Monuments and Motifs of the Luciferians

  • What is the Scottish Rite and its Center all about?
  • Is there a common encrypted pattern of Solomon's Temple?
  • What role do the Masons play prophetically in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. . . Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God. …The doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of darkness and evil.’  -A.C. De La Rive, La Femme et l'enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle,

The purpose of this study is to suggest that the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in San Francisco is patterned after 2 designs. As with the construct of the ‘Rite’, their prime directive is to have all things related and referenced to the Temple that King Solomon built. Thus, the Masonic ‘Temple Complex’ on Sloat and 19th Street is fashioned to that of the Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem. The 2nd pattern that this study suggests is that the ‘Temple’ center, which is essential an event center auditorium is fashioned to portray a double-headed eagle as is the motif of the Scottish Rite when looking at the building from a top view. If one is ever driving through ‘The City by the Bay’, that is San Francisco, one will traverse inevitably through one of the main arteries, 19th street.

At the intersection of Sloat, there is a very prominent building on the 4-way intersection that looks very ominous with seemingly ‘Christian’ motifs that adorn the exterior façade on 19th Street. There are Maltese Crosses, Templar Crosses, Hexagrams with Hebrew lettering, etc. Then there is a double-headed eagle etched into the building. This study will consider the obvious and what is revealed and made to project outside in plain sight. Then the study will consider the esoteric nature of some of this possible meaning and significance of such a design and the origins of the Scottish Rite.

First-off, the building is orientated in a north-south, east-west fashion where the entrance is facing the rising of the Sun. Such were the orientation of the ancient temples of the world and especially that of King Solomon’s. It speaks of the ‘light of illumination’ that it receives, etc. Thus, if one superimposes the 2nd Temple blueprint layout from a top view, there does appear to be certain key markers that correlate directly with each other. The  entire ‘Temple Fortress’ perimeter ‘fits’ nearly exactly from the center divider of 19th Street to the edge of the housing track on the east side. The compound or center is apparently ‘divided’ along the lines as the Temple was with the Court of the Women to the East and the Temple proper with the various Courts of the Priest and Israel. This delineation is also based off the phi ratio proportions. 

The Sacred Measurements
Interestingly, the Court of the Women corresponds to an open area of playing courts that the school compound there is associated with the Lutheran Church. At each corner, of this church compound section, there are certain builders that would then correlate to the 4 champers within the Court of the Women; that of the Lepers, the Wood, the Oil and the Nazarites. What is further interesting is that the delineation of the Scottish Masonic Center and the Lutheran Church would appear to line up with the main ‘Temple’ Lutheran Church building itself. The actual church building would be apparently the length of the Altar of Sacrifice ‘ramp’. The Altar of Sacrifice itself would be situated nearly on ‘top’ of where the Lutheran Church ‘Altar’ would be at the end, inside of the Nave. Then the ‘steps’ leading up to the Temple Porch is nearly the distance from the edge of the Masonic Center building entrance to the first delineation in the structure.

Then the Masonic Center ‘Temple body’ is nearly the same distance as would be the Temple in King Herod’s model inner chambers having each respective Temple’s ends terminate at the 19th street’s edge. The inner portions would constitute the Holies and Holy of Holies. Such ‘chambers’ would span the core of the Scottish Masonic Center building that is essential an auditorium for various types of meetings, gatherings and performances. Obviously, inside the Scottish Masonic Center ’Temple’, one will not find the exact dimensions of a 20x20x20 cubits of the perfect cube Holy of Holies or the 20x40 cubits Holies. One will find the tapestry and artwork on the various wall panels throughout the Masonic building. It is replete with the drawings of King Solomon, Temple blueprints and esoteric motifs of the Scottish Rite persuasion of Freemasonry. The following is the approximate measurements taken from Google Earth that characterizes the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple with their many encrypted numerology symbolism. This is from a top view and with an east-west orientation to the building.

The width of the 2 corner ‘eagle heads’         13 smooths
Width of the ‘eagle head’ with recesses        888 inches
Width of the outer edges of 1st section          88 feet
From recesses to main façade 1st section    13 yards or 6.66 smooths
The length of the center section or ‘body’      1260 inches or ~33 yards
The approximate with of ‘body’ at end           999 inches
The entire length from entrance to end          33 smooths or 176 feet (1776)
From the ‘head’ to end of ‘Temple’                 1776 inches
And the diagonal from corner to corner         100 yards

In terms of the 2nd type of design and layout, if one looks toward the east from a top view, the entire Scottish Rite Masonic Center building appears to be construed to look like that of the double-headed eagle motif of the Scottish Rite. There is the ‘head’ with the 2 respective edges recessed to show this effect. There are to flanks of ‘wings’ or sections that parallels the main ‘body’ of the ‘beast of prey’, etc. Then there are the 2 symbiotically ‘feet’ of the eagle that is resting on the Masonic ‘sword’ that would thus correlate to the sidewalk on 19th Street. As to the name of the Scottish Rite, it is called ‘The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’. It is the counterpart to the York Rite and is also referred to as the Rose Croix or the Rosicrucian's.

A Luciferian Rite
Supposedly, the Rite, ‘builds upon the ethical teaching and philosophy’ of the Craft or that of the Blue Lodges of Freemasonry. Their symbol is the double-headed eagle motif that is perched on a Masonic sword and has the number 33 within a triangle on the breast of the eagle. The number stands for the 33 degrees that are known to exist, publicly. The other prominent motif is the Rose and Cross within the Compass of the Masons that also depicts a pelican with younglings. For example, such a ‘pelican’ motif is the symbol on the flag of the state of Louisiana in the USA. There is much debate as to the origins of the Rite that involve such personages as the ‘myth of Stuart Jacobite’, King Charles II of England, and German noblemen, etc. It is believed that the first inception of the order was brought-over by the French in what is now Haiti. 

Although the order would be considered ‘Christian’ in its veneer, there have been Jews and Jesuits that have influenced and led the Rite at various times. Interestingly, the ‘Mother Lodge’ in the Western Hemisphere is situated in the Supreme Council at Charleston, South Carolina. And this Rite is heavily influenced by the Kabbalist Jews that have their ‘Craft’ going back all the way to Nimrod of the Tower or ‘Temple’ of Babel. What many may not suspect nor consider is that such motifs and leaders have not been ‘Christian’ nor have had anything to do with Jesus as the true Christ and His Gospel of Salvation. Albeit, the Freemasons believe in a ‘Christ’, a Deity and Creator, the ‘Grand Architect of the Universe’, it has not Jesus nor YHVH of the Bible.

