The Last Sabbath of Daniel

  • Will the end of the world parallel the Passion Week of events?
  • What does the Time of Jacob's Trouble mean?
  • Will the 70th Week of Years of Daniel be Jacob's Trouble?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the middle of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured on the desolate.’ – Daniel 9:25-26

The purposes of this study is to analyze the notion of the Sabbath Cycle patterns and present the possible scenario that the 70th Week of Years yet to be completed for Daniel’s prophecy that will be the Last Sabbath, that is the 7-year Tribulation Period. The timeline of the Passion Week 7-days  will be overlaid with the 7-year Tribulation parallel of the Presentation, the Cutting-Off dealing with a Sacrifice and an Appearing. These 3 factors will suggest that as those pertaining to Jesus, it will also for the coming AntiChrist. Based on this supposition, it is one possible scenario of how the coming 7-year Sabbath Cycle would very well be Daniel’s completion of the 70th Weeks of Years prophecy. Many believe that Daniel’s last week of years is actually then the Last Sabbath that has to commence after the Rapture. This is thus considered the Tribulation Period that will be 7 years to complete the 70-year prophecy of Daniel.

What this study is suggesting is that as the Royal Decree went out to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem that led to the building of the 2nd Temple, so too will the coming AntiChrist likewise make a ‘royal decree’ to rebuild the walls and the 3rd Temple. This event could be as a result of a major regional war between the inner ring Muslim nations and Israel that damages the walls to some decree. It could also involve a renovation that showcases the subsequent start of 3rd Temple being built on the Temple Mount. Contrary to many internet rumors mills, the Abomination of Desolation spoken by the prophet Daniel has not taken place. As to the peculiar events of the Passion Week, the literal 24-hour day count puts the events into prophetic proportion when the timelines of the possible Last Sabbath are to possibly coincide.

In a way, the prophet Daniel and John the Baptist’s witness served as a bookend to the Passion Week for Jesus’ presentation to Israel as the Passover Lamb. If anything, it is more probable that such scenarios could have been an antitype, a foreshadowing as much of Biblical prophecy echoes through time. That being said, the AntiChrist could be a better candidate of the decree that will be given by him as he initiates the New World Order to last the duration of the 70th Sabbath. The following is the parallel timelines in approximation of what could be a possible scenario if the Last Sabbath of Daniel’s prophecy was to commence sometime in 2022 which was the beginning of a new 7-year Sabbatical Cycle of time.

Last Sabbath

The timeline is an approximation and is assuming that there is a superimposed prophetic parallel as the coming AntiChrist like the pagan Artaxerxes type will be of some Royal Blood Lineage as the Scriptures declare that he will be a ‘Prince that shall come’. What is spectacular to ascertain is that the 1st Presentation was at the end of the 69th Sabbath and thus the 2nd Presentation, which Jesus’ 2nd coming will also be at the end of the 70th and final Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years.

The 70 Sabbaths of Judgment                  Intermission                         The Last Sabbath
|---------------69 years----------------|                  Church Age                             |---70th year----|
445 BC                                    32 AD            (~2000 years)                                 2022?

32 AD to 2022 = 1990 years thus far

Triumphal Entry                       Crucifixion-Blood Moon                                 Resurrection of Jesus
April 10                                                    April 14                                                            April 17
End of Royal Decree                      Cut off in the midst                                             An Appearing

1                      2                       3                      4                     5                     6                    7

‘Triumphal Entry’                               Sacrifices halted                                             Epiphaneia (Rapture)
2022              2023             2024             2025            2026            2027           2028           2029
‘Royal Decree’                                   Point ceased                                                  Return of Jesus                                                                                 

The ‘cutting off in the midst’ correlates to the ceasing of the Temple sacrifices by the AntiChrist and the Resurrection of Christ corresponds to the 2nd Advent where all eyes will see the Epiphaneia or Appearing of the LORD Jesus with His Bride. The timeline is an approximation and is assuming that there is a superimposed prophetic parallel. This timeline is essentially the Confirming of the Covenant with the Many and Israel. In light of the possible Last Sabbath timeline and the Rapture variable, the following section of the study is an admonition to those that argue against the possibility of there being a pre-Tribulation Rapture.

