After Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

  • Was King Charles III Coronated in a 'Holy of Holies' Motif?
  • Why was May 6, 2023, chosen for the Coronation?
  • Why was a Funeral Date used to contrive a 6-6-6 Factor?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Let no one Deceive you in any way, for it will not come until the Apostasy [Rapture] occurs and the Man of Lawlessness [AntiChrist] —the Son of Destruction—is Revealed. He will Oppose and Exalt himself above every so-called God or Object of Worship. So he will Seat himself in the Temple of GOD, proclaiming himself to be GOD. Do you not Remember that I told you these Things while I was still with you?’ -2 Thessalonians 2:4

The Bible speaks of a Time, in the Near Future where Lucifer will be Coronated, by Proxy through his AntiChrist Seed that Israel and the World will accept as the Messiah and Savior of the World. This occurs at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation per 1 Interpretation of Daniel and Revelation. It is the occasion of which Jesus warned Israel that the Usurper and Messiah Imposter would come in ‘His Own Name’, etc. One can imagine the Pomp and Circumstance of that Coronation in which the AntiChrist will enter the Rebuilt 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.

He will enter the Holy of Holies, which is a Perfect Cube or Square, a Tesseract if you well. This is the most Sacred of Spaces on Earth as it Mirrors the one in Heaven wherein YHVH is Enthroned and Ruled all that was, is and is to come, etc. As it is, the Crown of the Messiah has already been fashion and awaiting the Head that will also be Anointed with Oil as was King David and thereafter Solomon. One believes that the Reconstituted Sanhedrin will be at the forefront of this Coronation as they are the ones that Rejected Jesus as Messiah and King and rather have ‘Caesar as King’.

This study is a follow-up of a prior Article written shortly after the Death of Queen Elizabeth II back in September of 2022. It concerned a particular ‘Green Comet’, that appeared C/2022 E3. One made an Astronomical and Prophetic Connection to the Coronation of King Charles. For context a prior Article on the possible Prophetic Significance of Queen Elizabeth’s Rule was also ascertained also.

End of Church Age and Reign of Jesus

Based on the Coronation of a Dragon King

Lucifer’s Signature Number
Why one is following-up with this Royal Theme of Coronations is that the Expected Date on which Prince Charles of Wales, at the Time, be in early June of 2023. Then it was reported by Buckingham Palace that the Coronation of now King Charles as to be on May 6, 2023. Why? Of course, there was the given Reasons why and the Tabloid just parroted the Narrative. Now, one knows way they chose May 6 as the Coronation Day.

One kept asking why and knew something was afoot, Esoterically, as it is usually within the Luciferian ‘Universe’. The State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II took place at Westminster Abbey on September 19, 2022 ,at 11am (9-11). It was 11 Days later. Now one is not implicated the entire Anglican Church as being ‘Luciferian’. But. The Anglican Church Sings of Satan, in the Jerusalem Hymn where it mentions:

And Did the Countenance Divine,
Shine Forth Upon Our Clouded Hills?
And Was Jerusalem Builded Here,
Among These Dark
Satanic Mills?

Or how in the Roman Catholic Church, they do the same in how they Sing of Lucifer. Sure, both Anglicans, which are nothing more than ‘Reformed Roman Catholics’, and the Catholics of Rome will argue that they are nothing of the sort that is Glorifying Lucifer or Satan. No Problem. But one is just pointing-out the mere mention of Lucifer in a Worship Service is enough to aggrandize his Ego, as Worship is what he seeks.

Flammas Eius
Lucifer Matutinus Inveniat.
Ille, Inquam, Lucifer, Qui Nescit
Christus Filiuos Tuus
Qui, Regressus Ab Inferi, Humano Generi Serenus Illuxit
Et Vivit Et Regnat In Saecula Saeculorum

It was not until a Brother in Christ Jesus from England, named Benjamin Baruch that connected to pass along the following Luciferian Number Code of his Famous Signature, 6-6-6. And? It has to do with why the Coronation of Charles III, which one deemed the ‘Dragon King’ was celebrated on May 6, 2023. The Luciferians that do control the Religion as do the Romans at the Vatican, at the Top are. And they will not
miss an Opportunity of a Coronation to Channel and Broadcast its Nuances, Prophetically. Now one is not on the ‘Charles is the AntiChrist’ Persuasion.

And as Coronations go, it has been used, in one’s Opinion as a ‘Sign’. Which, if that be the case and if it is, then the Coronation and King Charles is definitely not the Enthronement of the AntiChrist as Sign is not the Event but a Prelude and Pattern to come. In this case, the Real AntiChrist Dragon King that will be Coronated in the Holy of Holies as was Charles III with that ‘Square’ Portable Partitions that sculpted Him from the Audiences present and those watching on the various TV and Social Media Platforms. As Prophetic Typologies go, this Perfect Cube or Tesseract acted as the Portable Holy of Holies that was positioned or engulfed the King during his Anointing portion of the Royal Ceremony.

Signature of Satan – 666
It was Amazing and Spectacular to observe such a Sacred Rite as one is convinced, it will be what, perhaps the Enthronement to the AntiChrist will perform in the True Perfect Cube of the Holy of Holies, within the Temple. No doubt, the False Prophet will preside over the Coronation and the other Priests of the Sanhedrin will preside over the Coronation. However, the Faithful Remnant of the Jews is seen.

