragged off in front of their hysterically crying children for holding meetings. Churches have been fenced-off or burned to the ground.

Plan of Action

Then the Premier, Ford threatened all Canadians with Forced Injections of those ‘Vaccine Refusers’. In the USA, Neighbors and Families Members are being encouraged by City Mayors and the President to snitch on each other for not adhering to Social Distance or Mask Mandates. What can the Body of Christ do? Consider the statistics, if true that there are about ~70 million ‘Christians’ in the USA, for example,. Imagine how much of a difference it would make if all would be United? If a coordinated effort could/would be made to stop this COVID Injection Mandate.

A national walk-out could be had to demand the US Government honor the U.S. Constitution and one’s Civil Rights. Many Christians have sincerely asked, ‘My Employer is requiring me to take the COVID-19 Injections or else lose one’s job. What am I to do? I have a family to feed’. Most People, in the USA if not all in the world are in the same situation and this is what one will be doing/preparing for. One is not telling others what to do other than in a general sense. One should be preparing documentations, Medical Records, Letters from Pastors, Lawyers, etc.

1. People who work for a State of Federal Agencies are in the best possible legal opportunity to defend themselves against the COVID Mandated Injections. It is not about COVID.

2. The Mandate to be Forcibly Injected with the COVID-19 Spike Proteins will be made as soon as the Emergency Authorization will be lifted to have full approval in the USA. Most countries will then follow suit. The EXEMPTIONS stated are that there will be a Medical and Religious one.

3. If one has a verifiable Medical Condition to warrant an Exemption to the Injections, it is then a case of ‘One is fearing for one’s life’ in that taking the unknown solution could result in Death and thus a risk one cannot/should not afford to take, medically.

4. All that is required of this condition is to get one’s Medical Doctor/Physician to write a Letter of Exemption. No doubt there will be a formal Application also to be filled-out and submitted to Human Resources HR with. But the Key is having a personal professional relationship with one’s Physician and being granted that. It can be a Heart, Lung, Breast, Kidney Condition, Lupus, Ovary, Cancer condition, etc.

5. If this fails, because one’s Doctor is instructed to not grant Medical Exemptions unless obviously beyond reason, then fall back on the Religious Exemption This would be due to how all the Injections have been made with Aborted Fetal Cell Lines. And that one would object to having such Cell Lines incorporated into one’s Body.

6. In the USA, some States, this Religious Exemption has been already tested and the Judges have sided with the ‘What is best for the whole, outweighs the need/condition/request of the one’. So, be prepared for a ‘No’ and have other options to consider.

7. There is also a Philosophical Objection and one needs to look into that further. It might be the case that a State or Federal Agency will not allow this.

8. If these 2 Exemptions are not meet and they are just stating them for legality purposes, then one can consult with the Union for support, if one is part of it. Most Unions in the USA have yet to be notified how the Union will decide on this. If they fold and toe the line, then it will be a moot point in this front. As it is, most Unions and Teacher Unions are Left-of-Center and will mostly likely adhere to the Government’s Directive and COVID-19 Injection Mandate.

9. Another alternative is to then file a Law Suit; see if others within the Agency, Campus, Office could join as a Class Action Suit like the Nurses did with that Hospital in Texas. It depends if any Lawyer would be willing to take the case and for free. Most average Americans cannot afford one. But perhaps could contact the Robert Kennedy Jr. organization for suggestions.

As to the issue of Faith and Followers of Jesus, one has resolved not to take the toxic COVID-19 Injections and leave the consequences with Christ Jesus. As others have stated, if not now, then when will the Body of Christ say ‘No’? All these steps by the Powers-That-Be are incremental on purpose and to condition the People to just make it hard to say ‘No’. If one has to forfeit job, apartment, one can see if friends or Family can take one in or one’s Church can help perhaps. If not, then it will be a matter of getting a tent and joining the Tent Cities, really.

If Jesus does not come soon, eventually the Army or Militarized Police will be hauling ‘Vaccine Resisters’ off to the COVID Camps. For many, such as one, one has come this far and have stood-up to Police who refused one in the past from Open Air Preaching and Reading before. Why capitulate now? If Followers of Christ, especially in the West must suffer, then it is one’s turn in the West to suffer as never before as most of the Brethren in the rest of the World have and do suffer for their Faith in Jesus to this day.



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