Culmination of Time Etched in the Pyramidion Pattern

  • What is the 'Year of Light' and what does it imply prophetically?
  • Is this year perhaps a time bench mark for a countdown of sorts?
  • What does this year, 5776 have to do with the Great Pyramid?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then the End will come. Christ will hand over the Kingdom to GOD the Father as He destroys every ruler, authority, and power.’ – 1 Corinthians 15:24

The purpose of this study is to correlate several layers of symbolism with historical and geometric sacred geometry to ascertain clues to when the possible ‘end of time’ is to be reached. This study will suggest that the Jewish year 5776 that starts on Rosh HaShana on September 13, 2015 is that possible date for the various clues that will presented in this paper. This study suggests that the date of 5776 will start the ‘overtime’ that is still left and allotted for Israel’s redemption to fulfill Daniel’s last prophetic week of years, being a 7-year Biblical week of years. Why it is suggested that it very well could be the 7 years is that it mirrors the prior 7 years from 2009 that the code of the Great Pyramid suggests will signify the ‘end of time’ prophetically based on its pyramidion pattern.

The supposition is that this number year of 5776 has to do with 3 buildings in particular, the Great Pyramid of the past, the present Spiritual Temple that is the Bride of Christ, and the coming 3rd Temple in the near future. The key to all these 3 temples of time is the Great Pyramid pyramidion or capstone pattern countdown that is etched in it very blocks of measurement that this study suggests are in fact a monument to the start ‘time’ and the end ‘time’ of human history. Prophetically this study suggests that the Great Pyramid of Giza has encoded this particular time, this particular year of 5776 as the ultimate meaning of its construction; it anticipates this ‘end of time’. Why? It is because 5776 is at its pinnacle, its ‘capstone’, its end. This prophetic year also has a celestial marker in that it is accented by the solar eclipse on the very day; an end and a beginning astrologically.

The solar eclipse is in conjunction with the planetary alignments on either side of the Ecliptic that will be illustrated to be occurring in phi ratio to this astronomical delineation of time and space. The planetary alignments also configure a celestial pyramid when the solar eclipse is superimposed with the phi ratio and the planet alignment in Virgo and Leo; the very ‘capstone’ is seen in Leo’s tail section. The Giza pyramid complex of the 3 ‘Time Markers’ could correlate to the 3 prophetic temples of time. They are in the same arrangement in Leo centered on the star Regulus. How this year of 5776 is ‘clocked’ by the Great Pyramid is based on the theory of David Flynn where inches equal years. What Flynn did was to highlight the Great Pyramid’s height from feet to inches, 5776 and deduce that it was a year correspondence.

The Last Week of Time Left
The height of the Great Pyramid from the base is 481.40 ft. or 5776 inches, thus correlating to the year 5776 based on Flynn’s theory. The truncated pyramid as it stands now without the capstone is at 480.75 that correspond to 5769 inches or the year 2009. He ingeniously surmised that the capstone or pyramidion was a prophetic 7-year span of time from 2009 that highlighted the year 2016 or 5776 with 2015 overlapping by 3 months. Flynn’s theory is that the difference of the capstone is a coefficient of a 7, thus a 7-year span of time form 5769 which is 2009 to 5776 or 2016, all inclusive. David Flynn’s theory also suggested that based on the assumption and the year of Solomon’s’ construction that took 7 years, the construction of the 3rd Temple also could be correlated to this pattern. This was deduced from the mathematical circumference of the Great Pyramid’s geometry of 3022 ft. x 360 Biblical years. This 3rd Temple would only last for the final 7 years of human history before Jesus’ return.

From this point, this study suggests that in turn the subsequent 7 years of the pyramidion from 5776 could mirror Daniel’s last prophetic week of years which is suggestive to what the 5776 culmination is about based on the Pyramid’s capstone of 7 years; this is what if left of ‘time’. Then what this means is that the year 5776 as Flynn highlighted the term the ‘Year of Light’ is when the Temple’s Light Bearer will be manifest physically on Earth from that time forth. There is an undercurrent of esoteric and Luciferian dealing with this enterprise as such are expecting their Light Bearer and Temple to converge for the last few prophetic ‘days’ remaining that Humanity has to rule itself. It will be Lucifer’s last attempt at thwarting YHVH’s Temple and time schedule.

Thus based on the Flynn’s theory and pyramidion pattern of the year 5776 and the 7 year timespan of the capstone it is when the Great Pyramid or ‘Work’ ends and the 3rd Temple is to be begin in tandem with the rule of the AntiChrist and his New World Order. This pattern based on the Great Pyramid 5776 pattern has major and profound prophetic implications. It illustrates just how close the end of the Church Age is and when the Rapture is to occur, specifically that 5776 is to see the end of the Church Age and the subsequent Rapture of the Spiritual Temple. This is a monumental and specular statement to be made if the pattern of the 5776 Great Pyramid and the 7-year timespan is to be played out. This scenario on the other hand could be mere coincidences and human history’s end is still yet to be determined.

On the other hand, if not then amazing as it sounds, Humanity has reached the ‘end of its time’ prophetically. The last 7 years from 5776 is suggested to be the ‘overtime’ that will conclude the ‘end of time’ for Humanity’s history after which Jesus returns to rule for the remaining 1000 years from the 4th Temple, that of Ezekiel’s. What this study will further build upon Flynn’s work likewise are some spectacular innuendos based on this theory of 5776 being the apex or culminating Temple event at the end of the Age. For one, this study does agree that most likely the 3rd Temple will be built if this pyramidion pattern is reliable and valid; the Tribulation period will be indeed 7 years. Several alignments will be highlighted corresponding to the solar eclipse on 5776. The study will also illustrate amazing date correspondences taken from the Great Pyramid blueprint.

