Eschatological Interpretations of the Last Days

  • Who is the Muslim Mahdi and why is Jesus helping him?
  • Is the Muslim version of Jesus or Isa one in the same?
  • How close is the interpretation of the Last Days in Islam?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For all things in Heaven and on Earth were created by Him—all things, whether visible or invisible, whether thrones or dominions, whether principalities or powers—all things were created through Him and for Him. He Himself is before all things and all things are held together in Him. He is the head of the Body, the Church, as well as the Beginning, the Firstborn from among the dead so that He Himself may become first in all things. -Colossians 1:16-18

As of late there have been articles and videos circling on the internet about a mural in the city of Teheran that the Islamic Republic of Iran has sanctioned. The massive murals hang off of building adjacent to main boulevards. The depiction is that of the Return of the Mahdi, first in line leading a procession of the Muslim, Shi’ite faithful that includes Isa, aka ‘Jesus’ behind in Muslim Messiah. The procession depicts a prayer vigil of sorts to commemorate a victory. According to the eschatological interpretation of the Last Days in Shi’ite Islam, the 12th Imam, the promised Muslim Messiah is to come, the LORD of the Ages to defeat the enemies of Islam, the Jews and Christians. In the Quran, this Jesus also returns to assist the Mahdi in a coming worldwide campaign.

Evidently the Muslim Jesus is not the Jesus of the New Testament. The Muslim Jesus is quoted as saying that he is in fact only a ‘Slave’ of Allah and that all peoples of the world should worship Allah as the one true God. The Muslims believe that they are the possessors of the last and true revelation of God. The supposition is that the Jewish and Christian Scriptures have been misinterpreted, corrupted and heretical. Muslims believe that Jesus did not die on a cross, that someone took his place at the end, that he never claimed to be ‘God’ and that he certainly was not raised from the dead. The Muslim Jesus cannot forgive nor pay for sin since his blood was not shed. Muslims believe that Isa, aka Jesus was just a Prophet of God for his generation but not GOD Almighty, the Creator; not Savior of the world.

Jesus was in the long succession of Muslim Prophets that ended with Mohammad, as the last ‘Messenger of Allah’. Jesus is to also return but only to help the Mahdi, the true Messiah that will implement true justice and peace once Islam conquers all religions and Sharia Law is implemented. The Mahdi is to return during a time of global chaos to restore a new world order in with Islam will be triumphant over the Jews and Christians. In fact it will be Jesus, Isa of the Muslims that will stand to correct the misinterpretations of his teachings and destroy the cross and every church. Isa will be the executioner of the Christians who do not worship Allah and submit to his will and his mark. The Islamic texts are replete with verses that state that any other interpretation is worthy of death.
Return of the 12th Imam, The Mahdi
According to the sayings of Mohammad, ‘the world will not end until the 12th Imam, who will be called Mahdi takes charge of the affairs of the world and fills it with justice and equity as it is filled with injustice and tyranny.’ Obviously those ignorant of their own Bibles would assume that the Jesus of the Christian Bible is the same of the Jesus of the Quran, Isa. No Christian in the Middle East would dare say this as they are too familiar with the Muslim Jesus and their century’s old persecution of the Church. On the outset, it would appear that both Jesus’ are the same as the language is carefully orchestrated to appear and sound the same. At the core of the indifference of the respective Christs, the Scriptures paint a drastically opposite picture of Isa.

There cannot be a middle ground on this issue of who is the real Jesus is. It is diametrically in opposition to the notion of each; that of the Jesus of the New Testament and the Quran. In fact in the Bible, all the characteristics, attributes, plans and even patterns and codes to include the colors of Pan-Arabic Islam on their flags (White, Red, Green and Black) and calligraphic rendering of the very name of Allah are elements that comprise the Spirit of the AntiChrist. Such are part of Lucifer’s AntiChrist Beast system. This Spirit of AntiChrist has always been in opposition to the true Christ even before Humanity was created or Islam was founded some 700 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Satan has just used false religion at various times and places to accomplish and say the same thing. The message of Islam is no different. 

In traditional Christian eschatology, it is the AntiChrist that will seek to destroy the Jews and Christians that remain after the Rapture specifically. This ‘Mahdi’ will implement a mark, the 666 that is an evil number and ascribed to the man. In the Bible, the AntiChrist will come first as a conqueror on a white horse metaphorically but prophetically, without an arrow in his bow. This is exactly the imagery of how the Mahdi is to come and appear. By contrast in Islam, the number 666 is one of fortune and it is desirable to be associated with or even ‘marked’ with. As it has been shown, the very calligraphic name of Allah converted numerically by way of Gematria equals 666.

To the Muslims, it will be the Mahdi that will ensure a worldwide Islamic revolution with the aid of Isa, Jesus. He is to make a pack with the Jews for 7 Years but only in the guise of appeasing them only to later on destroy them as the Muslim edict to lie to one’s enemy is allowed only to vanquish them in the end; any means possible. This concurs with the breaking of the Covenant spoken by the Prophet Daniel in how the Man of Sin is to make a Pack with Death as Israel foolishly will be beguiled by this false Messiah that perhaps will allow for their Holy Temple to be built. The rationale could be that if any one man can permission the Temple to be rebuilt, to them that will be the Messiah.  

