U.N. 2030 AGENDA

Negotiations with the Saudi Arabians

  • How Agenda 2030 affects every Human on the Planet?
  • What will happen to the Civil Liberties of Citizens?
  • Who is really behind the Globalist Movement?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider the U.N. Fall Meeting that takes place Yearly, around the Time of the Rabbinical Civil New Year. The Meetings will center on the 2030 Agenda Protocols that are essentially the Blue Print of the Biblical AntiChrist ‘Beast’ System and eventual Marking of the Human Body. It is about Total Control of all this ‘is’, even the very Souls of Men, etc. The U.N. Meeting will be correlated, Astronomically to a particular Comet that was newly discovered in August by a Japanese Amateur Astronomers like one is also.

The Internet has been abuzz about the Meaning of its Name, ‘Man-Child’ and how that I related also to how in September, every Year, the Approximation of the Revelation 12 Sign occurs. In the End Times and Rapture Watch Community, this Fall Season is being watched with much Excitement and Anticipation that the Celestial Signs occurring in the Sign of Virgo, signify the Pending Rapture Event. Perhaps, but one will consider how the Comet Nishimura, the ‘Green Comet’, C/2023 P1 did appear to ‘Highlight’ certain Days pertaining to the Civil New Year of the Jews and in Relation to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals SDG that is at the core of this Year’s Meeting.

What was also added on, at the Last Minute was and is a segway of the continued Topic and Discussion of how the Saudi Arabians are putting on the Table, Discussions with Israel and the Muslim Palestinians. This is very relative as the Palestinians are calling for the U.N. to recognize the State of Palestine based on 1967 Borders and East Jerusalem as its Capital. Ironically, these were the same Conditions the U.N. did offer the Palestinian Arabs in 1947.

The Arab Palestinians rejected the Offer and Declared War on Israel instead. If there will be a Partitioning of Israel to accommodate a ‘State of Palestine’, it will be short-lived, because the Jewish AntiChrist Messiah will ‘Break’ the Covenant at the half-way or Midst of the Week of 7 Years, etc. What many in the End Times Community surmise, is that this U.N. SDG Summit and now Side Talks between the Saudis and the Jews over Palestine constitutes the ‘Covenant with the Many’, per the Prophecy of Daniel 9:27.

Although very interesting from one’s Political Science Assessment, these are only Pre-Cursers and Prophetic Footstep is what will eventually become what the Bible foretells is sure to happen, etc. It is all very interesting and to note how the Comet is seen by some to be ‘Highlighting’ the Jewish Civil New Year of Rosh HaShanah and this U.N. Summit. And that it is being ‘accented’, Astronomically, with the newly Discovered Comet of Nishimura, the ‘Green Comet’. Here are some Observations.

Preludes to Prophecy
The Comet made its closest Approach to Earth on the 12th of September, 2023. Reports vary. It was reported that the Comet was seen since then by the Naked-Eye. It was supposed to have been in the North-Eastern portion of the Sky. But then on the 17th, the Last of the 2-Day Observance of Rosh HaShanah, it reached Perihelion with the Sun, or its closest Approach. The Question will be if it will survive the ‘Gauntlet’ of the catapulting of its orbit around the Sun, or will it fall apart as so many Comets do. Here is an Excerpt from an Article online. Notice the ‘33’ Number in there in the Mix.

‘Comet Nishimura will reach its closest distance to Earth on Sept. 12, when it passes within 78 million miles (125 million kilometers) of our planet. The comet's perihelion, or closest point to the sun, will occur on Sept. 17 when the icy object passes within 20.5 million miles (33 million km) of our home star. It will then be slingshotted back into the outer solar system — if it isn't burned up by its solar encounter.’

Green comet Nishimura will reach closest point to Earth today, and it won't be back for another 430 years
Story by Harry Baker

In that Green Comet Nishimura Article, the Author stated that the Comet will not return, assuming it does not break-up for another 430 Years. In other Articles, it states 400 Years. It reminded me of one of the same Numbers that came up with the Exodus. So, perhaps the Comet, as a 1 Year Warning, in one’s Opinion of the Exodus of the Bride of Christ as Echoed by the Motif and Asteroids, Comets in the Sign are signaling just that? And of course the Debate is what was it really, 400, 430 or 217 Years that the Jews were in Egypt. It is ‘All of the Above’.

When 400 is used, it is referring from when YHVH initially decreed the Covenant to Abrahma and showed him that his Descendants would be Enslaved while in Egypt. When 430 is Used, it is in reference to the Time and Place of that specific Circumstance from where the Context is presented. Then the 217 Year Factor is when the Jews were then Actually Enslaved. This is to mean that the Jews or the original 70 that went in with Jacob to settle in the Best Land of Goshen with Joseph, as 2nd in Command, did not ‘Immediately’ become slaves. Thus, their Time or Duration in which they became Slaves was only about half of the entire Time they were down in Egypt. From a Political Science Point of View and Opinion, here are the Following Observations.