The Jewish Remnant in Israel and those scattered among the Nations still will see this Coronation of the False AntiChrist ‘Dragon King’, perhaps. And it will be at that Place and Time, that the Words of Jesus will have come True of how the Abomination of Desolation will have been achieved. This Remnant will see through the Façade of the False Messiah and literally, ‘Run for the Hills’ to save their lives. Why?

It will be at this Place and Time, that the False Prophet will Require the 1st Beast to be ‘Worshiped’ by all on the Planet. So, here is an Extremely Poignant piece of Evidence as to why the Coronation of the ‘Dragon King’, Charles III was performed on May 6, 2023. It has to do with Satan’s Signature Number, 666. You be the Judge. It is from the Funeral Queen Elizabeth II of September 19, 2022, along with that from her actual Death Date, etc.

September 19, 2022 to May 6, 2023 = 229 Days
6 Months = 182 Days
6 Weeks = 42 Days
6 Days
TOTAL = 230 Days (Excluding End Date)
Source: https://www.timeanddate.com/date/durationresult.html?m1=9&d1=19&y1=2022&m2=05&d2=06&y2=2023

Death of Queen Elizabeth II to Coronation of King Charles III

= 8 September 2022 to May 6, 2023
239 Days (Excluding End Date)
= 7 Months, 28 Days
= 66% of Common Year (365 Days)

Note the 239 Numerical Coefficient.

May 6 is the 126th Day of the Year in the Gregorian Calendar with
239 Days remain until the End of the Year.
Source: https://www.calculateme.com/time/months/to-days/6

So, did one notice the 6-6-6 Numerical Factor as well as the Recurring 239 one? And how it appears that, as noted, the Luciferians did not let a Coronation go to Waste. The Coronation climaxed the Path of the Green Comet, that Astronomically, the Comet was coincided with the Motif of Lepus, the Rabbit (Hare). And how, interestingly, the Year of 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. And?

Holy of Holies
The Hare in the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac infers to the ’AntiChrist’ or the Enemy, ‘Trodden under Foot by Orion’, etc.  And to Reiterate, the 'Anointing' of the King was reported to have been with the Oil that came from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. This then has Prophetic Linkage to Jerusalem and that of the Anointing of the Kings of Israel, etc. And again, this is what was the Climax of the Coronation Ceremony wherein, the ‘Dragon King’ was engulfed by the ‘Cube’ and Anointed. And?

Realize that Lucifer has a Throne in Heaven still, wherever that may be. And how his Aim and Desire was, is, and will be to place it ‘Above that of the Throne of YHVH and to be like the Most High GOD’, etc. And how Lucifer, is a Cherub of the 4-Winged Class of Angels. What is unique about Lucifer, according to the Bible is that he is the ‘Anointed Cherub’ that Covered. Thus, the Covering of the Dragon King and how Charles III Took on the Personification of the Enthronement of Lucifer, Sure, this might be a Stretch, but one doubts it.

It is not a Doubt, with the Evidence of a Correlating 6-6-6 Day Count. Now, since Lucifer’s Quest to be Enthroned in Heaven will not come to Pass, the next best accomplishment is to be Enthroned in the Earthly Jerusalem’s Holy of Holies. This will occur, according to Daniel and John. However, YHVH will only allow 42 Months or 1260 Days in which Lucifer, by way of a Possessed False Messiah will rule the World, absolutely. This is when the Mark of the Beast 666 will be rolled-out and Mandated or face the Death Penalty.

It is that severe. As the Ecclesiastical Powers-That-Be did mention ‘Jesus Christ’, it is really only ‘Lip-Service’. They Encased Charles III with that 'Perfect Cube' or Holy of Holies and Anointed Him. One thus, truly believes that the Coronation of Charles III at Westminster Abbey, was a Foreshadowing and Rehearsal of the coming Coronation and Enthronement of the False Jewish Messiah in the Holy of Holies. Like King Charles, the ‘Dragon King’, the AntiChrist will likewise be Encased in a Perfect Cube, the Holy of Holies and Anointed, perhaps.

And as the Archbishop of Canterbury anointed King Charles’ Hands, Chest and Head, so too will be the ‘King of the Jews’ during the Mid-Point of the Last Week of Daniel, the 70th Week or a Sabbath of 7 Years, etc. That it is there and then where he will be declared 'King', etc. And to Reiterate, one does not subscribe, that King Charles is the AntiChrist, but he sure is a Type. One could be wrong as there are Amazing and Striking Prophetic Inferences, such as his Name, Emblems and what he is involved with, etc.

The Anointing Screen Panels or the Portable ‘Holy of Holies’ echo the Ark of the Covenant in how the Sentinels looked down in Reverence. So too, during the ‘Covering’ of the King, did the Soldier Escorts look down also. It was as if to Protects the Sanctity of the Solemn Place and Time. This same Attribute will perhaps be Played-Out during the Coronation of the AntiChrist as the False Prophet Anoints the King of the Jews, the Messiah, as was King David and Solomon, etc.

Consider the Amazing Biblical Inferences used in the Anointing Ceremony. During that Place and Time, the Choir sang Handel’s famous Coronation Anthem titled, ‘Zadok the Priest’. It is a moment that harkened back to the Old Testament. It is where in the Book of Kings, Solomon is Anointed as a King of the Jews by Zadok the Priest. The following Articles will be related to the Theme of the Coronation of the AntiChrist 6-6-6 Typology. And how the Coronation of King Charles III, the Dragon King was but a Prelude of what the Real Coronation of Lucifer, by way of his Proxy AntiChrist Dragon Seed will Rule.



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