This assertion is stated and established well within the Albert Pike writings of the Morals and Dogmas. Pike basically codified the ‘Rites’ and essentially defined that their ‘religion’ is that of Lucifer. To the Freemasons, Lucifer is the true ‘God’ and that YHVH is the evil imposter. It is Albert Pike and others like Manly P. Hall that later on confirmed that indeed this ‘religious order’ is Luciferian and Lucifer is the God whom they worship.  The Rite such as this one and any other affiliated Order might  have the vestiges of being ‘Christian’ but that would be a falsity. However, such Rites and Orders have infiltrated and coopted many of the mainline Christian churches, such as the one in which the compounds of the Scottish Rite Masonic Center are situated within. It is the Lutheran Church and school that are linked to this Rite.

Such Freemasonic association, by the way that is forbidden by the Apostles in the writings of the New Testament. Rather, that Christians are to expose ‘False Brethren’ and the false ‘Ministers of Righteousness’ that are masquerading as such. The Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 11 stated the following regarding such ‘Rites’. ‘For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the Apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an Angel of Light. Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the Ministers of Righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.’ One of the Rite’s main aim is to complete their ‘Great Work’. This ‘Great Work’ is to enthrone Lucifer one day in Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. Many believe this will concur with the rebuilding of the Jewish 3rd Temple that will be eventually coopeted by the Luciferians for the purposes of enthroning their false Messiah. It is to be the New World Oder Temple for the coming King Solomon type that will rule the world from Jerusalem.

It will be a time on Earth of Humanity’s last generati
Morals and Dogma

Countdown to the New World Order

  • What Empire will the coming AntiChrist rule?
  • How soon will Daniel's 70th Week of Years start?
  • What does the Bible have to say about the coming 'Order'?

by Luis B. Vega

‘The 4th Beast is a 4th Kingdom (Empire) that will appear on Earth. It will be different from all the other Kingdoms and will devour the whole Earth, trampling it down and crushing it.' –Daniel 7:23

The purpose of this study is to suggest that the geo-political, economic and religious domain of the coming evil Masonic Empire of Lucifer’s AntiChrist will comprise the last rendition of the Roman Empire centered around the Mediterranean. The illustration will show that even the topography of this realm approximates the anthropomorphic dimensions of the Vitruvian Man of Da Vinci. The scale appears to correspond to the pattern of the King of Babylon’s dream of the Statue of 4 elements destroyed by a ‘Rock’ at the base of the Statue. This Rock from Heaven, aka, Jesus Christ will come when the last rendition of the last Beast Empire has a 10 Nation confederation ruling the known world and especially has dealing with the Temple of YHVH.

Upon the superimposition of the Vitruvian Man, the following observations are noted. The 1st 2 Empires of Babylon and Medo-Persia are to the right of Jerusalem while the Grecian and Roman ones are to the left. This left-right sectioning is in a phi ratio. A ley-line from London t Jerusalem approximates the angle of the extended ‘leg’ of the Vitruvian Pattern. This same pattern construes the waterways leading to Jerusalem from the Pillars of Hercules. Such entry points constitute ‘gates’ that suggest how Heaven is perhaps also laid-out as was Paradise on Earth before the Fall of Adam and Eve. This same patter ‘mirrors’ then also the Cosmos with the Golden Gate, that being associated with Ophiuchus and then the Silver Gate with Orion at each end.

This convergence may be profoundly prophetic because such a point in time may very well coincide with the start of Daniel’s last Prophetic Week of 7-years, which is eschatologically referred to as the Tribulation Period. The purpose for this last 7th Week of prophetic 7 years is for Jesus to pour out the divine Seal Judgment against the 4th and last Luciferian Masonic Empire before His return. This Wrath of the Lamb as the Bible describes it corresponds to the 7-7-7 pattern Seal Judgments that are broken by Jesus with the Bride of Christ in Heaven at His side. The Bride will serve as the legal witness of the verdict against Lucifer and his conspirator Masonic Empires throughout history and for the blood spilt of the martyrs of Christ throughout the Church Age. Any such correlations of the Seal Judgments up until then are only a prelude of what is to ultimately be fulfilled during the Tribulation Period. As with all Biblical prophecy, the Seal Judgments have also cast their prophetic shadow throughout history.

The Prophetic Prelude
This has been the case with the previous Luciferian world Empires that demonstrated similar type of judgment patterns, false Antichrists, false peace, war, plagues, death, etc. This study also suggests that the geo-political, economic, military and religious domain of the coming Masonic Empire of Lucifer’s AntiChrist will comprise the last rendition of the Roman Empire centered on the Mediterranean. The study suggests that even the topography of this realm approximates the anthropomorphic dimensions of the Vitruvian Man of Da Vinci in phi ratio proportions. This form has its base at the Pillars of Hercules that coincide with a direct heading to the coming New Jerusalem boundaries at a 33-degree angle.

The scale of the ‘Mediterranean Man’ appears to correspond to the King of Babylon’s dream of the Statue destroyed by a ‘Rock’ at the base of the Statue that also corresponds to the Rock of Gibraltar. This Rock from Heaven, aka, Jesus Christ will come when the last rendition of the last Beast Empire has a 10-Toe Confederation ruling the known world. The coming evil Luciferian Masonic Empire will be Masonic only in the sense that the current and prior ones, as interpreted by the prophet Daniel have been orchestrated by such ‘Builders’ that have been involved in either the destruction and/or building of the Temples of YHVH in Jerusalem. Such Secret Societies as the Masons and other are the very ones the Bible exposes as being the ‘Builders that rejected the true Stone’, the Rock which is Christ Jesus–the true Light of the World.

There have been also many astronomical Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars that seem to herald the coming of the AntiChrist as astronomically coinciding with the rising of Ophiuchus as Saturn will be in this sign for the next 7 years, perhaps signaling that his ‘New World Christ’ and Golden Age are about to be birthed. Each segment of Nebuchadnezzar’s prophetic Statue metal element corresponded to a Luciferian Masonic Beast Empire. There are many competing theories as to what the last 10-Toe Confederation Empire will be comprised of in the ‘Last Generation’. Many speculate the New World Order will be 10 world regional superpowers, perhaps but given the prophetic context and imagery of Daniel’s interpretation of the King of Babylon's Statue, the natural termination would be within the Empire type that corresponds to the current world Masonic Empire that Rome is still and on both sides of the Mediterranean.

Many may not have realized that for example, the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt is centered in Cairo’s Masonic Lodge. It was from such a Masonic temple of doom that the plans for the Arab Spring were formulated. Their nemesis is the Christian Church and Israel for which their Islamic mobs burnt many ancient Coptic Churches to the ground during that time. This study is not meant to offend Masons, Muslims or Catholics but to warn them to get out of such Luciferian organizations and their trappings as YHVH warned His People to get out of Babylon or else face the same condemnation and judgment that is to befall their Harlot, their Queen of Heaven. The successor to the Roman Empire, based on its laws, political, economic, educational and religious system is Europe and the Americas by colonization as Rome was famed for doing. Currently the Luciferian Beast Empire ruling the world in one form or another is the USA in the Americas.

