A Commentary and Observations

  • What will 2024 hold Prophetically for Earth? 
  • Will the End of the Church Age occur in 2024?
  • How will the Hamas-War factor into this Notion?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider some Conjecture why 2024 could be the Year of the Rapture. It would be a Summer Wheat Harvest Type as to the Timing in one’s Estimation. One is surmising a Rapture Year before 2025. Why before the Year 2025? It is based on one’s 2025-2032 Tribulation Period Timeline. One is conjecturing that the Year 2025 is when the 70th Week of Daniel is to commence in the Fall. Why? The Timeline is based on the 32 AD Crucifixion Year. Then one has also noted how the Day Count from Fall 2025 to 2029 and ending with 2032, Correlates to the Feasts of YHVH.

They span an ideal 7-Year Beginning, Middle and End of the Tribulation Period, as one has come to Understand it Eschatologically. The Timeline is also predicated on how the Covenant the coming AntiChrist will be making with the Many will be, with the Sanhedrin that will eventually come to the Forefront of Israeli Religious Rule. And for the 3rd Temple to be built, there has to be the Ashes of the Red Heifer procured aside from the Geo-Political condition to have Israel come on top as a result of a major Regional War. This will all take Time, but not long as Biblical Prophecy is accelerating in one’s Estimation due to the Church Age ending within this Last Generation.

One Conjectures that it could be about 1 Year from the Rapture to when that 1st Daily Sacrifice Offering is to be made. All this will be the Outcome of the Hamas-Israel War of 2023. It will lead to the Isaiah 17 Event and then the Psalm 83 War that will set-up for the Debut of the AntiChrist. Then the major Factor that will make the Tribulation Timeline feasible will be the Rapture Event itself. Then there is the Metonic Lunar Cycle that in 2024, is the same as it was in 1948 and 1967. And? Those Years saw the Reconstitution of the Jews Returning to the Promised Land and then Recapture the Old City of Jerusalem. What is yet to ‘Reverse the Curse’ of Israel’s Rejection of Jesus as is how the 3rd Temple is yet to be Rebuilt, which it will. Thus, will 2024 be a Watershed Year in direct relationship to the Temple being Rebuilt? This Scenario appears probable.

Nonetheless, one is just using Deductive Logic to conjecture a possible 1 Year Gap of Time until the Fall of 2025. One then suggests a possible Mid-July Summer 2024 Wheat Harvest High Rapture Watch Time. This is based on the Interpretation that the Timing of the Rapture follows a Summer Wheat Harvest. The Notion that the Year 2025 is when the 70th Week of Daniel is to commence is also corroborated by Dr. Ken Johnson’s Work and his Research into the Essenes. One initially came across his work in doing Research about a possible 32 AD Crucifixion Year, as that is what one’s Research and Calculations kept coming-up with. There is virtually ‘nothing’ that supports that 32 AD Year in comparison to 30 AD and especially 33 AD, which is the most Popular one.

End of the Church Age

When one came across the Essence Studies by Ken Johnson and how they Delineate the Calendars, Ages, the Crucifixion Year being 32 AD and the Tribulation Period starting in 2025, one nearly ‘Fell of one’s Chair’, as they say. So, one does reference his Work as an Independent Source in ‘validating’ one's Assertion, just the same. But that is as far as one can go in ascertaining possible Rapture Timing. All that, in the 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline, even though it appears to be sound, is just Conjecture and Speculation.

One does like the fact that others had pointed out, how the break-down of the Year 2025 appears to fit also in the Dispensational Divisions of a 6000 Year and 7000 Year Factor. The issue or Discrepancy is that the Essenes Calendar has the Year 2075 as the End of the 6000 Years before the 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom is set-up on Earth, etc. As to the 2075 Year ending the 6000 Year Dispensation? It was suggested that a Jubilee Factor of Time could be occurring.

