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by Luis B. Vega

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‘There were Giants in the Earth in those days; and also after that, when the Sons of Elohim came in unto the Daughters of Men, and they bare children to them, the same became Mighty Men which were of old, Men of Renown.’ -Genesis 6:4

The purpose of this study is to examine the very ancient early Bronze Age megalith stone circle called Gilgal Refaim. It is in the center of the now Israeli sovereign territory of the Golan Heights. Although not much has really been forthcoming as to the research and investment made since it was rediscovered after the 6-Day War, this study will add to the already plethora of facts, fiction, speculation and suppositions about the mysterious site. Primarily, the new information presented will strongly suggest that the site had a direct alignment and configuration set to the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex anomalies. The triangulation encompasses a giant earthen ‘serpent’ motif that suggests was one of the primary reasons for such a place and time; the venation of the Shining One, the Serpent of Old, the Red Dragon, Lucifer, etc.

For a brief overview of what is known already about the stone circles, a review will be given to build upon for reference and context. Then the demarcations of the triangulated Martian Motif will be presented that are amazing and reveal some very interesting and disturbing notions, if true. In part, not a whole lot of archeological investments had been done because it was not sure if the Golan Heights was to remain Israeli after the war as mentioned. Now that the territory is recognized, at least by the foremost Superpower on Earth, there can be more of a concerted effort and investment at investigating the site. Since 1968, the Syrians had deliberately concealed the site for many reasons, one being that they did not want to give any suggestion that the site would archaeologically validate any claim to the land by the Israelis.

In terms of its name, the Arabs came to name the site Rujm el-Hiri which is associated with felines or ‘cat people’ as in that the peoples there had the ‘face of lions’, etc. There is a Biblical reference that a race of such ‘lion-looking’ tall people existed in that area and even helped King David during this time with his war campaigns. In Hebrew the place is named Gilgal Refā'īm or Galgal Refā'īm. The name Gilgal means ‘circle’. It literally means the ‘Wheel of Spirits’ or as in Ghosts. The word Refa-im refers to departed Spirits of the dead, etc. This is just a portion of the indication of the nature, function and purpose of such a site. Solely based on its name there are already esoteric connotations and those that are not good. It is a place that venerates Spirits and the dead, Serpent Dragons and Giants, etc. The site is often referred to as the ‘Stonehenge of the Levant’ which has 5 concentric circles all made of free-standing basalt rocks.

Astronomical Clock
According to research, the site is the only megalithic astronomical complex on Earth built entirely of loose stones. It is believed that the site pre-dates the Great Pyramid in Egypt, making Gilgal Refaim the oldest astronomical complex in the Middle East and perhaps in the world that is still in place. It is part of a vast array of other delineated ley-lines and Dolmens. Dolmens are a structure usually regarded as a tomb, consisting of 2 or more large, upright stones set with a space in-between and capped by a horizontal stone. It is purported that there are over 8000 such Dolmens dotted across an expanse larger than the Giza Pyramid complex, amazing. It is theorized that no mere nomadic tribes that ventured there since the times of the Exodus or before had such knowledge or could have amassed such a sophistication of astronomy and masonry.

The ‘Wheel’ or circle was not a mere corral to house and fence-in goats. Such a monumental task took planning and coordination to converge a multi-layer of application, topographical, astronomical, mathematical and geometrical to synchronize this ‘Wheel’ to a set time and Stars. The local nomadic tribes of the time did not build any other remotely similar monuments. It was also not a defense as all the rocks were free-standing and not high enough to ward-off a pending military assault. Thus, the circle building was not a fashion of the era among the herdsmen and that, combined with their unsuitable, primitive technology, seems to rule out their construction of the circles. This leads-in to the obvious question, who built it? If what the Bible records is true, then it was a race of Giants. The Bible does connect the site to Og, King of Bashan who was considered the remnants of the legendary race of Giants, the Refaim.