The Masonic Mystery
This study holds to the interpretation that the last rendition of the King of Babylon’s Statue prophecy will involve a version of this current Roman Empire imprint. For example, Washington D.C. is called the ‘New Rome’ and it is laid out as the Vatican. Technically the Roman Empire has not ceased to exist as it morphed into the Papacy. In essence, the Pope is the Roman Caesar's religious office still in operation with an official state, land, bank, post office, army etc., although small in comparison to its former imperial glory. The Papacy is a true depiction of a miniscule ‘Lamb’ coming out of the ground but that speaks like a Dragon and in the authority and power of the Dragon as the Book of Revelation depicts. The point is that very nation that the Luciferians have used to bring about their ‘Great Work’ has been milked out of its resources.

They take the best and brightest and when no longer able to lay the proverbial golden eggs, they kill the Goose and go on to the next ‘Bird’. Currently the USA is that Masonic Phoenix Empire that emerged 2-fold out of the ashes of a burned and imploded Old Phoenix Europe; first in 1776 and then after World War 2 in 1945. The USA, especially after WW2 has been used by the ‘Builders’ to operate theatres of war and military operations primarily in preparations for this last 10-Toe nation Luciferian confederation by empowering ‘democracy’ movements and regime change by force especially in the Middle East. How would the USA like it if China or Russia or Cuba insisted on ’regime change’ for America?

How about if other countries seeking to forcefully impose ‘democracy’ on the USA bombed its cities and infrastructure and sent drones all over the nation to selectively assassinate those opposed to such tactics and called such terrorists? The point is that this study suggests that the pendulum is about to swing back to Europe for the New Order, primarily to the Mediterranean basin where the Realm of the Beast is to operate from. Prophetically, the USA has been set up to implode as part of the Builder’s Great Work requirement for ushering in their Luciferian Masonic New World Order. Why these Luciferian Empires are vilified and attributed to being Masonic is because such Secret Societies on the outward appearance are seen as good, upright and moral.

It would be considered an oxymoron that the Masonic nature of the New World Order would be labeled ‘evil’ as most would consider the work of the Masons to be good, beneficial, and seek the betterment of mankind. Overtly perhaps such works are but they only masquerade their deep dark secrets. Jesus in the Bible exposes them as really being agents of Lucifer and fellow workers of inequity. Such claim to be ‘Light Workers’ as they labor on behalf of their Grand Master Mason, Lucifer the ‘Light Bearer’ that they blindly believe seeks to only illuminate Humanity out of its darkness and fallen state. As it pertains to the USA, the nation had its origins in Masonic occult beginnings. The USA might have stared bright and apparently full of promise but as every Masonic ‘Bird’, the next Phoenix must rise out of its ashes for such a time coincides. America is overdue for judgment. This judgment will eventually be done through is economic collapse of its Petro-Dollar in part.

Principalities and Powers
This study suggests that this transition will coincide with America’s national judgment due to the threshold that has been crossed morally against the laws of the Bible. The ’Builders‘ of this coming Masonic Beast Empire are the Elders of the of the false Zion that have captured all facets of world government and human institutions to only wage war continually to spill innocent blood at the bequest of their Fallen Angel. Such Principalities and Powers are overlords that require bloodletting to satiate their lust for the human energies. These true ‘vampires’ suck the blood and life out of Humanity as they enslave the masses with their financial usury and thievery. These The contrary is true regarding the Masonic Mystery; the deeper one goes, the darker it gets.

These are the entities that are in league with corrupt corporations and governments that scheme to steal the pension funds, bailout their banks, corporations and manipulate the markets as they please. They appoint the Kings, Ministers and Presidents. They are the ones that conduct the black-ops, clandestine work and intel psych-ops, such as orchestrated mass-shootings. These are the very ones that are really no better than organized crime syndicates that run prostitution, ship in drugs and enslaved women and children for pleasure. In Revelation, the Apostle John describes the Last Generation in which the system of Babylon will traffic even in the very souls of men. These have always been the Money Changers for which Jesus chased out of the Temple Mount ’stock market’. As Jesus exposed such in the guise of good moral and up-standing ‘Builders’ of YHVH’s House, Jesus described these leaders very accurately as being white washed tombs.

It is for this reason among many that Jesus will need to cleanse the Temple at His 2nd Advent. Jesus rebuked the Jewish religious leadership of Israel for nullifying the Word of YHVH, of the Tanakh in exchange for the Talmud that is mere traditions of men. Such followers of the Talmud as they were then are now and will be still are against the true Messiah, Jesus Christ. These are the Elders, the Builders that rejected Jesus as the true Messiah because as Jesus further elaborated, He exposed them for what they truly were about. Addressing their power source and their real nature, Jesus told them that they were the ‘Sons of Belial’, or Lucifer that meet in Synagogues of Satan, i.e., Masonic Lodges for one. These Builders are the preverbial 'clouds that have no rain' that only kill, steal, destroy, as the Bible teaches and Jesus exposed them for what they are.

They make their monetary profit out of continual war and manipulation of the world economic markets for their god is the god of Mammon, Mercury and their Sol Invictus is Saturn all rolled-up in one. It is the ‘god of this world’, Lucifer...the god of wealth, medicine and prosperity that only temporarily gives his apprentice Builders the power to do such evil as they masquerade as ‘Messengers of Light’ and goodness. This study suggests that the coming 7-year prophetic Week of Years is about literally reclaiming Adam’s authority over such entities to take back the Earth and the governments and the institutions of the Nations through Jesus Christ. The Rapture event of the Bride of Christ will lead to the eventual start of the 7-year prophetic Week of Daniel called the Tribulation Period. If so, it will be considered a ‘short’ time in comparison to the rest of the previous Luciferian Beast Empires.

The Last Week of Daniel Weeks
This study is mindful of the possibility that there might be a ‘gap’ of time in-between the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation Period that very well may be also a 7-year prophetic week that will be a prelude to the actual start of the Tribulation Period. This gap theory would accommodate the possible time needed to construct the 3rd Temple without haste and allow for Israel to become comfortable in it false sense of ‘Peace and Security ‘as it would be the set up for the Gog-Magog War I to come perhaps during the midpoint of the Tribulation Period. The Terminal Generation that many believe pegs 1948 as being the prophetic countdown to the return of the King, Jesus. This coming last Luciferian Masonic Beast Empire will have this same Jesus as the ‘Rock’ the Builders rejected and was crucified smash the Builders’. Currently, the Empires of the world are Lucifer’s to give.