Astronomical Pyramid New Year
What is spectacular about the civil New Year of 5776 is that it coincides with a partial solar eclipse. The New Year 5776 is pegged to the Religious New Year of March 20, 2015, which occurred on the Spring Equinox. The Spring Equinox of March 20 started the religious New Year of YHVH’s calendar and day counts. The Sun, Moon and the Stars are pegged to this reckoning of time, prophetically even and in the phi ratio at that. The end of the Feasts of YHVH occurs on the Fall Equinox that corresponds to the Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles on September 28, 2015. It coincides with the Fall Equinox and the end of the Tetrad. As with the Spring Equinox total solar eclipse, the Sukkot Blood Moon eclipse also occurred on a Super Moon phase.

What is unique about the 5776 solar eclipse is where and when this occurs astronomically. The partial solar eclipse of the New Year occurs precisely on the border in-between the celestial signs of Virgo and Leo; it has never occurred at this precise place and time before. What may be unapparent to most observers is that this place and time delineates the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac as having completed an end and a new beginning is about to begin. This is reflected in the Sphinx that is associated with the Pyramids of Giza having a lion’s body and the head of a woman. This terminal point celestially corresponds then to the terminal point in time for a like beginning and end that 5776 signifies, even prophetically perhaps in conjunction with the 3 Temples theory.

The Master Key of the Phi Ratio
What this study will overlap is the prophetic Creation Week of years onto the Great Pyramid design on a vertical axis starting from its base. This study is assuming a 7 day dispensation of time to years of approximately 7000 years, 6000 for man’s own rule and 1000 of King Jesus’ rule. When the 7000 years of human history are superimposed onto the Great Pyramid and the apex is synchronized to the year 5776, then the whole measure of human time is thus calculated or calculable. What this model suggests then is an approximation for illustrative purposes. This supposition is only suggestive based on the sacred geometry and time pattern of the Great Pyramid when superimposed onto Humanity’s timeline since Adam. This pattern can also be applied overall to the 7-fold Church Age that subsequently will have its end point at the pinnacle of 5776 also. There is difference of 224 years unaccounted for if such a model is used.

6000 year - 5776 = 224 year difference

The keys to unlocking these time markers and when time ‘ends’ is subject to the blueprint of the Great Pyramid that appears to have encoded and/or recorded divine prophetic Biblical events that appear to have occurred in mathematical proportions. When the phi ratio template is likewise applied to the timeline of human history since Adam and synchronized to the year 5776, it proportions the Great Pyramid to that of a ‘clock tower’. The illustrations will show that there are some phi ratio correlations that have some amazing year correlations to major Biblical events. Thus, various Biblical events approximate the sacred geometry and measurement of the Great Pyramid to key human history time markers, mainly the time of the Flood with Noah.

Biblical Patterns
The King’s Chamber and the Sarcophagus base correspond to the calling of Noah. The elevated roof sections above the Chamber around the midsection correspond to the calling of Abraham and the roof of the Chamber correspond to the calling of Moses. The illustration will show the phi ratio spiral for a more dramatic effect. It has its fulcrum on the Sarcophagus and loops toward the base of the pyramid to terminate at the apex of the Great Pyramid, which is the year 5776. Conversely the opposite rendering of the phi ratio spiral from the apex point of the year 5776 to the Pyramid Pit has the spiral focal point corresponding to the timeframe of the LORD’s crucifixion. This study thus suggests that the Great Pyramid of Giza is in fact at ‘time machine’, a ‘clock tower’ that has it ‘termination’ point of prophetic time clocked at the year 5776.

What this model is suggesting is the amazing assumption that perhaps 5776 is the ‘end of time’ for Temples. Of course, this does not mean the end of Mankind’s existence but that the subsequent time from 5776 is a culmination, an apex in human time allotted by the LORD Jesus. What this study then leads to conclude is that the remainder of the time for the 3rd Temple is based on the pyramidion of 7 years of Daniel’s last prophetic week. Thus, the model suggests that the long-awaited AntiChrist will usher in the last segment of human time thereafter that will culminate in Daniel’s last prophetic week of years. This then presupposes a completion of the Spiritual Temple, the Body of Christ that is to be removed as it too has reached an end point and beginning point. This could coincide with the 7 year Tribulation period known as Jacob’s Trouble wherein at the end is where and when Jesus is to return with the Saints in Glory and thereafter establish His Millennial reign and Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The uses of cyclical patterns are a Biblical principle inferred as 'types and shadows' meaning that when applied to prophecy, an event is just then an approximation foremost. For example, all the 7 major Feasts of YHVH have a pattern of the Rapture encoded within each. But the question is, which Feast will coincide with the pattern to correspond to the Rapture or will it be some other date that is entirely different? Some would argue that if one is relying on Old Testament patterns like the Feasts for such anticipated events like the Rapture, then they should follow a law of sowing and harvesting precisely. Such patterns apply specifically to the economy and dispensation of Israel but consider that the dispensation of the Age of Grace is when GOD is grafting in the Gentiles and harvesting out a Bride fir the King. In other words, YHVH is not setting aside His pattern but has fulfilled it in Jesus on one’s behalf for this special time.

The extrapolation of the prophetic timelines presented in this paper are taken from measureable factors in the cosmos above and the sacred geometry of pyramids below, not just some nebulous assertion. The Great Pyramid can be measured and is concreate and tangible. The eclipses occur in cosmic cycles and thus the point is that they are reliable when used to illustrate the types and shadows as inferences for lessons. If the argument would be valid, that YHVH still requires the Church Age to follow the laws of Israel’s harvest, then why did the LORD not still require circumcision of the converts to Jesus, why is there a relaxed interpretation of keeping the Sabbath?.

The Week of Redemption
The point is that during this specific Church Age, such have not been done away but fulfilled by Jesus; being circumcised in the Heart and not needing to regard one day holier than another. Thus this is a true sense of being under Grace; under the New Covenant dealing with the core of one's heart and soul....that Israel, legally could not be as required in the Old Covenant. There is however for the Church Age significant overtones of the patterns of the Old Testament that in fact Paul taught that the Old Testament patterns are for examples but only as types and shadows; the real deal is in Jesus. Thus, the questions remain, is the Church Age end harvest to be stipulated by the Jewish law, a Jewish year such as 5776? It remains to be seen.