The Rapture will take place as it is described in I Thessalonians 4:16-17. It is describing the resurrection of the Dead in Christ Jesus first and then immediately those that remain are ‘snatched up’ and experience the ‘Departure’ as in Apostasia in the Greek. This does not take place at the 2nd Coming of Christ where every eye will see Him; this is the Epiphaneia or the manifestation. The Resurrection is in tandem with the Rapture when the LORD will appear in His Parousia or ‘presence’.

Timing of the Rapture

It will be the ‘midnight call’ of the Groom as He secretly will call for the Bride and the whole world will not see Him. There is a gathering-up of the Tribulation Saints and when the 4 Angels gather such from the 4 corners of the Earth at the very end. The first are taken up to Heaven and are of the multitudes having palm branches and singing the Song of Moses. They also constituted those who will be beheaded by the Muslim practice the false Jewish AntiChrist will implement. Still the Nation of Israel will be dealt with as the Jews finally see the treachery of the false Messiah AntiChrist and are taken to the place of safety. The Jews will flee to Petra as the 3rd Temple sacrifices are ordered to stop at the halfway point of the 7-year Tribulation Period.

This is the hour and place where the LORD on the Olivet Discourse forewarned that when Jerusalem would be surrounded, to flee to the wilderness. As it literally occurred in 70 AD, so will this warning be repeated at the end when the AntiChrist surrounds Jerusalem. The Tribulation is the Time of Jacob’s Troubles, not the Church’s Troubles. The Jews will be kept safe in a place where the AntiChrist will seek to devour them but will not be able to by a flood of some kind. It is the Church and specifically Christ’s Bride that is not appointed unto wrath or such troubles as her troubles are now. During the Last Sabbath 7-year Tribulation Period, the wrath will affect and touch the Tribulation Saints and the Jews in Israel.

Even so, to a certain degree the Wrath of the LORD will spare those who put their trust in Jesus in those times. This is seen in those that are marked with the Mark of GOD and are spared from certain judgments to a degree that befalls the entire world, Lucifer’s kingdom, the AntiChrist and Israel. During the Church Age, the main purpose for keeping the Saints on Earth is to allow the privilege of the Church to join in the work of Christ as co-laborers and Ambassadors to share the Gospel to the Lost.

With this Royal Decree or Commission, Jesus equipped the Church Body with the ‘Spiritual Armory’ as He did with ancient Israel as He left some of the natural inhabitants of the Land so that Israel would not forget how to ‘war’ against the enemy. Christ gave the Full Armor of GOD to the Church to overcome the Principalities and evil with the promise that the Gates of Hell would not and could not prevail over the Church. The key is to have the Church learn how to operate with an overcoming faith. Despite the constant warfare and setbacks and sin badgering the Church, Jesus assured and end to that Commission or Age. The Bride is assured the supremacy and victory because the resurrected Jesus is in her midst.

The Church of Jesus has the ‘Shout of the King’ that was with the camp of Israel and the false prophet for hire could not curse them. This will not be the case for Believers in Jesus during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble because there will be no ‘Church’ as it is constituted now. The Last Sabbath 7-year Tribulation starts when the Bride has made herself ready and has arrived, has been developed as Paul allegorized that it is about to give birth. The Tribulation is about concluding Israel’s disciple with the Time of Jacob’s Trouble when Christ’s attention will redress Israel’s blindness, unbelief and rebellion.

Escape Clause

To have the Church still be commissioned during Israel’s ‘Trouble’ at that time amounts to a Double Jeopardy. It would also be a failure of Christ in keeping His promise to Philadelphia that the Age of the Church would one day end with her Royal Commission completed of grafting in the Gentiles. No such promises or directives exist for the Church during the Tribulation Period because the Church is not there. Most post-Tribulationalists are Americans in particular that see the doctrine of the Rapture through Americentric eyes. It is because America as the ‘Philadelphian’ Church type has been spared the severe tribulations of the rest of the Christian Body in the world.

For example, the Chinese Christians in China are praying for persecution and suffering to come to the Church in America if one can believe it. The reason being is so that there can be revival and repentance due to the Laodicean spiritual condition of the Church in this last hour. The best the post-Tribulationalists can offer Believers is the Place of Safety on Earth with the Jews in the Petra area of the Jordan. The best place of safety is to be found in the center of Christ’s will now. The Antichrist is revealed after the Rapture. The 7-year Tribulation Period comes after the Rapture of the Bride. The requirement that the Sun and Moon have to be darkened before the ‘Dreadful Day of the LORD’ can and does occur beyond the Tetrad of 2014-15.