2075 - 50 Year Jubilee = 2025

But then if one factors in the 7-Year Tribulation Period, there is a Year Difference of 43 Years in the End of the 7000 Year Dispensation. So, the Question was rightfully asked, do the Dispensations have to be precisely 2000 Years in length? If Prophecy is Pattern, then ‘Yes’, but the use and mis-use of Calendars and Conversions, losing Days there-and-there, has convoluted that Supposition a lot. So, one is not sure how to reconcile that Number or Year difference. The Jubilee Count would seem to work.

It was suggested that this Discrepancy could be factored-in after Lucifer is set free from the Pit once the 1000 Year Rule of Jesus on Earth concludes, etc. This Timing could correlate to how long that would take for the Gog-Magog War II could ensue. Not sure though, if it will take 43 Years then for Lucifer, once released to Deceive the Nations. In one’s Mind, it would be a matter of Days given the Technology imagined at that Time to Communicate instantaneously with the World. One issue about the 2075 Year, is that the Church Age does not have at least 50 Years to go from 2025.

As one has written and addressed such a similar Time-Frame, is that any Person beyond 2032 will all be Died from the Generation that saw Israel be ‘Born’. But note that the Prophetic Countdown that one uses is from 1952, not 1948. Why? The Year 1952 was the 1st Shemitah when Israel returned to the Promised Land. And that one is using the Maximum Year Count of 80 Years for a Generation, having ‘Strength’ per Psalm 90.

1952 Shemitah Year + 80 Year Generation = 2032 (Return of Jesus) - 7 Year Tribulation = 2025

There is just too much ‘Converging’ now to have it have to be ‘dragged-out’ for another 50 Years at least. One also has to consider that, even with the Essene ‘Confirmation’ of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year, anything beyond 2032 would make it be passed the 1 Day = 1000 Prophetic Template. There are also other Factors like the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars that one has devoted some Time to in an attempt to Discern the Times and the End of the Church Age also.


You have the Blood Moon Tetrads of 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15 occurring in Phi Ratio. Then note how 2024 will be the Triangulated Year from 1948 and 1967 ones. Then, there are the Red Heifers that are now ready and qualified, as of this Write-Up. They need to be sacrificed in 2024 to acquire the Ashes, or else the Religious Jews are forfeiting Lost Opportunities.

Then there is the Geo-Political Situation with Israel. As mentioned, one surmises that the Hamas War of 2023 will eventually trigger the Isaiah 17 Event, and that will Domino into the Psalm 83 War and then the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ with the 7-Year ‘Peace and Safety’ Guarantee coming from the World Leader, come On-the-Scene, etc. One will find it hard to see the Church Age go on much longer.

Chart: Jubilee Dispensation of the Ages.


The following are more Thoughts and Observations about the 2075 Year Totality of when the 6000 Years comes to a Completion, perhaps. One sees the Logic of what could be the Peculiarities, but there is just so little to go off on. It is just 1 or 2 Verses at best, that give ‘Hints’ only as to what happens in a general sense. There are really no Time Reference Points after the Millenium concludes. That is too bad, but if Jesus wanted His People to know, He would have given more References.

So, in one’s case, it is then still all in the realm of Possibilities, Conjecture and Supposition. But it does not mean that one should give-up in attempting to Approximate the End of the Dispensations. And one is convinced that the Rapture Event will conclude the present Church Age, etc. One has not really ascertained the Notion of what specifically occurs or how long of a Time that ‘Releasing of Lucifer’ for a ‘Short Time’ looks like or could.

Or how that Event will be factored into the overall 7000 Year Dispensational Definition. It is like in Scripture when Jesus said, ‘…And if I go away, I will Return for you’, It has been nearly 2000 Years. Of course, it is Relative being outside of Space and Time. But since we are in Space and Time and our Lifespan is on average 70-80 Years, if by Strength, it is but a Nano-Second in the Timeline compared to Eternity. One is nonetheless convinced that the Dispensations of Time, allotted to Humanity by YHVH since Genesis, is based on the Framework of the 7 Creation Days.