Do consider that in terms of astronomical value, the Wheel could not be comprehended on the flat plain where it is situated. It is only from the sky that the perspective is realized. Why and for whom? Many do thus believe that the site was some sort of astronomical observatory and not just for the benefit of mere humans, but ‘Ghost Spirits’ of the Giants. There is concrete evidence that the site tracked the Solstices and Equinoxes much like Stonehenge did and does. If one does stand in the center of the site at sunrise on the longest day of the year, that being June 21 on the Summer Solstice, the Sun rises in the center of the northeastern opening. Thus, one can relatively have a measure of confidence that the Wheel of circles was some sort of ‘clock’ keeping track of a certain time.

The question then needs to also be asked, what is it ‘clocking’? What time is it marking and for what or whom? Perhaps the timing deals with the Spirits of the dead Giants. The Wheel of the Ghosts of the Giants consists of 5 concentric stone circles as mentioned and the center piece is called the Tumulus. Why? It is believed that the center chamber constituted a ‘tomb’ but that is not probably the case as most tombs of notable importance would have been hidden so as to not be obviously recognized due to looting. Also, if the Giant Theory is to be valid, no body of a Giant such as King Og, could have fit there as barely a normal sized modern human can maneuver through the small entrance passageway. This study does, though, agree that the site was a cultic center where rituals took place, and that perhaps with those of the Spirits of the Dead Giants and/or even Fallen Angels.

Spirits of the Giants

As to the ‘Spirits of the dead Giants’, the Bible clearly teaches that the Spirits of the departed Giants, the Refaim is what now constitutes the Demons. This is why they seek a body to possess. Such are the disembodied Spirits of the union between the Fallen Angels that descended at Mount Hermon. From the 180 year diameter Wheel to Mount Hermon at a 180 degree heading is 33 miles to the start of the top of the ridge. Interestingly Mount Hermon is at 33 degree longitude. It is there that the 200 Watchers class of Angels came down to Earth. They then entered what would be then the Promised Land and to set their base of operations perhaps in the environs of Gilgal Refaim. Later-on in the study, a hypothesis will be presented that suggests that the concentric Wheel of Stones actually is a sort of ‘combination lock’ and marker of time.

It is theorized that perhaps the place was where such Watchers were placed under the Earth as its ‘door’ or Gate there and it is to be ‘opened’ once the combination lock reaches a set time. As a crude comparison to a circular combination lock, some niches in the combination factor in a distance with the rotations and numbers. Could the Wheel of the Giants be the same sort of configuration? In this case, it is the Wheel that stays stationary and time and the Stars of the sky that rotate. This is why the current archeology assumes some of the circles are ‘incomplete’. This is not the case. It is no mere accident or lack of planning that some portions of the circles ‘appear’ incomplete. They are marking a rotation and distance also like the combination lock that will eventually lead to a ‘Key’ to open up whatever was designed to keep locked-up and/or covered.

So, perhaps such demarcations and delineations are part of the design that constituted essentially an astronomical clock. What this study further suggests is that the Wheel of the Ghosts of the Giants could also be a replica of the Milky Way Galaxy. Can this be corroborated? Well, to an extent. According to the research of Micah Ankouri, for instance he believes that there is a connection between the circles and a ‘universal consciousness’ association. He concludes that Gilgal Refaim was an ‘astronomical observatory providing social harmony through its communal construction and proof of the perfection of the universe.’ In other words, such a site channeled the very energies of the Galaxy it modeled, etc.

This can be corroborated to an extent as that is what occurs on the Solstices and Equinox days at Stonehenge for example and at many other places during ‘Harmonic Convergences’, etc. Based on the nature of such sites, the Tumulus could have been the heap of stones that were placed underneath a human sacrificial victim given to the demonic Spirits of the Giants. For example, if such a notion is considered outlandish, consider that even in the present modern era, the Luciferian cult body of the Druids in England still have their mock human sacrifices openly at Stonehenge. This is not even to divulge what sacrifices that are performed during the night hidden from the light and public view. For example, at Stonehenge, the Druids during ‘ceremonial sacrifices’ to the Red Dragon Serpent come complete with their white robes adorned with the motif of a Red Dragon. Such is what they are venerating ultimately, the Cosmic Serpent, Lucifer as the Shining Serpent one.