Such celestial combinations occur mainly in the clusters of 2018 and 2022. The Lord descending from Heaven with a Shout is at the point of the Rapture of the Bride. Again, Jesus’ Parousia or presence is manifested at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture when only He is revealed to His Bride. The Resurrection and the Rapture are a single event sequence. Jesus’ 2nd Coming, the Epiphaneia is when all eyes will see Him. It is very telling how only the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is attributed to being a ‘Lie from Satan’ but not the mid or post-Tribulation Theory. Those that refute the interpretation of a pre-Tribulation Rapture to the point of severing fellowship over the theories of when the Rapture takes place live in glass houses, as the cliché goes and are throwing stones at glass windows.

They go so far as to insinuate it is a false doctrine from Satan and those that hold to this interpretation of a pre-Tribulation Rapture are False Prophets. This being the case, such are crossing over into the area of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Jesus warned that if one calls another ‘stupid’ or a ‘fool’ that they themselves are endangered of Hell Fire. There is confusion in general about the Rapture because there are several resurrections as there are various Raptures. For example, during the possible Last Sabbath Time of Jacob’s Trouble, there is the resurrection and rapture of the 2 Witnesses.

The post-Tribulationalists label those that hold to the interpretation that the Rapture takes place before the last Sabbath 7-year Tribulation as ‘pre-Tribbers’. This is a derogatory term by fellow so called ‘Brethren’. The pre-Tribber’s argument is not that the Church is spared suffering. The argument post-Tribulationalists always presume is that the Church seeks to escape suffering. It is to escape wrath to come, the judgment of the nations, Lucifer and Israel. Following Jesus will lead to suffering; Jesus even warned it would be so. Jesus warned His Disciples to escape.
The Spirit of Discord

If the case would be true that the Church would seek to avoid suffering, then why have millions willfully followed the LORD to their deaths and martyrdom still?  The Rapture Theory is not a Salvation issue nor should it be an issue of Fellowship either that some in the Body of Christ have caused division over it and has allowed Satan to exploit this difference in interpretation instead of keeping the Unity of Jesus, in Jesus. This Unity of the Church is not based around the Rapture theories. The Rapture discord has become a ‘they’ vs. ‘us’ mentality that is a Satanic Spirit of Division and not of the Fruits of the Spirt. It is not a lie just because Believers in the Body of Christ disagree on the interpretation, yet they are called False Prophets by some?

This is blaspheming the person of the Holy Spirit. The Antichrist does not come before the Rapture. Paul corrected the Church in Thessalonica because they were thrown into turmoil over the teaching that the Rapture had already occurred. The context was the Resurrection. Paul takes the opportunity to teach and reveal further information that the Resurrection is to also accompanied by a ‘departure’, an Apostasia as it says in 2 Thessalonians 2. The post-Tribulationalists fail to see the sequential order and that the ‘falling away’ is a departure as in the Rapture solely based on the context of the Resurrection. There are no ‘U’ turns.

How this is twisted to say that the AntiChrist is revealed first is beyond logic and bad exegesis. The Greek word that Paul used was ἀποστασία – apostasia. The word ‘falling away’ simply means ‘departure’. In this context it is correctly applied to infer to a ‘departure’ and that of the Saints, the Bride, etc. In 2 Thessalonians 2:3 it states, ‘Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there comes a 1. departure first, and 2. that man of sin be revealed, the Son of Perdition; 3. who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or 4. that is worshipped; 5. so that he as God sits in the Temple of God, 6. shewing himself that he is God.’

If anything the term ‘Departure’ could have been used by Paul as a double entendre in that not only would there be a departure of the Bride as in the Rapture but a departure in the Faith as in the last condition the Church Age would be characterized by as in Laodicea. It is a departure of something, in this case the context dictates the term. In 2 Thessalonians, the context was the body of Believers that had already died. Some post-Tribulationalists are so emphatic and dogmatic about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture theory that it is worrisome of where this spirit of division is coming from.

