Royal Seal of King Hezekiah

  • Is this unique celestial event an omen to Israel and the world?
  • Does the pattern of the Winged Planet denote a coming claticism?
  • Will the corresponding 7-node planet denote the 2nd Star System?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the Sundial of Ahaz, 10 degrees backward. So the Sun returned 10 degrees, by which degrees it was gone down.’ –Isaiah 38.8

The purpose of this study it so suggest that the signet of King Hezekiah found in 2015 in Israel is itself a ‘sign’ to Israel. It is a recording of what happened in the past concerning the Sundial of Ahaz that perhaps is set to reoccur during Israel’s last ‘King’ to rule the world, the AntiChrist. This study seeks to link the event of Hezekiah’s illness and the retrograde of the Sun’s shadow 10 degrees to a pole shift of the Earth. This pole shift is stipulated to have been caused by what King Hezekiah commemorated his ‘Royal Sign’ with on the signet. It was the ‘Winged Sun Disk’ of Nibiru with 7 nodes that correlates to the 7 planets of the 2nd Sun; 3 larger ones, 3 smaller ones and the Giant Red Dwarf Star. This study suggests that the discovery of Hezekiah’s ‘signet’ could be the ‘Sign’ that a coming pole shirt of the Earth will occur, caused by a flyby of Nibiru.

The Sundial of Ahaz will be studied based on certain mathematical calculations as it provides a historical context that led-up to the amazing phenomenon and will again. In 2015, the Royal Seal of King Hezekiah of the last tribe of Judah was found in Jerusalem. The signet or seal was found during an archaeological excavation on the Southside of the Temple Mount called the Ophel. This area was at one time the residences for the Levites who served in the Temple. It would make sense that such a signet or bulla would be found in this place as the Priest no doubt handled numerous royal edicts and documents authenticated by the Royal Seal or ‘sign’ of the king. In the ancient Near East, clay bullae were used to secure the strings tied around rolled-up documents or scrolls. The bullae were made by pressing a seal onto a wet lump of clay.

The stamped bulla served as both a signature and a ‘sign’ as a means of ensuring the authenticity of the documents. This is what exactly is portrayed in the book of Revelation as Jesus, the Greater High Priest and Judge breaks each bullae or seal to open only a certain portion of the Scroll, etc. Have other relics or documents confirmed such a pole shift having occurred in Earth’s history? Yes. The Nebra Disk also unearthed in Germany’s oldest astronomical observatory depicts an occurrence of the pole shift in conjunction to an abnormal solar eclipse. This supposition lends some credence to the notion that such cataclysm events have been the direct effect of the flyby of Planet X or the Nemesis 2nd Sun star system. Although some flybys have been cataclysmic like the Flood of Noah, others have not been that disastrous as the orbit of the 2nd Sun varies and it also depends on what side of the Sun, Earth will be on.

The Prophetic Sign
This study suggests that perhaps, the Sundial of Ahaz event pertaining to Hezekiah’s illness and recovery was such an event. The point is that in some cases the flyby of Planet X has only been powerful enough to produce a gradual pole shift and from a distance that is undetectable. The Hezekiah signet has a seal impression of a 2-winged disk of a ‘Sun’. The ancient Hebrew inscription reads ‘Belonging to Hezekiah, (son of) Ahaz, King of Judah’. לחזקיהו [בן] אחז מלך יהדה. It is flanked by 2 Egyptian Ankhs or ‘crosses’ that allude to resurrection. The Winged-Disk is not Egyptian but Sumerian. Was the seal suggesting what the cause was as it was understood in his time, the ‘Winged Disk’ of Nibiru? The size of Hezekiah’s ‘sign’ is relatively small, approximately just over a centimeter or .33 of an inch. This signet was also accompanied by the discovery of 33 other bullas according to those that excavated the site.