As the Builders told the Messiah Jesus then that their King was none other than Caesar who gives them the power to rule. Such regulate money, extort by usury, and steal from the poor and collect taxes, it has been no different since then. In Jesus’ day, such did not want to give up their seats of power and privilege. Such Elders of Zion usurped the religious precepts of national Israel’s spiritual heritage. This ‘Brotherhood’ will do the same with Israel during this last Masonic Empire by sanctioning the Temple and commencing the Daily Sacrifices and when it will cease. This power to administer the Earthly Beast Empires of Lucifer was but one of Lucifer's ways in which he even tempted Jesus with so as to not go the way of the Cross. Why?

It is because by doing so Jesus would be dying for the sins of Adam’s race, Humanity would no longer be legally bound to Lucifer’s dominion and authority since the days of Paradise. There would be no hope for humanity to be released from the clutches of Lucifer and his Masonic agents that are given power and dominion in exchange for alliance and worship if it was not for Jesus Christ’s intervention and compassion for the fallen race of Adam. These cadres of ’Builders’ since Paradise have controlled all that is required to regulate Humanity in their favor. This has been accomplished through their Protocols, through corrupt laws, commerce, education, medicine and religion. The Bible states that Jesus came to destroy the works of their Dark Lord, his workers of iniquity and fellow evil Fallen Angels. Jesus will metaphorically smash to pieces like pottery and pulverize them at His 2nd Advent.

Spiritually speaking, karma will return to these ‘Builders’ and rightly so for smashing to pieces Humanity and dragging it through the halls of Hell due to their insatiable greed and lust for power. In a parallel type, as Jesus came in His 1st Advent into a Roman Empire realm, a false King of the Jews, Herod and false Prophet or High Priest, so too in Jesus’ 2nd Advent will He come to a Roman Empire ruling the world, a false King Messiah AntiChrist and False Prophet circumstance. According to Jesus, their end is soon to come; their fate has been sealed at the Cross of Calvary. Jesus will come to literally take back the title deed to the Earth and the legal authority over the Nations on behalf of Adam. This was foretold in Isaiah 9. The coming Luciferian Masonic Empire will have its days numbered.

Lucifer’s Order
It will be allowed to run it last course for a 7-year long prophetic Week of Years because this is how long it will take to judge Lucifer and prepare Israel to meet Jesus as the true Messiah. Until such a time the 2nd part of the Tribulation Period to come is where the LORD who is the true Sovereign over all will allow total power to be given to Lucifer’s AntiChrist for 42 months or 1260 days exclusively. This time will correspond to the Time of Jacob's Trouble or the Great Tribulation by some estimation and Jesus’ assessment.  According to the description of the prophet Daniel and John the Revelator, no other peace, economy, political apparatus, army or religion will be tolerated during this last ‘Terminal Generation’. This is but one of many eschatological interpretation of the Last Days. It will be at this time that the true ’colors’ of Lucifer and his Master Builders will be shown for that they are, Beasts.

The precepts of the Georgia Guidestones will be implemented. The ‘useless eaters’ will be illuminated in the world through war, plagues and outright genocide. Death Panels will decide who is worthy to live. It will also be the time that the LORD from Heaven with His warrior Bride at His side will witness the most intense Trumpet and Bowl Judgments to be poured out over the AntiChrist’s Realm of the Beast. As the Bible exposes Lucifer’s true nature as a murdered and father of lies, he needs to transform himself into an Angel of apparent ‘Masonic’ Light to deceive the Nations. Lucifer is but a Fallen Angel that chose the way of sin and pride. He is the Prometheus that stole the fire from GOD and ’graciously’ presumes to share that with Humanity. Although certain secret knowledge has been bestowed to Humanity as disclosed by the book of Enoch and Genesis 6 from such fallen Angelic Being.

Such knowledge was forbidden by YHVH as inappropriate for Humanity to possess due to its fallen condition as Humanity rather followed the dark light of the Dark Lord. On the contrary, Lucifer despises Humanity and seeks to destroy it, to deface it and take it to an existence of slavery and ultimate destruction. It is Jesus Christ who proclaimed the Year of Jubilee to liberate the captives from sin and Lucifer. It is Jesus that takes a fallen Humanity from the dung heap and places it in the midst of the Princes of His People. On the contrary, it is Lucifer that seeks to take the Princes of YHVH’s People and place them on a dung heap. The Luciferian Masonic Empires have lorded over the Nations by way of these Protocols of Zion ever since Paradise.

This subjugation plan has been the pattern and seen throughout human history as the AntiChrist types such as Nimrod, Nero, Napoleon and Hitler for example have destroyed their own empires in the process. The evil deeds of such ‘Beasts’ identified in the prophecies of Daniel among many others throughout Human history have been written down as a witness account of all the wicked acts that such Beastly Luciferian world empires have brought upon Humanity; false peace, war, famine, plagues and Hell on Earth. This study suggests that the world, Israel, the Earth, Mankind are at the precipice of a transition of ‘Orders’, of an Age consisting of this 7-year prophetic judgment timeframe called the Tribulation period, if what the celestial signs and Biblical types foretell, are valid and are accurate in their interpretations.

The Protocols of the Order
It will be the darkest days yet to come for Humanity as Jesus foretold. Many astronomical signs are pointing to this convergence of prophetic history. All that has been taken for granted in terms of economic, political, social, religious and educational foundations will be changed drastically. As it is, most if not all institutions of the Nations have been completely compromised by the Protocols of the Order. This endeavor has been the primary emphases of the Master Builder’s ‘Great Work’. This work is evil and has been gradually initiated through the Protocols of Zion in almost every level in almost every nation throughout history. It is rather interesting that currently, the nations that are still left to conquer and bring into the Order of the last pieces of the world chessboard are Syria, Iran and North Korea. What is common amongst the nations is that they have no Central Bank run under the governance of the International Monetary Fund, the IMF. 

As it pertains to Syria, for this very reason has the U.S., the EU, the Saudis and MOSSAD thus trained, equipped and unleashed the Islamic State, ISIS out of the Gates of Hell as an excuse to go into Syria and topple Assad. In the process, it has decimated the ancient Christian witness there. In order to bring about this last Beast Empire, the grand finale will perhaps culminate in a fireworks display of the nuclear mushroom cloud kind…in an orchestrated and mathematical 3rd World War. According to the Protocols of the Elders and Masons, i.e., Albert Pike and their very own writings, it will be necessary to implode the current Order and create the chaos necessary to birth the New Order and have the New World Order be specifically led by the philosophy, doctrine and law that is exclusively Luciferian. Perhaps this ISIS type army will be the precursor to the armies that will constitute the Psalm 83 War against Israel.