It is not of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit as they are accusatory and haughty in their disposition and insisting all Believers must confirm to their doctrinal point of view. Why do not such do that with the issue of Tongues or water Baptism or if the New Jerusalem will be a Square or a Pyramid? The Rapture is part of the mystery only revealed to Paul as he was in Mount Sinai, the place where YHVH first made a Marriage Covenant. It was there that Christ disclosed the purpose of the Church Age and notion of the Bride to Paul. This is stipulated in Ephesians how through the Church also serves the purpose of the Bride staying on Earth to teach the Heavenly Host the manifold wisdom of YHVH.

Context, Context, Context

In an amazing way, the Church Government teaches the Angels, Fallen Ones too as well and the world what the relationship between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit operates from. It is also a picture that will not exist during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the Last Sabbath possibly. Paul was given this revelation or the Bride, the Rapture at that time because it was pertinent as the Church Age came into existence on Pentecost 50 days after the Resurrection and Rapture of Jesus. The time was pertinent to teach the Rapture of the Bride to the Church as it was the time then to be understood, not sooner or later. Jesus did not allude to this time during His Ministry to Israel. The context depended on the audience, time, and dispensation.

Also, Jesus does not need to give all the details one demands. For example, there is very little teaching on what is to occur during the Millennial Kingdom of Christ on Earth for the 1000 years. The main events are that the 4th Temple, ascribed to being that of Ezekiel’s will be established. All the Nations are to send Representatives to Jerusalem during the Feasts, or the rains will be withheld. There will be Lucifer that will be set free from his prison to amass the Nations once again for the Gog-Magog War 2. After this, the White Throne Judgment commences and then the New Earth and New Jerusalem interface for all Eternity. Just because a disposition in the Bible is not extrapolated or expounded by Jesus does not mean it is not real.

Jesus never told the Disciples about the Church, yet the Church came and exists to this day. Why did not Jesus tell the Disciples during the Olivet Discourse overlooking the Temple; ‘Listen guys, there will be a time-out for you all and Israel. There is going to be coming a thing called the Church. It will last almost 2000 years as I bring in the Gentiles and after certain numbers come in, then I’ll come back for you guys in the Rapture, see?’ No, Jesus did not do that, at least not written down so why would one expect that the unveiling of the Rapture details had to be divulged at such a time? Those that think Jesus should have are very presumptuous of Jesus. Even so the Bible has accounts of many Raptures; there that of Enoch and Elijah and the LORD himself all departing for Glory. What this study is strongly suggesting is that the Rapture of the Church is singular, unique among all the Rapture types.

For the Bride, it will be for the end of the Commission of the Church. Thereafter there is the Rapture of the 144,000 with all those that were evangelized that are seen with the palm branches and singing the Song of Moses. Then there is the Rapture imagery of the Man-Child from the Virgo Celestial Sign of Revelation 12. Then there is the Rapture of the 2 Witnesses. Nonetheless, the post-Tribulationalists are very dogmatic about there being only 1 Rapture as there is just ‘1’ supposed Baptism. In actually there are 7 types of Baptisms taught in the Bible. The post-Tribulationalists insist that the only true Rapture happens after the Tribulation and that there is no other way to interpret those verses but that such are right because they say they are right. The post-Tribulationalists speak of the Church wanting to ‘avoid’ suffering and escape yet they qualify the Tribulation with a ‘place of safety’ that is no less escapism. This is in reference to those that will find refuge in Jordon, in the Petra area during the 2nd half of the 7-year Sabbath Tribulation Period Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

Those Who are the ‘Elect’

The Church since Pentecost has experienced suffering, persecution, and tribulation. She has not run away from such adversities. The Church has suffered tribulation for nearly 2000 years now. The Church is experiencing tribulation now of the likes of how it was in the Roman arena times. The other reason why the Church Age cannot overlap into Jacob’s Trouble is because the Church Age is a time when Jesus’ Ambassadors have the function and disposition to administer grace, mercy and peace on behalf of the King that seeks to reconcile the world to Himself before His judgment befalls on it.

This is the Ministry in general of the Church, a Ministry of Reconciliation where there is no judgment, yet. During the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, it will be all about judgment, vengeance, and wrath not about mercy, grace or peace. The Rapture event does not have to constitute the beginning of the last 7-year Sabbath Tribulation. It may however go in tandem with the Sudden Destruction if the typology of Sodom and the Flood are applied. In the context of the Rapture and the Sudden Destruction there is clear understanding that there will be those that will escape and those that will not.