Entrance Gates

Consider that to such, the Luciferians deem their ‘God’ to be the legitimate one and not Adoni. They seek to conjure up the Spirits of the dead Giants that are to return to Earth in the Last Days as it was in the days of Enoch and Noah. According to the archaeology at the site, there are 2 entrances. There is 1 entrance that faces the northeast. The 2nd entrance is on the southeast. The northeast entrance leads to an access-way and then to the center of a circle which seems to point in the general direction of the June Solstice sunrise. It has been already proven by observation that on the 2 Equinoxes, the Sun's rays pass between 2 marked rocks. Nonetheless this study would strongly agree with those that also suppose an ‘astronomical clock’ and observational point of reference. The constellations and/or Star Cluster it is pegged to is the Pleiades.

This supposition and connection will be discussed further down the study as being incorporated in the triangulation of the Martian Motif layout. It has been noted by more than one researcher that the Star Sirius is also prominent to its alignments. Some researchers proved by astronomical models that it was in 3000 BC that the first rays of the Summer Solstice appeared directly through the northeast opening as seen from the central Tumulus. At the same time, the southeast opening provided a direct view of Sirius. The Sidonians even called Mount Hermon, 'Sirion’ as in Sirius, the Dog Star. Perhaps it is suggesting where the 200 Fallen Angels led by Azazael came from. This would make sense as the Star ‘Astarte’, is the Queen of Heaven, or A.K.A., Lucifer.

As in other studies have shown astronomically, the Vatican City for example, is construed to this Star alignment and motif. As to the Giant Theory, the Bible as well as extra-Biblical books like that of Enoch and the Book of the Giants attest to such a reality. The people of Bashan are found in Deuteronomy 3. King Og is attacked and defeated by Moses at Edrei. In fact, 1 of the primary reasons why YHVH instructed the Children of Israel to possess the Promised Land was to genocide the Giants. Such a Luciferian endeavor to corrupt the human gene pool was to avert the required pure genetic stock of the Messiah. A promised human was to ‘crush’ the head of the Serpent. This was accomplished at the Cross of Calvary by the ‘Seed of the Woman’, Jesus. Interestingly, King Og of Bashan was the last of the great Refaim. He was not thus, even as tall as the original Giants would have been.

The Bible records that his iron bedstead was kept at Rabbah and measured 13.5 feet long and 6 feet wide. The Bible in Deuteronomy describes that the Refaim were a large and powerful race, ‘as tall as the Anakim’. The Anakim were another race of Giants. Interestingly, this is in the same vein of thought of how in the movie Star Wars, the family line and name of Anakin Skywalker is alluding to a hybridization with Divine Beings and humanoid types, etc. Astonishingly, the Bible records that in Chronicles 20, the last of the Anakim was killed by the Mighty Men of David. The Giant had 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot. This Giant was killed by David's nephew Jonathan. This Giants was a descendant of another race of Giants at Gath. The counting of fingers on a hand became 1 of the major distinguishing traits that is visible in determining who was fully human and those that were not. This is of course not taking into consideration the mutations that do occur naturally.

Celestial Watchers
However, it is also known that in the Americans, it is why the Natives greeted each other with a raised open hand palm to show evidence that they were not of the Giant races but fully human, etc. The question does also come up, that if the Bible states that YHVH used the flood as judgment for such genetic manipulation and overall wickedness, why were there still Giants after the Flood as mentioned in the Bible? One obvious reason is that the Fallen Angels still have free reign on Earth and were not part of the Watcher Class at Mount Hermon. Such would and still do abducted females and men to continue in the hybridization program and agenda that plays-into the Luciferian synchronization of when the ‘Titans’ from their prison pit are to be released. Such will help in the quest to enthrone Lucifer as their Cherub Anointed ‘Christ’ King, etc. 

There is also some confusion as to the correct usage of the word ‘Giant’. Many confuse it and use the word Nephilim as being the reference of the Giants. This is not the case, technically. The word Giant has been translated from the Hebrew word 'nephiyl' or 'Nephilim' [Strong's 5303] which does mean a giant but in the context of a ‘Fallen One’ that is not human nor from Earth. Thus, the Hebrew word for Giants, Nephilim literally means the Fallen-Down-Ones because these tall Celestial Beings fell from the Stars. This primarily has a connotation and specific inference to the Fallen Angels due to the Luciferian rebellion in Heaven. Thus, the offspring of the hybridization between the Nephilim and the human women resulted in the Rephaim and Gibborim, and even as Nimrod became one for example. What were the various races of Giants? They were known as the Rephaim, Emim, Anakim, Horim, Avim, and Zamzummim, etc.