What this study also suggests is that the numerical factor of ‘33’ is also a probable ‘sign’ that is associated with the typology of Messiah that King Hezekiah is attributed to be also associated with. Is it any coincidence that the discovery was made in 2015 when reports of Planet X hit the mainstream news, however as conspiracy? Was it mere coincidence that the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 paralleling the U.N.’s Partition Plan of 1947? Was it prophetic that the size of the signet was .33 inches and reported to have been found with 33 other pieces? Of course this echoes the age of Messiah that is Jesus when He was crucified, etc. Modern-day Israel is currently looking for ‘signs’ that their Messiah is coming and perhaps, this Royal Seal of Hezekiah ‘signals’ that indeed YHVH has yet a final chapter to write concerning the same contention over the Temple Mount and the coming Kings; the AntiChrist and Christ.

According to 2 Chronicles 29-32, Hezekiah began his reform in the Southern Kingdom of Judah in his 1st year of his reign. It was his father Ahaz that shut the doors to YHVH’s House but it was Hezekiah, his son that re-opened them and ordered that the Temple of YHVH repaired. Hezekiah was 25-years-old when he became king and reigned in Jerusalem. He was determined to obey YHVH and live by His commands right from the start of his reign. It is recorded that it took 16 days to clean up and remove things that should not have been in the Temple to get the building ready to worship as YHVH had commanded. He campaigned for a revival and reinstated the celebration of Passover that had not been observed since the days of Solomon.

This was all taking place all the while in the Northern Kingdom of Israel, YHVH was not having success in turning the hearts and minds back to YHVH as was the case in Judah at the time with King Hezekiah. Due to the Northern Kingdom’s disobedience, the successive waves of conquest by the Assyrians started. Hezekiah was 29 years old when Senna-Cherib invaded Israel ruled by King Hoshea. When Hezekiah was 31 years old, the 10 northern tribes called Israel were led captive. It began with Shalmaneser V that invaded Israel and marched on to Samaria. For 3 years the capital city lay in siege and finally fell in 722 B.C. During the final onslaught by Sargon II in 722 B.C., the Northern Kingdom of Israel went into exile. At 41 years old, 10 years later Senna-Cherib returns but this time to Judah. The ‘fierce king’ of Assyria returned for more spoil. Senna-Cherib had a ruthless policy of scorched-earth.

Prophetic Contentions
However, Senna-Cherib would suffer a supernatural defeat when attempting to come-up against Judah and the Temple of YHVH. This account is both chronicled in the Bible and in Assyrian clay tablets. This is one example of how the supposed ‘fairytale’ of such a king and kingdom of Judah are corroborated by extra-biblical sources. Senna-Cherib sent Rabshakeh, the Chief Cup Bearer and spokesman for the king’s envoy, who spoke Hebrew to deliver a threatening ultimatum to King Hezekiah. Later one, the arrogant King sent Hezekiah letters which read, ‘Do not let the God you rely on deceive you. Did the gods of other nations I have conquered deliver them?’

King Hezekiah was under the prophetic counsel of the prophet Isaiah that King Hezekiah prepared the Jerusalem for the assault of the Assyrians under King Senna-Cherib. Hezekiah dug a tunnel under the city walls and routed the external Gihon Spring on the outside of the city walls of Jerusalem to divert it to a lower pool within the walled perimeters of the city. This also would suggest that the Temple of Solomon was not in the City of David. Hezekiah came before the YHVH to present the threating and blasphemous letter before the Altar of Incense in the Holies. The following is King Hezekiah’s prayer as recording in 2 Kings 19:19.

‘So now, YHVH our Elohim, save us please from his hand, then all the kingdoms of the world shall know, that you alone are YHVH, Elohim.’ O YHVH, Elohim of Israel, the One who dwells between the Cherubim, You are YHVH, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the Earth….Now therefore, O YHVH our Elohim, I pray, save us from his hand, kingdoms of the Earth may know that You are YHVH, Elohim. You alone.’ 

What is rather amazing is that this was the last reference to the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament. Thus, will the Sign of Hezekiah also reconnect to how the Ark of the Covenant will be unveiled for the coming 3rd Temple in some fashion? Hezekiah however knew the power and prerogative of YHVH and when Senna-Cherib came against Jerusalem, the Temple and even YHVH Himself. He knew how to humble himself and repent or change his ways when addressed. It is supposed that after such a victory over the Assyrians in how YHVH dispatched just 1 Angel that slew 185,000 of the Assyrian army might have gone to his head literally.