Persia will play a major role in the 2nd Inner Ring of Muslim nations that will attack Israel after the Covenant is confirmed. Iran is strategically waiting for the opportune time to destroy Israel as it will rather make the alliance with ‘Rome’ as taught by its Imams. Rome in this case will not be the one in Italy but the one in Moscow. Moscow is considered historically the 3rd Rome and successor of the Byzantine Empire. The very double-headed eagle of Russia ensign is that of the former Eastern Roman Empire.

The Clashes of the Christs
Even in the flags of Israel and Iran, the duality and opposing side seems to stand out. Both flags have horizontal bar and/or stripes. Both have at the center the hexagram, although Iran’s is encrypted in the calligraphic rendering of the name of ‘Allah’. The intersection of the center script with the mirrored scripts, to the left and right of it produces the hexagram at its base. Why is the notion of a Muslim Mahdi of any cause for alarm or interest as there are many other cults and religions that have just a faulty misinterpretation of who is Jesus really. The difference is that such religious denomination or churches do not possess or want to possess nuclear weapons to bring about their eschatological interpretation at the expense of millions of lives.

Such as are the Muslim Jihadists that will give not only their lives for this eschatological interpretation but will gladly take as many with them to death that don’t agree with it. It is rather intriguing to consider such opposing eschatological interpretation that will nonetheless inevitably lead the world to nuclear Armageddon. For example, the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Ayatollah Khamenei twitted the following. @Khamenei.ir. ‘This barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime of #Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated. 7/23/14 #HandsOffAlAqsa. It appears that the Islamic Republic of Iran will be a key player in the Last Days as foretold by the Prophet Daniel. Iran or ancient Persia is where Haman, a decedent and blood line from Edom was in opposition to Mordecai and Esther. Haman wanted to annihilate the Jews as the Ayatollah, no different now.

According to the Christian Bible, Jesus Christ is sinless as written in 1 Peter 2:21. By contrast to Mohammad, in the Quran, Surah 18:110 Mohammad was understood to be sinful and later would have to have his heart taken out, purified of sin and replaced. This act by Allah qualified him as having an immaculate conception as he became ‘sinless’. The Mahdi is believed by the Shi’ite Muslims to possess the same sinlessness attribute that will be accompanied by ‘signs and wonder’, even astronomically.

As it has been mentioned, Jesus is a slave in the Quran. (Quran 3:51) This is a lie. The Bible says Jesus is GOD who is the Beginning and the End. Jesus holds the keys to death and hell and is the only man that can save from sin. And every knee and tongue will confess that Jesus is GOD, even Muhammad, the Mahdi, Lucifer and Allah. The following is the Supremacy of Jesus Christ as taught in Philippians 2. There are many others that collaborate that Jesus said who He said He was. The passage starts with verse 5 in Philippians ascribing the Supremacy of Jesus.

In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature GOD, did not consider equality with GOD something to be used to His own advantage; rather, He made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, (NOT SLAVE) being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to death - even death on a Cross! Therefore GOD exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the Name that is above every name, that at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow, in Heaven and on Earth and under the Earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the glory of God the Father. – Philippians 2: 5-11

The following is the Muslim Shi’ite mural rendition of the Mahdi’s victory processional. It has been altered from the original Iranian Islamic depiction of Jesus following the Mahdi. The original depicted the procession of the Shi’ite faithful to the Mahdi that included Jesus Christ, a so called subservient of the true Messiah Mahdi. The procession is that of a victory campaign over the Jews and Christian as implied in their Islamic interpretation of the Last Days. The altercation depicts the Christian perspective that is diametrically opposed as the Bible; both Old and New render the Messiah of YHVH the supreme and only Christ that is to cast the false Mahdi, the AntiChrist with the false Christian Prophet into the Lake of Fire. These prophetic events are to take place at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

There will be a processional and a victory but it will be led by the Christian New Testament Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew that will lead the nations as He is the First in all according to Philippians 2:18. The true Messiah is from the royal blood line of King David, the Lion of Judah no less. He will conquer His enemies with His mere appearance at the 2nd Coming. It will be the brightness of His holiness that all the evil and false enemies of the Cross will see the vengeance of YHVH. As the 2nd portion of the Isaiah 61 verse 2 alludes to, Jesus will avenge His martyrs. The Christian Jesus will vanquish the Muslims of today as they are the primary agents of evil and opposition in the Middle East to the true identity and purpose of Jesus Christ.

Islam among many others of the same Spirit of AntiChrist that have spilled blood of all the martyred Saints will taste the Wrath of the Lamb during the time of Jacob’s Trouble culminating at His return at the Battle of Armageddon. The blood of the Saints spilled since Abel has cried out from Earth. The Earth has been soaked with their blood life extinguished at the hands of the murderous Satanic minions and their various organized religions opposed to the true Jesus. Such will be held accountable as the New Testament declares that all people, including the supposed Mahdi, aka Luciferian AntiChrist will bow the knee and confess with the tongue that Jesus is LORD the glory of the Father.

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