This is the great quest at the core of all these studies. So, in regard to the patterns of the harvest protocol it is assumed that the present age is under a different economy of prophecy regarding is ultimate harvest schedule. Such a dispensation could concur with a Jewish Feast as the Church was commissioned for example on Pentecost. Thus, the suggestion is that there will be a harvest of the Bride, of the wheat and the tares and regarding the pattern of the Shmitah. Specific to the Church Age the type of grain is that of Barley mixed with Wheat. The Barley was harvested at Pentecost, the Wheat at Rosh Yom Teruah. The end of the Wheat harvest occurred on Yom Teruah.

The point is that the Church Age has been a mix of Jew and Gentile as with the type of Boaz and Ruth but to be eventually harvested both at the end. From that point forth there will be a prophetic transference will revert back to the legal protocol pertaining to Israel, the type of grapes that have to be crushed in the wine press. Based on the pyramidion pattern of 5776, this event is about to commence that can only commence at a beginning of a 7-year cycle as such harvests for Israel started and ended. Thus, perhaps from this New Year 5776 is an extremely high alert time for those watchers of Jesus’ return for the harvest of His Bride.  This particular harvest theme is suggesting that the time is up.

Again, this is based on the celestial, pyramidion and Feast patterns, and of course it could all be misconstrued and misunderstood but such are highly suggestive. There are those that believe that the Tribulation period, if 7years or shorter is still a bit off into the distant future, perhaps. Consider that if the birth of Israel is in fact the prophetic Fig Tree blossoming and that the generation that would be alive would be the ‘Terminal Generation’ per Psalm 102:16-18, then the furthest the limit of time before the 1000 year Millennial reign could start would be approximately around the year 2028. Again, the supposition is that the year 5776 could be the start of the last cycle of 7 years. One has to impose that the lifespan of the limit of one’s years is to be 80 years per Psalm 90 if one has extra strength. This outer limit of time remaining model is calculated from Israel’s rebirth.

1948 + 80 years = 2028 – 2016 = 12 years out from 5776
1948 + 70 years = 2018 – 2016 = 02 years out from 5776

There are also those that negate the possibility that secular Israel, founded on political Zionism is the handiwork of YHVH. Others rightly reveal that the underhanded funding and establishment of the modern state of Israel is an actual cabal of Luciferian subversion. This may well be the case to an extent but when has Israel, ancient as it is modern not been subverted. The history of Israel is basically a storyline of righteous kings following 1 GOD, YHVH right after an evil king worshipping and serving Satanic idols such as Ba’al and Ishtar. It is a struggle of which ‘Christ’ will be followed, which LORD will be submitted to and which Father the nation will heed to.

The history of Israel is the microcosm of the human spirit’s struggle for the rulership of who eventually gets the soul. This struggle between the 2 exists to this day in the world, the Church and in Israel. Presently Rabbinical Judaism is not in line with the Torah. Most if not all Rabbis forbid Jews from investigating about Yeshua in the New Testament. It is bad enough that they themselves do not enter in, but they prohibit other from entering as Jesus said about such. Moreover, the Bible of the Jews nowadays in general is the Talmud, not the Torah. The Torah is only on display as most Jews rely more so on the Rabbinic interpretations of the Torah that are found in the Talmud. Other books verge on the esoteric if not Luciferian and are openly hostile to Jesus.

The point is that based on the prophetic patterns of progressive revelation, there is progressive redemption occurring in the world, the Church and with Israel. It is believed by many that the last 7th week of years from Daniel’s prophecy is again the ‘overtime’ that will see the most horrific time in human history centered on Israel, Jerusalem, the 3rd Temple but that will rectify all this misalignment. It is befitting of how in a major game championship, the victory may be decided in overtime and it can be the most intense time of the game and exhausting. Jesus Christ states that the last generation in the world in the Last Day would see the greatest tribulation that Humanity will experience. He qualified such a time that cannot be compared to the worst atrocities that have occurred nor will ever in the future.

What is Daniel’s prophecy of the 70 years? Basically, it is a prophecy, a timeline given to Daniel of the prophetic blueprint of ‘time’ and when it would ‘end’. Moreover, the LORD gave Daniel the exact time of when the Messiah was to come for His 1st visitation to Israel to present Himself as King. This timespan involves 70 years x 7 weeks of prophetic years that equals 490 years. What has been the issue of contention is that the last week is presumed to still be unfulfilled or at least in part. The judgment of Israel was to be 70 year for the national Sabbaths that the nation did not keep since it crossed into the Promised Land. From this time marker, it would be a factor of 70x7x7 which equals 3430 Years. This Time starts from when the Israelites crossing the Jordan River and entered the Promised Land circa 1416 BC. Using this formula, the time marker is the year 5776. 

(3430 Years) - (1416 BC) = 2014+1 Year or 2015 (no year zero)

Daniel’s 70 Seven’s - Chapter 9:25
After Israel celebrates the Sabbatical Year in 5776 (2015-16) based on Leviticus 25, the next year will have YHWH’s signature 777 in the Jewish Year of 5777 (2017-18). It is the year of divine totality and completion. The year 5776 will be the 7th Jubilee marked-off from June 7, 1967 which was a Jubilee year. At that time, Jerusalem was restored to Israel and began to be built up in troublous times as Daniel prophesied. 

49 prophetic years (1 Jubilee period) x 360 days = 17,640 days.
From (June 7, 1967) + (17,640 Days) = Sep 23, 2015 YOM KIPPUR

This period just before Jesus’ return is one of the very reasons why He is to come back and interrupts this terrible time. According to His estimations, if such an evil plan by Lucifer had its way, no Humanity would be left alive on Earth. This would mean that the last 7-year cycle is to fulfill Mankind’s dominion on Earth in terms of time. Until that time, there has to be a completion of Daniel’s 70th prophetic week of 7 years where the world and Israel accept the false Messiah. Jesus gave a glimpse of the condition of how ‘the Prince that shall come’ was to appear in the Last Days. The verse in John 5:43-44 might seem inconspicuous, but t speaks volumes as the end of time is coming into view.