The Bride has not ‘escaped the confrontations of the various AntiChrists and the Spirit of AntiChrist up until the very end of the Church Age. The difference is that the coming Tribulation of the coming Antichrist will be allowed to ‘ware out the Saint’. This could never be said of the Church Age because the Daniel’s last Week of Years constitutes the Last Sabbath and the start of the literal breaking of the Seal judgments. It would appear that some post-Tribulationists have the Jehovah Witness Syndrome that no one knows if they are saved or part of the 144,000 that only get to go to Heaven.

As the Post-Tribulationalists believe you have to be ‘chosen’ to be worthy of only being taken to a place of safety. They have the ‘Elect Only’ doctrinal disposition and confuse the timing of the Rapture to be either a mid-Tribulation or a post-Tribulation. This is fine to believe in a post-Tribulation scenario and yet those post-Tribbers as they are call by them do not label such as False Prophets or of Satan’s lie for believing in a pre-Tribulation scenario. This study suggests that there will be several Raptures, foremost that the Rapture of the Bride is singular amongst the types. Thereafter there will be several disappearances that appear to be Raptures during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

 For example, the Olivet Discourse alludes to the gathering of His Elect from the 4 Winds of the Earth at the end of the Tribulation, etc. This is not necessarily a Rapture verse or event as it is not telling that the Elect are taken to Heaven as it is at the end of a ‘harvest’. This would constitute the 3rd Feast, that of Sukkot that corresponds to the Grape Harvest. And it would be the 3rd Company of the 1st Resurrection where Jesus was the 1st Company, at Passover and then with the 2nd Company being the Church Age Saints at the Resurrection corresponding to the Wheat Harvest in Summer. It would be pointless because this gathering takes place at the end of the Tribulation and it is when Christ is coming back physically to set up His Kingdom. The gathering of this ‘Elect’ has a dual accomplishment in that not only are the Elect of that time, the Jews are gathered but so are the armies of the nations against Israel.

The Fruit of the Spirit

In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus’ instruction is to Israel during its Time of Jacob’s Trouble, not the Church. Of all the Revelation chapters that discloses the End Times, only the 1st 4 chapters give instruction to the Church and then metaphorically she is called up to be shown ‘what is to take place thereafter’. What she is shown is the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. To reiterate, since Jesus will come at the Battle of Armageddon, the gathering of the Elect appears to be a ‘rapture’ event, but it is not. It is the gathering of the Jewish Old Testament Remnant. In Jerusalem, only several million will be left of the Jews in particular because of the loss of life due to the various major wars that occur.

The Bible states that only 1/3 0r .33 of the Jews or the Living ‘Elect’ at that time are physically left to be able to accomplish this gathering from the 4 corners of the Earth. Some post-Tribulationists put their hope on the 4 Angels that with harvest them and teach that the ‘Elect’ have to wait on the 4 Angels rather than wait and look to Jesus, the Groom. Such don’t realize the ‘big picture’ that there is another 4 Angels that are also waiting and bound at the Euphrates that are eager to set free the Demons upon the Earth. Will the ‘Elect’ confuse these 4 Angels instead?

This typology of the In-Gathering Harvests correspond then to the Barley-Wheat-Grape Harvest Jesus bring in. He then presses His judgment upon the AntiChrist and all the wicked gathered against the Jews. This is when the blood of such armies will flow up to the horse’s bridle, a true pressing out of the grapes one can say. Thus, this gathering of the Elect can thus be interpreted as the Jews being gathered physically to a place. The Bride was ‘elected’ to be taken out of wrath before the start of this Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Just because one believes in ‘doctrine’ does not make one part of the ‘Elect’. The Believers in Jesus Christ are already ‘elected’ in Christ. Jesus is the Elect.

The Saints just have to make their election sure; meaning being found in Jesus and not be disqualified by the weights and the sin that can easily disqualify a runner from the prize that is at the end of the Heavenly Race. That prize is to be counted worthy to be found of the 5 Wise Virgins when the call of the Groom comes and be part of the Bride that is pure. The Bible declares that without holiness and purity no one will be able to see the Face of YHVH. This mystery is unique and its dispensation spanning the Church Age is only for such a generation. The Old Testament Saints will not be part of the Bride, the Tribulation Saints will not be part of the Bride. This is how special the Church Age and the mystery of the Bride is.