It is uncanny how the timing of this Islamic army circumvented its way out of Syria as the Pope, Abbas and Peres met on Pentecost at the Vatican Hill in the Spring of 2014. This ‘Prayer Summit’ as it was called only served to release the ‘Dogs of Isis’ that is Sirius against the Bride of Jesus, the Christians. Astronomically, this Sign rose above the horizon during that time in the Field of Mars in Rome, the God of War. This time also coincided with the retrograde of Mars that precisely occurred in 1948 and 1967. The rise of Isis or the star Procyon is known as the Syrian Sign that no doubt released the ‘Satanic Dogs’ of the ISIS army that even desecrated the tomb of Jonah that had preached to Nineveh.

It was from Nineveh that Sennacherib eventually made his way to Jerusalem to taunt Israel as the ISIS of old that in exists in these End of Days will also taunt the People of YHVH and attempt to erase the memory of Israel from the world per Psalm 83. Such history is destined to repeat itself, but it will again result in YHVH divinely interceding on Israel’s behalf. Why? YHVH’s New Order will also be clocked over to ‘Israel Time’. It will be a prophetic time that will be turning once again to the testing and repentance of Israel needed to receive their true Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. As ISIS is made up of many man and women of a conglomerate of Muslim nations, perhaps such a strategy will eventually play itself out, as ISIS becomes the prophetic fulfillment of the Psalm 83 War coordinated attack upon Israel by the multitudes of people consisting of the Inner-Ring of the Muslim peoples that surrounds Israel.

The Rise of ISIS
This study suggests that the last rendition of the Luciferian Beast Empire will nonetheless be that of the Roman delineation of the 10-Toe Confederation that will be a mixture of such different peoples to primarily denote the Catholic and Muslim faiths and ethnic conglomeration of the Mediterranean peoples. Some suggest that is 4th and last Beast Empire it will be comprised of primarily a Catholic-Muslim alliance or Chrislam. At some point, the AntiChrist will rule the Realm of the Beast in the heart of the Mediterranean region that will be focused on Jerusalem’s 3rd Temple as it will be the prize of the Masons. As it is now, Europe has millions of Muslims in its population, primarily in France, Germany and England. Most Muslims refuse to assimilate and segregate themselves to the point of even being allowed to administer Sharia Law within their closed communities.

Nonetheless, this geographic location will see the New World Order have its greatest influence as Jerusalem, or Zion will be the focal point of the world’s contention for which ‘Christ’ will be worshiped and which Empire will be vanquished, Jesus’ or Lucifer’s. The coming New World Order leader will be apparently the long awaited Masonic Grand Master, Lucifer’s AntiChrist that national Israel will accept Messiah and perhaps the Muslims as the Mahdi. This could be the ‘iron mixed with clay’. Such a ’mixing’ of people in this last world Masonic Empire could not have been possible if it were not for the Builder’s conditioning of Humanity for this last ’Terminal Generation’. The Great Work of the Masonic Luciferian Empire has been based on an alternative ’Gospel’ of Lucifer.

Lucifer has deceived Humanity as with Eve in the Garden of Eden into believing that he has blessed the Human race with illumination, can, and will take it to the next level as part of ‘evolution’. Lucifer has always presented an alternative plan to transform Humanity beyond the current state into a ’god’ like existence since the days of Paradise. Practically how this will come about is that the coming Luciferian Empire’s false Messiah will dictate who can buy and sell and assign a Mark based on his Name; there is no opting out or parental waiver to fill out but by blood squirted out of a decapitated head. To reiterate, Lucifer has used his Masonic Empires throughout history to enslave and destroy Humanity and especially the work of the Creator, YHVH. Most of Humanity’s suffering has been due to Lucifer, the reprobate Light Bearer that ironically seeks to blind the minds of Humanity.

Sadly, many have been enticed with his beautiful side of evil that also believes that Lucifer will one day bestow immortality in a Brave New World to come, a reestablishment of the Golden Age perhaps Lucifer once ruled. This study stipulates that the new Masonic Order that will encompass the whole of the Tribulation Period of 7 years that perhaps has already started since the 1948 rebirth of Israel and the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967. Sadly, instead of the 70th Week being a year of release and liberty, it will be a state of war declared by Jesus of judgment and wrath upon the world. As to the AntiChrist Messiah promises of ‘Peace and Security’, the Seal Judgments will be poured out on this last Beast Empire instead. There cannot be any more delay after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ leading up to the 70th Week of Years.

A Declaration of War
As a country declares war on another nation, the first act of their leaders is to recall their Ambassadors. The Bible explicitly declares that the last Beast Empire that will eclipse the 7-Year Tribulation Period will be a time of war, of spiritual war between the Christs, the Sons, the Angels of Heaven of whom Gabriel promised Daniel that in the End of Days, he would come back to fight the Fallen Angels. The last 7-year prophetic Week of Daniel would thus also then be the countdown to Armageddon. In essence, it would mean that it would correspond to the return of Jesus Christ with the Bride to rule the Nations at His side. Before the Seal Judgments can be broken and pronounced on Lucifer’s last Empire, the Bride as the Ambassador of the Groom has to be recalled to Heaven. This is the ‘Falling Away’ terminology intended by the Apostle Paul.

The Bride of Christ has to witness the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jesus take the Scroll and Break the Seals, the declaration of war. She, as the Church has been like an Embassy, a piece of Heaven in a foreign land; as the Ambassador of the King that had been sent to the 4 corners of the world to testify of the true Christ and His promised Kingdom whose Empire is full of righteousness and justice. Jesus’ coming Kingdom offers the true immortality and a Golden Age of Paradise restored as the Bride co-rules the Universe with Christ Jesus. As Daniel, the Church will have been removed to a far way land on business at this time of the Tribulation Period. Why? It is because the Tribulation is the 7-years, all-inclusive and regardless of variant theological interpretations is to be a time of testing for Israel, not the Church and war as in Wrath for a Christ-rejecting world.

Thus, the 1st Seal Judgment is the start of the ‘Wrath’. Many are dismissing this initial start because it begins with the false peace and advent of the ‘Savior’ AntiChrist riding on a white horse, etc. The time of testing and transformation for the Church has been going on for the past 1,983 years (~32 AD - 2016). This time reference is only suggestive. Many confuse the context and overlap the Church Age with the Wrath of GOD that will be administered during the Tribulation Period because Christians are still present, obviously. The context of the Olivet Discourse was that Jesus is addressing Israel, not the Church Age. This does not mean that there won’t be any Christians present during this time of testing and the transformation of ‘Jacob’ as there will be many that will be evangelized by the 144,000 Jewish Preacher ‘Special Forces’.