‘But I know you, that you do not have the love of God in yourselves. I have come in My Father's name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, you will receive him. How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another, and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only GOD?’

First of all, the AntiChrist would be a man as Himself of whom Jesus compared His visitation and presentation to Israel. Many believe that the AntiChrist is just a spirit, but it will be a literal man also. Second, Jesus stated that this man would present himself to Israel foremost and in his own name and authority. This could appear that Israel will accept this man nationally. The AntiChrist is to manifest himself to the World; either as a ’savior’ of sorts and then sit himself down in the Rebuilt Temple to begin perhaps in 2015/16 (5776). In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John speaks that the name of the coming false Messiah has a name and value that can be calculated as 666.

One has to also take into account that based on the Bible’s interpretation of the Last Days specifically related to Israel, it still has to endure several major prophetic wars to come that are to occur within the last time span of Daniel’s 70th week. These wars will involve Islam and will be used to simultaneously destroy it. This coming judgment of Islam will include the Psalm 83 War made up of the Inner-Ring of Muslim nations that might very well be this coming Jubilee War in 5776 that is the Jubilee Year by some estimation. Then there is the Gog-Magog alliance of Russia with the outer-ring of Muslim nations. Lastly there is the War of Armageddon to culminate in the Battle for the 3rd Temple and Jerusalem at the Battle of Armageddon that will see the Zechariah 10-14 prophecy fulfilled of the Messiah’s return. As mentioned already, this Armageddon event also coincides with the prophetic fulfillment of the 2nd part of Isaiah 61 when the proclamation of the Jubilee Year of release and judgment is consummated by the Wrath of the Lamb as Jesus executes the ‘Vengeance of our GOD’.

The Judgment Upon Islam
Thus based on these assertions, the 2nd coming of Jesus will culminate in the last Jubilee War that will defeat Islam, their Mahdi, and the False Prophet. If the prior patterns of prophetic events crucial to Israel’s progression of restoration are any indication of what is to occur, it will be major war with its Muslim neighbors. This possible Jubilee War event of 5776 could also be in part to a reaction of the Rapture, the economic worldwide collapse or the Psalm 83 War that could be the inner-ring Muslim nations that will be emboldened to attack Israel as the USA would be ‘out of the picture’ at this time. It is becoming increasingly clear that the USA is turning from supporting Israel but rather instigated the rise of ISIS. It was also astronomically written in the stars. This rise of ISIS ironically coincided with Pentecost of 2014 as the Pope, Abbas and Peres were in a prayer summit at the Vatican.

The rise of ISIS with the start Procyon has mirrored the rise of its Satanic minion in the form of the sons of Mohammed by the very same name, ISIS. The return of medieval Islam is in the order of Mohammed’s conquest of the Middle East in the 700s through atrocities, pure evil and slaughter of innocence. Politically, it is becoming clear that ISIS has radicalized the majority of Muslims to combine forces with Hamas and other groups in support to invade Israel at some point. On the other hand, there is a nuclear Iran with Hezbollah that has unleashed its proxy armies against Israel. This too is another aspect of how the demonic spirit and power of the Prince of Persia is manifesting and growing strong as such sense that perhaps the Restrainer is about to be set aside so they can continue feasting on the flesh and blood of helpless men, women and children.

Such a religion of ‘so called peace’ is showing its true colors; of white, red, black and green as are the 4 hellish Horsemen of the coming Apocalypse. Their Quranic core precepts is what Obama has come to defend as a conspiring Muslim that he ‘is-is’. For all the arguments Obama has against Christianity for the Crusades and Jim Crow law that were justified in the name of Christ, Franklin Graham rightly put it into perspective in regard to Obama’s remarks at the 2015 Prayer Breakfast. One can judge the actions of the disciples of a religion by the tenants of its source, their scriptures and their founder’s life example. In the mutual case, it would be Mohammed vs. Jesus.

What one can evaluate is that such actions done in the name of Jesus were not of Jesus but of an organized religion, i.e., the Roman Catholic Church or supposed Christians in the South that used the Bible to justify slavery. In the New Testament it is taught that one should pattern one’s relationship with others in the measure of how Jesus came to proclaim the Year of Jubilee, of release to set the captives or slaves free. If one applies the same principles and the core tenants of Jesus, there would have been no slavery. This is where the age-old cliché of ‘all that evil men need to flourish if for good men to do nothing’ comes in to play.  As to the example of Mohammed, what his descendants are doing now is exactly what Mohammed believed, preached, and executed himself. No, Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a religion of murder and its system will soon be implemented worldwide as seen with those that refuse the AntiChrist’ mark that will be beheaded, Islam style.

The Coming Judgement of the Jews
It is Islam that has been the occupier and cancer of the Middle East. In some respect Jesus foretold of the rise if Islam. He alluded that there would be a time coming after His resurrection that such ‘religious’ men would murder the followers of the true Christ and SON of GOD thinking they are doing their god Allah a favor. It was Mohammed that slaughtered the Jewish and Christians of Arabia for their refusal of accepting him as a ‘prophet’ of YHVH. Such sons of Mohammed, the false prophet have been unleashed from the Gates of Hell by Lucifer to pave the way for his False Prophet and False Christ. In the Muslim mindset, the Christian Biblical Jesus is a weak crucified and martyred LORD that is of no use.