In one’s Learning Curve, even though one puts a lot of Credibility on the Enoch Calendar, being the 364 Day/Year one, it is not being used presently in the World. It is nonetheless occurring, Astronomically as the Sun is Synchronized to the Solstices and Equinoxes. However, do be aware that even these ‘Fixed’ Time Markers have and are changing. It is due, as you might already know, to the Precession of the Equinoxes. That is to say that as the Sun rose in Ares at the Time of the Crucifixion on Nisan, in the 1st Century, it is now creeping towards Aquarius.

Precession of Time

See Chart for a visual. In fact, over the last few Years, one has had a Debate on Online Blogs about how other End Time Watchmen had been adamant about how the Sun is ‘Fixed’ on always rising in Aries on the Passover, regardless of the Presession, etc. And thus, that is or should be how the ‘Correct’ Year is to be Calibrated. They cite Josephus because he noted that it was the case during his Time.

1st Month of April

But it is not the case now, and despite showing Evidence to the contrary, Logic and Basic Astronomy, they are dismissed. It is rather embarrassing as one is an Amateur Astronomer. The Sun did rise over Aries on April 1, in the 1st Century but the Sun marked the New Year on the Spring Equinox of March 20 in Pieces. Now as to a possible Summer Wheat Rapture Harvest to conclude the Church Age with? Consider the following Day Counts.

April 1, 2024 to July 23, 2024 (723)
= 113 Days
= 3 Months, 22 Days (322) Skull and Bones Number

1st New Moon from Spring Equinox March 20, 2024

March 25, 2024 to July 23, 2024
= 120 Days (Jesus said, ‘Are there not 4 Months and then the Harvest?’)

All that to say that the Quandary one has and is dealing with is when does the New Year Start. In one’s Research, to include Ken Johnson, it varies by Days/Weeks. Some say the New Year should start with the following.

-1st Day of the Spring Equinox.
-The Day After the Spring Equinox.
-That Wednesday of the Week the Spring Equinox occurs regardless of Day of Equinox.

This is what one believes Ken Johnson purports. Based on one’s Understanding of why they used a Wednesday, is that it correlated to the 4th Day of Creation, wherein YHVH made the Sun, Moon and the Stars. And that was the Day then for precisely calculating ‘Time’, Seasons and Divine Appointments with, etc.

-The 1st Full Moon after the Spring Equinox.
-The 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox.

So, as one can sense, there is a bit of Discrepancy to go through. In one’s Book, entitled the Pentecost New Wine, one used and chose several of these Start Days to compare. But one is leaning more so on the Prophetic Template based on the Exodus. Now as to, if Nisan is the 1st Month or not? Realize that the Jews did consider the Fall Month, the 7th one of what is now called Tishrei as the 1st Month.

1st Month

But then, after the Exodus, or starting with the Exodus, YHVH commanded that Nisan would be the 1st Month. Now, I admit I am not sure why the Change or what the Rationale was behind it. I have just accepted it for its face-value.

‘Now YHVH said to Moses and Aaron in the Land of Egypt, This Month [Nisan] is the Beginning of Months for you; it shall be the 1st Month of your Year. Tell the whole Congregation of Israel that on the 10th Day of this Month each Man must select a Lamb for his Family, 1 per household’. -Exodus 12

One admits that having the Rabbinical Jews still regard Rosh HaShanah in the 7th Month adds to the Complexity and Confusion of the Matter in determining what correct Month and Year it is or should be. One has commented before if perhaps that has been done on purpose to Obfuscate the Calculation of when Jesus was to be Born, Crucified, Resurrected and will Return?! But for a bit of Clarification:

1st Month: Nisan = Beginning of Religious New Year
7th Month: Tishrei = Beginning of New Civil Year

This is why many Watchmen alternatively are ‘counting’ from or are considering the Essene, Enoch, Creation, Torah Calendars as being the ‘Correct’ ones. This is 1 Primary Reason why Rapture Date Setting is a Moving Goal Post or as one often mentions, a ‘Rapture Roulette’. But it is only because of the Calendar and Day Ambiguity going on and then most Watchmen transpose the Jewish Feast Days onto the Gregorian Calendar. It is literally a Moving Target and an added layer of a case of ‘Lost in Translation’, etc.

