Was the Resurrection of Jesus 3 Literal Days?

  • What is the Sign of Jonah?
  • Was Jesus died, exactly 3 Days in the Tomb?
  • How can a Friday Death equal a Sunday Rising?​​

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‘Then some of the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law said to him, Teacher, we want to see a Sign from you. He answered, A Wicked and Adulterous Generation asks for a Sign! But none will be given it except the Sign of the Prophet Jonah. For as Jonah was 3 Days and 3 Nights in the Belly of a Huge Fish, so the Son of Man will be 3 Days and 3 Nights in the Heart of the Earth’. -Matthew 12:38-40

The purpose of this study is to consider the Day Counts of the Passion Week when Jesus was Crucified. One’s Research suggests that Jesus was Crucified in the Year 32 AD. And that the exact Day was a Wednesday, in the ‘Midst’ of the Weeks. One takes the Literal Interpretation of Daniel’s Prophecy of the 70 Weeks. That is delineated by the 69 Weeks and then a 70th Week. This Last Week of Years, being 7 is what is, in one’s Estimation, a Fractal of the Prophecy. Meaning that one subscribes to the Notion that the Prophecy Timeline of Daniel is an Overlap or Dual-Fulfillment.

Both Timelines pertain to a Christ Messiah, a Prince, etc. This is of Jesus Christ and then the AntiChrist. The 2 Timelines converge at the Mid-Point of a Shemitah Cycle in that one surmises also that Jesus started His 1260 Day Ministry on a Shemitah Cycle. But that the Cycle was cut-short in the Midst or the Mid-Point by His Death, Burial and Resurrection. In turn, the Prophetic Sabbath resumes with the Timeline of the AntiChrist that finishes the Shemitah from the Event that delineates the 7-Year Tribulation.

And that Event will have to do with stopping the Daily Sacrifices the AntiChrist had Sanctioned 3.5 Year prior to the Day. During the 1260th Day, is when the Abomination of Desolation will occur. This is when the False Prophet under the Direction of the AntiChrist that is now Possessed by Lucifer erects a Golden Statute of some sort of A.I’ to be worshiped. Apparently, it will be animated to the point that it is given ‘Life’ by Lucifer to deceive the whole World of his Creative Forces.

It is also the Point in Time that the AntiChrist enters the Holies, standing there in defiance of Israel and its GOD, YHVH. He then enters the Holy of Holies and sits on what will be apparently the Ark of the Covenant. One is assuming that after the Rapture Event that closes-out the Church Age, the Ark of the Covenant will be revealed and will be the impetus to rebuild the 3rd Temple, etc. All this is by way of Interlocution and to set-up the Framework for how one will argue how the Sign of Jonah, was precisely given by Jesus to authenticate His Messiahship. And that the 3 Days and the 3 Nights were Literal 24-Hour Cycles of Time for a total of 72 Hours.  

Which Calendar?

Now, given the Torah Calendar and even the U.S. Navy Calculations of what Day was Passover in the Year 32 AD, that Nisan 14 Date does not correlate to one’s Theory. One’s calculations puts Wednesday, being April 14, 32 as something one cannot prove by mere Day Counting. This is why one has used the Moon Cycles and the Day Counts from what one is convinced was the Decree by Artaxerxes II, is correct in this case.

The other Calculation Triangulation is based on the 1stt Century Chinese Astronomer, Guang Wu. One has written a Book entitled, ‘Circumstantial Evidence why Jesus was Crucified in 32 AD’. One will leave the Links to the Book and other Pertinent Articles in the End-Notes, etc. Now as to the Wednesday being on April 14, 32 AD? As noted, there is a Discrepancy when using the Conventional Calendars and the Online Day Calculators as they are all Synchronized to the same Formula.