However, in the 14th year of King Hezekiah’s reign, he came down with a fatal illness due to his pride. Was there any evidence of this pride perhaps? The Scriptures did state that YHVH tested the heart of the king. One clue is in the name of Lachish. Lachish was a small town that Senna-Cherib had conquered in Judah as a precursor and on his way to Jerusalem. The name of Lachish means ‘confidence’. This heart attitude is what was the disposition of Judah, the people and its king, at the time. They were very arrogant to the point that they felt invincible. YHVH had blessed and increased the wealth of Hezekiah but the king did become sort of haughty. He presumed to showcase his spender to the visiting dignitaries of the surrounding empires. This would seem like a normal thing to want to do but at the core of the splendor was the Temple of YHVH. Some Bible Scholars suppose that it was because of such a disposition in the king, that of pride, YHVH sent a sickness unto death as the Bible states.

Pride and Judgment
In the Bible, such illnesses were as a direct cause for sin. This was the case for the lame man in the pool that for 38 years tried to go into the pool as an Angel would give healing powers. Jesus confronted the man and exposed that his condition was related to his sin. In the case of Hezekiah, YHVH sent Isaiah to tell King Hezekiah, much like David to ‘set your house in order’. Upon hearing this, immediately Hezekiah turned to a wall and prayed. He humbled himself before YHVH and confessed his secret sin. Hezekiah had a genuine remorse and repentance for which YHVH always will seek and respond. There was more in Hezekiah’s grief than appears on the surface as he had no son yet, and the promised ‘Seed’ of Christ could come only through his bloodline.

The whole Promise of YHVH of a coming Redeemer as promised to Eve, then down to Abraham and David was on the line. On a spiritual level, this event demonstrates the efficacy of prayer. YHVH said that He Himself would give a ‘Sign’ that the shadow of the Sun would go backwards 10 degrees or 10 steps. Apparently the configuration of the Dial of Ahaz incorporated a wall of some type of measurement that used steps as degrees as it faced the Sun at a certain angle to keep time, and astronomical time. The incident of the Sun’s shadow going back some stairs in the presence of King Hezekiah of Judah in the Bible is an example of what apparently cannot be explained by conventional science. It is an excuse to those detractors of a Creator that is involved in the affairs of mankind to label it a ‘fairytale’ to some and a miracle to others.

Others have tried to explain it away by natural phenomenon as being effects of wind direction or anomalies in the reflection of light on clouds, etc. However, what is being known and discovered with modern-day science able to explain such a phenomenon? For this incident to have occurred naturally, one would think that in order for the Sun to reverse its shadow it would have to reverse its course. This would make the Sun then also travel from west to east in the sky. What if it was the Earth that moved its direction or axis? Could the Earth have changed its axis and not rotation perhaps? What on Earth, no pun intended could do such a thing? What the account of King Hezekiah alludes to is some sort of celestial body big and strong enough to pull the Earth back as on its axis. This was the case with the perturbation of Neptune and Uranus for example. This was thus recorded in his astronomical apparatus that marked the measurements of a 360 degree circle using a wall, steps as some sort of sundial.

Nowhere else in the whole Bible is such an apparatus discussed other than that the Sun, Moon and the Stars were placed in the Heavenlies for signs, times and YHVH’s appointments. The Bible references the ‘Dial of Ahaz’ to the father of Hezekiah. The Bible does characterize Ahaz as a very ignoble monarch that compromised the rulership on behalf of YHVH but adopting the demonic practices of the nations around Judah. It is recorded that he even sacrificed through the fire one of his sons to the god of abortion, Molech. It would not be all that far-fetched if in his dealings with pagans that such knowledge of astronomy was a common practice amongst the courts of the various monarchs. For example there were ‘court astrologers’ of which Daniel was chief in the case of the Babylonian Captivity. The Chaldean were masters of time as it is from that base system of 60 that Humanity has measured time, up to the current modern era.