In one’s studies that is why, from one’s Early Research, one realizing this Complexity and Confusion of ‘Which Calendar’? This is why I stuck to the Astronomical One more than all others or the current Rabbinical Calendar. Although one has to use it and have it be the main Reference Points as it is tied solely on the Lunar Cycles. Thus, the Blood Moon Phenomena. The Heavy Astronomy that one references so much relies on the Year Count based on the Spring Equinox.

That is the best one can assess at the moment because even with YHVH’s Command of Nisan being the New Year, the Question remains, ‘What determines the New Year?’ It is not given in the Torah as one understands. You have to go to Extra-Biblical Sources like the Book of Enoch or the Essene Calendar to get glimpses of how the Ancient Hebrews determined that.

So, the New Year of Nisan, from what Time Marker? One has argued it is from the Spring Equinox, as that is how the Ancient Civilizations Recalibrated Time or the Months, and they pegged their New Year to this Time Marker. That is why you see all these Stone Circles, all over the World, aligned to the Solstices and Equinoxes. It is because if they exclusively went by the Lunar Cycles, their Planting and Harvesting Season would be off and they would be starving.

Essene Calendar

This is why also, the many Brethren that insist, still that the New Year is always pegged to the Sun rising in Aries is the New Year determinate, is Bad Astronomy. This is due to the Precession of the Equinox in that the Sun ‘drifts’ from Sign to Sign of the 12 Houses, etc. This Factor approximates what is considered a ‘Great Year’. Of course, this makes sense only if one believes in the Gap Theory of a Time in-Between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, etc. That is for another study.

So, it is True, for example, that the Sun ‘rose’ in Aries in the 1st Century, according to Josephus, as he recorded in his Log and related it to that Astronomical Time Marker to note, at that Time. But presently, the Sun now rises and is drifting towards the Astronomical Sign of Aquarius. All that to say, that since around the 1st Century or when Jesus ‘showed-up’ and since then, the Sun has traveled slowly for nearly 2000 Years across the Sign of what? Pisces.

Thus, the Piscean Age, the Church Age. And guess how many Years, roughly does the Sun stay in 1 House or Sign of the Mazzaroth? ~2000 Years. This is by the way, ‘Evidence’ that the Earth is far older than just 6000 Years in that 12 Signs or Houses x ~2000 Years Year each that the Sun has been in = ~24,000 Years. That is why, during the Millennial Reign of Jesus on Earth for the next 1000 Years, the Sun will be, Astronomically in the ‘Age of Aquarius’.

One has written a Book on the ‘Circumstantial Evidence why the Crucifixion was in 32 AD’. You are welcome to Download the PDF Version for Free. Also, the other Critique is that if the Year 26 AD is when the Shemitah started, and the Essenes rightly surmised that the Messiah was to have been Crucified in 32 AD, as one agrees, it does not add up to 3. 5 Years.


The Point is that Jesus would have had to have been 36 Years Old by then. See the following Chart one did of the Life-Span of Jesus, all inclusive of Solar and Lunar Eclipse Patterns. Thus, in one’s Assessment, the 26 AD Start of Jesus’ Ministry is off by at least 3 Full Years. Now, one does believe that Jeus started His Ministry on a Shemitah, but in the Fall of 28 AD. That would make the 32 AD Crucifixion Year ‘Correct’.