This is where one then has chosen to ascertain the Day Counts based on the Prophecy of Daniel, as one surmises that ‘Prophecy is Pattern’. And as such, the Mid-Point then had to correspond to a Wednesday, the Midst of the Week as a Fractal of the 70thh Week, etc. This is one’s Working Theory and it could be incorrect. But one is using it. It is an issue of ‘Which Calendar’ one is using. This is why April 14, 32 AD was not a Monday but a Wednesday. How does one further surmise this? This is where one uses the Spring Equinox to Calibrate the New Year and the Month of Nisan. See the Chart of the Months from the Article #439


Of course, one cannot ‘Prove’ this Scenario of Months conclusively, but in one’s Mind and Rationale, it is compelling and convincing as it coincides with the Full Moon on the 14, of which it was Blood Moon. The issue does become Important as one had used this Timeline to present Evidence of the 2nd 50-Day Pentecost Count now for many Years. Concerning the 3 Days and 3 Nights, there is then also a Layer of the Supernatural that occurred. One has argued that a Celestial Body 7X larger than Jupiter Eclipsed Earth.

It has to do with the Solar Eclipse that lasted for 3 Full Hours. This is impossible with a Regular Solar Event. Thus, one also has argued that there was an 'Artificial Night' when Jesus Died. However, due to Roman Catholic Traditional Teaching and Interpretation, the issue is that the Sign of Jonah was not 3 Literal Days of 24 Hour Periods. And that the Crucifixion of Jesus was on a Friday. And that Jesus rose on a Sunday Morning. This does not calculate Mathematically into a 72 Hour Period.  

The question one often gets about one’s Theory of a Wednesday Crucifixion and a Sabbath Morning Resurrection has mainly been along the order of such Objections that are given. ‘Where does it say that Jesus was Dead 3 Full Days and 3 Full Nights? As one can surmise, the Programming of the Roman Catholic Perspective and Interpretation is strong. One will take a Biblical Definition of a Day and claim that when a ‘Day’ was presented, it was meant to be interpreted as a 14 Hour Day. How so?

What is a Day?

Consider that Jesus Himself delineated a Day into 12 Hours Each of Light and Darkness. Consider also the Parables of how Jesus taught about the Workers in the Field, each getting the same amount of Pay, yet for differing amounts of Hours. If the Days of the Crucifixion were to be not taken Literally, then the Resurrection would have been arbitrary, just as much.

Proof #1: Rule of 1st Mention - Genesis 1:4-5
And YHVH saw that the Light was Good, and He separated the Light from the Darkness. YHVH called the Light Day, and the Darkness He called Night. And there was Evening, and there was Morning— the 1st Day.

One has to take this Argument of what is a ‘Day’ back to Creation when what a ‘Day’ is 1st mentioned. And YHVH Defines it as being an ‘Evening and a Morning’, thus a 24 Hour Period. The same Word for Day is used to denote the Time Markers for the Resurrection, as Paul disclosed.

Proof #2: Witnesses of the Disciples - I Corinthians 15:4

A) Berean Literal Bible
…And that He was Buried, and that He was RAISED THE THIRD DAY according to the Scriptures,

B) Contemporary English Version
He was Buried, AND THREE DAYS LATER he was raised to Life, as the Scriptures say.
Emphases on being 3 Days.

Proof #3: Delineation of a Day - John 11:9
Rabbi, they replied, the Jews just tried to Stone You, and You are going back there? Jesus answered, Are there not 12 Hours of Daylight? If anyone walks in the Daytime, he will not stumble, because he sees the Light of this World. But if anyone walks at Night, he will stumble, because he has no Light’.

Proof #4: Sign of Jonah - Matthew 12:38-40

This is the Sign of the Resurrection given by Jesus Himself. It was to be 3 Literal Days of 24 Hours or a total of 72 Hours as was Jonah in the Belly of the Large Fish.