The purification of the Bride within the Church has been taken place since Pentecost. During the Last Sabbath Tribulation, it will have been too late as there is no time to spare. Purity takes time as besetting sin and temptations often times require years to be done away with in a Believer. Again, to think that intellectual affirmation on a particular doctrine like believing that the Rapture takes place mid or post-Tribulation does not make one ‘electable’ and is very presumptuous on the part of the dispensers of such alternative interpretations. Some post-Tribulationalists have a very disturbing accusatory spirit that is not of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Great Escape Rapture

It is not about being right or winning the argument; it is about maintaining the unity of the Holy Spirit in love despite differing opinions on the possible interpretations of a doctrine. One has to ask what type of Holy Spirit Fruit such are producing in the Body of Christ when some are dogmatic about a Rapture interpretation that only causing division and disunity in the Body of Christ. This is not of the Holy Spirit. This is the point. Such a similar spirit of pride and arrogance existed in that the religiosity of the Pharisees insisted they were ‘right’ and had the ‘right’ interpretation of Scriptures in Jesus’ day and throughout Church history.

Many have been burned at the stake for not ‘believing correctly’ and took it upon themselves to pronounce ‘Life or Death’ over a Believer. The spirit is the same in which after the resurrection of the LORD and when instructing the Disciples about what is to come after His departure, Peter deflected the attention away from himself and introspection to that of John, to anothers business and commission. The LORD corrected Peter and admonished him about another’s Ministry. The Bible does teach that ‘no prophecy is of personal interpretation’. This means that the Holy Spirit has to be the Teacher and the Body of Christ has to allow the Spirit to teach.

Others should not take the place of the Holy Spirit and condemn other for not believing ‘correctly’ when the Rapture of the Bride of Christ occurs. The Apostles did not consider the Rapture issue absolute dogma when on the other hand one should address false doctrines that are clearly specified by the Apostles. Jesus basically admonished Peter to worry about one’s own directives and commission. A Disciple of Jesus is directed to leave the work and issues of other Brethren to the LORD as it is between the LORD and the Believer individually as is the case with the Rapture issue.

The Rapture issue is not an issue of sin that others have to meddle in the affairs of one’s personal conviction and leading of the Holy Spirit. The admonition is for such to recognize that it is the Holy Spirit that is teaching millions of those that have sought understanding, discernment throughout the Church Age and yet come to different conclusions as in the case of the Rapture timing. Some agree with a pre-Tribulation timing as others with a mid or post-Tribulation scenario. What is it to some to get in the way between Jesus’ instruction and the Disciple? Like with Jesus’ admonition to the Religious Rulers of Israel, such were similar self-pious and self-righteous hypocrites that swallowed a camel.

They were busy bodies in other’s Ministries; tend to one’s own calling and commission. Occupy until the LORD comes regardless of the Rapture scenario. The religious of Jesus’ day called Jesus a false prophet; they attributed Jesus’ work as being of and coming from Satan. It is like many who only dogmatically believe in the mid or post-Tribulation camp insist that all those that are specifically pre-Tribbers’ are false prophets and are of Satan. Is this not blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? This same spirit of condescension permeates the Church in this last hour. Such insist that the whole Body of Christ has to conform to such a doctrine to be ‘electable’ to be sent only to a safe place with the Jews during the Tribulation Period.

Who appointed such to be the arbitrators of the correct interpretation on the penalty of being called of Satan and False Prophets?  The Church has not stopped her Royal Commission because of the Rapture ‘Escapism’. On the contrary, it those that, ‘Love Jesus’ appearing’, that purify themselves because of such an expectation of the Blessed Hope. The prime examples of such Escapism are found in Lot and Noah. For one, they are just a typology for the Rapture scenario and cannot be minutely dissected for the exact inference of how the Rapture will pan out exactly. Second, it was Jesus Himself that admonished that the End of Days were to be like the Days of Lot and Noah when there as an ‘Escape’ provided as judgment commenced only thereafter.