To the Muslim, the only understanding of true power comes from the sword dipped in Christian and Jewish blood. There is no concept of democracy; it is foreign and repulsive to them. In their religion, it is Allah or death, taxes, or exile. Politics and religion are mingled as one and there is no separation of mosque and state. This is what America has failed and/or refused to acknowledge out of naiveté. Muslims will use democracy only to censor, irradiate any other religion. This is what happened to all the countries that the USA has invaded. In Afghanistan and Iraq primarily, the end result has been a war on Christians and where no single Church has been allowed to be built. On the contrary, churches are burned, and Christians are murdered indiscriminately.

What tangibly will come of this scenario of war between the Muslims and Israel will be the confirming of the Covenant and the Luciferian New World Order. It will come to fruition based on the achieved Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. To the Luciferians that label themselves Zionist it might seem that they will have delivered the long sought out ‘Peace and Security’ but according to the New Testament it will be a judgement of Israel that is yet to be fully completed. The catalyst for this time of trouble will be the confirming of the Covenant with Hell as the Prophet Isaiah foretold would be made at the hand of such who have usurped Israel’s birthright. It is these same evil Luciferians within the towers of power in Wall Street and the like that are comprised of false Edomite Jews and Masons that use the blueprint of YHVH’s very own time sequences to implode and steal a nation’s wealth and seal its doom.

These false Jews, as Jesus alluded to them in Revelation and in the time of Jesus worship the God of Mammon. These are the ones that install central banks, print money at will, regulate interest rates, charge usury contrary to the Bible and steal hard earned pension plans. They suck the life out of the middle class by imposing a national income and property tax. Conversely it has been the false Jews that rig the Stock Market based out of New York that is the standard that all other world markets are pegged to. Such are the false Jews and their Masonic Luciferians that are in control of national Israel the USA and the world’s markets for that matter. Such were the type of false Prophets, false Kings and false Jews who refurbished the 2nd Temple of Zechariah that Jesus had to whip out and cleanse. They use a nation like the USA to take their best and brightest for their illegal banker wars and set foreign policy that is not to the benefit of the average American but their own companies who control all aspects of media, economy and war.

The orchestrated events of what will lead up to World War 3 and the subsequent Luciferian New World Order is going according to plan. This is how the USA is entangled in the prophecy of the Last Days. It has been the Christian USA that has supported, aided, and funded Israel, up until now. The point is that not only is Israel fighting for her life from all Muslim fronts at its borders that seek to destroy her but there is a struggle for the very soul of the nation occurring within as well. This age-old contention has come about as foretold by the LORD of the fight between the 2 nations of Jacob and Esau since the womb. The Bible is very clear that the descendants of Esau have been those that like the Muslims have attempted at every prophetic juncture to reclaim and usurp the birthright from the descendants of Jacob.

Again, these have been the false Jews, Edomites who are the descendants of Esau that contend with the birthright with Jacob or Israel to this day. This was the Haman that tried to destroy the Jews in Esther’s day. This was the Herod that tried to destroy Jesus at His 1st coming, etc. The last prophetic 7 years will be a time of trouble for Israel, of Jacob’s Trouble to purify her of this evil. The core issue in the Last Days centered on the world stage will be the 3rd Temple. As Jesus has been building His Temple, spiritually, so too have the minions of deceived and depraved men after Lucifer sought to build Lucifer a Temple after the order of Hiram of Abiff, Solomon style. It will be their descendants that likewise will ‘refurbish’ the coming 3rd Temple in a false pretext of worship of YHVH.

Regardless, it would appear that the prophetic end will be like the beginning. This is confirmed by the LORD Jesus as He exclaimed that the end of Time, referred to as the Days of Noah would be like the beginning of Time before Noah. Based on the description of what the Days of Noah consisted of, some inference is given in the Bible. It was a time of great violence, degeneration on many levels, genetically, spiritual, morally to the point that the LORD ‘repented’ of having made mankind. This was not a surprise or something that caught the Creator ‘off guard’ as He is all knowing and powerful. In the Last Days, Israel will be in a false sense of peace due to the Oslo Peace Road Map promising a Peace and Safety that will instead bring a war as it was sprung on Yom Kippur, exactly 7 years after the September 24, 1966 Yom Kippur Jubilee count. The following are some day counts related to the Jubilee since 1966 and the Stock Market cycles that will converge on the Jubilee of 5776.

Market Crash Cycles:
1973  1980  1987 1994  2001  2008  2015
        7        7       7       7         7       7        7 years = 49 years

Sep 13, 2015 is on a Sunday thus Stock Market will close on Friday which is 9-11
From Sep 24, 1966 Yom Kippur = Jubilee
to Oct 6, 1973 = ~ 7 years

From Yom Kippur Oct 6, 1973 + 49 solar years
= Yom Kippur of Oct 6, 2022

The Great Work
In reality it is the Great Work of the Illuminated Ones to present their temple to Lucifer their Father, their Anointed ‘Christ’ Cherub. These minions of Lucifer are made up of false Christians, the false Jews who have a different ‘Father’ and will welcome with open arms the false Messiah AntiChrist in working with the False Prophet. Such are usurping the promise and covenant of Abraham to this very day. These are the ones that are willing to divide YHVH’s land of Israel for so called ‘Peace and Security’ that Muslims will allow only for a time as a means to an end to eventually destroy the Jews. It was Jesus who warned Israel that in the Last Days, such Edomites would accept ‘him who came in his own name’. In fact, they will seek to make an alternate Covenant with their ‘God’ and Master Lucifer whom they worship as the rightful Christ and God.

3 Shemitahs left (7-7-7) from Jupiter comet collision event 1994
Judgment on Sep 2015 = the (9th) month

Yom Kippur Sep 23, 2015 + 3.5 year or 1260 days using 360/year days
= Mar 3, 2018 just after Purim

Sep 23, 2015 to Sept 24, 2022 Tom Kippur
= 2558 days

or 7 years, 1 day excluding the end date
~365 weeks or 1 complete cycle of mathematical time 

As it has been documented by other research, the Masonic unfinished pyramid reverse Seal of the USA appears to calculate the start of this Luciferian endeavor with the USA as its surrogate host. America’s prophetic beginning and end perhaps are pegged to this 1776-5776 pattern seen in the pyramidion of the Great Pyramid and on the nation’s reverse Seal. Based off of Flynn’s theory, the element that is to be highlighted is that, when using this template from 962 BC, one does in fact reach the ‘All Seeing Eye’ that was depicted astronomically in 2012 with the timing of the Transit of Venus. These celestial phenomena precisely occurred on July 4, 2012 when the ‘Eye of Lucifer’ was astronomically depicted in the Heavens rising to the ‘apex’ within the Horns of Taurus.