There will also be the powerful testimony of the 2 Witnesses as well during the 2nd half or the Great Tribulation that Jesus alluded to, ‘and after the Tribulation of those days’, etc. There is much confusion and many Christians emphatically assert to the point of causing division and broken fellowship within the Body of Christ over possible interpretations of such coming prophetic events. Both Israel and many denominations within the Body of Christ fail to fully understand the purpose, scope and fulfillment of the Church Age and what is the purpose of the Body of Christ and the notion of the Bride of Christ. The Church Age is a prophetic time, a spiritual parenthesis initiated due to the national rejection of Messiah by Israel. It was at this prophetic juncture that Jesus Christ went to the Gentiles to graft them in as wild branches into the Fig Tree and/or vine that Israel represents.

Moreover, it was to make up His Bride. Jesus Himself warned Israel through many parables of the Wedding Banquet, the ‘Unfaithful Husbandrymen of the Vineyard’, etc. Moreover, it was YHVH’s plan and promise to Abraham all along to bless the Nations through Abraham, as he himself was not even a Jew. The Jews did understand this one aspect of YHVH’s divine revelation concerning the Gentiles; they became jealous of YHVH’s favor of extending the Covenant Promises to the Nations. The nation of Israel suffers from a superiority complex now as it has since its very beginning. Israel has lost sight of its origins and humble beginning of how YHVH took Israel from being the worst, last and undesirable peoples of the Human racial stock to transform a people from being the tail to the head of the Nations.

YHVH wanted to display His transforming power among the Nations through the nation of Israel as YHVH even placed such a ‘stubborn and stiff-necked’ people at the very geographic crossroads of Humanity in the Middle East as an object lesson. The Bible clearly demonstrates that the Jews became arrogant and supremacist and vein in their thinking and expectation. In Deuteronomy 28:13, the LORD made this conditional promise to Israel but it will take a going through the fire of refinement through tribulation to make Jacob stop wrestling with the LORD and rely on His Promises as he is transformed to a ‘Prince’, an ‘Israel’. What was much worse for the Jews to accept of Jesus was that Christ would make of such a multitude from among the uncircumcised Nations a ‘Spiritual Bride’ for himself to co-rule all that Christ has been given by the Father to rule.

This multitude composing the Bride would be taken from amongst the Gentile nations much like a Gentile Ruth was redeemed and taken by Boaz, the Kinsman Redeemer. This was too much for the eldest son to take, prophetically speaking. This is one reason for the 7-year Tribulation Period, as so much as it is a judgment against Lucifer’s evil Empire, and such a judgment will also serve to disciple Israel. In the book of James, it is clearly stated that YHVH does not tempt anyone but does test. The Tribulation Period is specifically a time of testing for Israel, not the Church; no double jeopardy. difference between Tribulation and Wrath, between the Church Age and Israel. The Church from day 1 has endured ‘tribulation’ and was even promised to occur by Christ Himself…’in the world, you will have much tribulation’, etc. Those Christians currently being crucified and/or beheaded by a CIA and MOSSAD created the ISIS mercenary army.

Christians are going through ‘Great Tribulation’ now by the Muslims. The Scriptures are very clear to distinguish this difference in that tribulation will come and has come to the Body of Christ at different levels and degrees of intensity throughout the history of the Church Age. It is solely aimed at the Church, not the world or even Israel. Israel was judged in 70 AD and subjected to the 2nd and last Diaspora because of their rejection of Jesus Christ. The Tribulation Period is about the Wrath of GOD being dispensed to the AntiChrist, his Empire and those that take the Mark of the Beast and discipline Israel to the point of transforming a Jacob into an Israel as it has been noted. The Tribulation Period is about being ‘Marked’. The Wrath is aimed towards those to test the citizens of Lucifer’s Empire that will take his Mark, not the Church.

The Mark of the Beast  
The Church Age Saints have already been ‘marked’ and ‘sealed’ with the Holy Spirit that is irrevocable despite there being nothing but tribulation for the Church since its inception on Pentecost. Jesus even prophetically referenced 10 Days of ‘persecution’ to one of the Churches of the book of Revelation. Indeed, there were 10 successive waves of persecution by the various Roman Caesars against Christians throughout Imperial Rome. Conversely, during the Tribulation Period, those that come to faith in Christ, at some point will be spared Wrath because they are to be sealed with some type of Mark of GOD on their foreheads too. The book of Revelation states that this Mark spares them, in some fashion from that which is to befall on the people of the Beast with his Mark.

If it will be a literal mark that is recognizable, that remains to be seen, nonetheless such will be spared that measure of Wrath when it is poured out. Perhaps there might be a possibility that the first 3.5 prophetic years or the 7-year Tribulation Period are nothing but Tribulation that the Church may still experience, but that would be nothing new for the Church. The point is that the Wrath is initiated by the breaking of the Seals, all-encompassing regardless of GOD’s, the Lamb’s or Satan’s ‘Wrath’. In addition, if the entire length of the Tribulation Period has no ‘wrath’, how can the Church or why would the Church need to be ‘raptured’ at the very end for those that ascribe to the post-Tribulation Rapture? This is no ‘Blessed Hope’ aside from a pre-Tribulation escape that was promised to the Church, i.e., the Church of Philadelphia.

Again, the Bride of Christ is the ‘Witness’ in Heaven to the breaking of the Seal Judgements. If this is not the case, what is the advantage of being the ‘Bride’ of being in the ‘Ark’, of being snatched out of Sodom, and being rescued by the Red Chord on the wall of Jericho as its walls fall down, and so on. The point is that nonetheless the Bride of Christ cannot be subjected to the same testing of Israel, to the same Wrath poured upon the World nor to the same judgment of Lucifer. For those that come to faith in Christ during this 7-year judgment, that will be a different story. Once the global economic grid is set up to only be able to buy and sell with the Mark of the Beast, those that refuse allegiance to the AntiChrist, most notably the Christians will be beheaded. Millions around the world will suffer this type of martyrdom.

The 7-year Tribulation Period is to complete the 70th Week of Years prophecy given to Daniel concerning ‘your People’. Thus, the Tribulation Period is for Israel, not the Church. Consider that if the half-way mark is a 3.5 time period, the 2nd half of the Tribulation will virtually be void of any Christians on Earth. This is perhaps why in the book of Revelation, towards the mid-section of all the ominous events, there is seen a great multitude that cannot be counted with palm branches and singing the Song of Moses in Heaven. By some interpretation, this multitude is comprised of Jews and Gentles that came to faith in Jesus Christ during the time leading up to the mid-Tribulation when the AntiChrist is unmasked. These are not members of the exclusive Bride of Christ. These are the ones of whom it is referred to as ‘coming out of Great Tribulation’; great as in an adjective. As it has been noted, the coming Tribulation Period is all about transformation.

