In the Image and Likeness of GOD

  • What is the 'Image and Likeness' of GOD mean?
  • Why is the Trans Agenda now a Movement in the West?
  • Who is behind harming Children and Redefining Sexuality?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘So YHVH created Man in His Own Image; in the Image of GOD He created Him; Male and Female He created them. YHVH Blessed Them and said to Them, be Fruitful and Multiply, and Fill the Earth and Subdue it’. -Genesis 1:27-28

The purpose of this post is to provide a Free Online Link to a Poster that deals with the Creator’s, not ‘Preferred’ but stated Pronouns. They are found in the Book of Genesis and it recounts the Creation of Mankind. This Humanity is declared to Reflect the ‘Image and Likeness’ of the Creator, YHVH. Amazingly, in some mysterious way, YHVH created Mankind as a Male and Female. The Genesis Account, from which one gets ‘Genes’, or Genome, is derived from the Root Word for ‘Beginnings’ or Origin, etc. This is where Mankind had its Origins, and not in Darwinian Evolution, from the ‘Goo to You’.

And what has been, is and will be ‘Humanity’ has not ‘Evolved or will over ‘Time’. When it comes to Humanity, no amount of ‘Time’ will make it ‘Evolve’ into something that it is not or can ever be, potentially. If one throws all the individual Components of a Wrist Watch into the Sand, no amount of Time will gather them all to make it tell ‘Time’, accurately. Same Principle in Humanity’s Creation. No amount of Strands of Genes or Body Parts, individually, can then be made to come together, independent of any External Creative Force and be made a Living and Breathing, Thinking Human, with Consciousness and Self-Awareness, etc.

However, to this End, Lucifer and his Human Minions that have believed and believe his Lie, are Hell-Bent on Redefining this ‘Image and Likeness’. But it is an ‘Image and Likeness’ that is now being made to be in Lucifer’s Image’. It is of the Baphomet, of a Male-Female Fusion of Opposites in contrast to the Delineation made by YHVH. The Bible clearly teaches that ‘GOD’, that is the GOD of the Bible is a Spirit. However, that the Person of this Creator is Expressed in 3 Person. This is the Doctrine of the Trinity that one subscribes to. It is the 2nd Person, the Logos or the Son of GOD that took on Flesh of a Human, for the sole purpose of Redeeming Adam’s Fallen Race.

To this End, the current Social Trend, that is Worldwide now, is making inroads through Legislation and all levels of Educational Institutions, to push this Luciferian Agenda. What does that look like? Preferred Pronouns is one. The Battle is on, as it is no longer an issue of just ‘Tolerance’ of those that are Transgender. Nor is it now about just being ‘Accepting’ of the LGBT+ Agenda. But it presently a matter of the ‘Celebration’ of it, and by force if necessary through Legislation now. In the USA and in particular, those Societies that are Protestant in the West, the Trans Agenda has even gone Militant now.

Restoring Lost Identity in Jesus

Case in Point was the Massacre in the State of Tennessee. There was a Shooting by the Transgender. The Woman was explicitly targeting Christians, and the Church Pastor for, apparently some Christian Counseling that did not sit well with the Shooter. It is at this Moment that the Trans Movement lost its ‘Innocence’, if one can term that. They are now not sufficed with Murdering Children in the Womb, but outside the Womb. When the Trans Shooter did not find the Pastor at the Church, she instead slaughtered his Little Daughter, other Children and Staff.

One is beside oneself, to see the amount of Deranged Women, or Mothers of Innocent Children that are brought to an Adult Show at Public Libraries for Drag Queen Story Hours. And if one Protests such Venues, here comes the FBI to investigate those Families protesting at the Events or at the School Board Meeting. Professors are now on Edge in their Classrooms for Fear of being Fired for Mis-Labeling a Transgender or LGBT+ Student. In England, Teachers are being Fired for just voicing their supposed, Free Speech Civil Right of expression, of their Conscience to the contrary.

In most Corporate Businesses in the USA and other Western, once Protestant Nations, mandatory LGBT Indoctrination and Propaganda Trainings are being required to hold Employment. But as the Spirit of AntiChrist rises, and the Baphomets Statues are Erected and even Satan Afterschool Clubs are apparently a ‘Hit’ with Students and Parents, it is just indicative of a Nation given over to a ‘Reprobate Mind’. What comes next? If the Pattern is studied of all Nations and Empires that get to this Place, Morally, is Divine Judgment.