This ‘event’ was part of the initiated time markers for the protocols for the ‘Great Work’ of Lucifer‘s secret religious orders such as the Masons that are about to accomplished their Great Work. This endeavor is to prepare the world for the presentation of the AntiChrist through the control and/or manipulation of world governments, economy, guns, religions etc., to prepare the world for their false ’Christ’ with a New World Order. The Bible tells the possible season regarding the timing. It would be in the ‘time’ when the Restrainer –the Holy Spirit will be set aside to then have revealed to the world who the AntiChrist really will be. As far as the celestial depiction of Lucifer’s Eye, a similar astronomical event will occur with the retrograde of Mercury in the summer of 2015. The retrograde of Mercury depicts the ‘All Seeing Eye of Lucifer’ in Taurus. The planet will likewise traverse up the ‘pyramid’ made up of the 2 Horns of Taurus to become the apex in the pyramidion due to its retrograde motion within the horns.

Year of the Light Bearer
The retrograde of Mercury completes the pyramidion on the Sumer Solstice; obvious connotations to the end of the current ‘Phoenix’, the USA’ Old Order that has to be destroyed to usher in the New Order. It will be a momentous milestone in history. Will 5776 be the time that the USA is harshly turned toward this New World Order and its AntiChrist is to be revealed? Or is the Rapture to take place facilitates such an evil endeavor? For America, it will mean a harsh steering to conform it to the New World Oder dominion. It will unleash unprecedented evil in the land at the hands of traitors to the Christian precepts of which the nation was founded upon. Many believe that it will be America’s judgment for allowing such a denegation and falling away from the Covenants made by America’s Fathers. America has been fattened for the slaughter and it will be great.

Since 1776, slowly but surely, such in power over the real affairs of America have undermined the US Constitution and usurped America’s Christian roots in a façade of pseudo-Christianity to achieve its total subversion. This study suggests that the year 5776 that is referred to as the Year of Light will go hand in hand with the coming and revealing of the Light Bearer, that is Lucifer and will in turn plunge the remaining years of human history into darkness. This will even occur literally as at one point during the Tribulation, one of the Seal judgments will be total darkness within the kingdom of the AntiChrist. This is reminiscent of the darkness that came upon the land of Egypt during the time of Moses in Exodus.

As some see the Rapture event as an opening of a ‘gate’, the Luciferians are hard at work trying to open up their demonic gates through CERN. This endeavor is just an attempt to open up Lucifer’s ‘gate’ as Jesus is about to open the Sheep’s Gate as in the Resurrection and Rapture of His Bride. Lucifer and both his heavenly and Earthly collaborating minions are anxious and sensing an opening is about to occur. Why? It could be because this Rapture event is a turning point. To many this is being tangibly seen in the all the preparations the government of the US in particular is preparing for. There will be unprecedented military training exercises in the summer of 2015 called Jade Helm. What is unusual and unprecedented is the scope of the operation.

Jade Helm is scheduled to occur simultaneously in several states in the southwest during July. These types of training drills occur but have been localized around military bases not to involve multistate and regional population zones. Why? To some, it is a conspiracy theory of the shadow government directed by the coming New World Order to prepare for the mass collapse of the US and the need to govern it after the event, perhaps. Others say it’s just a new level of military drills needed in keeping with the need to have multi-nation operations occur. This is the case in point with ISIS as it is a multi-nation ‘state’. Nonetheless, there are some unique inferences about its name and motto even. The name of this training is called Jade Helm. The name Jade comes from Spanish and is referring to a hard-green stone. Many would say that America has reached a turning point already of no return as those who own the media have conditioned her away to a new morality that is anti-Christian.

The Great Seal of Lucifer
The world Helm is that used to steer a ship. What may not be apparent if that one does subscribes to the conspiracy theory; it would go hand in hand with a diabolical Masonic directive of the Luciferians to broadcast the evil they are about to induce. The operation is taking place precisely as some have observed already to be the lands that used to be Mexico and lost in the Mexican-American War. This area has mostly all Spanish named states as it was a former Spanish-Mexican domain. Jade to the ancient Mexicans or Mexica and Maya primarily was used in the sacrificial instruments, knives that tore out the living hearts of its captives and victims. Would this term, Jade Helm be an encryption that the nation like a boat is about to be harshly turned and sacrificed on the altar of blood to have its heart cut out, metaphorically? From and including Tuesday, September 11, 2001 to, but not including Wednesday, July 15, 2015 results in the count of 5055 days.

5055 days = (5-5-5) code for death based on the Masonic code of hidden meaning.

Another possible esoteric insight pertains to its motto, ‘Mastering the Human Domain’. This could have a double meaning in that sure, it is and has always been a human prerogative to master its domain. The Bible states in Genesis that YHVH, the Creator bestowed Humanity with dominion over the Earth but was lost by Adam; forfeited to Lucifer by deception. Thus, it is Lucifer that is the one that wants to master the Human Domain. In essence what event the USA in particular is preparing for is to make the USA take a hard turn or turning that will be required to mold it into the New World Order brave world to come; and there will be much sacrifice as blood will be spilt.

According to Flynn’s conclusions, as the Righteous LORD has encoded the building of the Temples and 7 year ‘countdown’ pattern to the 3rd Temple in the Great Pyramid, the Illuminati Luciferians have incorporated in tandem this same blueprint of the Great Pyramid’s geometry that is needed to complete their work as encrypted in their seal. What the Luciferians have done is encode their timeline and schedule of when the Temple to Lucifer is to be built on the Masonic emblem of the truncated pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer. The point is that this timeline is one in the same. What this seal has to do in the Last Days and with their All-Seeing Eye pyramid is that its terminal date converges on 5776.

