Are the Walls of the Bride-City
Completed in 2024?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘For the Earnest Expectation of the Creature waits for the Manifestation of the Sons of GOD. For the Creature was made subject to Vanity, not willingly, but by Reason of him who hath subjected the same in Hope. Because the Creature itself also shall be Delivered from the Bondage of Corruption into the Glorious Liberty of the Children of God. For we know that the whole Creation groans and travails in Pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the First-Fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the Adoption, to wit, the Redemption of our Body’. -Romans 8:19-23

The purpose of this Post is to recommend a Video by a Brother in Christ, Paul Dawson. He is out of the United Kingdom. He was the one that had contributed much to the Study in the Revelation 12 Sign when it 1st was introduced more than 7 Years ago, etc. He is also the one that has been Open-Air Preaching in the Town Squares of London. And for that, he has been Arrested. How Spiritually Dark the United Kingdom has become. Sadly, it is no longer a foretaste of what is soon to come to the Shores of the USA.

This Darkness has Descended upon the whole World. As one who did a University Exchange Program during one’s College Years in the late 1980’s, in England, it is vastly different now than it was then. This goes without saying for any Nation for that matter. But for Western Europe as a whole, it has essentially abandoned its Jude-Christian Heritage. One would even say that the People of the United Kingdom are essentially living under the Protocols of the Books, ‘1984’ and the ‘Brave New World’. The following is the Link Online to the YouTube Channel of Brother Paul. Consider what he has to say.

Something big is coming.

One came across the Work and Research of Paul as one was contacted by him about the Revelation 12 Sign. Specifically, it also pertained to the Identified Asteroid named 67P. What was unusual about that Asteroid was that it also factored into the overall Alignment of the Sign back in 2017. And it was, what one called it the ‘Jubilee Asteroid’ because it last appeared in the Constellation of Virgo, exactly 50 Years prior during the 6-Day War of 1967. One has been following his Work and Contribution online through his YouTube Ministry, whenever he can Post. One took a look and listened to Brother Paul’s Video. He speaks about the Spiritual Condition of the World and the Dire Circumstance it finds itself in with No Hope in this World, literally aside from Jesus.

Liberation of the Sons of GOD

And where is the Church of Jesus, in the West that is supposed to have the Light and be the Salt of the Earth? It has become True to its Prophetic End. It is that of its Laodicean Nature of an Apostate and Unfaithful Bride that has sought-out her Lovers in the World. The Measure and Degree of Wickedness, Lawlessness, Depravity and Immorality has reached its Full, in one’s Opinion. One is living during the ‘Sin of the Amorites’ in the World, as it was back then when the Israelites were under Enslavement in Egypt.

The Point is that their ‘Liberation’ was contingent upon the ‘Sin of the Amorites’ needing to reach its ‘Full Measure’. One can relate to the Anguish of wanting to be in Glory now and have one’s Body be Transformed to finally be with Jesus, Face-to-Face. One is weighed-down by the Temptations of this World and the allurement of its Deception and the ‘Beautiful Side of Evil’, etc. The Bride of Christ senses her ‘Captivity’ and Bondage, to a Degree, allowed by Jesus.

It is in the form of still having to deal with the Sins of the Flesh, the Lust of the Eyes and the Pride of Life, etc. But it is the Philadelphian Type of Church that seeks that Promised Escape from the Hour of Trial that is to come upon the World. This is the desire of Paul, as stated Emphatically, and Emotionally towards the end of his Presentation. One would venture to say that those of the End Times Watching Community sense this Desperation of wanting to be with Jesus as the World spirals into Chaos, by Design.

This World is coming unhinged and is Ripe for Judgment. The level and the degree of Debauchery and Reprobate Minds is beyond Comprehension. But realize that as the Hebrews were Suffering and in Agony about their Bondage and Captivity in Egypt, their Liberation was contingent upon the Sin of the Amorites reaching a certain Full Measure and Threshold, not 1 Day sooner or Later.

‘The Sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure’. Genesis 15:16

One can compare this present Evil World that has been the Church Age for nearly 2000 Years as a Captivity of sort. Is it any Wonder, why in 2024, the Final Great American Eclipse will ‘X-Out’ the USA? But it is the Bride, like the 2 Fish of the Pisces in the Sign of the Stars, that have been Bound by those Chords. Presently she is Bound by Cetus the Sea Dragon. But in turn, it has been the Fish People, i.e., the Followers of the Great Fisherman that have also Restrained the Sea Dragon, Lucifer in this Present Evil World.

It will not be until the Level of Sin reaches a Full Measure in the World, in the USA, like the Amorites, that the Liberation of the Sons of Light will occur, not 1 Day sooner or Later. And it is to give Solace to those yearning for the Liberation, i.e., the Rapture that based on this Prophetic Typology of when the Walls of Jerusalem were completed, in correlation to the 483 Year Factor (69 Weeks of Years x 7 Sabbaths of Time) of Daniel’s Prophecy, then take Heart that 2024 could be the Year the Bride’s Building is completed. In prior Studies shared over the Years, one has argued that the Royal Decree that is pertinent to the Rebuilding of the Wall of Jerusalem was that of the Last one, of 4 made.

And that it was Pronounced on the Spring Equinox in -445 BC. It was made by the Son of Artaxerxes I and Queen Esther of the Book and Purim Festival. That Decree to Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem, one is now more convinced has to do with a Parallel Countdown to when the Bride, like an Esther, like the Walls of Jerusalem will be completed. And that Prophetic Key is incorporated in the very Number Count of Years. How so? One is arguing that the Royal Decree also incorporates the 483 Year Factor of the Prophecy of Danile. This has to do with the Prophetic Countdown.

But it is Echoed, Historically in the Personage of a Solomon Type. It is literally also a variation of the Name in Arabic. This then pertains to the Royal Decree made by Suleiman to ‘Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem when the Muslim Ottomans ruled the Promised Land and beyond, etc. If one considers the Year that the Walls were completed during the Reign of Suleiman, the Muslim Ottoman, as much as they were during Nehemiah’s Time, then the following Year Count becomes very interesting. According to Research, the Wall of Jerusalem during the Muslim Ottoman Occupation was from 1537 to 1541.

1541 Wall Completed + 483 Prophetic Year Factor of Daniel = 2024
If one factors in the 483 Years, from when the Wall was completed in 1541, then the following. Does this Equation and Calculus show in a Parallel Prophetic fashion, the ‘Walls’ of the Heavenly City, the Bride of Christ that Jesus has been building for nearly 2000 Year, is the Year that she will be ‘completed’, just the same? As to deducing the Pentecost of Acts 2 New Wine Event because of it?’ One presents this Research only as ‘Evidence’ based on Correlations, not as Proofs.


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