Jacob’s Transformation
YHVH will be dealing with the redemption of national Israel that Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego represented during the days of Exile in Babylon. It will be as if Jacob will again be wrestling with the LORD to have him be ‘touched’ or disabled enough to be humbled by the fiery ‘Wrath’ of Lucifer as they realize the deception of their false AntiChrist that promised them Peace and Security. Israel will instead be war-weary of the Nations that have sought to destroy her –for sure by Islam for one since its modern inception in 1948. Such conditions of the Tribulation Period to include ‘Signs and Wonders’ done by both the AntiChrist and the False Prophet that will false authenticate the AntiChrist’s credentials as the Messiah Israel will sadly accept. However, the 2 Witnesses will also perform amazing ‘Sign’s that will cause Israel to eventually turn. It will be as in the days of Moses in the Court of Pharaoh.

At this prophetic juncture, Israel will start to open its blind eyes to the LORD Jesus Christ, as they will have been transformed at His 2nd Coming. The Bible in Zachariah declares that national Israel will ‘see Him whom they pierced’ at the end of this 7-year Prophetic Week of Daniel. In the Old Testament, Jacob saw the pre-incarnate Jesus but did not recognize him. During this Time of Jacob’s Trouble, Jacob, as in national Israel will see that it is Jesus and has been Jesus all along standing at the top of the Ladder of Jacob. As Jacob then, Israel now needs to be transformed to a ‘Prince’, which is what Israel means. As Jacob will be ready to receive her Messiah at last, Jesus Christ will come down literally, as He returns to save Israel, His City and Temple at the Battle of Armageddon.

It is noticeable that this same inference of Jacob’s time or ‘Ladder’ was referenced by Jesus Himself to another Jew, that of Nathaniel whom the LORD Jesus called a ‘True Israelite’. Who is a true Jew? A true Jew is one of whom Jesus transforms from a crooked swindler that Jacob was to an Israel, or Prince of Elohim. This is what will happen during the Tribulation Period on a national scale with Israel that is a Jacob still. National Israel ‘sees’ Jesus but don’t recognize Him as their Messiah. This process takes metaphorically a prophetic time of 7-year Prophetic Week of wrestling and to the point that Israel is humbled to see that to get to ‘Heaven’s Door’ is not enough.

To have a 3rd Temple is not enough as it is the Gate to Heaven but that Jesus must be recognized as the true Christ and He must come down to have a personal encounter as LORD and Savior. Christ Jesus came down as a man to contend first with His People, Jacob i.e., national Israel. Jesus came to content with Lucifer to win back Paradise and His City, Jerusalem, His House, the Temple…the World. In Jesus’ day, there were Jews of Faith waiting for their Messiah under the shade of a tree like Jonah was. The difference was that unlike Jonah, Nathaniel was perhaps praying over the city of Jerusalem to be spared of the Roman yoke, waiting for the Messiah to appear. Nathaniel’s prayers were answered that very day as Jesus literally had come down in flesh from Heaven at birth but on this day came to encounter with a true Israelite, Nathaniel as if though it might as well had been from the Ladder of Jacob, spiritually speaking.

The Jewish Evangelicals
The coming Tribulation Period metaphorically will as ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ of 7 rungs that at the end, Jesus will come down literally to receive Jacob and Jacob to receive Jesus as Messiah. To be a true Jew, one must have a personal encounter and relationship with Jesus of Nazareth to the point that one leaves all and follows the Lamb figuratively speaking. It is a person that has Jesus as LORD and Savior in a personal relationship, despite what the Pope says that this is dangerous to do so without a Catholic intermediary. During the Tribulation Period testing of Israel suitably called ‘Jacob’s Trouble’, even throughout the 1st half of the Tribulation, the LORD will send such Emissaries that will be like Nathaniel. These 144,000 ‘Special Israeli Forces’ will evangelize the world behind enemy lines of the Evil Beast Empire.

Such men will be like the Nathaniel’s, true Israelites that have meditated on the LORD’s Word and have been transformed by the power of Messiah, true Israelites, Princes of Elohim. During the 2nd half that comprises the Time of Jacob’s Troubles, YHVH will dispatch the 2 Witnesses to Jerusalem during the intense Great Tribulation period.  As Israel complained to Jesus about wanting to see ‘Signs’ to authenticate His claim of Messiahship, as in the times of Moses and Elijah, incredible miracles will be performed for Israel during this Tribulation Period and they will also be incredibly matched by the False Prophet and the AntiChrist as Jannes and Jambres matched the sign of Moses in Pharaoh’s Court. Yet it will be a time of a severe drought come upon the land as in the days of Jeremiah. As in the days of Ahab, the New World Order AntiChrist Messiah leading Israel with his False Prophet as a type of Jezebel –the Queen of Babylon system will see to it that the False Prophet will steer all worship to this savior leader that will appear to have all the answers.

As Jezebel persecuted and hunted down the Priests of YHVH in the days of Ahab, so too in this coming Great Tribulation will her Luciferian Babylonian system and apparent Masonic religion hunt and kill YHVH’s Holy People; Jew and Christian. This period is when the People of YHVH mainly national Israel and those coming to faith in Christ Jesus after the Rapture will the False Prophet hunt down and kill the Saints as in the days of the Spanish Inquisition, perhaps even the very 144,000 that appear before the Throne being led by Jesus in an orchestrated Song of Moses. As it pertains to this imagery, such have palm branches in their hands to suggest that if this is the mid-Tribulation Rapture, it could coincide with a Passover timeframe when palms are waved and these are the 144,000 and all those they won coming out of the Great Tribulation.

There are actually 7 Raptures in the book of Revelation. The Rapture at the end of the Great Tribulation will coincide with the Rapture of the 2 Witnesses to Heaven that came back to life after 3 days of being left to lie in the public square of Jerusalem as the people of the City and the world gave each other gifts to commemorate their execution. Perhaps such a timeframe will be during the winter when Christmas and Hanukah might correspond to each as it does happen from time to time. The world army of the coming Luciferian New World Order will have NATO morphed into a conglomerate of nations that have lost their sovereignty that will be employed for such purposes of enforcing AntiChrist’s ‘Sharia Law’.

The New Phoenix
The followers of the true Messiah, Yeshua during this time will be labeled ‘Enemies of the State’ and hunted down. The world has been condition to ‘fight terrorism’ as defined by the Luciferian controllers of media and governments. What is deemed ‘terrorist’ will be any threat posted or opposition expressed against the New World Order AntiChrist. The Protocols of Zion have achieved this status by controlling the Media, Economies, Churches and Academia of the Nations. The average people will be defenseless at protecting what little they have left as it has not been an equal playing field. The Master Masons have manipulated, stolen, murdered and extorted their way into power that is not lawfully theirs to take nor have righteously earned it nor been bestowed by Jesus Christ. When is this last and 4th Beast Empire to emerge?