To negate the very directives of the LORD and their sequences is to be discrediting the very words of Jesus. What spirit is this coming from? Each event was occurred in their own unique context. The theme is that YHVH’s People are not judged when divine judgment is to befall in the circumstances. The prophetic context of the Church Age is that it is not a time of judgment, yes judgment as in disciple for the Body of Christ but not the world. The Tribulation is the time of judgment of the world, not a time of mercy or peace.

This was the theme in both instances. The Angels told Lot basically, ‘hurry and get out because we cannot execute judgment, not tribulation upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah until you are departed’, etc. One can spiritualize anything and if the case is as the post-Tribulationalists say that the ‘place of safety’ is where the Church can only be taken to the literal wilderness of Petra during the divine judgments to come, then Jesus’ promises fail the test. Then Jesus as the Groom did not have either enough time to prepare the Bride or He has not the power to complete His work through Church and needs an ‘extra inning’.

This study also suggests that another of the reason for the Tribulation Period is to remove the wicked from the Earth. This is in reference to ‘one taken and the other left behind’. Those that are taken are the wicked sinners and not a ‘Rapture’ in the true since of being caught up in the air to meet the LORD; it is not the Rapture of the Bride. Again, this is not necessarily a Rapture verse but a disappearance that seems and can mistakenly be taken for a Rapture event. This is the judgment upon the wicked at the LORD’s returns due to the judgment of the Glory of His appearing. According to the Bible, Jesus’ Epiphaneia or manifestation at His 2nd Coming will vanquish the wicked off the face of the Earth by His mere appearance.

Why is this to happen? The initiation of the Millennial Kingdom has to start with a clean sinless slate. Thus, no Sinner alive will be going into that dispensation of the Kingdom Age. This is also why the LORD will not judge Lucifer there and then as his 2 False Witnesses were that bypass the White Throne Judgment and are condemned directly to the Lake of Fire. Even so the post-Tribulationalists deny even the speculation of a pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Bride. It is nonetheless seen in multitudes of Rapture typologies all throughout the Scripture and Feasts of YHVH. Every earthly example has only been a typology as are the Feasts of the YHVH; they are rehearsals.

The point is that the Rapture will be an ‘Escape’ to a place in like manner and the place of safety will be in what Isaiah foretells that it will be in the Heavenly Chuppah, the Chambers, the Mansion of Glory ultimately. Jesus will fulfill the Resurrection and Rapture event. The Groom has been preparing in the Father’s House for nearly 2000 years such Chuppah for His Bride. This is the place the Groom will take the Bride, to the Father’s House, not Petra. This study has only suggested that the Last Sabbath will correlate to the last AntiChrist that will mirror the 7-days or that of the Passion Week with a Presentation, a Cutting-Off of in the midst dealing with a Sacrifice and then with an Appearing at the end. It will be a time when the literal incarnation of Lucifer into the AntiChrist will occur during the Tribulation Period. Lucifer craves the worship of Humanity. And from the 1260th day, his False Prophet will institute the Mark of the Beast. Without this allegiance and worship, no one on Earth will be able to ‘buy or sell’.

Through the body of the AntiChrist, it will allow for Lucifer to physically sit in the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant and proclaim that he is God. This quest has been Lucifer’s secret ambition to mimic the incarnation of Jesus. Why? Because in estimation it is the humans that YHVH has chosen to be placed even above the Angels and Lucifer is power hungry to know what that feels like. This scenario does necessitate that there has to be a literal 3rd Temple in place. This 3rd Temple might be part of the deal in the confirming the Covenant with the ‘Many’ that per Daniel’s prophecy is what will start the 7-year last Sabbath Cycle before the return of the King, Jesus. Why?

It is because the 2520-day count of the entire Tribulation Period is contingent then on when the Daily Sacrifices are cut-off at the middle of the count or the 1260th day. This then means that logically, one can reverse engineer the day count back 1260 days to know when that first Daily Sacrifice will have to occur. Thus, this will necessitate the existence and construction of the Altar of Sacrifice and the 3rd Temple. This Altar of Sacrifice has already been re-dedicated. It was rededicated in December of 2018. Interestingly, if one adds a 3.5 year factor since that re-dedication, the year will be 2022.This is the year of the start of a new 70year Sabbatical Cycle. Could this be then the 70th Week of Years per Daniel?

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