But here is the Point of the Argument, thus, if Jesus did not spend 3 Days and 3 Days in the Place of the Dead, that Jesus likened He would, like Jonah, then Jonah did not spend 72 Hours in the ‘Belly of the Great Fish’, etc. There has to be a 100% Typological Correlation. There is no room for Speculation of Diversion on this Point, in one’s Estimation. One just cannot then Argue beyond that. Nor does one desire that. But this is where one can be accused of ‘Splitting Hairs’. How so? As one narrows-down the Argument, one would then not use Days but Hours. It is that specific concerning this Timeline of the Passion Week. Thus…If 1 Day = 24 Hours, then 3 Days = 72 Hours, correct? So, if one Surmises that Jesus was taken down the Cross right after the Corresponding Passover Lamb Sacrificial Hour of 3pm, then: Wednesday 3pm, Death + 72 Hours = Saturday 3pm.

A 72 Hour Window

This Day Count presented is then strongly suggesting that it was a Sabbath Resurrection at that precise Hour, 3pm. Jesus is the LORD of the Sabbath. So, this is to Argue that He then Spent the Night there in the Garden, perhaps Praying, contemplating, to then encounter the Mary’s and the Disciples the following Morning, that being Sunday, etc. As one often prefaces, one does not claim to have ‘figured it all out’. One just presents the Evidence and deems it just that. It is just the Point where one is at in the Learning Curve. The following is a Chart depicting this Timeline.

Passion Week Chart


The issue is, what is the Start Date and what Calendar is one using? That is all. One is just Interjecting that one has less Confidence in some as it is confusing at best. And that one is not Dogmatic about what one presents as ‘Proof’ or Evidence. One issue is that you have the Year Calculators as mentioned. But they are based on Conversions from the Julian to the Gregorian, as an Example. So, just saying that even with all of one’s Astronomical Bench-Markers, one cannot be emphatic about it as one cannot be 100% Confident in the Calendars. That is all. But, as to the Resurrection Day?

You cannot have 3 Days from Friday to Sunday Morning. One just tried to present the Evidence, more so from a Literal Interpretation that 3 Days are 3 Days. The only issue one sees, at this point in the Argument, is that many People who object to this Evidence presented, say they place more Faith in the Bible than on Theories. But then they go on Theorize that the 3 Days were not 3 Days. So, just saying, one has to be Consistent across the Board, as they say. If any ‘Heresy’ is to be had, it is about Suppositions, not one’s Rationale or Theory. In one’s Mind, those that object to what one has presented do not have an Answer as to the Question posed.

Can anyone explain how one can fit 3 Days of 24 Hours from Friday 3pm to Sunday 6am? One is just saying that in the Greek, it is in the Past Tense, ‘Had Risen’. When the Mary’s had arrived that Morning, Jesus had already been Risen. So, to reiterate, one means to say that one cannot argue beyond that Interpretation, because one cannot say anything more about it or contribute. It then just becomes a Matter of Interpretation and a Degree of Speculation/Conjecture. One wishes that the Bible was more Explicit in that regard, and other Topics, but it is not a detailed Historical and/or Scientific Book of Proofs.

If Christians argue that this Friday to Sunday Time is 3 Days, then one just has to leave it at that. But such are not alone. Most of Christendom subscribes to this Roman Catholic Tradition. One is not seeking out to ‘Change’ anyone’s Thoughts or Minds about anything. Well, about Roman Catholicism? Yes. One is very biased about certain things, especially all things Astronomical. But one is just breaking-down the Argument with Proofs, not Evidence. In fact, that is what is 1 of one’s major Bench-Markers when Surmising one’s Theories and how one comes-up with one’s Timelines. The Clockwork that is based on the Synchronicity of the Sun, Moon and the Stars, is GOD-Ordained.

According to Jewish Law
One cannot go wrong with such Celestial Signs. For example, one has pegged the Timeline to that September 11, -3 BC Birth of Jesus and then the March 21, -445 BC Spring Solstice Decree of Artaxerxes II, to then the Daniel 9:25-27 Double Entendre, to the exact Triumphal Entry, which was on that Sabbath of April 10, 32 AD. It corroborates with Sir. Anderson’s Calculations. And he worked at Scotland Yard no less. But that is just that, a Timeline, but based on a Degree of Science, Astronomical and Mathematical, as that is my Academic Background and use it to Discern Biblical Prophecy. But that does not mean one is Right either.