In Freemasonry, their Great Pyramid blueprint starts with the year 1776 that mirrors 5776. The Great Seal has 1776 in Roman numerals at its base. It was in 1776 AD that their evil plans incorporated the USA; it was the ‘Year of Light’ of its beginning as perhaps as 5776 will be its end. This end point is to occur and based on the patterns of the Great Pyramid and Seal of the Luciferian Mason, 5776 starts on September 13, 2015, Yom Teruah.  Coincidentally this date culminates in the 7th Shemitah cycle and when the Stock Market is to collapse that will bring down America. This in turn will demand the recalibration of the whole international monetary standards and need for a new reserve currency. The last day of trading will be on 9-11, a Friday.

The Luciferians have also marked the pyramidion pattern that will be their mirrored 7-year cycle countdown to 5776. It will take 7 years that began in 2009 as was the Temple of Solomon built in 7 years to see the 3rd Temple be built in 2016 perhaps. This same pyramidion code of the End Times countdown is etched in the streets that comprise the Great Mall leading up to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. It is also encoded in the very pyramidion of the Washington Monument. The year 1776 is the accepted year of when the American version of the Bavarian/German Illuminati branched out to the Americas in the anticipation of the New World and American New Order was going to become the Luciferian phoenix home base of operations.

This is how the USA is involved in the Biblical Prophecy. America has been the surrogate, the mother from whom the New World Order will be birthed from, from its ashes as the Luciferians implode and devour it to use its ashes for the birthing of the new Phoenix. This New Order will be the last order and corresponds to the morphing of the 4th Beast Empire of Daniel’s interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar.

The following is based on David Flynn’s decoding of the Luciferian Mason Seal that signifies when the Temple to Lucifer is to be initiated or achieved. The Seal’s truncated pyramid mirrors that of the Great Pyramid that is 481 feet tall with capstone at 5776 ft. The Great Pyramid’s perimeter is 3022 ft., which equals the years from 962 BC to 2016 AD. Thus, There are 3022 Biblical years of 360 days that equal 2978 years. There are 2978 years from Solomon’s dedication of Temple in 962 BC to 2016. The year 2015-2016 is 5776 in the Jewish calendar.

- From Base of Great Pyramid to include capstone = 5776 inches or 481 feet
- From 1776 Base Year =19.48 X 12 Steps or 233 Years
- 233 Years + 1776 = 2009 Start of 7 Countdown to the last 7 year Tribulation
- From 2015 -2022 (assuming a start date of September 13, 2015)
- 481 Feet Radius x 2 = 962 ft. Diameter
- 962 ft. Diameter x Pi (3.14…)

The 1st Temple of YHVH in Israel was erected by King Solomon, son of King David. It took 7 years to complete starting in 969 BC by some estimation. The Temple was dedicated on 962 BC. These dates are in dispute as there are other possible dates that have been postulated. The ’Last’ Temple before the millennial reign of Christ that will have the 4th Ezekiel Temple will be where Lucifer will pronounce himself ‘God’ and will seek compulsory worship and loyalty on all levels during the Tribulation period.

In the meanwhile, there are several entities that have a direct interest and have a hand in seeing that the 3rd Temple is rebuilt. The Orthodox Jews of Israel, the Vatican, the Masons and Lucifer himself are among the primary groups. The false Messiah AntiChrist, whomever he will be will correspond to the ’head’ or the ’capstone’ of the New World Order that the ‘Builder’ will accept. Perhaps this will happen as the calculations suggest in the Jewish Year 5776 = 2015/2016 which the Luciferian attribute to finishing their Great Work.

The Prophetic Clock Tower
As it has been noted, the Great Pyramid appears to clock the date of 5776, the Year of Light in its very apex of its architecture, the pyramidion. Of all amazing nuances of codes, alignments, mathematics and sacred geometry of the Great Pyramid, the culmination of time points to this year might very well be its intended purpose, much like a ‘clock’ striking midnight. If the pyramids are as old as some say that span the time back to 10,000 BC, it would make the Pyramids pre-Adamic. Even so, the design has this monumental date of 5776 as the possible start of the last 7 years countdown to the return of Jesus Christ and the prophetic convergence of 3 structures, 3 Temples. It would correspond to the end of the 6000 years of human time to culminate in the return of the true Architect and Builder of the Universe, Jesus.

This is not taking into account the discrepancy of the 224 years from Adam in this prophetic 6000-year pattern. The assertion of this study is that perhaps the convergence in 5776 has a multiple fulfilment. On hand the Great Work of the Luciferians is to complete Lucifer a Golden Temple on Earth from which they present the worship of the whole Earth to Lucifer. On the other hand, the ‘Spiritual Temple’ as in the Bride of Christ is to be finished also. As noted, the pyramidion theory is that the height of the Great Pyramid in inches equals 5776 or 481.40 feet. As the Great Pyramid is missing the capstone or pyramidion, it currently stands at 480.75 ft. The difference is a factor of 7.

To many, both in the Biblical scholarly side, the esoteric and the Luciferian secret occult, such a mathematical number is actually a code of prophetic years. This code of 7s is edged into blocks and design of the Bride, the 7-fold Churches of Asia that have constituted the Age of Grace and the Great Pyramid’s pyramidion. This pattern would be a Jubilee on that converges on 5776, a Jubilee year when one assumes 7 Church times x 7 prophetic week = 49 prophetic years for the Spiritual Temple of the Bride of Christ to be completed. Perhaps this divine blueprint of the Great Pyramid is as if it were a ‘clock tower’ telling time, prophetic times, even the last time.