For sure a Sign of what is coming. If these are the Prep-Work for the ‘Conforming’ of the Covenant, Geo-Politically, it would seem to fall in line with the eventual Division of the Land of Israel. This has also been an Issue of Debate. Some say, ‘No’, the Land will not be Divided’. Others say ‘Yes’ based on Interpretation of Joel, etc. One does see and expect that at some point in time, Israel and the Saudi Arabians will make a ‘Deal’ through the Abrahamic Accords. Geo-Politically, all the Arab States, especially the Oil Wealthy ones of the Gulf will side with Israel because of Biblical, Racial, Cultural ties that are more in-line with the Persians of Iran that are Shi’ite Muslims.

Prince of Persia
It is no Secret that the Muslim Mullahs of Iran are bent on Dominating the Middle East, but also in competition with Turkey. So, the Sunni Muslims do see an Existential Threat to their Influence in Islam. Not sure if one is aware, but in their Islamic Eschatology, it is foretold that 1 Day, the Black Box, or Cude, i.e., the Ka'aba, will be invaded and taken over from the Saudis by force. The Saudis dread this and are perhaps 1 of the Rationales that will push, are pushing them to Side with Israel for ‘Protection’ and to Counter-Balance the Persian Nuclear Threat.

Here below is a Chart about that Shi’ite Muslim Training that has encircled Israel, primarily and for that Precise Luciferian Purpose really. But the Threat is also to the Saudi Royal Family. So as Benjamin Netanyahu stated before, a while back in inviting the Rich Gulf Muslim Arab Nation into the Abrahamic Accords is, ‘The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend’. 

Essentially, the Saudis are being ‘Sacred’ into Israel’s Camps. But there is Mutual Benefit and also, here below is a Chart on how the Younger Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, that was raised by a Jewish Nanny, by the Way has started to Build that 100 Mile Linear City called ‘Noem’ as his Legacy. It is just below the True Location of the Real Mount Sinai. If from May 14, 1948, Declaration of ‘Birth’ of Israel to Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2023, the 6th Year Anniversary = 660,600 Hours (6-6-6) or 75 Years 4 Months and 9 Days. Or if from November 29, 1947, when the U.N. ‘Decreed’ Israel to be allowed to be a Sovereign State,

U.N. Resolution 181 + 911 Months = October 29, 2023.

Not sure what to make of this. But if then used that

911 Month Count from May 14, 1948 = April 14, 2024.

This is the Date, as you all know of one’s ‘Year 32 AD Crucifixion’ Theory of how April 14, a Wednesday was the actual Event. This is of course according to one’s Estimations. But, it is 1 Week after the 3rd Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024, being Nisan 1. Interestingly, one was listening to the Prophecy Watchers, about their October 2023 Conference. It is a ‘Who is Who’ of the Rapture Big Wegs. What struck me was a Statement that said, ‘The next 90 Days will be very critical for Israel’. The Context is if she will go to War with Iran.

Well, on that Point, she is already. The more Pertinent issue is Iran’s Proxies that one believes will be the Psalm 83 War of the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations that will attack Israel. Perhaps this will occur sometime in 2024. In one’s Mind, this War that will lead to the Covenant with the Many that one has presented is the ‘Rabbim’. The Prophecy in Daniel is not specific, like with a Modern-Era ‘Signing Ceremony’ to Confirm a Covenant, necessary. Now, Geo-Politically, that could be Translated as such for the purposes of a Modern-Day ‘Covenant’ but in Ancient Israel and the World back then, especially in the Middle East, a Covenant, which means to ‘Cut’, was done by a Sacrifice.

Cutting a Covenant

In some parts of the Muslim World, this is still done when Men enter Business Deals, etc. But then one started to crunch some Dates based on this 90 Day Factor, 30-30-30. Since the Present Time is centered around the 6th Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign, one combined the 2 Factors of to see if there was or is possible Prophetic Connections. This is what resulted.

September 23, 2023 Revelation Sign + 90 Days = December 22, 2023 (Winter Solstice)

Not sure what to make of it or could mean, in a specific Prophetic Sense, but it is from the Fall Equinox to the Winter Solstice, a 1/4 Turning of the Seasons. If anything, it would appear to show that the Prophetic Clock is moving at exactly the right Speed. And Major Events on Earth are Pegged to Astronomical Time Markers, in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. 

It is just one's Perspective and one will have to wait and find out...but not that much longer. If the Gregorian Year 2024 or Jewish one, 5784 is the Year of the Rapture...wow, it is our 'Last Lap', finally...Perhaps. There is just so much occurring as mentioned, it is hard to keep up, and especially these '90' Days from the 6th Year Anniversary of the Original Revelation 12 Sign of 2017.

Geo-Politically, it makes sense that at this Point and Time, the Saudi Arabians will come into the Abrahamic Accord 'Fold'. This is why then, during the Ezekiel Invasion of Israel, it is said of them, Sheba and Dedan, 'Why have you come, to take a Spoil'? But they will have no Power to stop it. Most agree this Northern Invasion will be Led by Russia, along with the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nation, not Bordering Israel, etc.

The Peoples of the World are truly living in Biblical Times as YHVH is preparing the World to have Israel be the Focal Point and Fulcrum and Crucible of the Nations that will forge the Divine Wrath to come....It will Not be a ‘Fun Time coming-up for Humanity's Last Chapter just before Jesus Returns.





Counterbalancing the Extremist Threats


Noam, Linear City near True Site of Mount Sinai

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