AGE:          30          31          32         33         34         35        36

YEAR:     26 AD    27 AD    28 AD   29 AD   30 AD   31 AD   32 AD   33 AD

Chart: Celestial Life-Span of Jesus


Tribulation Timeline

In using that Timeline, it appears to ‘Match’, as far as Day Counts go to ascertain when True Pentecost was. And that Timeline suggests the 99th Day, from when the Jews left Egypt. It correlates to a July 23 Date. But this is so long as the Month is fixed and not based on the Phases of the Moon, etc. But with each Year, since the 1st Century, the Astronomical Alignments are then off. One is not saying one is ‘Right’  about possibly 2024 being the Rapture Year.

But just comparing and sharing why one believes that the 364 Day Calendar, attempting to be matched to the present-Day Feasts of YHVH and the Year Count in which Jesus purported started His Ministry is off. Here is one’s Logic. Now, there are other Researchers that state that based on Ken Johnson’s Calculations of the Essene Calendar, Jesus started His Ministry in 26 AD. And that is because there is a 25 Year Difference from 75 AD and then that 1 Jubilee Factor of 50 Years that makes the Difference, excluding End Year. And that the Calculation was pegged to the start of a Shemitah Year Count. OK. But here is one’s Critique.

One has argued this Point Online before with many other Brethren about it. If Jesus started His Ministry on 26 AD, that the Essene Calendar is attributed to, then Jesus, being 30 Years Old when He started His Ministry meant that He had to have been Crucified in the Year 30 AD, in April, and to be then 33 Years Old. One is assuming an October 31st Month in 26 AD as that is when the Jubilee Year was Proclaimed during the Yom Kippur Feast. This Argument of a possible 2023-2030 Tribulation Timeline then, based on a 30 AD Crucifixion was all the rage in 2023.

Most End Time Watchmen presumed that. And the Point is that if that is the case by their own Calculations, the 2025 Year that the Essence also has been understood to be the End of the Onah is incorrect then by 3 Years. One has a Working Theory that asserts that there is presently an Overlap of the 2 Cycles that are not the same, the Shemitah Cycle and the Sabbath Cycle. They are Different in one’s Estimation and Understanding.

The Shemitah Cycle is based on the Promised Land, is fixed and it is presently accurate as far as one can tell. It is presently the 2022-2029 Cycle. One is rather more convinced that 2029 is the Mid-Point of the coming Tribulation Period, etc. This is how one has Reversed Engineers the Timeline with an Equal Factor of a 1260 Day Counts, from March 30, 2029. When one does that, the End Day is September 11, 2032 and the Start Date is October 18, 2025.

This Fall Feast after Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah in 2025 correlates to the Timing, after Sukkot of the Dedication of the 1st Temple by Solomon. And then Solomon stayed with the People thereafter to ‘Confirm the Covenant’ as YHVH prescribed the Kings to have assembled the People and to have read the Torah in their Hearing. One believes the coming AntiChrist Solomon 2.0 will do just that and mimic the Dedication and the Confirming like Solomon. 

Eclipses 2023-33

This illustration depicts the Solar and Lunar Eclipses on a Timeline from 2023-2033. Most notably, there appears to be a ‘Beginning-Middle-End’ Pattern of Blood Moon. There are 2 Triads of Total Blood Moons starting in 2025. Then there is another Triad of Blood Moons in 2029. And then it concludes with the Tetrad of 4 Blood Moons starting in 2032. Could this signal the Beginning, Middle and End Markers of the 7-Year Tribulation Period? Note that out of the 10 Total Blood Moons, only the 3rd one of the Tetrad, that being on April 14, in 2033 occurs on Passover.

This Passover echoes the one that one has identified as the Crucifixion Blood Moon of April 14, in 32 AD. This Timeline of the possible Tribulation from Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 is based on the Sabbath ‘Bookends’, starting on October 18, 2025 called the ‘Sabbath of Return’. Exactly 2520 Days later will conclude this Sabbath Cycle, not being a Shemitah one though, on September 11, 2032. That Date will be on ‘Sabbath of Return’. Coincidence? Will this signal the Day Jesus returns?



Enochian Calendar


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Eclipse Patterns 2023-2033


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