Measurements            Jewish Calendar         Gregorian Calendar
Feet                            Inches                        Prophetic Event
480.750                       5769                            = 2009-10
480.083                       5773                            = 2012-13  
481.400                       5776                            = 2015-16        7 Years

Based on Flynn’s research, iff one takes the same degree of angle that corresponds with the Giza Pyramids to the Orion Belt stars and one factors those angles from, the edges of the Giza pyramid complex, some very peculiar mathematical result occur as shown on the table. If this notion is projected onto the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as a focal point, then the feet and inches can possibly compute to years. From the 2009 to the 2016 calculations is a 7-year long count. Further inferences take this association of 5776 as being the year that the capstone is to be completed, meaning the 3rd Temple and the advent of the AntiChrist. It is a promise in that Lucifer like Jesus is to return and sit himself down on the Mercy Seat in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.

The End of the Church Age
Of recent, the latest popular timetable for the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is that of 2015-2022. For the Christian version of eschatology, the time could see the completion of Jesus’ spiritual temple that is taught in the New Testament that is being built with living stones. This Great Pyramid pattern is based upon the notion of a duality and law of opposites, etc. Jesus is the true Christ of which the Golden Temple belongs to and will be cleansed of the Luciferian false Christ that defiles it with his abominable presence and desolation of the Holy of Holies. The year 2015-16 or 5776 appears to have many prophetic convergences of timelines and type and shadow correspondences. For example, the western celebration of Pentecost and Shavuot occur on the same day, May 24th. Also, Ascension Day and Israel’s day of birth as a nation in ‘one day’, occur on the same day, May 14th. These convergences of prophetic timelines do not occur before or after in the decade.

There is much to contribute to this specific timeline argument that is compelling, astronomically, and mathematically as seen in prophetic patterns of the Great Pyramid’s pyramidion. For one there is the Tetrad of Blood Moons that ends at the convergence of the start of the year 5776 on Rosh HaShana. There are the peculiar solar eclipses occurring on YHVH’s New Years, respectively the religious and civil one in tandem with Super Moons. How the year 5776 is specifically tied to the Jubilee is that the 7 cycles of 7 years from Yom Kippur September 24, 1966 was 7 years from the Yom Kippur War in 1973 will have its 49th year ending in 2022. This time frame also culminates in the Jubilee year count from the liberation of the Temple Mount based on one interpretation.

Thus, if there was a 7-year period from 1966 to the Yom Kippur of 1973 that saw a war, could the 7 years from 2015 see a war likewise? This war could very well set the stage for the coming 3rd Temple of the False Christ, False Prophet, and False Angels because it will be tied to the economic collapse of the world economy. This has been, is and will be the Great Work of the Builders that rejected the true Corner or Capstone, Jesus. These are the very ones that behind the scenes rule over secular Israel in unbelief but was nonetheless been sanctioned by YHVH to be birthed in a day to led her back to her true LORD and Husband in a progressive stage plan of redemption. Unfortunately, these will be the ones that will confirm the Covenant with the Many and accept the AntiChrist as the Messiah.

The end of the Great Work of the Luciferian Builder’s might very well coincide with the start of the Tribulation centered on Israel. It will come peacefully at first as this time will correspond to the literal fulfillment of the breaking of the 1st Seal of the Scroll judgment that unleashing the White Horse. Its rider is holding a bow with no arrow wearing an inferior crown. It will be eventually Lucifer himself that will possess this AntiChrist that will turn on the observant Jews and followers of Yeshua halfway as the Covenant is broken and the sacrificial rites of the 3rd Temple are ceased. This is when all the Luciferian fury against YHVH’s Earthly people and those evangelized who become Christian during the Tribulation will turn to genocide as they usurp the Temple for their Anointed Cherub.

To reiterate, what is unique about these 5776 patterns then is that if such is taken into account, there will be a time that another possible ‘Temples’ are to be completed. This is inferring to the Spiritual House, the Bride like Eve will be completed and presented to the Greater Adam, Jesus Christ. The Temple cubit was 25.20 inches long. This is encoded in prophetic extrapolation to allude to 2520-day cycles of years since Pentecost of the 1st century. Half of the Temple structure, 1260 was the actual main building or sanctuary where the Holy Vessels were housed. The 2nd half of the Temple was the precinct where the corresponding vessels were outside of the main sanctuary, thus another 1260 code. This type and shadow typology speaks of the inner and the outer work of Christ in all facets of life, be it a nation or a person. It also speaks of the duality of a complete complimentary unit.

Will the year 5776 see this completion of the metaphorical pyramidion which could correlate to the end of the Church Age as the 7-year countdown to the 3rd Temple is to occur based on the pyramidion pattern of the Great Pyramid or Temple? Will the year 5776 see the initiation of the New World Order as a major global event forces nations to forcefully capitulate their sovereignty as a world leader approaches the stage in an attempt to deliver not only world peace but peace between the Muslims and the Jews? The Illustrations associated with this study have attempted to only approximate the timeline since Adam using the Great Pyramid of Giza blueprint. The supposition is that the pyramidion ending in 5776 inches equals a prophetic correlation the year 5776, thus an end of ‘time’ is possibly wherein the 7 remaining years of Daniel’s prophetic week is to be completed.

What this study is suggesting is that if the Great Pyramid pattern is valid and reliable, then all the apparent accompanying celestial signs such as the Blood Moon Tetrad pattern, the Super Moon pattern, the Jubilee War pattern and so on are converging on this 7th cycle of 7 year span of time, 49x that is highlighting the year 5776. As it has been noted, the timing of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ could be tied to the Jubilee Year of Release in 2015-16. The context of this time frame could be the ‘Peace and Security’ many are extoling even now but could be a disguised Jubilee War instead. Thus, a Jubilee countdown to judgment and a release that occurs on 5776 may very well be marking the time, astronomically and prophetically of an end of a time and a beginning of a time, the end to one Temple to begin another Temple perhaps then in 2022 based on this Sabbatical Cycle pattern.

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