Consider that the ‘Phoenix’ mantle was transferred to the USA in 1945, as the United Nations Charter was set up in essence the New World Order is currently the USA. Perhaps it is when desolation will be coming to the USA instead, as the new emerging Phoenix is to rise back to Europe in the realm of the Beast from its ashes, be it nuclear or otherwise. Thus, could Israel’s rebirth in 1948 be when the countdown to the 70th Week of Years is to occur? As it has been mentions, the mathematical coefficient of a 70-year duration has echoes and Biblical parallels of the desolation that Jerusalem was under during the Babylonian Captivity. In 70 AD on the 9th of Av, the 2nd Temple was made desolate, thus perhaps as one-desolation ends, a new one begins. To some, this is where Daniel’s 69th Week ended.

On an aside note, it is also noted that about 3.5 years prior to the destruction of the Temple, comet Haley was approaching and visible over Jerusalem. As such celestial signs were clearly related and omens of a coming Great Tribulation, such will be the case leading up. Such has been the case during the last 3.5 years that could be signaling the start of the 7-year Prophetic Week of Daniel. It could correlate to when the Seal Judgments of YHVH start to be poured out on the Beast Empire New World Order based on the previous Order of the UN-USA starting after WW2. What is known and understood is that Israel’s restoration is pegged to the 1948 ‘rebirth’ of the Nation. Then with the recapturing of the Old City of Jerusalem to include the Temple Mount. It was back under Jewish control since 70 AD when the 2nd Temple and Jerusalem was desolated and judged.

Jesus came to liberate and set the ‘Captives’ free. Jesus personally did this work even in the Jewish synagogues, yet the Jewish chose not to believe Him to be the Messiah. Subsequently, Jesus’ teaching, preaching in the synagogues also involved the healing, and straightening of many crippled. Jesus noted that in the case of the old woman, Satan had kept her bound for 18 years. This is a code for a 6-6-6 year duration. Spiritually speaking, this coming testing of Israel will be related to the Tribulation Period, it will be to likewise straighten all that is crooked with Israel, to heal the land and His People. If indeed Jesus started his miracles around the year 30 AD, then if one adds a 40-year time of testing, the result would result in the 70 AD destruction of the Temple. Jesus did foretell that it would be totally destroyed.

Another very interesting mathematical correlation pertinent to 70 is that is also possibly has some measure of analogy related to the Babylonian Captivity being approximately 70 years in length. Although that is what YHVH prescribed by divine edict, Israel took its time coming back to Jerusalem and in fact many decided to stay in Babylon; the ‘stock market’ was good there. It is also, where the Talmud was formulated and given greater authority that even the Torah. Nonetheless if this coefficient of 70 years is somehow also tied to when the Image of the Beast is to be revealed during the Tribulation Period, the following is a very simplistic notion of a possible scenario. If the Tribulation Period is to be a 7-year long duration of prophetic time that is indeed Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, then if the Antichrist, in the midst stops the Daily Sacrifices and installs his Image on the flank of the Temple, then it would be at a 3.5-year time marker.

Perhaps the year that the Idol of Nebuchadnezzar set up was 3.5 years into the 70th Week of Years parallels the modern rebirth of Israel coming back from the 2nd and last Captivity of Rome. It will remain to be seen but it could be either when the Tribulation Period is to start or on 2022 when 3.5 years are added to 2018. The coming Luciferian Masonic Empire will not compare to prior world empires in the level of tyranny and mass death of millions of innocent people in the coming ‘Golden Age’. The so-called promise to recapture Lucifer’s ‘Paradise’ of a by-gone era of the Golden Age will amount to the total depravity of the Fallen Angels and those human sheeple in converting the planet into a giant prison camp, a literal Hell on Earth. This is only what can be produced by sin, Death and Hell.

To reiterate, it will be during this Luciferian Masonic Empire that the world leader, the Prometheus of Lucifer which the Bible called the AntiChrist will be judged by the 7-7-7 hold Seal Judgments of the Lamb of GOD, Jesus Christ. He is the ‘Lion of the Jewish Tribe of Judah’ that was worthy as a man to take the Scroll of Judgments and break the Seals thereof. According to the Bible, the Seals are the sentencing that condemns Lucifer and his agents to eternal damnation; a mere mortal in which a ‘Body was prepared for him, made a little lower than the Angles’ has vanquished the might Lucifer. Until that time, this Jewish Terminal Generation will see the culmination and fulfillment of Bible prophecy that centers on the true Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. Although currently the legal authority over human governments is exercised by Lucifer and his conspirator Masonic minions still.

According to Jesus, their ultimate end will be the Lake of Fire where they belong for usurping the God-given dominion intended for Mankind to have and live in Paradise restored. Paradise was forfeited and lost to Lucifer by Adam and Eve but regained by the 2nd or Last Adam, the very true Jewish Messiah, Jesus. The world’s kingdoms, power and dominions will become Jesus’, the Bible states. All authority, political, economic, military, educational and religious will be given to Jesus. This was possible through the death on the Cross of Calvary and resurrection of Messiah at His 1st Advent. He was the Messiah Ben Joseph. Jesus took the penalty of mankind’s rebellion the infraction of the legal Law of YHVH and paid in full at the Cross of Calvary. Eternal Life, Paradise, Glory and Dominion is now available to all those that come freely to Jesus.

Those following, serving and worshiping the Lucifer are betting on the wrong horse. His end is the Lake of Fire and all those with him that are like-minded. Realize that the Lake of Fire was made for such celestial beings, not humans but such will be the place for humans also who wish to be with their Masonic Master. This study only seeks to interpret what is shortly coming upon Israel, the Earth, upon Humanity as precisely described in the Bible. If by all prophetic accounts are reliable, then the years following the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s rebirth will see culminating and prophetic events take place. Astronomical Signs in the Heavens have accompanied the prelude to the Tribulation Period.

Such have been also pointing to such a coming apocalyptic time on Earth. If such days to come, that is the Tribulation Period are not cut short as Jesus stated, no humans would be left alive. According to Jesus, the End Days, the coming Age of the New World Order will be Luciferian, evil, and literal. Although Lucifer’s AntiChrist false Messiah will promote the coming Masonic New World Order as the solution to the shortcomings of mankind, he like with Eve will seduce and deceive the whole world with the same lie.

Sadly the whole world, due to its fallen state and conditioning, will be all too eager to accept this false ‘Gospel’ according to Lucifer and will seek an alternative and diminished Kingdom, City, Temple and Earth now within the Realm of the Beast. The Bible declares victory for Jesus, GOD the Son, His Followers, and defeat for the false AntiChrist and his Master Mason, Lucifer. It is the culmination of a progression of evil Luciferian Empires since the King of Babylon that started the countdown to the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. This Rock, Jesus Christ will one day come out of Heaven with His Bride to smash the culmination of Lucifer’s conspirator Masonic Empires that are represented in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream that have oppressed YHVH’s People, His City, His Temple, His Earth.

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