The Sun Dial of Ahaz
Only the royal monarch and priest had such a handle and contraptions to mark time with. It is believed that such a knowledge of marking time was first given to Adam. Ancient civilizations were also well versed in the knowledge of the constellations and the Precession of the Equinox, etc. When one thinks of a ‘sundial’, one imagines a round flat surface with an expended member from the center. This member marks the hours around the circle based off the Sun’s shadow. Upon further study of the word dial in Hebrew, the following observation is made. In Hebrew however, the word is maalah, which denotes an ascent by means of steps or stages. And this word ‘maalah’ is also translated degrees in the context of a circle. The point is that both ‘degrees’ and ‘sundial’ are from the same Hebrew word. This occurrence is so spectacular, of the likes of Joshua’s Long Day that it is written down not only in Isaiah 38 but also in 2 Kings 20. It was Hezekiah that stipulated that it would be harder for the Sun to regress 10 steps or degrees. In verse 11 it states, ‘And he [YHVH] caused the shadow on the steps, by which it had gone down the steps of Ahaz, to go back ten steps.’ YHVH stated that, ‘I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the Sundial of Ahaz.’

Many suppose that this was either an ancient sundial or an astronomical circle of the Mazzaroth or both combined. The backward or retrograde timespan the Sun was to have made amounts to 10 degrees of a 360 circle. This amazingly equals the amount of years granted. There have been many researches that have suggested that the Earth has had prior pole shift in the past and perhaps such a one occurred to coincide amazingly with Hezekiah’s ‘Sign’ of his healing. The Nebra Sky Disk is another possible confirmation that indeed, pole shifts did occur Earth’s past. The disk was discovered in 1999 and is attributed to a site near Nebra, Germany. The disk is make of bronze around 30 centimeters (12 in) diameter. It is decorated with astro-configurations on a blue-green patina and inlaid with gold astronomical symbols. These are interpreted generally as involving the Sun, Moon and the Stars. It basically depicts the constellation of Orion including a cluster interpreted as the Pleiades.

There are 2 golden arcs along the sides, marking the angle between the solstices. A final arc at the bottom surrounded with multiple strokes that some believe represents the Milky Way. Many believe that the disk records the event of a passing of Nibiru. According to star locations, it shows a solar eclipse, and the tilt of 26 degrees of the Earth on its axis. The day of the event is thus estimated to have been some 3600 years ago which would coincide with the Flood of Noah. What this study brings to the prophetic table is that in the context of ‘Signs’, the ‘Sign’ that Hezekiah required was corresponding to the gradual flyby and gravitation pull of the 2nd Sun on Earth to produce a ‘retrograde’ effect of having the Sun’s shadow go backwards 10 degrees or 10 steps. Thus the signet of Hezekiah’s royal emblem depicted or celebrated this event by depicting the ancient motif of the 2nd Sun as the Winded Disk. It is thus presumed that it was gravity that tilted Earth’s rotation on it axis. Due to retrograde of orbit and other’s the Sun appeared to cast shadows backwards the length in proportion to the degree of Earth’s interlocking forces with the Nemesis system and its position. Nemesis does not have to be ‘seen’ but only felts as was discovered with the perturbations of Neptune and Uranus. Such was how these planets were discovered as well as Pluto.

Pole Shift
Pluto was originally thought to have been Planet X. However, it was and is too small to affect the gigantic and enormous volume of the Giant Gas Planets. Only a similar or greater sized luminary or celestial body could have such a powerful force act upon it to tilt their axis. Is it any coincidence that the signet of the winded Sun was discovered in 2015? It was the year of the last Blood Moon of the Tetrad and the biblical end of a Jubilee Year Cycle from 1967 if one uses the 360 day/year count. Has the Hezekiah ‘Winged Disk’ signet in turn become a ‘Sign’ for the last generation that such a phenomena is about to occur again? What this study is suggesting is that Sign of Hezekiah was the appearance of Planet X that perhaps is now also the ‘Sign’ that it will occur again. The following numerical observations are presented for a possible affirmation.