These designations are found in the Bible in Deuteronomy 2 and in 2 Samuel 5. Specific to the topic of the Rephaim, the connotation by one researcher suggests that the Wheel of the Ghost, of the Giants was actually the place wherein during the time of Enoch, YHVH instructed the Angel Raphael to cease Azazel. He was to bind him and cover this leader of the 200 Fallen Angel Watcher rebellion at Mount Hermon. Thus, due to the ley-lines and proximity to Mount Herman, it can be the case that the place where the Wheel is at is sort of then a ‘signpost’ designating the entrance, or ‘Gate’ of the imprisonment of such Fallen Ones. Of course, this poses some objections as it is understood that YHVH imprisoned the 200 Fallen Ones in Tartarus, awaiting their release in the Last Days to be used as instruments of Judgment upon the Last Generation of humans on Earth.

Also consider the inference that when the Pit is to be opened, the book of Revelation describes the faces of the ‘Watchers’ having some characteristic of lions. This would corroborate the Arabic name of being associated with cat-looking beings. This alternative theory suggests that perhaps only their leader was taken and buried there. Yes, and that the year that the Watcher class of Angels were judged was in 2448 BC, based on the ‘combination lock’ theory. It was calculated to be a century before the Flood of Noah based on how old Noah was at the beginning of the indictment and when it was carried out. This supposes that ‘Angels can die’. The line of thought goes like this. Azazel was buried, bodily, because when he and the 199 Watcher Angel class descended to Earth at Mount Hermon, they left their ‘Heavenly Estate'. In some sort of mysterious way, their body morphed and they became mortal, like the humans.

Spirit of the Ghosts
These are the Watchers that taught Humanity all the forbidden secrets of Heaven pertaining to war, Sacred Geometry and made Humanity to sin through abortion, sorcery, the Kabbalah, etc. This is corroborated in the book of Enoch but that as part of their punishment, YHVH would make them die like men as a humiliation and punishment for what they did. They violated the ‘Prime Directive’ of not interfering genetically with the human species. It is understood that Angels cannot die nor breed but in this case, it is the case on Earth that even several sources attest to the Watchers that left their Starry posts or positions where they were stationed at as Sentinels and Guardians to guard, teach and look over the affairs of Humanity to help it, not harm it.

As mentioned, they were to teach and guide Humanity along its development per the directives of YHVH. Here is the portion in the book of Enoch where this decree to bury Azazel is stated. However, a physical burial is not necessarily implied or could have been the case. It could be as alluded to before that such a Wheel was more like a prison door or ‘Gate-Way’ in the spiritual dimensional side and he awaits to be loosened as the Great Apollyon perhaps.

‘Then said the Most High, the Holy and Great One spake, and sent Uriel to the son of Lamech, and said to him: 'Go to Noah and tell him in my Name hide thyself! and reveal to him the end that is approaching: that the whole Earth will be destroyed, and a deluge is about to come upon the whole Earth, and will destroy all that is on it. And now instruct him that he may escape and his seed may be preserved for all the generations of the world. And again, the LORD said to Raphael: Bind Azazel hand and foot, and cast him into the Darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Dudael, and cast him therein. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there for ever, and cover his face that he may not see light. And on the day of the Great Judgement he shall be cast into the fire.’ -Enoch 10:1-6

To the Luciferians and Satanists, such a region was where Ba'al was worshiped through the Spirits of the departed Giants. The Wheel served, in part, to tap into their energies through blood sacrifices, both of animals and humans. There is a prophecy that states that, ‘When the blood of an unblemished lamb spills once again upon the Altar of Bashan, look to the Morning Star [Lucifer] for the return of Ha-Satan.’ Thus, one can clearly sense that such a place was not of a holy and righteous nature but of a cult circle of the Celestial Serpent, of Satan or Lucifer in the motif of the Serpent that the triangulation of the Martian Motif displays from a top view.