Perhaps a lot has been ‘Lost in Translation’. Case in Point is how there are other Topics of Debate that will never get All Brethren to be in Agreement. But such Topics are not Issues of Salvation. Like, should Followers of Jesus be watching The Passion or Celebrating Christmas with Trees, Mistletoe, Santa Claus or Easter Sun Rises… These are In-Family Debates and the Body has Liberty in Christ. Just because, as it has been said, many Brethren differ in Thoughts about a Biblical Subject, like ‘What Day was the Crucifixion’, there is room for Debate.

We can only offer our Point of View and continue forward. But there might be some Topics that will be Heretical though. Especially in these Last Days, when Deception is running Rampant. No one perfectly sees Eye-to-Eye regarding every Detail in Scripture. But in case of Scriptural Ambiguity, it is incumbent upon Readers to handle the Scriptures as best and honestly as possible. As to the 3 Days until the Resurrection of Jesus? Consider how others see the Legal aspect of this Time-Frame Requirement. In order to fulfill the Legal Requirement of Death, in Jewish Law, one had to be Dead 3 full Days. The Article below states one had to be Dead more than 3 Full Days.

‘According to Jewish Law, to be Declared Legally Dead, a Person had to be Dead for more than 3 Full Days. If someone who appeared to be Dead revived and came back to Life prior to 3 Full Days, he or she was not Legally deemed to have been Dead. Therefore, if Jesus had Risen from the Dead before 3 PM on the afternoon of Nisan 17, a Weekly Sabbath, He would not have been considered Legally Dead. As a result, His Return to Life would not have been considered a True Resurrection from the Dead.

Knowing this Fact, one can understand why Jesus delayed going to Lazarus in the account in John 11. Jesus knew that Lazarus was Sick unto Death, but He deliberately remained where He was for 2 more Days (John 11:6). He knew that Lazarus would not be considered Legally Dead until he had been Dead for 4 Days’. Source: The Day Jesus the Christ Died

As this Contributor noted, the Chief Priests and Rulers of Israel did not want Jesus to fulfill His Promise and the Sign of Jonah. They did not want the People to know about the 'Dastardly Deeds' they made against Jesus, that was, is and still will be Israel’s Messiah. This is why they sublimated before Pilate to request a 3 DAY GUARD for the Tomb. And? If this Request, per Matthew .27:62 was made on that Thursday, the day after Jesus was entombed. Then their Reply in verse 21 that Sunday was the 3rd Day since ‘These Things’ were done by the Chief Priests and Rulers does not contradict a Wednesday Crucifixion Date.

Why the Number 72 is Key and Critical to ‘Timing’ regarding Prophecy

Also, if one goes further in Astronomical Terms, one must Interject why 72 Hours or the Numerical Factor of 72 is Critical to Prophecy and Time. How so? It is that it Corresponds to a Measure of Cosmic Time, Divine Time, Prophetic Time, etc. Astronomically, 72 Years is the Arc of 1 Degree of Time in the Grand Year Circle that constitutes the Precession of the Equinoxes. The Numerical Coefficient of 72 is also a Factor of twice its value, being 144, as in the 144,000 that will be the Witnesses, specifically Anointed to Testify of Jesus during the Tribulation Period.