Assuming 360 day/year x 7 =
2520 days
Assuming lifespan of King Hezekiah was form 715 to 686
From 2015 when the signet was found to death in 686 = 2701
Excluding year ‘0’ in timeline = 2700 years
2700 years – 2017 year of Great Sign of Heaven = 180 years
Isaiah Chapter 38: God told Hezekiah, ‘I will add unto thy days 15 years.’
This 15 year timespan = 10 degree or 180° months to degree association

In the case of Hezekiah’ repentance, that is to turn or ‘retrograde’, a study by the British-Irael.us website makes an interesting correlation astronomically to the astronomical apparatus used to calculate the 10 degrees. They surmise that the whole event can be paralleled to the Mazzaroth circle in that the wall Hezekiah prayed to and faced was and is the Milky Way that was depicted as part of the devise. The 15 years that YHVH promised to add to Hezekiah’s life equals astronomically to 180 months (15 x 12) coefficient. This in turn matched the 180 degree half circle. This would take the circumference of time from each of the Celestial Gates. These 2 gates are the Gate of Heaven in the Sagittarius and Ophiuchus region to the Gate of Man, that which is just above Orion. Perhaps there must have been 2 gates or entries on either side of this astronomical clock wall. This assertion would matches the Mazzaroth by having the Milky Way as the wall and the 180 being the arch of its circumference.

The point is that the Sign of the shadow’s retrograde 10 degrees could have only been possible if the Earth experienced a pole shift of 26. 3 degree. Due to Hezekiah’s miraculous healing, Israel considered Hezekiah to be the Messiah in the days of the Assyrian threat at the gates of Jerusalem. Today Israel is looking for a similar sign. Perhaps a day will come when a similar Hezekiah will ruler over the modern State of Israel. In the case of Senna-Cherib, he was as a ‘dragon’ about to devour the Bloodline of the Messiah. It is all about ‘Signs’. The Israelites, to include Israel and Judah were accustomed, as in the ancient world to seek signs from the ‘gods’ to inquire of a matter. Usually it involved wars, battles, succession and prophecy, etc. As noted, it was during this time that the prophet Isaiah was in court and wrote some of the most important pieces of prophecy concerning ‘Signs’. One such ‘Sign’ was to be that of the ‘Virgin giving birth’ and the location, Bethlehem, etc.

It was a time of great spiritual upheaval amongst YHVH’s people as it is today. Hezekiah sent this following message to the prophet Isaiah. There is amazing imagery of a woman attempting to give birth as there is much travail concerning the attempted devouring of the People of YHVH in the book of Revelation chapter 12. Many are ascribing this sign to Israel. How the 2015 year that is pegged to the last Blood Moons of the Tetrad to the Great Sign of Revelation 12 is as follows. In this case with the menace of the King of Assyria which was and is prototype of the coming AntiChrist and the Spirit of AntiChrist. It is that which has opposed YHVH bloodline and birthright since the Garden of Eden.

‘This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy: for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth. It may be the LORD thy God will hear the words of Rabshakeh, whom the king of Assyria his master hath sent to reproach the living God, and will reprove the words which the LORD thy God hath heard: wherefore lift up thy prayer for the remnant that is left. ‘Hezekiah urged the people, ‘Be strong and courageous. Don’t be afraid or discouraged because of the king of Assyria and vast army with him, for there is a greater power with us than with him.’

Pertaining to YHVH’s People, it was in the days of Isaiah and the father of Hezekiah that the Sign of the Virgin was given of the coming Messiah. It is also reminiscent of the Revelation 12 Sign that has similar imagery. It also pertained to the constellation of Virgo in that day. From the start of the 1st Blood Moon of the Tetrad in 2014 to the astronomical alignment of the Great Sign of Revelation 12 that occurs on September 23, 2017 is 1260 days.

1260 / 7 = 7 sections of 180 time

Does this 7 fold section of time foreshadow the coming Last Week of Years per Daniel? There was worldliness, complacency and apathy. It was a time when Ahaz closed the Temple and although it stood physically, it might as well have been absent as it is today. There was also idolatry and alliances being made with the world, etc. The point is that the condition of YHVH’s people then is no different now. Will it thus also take a coming ‘King’ like a Hezekiah to open the doors of the newly rebuilt 3rd Temple? Will there be such ‘signs and wonders’ occurring with a coming King of the Judah or the Jews like a pole shift as witnessed by King Hezekiah? Will there be an ‘Isaiah’ type of religious prophet that will accompany his reign as it was during the event pertaining to the Sundial of Ahaz? Could the apparatus logged the flyby of Nemesis be what was inscribed in the signet of the Royal Seal of the king after all?

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