Is there any topographical evidence and what is the connection to the Martian Motif of Cydonia? This would be a good enough reason to then understand why such a Wheel was venerated and used for. What is very interesting about his hypothesis is that if indeed, the Wheel is serving as an astronomical clock, perhaps it is telling of certain dates based on the configuration of the layout where the niches are at. It can be corresponding to particular constellation alignments and/or to specific Stars. As mentioned, the Southeast entrance does point to Sirius. Some suggest that the year of the release of the Watchers could be set to the year, yet to be determined.

Pleiadian Connection
A time is foretold in the books of Enoch, the Giants and Revelation when the temporal imprisonment of those Watchers in Tartarus is to be completed. The book of Revelation does teach that in the end, there is a door to the entrance to where the Watchers are imprisoned and will be opened with a key at a certain time and by the 5th Angelic Being no less. Does this 5th Angel possibly then correspond to the 5 concentric circles of this Wheel of the Giants? As mentioned, the Watchers are to be used as instruments of justice during the Tribulation Period before they are then to go to their eternal judgment. As to the Martian Motif, the following is suggested solely based on aerial views from Google Earth. The orientation, if pointing north, is relatively in direct alignment with Mount Hermon.

At the center is the Wheel or 5-ring circle of stone rocks that correspond to the giant D&M Pentagon, and appropriately so as the pentagon denotes 5 sides. Then to the right would be the corresponding motif of the Pleiades City complex on Mars. There are 3 main square structures that amazingly have their ley-lines all aligned nearly perfectly to the astronomical ley-lines of the Pleiades Star Cluster. Then to the left of the Wheel would be the Face of Mars anomaly that interestingly does have a corresponding square structure. True to form, the angle is nearly the inversion of how it is actually laid-out on Mars. What is confirming this ‘Face’ or façade correspondence is that based on observation, this area of the site appears to construe a ‘Serpent’ with its ‘head’ corresponding to the position where the Face of Ala-Lu would be.

Thus, the Rebel King, Ala-Lu is none other than a motif masqueraded as Lucifer, Satan, the Red Dragon, etc. To emphasize, the ‘Serpent head’ would correspond to the Face of the Rebel King Ala-Lu which then would suggest the true nature of his disposition and source of power, the Serpent, the Red Dragon, Lucifer, Satan, etc. There are even 2 trees that make for the ‘eyes’ and that for both the Martian mausoleum. The Serpent body then coils across the entire expanse of the triangulated motif from the ‘Head’ or Face to the Pleiades portion. This ‘Serpent’ depiction is in the form of elevated mounds of earth that follow the narrow creek of water that then appears to also match the corresponding ley-line that intersects at the nodes when the hexagram triangulation is applied.

Then the ‘tail’ portion of the ‘Serpent’, corresponds to the section of the Pleiades that would in turn construe the rattler of the snake. This would also amazingly corroborate how in the Americas, the May, Olmecs and the Aztecs in particular venerated the Pleiades as a ‘rattler’ that would be prominent in the sky every 52 years, etc. Specifically, the Pleiades Star Cluster, also known as the 7-Sisters, aligns with the Central Sun, Alcyone, once every 52 years. The Maya, in particular, believed that the Pleiades is the home of their ancestors and/or ‘Gods’. Also, the rattler in proportion to the start of the ‘head’ of this demonic Serpent motif appears to approximate the length in a phi ratio section. Then the estimated distance of the Wheel diameter from the outer edges of the 5th stone circle of the Wheel is 180 yards. Thus, such a construct has some time-reckoning aspect as the circle is 360 degrees and half of that is 180 degrees.

The Wheel was for sure an astronomical clock keeping time to a 360 day year.What will be the end of its terminal time? Will an alignment dealing with the Pleiades, Sirius and/or Venus have something to do when such a time is to expire? Is this time clock like a combination one that is linked in some way to the Bottomless Pit and when this locked chamber is set to open? Will Gilgal Refaim have a part to play in the opening up of the Bottomless Pit where the Watches that are being kept as an exit point to the surface on the Earth? These questions remain unanswered but will shortly come to pass if the book of Enoch is true. It states that such dispositions of imprisoned Watchers, Giants and Demonic Spirits are to be let loose in the Last Generation. Many are convinced that Humanity has reached the Last Generation.



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