As the Church Age comes to a Close with the Rapture and the Luciferian ‘Reset’ is ‘Trans-itioning’ the World in preparation to received their AntiChrist Messiah, the Push and Effort of Lucifer and this Human Minions is to Redefine, Reset and Reconfigure all things. It is no wonder why all the Traditional Institutions are being made to Fail, to Collapse. It has to, in order for their Reset to accomplish what will be afforded on the other side of the Rapture. It is about ‘Re-Imaging’ a New Humanity, a New Financial System, a New Religious System, and a New Educational System.

This Brave New World will not have room for the ‘Old Pronouns’ or ‘Objecting Bible-Believers’. There will be no ‘He Him, His’ GOD. No GOD of the Bible allowed. But GOD, takes on the Pronouns of He, Him, His. Jesus confirmed that YHVH made Humanity in the Image and Likeness, both Male and Female. And how Marriage is defined by Jesus, as being between a Man and a Woman, etc. The Transgender Movement is just indicative of the Transition Lucifer seeks to Transition Humanity’s Image and Likeness.

It is from that of YHVH’s Holy Image to that of his, one in which it is totally Reprobate and Degenerate. Thus, the Pronouns of YHVH are He, Him, His, etc. These Pronouns will never change, although the Trans and LGBT Community desperately would want nothing more. What is sad though, is that such Efforts to Deface Humanity’s Sexuality is 1 thing. But is just as Bad or worse in some cases, of how the so-called Professing Church, that calls itself ‘Christian’, is leading the Charge in Accepting this sort of Sin.

Doctrines of Demons

They too, not only Tolerate this ‘Alternative Lifestyle’, but they now ‘Celebrate’ it and Teach it. Such are the Warnings Jesus gave to the Church of these Doctrines of Demons. These Doctrines of Demons, of the Spirit of Isis and Baphomet are being taught in the Body of Christ, by the Jezebels and Nicolaitans in the Churches. One can choose to believe and follow whatever Doctrine one wishes. But one would ‘Prefer’ that such People, please take ‘Christian’ out of their Identity and ‘Church’ Building. As a Libertarian, one supports the Free Expression of one’s Conscious and Beliefs. This is not to disparage the Trans and LGBT Community as their Issues, are one of a Struggle, all the same.

But that in one’s Professional Assessment, having a Degree in Counseling, it is that it is one of a Mental Distress and Condition. And that above all, as with the Human Condition, it is a Fallen one. It is Sin at the Core of one’s Being and how, due to Adam and Eve’s Disobedience, the Lines between what is a Man and what is a Woman have been blurred and now being Transgendered. Humanity, since then, has lost not only its Spirit, Soul and Body, but what it means to be a Man and a Woman. Humanity has lost its way and Identity and its Humanity. Only in Jesus is this Identity, this Image and Likeness restored. Well, at least those that Obey and continue to allow GOD the Holy Spirit to address Sin in one’s Life.

Presently, YHVH, GOD the Father, because of Jesus’ Work on the Cross at Calvary, became a Man to Restore what Adam lost in the Garden of Eden. Due to Jesus, overcoming Lucifer’s  Attempt to Deface YHVH’s Creation in Mankind, Humanity has a 2nd Chance at this Restoration. And it too takes a Transformation and is currently a Process of a Transformation; from Sinner to Saint. This is now all being done and possible by the Work of GOD the Holy Spirit. There is Conviction of Sin and while one has the Breath of Life, one can still Repent and Turn back to what YHVH had intended Humanity to be, Male and Female, in a Marriage Relationship or Covenant, etc.

And why this Male and Female Marriage Relationship set-up? As it is explained in Ephesians 5, it is to Display the Manifold Wisdom and Mystery of who GOD is. Imagine that. This is why Marriage is so Sacred and Attacked. It is now to the Point of Mockery, wherein, Same Sex and even now Multiple Partners are being Married. This now fulfills the Degenerate Moral Condition, as in the Days of Noah. Those were the Days that People were ‘Getting Married and Being Given into Marriage’. This Context insinuates that traditional Male-Female Marriages were occurring but that Untraditional ones were as well, as in Same-Sex ones. What comes next when the whole World gets to this Place? Do you have an Ark of Escape?

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