And how in terms of Genetics that constitute what a Human is, a New-Born has exactly 7200 DNA strands from the Father and the Mother, etc. Then mRNA through the COVID Injections have attempted to add another Strand of 72,000 for a Total of 216,000 DNA Strands, or a 3rd Strand or Helix is constructed. This is not to be confused with how the Father and Mother contribute 23 Pairs of Chromosomes. Why is a 3rd Helix DNA Strand not a ‘Good or GOD Idea’? The Bible states 600 by 60 by 6 is the Number of the Beast

600 x 60 x 6 = 216,000 600 + 60  6 = 666

However, the 144,000 mDNA is now being terraformed into a New Code thanks to the Mandated COVID Injections and the ones still to come, etc. As one writes this, new mRNA Bio-Engineered Viruses are being released. It is how they are getting the mRNA in the Bodies of Humans. It is a Sinister Plot to destroy Mankind’s Image and Likeness of YHVH. They are constructing a 3rd Strand into the DNA of Humans using a mRNA sequence with 72,000 new Hydra-Graphene created Chromosomes that are changing the 144,000 into 216,000 Altered Chromosomes.

That is 999 reversed to make a ‘666’ Numerical Factor that the Bible states will be the Mark of the Beast at the Half-Way Marker of the Tribulation Period. Why mRNA? It is about who will control the Sovereignty of one’s Body, Spirit and eventually the Soul. Through Mandated Medicine, the coming World Government will Control the Minds and Movements of all People on the Planet.

NIH National Human Genome Research Institute
Chromosomes Fact Sheet

One has probably lost most of you here, but to say that YHVH is Right on Time and goes by His Clock, one would say. And to Insinuate that no Time will be lacking but fulfilled as it states in the Gospels that, ‘At the Right Time’, Jesus Came and Died…’, etc. So well Jesus ‘Be On Time’ with regard to the Rapture. It will not be a Minute too Soon or Too Late, like His Death, Burial and Resurrection. We can Trust Him for what is coming next, His Appearing as He did with the Mary’s in the Garden Tomb. Jesus is the Creator of Time. He will Keep it.

One believes that the Rapture Event will be like Encountering Jesus there in the Garden Tomb by the Mary’s. Notice that Jesus did not Appear to His Disciples first. Why the Mary’s? One believes that this was and will be a Typology of Appearing to the Bride as a Prophetic Metaphor for ‘Eve’, in general. Yes, could be a Stretch of the Imagination. But Jesus’ Appearing to the Women 1st, was to also Vindicate Eve, as their Collective Representation of Israel but specifically to the Church. It was in a similar Garden that could perhaps have been at the very same Spot where Lucifer Deceived Eve, etc.

November 1, 28 AD + 25 Times a 50 Day Count = April 32 AD

April 12, 32 AD + 40 Times a 50 Year Count = Wednesday, April 14, 2032

Just as one has Calculated the Passover of Jesus was on Wednesday, April 14, 32 AD

April 14, 0032 (+/- 2 Days) Julian Calendar Added 50 Years (Repeated 40 Times)

1952 + 80 = 2032


Realize also that in Genesis, it was YHVH in His Theophany that walked with them, Adam and Eve, in the ‘Cool of the Evenings’. Many Bible Scholars believe this was Jesus. Now, in this similar Garden, it is Jesus, GOD in His Glorified Flesh that appears. It will be as to Tell her, perhaps something like this Rhetorically of course: ‘Eve, I have Overcome’.

‘I am that Seed that came from you, that was Promised would Crush the Head of Lucifer who Deceived you in a Garden much like this one. But I have come to Restore you, your Honor and your Commitment to Me instead’. Jesus Reversed the Curse, even of the Ground that produced Thorns. He wore that as a Crown on His Head. ‘And what Died there in Eden, this is but a Token of how I have now Restored Eternal Life and Eden is Open to as many as Call on My Name to partake of the Tree of Eternal Life now’.


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Circumstantial Evidence why it was in 32 AD
When was Jesus Crucified? Was it in 30 AD? 31 AD, or 33 AD? This has been 1 of the most Profound Questions, that has been Debated since the Church Age started with Jesus' Death. Can the Year and the Week Day be Determined? Is there any Evidence to suggest a More Accurate Year and Week Day? The Research one is providing in this Book, is one's Best Attempt in Showing why one is More Convinced of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year. One is not attempting to ‘Convince’ , or to ‘Prove’ the Year, as that is beyond one’s Ability.

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